I live in a county in the central China province, although there is little place, but it is still prosperous, and these years, GTP has been row the top five in the province.

My mother is 45 years old this year. At the age of 40, she has been struggling on the educational front for 28 years, and now is the executive vice president of middle school.

In most men’s eyes, mother is not the beautiful woman who is bright in front of it, but it is very delicate, very resistant to see that the more tasteful, and according to what I know, my mother is a lot of men. Homatory, graceful woman.

Mother is very ordinary 161cm, weighing 110 pounds, the breast is not proud of 81.2cm, a bit slightly sagged, but the feel is very good, there is no obvious extension, so the cleansing is still very obvious; the waist circumference 56cm is still more slender; hip circumference Very nice 88.6cm, no deformation, very strong, very smooth.

I feel the most beautiful mother’s body is her skin, white, very smooth, delicate, although it is 45 years old, but still a water, very flexible.

My name is Jia Yunfan 25 years old and 20 years old. Although the mother is a teacher, I am very taught from the small management. I also obey, but maybe my IQ is not high, the results have not been particularly good, after graduation, I am full of intense learning life, after a strong Farming, I didn’t have high school, but I have been admitted to the secondary school.

I graduated from the age of 18, and I was fortunate to help the deputy secretary of the county party committee. I entered a good institution. Of course, my family has my father. He is a good man, at least in the career, now I also take him as idols and goals.

Father has a strong love for work. Dad earliest in our county’s project, one knows that the name is specially going out to take a project, running all over the country, and later promoted the county The director of the Office in the province, the previous year was sent to Beijing to do director in Beijing. It is precisely because he is busy working all the year, he has fulfilled my love.

Mom is a very beautiful woman. She has never been described in the novel. Even if we have five years of relationship, we are very enthusiastic when we are naked, even if our current sex is very harmonious. She won’t be too waves, and she will not be like those mothers in the novel, grace, full-mouth label, because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Of course, with my feelings, my mother is in my encouragement, I am willing to try some fresh, I like the pattern, such as stockings, blowjob, in the car, in the wild, and I will see the forum with me .

Based on my experience, the woman has once again, and you walk into her heart, she will be able to move, will be willing to pay for you, Mom is also the case.

My love and my mother’s love, there is no difference in the fiction, there is no beauty, romance, I feel that my love is very peaceful, in addition to the beginning, there are some cautations and concerns outside, just like normal The husband and wife are slowly grinded, and the development of feelings is the same.

Now, as long as Dad is not at home, I have lived like a couple with my husband, I have a warm snuggling, and there is a sweet hunt, there is a quarrel of trivial things, there is a cold battle, of course, I can’t warm the bed. .

If you want to love your mother, please don’t rush to seek your own satisfaction and force your mother to do something that she is not suitable, you need to do slowly, slowly euphemism to guide her, and Not forced her, or I think it is a kind of harm to my mother.

To be honest, I didn’t think of incest because I had an accident because I had an accident. I didn’t think of incest. Although I have remembered a lot of diary at that time. But all are every day.

What really started to record our story is the eighth day of our first intimate contact, I will slowly recover from the fear. So, how do I start with my mother, because I don’t have a record, and I want to keep the diary of the original taste as much as possible, so I don’t want to write again. Let’s introduce it to you.

I remember very clear that this time is July 5, 2004, my mother got a preliminary position – Executive Vice President, this made her very happy, excited, and even did not find her son’s mood is very low. Because I lost love at the previous day. That night, she was a bit drunk when she celebrated her back, but I was drunk in a person, maybe she was really drunk, seeing that I didn’t have a drink, but continue to speak, how to congratulate her, I don’t know During the feeling, she said, the more excited, and started to drink, we started to drink, and finally everything was dim, so that I couldn’t recall her now, how did I get it on the bed. The next day I was awakened in a scream. When I opened my eyes, I saw that my mother ran out the back of the bedroom. When I realized how to be, my brain was blank.

I took a long time in bed for a long time, I climbed up, I found clothes in the living room, and hurried out of my house. Later, I knew that mother took a towel to hide a day in the bathroom, crying for a day.

It is a speechless life that we last for 74 days.

This is the first time I and my mother, now I have always regretted, I can’t think of our first time. As for my mother, how can I go together, the process is very complicated, I don’t want to pay attention to it, I will announce the diary, but because of the reasons mentioned above, please forgive me!

From tomorrow, I will slowly announce the publicly disclosed diary, (updated every two to three days) diary and short, some two or three pages, some only have a few words, if I am long Only an article is only published, if short, I will announce two to three.

Monday, September 19, 2005, 23:33 Yin today, there is a thing, God, what should I do? How is this? No wonder the mother a few days, my mother, I have to rest for three days. It is no wonder that my mother’s face is more ugly. The clothes are not shackled. I don’t even have the meal. I can’t see her, I will cry in the bedroom. .

I continued to insomnia last night, I was very bad in the morning. I called the unit. Please ask the sick and false, and the Director of the Bay, said that I will always leave this time. How many times will know my pain, the old bastard.

Just get up 10 o’clock, my mother has already went to work, I took out a piece of only bread from the refrigerator, throwing the plastic bag into the trash can, and sweeping a green junk bar, it is this, I saw it. As something, I know it, because I bought the former girlfriend – the box of abortion.

My heart mentioned the eyes, I extended the trembling hand, I want to confirm, it’s right, that is, the mifone tablets, the aluminum plastic panel in the box is empty, except for the manual Kneaded into a group of paper, hospital diagnostic book: 2 months of pregnancy.

I am extremely fear, my brain speed rotation: Dad hasn’t come back in 4 months, it is impossible to be Dad, other men? It is impossible, mom is known.

2 months, that day is July, God, is it mine? I feel that my lips are trembling, I am so weak to sit on the ground. I am really scared, don’t know how to do it? Old Tiandi is simply taking me, just that time, or after drinking, and I don’t know how to happen, let my mother have.

I don’t know how long I sit on the ground, I still returned to my room, lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling, my mind is blank, and I will be auspicious again. I don’t know what to think.

At noon, my mother still didn’t come back. I know that she is avoiding me, I don’t want to face me. In the afternoon, I came out from the panic, I started thinking about how to do it. There have been two sounds in my mind, one is to continue to put it, don’t know, I don’t know how to escape. One is brave, facing the mistakes you committed, take care of your mother.

After the mother came back, I secretly read her, her face is still very ugly, although I have never experienced, I know that we will take a woman here to make a small month, very hurt the body, usually stay in bed after tire 2 weeks, can’t stick to water, can’t be tired, and more nutritious.

Looking at my mother’s tired look and pale face, I am guilty, thank you. But until now is 11 o’clock in the evening, I still have an idea. I am not very weak, there is no one bit.

How can I do it?

September 20, 2005 22:54 Yin compared to yesterday, my brain has been awake, and my heart is no longer like a stone. Because I finally took a step today, I finally became brave to face myself, facing my mother, and facing the thing that should not happen. I was still insomnia last night. I have been repeated two questions in my mind. One is to continue to escape, but bravely face. Didn’t look at the table, I don’t know what time, I am determined, I will sleep unconsciously.

