I remember that it was still three years ago, although I have been so long, the scene is still vivid, and I have a variety of tastes, I really cool in my heart, and I can’t say. (Borrowed a word here, because it is his personal experience.)

At that time, my buddies were just in the middle of the year, alone, work boring, often go to the Internet cafes, the north of the north, the north of the north, who made a lot of sister. The sister is also Hu Yao, everyone is a talent, I haven’t thought about this day, that is a day 5 in the afternoon, my brothers ran to familiar Internet cafes, a bottle of minerals Water, a smoke, started the afternoon Hu Bao favubated, it is to eliminate loneliness, I didn’t expect “” There is also a wave on the Internet, and there is a wave like her “, so I started a day” sex “

Fu time.

“My sister is good.” (True, thousands of old words).

“Okay.” The answer is not that I have been busy. I am a big aunt. I have a bad mood, but my buddy is like this. I don’t know how to see the honor, see difficulties. ” Oh, “Do you dare to ask your sister Xianxiang?” This began to offer, first asked the place and started to designate the wave plan, far a ton of bubble, the nearby fight, the tactics, but still very Useful.

“A city.” Is still not cold and hot, the buddy one listens, there is a door? A city, come back.

“Is it so clever? It seems that we are really a hundred meters to meet, at home? Or Internet cafe?”

“Internet cafes, Jincheng.” The sister’s tone is very born. “Will n’t it be? Is it in a bus?” The buddy is psychologically worn, and he quickly stood around. The whole Internet cafe has only a woman. It is a little girl in 20 or more, don’t say long, the melon face, big eyes The hair is slightly waves a little.

“It’s really clever, I often go, the boss is my buddy.” Since the interview has passed, the buddies began to buy a full body trick “Springs to the bed”. 🙂

“Is it? So you are not online now?” The sister asked.

“This is the case, today XX is something, ask me to help, I haven’t going, I will go back home, I have to pass there, or ask you to drink tea?”

“No, I have never seen the netizen.” The sister gentle, the words of the buddy, but his sex is not afraid that the two are not afraid of the thick skin, how can it be so easy to let one So what is the soft and beautiful sister?

“Teasing you, I have never seen the netizen, just feeling with you with your own uniqueness.”

“Is it? Then do you talk about how you have a bad law?” Sister asked quite interested.

“What do you say? I feel that there is no distance from the distance, I always want to see the opponent’s mentality.” The buddy said.

“Is it? Then do you say what I am thinking now?” My sister believes, and asked seriously, and used his hand to wait for him to talk.

“I guess, you must now hold the chin I think” How can I know what you are thinking, and what I do? “”

“If you are white, what do you do?”

“I am told by me. Generally speaking that others are saying that the heart is guilty.” The buddy is cheering, because he saw the sister there was also laughing.

“Who said? Don’t be self-made.” Sister is still reluctant, but it has seen her relaxed to my buddy, I can start adding.

“How do you know that I have been smart? In order to smart, I shaved my hair.” Another reply.

“Haha, then you are really smart, must be very handsome, big light head.” Not only me, the people in the Internet cafes heard her silver bell a lot of laughter. In the laughter, our distance is also straight.

“Are you chatting online?”

“Do not often, occasionally.” The sister’s tone is warm and there is a lot, not just so cold.

“Because I don’t like it? Still too busy.” Asked the machine.

“Busy, no time.”

“Then you must be a beautiful woman, Cheng Tian is busy with your boyfriend?, Even the Internet is not available.”

The pig’s face is exposed, but it is true that the sister is very beautiful.

“Hate, people have not a boyfriend yet?” Is really beautiful, even spoiled all the time so good, wavefront flow, and awesomeness. “Oh? Then you must be asking too much, right? You see you, almost on the line chanting, is enough to find a millionaire, billionaire ah still have to find it.” Forget that, man living in the mouth can be first-class, gaze up endlessly, arguably claim to be a mouth to run the train.

“You hate it you, I ask not high it was, how much he does not need money, I just really love on the line.”

Then, looking at the ceiling intoxicated sister, to die Oh, this rice too demeanor person, to want to faint! ~

“When a child Ya Ya, know what is true love?”

“You know what? That you did not encounter one day there will be a true love of my good man to marry me.”

“You look like that intoxicated, Fasao it.” Good mood, began to tease.

“You die, he says so ugly, what Fasao, you just Fasao it?” Shy sister answered.

