I am daughter, please ask my family to help me to make my homework. However, because of my temper relationship, many teachers have been driven away by me.

About half a year ago, Dad then invited a new teacher. This new teacher, named Carla, about 5 feet 3 inch high, not only is very beautiful, even the skin is also seemingly kind, it is very young, about 20 years old, only a few years older than me Plus the long hair of the brown color, the appearance of the appearance is also the generous, the body may be 33b.

She is coming to my house every day, and the lower body will always wear black open skirts and white cloth shoes; the upper body is white shirt and black jacket, dressing very moving.

Initially, I watched her away, but she still taught me patiently, so I started moving. After that, I have begun to pay attention to her. On the morning, I went shopping in the morning, I was going to enter a shoe store, I saw my family teacher, we said to everyone in the morning. It turns out that she is also coming to buy shoes, so we will walk into the shoe store. When she leaned over, she took the shoes to her. At this moment, I saw her hips, I looked at it, her hips were very big, so that I really want to go. She suddenly turned and looked at me, I immediately moved the line to the cashier: “Do you read it?” I don’t know if she saw me just peeking her, but she only smiled at the cashier, then she went to the cash register, then she went to the cash register, Paying, and finally leaving the store. Since then, I will not send her temper, because I found that I was interested in her, I also prepared afternoon tea every afternoon, try to tell her about the book, sometimes, I can peek at her. Chest. There have been several times, I can’t help but want to go to her, launch an attack. However, she is my teacher, can’t happen. In the days, we have also begun to be familiar, and there are more things outside the book.

After that, because Dad did, more and more, overtime is more.

On this day, Dad suddenly wanted to work abroad, so he called a family teacher to take care of me for three days and left home to work. I looked at the background of him, I thought: “It’s so good! In these three days, the people hind me.” When I prepare to open the computer, suddenly, take care of my teacher said: “Wait, don’t open the computer, you Dad told me to tick you well. “

I took my hand to the switch and took it out.

After a while, the teacher suddenly said to me: “I have to take a bath.”

At this time, I imagine the teacher when I took a shower in my mind, making my meat sticks from erection. However, when the teacher took a shower, took off his trousers. When I was ready to start masturbation, suddenly, there was a voice into my ear: “What are you doing?”

I was intimidated by the sound, turned immediately, I can’t think of the teacher behind me, her head is already next to me, I turned around, just gave me her face. Suddenly, we looked at each other. At this time, she just finished the coolness, the body exudes the scent of the peach peach, and also wearing a pink pajamas, I see that I have a certain visit. But I still said sorry, she didn’t talk, just looked at me. After a few seconds, I couldn’t help but kiss my red lips, she didn’t make any reaction, I thought she didn’t mind what I did, I immediately stood up, and then put it again Her whole people kissed. However, I feel that she is gently twisted, it seems to be separated from my hug. But I didn’t let go, she didn’t make any struggle, but I started to hold me.

I started opening the mouth, put my tongue to her lip, she was very collaborate, and greeted me with her tongue. In this way, we started to kiss, we will provoke each other with each other, and the saliva is also exchanged. I also heard her induced sound from the nose.

My hands, I have already touched behind her morning, then, the left hand moved forward, I started touching her chest. It may be no special feeling at the relationship between the clothes. My right hand, I used her back to my clothes, I plan to unlock her bust. At this time, I didn’t know that she didn’t bring a bust, so I went around, I really touched her breast.

I touched, I thought about it, her breast, it was really soft, the skin was really like a baby’s skin. After a while, I tried her nipple began to hard.

Although she is not willing to leave her breast, she still have to leave, because I want to use her hands, take off her shirt, suddenly, her snow white beautiful double milk is in front of my eyes, I have a certain visit. She is afraid of her hands to cover her double breast, but she can’t cover up, because her breast is bigger than I think, it seems to be 34D, usually she wears clothes, it can’t see it. .

I immediately took off my top and hugged her again. Her breasts are tightly pressing my chest, finished full of the temptation of her 34D. Our kiss became more and more intense, my left hand, started to stroke on her breasts, her nipple is already very hard. And my right hand slammed her round and big butt, pressed with my lower body, let her feel the lower body that is hard as iron. And her wonderful and white hands, I touched my last, I was also polite, took off her sleeping pants and reached into her cave. The little hole was already wet.

