Han Ying, Han Snow Two sisters have been playing with me, and even two people are fascinated with my 3P behavior. One day, after the three people lying in bed, Han Snow suddenly said: “Black brother, I will introduce you to a girlfriend?”

I laughed and said, “My good sister, there are two bars like a flower like a jade, what girlfriends do I have?”

Han Ying touched my big dick to say: “My good brother, we like to play with you, but we are not married to you. You have to consider it later, A Xue has a right to give Xiaochi. Let him talk first. “

Han Xue smiled and said: “Reassure, you must introduce you to a beautiful beauty, is my school girl, very beautiful.

But if you succeed, how do you thank my media? “

I took her little hand to touch my cock, I laughed and said: “Of course, I have to use my big cock to thank my sister.” She smiled and slowly climbed to my husband: “This is almost, certain I have to thank my media. “Said that I started to bother.

Later, Han Xuezhen introduced me a big beauty, called Ye Fei. At that time, it was a large number of students. After more than a month, I and Ye Fei is already a glue, from the date, shopping, handle to kiss hug, how can 22 Meet, once you taste women, don’t you try it for more than a month? Moreover, there is still a fairy-like little beauty in your arms. Whenever I embrace Ye Fei, I will naturally be naturally hard. My big lower body, Ye Fei is naturally easy to feel, she is full of red, looking at delicate girl, I can’t help but kiss a few.

That night, I went to Yefei sister to play, Ye Fei took a shower, I was waiting. After a while, she washed, sitting on the sofa and wandering hair with a hand. I am waiting. Ye Fei took a white evening dress, wiped a touch of lipstick, looked at her beautiful and lovely, I couldn’t help but hug her and kissed.

Ye Fei did not move in my arms, slightly, I kissed her, and she was so narrow, breathing pushful, I affectionate her cherry, Yefei’s lips soft, I forgot the instigation Soft pouzza sucking in Yefei.

Looking at the little face under her, the skin on the face is very tender, as if the blow is broken, a pair of water, a big eyes; small, straight nose; red cherry mouth; match A long hair that exudes aroma is definitely a small embryo.

The development of the happiness is not big, but because the body is long, the little breast is very harmonious, one meter six seven, the legs are the most fascinating part of her, because it is engaged in the mother of the mother, Ye Fei The legs are much longer than the top. A pair of white little hands, a pair of small and exquisite feet. Her exquisite body undulation under the narrow socket, that is very pure, cute.

Ah, this is my future wife. And now she is still so young, like a new flower bud, let me want to take it. I was holding her twisted little waist, the lower body has already been hard, my right leg is unconsciously pressed into her legs, the thighs come back and fliculate her sensitive part, Ye Fei is, shy Micro closed eyes, gently open my little lips, her red lips crystal, exhaling.

I gently kiss to her little mouth, Ye Fei’s sound, fell in my arms. I feel that her mouth is warm and humid, there is a very fragrant taste. After a while, she hit my head and neck. I hugged me. On my cheeks, I can hear a while a low asthma Come over, I can’t help but stick to her with her tongue, stirring, when my tongue is unscrupulous, her body seems to be nervous and gently Jitter.

Deep kiss, let me and Ye Fei have a bit breathing, but I suddenly took my tongue into her throat, Yefei “”, more hard to hold me more.

I am intoxicated, and I also hold Ye Fei. Her shaft is in my ear. I can’t help but bow my shaft, put my hand gently on her snow white thigh, I feel so good, slid, like a white jade, there is no point. My hand moves upstream of her thigh.

I can’t help but move slowly to her skirt. She found my intentions and gently pushed my hand with hand.