In the morning, I didn’t go to the unit. I still didn’t go to work. After my mother went to work, I opened the computer. I searched the online payment and nutritional method, and I started to take care of my mother.

I first cleared my home. It seems that mother’s body is really weak, because she is a very loveless person, but it is basically not sorted out in two weeks.

After the room cleaned, I plan to go out to buy: casserole, egg, stupid (domestic chicken), 杞, red dates, brown sugar, warm water bag, etc., I will return home at noon, I will start according to the eating package of grass, I started Online nutritional recipes start stewed chicken soup.

Whole chicken, 枸杞, red dates, star anise, pepper, ginger, calculated, cooking wine together, boil, then turn into a small fire, stew, stewed for 4 hours, smell the fragrance and oil The bright red 枸杞 and red dates floating on the chicken soup, my heart is also warm.

In the afternoon, my heart is still very uneasy, because I don’t know if my mother can forgive me, can I accept my care, if she doesn’t accept me, what should I do? It has already happened that I have had a hard scalp.

When my mother arrived at 7 o’clock in the evening, I still returned to the bedroom immediately, and I can’t get it closed. I hotly hot a bowl of chicken, pressed into a dead heart to knock on my mother’s door, but my mother didn’t respond. I didn’t know that I was still going. I hesitated for a moment I tried the door lock and didn’t lock it. I bite your teeth and opened the door. Mom lying in bed may not think that I will open it in the case of she didn’t respond, and I looked at me and turned down to me.

I took a deep breath, and I walked to my mother’s bed and said: “Mom, I know you are very angry, very sad, but you are not good now, take yourself, I will stew you. Chicken soup, do you drink a little better? “

Today, their school leaders came to visit. During the period, the principal of Liu asked her mother to have a disease, my mother didn’t answer it up. I rushed to say that my mother had acute gastritis, the doctor said that the mother should rest more.

Fortunately, they didn’t ask more, just told the guest’s set.

His dangerous, I blame I haven’t thought of it in advance, or lack social experience, I must pay attention in the future. However, after I replied, I saw my mother looked at me, and my eyes were less indifferent. It seems to be a bit of thumbs up. I also think about it.

I was washed again, I washed twice in the past few days. I knew that the washing clothes were not a simple thing in the washing machine. It was still very hard, I was red, my wrist was red, I have encountered laundry powder 兹, I have painted that I didn’t know my mother before, I will change it later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 23:06 Qing mother’s face is getting better and better, come up this morning, I still have to change the room, but I still don’t have anything, I didn’t take the meal into her bedroom. , Put on the table, I told her to eat when she was eating, waiting for me to eat, she went to the restaurant to eat, it seems that my mother still can’t face me, this day does not know what is only Can end. Distressed … Saturday, October 1, 2005, 23:11 Yin Today, I have a holiday today, but I didn’t sleep lazy as before, I have already got up very early, sweep the room, make breakfast. When I went to take my mother’s clothes, she didn’t block it as a few times, but she didn’t see her underwear. I think my mother is still very taboo, forget it, if I really make me wash, I really feel Very embarrassing.

In the morning, my mother didn’t continue to stay in the bedroom. When I saw a TV in the living room, I gave her hot water, this time she took her hand, I also said, thank you, but I used to put it before. She tied at the table.

At noon, my father called back, I will pick up, he said that he wants to accompany the leaders of the minister to play, the holiday will not come, ask the home, I don’t know how to answer, only perfunctory I didn’t say anything, and later my father made my mother to pick up the phone, my heart mentioned the eyes, but my mother didn’t say, but I listened to my mother’s tone is also unstable.

When my mother put down the phone and turned to see my nervous look, didn’t say, just sighed, and my palm was all sweaty. It seems that my mother decided to conceal the thing, I am still happy? Wednesday, October 5, 2005, 21:23, today, today, the weather is good, I watched my mother changed clothes to go out, I asked her to go to dry, she said out breath. I want to be with her, she said that I want to walk away, there will be no things. But I still followed her out of the door. She took me in front of me to keep three or four meters away, she didn’t say anything.

I met an acquaintance on the road. I saw my mother’s long-lost smile, but I thought that there were a few words, and then the mother told me to talk together, let others look at how to take a moment? .

Just like this, we are speaking, I will walk a few steps from the road every time I cross the road, and my mother is in the eyes, but there is no representation. In the pharmacy, I watched my mother bought a few bottles of medicines, hey, I was careless, I only knew that I added nutrition but didn’t expect to buy some medicine, I’m really stupid! Be careful in the future, take care of your mother and make up for your fault.

On Friday, October 7, 2005, I went out with my mother in the afternoon. This time I didn’t keep my mother. She didn’t say anything, I still blocked a car in the road, on the stairs I will care about her.

When I passed a vegetable market, I watched my mother to ask the price of the fish, and my mother used to eat fish very much. I think my mother wants to eat fish. I said: “Mom, you can’t eat fish now.” Mom Hey, face a red look at me.

Later, my mother turned to the park, on the lawn of a small soil slope, I also sat next to it but there was a distance of one meter. Mom took her face and saw it for a long time, I didn’t know what I was thinking. Later, I went to work, I reminded her to have a wind, go home, but my mother is ignored, I took half an hour, my mother suddenly said: “Let’s go, go back.” This is the first for the mother. I took the initiative to talk to me, I was so excited, my mother also seems to see my excitement, and the eyes seem to be soft, but I still didn’t say.

I have been at home, I started doing dinner, millet porridge, tomatoes fried eggs, mother love to eat green tofu, I didn’t eat it in the bicycles, I didn’t eat hot.

This time I called my mother to eat, my mother finally had a meal with me. My heart is really happy.

When I was eating, my mother suddenly said: “I don’t have a hand, I will stay.” I listened to my mother’s words, my heart was so warm, and the eyes were almost crying.

Mom looked at me saying: “Okay, I am dinning, I have passed, don’t think.” Although my mother talks, I still face no expression, but I am so touched, so happy.

Eating, my mother didn’t immediately return to the bedroom, but I was sitting in the living room to watch TV. I washed a bowl. When I finished the kitchen and the restaurant, my mother called me, I did my mother, my mother said: “Let’s talk about it. My heart is nervous, sitting very cautious.

Mom said: “I have been thinking about it for a long time. If you can’t say anything wrong, I have to say anything wrong. Now I’m saying, I haven’t used it, since it has happened, let it have passed Let’s still have a family, can’t be pressed by the matter. No one will mention it again, and you can’t mention anyone else, you will be a nightmare. You don’t want too guilty, tomorrow The holiday is over, you can go to work, this time you please ask too much, don’t have a bad influence in the unit. I am nothing, you can rest assured. However, from now on, you are not allowed to drink again. “I listened to my mother, I also had a lot in my heart:” Mom, thank you for forgive me, I will definitely not talk to anyone, I will not drink again, I will work hard, but still, or Let me take care of you, after all, I haven’t been there for a month, your body is still empty, I at least if I do something, I will do it. “I still want to continue.