“I’m sorry, wrong, I should send you Fasao waves son. Hey.” The man is not pregnant is also intended to Yin Xiao.

“Men are like you how to do ah, it really is ‘A Better Tomorrow’ it?”

“Yes ah yes ah, never heard the true nature of man, the nature of woman do?” Ah climb down the pole on that is.

“What does that mean?” It seems as though still a young bird, Han also do not understand.

“You look back and say, now that you do not know.” When you have the hang of hanging tantalize.

“Who says I do not know, I have 18 of.” Really child temperament, one that would argue that he had become anxious years, she said she was little fear of people.

“18 can do what? Hairs a child.” This time to completely dispel the enthusiasm of her, to make her toe later, work is also more convenient.

“I say it was a medical student, I do not understand what?” The little girl said she was afraid someone small, anxious to explain.

“Oh? Really? Angels? Glorious ah, my favorite up.”

“Bah, you like to be? Do not you ask the people like it or not.” That being said, but she had already seen a good impression on the man.

“You little girl Yeah, I really like you when you, teasing you nothing, like it or want to be the kind of mature feminine ah, you? Waiting for a few years now.” Murderer, to see her good strong fighting hard, to bring her pride to tease out.

“Who says I’m immature? Who says I did not feminine? I have grown up, I figure they say is good?”

Sure enough, she fell for it. Hearing this, then head out to look, and she was developing very well, about 164 tall, 100 kilos of it, the chest can also have 34, but it seems not mature mind, anxious eyes on a funny, good get started, huh “good body? how good? feminine? What smell ah?” began to take liberties on.

“Is good, there is taste.”

“You little girl quite strong, feminine Shajiao know it? That’s not what he says, is to man to taste and evaluate.”

“What would you have it? ‘Strong for a long time, she has no way out, I asked the poor right now.

“That’s what I know, ah, never tried how do you know?”

“I have to try? How a trial and ah, you look to see out, well I figure, beautiful, mature.”

Noting that children are very, very naive.

“Then you wait for me in the afternoon I was busy working to find you, see you in the end and how mature woman taste.” There are doors, and quickly set the time.

“Some ah, I’m right here waiting for you?” She seems like people are really eager to prove that they have grown up, and quickly asked the time.

“For a bar, you’re in that cafe waiting for me on the line.” Then off the assembly line, he sat steal glances at her.

She did not know it, look at the way his face excited, a little nervous, waiting for dignitaries would really like a boast as he matured. In it sat a bit restless, look east look west, look forward to look one can see it.

Buddy sit there and drink a bottle of water, half a pack of cigarettes smoked, the sister of patience has been estimated that almost, strong friction is also almost did not, and went over, “I ask the sister feminine, you can sit next to you ? “

Then meal is malicious smile.

The girl looked up, a handsome guy of more than 180 cm stood in front of him, smiling and looked back, and immediately red, “Oh, it is you. Sitting.” Sitting next to her computer, ” What is it? “The pig head came over. “Ah, there is nothing.” Hurry, the eye-catching buddies still see her original literature she is watching the situation, “Hey, it is a sorrowful.” The buddy psychology is more, not talking. She, seeing her sister’s minds, her face, said, “Let’s go out and walk.” Then, the river, slipping in the water of the A city, it is already 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the Northern Night is always It’s especially early, then the sky is already dark, the stunned street lights take two slender shadows, and it is very long.

“Go it up, my family is upstairs.” I am not intentionally bringing her downstairs to my house, and my sister stood and saw it.

“What are you afraid of? I can’t eat you, are you not an adult woman?”

“Who is afraid of you, go, you bite me.” It’s a child, one will not be able to stand, the buddy is smiling and pulling her up, sitting behind the sofa.

“What to drink, the soda is still a pleasure, little girl.” Give himself a can beer asked her.

“Beer, who is a little girl, I am a big woman.” Proud to take the beer, drink half cans, obsessive lying on the sofa and chatting, drinking, drinking, no one, no one, the ground has been lost 7.8 cans of beer, both have a little red neck, and the sister is also lie, the shoes are also kicked, the clothes are also open, through the open clothes, it can be seen that it is 35 The chest is not proud, proves her development very good.

“What? I have never seen a woman?” Looking at the eyes of my brother, my sister called.

“Women have seen a lot, I have never seen such a good little woman.” At this time, my brothers are still teasing her.

