My wife and the woman’s goals are Watched on Monday, and the mood has come to the company, stop the car, fingerprint card, walk into the office, make a good job, do a good job, do a good job in a good day, suddenly receive The supervisor’s phone, saying that you used to do water, I said, “Yes!”

He said, “That line, you now go to the general manager, her home bathroom will leak.”

Forehead! I hesitated, I said: “I have never been to, I don’t know there?”

The supervisor said, I will give it to you, I will write down.

Hanging a supervisor, I called him the number, doodle ~ Dudu ~, the phone passed, I said: “Is Yang Hao? Hello, I am Xiao Li, the supervisor said your bathroom Water leak, let me see. “

The other party should say: “Oh, Xiao Li, for the right, last night, start leaking, because it is too late, so I can only repair it today, come over.”

I asked the address, quickly opened the car, I found a general manager, registered the documents, I opened the community, the car stopped in the end of the site (there is special parking space) Look up, oh! That is called a gas, others don’t say, the house structure: villa! I believe that there is no more luxury.

咚咚 ~! I pressed the doorbell, and I heard the sound of the visual door bell, “Oh, Xiao Li, you are waiting!”

Hey, the door opened, looked up, Yang always wears a fascine purple lace sling to meet me.

Because it is a hanging skirt, a culge is deeply present in front of me. I am very dirty. I looked at it for a while, “Xiao Li, Xiao Li …” Yang made me a few times, for a while I went back to God.

She said, “Don’t stand silly, come in!”

She took a pair of shoes from the shoe cabinet and put it in front of me. I was completely collapsed. A pair of plump breast semi-hidden semi-exhibitions in front of me, like Japan AV movie. The wife served at home, the small universe quickly broke out.

At the same time as I shoire, I thought I would like to wear a professional dress in the company. I have a woman’s taste. I have been wearing such a sexy at home (it is my evil, others I want to be very comfortable. How to wear it), I change my shoes, follow her to the living room, stairs, bedroom.

Walking behind her, a charming fragrance came up, I looked up from her slim legs, sexy nightmaked with beautiful figure, sleepers swing with hips, plus the beautiful Long hair, it seems to have just been hairstyled, it is the kind of curly hair, and it is the same characteristic of the young woman.

Slowly walking on the stairs, just as a situation, I will ask me if I can’t find the topic, I don’t even ask: “Yang, your husband?”

Suddenly she turned, I almost hit her privacy department, she said: “I have no boyfriend, where is my husband!”

“No, Yang Pop your career has stepped into the right track, but it can be said that it has been stable. Why haven’t I plan to find a boyfriend to get married?”

She said, “You also know that when you are young, you are busy with your work. Now old, no one wants!”

I have been rushing to pick up, “There is no thing, you are only a few years old, so beautiful, chasing your men queue is still too late!”

She said: “Don’t say, I have 36, I have passed the youth, and now the man likes to be a little bit, and the old man is faster.”

I have to pick it up, I will pick up my words, “I like women who like mature, I also see the matter, know how to hold a home!” I regret it.

She asked me, “Isn’t you married?”

I said, “Still … it’s okay!” This question is almost biscited.

She said, “Oh! I should find it.”

Enter the bedroom, go to the bathroom, wet on the ground, she guides me to say the water under the basin, I am squatting on the ground brick, checking that the water pipe is out of order.

“Hey, don’t give yourself wet!”

She said that she squatted to tell me, I checked some nosebleeds, because I was a sleeping skirt, but still hip, she squatted, I just saw her privacy, but Jijong! Pink thong.

I replied, “Ok, nothing!”

Just this angle she couldn’t see what I saw. In detail, there was a slight lady in the punch pants. Is it a female love? Oh, I can’t stand it, I pretend to get a long time. In fact, I took the opportunity to appreciate it for a long time, and the white thin legs covered a little pink gauze. Through the brick light, it clearly saw the beauty of the privacy, and the pants were very small. She didn’t have a hairy! Is it white? Oh, I bought it …

I got up and said to her: | The water tube is no problem, it may be a switch, I look at the trigulet valve. “

In the voice, I opened the door below the basin, I totally filled with things, I can’t see the valve inside, I will take the shower gel, soap, new toothbrush, electric spiker, etc.! !

Spirito? ? ? After it, I am completely stupid, I am embarrassed to look at her, and she holds her mouth with her hand, it seems to be awkward, but I don’t know what to say.

It’s finished, this is a disaster, I am in a hurry, I have made me think of it, I said: “This stuff is also in my family, but the male use, our physiology needs very normal.”

I don’t have to panic, I took the block towel to put the electric mask to the bag, then put it on one side, she seems to be much better because I break this embarrassing situation, say: “You are busy half a day, I go to the cup of tea, you what do you want to drink?”

※ | JKF Czech Forum I said, “I haven’t eaten breakfast today, there is milk.”

She said, “Wait, I will prepare.”

When the voice just fell, I ran out the bedroom. I thought, in fact, she wants to make my own instant psychology.

I turned on the mask that had just been wrapped in the towel, and I saw it slightly in the light. There was a transparent mucus on it. This accidentally reminds me of the water that I penetrated on her jersey pants. Is it masturbating before me?