Mom listened to me and said that my negotiation is responsible, and my face said: “Do you have a responsibility, is it your negative? Are you negative?”

I immediately realized that I have said wrong words, hurry to explain, but I am tense, I am more commendable, I am swallowing, I said: “No … I don’t mean … I … I just said … I want to share some houses for you … housework.” Mom looked at my bartender, I actually laughed, and I immediately resumed it. I actually watched my mother smiled. I relaxed in my nervous mood. I will continue to say: “I only know how hard you have worked before, my father is not at home, you do housework every day, I have not helped it, I just want In the future, I will share a little for you, don’t let you have a hard time. “

Mom looked at me for a while and said: “Are you willing to do housework I have no opinion, you have this big , and also the training exercise, just do not think that  more, I want to open, you go, as soon as possible sleep, go to work tomorrow that. “I nodded and got back to the bedroom, her mother into the bathroom, listening to the sound of it should be in the bath. Mom really want to open it? We really can return to the past that right? All these are unknown ah! October 2005 Saturday at 21:50 on the 8th sunny Saturday though, but still have to work today, because put a seven-day National Day holiday, this Saturday and Sunday to fill out. Mom did not listen to me in the morning to go to work to discourage too, although the mother body a lot better, just does his face pale, a little too much color, but I was quite worried.

That disgusting Zhang, a work I called to put a meal grant, that I leave something all right mess, later leave for leave must personally pay a grant he can. The old bastard, I do not look pleasing to the eye has been not to face my uncle and dad, mad at me.

Afternoon buddy called me to go out at night to get together, I refused, still early to return home, bought yesterday put the chicken stew stew, though to work, or to ensure that mothers can drink at night bowl every day chicken broth or soup bones, in my opinion, not even  now than her mother’s body as soon as possible to restore important.

Mom actually boast soup at night when I said I did not expect I will cook soup, but the taste is not how  kind.

Oh, I have listened very happy. I hope all is well up.

October 2005 Monday at 22:36 on the 17th Fine Today my father came back, and that is to get back to a demonstration project of the program, to be reported to the State Planning Commission, the provincial capital only at home, ate dinner, go out into the airport to catch, Dad seems come back each time they are particularly tense.

Dad’s back, really made me nervous for a while, although my mom said never mentioned to anyone about it, but I still worried father to see what , and good father to hurry, hurry to go also I remain calm as much as possible, outside the mother seems to have started a little nervous, and everything was good, very calm, my father always wanted to come back, like cooking, ask, nagging, dissatisfied.

Today, I finally saw the mother before, but she is my father. Although we no longer want to say about it, after all, is actually happened, it would not be able to really  soon forgotten, I think maybe life can not really forget.

Although, my mother and I have something to say, she would join me in doing the housework, after all, not so close before, hey, what  when they could return to the state in the past my mother and I live ah.

October 2005 Wednesday at 23:06 on the 26th sunny day and a few buddies went out for dinner, I did not drink a little wine, promised her mother’s words are sure to do, a few of them kept urging people to drink, say I’m not Brother, I said how  suddenly gone good, do not drink how  can be called a man.

These really no way, are small to play with the big brothers, but I just can not drink, I was a horizon when it comes to the word “drink.” I not only promised my mother, but also his own later sent a sworn absolute teetotaler. Give them a few gas unbearable.

Just come back, my mother watching television in the living room, looking back I intend to observe me for a while, got to be there to see me drink, I order to prove himself, deliberately do the sofa next to her watched some TV, I did not see my mother drinking, he did not say what , watched television, went back to the room. Overall, this period of my relationship with my mother has been further softened, and after this month’s recuperation mother’s body has almost recovered, at least, could not see his face pale, my heart finally put down a lot, but I will still go home to do housework every day, and now my mother does not think before that  escape me, and I will do housework together, but each time I was rushing to wash clothes are, after all, just a month, or let her stick a good cold water.

Mom will not always stuffy night in the house, and sometimes I watch TV together and sometimes the same as before to the square cell, dance, walk, and every time I followed her, she did not oppose too.

When I do eat rice, I will boast craft progress, look at my laundry, so I will rest a concern to do it again, his smile slowly began to rise. So, today, few of them called and said get together, I was not put off, after all, they have about me many times, and every time before I pushed off, and do not really do opinions brothers.

November 2, 2005 23:34 Wednesday, overcast Today’s weather suddenly turned cold, when you go out to buy breakfast in the morning cold enough to choke me, when I asked my mother to eat interesting thing happened when put on more clothes. At breakfast, I think the weather is cold, inside and said to her mother: “Mom, today the weather is cold wear more clothes.”

When I said, my mother also said: “Today is cold, wear more.” The two talk at the same time, and it is a meaning, so I am laughing. One day I think of this scene, I don’t think ridiculous, but I am laughing from the heart, because I care about my mother, my mother began to restore me, I am so happy! On Tuesday, December 20, 2005, 22:50, today, the sky is very gloomy. At 10 o’clock in the morning, the snow has not stopped, and the snow has not stopped. The snow on the ground is very enough. I think my mother is going out in the morning. I didn’t take an umbrella, I went home early, I took the umbrella to school picking up her, and I saw the street shop bought the gloves, I picked a pair to give my mother.

When I arrived at my mother’s school, they just came out, but my mother was still meeting, I waited for a long time and frozen in her office.

The second thing is that I am actually a chaos after the wine, and I actually make my mother pregnant, think about it is the world, but it is indeed true that it is in mine. Body.

I have been fearful in half a year, spent in guilty, although my mother said to forgive me, saying that each other forgetting this matter, but I am very clear, we can’t forget.

However, maybe time can really rush together, with time, my relationship with my mother is slowly picking up from the ice point. And I feel that I have matured because of this experience, I can deeply understand my mother’s hard work and difficult, and I have begun to understand the loneliness and loneliness of my mother, know how to understand my mother, help my mother. Take care of your mother.

I am no longer a boy who only knows and drinks together all day long together, go home, TV connecting the boy kid, I know what is responsible, I’m understanding.

New year has come, continue to work hard, take care of your mother, work well, let me return to the past as soon as possible, so that the impact of this thing and my mother minimized. come on!

Sunday, February 12, 2006 20:36 Qing Today is a year of Lantern Festival, others are round circles, but my father is not happy again. At the beginning of the New Year’s Day, I left again. I said that I have to go through the deputy magistrate of the county’s competent project, and I have a New Year in the leadership of the relationship. I have to come back with us to live with us. I can’t come back at noon. Mom has been unhappy with him in the phone and I have been unhappy.

To be honest, the mother is not like this. For many years, Dad has rapidly go home all day, and the slower official is more, the more you go home, but you can rarely lose your temper. The most is embarrassed, but I feel that my mother seems to change, especially hope that Dad is at home, every time my father is violating the promise, my mother will be particularly angry, will quarrel with Dad, and cry.

When I have dinner, I have something to talk to my mother, I want her to easily, but my mother doesn’t seem to be affected. There is a return to talk, and I have dinner and return to the bedroom. Ugh! Looking at my mother’s trouble, my mood is very low, this Lantern Festival is very unhappy.