But my hands move quickly to her thigh, her legs clamped only because I got a wealth of experience, so this leaves the Philippines does not prevent me, my fingers through the tight clip leg sew, across culottes stroked back and forth on her lower body. Her mouth sent a very light gasp, while her thighs automatically open some of my middle finger slowly back and forth gently stroked her most mysterious and seductive woman’s heart, Ye Fei small blush rose, filled with excitement and shy in her face, on my motion to be able to refuse, is ashamed to be satisfied. Soon, skirts wet between the legs leaves the Philippines, and she has always been a small gasp, she must have been simmering effort, not to make their big sound. I further increase the offensive, but hand into her skirt bottom, slowly pull her panties down, I ring the other hand clinging to her waist, she leaned against my shoulder Jiaochuan.

I lifted the hem of the skirt leaves the Philippines to see two rows to see her wrapped in stockings cramped legs intertwined, the knee is white panties, stockings and underwear in half in the middle of the thigh exposed to the light, glow white and light meat. I stroked her soft hands ankle, watching her two beautiful feet shy hook together. I put her stockings slowly faded down, two white slender legs completely naked run up.

I slipped YeFei underwear, one knee on one of her legs, put her hand to the other leg up, and let her lower body writhing. But I opened it, and leaves the Philippines that wonderful little tender pussy exposed in front of me all of a sudden, she was a thin red Roufeng, raised on both sides of the bun, is above some small bright hair, short and soft.

I took her hand and Yuzu enjoying the beautiful and charming scenery in the Philippines leaf skirt, YeFei toes painted red nail polish, skin feel very slippery, I can not help it gently, gradually rubbing her fierce force Aberdeen tender feet.

Ye Fei kept in WoWo called, I touched her side Yuzu watching Her little legs and tender cunt between her legs.

I could not resist, and suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders, pressing her on the sofa, then his mouth sealed her lips.

Her body is very tender, especially in the case of resistance are not even a little, and she plays a more delicate, very lovingly.

I kissed her hands and side edges rub her breast with. Under my rub, pressing the flesh like a switch, leaves the Philippines can not help but whispered groaned, charming voice floated into my ears off, girl fragrance and the gently swinging body issued in my hand she satin smooth back and buttocks unbridled walk back and forth, her two warm moist lips attached to my lips. My hands reached into her blouse, holding her breasts, gradually flexible fingers pinched nipples.

Gradually I felt it hard up. I took off the evening leaves the Philippines shoulder straps pulled down, exposing the cream-colored bra, I took her bra off down YeFei white chest exposed, snowy breasts, standing proud. I play YeFei breasts.

Her body suddenly stiffened, lips also left my lips, I seized the opportunity to slide down from her mouth Yu Jing, Qin Zhu her erect nipples. YeFei groan rang in my ears.

Nipple in my mouth slide to slide, from time to time by the light gnawing teeth and tongue sucking, already swollen like a soy-like. YeFei hands clinging to my head, when I heard her moan tone began, my hair will feel a surge of strength after the pull.

For a moment she suddenly blasted my head pressed against her breast, light body light moving Joe, chest dramatic ups and downs, her lower body a shrink, small and tender cunt Joan liquid flowing out of Mimi ……

I love her heart is very, whispered in her ear: “I want you to make love crazy intense ……”

Then they went for her, “I love you …… I love you ……”

Ye Fei gasped, groaned, clutching with whitening Fenbi me ……

I continued to kiss down, lower abdomen, thighs …… YeFei Qunfu have been huddled in her lower abdomen, along with my down YeFei beautiful little cat is showing in front of me! I admire her tender little cunt, two plump the labia is slowly revealed.

Ye Fei Jiaochuan, lower body writhing …… I could not use the sofa cushion paving YeFei hips, hugged her legs roots, buried his face between her legs, tongue licking her cute little tender cunt, that buns, that leaves the Philippines Roufeng …… trembling, not consciously raise your hips, sexual secretion Bobo flows out, she opened her legs so that I can fully clean Nenxue kiss her, kiss me crazy the thigh YeFei, YeFei thigh clean as slippery, and with a charming aroma, while random chatter leaves the Philippines, efforts to reach such as rain and moving.