My hand touched her little hole, she made a pleasant, hm in time. When I put my fingers into her small hole, she suddenly ‘ah’, seems very comfortable. After I listened, I happily made my fingers and then slowly made my fingers in her slippery little hole, and her hand was tightly smashed.

I don’t know, her underwear is taken off, falling on the ground, and our two are also excited about the opponent to touch important parts.

She seems to be very comfortable to close my eyes: “Ah … um …”

However, she pushed me to the bed, let me sit down, then put my meat stick to import, and I also feel that her saliva is flowing in my giant column, making me feel very comfortable.

For a while, because I felt that everyone was time, she pulled her back, she crossed my thigh, she held my penis with her hand, then facing her labipings, slowly taking down, When my glans started to enter, she immediately opened the opening, “Yeah …”, she stopped. However, she still closed mouth, there is no half point, I saw her close her eyes, opened his mouth.

She just sat very little, stopped, I pulled her to me, my hands touched her back, let her relax. At this time, I feel that there is only only inserting my glans, but I feel very good, because her little hole is really small, tightly packs my glans.

She sat down, stopped, I saw her more close her eyes, it seems very hard. I opened my mouth, kissed her, and our tongue was once again entangled. My hand, bypass her back, put it up on her two side shoulders.

Suddenly, I used to pull her whole person down, so she finished sat down, put my penis into her small hole. This sudden action, she called her out: “Ah …” also hug me tight.

At this moment, I completely felt that she was very narrow little hole, and wet and hot, really made me very comfortable. This is tight, it seems like a narrow vague of a woman.

Suddenly her small hole flows out of the red blood, I immediately knew that she was still a woman.

I saw her eyes wet, asked: “Is it very painful?”

She said: “There is a little, but it doesn’t matter because it is very ….” She stopped, I immediately asked her. She said very fine: “… comfortable.”

After I listened, I happily kissed her and said: “Do you like it? Teacher.”

She replied: “Um …” then kissed me.

At this time, I started slowly put my lower body slightly, and she also began to twist her lower body, let my meat stick can enter and out in her small hole.

And she also begins to be gently called: “Um …. Ah ….

Her holes are tightly reflex my meat stick.

“Your small hole, put my meat stick, really comfortable, I really like your holes.”

“… you are very bad, get people, and say these words.”

Her body’s movement began to speed up, and I also constantly put the meat stick up, every time I have to go to her heart.

“I am true, your small hole is very good, I really like to do it with you.”

“Um … no … I believe you.”

After I listened, I immediately took the top of the top, and then hugged her, Q: “Don’t I believe?”

She replied, “I don’t know ……….”, I once again force up, she: “… Um … I believe it ….”

Phase ….. Letter, you are really …. bad.

I am happy to ask her: “Is it true? That is to do with me, comfortable?”

“… .. um … .. Comfort … very comfortable …” “Do you like to do with me?”

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum “I like ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..”. “

She is constantly called, she is, and our movements are getting more and more intense.

Her holes are really moist, have reached the crowd, I began to feel that her prostitute and blood are moving with my meat, and she started to fall on my thigh, her soul “…. .. .

The voice of “is really attractive. Too stimulated, I actually did my teacher to make my meat stick up, plus she kept with my feet, sit down with my meat stick.

I put the head on her 34D breast, using the mouth with her pink nipple, she also started loudly.

Her movements are getting faster and faster, suddenly, she laughed, “Ye …”, and her hand hugged my neck, and I also felt that her little hole is against me. When the meat stick sucks, I know that she arrived at a climax.

After the climax, she is unable to hold me, and my meat stick is still hard in her body, and her prostitute after she just gave a lot of prostitutes, a lot of drowshed on my thigh.

I want to believe that I will wait for her to come back her weak gasping, I will gently touch her back, “Is it comfortable? Do you like it?”

“Um … very …. Comfort … .. I like …. You”

We embrace each other and feel the feelings of each other. After a while, I asked her: “Do you want it?” She didn’t answer, just kissed me gently.

