In July, the sun is brought into the playground in the rainbow. It should be a dry dust. It should be a summer vacation, but in the door of the teaching building, it still gathered a dozen high school students, they Mohu fairy, it seems to happen to happen to happen.

“Old melon, what do you think is true?” This is the fourth time in Duan, I am a little annoying. I don’t believe that our name is famous. Squader – Ji Xue, will propose let us do this, but she is really saying, can’t help us, so I have to say anything to Duan, “” The squad leader said it is true, that is really You don’t want to be. ” Sports member – Yin Suqin.

She is a beautiful girl with bodybuilding, and the appearance of the powerful, unfortunately, the character is a bit great, at this moment, this is a ponytail, wearing sportswear, and the waist training satirie our boy’s action is her classic shape.

Duan Xin and her have been here, listen to her so much, immediately anti-lips: “Hey, ponytail!

Don’t say big words, wait for it, maybe you will be fare for me. Yin Suqin listened, disdainful snorted, then ridiculous: “Okay, you will come, this girl is afraid that you have a long tooth below.” After that, Yin Suqin actually provoked a sports pants. Take two times in the lower incident in his legs.

Duan Xinyi, the full face is full of blush, and there is no contrast: “You, you, you dare to look down on me, I, I …” Duan Xinyi is anxious to be a nervous, Yin Suqin knows this. Angered him.

At this time, a big waist round big kid had a new section of the new, and the hippie smiles said to him: “Brothers, you can rest assured, wait for you, you can’t hold it, your brother will help you, I I don’t believe, with the strength of the two brothers, I still can’t do this little Nizi. Is her body beat it? “Yin Suqin listened, Emei a week, then stared at that big child with facelessness:” Stone big, I know that you have practiced bodybuilding, but the muscles do not mean that, I have heard the boy and say that you are there …. Yes, right, short, haha ​​- ” The stone is listening, and the muscles of the muscles suddenly rose, and the bite of teeth said: “You, you, you, Laozi, etc. will not put you …” “” “” Just when there will be a war between the stone and Yin Suqin, an indifferent ice-like female voice sounded.

We are so familiar with this voice, because when he is homework by her every morning, we will hear that the master of this female voice is our deputy squad, and a committee member – Nie Bingqian.

I saw that she pushed the glasses on his nose with his finger. Then coldly pair of stone and Yin Yinqin: “Do you think that the sky is not enough, is it? Do you want to add a temperature? Have a good job, wait for a while, there are places you use. “After you finish, she went back to the shadow under the teaching building, while the stone big and Yin Suqian did not quarrel, mutual hate I hate it, and the turn is separated.

This is Nie Bingqian, although it is a beautiful glasses of glasses, but the character is cold, everyone is afraid of her, even our teacher will sometimes give her three points, so I really don’t understand her such an iceberg. Why do you participate in this event.

“Ah! Everyone is here, I am sorry, I am late because I change clothes.” A group of scorpion wonderful sounds came from me, I know, I hope that the long-awaited people finally arrived.

I slowly turned my head with a excited heart. When I gave it, my eyes were firmly attracted to the scenery of the eyes, and I wanted to move.

I saw this for the goddess for our class. All the gods of our class were dreaming. Ji Xue, wearing a sky blue sailor, tied a blue hair band, and the fat arm There is a small school bag, plus a pair of remembers of the beautiful legs exposed from the blue skirt, which is simply beautiful, all of which make us these boys.

So, our boys did not unconsciously, and at this time, the paragraph newcomed to my ear, while the soul reversed, I looked at Ji Xue, while I once again: “Old melon, you said that the squad leader said yesterday. Really? “This is what he asked fifth, but this time I didn’t answer him, not I impatient, but I saw such a beautiful Ji Xue, I can’t definitely do it.