“Who said that I am small, do you see where I am?” I chest, rushing to my brother.

“Really fake? Now you can fight, don’t get the trip to make me.” The buddy laughed.

“Fake? Do you say that I am fake? Show you to see you.” The sister stood up, kicking the clothes, removed the shackles of the clothes, did not have a bra’s breasts tall high White small vests were squatted from the top of the nipple, and the buddies couldn’t stand up. Faced with the sister, reach out of her hands in her double milk, my sister squatted, the body was smashed, and the buddy Don’t move in your arms.

At this time, who can still hold back, the buddies took her on the sofa, kissed her body, and saw that there was no scene, my sister kissed the movement, the clumsy tongue didn’t know the Let, the body can’t hit, the buddies began to show his tenderness.

Starting from the hair, hands from top to bottom, slide over the ear, brush the face, slide over the neck, and finally knead in the breasts of the round, listening to the sister Light breathing, I have a hard-working chicken, and the sister is on the legs of the sister, the sister is afraid of the butt shrinkage, avoiding the invasion of chicken.

The buddy is brought together, kisses the sister’s lips, kisses his skills, the sister is roof, and will return to the enthusiasm of the buddy when kissing, and the tongue also rely into the mouth. Hold himself behind the buddy, touching his solid muscles.

The buddies kissed her lips, and took a breast-back kneading, and the palm of the palm couldn’t hurt, and finally took the vest and naked. The tits have been revealed, and they have a mouth, and the mouth contains a hard sucking, and the other hand is holding another tits, kneading from the bottom, from the bottom of the tits, push up, to the nipple Use two fingers to pull back to pull back, and do not knead, play the sister’s legs, and hard.

It’s almost the same, the buddies have a hand of the trousers, and the two legs of the sister will not be wet. He rely into the middle, touch a wet flesh, with his finger to take the clitoride The direction of the flesh is in the direction of the sister.

After the brothers’ fingers were touched for a while, I feel that the water flow is almost the same. The test is reached into a finger. The sister snorted, but the butt, the buddy’s fingers also felt a little obstacle.

“Original package?” The first feeling is that she is still a woman, ecstasy, so even more selling her tits, the mouth contains the hardship of the nipple, make a chisel, the sound, the finger is also top The clitoris is scratched, and a finger is inserted into the hole and blows around, and the movement of her to instigate the chicken bar after she adapt to the movement of the chicken. The sister is gradually adapted, and the body is honest. The reaction, the clamping of the legs, the butt is a very straight with the buddies. I can’t stand it, my sister can’t stand it. The body is violent, and my hands are not honest. I caught the buddy, grabbing the hard unliked chicken, and the buddies also think it is It’s time, lifting your body, stripping all my clothes, and let the sister lying flat, half his husband is squatting between her two legs, reaching out, holding the glans, topping back in the clitoris Friction.

A hand grabbed the tits, and the sister also grabbed the shoulders of the brother. The head came back and fell back, the milk left left and kept, but the butt was also like a bow, the chicken In the sliding into the hole, narrow, the uncovering hole is tightly inclusive, and when you enter a little sister’s body, you will take the shoulder’s hand, and finally in the buddy. Looking down, the whole chicken is hard, breaking through the thin meat film inserted to the bottom, the sister’s pain hard, grabbed the brother’s shoulders, the fingernails were deducted into the meat, the two people hurtted together Call.

The brothers are tightly pressed on her, and the chicken is inserted into the inside. I didn’t dare to take it out for a long time. After the sister is slightly adapted, I started slowly lifting the butt, extracted from the body, my sister is also lost. The soul is like, but the butt is then quite, the buddies are sitting down, and the sister is cool is great.

Soon, my sister has passed the pain of pain, starting to work, although the action is still very fragments, but the narrow hole holder is cool, the throduct is getting faster, but the ass The ranking is also bigger. Every time I take it, I have to dial the whole chicken. I only stay in the glans. When I take the whole body, I will take the whole body weight, and the sister is crying. The ground, shouting.

Finally, after a sprint of the whirlwind, the buddies took today’s concentrated essengers into her points, and the heavy rainy semen violently hit the heart, the two came to the climax, hugging together, afraid The mike and after the pain after the climax.

Later, according to the buddies, he did two times. This nurse’s little girl was simply the destiny of the waves, and the destiny of the destitute, but it was really tired, but it was also cool, even go home to go downstairs.

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