Although the little brother has a girlfriend, it still sneaked the photo of her female friend. Today is the company overtime, still waiting for other people boring to play, hope, I will like it. I will introduce it. My girlfriend, my girlfriend is a strong body 165 cm, and the chest is about C left and right, although it is 23 years old but sometimes it is still misunderstood, I am still misunderstanding, the current girlfriend is just From the five-school nurse, work in a large hospital, sometimes I like to ask her to wear a nurse plug in black stockings and tempting me (1) The wolf is a rare holiday, because we work two work Relationships can not be met, so today in order to give sorrowful surprises, I deliberately tell my girlfriend, I can’t go to work, I can’t find her, I can’t accompany her a little disappointment. “Due to work, I can’t accompany me, then I Just a person going out

In order not to let him know that I have to say something to her, I have a word to play, in fact, I have already arrived in the alley of her dormitory, I want to secretly track her, my girlfriend, I will not have to do something. I saw the yellow uniform black short skirt in her high school and the knee black socks walked on canvas shoes. I gave a mother, I don’t want to go for a walk? How to dress up with high school students, still wearing a black underwear, then to tempting, so I have been a girlfriend in the past, I finally got off the car in a fast food store, I went into the store to see my girlfriend to find a four people. The seat of the seat is sitting down seems to be like a person’s look, so I have to find a seat next to it. I didn’t find that I didn’t find that I didn’t find that there was a big girlfriend of the soldiers. Middle school students walk to my girlfriend, the big male classmates, “Is it a sister?”

My girlfriend is happy. “Yes, are you three male students who need home education on the Internet?”

Another fat male classmate opened “Yes, it is our three”

I thought that my girlfriend also took the time to rest, and I was a good time. She was hard, her girlfriend. “You are good, from me to introduce it, call me sister, how can I call you?”

Tall a strong male classmate “My name is the rock, the other fat classmate is called the pool, from the head to the end, there is no talk, the sister can start classes”

Two hours have passed, and the class is also over the class.

The rock and pool classmates also immediately gave money to Kai “sorrowful sister is embarrassed today, I have no purchase next time I can give it to you?”

Of course, my girlfriend will not be with the child, and everyone should have forgotten to bring money, the girlfriend is very gentle to Kai said “Good ~ No relationship is given to me next time.”

Kai “Thank you for your sister, I have been trying to sing together.”

If you have a lot of money, you will have a good thing to have a good test, come to your sister’s dormitory, after all, save money?

Rock, Pool, Kayi is talking about “good, look forward to the arrival of that day”

The pool “Sister is really beautiful, can you wear like this next time?”

Rock “is good, can you have a sister?”

My girlfriend is very shy, “I have a few stinky children and other exams.”

When I went to work, I secretly installed the pinhole in her dormitory, installed a lot of places, after all, I have a little interest in the evening. I looked at the curtain from the home, and I was so sad. I wore a black underwear today, the pink shiny underwear still put on the high school uniform has already passed the knee stockings, and there is no long dormitory doorbell rang the door to the dormitory pool of the girlfriend. ” The sister is really wearing such ah, then obedient.

Rock “sorrowful sister is really beautiful”

Kai “Sister This is the money she owe you, because I have finished the test, let’s celebrate, let me see you, I bought a lot of wine ~”

My girlfriend is not interesting. “What few children are thinking, what is it?

I started to sing and started drinking. My girlfriend is really poor. How long does it have been drunk? “How did you not drink?”

My girlfriend “” You are really bad, I have been drunk, I am drunk so fast. “

Pool “Sister is drunk, don’t sing, let my sister take a break”

Kai “Sister is sorry, I don’t know, my sister will not drink.”

My girlfriend is lying on the sofa. “It’s okay, I will go home,” rock “rock” sorrowful sister, I see our weigh. “

The girlfriend looks in the direction of the rock. It has seen the three boys have taken the pants to show the meat stick. How do you want to do what you want to do? How can you think of girls? To say to your family, “

Kaiki smiled, “saint, how is it so much? I will let this opportunity.”

Pool “In fact, we wanted to do it when we were in class, I wanted to go out to sing and start, I didn’t expect you to be so stupid about us to your home.”

One step by step is from my girlfriend, my girlfriend has hugged, my girlfriend wants to break free, but the body is too strong, I can’t move, “I beg you, don’t do this, let me”

Kai “is still in the sky.”

Kai put a sorrowful uniform, and the pool set off the hard black skirt. “Let’s see this fool and wear pink shiny inner pants, at all, take a film,” pool The nose has smells the past Kay has taken the uniform to throw the black underwear. The sorrowful chest has been revealed. AV female is still 正 欸 “

I don’t want to see it, don’t you look at me? “

Rock This is to grasp the sorrowful long hair pressure, the head to her meat stick, sorrowful, hard plus the meat stick in the mouth, tears, said “No … It is …

The pool has put his girlfriend’s pants. “How do you have a salty taste? What else is wet? I don’t want to be dried by me.”

The pool has not yet waited for a sake of sorrow, and the tears spit it out of the meat sticks in the mouth. “Please don’t plug in, I will be pregnant. I have a boyfriend. The voice said that the pool “There is a boyfriend hole is still so tight, it is really cool”

Kaifu is a hard chest, and also caught the hard hand to help him hit his hand. I saw this picture. I didn’t know why I also took off my pants. I was looking at the screen. I was found. A scene show is so sad twice, and finally, Kai also took the photo of rape, and the prostitutes went out of the dormitory, and the sterility was softer on the sofa. …

I am not angry out ~

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