Yin Suqin saw her, even quickly smiled, ran to hold her hand before saying: “Snow sister, you can come, we are waiting for a long time.” Ji Xuezhen said: “There is no way I have been changed for a long time. You are anxious. “Yin Suqin saw that the head shook his head, then looked at the sauce of her body:” Snow sister, how do you wear a school? What should I be broken? “After the end of Yin Suqin, I added it near her ear:” These boys can be very embarrassed. They will not give you a time to take off your clothes. If they catch you What should I do if I don’t tear it? “Ji Xuezhen said with a slight smile, then mysteriously close Yelunqin said:” You can rest assured, I have thought of this, so I wore it today is the old school universal universities. They torn it, I was torn. “Yin Suqin went wrong, so I was anxusement:” Hey, I know that I also worn out in the old clothes. “Ji Xuezhen smiled slightly, then moved to us, loud Said: “Ok, since everyone is all, then go to the classroom, ready to start the event.” After the finish, the first stepped into the teaching building, and our boys saw it, and quickly followed. 301 The classroom is the only comprehensive classroom in our school, which is large, usually mainly used as community activities and meetings, and today, we will conduct a special event.

We are looking for a seat, then Ji Xueyu is lightly embarrassed, slight smile, then said: “Classmates, we have finished raising this activity today, but it has not been carried out. The reason is because this activity is contrary to traditional morality Everyone has been accepting, so he hesitated for a long time, this mood, I understand, but I want to tell you, we are doing this today, it is to save a right window, it is a correct thing, everyone should not have The psychological burden, but I don’t force everyone, now I want to withdraw it now, I have come, have you, have you, if you have, please raise your hand. Everyone has considered it for a long time, so we don’t have to consider this.

Ji Xueyan watched no one against, so he smiled, then said: “Good, since no, then our activities start, now everyone stand up, put the table open, empty in the middle of the classroom.

After she finished, we immediately stood up and start playing tables and chairs, and at this time, Ji Xuefang took a DV machine from the bag, and took the lens to adjust the lens to the classroom.

Just when she adjusted the machine, our table and chairs were moved well.

So we stood a circle and waited for her next order.

When Ji Xueyan was adjusted, put it on the podium, then opened the bag from inside, and fell out of the hand, then handed the medicine bottle to Yin Suqin next to it, let her pass it. , Then said out whispered: “The sisters pay attention, this is a contraceptive, eat one, remember, can only eat one, eat more will hurt the body.” After the finish, Ji Xuefang will take the medicine pill in his hand. ” Throwing into your own cherry, other female students saw it, and they also swallowed the medicine.

When Ji Xue swallowed, pick up the DV machine next to it, took out a folder from the bag, and opened her and saw it, then closed the folder, put the DV machine and said: “Well. According to their requirements, first, the first quarter to shoot a scene of two male students to gang rape, you decide to put, who will come first, I am responsible for photography. “After that, I took the camera to the classroom. center.

Our group of people will hear you, I see you, no one is embarrassed to go out first.

After a while, the stone is standing up and looking to the saying of Ji Xuefangnene: “Squarth, I want you to play this gang-raped female classmate, do a table rate, don’t everyone is embarrassed.” Ji Xue I heard it, then I won the camera and smiled: “No, they say that I will take a full class male classmate to collect my fragment, so I have to save physical strength, rest assured, I will not be outside, Let’s come, anyway, I have to do it later, have any embarrassed, fast, big, you will pick a group of men and women, don’t waste the DV machine. “Shida sighed Tone, then scan the audience with a look, and the girls who were attended by his eyes were ashamed.

Lower down.

Finally, his eyes stopped on Yin Suqin, and then told her, provocative: “Hey! Ponytail, do you just say that I am a short and dry? Well, I have a kind of you, I will play this by me. Wiring female student, I let you see my gout, don’t care? “Yin Suqin heard it, then smiled, put the contraceptive in his hand, throw it, swallow, then generous Go to the middle of the classroom, a full chest, visiting the eyes of the stone, the eyes of the eyes, the eye is relatively good: “Okay, let me come, wait for you, don’t do it, I’m ending. Short small Care! “Stone, a big one, I suddenly lived, pointed to her chest, said:” You, you, you, ponytail, you are waiting. “Yin Suqin saw that he was so angry, and he smiled. Then, then the new provokes next to it next to him: “Fake show! Do you just say that I want to do it? Then I will give you a chance, you come to play the second rape my boy, this girl One picks you two, see the last, who is going to give! “She came out, I was cheering. The new face is black and walks to the middle of the field.