She doesn’t answer, then of course I will not let go of the opportunity, bring her into another climax.

With our kiss, I have a handsome touch her back, and one hand keeps touching her breast. After a while, I stopped, because I felt that everyone was time, I gently pushed her, she stood up, then put her on the bed, holding me, so I can see it from it Her attacked naked naked, both hands attacked her double milk. She is comfortable.

After that, I gently raised her feet. She seems to know what I think, and I raised another foot, and I also clearly saw her ass.

At this time, I took my hard and hot meat stick, aligned with her virgin, gently on her meat door, then moved into my glans, she was really wet in her. , I am not welcome to advance the whole meat stick forward until I get to her heart! She couldn’t help but once again, “ah …”. “

I have a hands-on her chest attack, can’t stop, and play with her breasts. However, my meat stick slowly moved slowly in her small hole, let her habit my big meat stick again.

I slowly put your hands on her ass, and then struggled to push the inner rod to the highest position, so that she would enjoy my meat stick.

Her ass, touched, it is sliding and round and playing hands.

At this time, I grabbed her hands, I finished the fingers, and I slowly retired until the big meat stick is almost, and then vigorously inserted into the end. She is very loudly called “喔 …”

Then I started gently pumping.

“Um ……………………………………………………….

“Oh … .. ……………………..” Her voice is getting more and more big, and the breathing is getting deeper.

She called the loud rose in her mouth, so I started accelerating the speed, and she began to force her.

I have applied left hand, grabbed her beautiful and moving chest, starting hard, and the right hand came directly to her, found a big little peas, quickly pressing and rubbing the middle finger, sometimes refers to the index finger Clean it and return it back and forth. She didn’t seem to have this stimulus, I said to me, “very comfortable … I obey, don’t stop … .. Point …………………

With her, I can use the waist to plug in her good place.

The harder, the more you have a bigger, her hand, tightly caught the sheets, and I am vigorously embarrassing her double peak.

For a while, I looked on her, holding her hands tightly, and feeling her big breast with her body, and also kissed her fierce, but the meat stick still repeatedly inserted in her small hole.

Her ass hit my collision, she wet the sound of the water with my meat stick, plus her snoring, full of every corner of the whole room. Her body is getting hotter, the amplitude of the back and forth is getting bigger and bigger, the tightening my meat stick is, I started to think that the roots of the meat stick have a little crisp itching, and this feeling More and more strong, I can’t speed up the rhythm, I can’t control it, it will be faster and faster.

Finally, her breathing became very accepted, my body gave up her body; my hands left her back ridge, but on her shoulder, so that I can go more deeply.

Suddenly, her whole person was stiff again, I felt that her holes began to have a rhythm contraction, and my feelings of my crisp have also reached the highest point, I can’t help but put my meat stick to her bottom, “Yeah …… “

Squirting the semen to her core!

Her contraction is even more powerful, there is a comfortable snoring in your mouth, “Well …………………………………..

I also felt hot in her small hole, it seems that she also vent it.

I am in her body, holding her tightly, we keep such a posture, I don’t know how long it is, until my meat stick is soft, slipped out, and I will leave her body.

My semen and her lascivious water flow out from her little hole to her thighs and bed, and there are still many.

I took the paper towel to help her, then hug her, deeply kissed.

“Do you like it? Teacher”



“It’s very comfortable, I have never been so comfortable. What about you?”

“I am also very comfortable, you are really narrow, I am very comfortable. But I don’t think you are still a woman.

“Um … I also feel the love, I want to be much better than masturbation.”

“Of course! So you are very happy, and you are very loud, haha!”

“You are very bad … You are my first man, but also say this …” After you finish, we will hug it in bed and sleep.

Three days later, she didn’t make up for me, but I didn’t stop and I love, it seems that she really fell in love with love. After three days, Dad came back, but we have a chance to do a big job in my family, until she is half a year, she said that she wants to go to the UK, we have no longer continue. After that, Dad also invited a few new female teachers, but I didn’t have any interest in them. I want to believe that I will wait for her to come back.

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