Friday, February 24, 2006, 21:05, this morning, Mom praises my craftsmanship, so I have a good mood today, but I will return home at night. I will open my dad at home, my father and my mother are sitting. On the sofa, my father crumped frowned, and my mother was crying. I saw that I came back to the bedroom.

My heart mentioned the eyes of the blind, wouldn’t my Dad know that thing? How can I do it, I explain I am not intentional? My heart is playing at the door.

Dad saw me said: “How do you get rid of Xiaofan? How can I not come in?” Listening to my father, this question, my heart is landing, it seems that my father still doesn’t know, thank you, how can I cry? ? I thought about it, I was in the mouth, my father said: “Dad, are you back?” Dad said: “The plane under the provincial city last night, I just came back in the morning.” I have been in the living room. ” Visual with ears. I heard my mother crying and said my father, no matter what this home, I will not come back a few times a year, I will always go almost a day, saying that my father doesn’t have her, it is better to count, and then Dad put the door. The faint approving, I heard that my mother was crying. Some of them couldn’t understand, but he heard that Dad said that they would be back in the next month.

After the father came out from the room, I went to the kitchen to cook. After doing it, he told me to rush to the provincial city at night, I will take the plane back to Beijing tomorrow morning, let me wait at home, good Going to work, don’t know how to play, help my mother do something, and simply ask some of my work.

Then he entered his mother’s bedroom. Mom didn’t cry, I listened to my father and said that the driver waited in the downstairs. Mom didn’t care about him, my mother didn’t come out when my father walked. After my father walked for a while, I went to my mother’s bedroom to eat, my mother saw me came in turn and wiped tears, tidying up the hair, before you come out. I persuaded my mother when I was eating, saying that my father is really busy. I have heard that there are three projects in this county in this county, and I have such a national metrics approved, let my mother blames Dad.

My mother listened to me, I didn’t say anything, and the grass was eating and went back to the bedroom. I don’t dare to say anything, and I will write a diary. Dad is also, busy, it’s hard to come back once, I will stop at home for two days, let my mother sad, hehe!

Wednesday, March 8, 2006 21:05 Qing Today is the March 8 Women’s Day. I hate the big man who hates the street in the afternoon, but I went shopping for a street, and I went to an afternoon, I thought I was very incredible. In fact, I am very simple to go shopping, I want to buy a gift to my mother, because today is her holiday.

After another measure and selection, I finally bought a yarn for my mother, because we have a lot of winds in spring here, and many women like a scarf.

The silk scarf is very simple, there is a black dot on the white bottom surface, I think my mother often wears a relatively career clothes, so the pattern is generous rather than elegant.

When mom came back at night, I had already made meals. When I was eating, I gave the yarn to my mother. Although my mother received a gift, although I didn’t say it, I saw it, she was particularly happy, took it in her hand. I also saw it, I touched and touched: “The son grows big, it is more than your dad, and I have never sent me a gift for a lifetime.”

I asked my mother to look around, my mother thought about it, very skilled in the neck, I was really suitable, my mother also praised my eyes good, my heart was also happy. Mom is happy, is my biggest hope. Try!

Friday, March 31, 2006, 23:17 Yin 25, is a wedding day of Dad and Mom, but Dad did not abide by the promise, my mother didn’t fall in the morning, and my father called back, my mother seems to be particularly angry, on the phone There is no noisy in the loud voice, even said the divorce, and finally the mother said very much: “You’d better never come back.” Then I fell to the phone.

I did a meal at noon, I went to the bedroom to eat, but my mother didn’t open the door. I heard a laughter in the room, I was very distressed, I couldn’t help but I didn’t help but I didn’t help but I didn’t know my mother.

I didn’t have a mood, I didn’t have a meal, doing a TV in the living room, waiting for my mother, I didn’t know if I changed all the channels, my mother finally opened the door, I rushed up to persuade my mother. I am angry, my father is busy working, letting her eat a meal first, but my mother said that she didn’t have to take me, I changed the shoes to go out, I quickly followed it.

Mom quickly came to the park where I was sitting quiet, or the lawn on the Turning slope, or the posture, I still sit and think about it. And I still sat with her from the distance from her one meter.

After a long time, my mother asked me: “Xiaofan, if I am married to your dad, who you are?” I listened to my mother and was surprised. I didn’t know how to answer. Mom didn’t answer again: “Hey, I will know, you and your dad are one, you will go, I don’t have to accompany you.”

I think I want to say: “Mom, I don’t want you to divorce with Dad, but no matter how it is, I will always stand with my mother.” Mom listened to me, didn’t say anything, staring at me for a while And twisted the head silent.

In March, our weather is still very cold. Sitting it for a long time, I feel the cold hands and feet, watch my mother only wore a half-style windbreaker, I persuaded my mother to go home, but my mother shook his head refused, I didn’t The way said home to give her a dress, let her wait for me, and hurried to the family, I can wait for me to take my clothes and come back. Mom I don’t know.

I found some times in the park, I didn’t find her. The sky is already black, I have to go home. At 9 o’clock, my mother came back, the lips had been frozen, I quickly gave her a bowl of hot soup, but my mother didn’t drink, and I slept from the bedroom door.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, I didn’t get it. I called her a few times, she didn’t answer. I pushed the door and called a few cute mothers, I didn’t respond yet. I feel wrong, I will take a picture of my mother. I fell asleep, but my face was very red. I used my hand to take my forehead. I started to call, my mother is really open, and the little voice promised me. I quickly played 120.

When I arrived at the hospital doctor, my mother was cold and triggered a lung infection. Fever, infusion, ice, until the afternoon’s high fever, I am slowly falling in my heart. The day before yesterday and yesterday I didn’t leave the mother’s bed, and the tea poured water, and I wiped her hand with a hot towel in the morning. I washed her on the water at night. When I dinner, I was always a spoonful of a spoonful of time. Feeding her, starting her in the ward, there is still some patients are not embarrassed, but I can always make me carefully carefully.

The patient and their families said that she had a good son. She had a blessing. She started to listen to the modest perfunctory. When she said, she is not in the resignation, but a smile. I looked at me, my face was hot.

Today, my mother’s body is much better. In the morning, I went for a while. She said she said she didn’t get used to hospital’s taste and people in the ward. I strongly demanded that I was going home to rest, I really didn’t have The way, I have to agree. In the evening, I made a meal in the kitchen. When I was ready to put it on the table, I turned to see my mother on the kitchen door. I lived in the dishes, and the four eyes relative to my mother, my face was slightly red, didn’t say that I came over from my hand to the table.

