Person: I, Nana, Western, Miao, Shan Ya Chapter 1 3 years ago, I apply for the middle management of an insurance company. The other party feels that all aspects meet the conditions, invite me to the company.

That is a Thursday afternoon, I will never forget that day, I first saw Nana, a near perfect girl.

That day I wore a suit, I came to the company. I saw her reception from the front desk —- white skin, shoulder black hair. Her five officials are very delicate, the mouth is slightly tight, smile, like spring, even the eyes laugh.

The first time I saw her, we got each other for a few seconds. At that moment, I had a feeling, we were attracted to each other. She made a self-introduction with a smile: Hello, my name is Na, is the front desk.

I said: Hello, my name is Zheng Si.

Next, she introduced me to a small meeting room, said: I will help you take the form and wait a moment. Then turn around, her back is so charming.

About one meter 6, 7 height, wearing a white set, with black stockings. The skirt is tightly wrapped with her round hips, waist. Her legs are full, it feels powerful, that is the type I like. At that moment, I thought, no matter how I advaninated this company.

After a while, she took a stack of paper came in front of my table. She stands on the right side, benting the waist, how should I fill in, although I have a distance, but I can still smell a faint fragrant flavor, the eyes of her drums.

I have used it for an hour to complete these intellectual tests, and then hand it over to Nana. After about 5 minutes, she took me to the manager office. I am unexpected, the general manager is actually a woman in her 30, named Shan Ya.

I talked about an hour, I was told, I officially started next Monday. When leaving the company, I was deliberately greeted with Na Na, and she looked very happy, whispered to me: see Monday. I also followed: Well, I saw it on Monday.

At that moment, this is a short sentence seems to mean what, I feel my heartbeat acceleration.

After returning home, I told my girlfriend in the news of the interview. We have been together for two years, and the wonderful is a cute little girl with a good explanation, a bird. Although the height is not high, only 160, but the body is absolutely hot, the 54E’s chest simply let me want to die, I can feel very satisfied.

According to reason, there is such a girlfriend, I should not have other ideas, but the figure of Na Na is always in.

On Monday, I am so happy to come to the new company, first of course, Nana will take the company, familiar with colleagues.

This company has leased the 50-52 floor, management and finance department of the building in the 52nd floor, 50 and 51 floors. The entire 52nd floor is actually a few colleagues, counting financial, personnel, training and secretary, etc., have only 20 people.

My seat is in the corner, sitting in front is a high-tech beauty, called Sicily, specializing in data.

Since my job needs her data support, I have a good relationship with her.

In addition to being familiar with work, see report, at noon, I have participated in my entry, and there is nothing special.

In the next half of the year, work and life is also calm, but the relationship between me and Nana is slowly subtle. I can feel that she always finds an excuse to appear in front of me, and I often can’t help but consciously run. I think we have intentionally unintentionally try to seduce each other, but no one said.

I don’t know how long this state can last. I am strong about Nana’s strong desire to strengthen every day, I believe she is also true.

Sometimes, I will excuse overtime, and wait until the colleagues have gone to Nana’s seat. Double knees, embed his face on her chair, smelling the dampness, mixing her clothes and fragrance. Fantasy, she is wearing stockings, sitting on my face, then she is gratifying, towering the breasts slightly fused …

Whenever this, I will take out the chicken masturbation, then shoot the fine solution on her chair and wipe it with a paper towel. Sometimes I will pick up her high heels, and sniff the taste of sourness.

————————————————— —————- The second chapter is close to the end of the year, due to the overall performance, overtime is normal, even weekends are no exception.

That day, Sunday, I came to the company very early. When I entered the door, I saw the empty front desk, I thought, if I was going to work with the reception, how good. Go back to the seat, I can’t keep peace of mind, full of brains are Na’s smile, plump chest and hips, and a straight black silk feet. I can’t stand it, go directly to Nana’s seat, and take out the dick to start the pistol. Although I know that some places may have monitoring, I can’t stop. When I was erased, when I was erased, I looked up, and I saw the company’s door outside. Because it is a glass door, it is pair of front desk, so she clearly saw me in Nana’s seat, but I don’t know how much she saw.

Xiqi pushed in, one looks, my mysterious smile, ask: Zheng Director, what are you looking for?

My face is red, strong to calm: Ah, I got me a few days ago, I received a fax, and I was busy, I just thought of looking for it. How do you come to overtime today?

Xishi Eye is on me and the table is turned, saying: Yeah, my data is not finished, are you not anxious?

Just today, you are also, I will give it to you. After that, she turned to the seat.

Western Western wear, light blue gauze shirt today, hair loose compilation is divent in the right.

I wore a denim hot pants, and I also wore double-stranded black stockings. This dress is getting more and more sexy.

I think, this little girl who has just graduated for a year is still very popular, usually let her do anything quickly and accurate, save me a lot of trouble.

After a while, I also returned to the seat to continue, and the entire office only had the sound of my words and Western.

I don’t know why, this quiet makes me feel a bit heartbeat acceleration.

Dry, so irritating. I got up and walked to the tea, soaking a cup of coffee, I want to pay. In fact, the West is very beautiful, the body is high, and the character is lively, and Nana does not say that the depression is almost the same.

But my feelings are not as strong as Nana. I am thinking, I heard the footsteps behind, I turned around, I saw the Sichi holding her lovely Hellokitty cup standing in front of me.

I laughed and said, why, do it tired?

She rely on the wall, cross legs, answer: OK, I think the feeling of Sunday work is good, the office is quiet, no one is disturbing, the work efficiency is high, better than at home.

I am a little strange, say: You have no boyfriend? You are so beautiful, how is it possible?

She smiled: I am too high, 1 meter 73, how can I find a one-meter more than 8, and I like the handsome guy, the economy is stable, so, I don’t have anyone in order to chase it. You are coming, but I heard that you have a girlfriend.

I don’t know how much she said, how much is a joke, but my heart is still very cool, I can’t help but start to make her.

Long hair, white skin, goose egg face, water, watery, it seems to see the hearts of others, smile two dimples. Through the white gauze shirt, I seem to see the bra inside, and the white chest.

Cross legs appear extravagant. I really want to flick her shorts.

I didn’t talk in Western West, I stayed at her, suddenly blushing, turning around and got out.

I missed my own disorder, smiled and returned to the seat.

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