I have a bad nose to smell, there is a faint fragrance, I understand, I understand! I quickly put it back in place.

At the total valve, because the repair valve has returned, I will open the shower, then take the wrench to open the triangular valve, reinforce, install, and get it!

At this time, Yang always came in to me: “The milk is ready, you will go to eat first.”

I said: “Ok, I will go down the total valve first.”

She said, “Okay! I wiped it with a rag.”

I took it out and turned out. When I turned it, she actually squatted on the floor, but hips, the briquette, there is no mistake to show in front of me, my little heart, once again.

Going out of the bedroom, I opened the total valve on the first floor.

Suddenly heard the scream above, I rushed up and shouted while running, I went to the bedroom, scared me, wet, wet, finished, just repair the valve back to the water, put the shower Her whole people are wet.

Ah! It’s good to go out of the hibiscus, and I will be bad, because the water is wet, Yang Pei is in front of the double breast, because the nightdrop is a thickened, it will be fine, this is fine. The underlying nipples penetrates through the night, she said: “Don’t look, help me to take a piece of dry towel in the bedroom wardrobe.”

“Good, wait, I will take it.”

I ran into the bedroom wardrobe to find a towel, open the drawer, find the flash in front of you, a lot of women’s underwear, lace bra, tulle, sexy underwear, in the drawer, I can’t stand my hand, I have touched it. All over, I haven’t slowed my god, it seems that Tang Yixian Tian has been able to get a unpleasant excitement.

The sound came from the bathroom. “Is it not found to find a bath towel?”

I said that I am still looking, take the bath towel to run into the bathroom. My mother, this is really a water hibiscus, not with a little silt, a beautiful ketone body is present in front of me.

Yang Pei pulled me in, whispered to me: “Is I beautiful?”

I said: “Beautiful!”

“like me?”


“Do you want to do with me?”


Suddenly a lightning is smashed on my head, this is not a set of me, no matter what I left, I took her three times, and she hugged her, she was warmly catering me, we affectionately kissed, slowly , I slowly saved the charming chest from the ear, the earrings, neck.

Perhaps it is a woman who is a mature period. She is really strong, she will not be slopp, I have a double breast, I will take it slowly, and she can’t help but enjoy me. , From time to time. Slowly, I will go down, the sexy little waist, no stretch marks, no meat, gradually arrived at the triangle of a little forest, I just want to go, she said: “Go to bed! “


I picked up, walked out of the bathroom, put her in bed, this visual perspective, I saw a fairy showing in front of you, I just didn’t finish the steps, pocket her legs, put it on, fine taste That small hole, there is really no odor, maybe she usually pays attention to hygiene, it is not very dark, it is necessary to say that it is the same as the skin. After all, it is not possible.

My tongue smashed her clitoris. Her body suddenly trembled, and he kept squatting: “Don’t … Don’t …!” But change said: “Husband, continue … continue! 喔 … … don’t stop! I want … I want …! “

Suddenly, her two legs have a clip, shaking in the bed, the face is so ruddy, the forehead is slightly smoldering sweat …

Slowly, the cherry does not move, and she moved her hand, unlocked my belt, followed by, the two body lying together, she stroked my penis, another hand touch My scrotum, the tongue is striking my penis, when I use my tongue to rotate my glans, I really fly on the sky!

The woman is slow, the man is not needed to play a post, can’t stand it! ! !

I got up and grabbed her legs. The hand put two knees, a powder of the abalone show in front of me, I can’t wait until I will stay, and I will stay in the penis, and I only see her chest. The last one, “…” sigh.

Immediately, I launched a violent attack, listening to her snoring in my ear, let me excite, suddenly she said to me, “Slow down, I hurt! Let me go!”

I said, “Okay!” Let her play freely, I support her hands, she rides, sitting on me, showing 45 degrees, because the penis is not present, but> number. Oh, I am so cool.

I trocked her breasts with my fingers. She didn’t stop her nipple. She was still coming, she called loudly. I quickly grab her mouth, I almost scared me, she said, “It doesn’t matter.” Here, in addition to your bedside alarm button, no one is coming next to it, no one heard. “

I am relieved to let go of my hand, and she is desperately with her nipple, she is still.

I said to change my body position, she hit my neck with her hands, I picked her, two small arms held down from her knees, learn the picture of the island, she called the dream, I want to die. Husband, dear chaos, I let her learn the call in the movie, she is a little bit of learning.

“Husband, I am coming, you can insert me from behind …”

I put her in bed, she turned over, my ass is right, I am, plug in, one looks up, hey! A sound.

I know that this later feels make her more ecstasy, I tried it, she also combined with my exercise, let the vagina close to my penis, I feel too excited, I am going to shoot, two hands I pulled her from behind, she was in the middle of the body, and she was desperate, “” 麦 呆, 丫 麦, 丫 麦, according to, according to, according to one … “

Suddenly, I put it hard, Wanzi, Sun, “Good … cool … ah!”

I fell to her, I only felt that her is trembling, gasping, I asked her comfortable, she nodded: “Good comfort!”

I am going to pull out, she said that I would like to enjoy it, I have pulled it out of the penis from her abalone, and then a white liquid is also coming out, I took the paper towel to wipe her. After that, we embracted and slept.

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