I could have lost, and vigorously sniffed her tender little cunt, leaves the Philippines as a jump collapse, he could not loudly groaned, unable to maintain her usual modesty.

My body fell to Ye Fei naked naked, her double small black topped my chest, it feels good. Looking at her wonderful body, I firmly pressed her, took off her own pants, and held her hands tightly holding her double black, and hitting the cock to her crotch. Ye Fei didn’t know how to, I pulled a sofa pad under the hips of Yefei. I put my hands into her legs, slowly supported the legs, change the posture, and the angle became big, I even saw it. Her film. My waist is light and sent forward. The crepe in the top of the dick in the wet little tender, slightly slid, I found a position, the glans separated the flesh, I crowded in it.

However, Yefei’s meat is too tight. My dick is over large, I can’t get it, Ye Fei is hurting, I stopped, I stopped, comforting her, don’t be afraid, I will go to the leaves The Philippine leg roots have been stained with the agar flowing out, this is really slippery, take advantage of Ye Fei to relax, I am a hard-working glamor, the whole stuffed the small tenderness of Ye Fei, Take advantage of it.

Just listening to Ye Fei hurts “ah!”, It is the earth, I am a thrilling, stop, gently comforting her, she is crying.

I panicked, asked: “Fifi. What? Is it hurt?”

Ye Fei said: “Um … hurt … small black, I am happy …” After a while, she said: “Small black …

… I love you … “said that I am relieved, but I am still inserting there, I am just feeling, my dick is tightly hoop in the small tenderness of Yefei, especially in the shallow housewise place More than a strong rubber hoop, I have a hidden pain, my dick is only inserted into a short, and because Ye Fei is afraid to hold her hand.

I gently kiss Ye Fei, and constantly touch her face, neck, breast, small abdomen, etc. Try slowly, then the small and cute tenderness muscle tightly contains the thick dick, it seems that there are countless little mouths that have sucking my cock.

I saw that Ye Fei did not have a painful expression, so she slowed back. Ye Fei’s eyebrows gradually stretched, playing a little comfortable expression, she sent a happy snoring, I gradually accelerated, the cock in Yefei’s little tender and extracted, it is full Her vast blood, and there are some sofas.

Ye Fei stood me tightly, long hair recovered her face, yellow shades dropped on the floor. I stared at Ye Wei’s chest, the young and standing double peak. Seeing that such a noble little princess is now adultery, it is more exciting, and the chicken has skyrocketed, and if you can’t ask Ye Fen, I don’t know if it hurts or comfortable, and I am even more Sweeping, due to the savings in many days, then add Ye Fei Xiao Nuki, just more than ten minutes, I feel a pleasant feeling, a large stock is flying out, straight to Ye Fei’s belly The kind of cool feeling makes me shake again …

After a while, I gently smoke the dick from Yefei’s little tender. Look at Ye Fei, it is already a tear, I can’t stand whispered. I glanced over it: “Ye Fei, what is you?”

Ye Fei ignored me, after a while, she used to cry and said: “You don’t love me at a point, hey …”

I have a side: “Ye Fei, I love you very much, I love you in my life!”

“You just don’t care about me.”

“Ye Fei, I am sorry you, I am wrong, I am good for you in my life.”

After saying that I took the leaves, I grabbed her and gently comforted her.

Ye Fei leaned in my arms, I secretly looked, she was a little innocent, and I just put it in her point, and I also flowed out at this time, and her virgin blood to the sofa. .

Ye Fei found that I was peekywell, and I was busy covering the lower body, I also helped her to restite on her shoulders. Looking at her cute look, my dick has risen again, tall tall. Ye Fei saw it, and his head was twisted to see it.

I took Ye Fei’s little hand to hold my dick to my cock, said: “Ye Fei, just it is it bad, you punish it.”

Ye Fei couldn’t help but smile, even hit me, “You are bad, you are bad!” Then, tightly rely on me in my ear: “In the future, I will never Quick you like this, hurt. “

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