I am a small county town in Heilongjiang. Our business is more women, and most of them are 40 years old. I talked about my female colleague with a female colleague with the unit today.

I remember or in 2006, I should give me a celebration of my life in May 2006.

That night, there were a lot of wine in the hotel (I couldn’t be a bit), and I was a bit more, Hua (the woman) made me home.

She has a red small motorcycle. I opened her small motorcycle to carry her home, and her own one person (with a daughter attended school, divorced with her husband). I put her into the house, helping her take off her shoes and prepared, Hua said she wants to vomit, I quickly gave her a basin to put water, after this time, she already put himself The top is taken off, and only the bra is wearing a bra.

I used to help her up and wanted to spit out. When I passed her in the past, I inevitablely touched her body. At this time, I happened a normal man’s physiological changes … I saw her, I found that she was drunk, and I didn’t know anything.

So I got a courage to take back her pants. At that time, if she woke up and asked, she said that she took off her clothes to let her sleep, and the results did not respond. Then I took her light, I watched the mature sexy mature woman. I was very excited at the time. I have seen a lot of posts on each website. I didn’t expect that I have this opportunity. I tried. Going to kiss her lips, maybe she has been alone, lacking the reason for sex life, her reaction is fierce, directly holding my neck and I hot kiss …

The two of us roll in bed. My clothes are gradually taken off, because sexual experience is not very rich, so I haven’t inserted her vagina several times, or I will help me. I can insert it smoothly.

When I was inserted, I didn’t feel very tight, but there were a lot of warmth, so I have been pushing in China. About 20 minutes, I insisted that I couldn’t stand in her body. I will lying quietly like this, then I am lying in a while, then get up to help Huaqing, in this process, I am erected, this time is not as hastily like before, first kiss with China, one more A little touching the whole body.

Although the Hua was 39 years old, it couldn’t see it. The figure is still so good, the two tits are very full, let me feel very feeling, when I feel the lower body of Huawei, I found China’s lower body Wet. Just when I was going to turn over the horse, the Hua took the initiative, with her mouth to hold my penis, keep swallowing …

To be honest, I haven’t experienced this before, and I can’t stimulate me! I can’t help but turn around, put the waves under my body, rude insertion … then pull out and then repeated.

At this time, China may be a bit awakened, Hua let me come down, she rode to me and play a woman. I like this position very much – I can save myself and touched my tits.

Hua was started to call up, and the voice was very tempting, but what was it … um … ah … ah … ah. Under the encouragement of China, I completed the second ejaculation. Has been in the body of China.

Hua 躺 我 我 我 我 我, we have no talk. At that time, the atmosphere was very embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say. It is estimated that Hua also doesn’t know what to say, just lie it for a while. I think so, I’m going to go, I still go. Just when I sat up, Hua hugged me later, we embracted this …

After a while, China began kissing my face, neck, chest … and then leaned down to me. Under the light, the body’s body looks so white, but the butt is so thaw, I reached out to the ass to touch the ass and tits, then use force to grab it, Huaidang gives me 哼 哼 哼 哼 哼 哼 哼 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 哼 交 交- 6 minutes, Hua looked at me, ask me, are you still walking.

I didn’t say anything. I hugged her in bed, I also started kissing from her face, then the neck and tits.

When I was absorbed by the tits, Hua called is very loud: “Ah … hard … Ah … hard to suck … Come on … I have to stand it … Don’t succumb it … I can’t do it. … “At this time, I also want it! So I separated the legacy legs, and I am still a small penis, insert the lower body of the China, and then pull it out.

Hua has been very loud: “Ah … I died me … I am going to die … I can’t get the big chicken is big … I can’t … I can’t … my husband It’s so fast … I can’t stand it … ah, too comfortable … Husband strength … “

In Hua’s scream, I gradually reached a climax. I want to learn in the novel you have seen, I am preparing to shoot the fine solution to the mouth of China, I can not be happy, there is no way to put a few times with force, shooting in the body of China. Then embracing. ********************************************************************************************** Just encouragement, I will continue to write my life with my six years in this year. I will write it to everyone.

Ask for support! Ask to encourage!

******************************** The next morning, when I got up, I found that Hua is already better than me. Get up, and do breakfast.

Without any discomfort, just told me to eat, I am afraid that there is something that causing embarrassment. So, I didn’t say anything. Washing something, then go to work. When I got off work in the evening, I gave Huafa a text message, apologized to her, I was drinking more wine yesterday, I was impulsive, I am not good, I hope that Hua n’t mind. What is unexpected, the information gave me back is asking me that I am still interested in the evening.

No matter how it is said, you are all, yes! Therefore, after get off work, I will take the car directly to the home. When I entered the house, Hua has been waiting for me. I asked Hua: “How do you make sure I must come back.

She told me: “Your man may put the meat and don’t eat, is it bad in a pot?”