Mom said: “Xiaofan, thank you for taking care of me in the past few days, my mother is very touched, you are really growing now, you have to be very happy, my mother is almost, you are also very tired, you are also very tired. Don’t worry for me, I will take a break early, if you are tired, my mother is really not relying on. “Listening to my mother, my heart is warm, my mother actually regards me as relying Good happiness! I said: “Mom, I am not tired, now the most important thing is to make your body better, you can rest assured, I am young, this is not tired of me, my father is not, he said to take care of me. You. Otherwise, Dad will come back to pack me. “

I want to make it easy to easily, solve my mother and my mother, but my mother seems to be at all, listen to my father, my face is a sight: “Don’t talk for him, this is how much I have I don’t know, I have this home in addition to the job, have you, have you, have to eat. Hey, the former is guilty, worried that my mother, now it is hard to get better, and I have to worry about my father and my mother.

When I went home, I said that I said that I was very far away, but my mother didn’t take a walk, but also said that I was pourmed with me during this time, I want to exercise to lose weight, I see my mother is very high, I have to mention it. Big bag small bags from.

Tired! It is quite tired, but it is also happy, everything is fine, and get better and better.

Tuesday, May 16, 16th, 21:17 After a week of hard work, finally gave a friend to set the thing, although let him spend some money, but things finally solved, but I owe a lot of people in the unit. In order to thank me, I gave me a full package of two landscape resorts in the neighboring city. It is a ticket and inside entertainment project including the accommodation of food, saying that I have a girlfriend to play, he is not I know that my girlfriend will worship.

Oh, I don’t know if it is, it is still a matter? Ha ha. In the evening, I gave my mother to say this, asked my mother to relax and relax, my mother said that I have eaten my mother said that I heard that the scenic area is quite good. If there is no one to go, she can accompany me. Go see.

After discussing, I decided that I would leave a day on Friday, and I can get back in the afternoon. “Old,” is still enough, although he is a friend’s friend, there are not many opportunities for us, but this time I am indeed my business, these two tickets are not to accept bribes? Ha ha.

Sunday, May 21, 2006 21:17 The world’s things in the world is really emotional, originally thought that with my relationship with my mother, let us slowly free from that matter, who can I know this time, but let me have a major change in my mother’s relationship. This change makes me surprises and make me fear.

The day before yesterday, I played into the scenic resort according to the plan. I took a car to my friends. Although I drove more, I still have a little nervous, but as the car is driving on the mountain road, the surrounding mountains The water is really happy, and the mother is particularly happy. It is like a child who does not stop the scenery along the way, and give me a water, sweat.

My mood is very relaxed in the influence of mothers and landscapes. All the way is very smooth, three hours, we have arrived at the resort. The resort in the hills is very unhappy, and the inside is a Qi Shi Bamboo Forest, where the place is all the wooden small villa, clean and tidy, and elegantly decorated.

There is a problem, that is, because it is a package, the resort only provides a set of rooms. There are two 1 meters 5 beds in the room. I think that the thing is not suitable. I want to ask the waiter to think about it. I can open a set. Even if you add money, you don’t care if your mother doesn’t care. If you don’t live, you will have a waste of money, you can’t open the room, no way, I have to live with my mother. After lunch, we started to play to the scenic area, the scenery is really good, the bamboo forest is full, the waterfall is a clear, and the stream of the stream is crystal clear. This all makes the mother unusually excited, like returning to the young age, take off the shoes in small The stream caught fish, bought the locals with the soil guns made with bamboo and gave me.

When I used a very timid mother to play, I was not afraid, I was excited to rush down from the height, the picturesque scenery and the relaxed and happy atmosphere made me completely forgot all the troubles and played. happy.

Of course, each time my mother is shower and changing clothes, I am very consciously put forward, so I am not misunderstanding or think of that thing, so everything is fine.

Yesterday afternoon, my mother went to the highest mountain in the wind. Mayday is already hot. When I arrived at the top of the mountain, my mother’s physical strength was obviously a bit, I advised my mother to go back, but my mother said how. OK, it’s hard to climb a half, can’t waste halfway.

We drank some water and took a break. I will prepare to continue to climb. But I walked a few steps to see my mother yet. I was preparing to ask her to talk to her: “Xiaofan, Mom is exhausted, station You can’t stand up, you don’t pull the mother. “

The observatorial tone made me a glimpse, but my mother stared at me. I had to go back and reached out and pulled her mother. I watched her. I want to let go, but my mother seems to be There is no way to let go, don’t look at me, hold my hand up.

I have to continue to pull her up, there are very few people on the mountain road, there is very quiet in the mountains, only a few birds sound and occasional wind blowing the woods and bamboo forests, I haven’t spoke with my mother. Climb down the top of the mountain.

When I arrived at the top of the mountain, I don’t know if it is hot or tired. I have been sweating with my mother’s hand. Mom’s slender finger and delicate skin make my heart jumped straight, I feel my own, hurry to let go of my mother’s hand to sit down and keep drinking water, my mother looked at me silently. I also found a stone and sat down, and my eyes looked at the mountain and launched a sudden.

There is a bit cool breeze on the top of the mountain, and I remember the things that I have just taken up, I still take the feeling of my mother’s hand, I still sweat in my head. I am sitting in the tree with my mother, one sitting in the stone, no one talks, after a while, the original more than a dozen people on the top of the mountain will go down the mountain, only I have left my mother, my mother went to the top of the mountain The observation deck is holding the guardrail for a while, told me too.

Mom said: “Have you seen Titanic?”

“I have seen it, how do you?” Do you see it like a bow? Below is the bamboo sea, more beautiful, do you help my mother to do this is good? “Said that I feel that my mother’s face will look at me, then stand in the guardrail. Open the arms.

After listening to my mother, my heart began to jump again, my mind is thinking about my mother, is my mother mean? Just let me help her to complete the wish of imitation movies?

When I was nervous, my mother turned his head and said, “How can Xiaofan, don’t you help me?” I quickly set up the God and said: “No.”

“That is coming, standing behind me holding my waist.”

I remember that I was particularly nervous at the time, but I finally helped my mother’s waist. The soft feeling made me almost impulsive, but I didn’t dare to think more, the sweat on the head kept Downstream.

Mom standed again and said: “Close your eyes, listen to the wind of your ear.” I consciously press my mother’s words, I only feel the heat of my mother’s body from the hand, I can’t hear it. Shi’s wind, let my hand tremor are even more powerful.

I am trying to suppress my feelings, my mother said: “Duo beautiful, if there is a camera camera, you can save it forever, I really want to be like this.” Mom’s words made my mind like a Lightning is general, the mother’s words are what is meant, this is definitely not a simple sigh because there is a sigh of the scene, this meaning … Just when I am afraid, my mother turned his head and smiled. Said: “If you want to be, you can go down the mountain.”

I quickly recovered God, and I barely smiled and said, let go of the hand holding my mother’s waist, my mother smiled and didn’t say it, walked down to the mountain, I quickly chased her back. On the way, my mother walked in front of the song, I walked like a child, and I picked up one or two bamboo leaves and wild flowers on the ground, and finally used the grass and wild flowers of the road. A flower ring is worn on the head, and I will ask me.

I have been thinking about it in the next heart, I think about my mother’s hand, I will think of my mother’s waist, and my mother is still just now.