At that time, I was speechless, and I have had dinner in a hurry (I have to say that the craftsmanship of Hua cooking is quite unfamiliar.) I have come to bed with Hua. I took off the clothes at a point. I am preparing to make a flirting work before, I caught the two big tits of Huawei, so that the hard suck, the hand continued to decline, and I touched the Yulin of China …

I have to say that although Hua is not a small, the yin is still better, there is a little butterfly. I first use my fingers to tease the clitoris. I started to flow in Hua and squat: “… Ah … too excite … can’t … Don’t touch it … ask you … I can’t stand it … Well … um … can’t … husband, and use your hand to stop me to continue to tease her. “

I started inserting the finger into the vagina in the vagina, I was more and more fierce. It may be a person who is alive, I am sorry, I can’t put me, and then hold my penis. In the mouth, I started to swallow, and licked my glans with my tongue. At the same time, her fat big butt rode on my face, let me also give her blow.

I am a 69 style for the first time, I feel fresh and stimulating. I use the tongue to lick the vagina, using the tongue of the tongue, Huawei may be very comfortable, very comfortable, the mouth contains my dicks: “Um … um … ah … ah called. “

After I played this for a few minutes, I can’t stand the stimulus and ask me to fuck. Take me straight to her.

I rode to the body, and the Handhe to hold my dick to give her vagina, I put intosert it, and I use your hard to insert it. Every time the Hua Ze is inserted, it is comfortable. After about a few hundred, I asked Hua turned into the bed. I told you to follow you back, so you can play your ass while playing your ass.

Hua said: “Good!” And turn around. I took my hand behind Hua, I used my hand to hold the dick. I was alive. I used to feel this kind of body position, not tired, and I can enjoy the curve behind women, especially the buttocks, very very Highlight the root of the roots. And Hua also combined with my hard work, and the more the more you call.

After a while, China may be a little physical, kneeling on the bed. And I will continue to exercise her on the body. I have to say that this posture is really exciting to the man. I have a long time, I will have a drug ejaculation, I told Hua, I have to shoot, I heard it: ” Husband, you will not be able to shoot, I can’t stand it, it’s too stimulated, I can’t. “

Under the stimulation of Hua’s bed, I once shot in the body of China.

I am embracing on the bed with Hua, who doesn’t mean, let the sperm of my semen and the body of China are flowing in bed. We chatted, after a break, after I was ready to turn over the horse again, Hua was stopped from the action and said to me: “Today, this is okay, okay? Do more hurt, I I still want to have a long flow, play slowly, I don’t want to take you bad, and then, I am really tired, let me rest and rest! “I listened to China to say that I was embarrassed, just like this Hua Xiang fell asleep.

Unconsciously, I have been thinking about the situation with Hua, which is adjusted to the person in these days. I was divided into a working group with Hua, and Huawei is the person in charge. Our group has a separate office site outside. Therefore, relatively speaking, the time required to go to work is not very strict, we have only four people, three men and a woman. During this time, China has been attached to me, and I bought a few clothes and shoes during the period. I forgot to say it. I haven’t yet married, so it is relatively free. It is also more convenient to make love with Hua. A thing happened here, causing Hua to me more and more dead.

I remember that when I was going to get off work in the afternoon, four people came to our office, and they were also three men and a woman, and they were drunk, and they were very ridiculous, and they won very down to Hua Yan. I don’t think that the other two colleagues are afraid, so I walked in the past, asked what they had, and the results came, and there was a signs of reaching.

I have mixed a few years in society before I participated in my work, and I was deforens. So I will start it first, and the result was a good fight by the other party, and the head was broken. It is worth mentioning that I also take the other person enough, huh …

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum Because I was injured, the results did not ask, of course, I went to the hospital for hospitalization, and the leadership of the unit also attached great importance to and care. During the hospitalization, China is almost taking care of me, and the soup is also very moving. In fact, I am just a broken skin between the eyebrows, that is, there is a lot of blood, there is no problem.

On the first night of the hospital, Hua said that there are too many people in the hospital in the evening, and they will not stay here to accompany me. At that time, it was more than ten o’clock. I didn’t let Huaru (I lived in the high-dry ward, the unit pays. Two beds a single room) I said: There is a place to sleep here, so late, you go back and not safe, just here.

The gods agreed, in about 12 o’clock in the night, due to the reasons for sleeping during the day, in the evening, I couldn’t sleep, so I secretly climbed the bed, the hand also reached the clothes. Inside the two big tits that make me shake.

Hua was awakened, saying me: You are so don’t want to be honest, in addition to so many blood during the day, there is still a fine in the evening, then say this is the hospital, what is it?

I said: Nothing! Don’t worry, this is a few, then say that this is a single room, and there will be no one in the door.

I said that my hand was in the face, I touched the Yulin of Hua, and Hua’s hairy was not a lot, but I was very long, I touched the clitoris of Hua: Do you not want it? If you don’t want, tell me, I will not farten, I will go back to sleep.

Hua hit my hand and said: I have called you for so long, I don’t want to think about it. If you finish it, you want to run, no door. We both laughed. I took off my trousers, pressed the head of the next Hua, Hua Xia understood that I made her blowjob, so, I was very obedient to open my dick, swallow up, and use it. Touch my glans and coronal ditch …

And I am not idle, using the hand to tell Huawei to me, I have put my fingers into China, I started to put it, Huawa has begun to be excited, and I started to call: “…” Um … oh … good … that is there … hard … is … Fast a little …

We have played for a while, Hua Zhizhi, sitting in my body and played the Guanyin sitting. While I was moving the body, I used my hands to use your hands to do the pair of big tits, and I used hard. Huawei tried to suppress his own bed sound: “Ah … so cool … ah … too excite … I or the first hospital for love … too cool … so beautiful … so stimulating … ah … so big … faster … I am a little … hard … Husband, you can do it … I am so good … ah … can’t … ah … ah … ah … Hard … “

Perhaps it is a stimulus of the sound of the bed. I am also excited, I put it on the bed after the bed, I started to play the piling in the body. The more the deeper, the deepest, the more tempting, but also to stimulate my animal. Until I shot the semen in the body of China, the body of Hua’s body was still a state of convulsions. I saw Hua’s look, some funny, just gave her to clean the body, love the body. Hua also enjoyed this warm eye, and closed his eyes quietly.

In this way, take care of me in the hospital, I took care of the way in the way in the evening, and I hurriedly ended my hospitality.

******************************** No one supports me? I am this absolutely 100% true experience. Ask for support top. There is also a wonderful, but the literacy is limited! ******************************************************************* Overnight in her home. But this is anxious to die, I have to be 30 years old, and I am 30 years old. It is absolutely unmarried. So the family is giving me an object, and it is also a blind date.

Wherever you feel, there is nothing to say. Once I just had a love in China, I was working with China, and I was calling at home when I washed a bath. Let me go back and say an urgent matter. So I simply bid farewell to the house in a hurry, go home, it turned out to be blind, the woman led my family to see me …

After a brief introduction, I know that the female name is Ying ratio I am 1 year old, 165 height, the size is very good and very well, and I have a clear show, there is a long hair. We are familiar with each other through simple chat. In her, let’s go to the park, sitting on the stone bench in the waterfront park.

We talk about comparison, so it is natural, and there is more and more words. So I called my family and said that we didn’t hurry back, just eat outside, told them that they don’t have to take us, and the family is also very happy. I found a single room with the British restaurant to have a single room, just call a few dishes and chat while eating. Almost nothing wrong? When I was 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I said to the English. I will send you back. I have to go to the unit worth night tonight, and I will stay with you in the evening.

I didn’t expect that English is going to go with me, saying that I have to look at my work environment. I certainly agree, and I have to ask. When we walk into the duty room of the unit, I took the English hand sitted in bed, chatting on the waist of the hand, and the English did not oppose it, my courage is more big. Get up. As the saying goes, is it warm, hehe.

I tried to kiss in the English. I was accepted when I was dodge. I know today. Press the British in the bed during the process of kissed the heat kisses. Our two mouths have never been separated, and my hands have been smoothly touched from the lower premises of the hands of the British breasts. The British breasts are not very big but very quite, I feel it feels not addiction. After all, there are clothes and bras to limit this hand.

I gently solve the British upper clothes, and I don’t want to tell me at this time. I forgot where to see such a sentence: When a woman says no, it means that I really want it. And I think so. So I didn’t stop my actions, and English is just a symbolic sense of being obliged.

I am very smooth to put the English. Look at this English perfect in the body between the girl and the young woman, when my dick is hard. I can’t wait to take my clothes and leaned over between the legs of the legs, and the pussy and clitoris of the tongue and the clitoris, and the hand-held kneading. British obvious experience is not rich or no experience. It’s just a touch of color, but it is not willing to call it.

I licked for a while, I found that the British underwent is a very quite, I know the British is anxious, she can’t stand it.

I squatted on the British body to hold the dick with the hand. The English is just ah, saying that I am a little disappointed, because the British is no longer a woman. But is there any relationship with a woman in this time? Of course, it is said. I will continue to add actions, which may be less than the number of love, may also be other reasons, the English vagina is particularly narrow, whenever I inserted, there is a very comfortable feeling. So I am more exciting, and I have gradually opened, and I started to open the bed.

I am squatting on the British body, holding hands holding a British butt, holding the English. Since I was the first time with myself, I didn’t dare to change other postures. I was afraid of more than I thought, so I had a posture to dry.

After more than 20 minutes of hard work, I finally couldn’t help but shot, I said in the ear of the English: “I have to do it, is it in the inside?” Let me down is the meaning of the British It is afraid of pregnancy. I had to pull out myself to use your hand to shoot a few times in the British belly.

After the end, I hit the British side of the bed, and I continued to have no topics, I asked Ying, I have done it before, and I told me that in addition to me, I only have more than half a year ago. Boyfriend has done one or two. After that my boyfriend went to the south, she didn’t come back. I have listened to my heart a little comfort. I also asked me: How many women have you had, my answer is a bit of jokes. I said: I am more, or you sleep first, wait for me to call you, then tell you. The English smiled, we talked to the day, rest for a while, I have a reaction, just do it on the British body, then continue to talk, until …

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