There is really reasonable, and the sky is still very good. When I go to the mountainside, I started to get a wind, I still caught a lot of clouds from the east, my mother said that it is going to rain, we have accelerated The pace is going to the mountains, and it is rushing to go to the foot of the mountain. I haven’t want to take off the T-shirt, cover her and take her to the resort.

It’s hard to ran back to the room, I have already been fell into the soup, because I am too fast, I am tired, and I am tired, I am tired, I am tired of breathing with the wall of the wall, and I will walk into the room. The strength is gone.

After a moment, I noticed that my mother was in the back of the back. The hair was taken off by the rain, and the white t-shirt was tightly stuck, and the shape of the breast did not retain it, pale yellow cream It seems particularly clear, and because I took off the T-shirt, naked the upper body, the rain continued to flow down.

My mother and my mother look at each other, my mother seems to have noticed my eyes, and I look down on my own look, my face is slightly red to twist the face. I immediately removed my eyes from my mother’s chest and said: “Mom, you hurry to turn a piece of clothes, I am waiting for you outside.” Talking to open the door.

My hand just hit the door lock, my mother hugged me from behind, my body was stiff, my mind was blank, and the mother was tightly held, holding the head in me. The back of the back feels that my mother is sobbing.

After a while, I will listen to my mother and cry, say: “Xiaofan, thank you for taking care of your mother in this year, my mother is touched, do you know? Mom has never been carried out by a man, care. Do you know what you know. He only has a career and work in his heart. It is what you have to promote the official. Never take care of our family, mom is this for many years, how do you know? I even have a person who can complain. It is you. For a long time, I have found it to find a woman’s feeling. Some people feel hurt. Some people care is really happy. When you have a matter of last year, you still remember it. At the beginning, I started to have a special pain, I feel that I can’t live it. But now I thank the matter, or if it is what is going to make you think, this is a woman, I am a woman, I am eager to be careful, let people hold in the palm, I also have loneliness and loneliness, Can you understand me? Mom is not a bad woman, otherwise I have been sorry for your dad, but I really depend on you, I want you to hurt, care, want you to love. If I hate it before If this thing, now I don’t blame, I don’t regret it at all, do you know the mother? “Mom said while crying.

Although a bit is a bit chaos, every word affects my nerves. Of course, I will understand, I feel that my heart is jumping, the more you have a cold body that is raining, began to feel the body The body temperature came back, I don’t know if my mother’s tears is still the rain, but I don’t know how to answer my mother, I can only let her sow on my back.

After a while, my mother saw that I didn’t answer her, and there was no reaction. Slowly loose hands, walk into the room, climbed on the bed and continued to cry. I stayed again for a while, looking out, the rain is very big, I ran to a small pavilion in the bamboo forest, I repeatedly thought about my mother.

Mom is very hard, my mother has been witnessed for me for many years. It is also deeply experienced. I almost hurt from small to most, my father rarely go home, and the big and small things in the family have. Mom is worried, the big and small live is a mother.

Mother’s face is euphemistic, but the heart is a strong person. She has never told others with others, but I remember that many mothers took me to see someone in the park, and the husband and wife always showed a close walk. A little desolate.

Yes, my mother is a woman, the woman is eager to be hurtful, being loved, but she really rarely came from Dad, and when I sent her gift, she would know how to know, my mother is actually Little woman is also romantic, yearning for it. Mom listened to me, I also love her, I didn’t wait for me to finish, I grabbed my mouth with my hand, and I said in my arms: “Don’t say, I am also contradictory, I can’t hear himself. I have such an attachment to you, but you can really feel good about my concern and care, I feel so happy, so warm, you don’t understand as a woman’s desire to care and love, you should know the personality, Although I am a woman, as long as I think something is wrong, I don’t regret it. In fact, I also thought about it for a long time, I dare to tell you, I think, since we have had a men and women experience, I will If you don’t care, even if you have a retribution, it is also a mother’s fault, let me bear one, I just want you to continue to care about me, understand me, take me, love me, let me be a real Woman, be a happy woman. “After coming to look at me, I asked:” Okay? “I listened to my mother’s confession, and I was shocked again. My mother was firm, and I feel like I was in the sea. The man is not as good as my mother, it is really a hat. I looked at my mother and the face of tears, let me feel very pity, my body feels the softness and body temperature of my mother’s body, I feel that I have started fever, I feel a little bit dry, I hug my mother and said: “Mom, I am sorry, I really have a snap, let you be sad, I also love you, I will care about you, love you, as long as you want me to love you.”

My mother listened to me, I also hugged me. Slowly, we slowly started hot, I feel that my mother’s breast is tightly posted in my chest, my hand is not coming to my mother. The back is gently stroked.

The house is quiet, as if I can hear my heartbeat. I took a long time with my mother, I gradually, I still have some nervous hearts, and the chaotic brain is also clear, and slowly mother’s taste makes my body began to become turned, and the lower body gradually expanded, my brain is hot I won the mother’s face deeply kissed her lips, my new relationship with my mother started.

I don’t know, I have become a touch of my mother, I just feel that I am a snowy carcass, let my desire burst out, my mind is blank, I caught up, I can’t stop, touch At the end, I entered her body. After a rush of impact, I was covered with sweat from my mother’s body to bed.

The roof light makes my eyes, I can’t see, my mother is lying, slowly, my breath is gentle, my brain has returned to normal, I asked my mother: “Mom” Do you really regret it? “

Mother turned over and left me on my body, I said: “As long as you feel bad, I love me, I will not regret. Even if I am thinking, I am also happy.”

I have been touched by my mother’s words, reach out of her tightly, feel this warm. We have never talking again, slowly, I am falling asleep with my mother. I woke up, I saw my mother still woke up in my arm, my eyes stared at the ceiling, I asked her how? She didn’t answer me, “Xiaofan, will you think that I am very embarrassed, but a mother is active and son?” I also faced her face: “Mom, I absolutely don’t have this idea,” I think you are the best mother in the world is also the best woman. I am not smaller now. I understand that your inner loneliness knows people’s normal physiological needs, although in other people’s eyes are not right, I know you are Because I like me, I also like you, you will always be the best in my heart. “

Mom has been watching me, I have finished saying, her tears have flowed out, I think my mother is touched, I am intentional to tease: “How do you cry, you have a big person. , This love is crying, crying this long time today, the eyes are like a peach, watching my distress, you have to cry again, I have to cry, simply don’t sleep tonight, open a cry The conference is good. “

My mother listened to me, I was really being laughed. I wiped tears and smiled and said, “I don’t cry, I will have you have a good time, I will not cry again.”

At this moment, I feel that my bed is wet, I let go of my mother to sit, see the bed wet a big piece, I think that my mother will return to the room to wear a wet clothes and climbed on the bed, plus later I also wore a wet pants, I have long wetted the bed, just not feel because of tension and excitement.

Mom also felt that I didn’t look at it and said, “Yeah, dirty.” Mom hurriedly jumped from the bed.

This move made her breasts trembled. My eyes didn’t attract it. Mom felt my eyes, I realized that I was still naked. The face picked up a pillow from another bed, covering the chest, saying that the sound is not allowed, and fled into the toilet, heard the sound of the water inside, I slowly calm down, sit down to the sofa to think about this day What happened in my and my mother, and a surprise and a little fear and pressure.

The surprise did not expect to have a mother again, and it can have her long in the future. It is too sudden, and there is too fast, and there is still a decisiveness and resolute. It is a bit sorry for Dad, and the pressure is How to take care of your mother, care for your mother, let your mother happily.

Mother washed and walked in pajamas. I also washed a bath, because a bed was already wet, I and my mother squeezed in another bed and slept, we didn’t make love again, it is holding each other, stroking, Enjoy a strong love and a warm atmosphere, and talk to each other’s heart slowly sleep.

Today, I woke up when I woke up, my mother was already in the room, I am a little nervous, I don’t know if my mother really regret it? I quickly wore her clothes and went to find her. I finally saw her on a sunny balcony in the resort. Mom handed the railing and looked at the sun. I walked to her, my mother turned his head. I am a little red, twisting around the eyes.

I am nervous: “Mom, how are you?”

Mom listened to me, I didn’t understand my thoughts, I laughed and said, “I don’t think, I am going to see the sunrise, don’t you feel the most beautiful? When you are ready to meet the new sun, I will not regret it. “I heard the meaning of my mother’s words, she only did not want to think, but it clearly hinted that she did not regret, my heart is Dropped. I also support the railing and said: “Mom, I always think you are a very euphemistic woman, I didn’t expect it to be a firm, decisive woman.” Mom’s face said: “Euphemism is also good, decisive It is a woman, and women have a weak surface, they are eager to rely. “

“Mom, I am your reliable, I will not let you be wronged.” Mom did not say anything, deeply glanced, smiled and said: “Go, Mom hungry After breakfast, my mother lost the calm of the morning on the balcony in the morning, and became a lively and lovely little girl. We chased it in the bamboo forest on the hill. I made a ghogle to make me put on it. I will no longer have the nervousness and contradiction before the day, and I put it on the garland and I have a friend in her cheeks, and the mother is nervous. No one, and then shy warnings I can’t do this outside.

After lunch, we embarked on the way home, and the mother kept talking about the beauty of these days, and sighed. This is the easiest and happiest thing in her years.

Looking at my mother is happy, I have some worries and slowly disappear. Recalling that when I was intimate last night, I suddenly realized a problem, a very serious problem. I stopped the car on the side of the car because my mother did not prevent the body that rushed forward, and it took a little bit to the front windshield.

Mom was scared to see my nervous look and hurriedly asked: “How is it, Xiaofan?” I didn’t know how to say it. Mom was anxious: “Xiaofan, how can you talk, don’t scare you Mom. “

I drums and courageous and whispered: “Mom, yesterday we, will you pregnant again?” Mom listened to me, the face was red, twisted the past, said: “You I really remembered it now. At that time, did you go? “

I am nervous to answer her: “When I was too impulsive, I was not good for my mother.” Mom was smiled by my nervousness and mouth, and I turned my head. I said: “Well. Don’t be nervous, these days have nothing, don’t think about it, I just scared me. “Listening to my mother said that I am relieved, silly smile, laugh, continue to drive.

At night, I have been 9 o’clock, I feel very tired. I have to take a bath and grass and eat something. My mother will return to the room. In the case of her invitation, I don’t know if I should go to her room, I have. Back to your own room, lying on the bed, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, my mind is thinking about everything that happened yesterday, as dreaming, I don’t know what kind of development will be in the future, everything is unknown, but I can have my mother. good.

It has been almost 2 o’clock in the morning, and I have never written this long diary. Yesterday, my heart has been confused, because my mother’s performance really made me not touch my mind. Since I have already had a skin of the skin, after the fact that my husband’s attitude should change, but when I got up, my mother boating me, I have been going to work, there is no point. Intimate and nostalgic feelings. In my imagination, since the mother has a substantial intimate contact, we should have a lover in addition to the mother and child, even if it is not like the plots of erotic novels, it should be very close. . Although I already know that my mother will regret it in order to make love with me, can you feel the feeling of love? But I didn’t dare to ask her directly, so this confusion was distressed as a day.

In the evening, I returned home, my mother is already at home, is busy in the kitchen. I have to help, she rushed me out: “Okay, a big man is in the kitchen all day, I used to be my body, now I am fine, these things don’t worry, Go out. “I said:” Mom, I said to take care of you feel bad. “Mom said:” I know that you have this heart, you have to take care of me, I don’t let you give you every day. I have a meal, I want to have a distressed person who cares about my heart to rely, not a chef, obeying it. “Said that I launched the kitchen, I had to return to the living room to open the TV. I heard my mother on the living room to make a meal while watching the song. It seems that my mother’s mood is good.

When I was eating, my mother gave me a matter of her unit. Who was quarreling with the parents, and the parents found her, I didn’t let her gave it to the results; who who played a teaching plan last year when they examine the teaching plan. . Mom is not tired, I also heard the taste of Jinjin.

When I finished eating, my mother asked me: “Xiaofan, I will tell you this?” I said: “I don’t annoy, how can I get annoying, I have never listened to me before? These, very interesting. “Mom listened to the blame:” Hey, I used to say to you, he said, saying that these things didn’t matter, in fact, I didn’t want to be embarrassed, just want to work Some things that don’t talk about it is the closest person, so I vent it. “

I said: “Mom, you want to say to me, I am willing to listen, no matter what you said, I love it.”

“Really? But don’t be fresh. It will be like your dad for a long time.” I said: “Mom, really, as long as you want to say that I love to listen, I swear.” Mom I laughed. I am very happy to say: “Still a small sail.”

After eating, I washed from my mother’s hand. We watched TV together, and the mother went back to the room. I really want to follow it to see my mother doesn’t say, I don’t dare to take it. I don’t know if I should go into the room, I really want to be intimate with my mother, but I haven’t waited until my mother’s invitation. At 10 o’clock, I can’t sit still, drums the drums and push the door into my mother’s bedroom.

Mom has already slept, I gently walked to my mother’s bed, my mother said back to me, I gently called her two, but my mother didn’t respond, I thought she fell asleep, although very I want to drill to her bed, but I still don’t dare, I want to go back to go back.

I just turned and walked two steps. I heard my mother said very small: “I thought you won’t come in?” I am surprised to turn, my mother has sat down, two hands, two hands, But I can still see her face is very red. I said: “You didn’t say, I didn’t dare to come.” Mom glanced at me and said: “Stupid, don’t you let me say let you come.” I immediately understood that my mother is actually sorry, I can really It is stupid enough. I was stupid and smiled and immediately walked in the bed and hugged my mother. My mother struggled to push me and said: “Oh, don’t worry, I just will know how to watch TV outside, I will not wash it, go to take a shower. “I think that my mother is a very loveless person, and I laugh and laugh, let go of my mother, and rush into the bathroom. When I only wore underwear to enter my mother’s room, the main light was turned off, leaving only the pink light of the bed, and the room was warm.

Mom has been drilled into the quilt at this moment. I opened the quilt and drilled it. I didn’t have the pajamas on my mother. I only wore a bra and closed my eyes. I didn’t know whether it was a light or shy mother’s face. Red rolling.

I immediately hugged her light and warm body, kiss her face and mouth. My mother’s body is stiff. I also hug me tightly and I kiss me. Soon my hand hopped in her, my mother’s bra and underwear were also out of me, my mother’s breathing is also very urgent Get up, there is a slight snoring in the nose.

Mom felt my reaction and change, shook my hand, said: “Previously you said you careless not convinced, and now regret it, fool bedside table black bags.” I turned and looked at her mother, and her mother is watching me, look at me look at her face seemed redder and closed his eyes. I quickly opened the drawer bedside cabinet, black plastic bag was shocked to have two boxes of condoms, or Jissbon, my mother quite willing to spend money, or mother carefully, but it seems my mother and I had been ready affectionate .

My heart burst of excitement, a tear open the box, turned around and threw herself into her mother who can just let the tension and regret my big dick has shrunk, no matter how  parent mother who, how  touch, my mother has been Jiao blow frustrating, but I have a big dick hard up, but the more anxious the more does not work, I finally helpless mother and from him down the straight air hammer bed.

Mom also feel that I am wrong, I am anxious to see the look said: “You are too impatient it is careless, do not worry you must be just too nervous, and one will be good,” I said to my mother leaned against the close my body sideways head on my arm, a hand caressing my chest.

This is the first initiative of the mother touched me, my heart emergency fire vanished, glide hand feel of the place is the mother of itch, very comfortable. I see my mother closed eyes, blushed, can hand has not stopped, slowly touched my thigh, where a fumble after a mother buried her face in my bow arm nest, holding my hand big dick.

I felt my mother’s hand came soft and heat, a hot head look big dick on hard, and it seems harder than before. My mother felt a hard, hard shook retracted his hand.

I knew that she was shy, but have been too busy to think that  much, strike while turning up the torn condom wrapper belt, leaned climb in the mother’s body, her legs apart hand on the big dick in front of her mother’s lower body mother’s lower body has been very wet, so I’m very smoothly AIDS is heard on the go. Mother’s body a tight frown, nose grunted, opened his eyes and stared at me and shut up.

I climb in and out of the mother’s body struggling with the mother’s body, along with my actions, my mother held me tightly, his legs wide apart, his mouth did not write like movies and novels of stammered , not how fast, hard ah, I can not do what , but will be out with the big dick, issue “hiss hiss …… …… …… ah ah” sound rhythmic.

Although there is no sound in movies and novels as exciting, but to my ear, like the sounds of nature, like make me more excited. Mother soon have a unique moans growing up, his hands were clutching the sheets, do not know my big dick out of her mother’s body how many times, how long, my mother’s body a stiff, forced the hand seize leaflets, long way …… cries a cry, a soft body buttocks stopped up in the action.

I know my mother climax, and accelerate their own actions, and finally a surge of semen rushed out and fired into the mother’s body, no, it should be fired into the condom inside. At the moment I just feel my body has all the sweat.

I have come down from the mother’s body lying on the bed, big mouth panting from seeing her mother micro eyes closed, chest heaving not stop, his face a flushing, oozing sweat on the forehead, that lazy look weak real people sympathy and affection. I went over to her hand and wiped the sweat from his brow and gently on her cheek Qinliaoyikou. Mom looked at me shyly opened his eyes, a sideways drill into my arms and hugged me. We did not speak again, holding each other, the smell of my mother’s body fragrance, listening to each other’s heartbeat, the room was very quiet.

My heart slowly return to normal speed, my mother’s hand to his back and said: “Mom, you feeling okay?” My mother’s face still buried in my arms, no eyes met no answer on my back say. I’m spoiled, asked: “Mom, you tell me, you feel well?” My mother screwed me, still did not speak, but in the head buried in my arms, but a couple of points.

I know my mother shy, no longer tease her. Her hair dangling from his mouth, hand stroking her smooth back, feeling soft and smooth body of the mother. Mom like obedient children, obediently curled up in my arms, my heart happy as bloom.

I think though, and her mother has been intimate three times, the first time can be drunk now do not even know how  happened the second time in this resort and also the same impulse abnormalities are not carefully watch the mother’s body .

I let go of holding her mother’s hand, she opened a quilt lying flat, my mother did not know what to do , playing with my eyes closed either. My eyes glanced at the mother’s body, I found my mother really beautiful. The skin is very pale and very smooth, no obvious scars.

Although it has been 40 years old, it is still very flexible; the breast area is not very large, it is slightly sloppy, but there is no impact on the cleans, the nipple is not big, the uli is very small, there is a lot of money, the color is a bit Deep into brown. There is no obvious fat on the stomach, it is flat, and the gather is not lush but very black. It is very ruined. The legs do not have a bloated feel. It is very strong. The calf is very thin, and the toes are plated with light pink nail polish. I have never been noticed.

She found that I was watching her body red face and said: “See Shi, don’t look at me this.” I wanted to pull the son cover, how can I give up such a good opportunity, pull the quilt does not let her cover Mom didn’t take a few times, and the shyness shouted.

I want to separate my mother’s legs carefully to look at her lower body, but my mother put it in the leg, I said: “Mom, you are so beautiful, let me see you, ask you.” I said with a spoiled tone. On the side of one side, her legs were separated, and the mother’s lower body was finally exposed to my eyes.

Mom quickly put down his face and looked down, I continued to open her hand, the arm supported her legs and did not let her join, and her mother struggled a few times without success, and I didn’t move my face.

Although my mother’s hamma is not flourishing but also extends to the bulls on both sides. The labia is not thick. There is also a liquid that has just been flowing. I use my hand to gently open her labipings. The pink is fresh and tender, and the clitoris is very small. I don’t know excited. It will not be bigger.

With my hand touch her labi and clitoris, my mother’s ass begins slightly shaking, and the transparent liquid is started again, I can’t help but want to use your mouth, you can just get up with your head and just get up with your mother’s lower body. .

My mother sat up and said: “Oh, you are dry, where you are dead, you also kiss.” I smiled and said: “How can I be involor, my mother’s body is the cleanliness Mom stared at me: “It’s really, is it possible to be a place? Every place in the body, in fact, someone else is here, this is called blowjob, only the favorite talents, you let me kiss. “Said that I lost her down, I couldn’t help but I went down.

Mom did not prepare, when she wanted to clamp my legs, my tongue had already licked on her labi, my mother’s body fierce, the mouth, the two legs no longer, I am in her After a while, the tongue picks her labi, licking the tender meat inside.

The whole body of my mother began to tremble, twisted the butt, my mouth made it … um … … Um sound, very fast mother’s original small clitoris becomes big, my tongue quickly found it. It, the mother’s body is more embarrassing, holding the sheets in one hand, grabbing my hair in one hand, the snoring is even bigger, I am selling with my tongue with my mother’s clitoris, from inside A large amount of liquid. I started stretching the tongue into my mother, stirring in her vagina, the nose is just rubbing

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