Ji Xuezhao took a smile and said: “Well, the number is coming, I now tell you how to play, Suqin, you will go to the door, slowly go, then you have suddenly rushed up. Make her, simple, big, show, remember, Su Qin is the first time, waiting for the gang rape him to gentle. “Yin Suqin listened, even busy, said loudly to them: “No, you will want to play me later, how to play me, otherwise it will know if it is a fake.” Ji Xueyu heard the words, and quickly took the camera to Yin Suqin’s side to remind: ” Suqin, you can’t say it easily, if you bring their two of the beast, your body will not be able to stand. “Yin Suqin heard the mysterious smile, then went to the ear of Ji Xue, whispered:” Hey, Snow sister, you can rest assured, my gang gang experience is very rich, my current boyfriend is a single family, and his family has only one brother in addition to his father, and a woman is not, so I will go to his home every time. Their three were pressed in bed. One toss was a night, so my anus and vagina were elastically flexible by their grandfather training, and the two kids want to break my body. That is a delusion, you can rest assured. “After that, she smiled slightly, and opened the classroom door.

Ji Xuezhao listened, he was relieved, then picked up the DV machine, and reached out two paper towels from his pocket, handed a big and show, then said: “Big, show, come, use the paper towel to put your mask Wipe, otherwise the severity of the severity will be infected with the vaginal of the vegetarians. “A big one listened, and he said:” The squad leader, we are performing rape, you have heard the rape, will be cleaned Your own mask? Forget it, wait until the horsetile vagina is directly washed, otherwise, the shot is too fake. “Ji Xuezhao thought that it was, so I recovered the paper towel. I shouted outside the door: “Su Qin, is it ready?” “Ok, you can start.” Yin Suzhen shouted outside the door.

“Okay, I will come in, I am preparing, first, two, three. Start!” Ji Xueyan rushed to see Yin Suqin pushed the door.

So everyone’s eyes are concentrated on her body.

Just when Yel Suqin just went to the middle of the classroom, I saw that the stone was interchanged with the new interchange.

Then I fell to Yin Suqin, and suddenly took her to the ground, started to knead her an important part of her body.

Yin Suqin suddenly fell by two big men, she just started, then relaxed that they were asked, not only in this, but also separate the thighs, the convenient segment new hand separated her vagina.

Shi Saimi and the new saw she actually cooperated, so even more excited, I saw that Shihi resident, she was unable to pick up the hands of Yin Suqin’s breast, and suddenly took off her pants, and took a standing hood and then forwarded. Just across the neck of Yin Suqin, I took the masculin and took Yeluqin’s face, and smiled: “How, Laozi’s thing is short and dry?” Yin Suqin disdainfully smashed his cheeks. The coarse mask, then the cold and said: “Hey, don’t think that it is thick, it’s not good to wait for a while, it is soft in my vagina. It is still in the middle.” Shi big one, suddenly The gas standing up, a new big saying that I pushed the pants and played with the Yin Suqin vaginal: “Kid, I have to play her pants, it is directly, avoiding, let Laozi come first.

After the saying, the stone is desperately desperate, but it is so unexpected that the sports trousers that Yin Suqin wear is too good. He didn’t take it for a long time.

At this time, Yin Suqin saw that the stone was like the head of his trousers, and I didn’t think about it: “What happened, even a woman’s pants, you can’t tear, what can you still do, do you want me to borrow you? Put the scissors. “Shi big one, suddenly roaring, always holding Yin Suqin’s snow white lower abdomen, and holding her hand tightly holding her schist of sweatpants, then taking a force behind:” Snake – – “Yin Suqin’s crotch was flying, showing her pink vagina and anus. Shi Da saw Yin Suqin’s yin door has been opened, and immediately turned over and rushed to her lips.

Yin Suqin saw a big mouth with his sweatpants, suddenly shocked, she didn’t expect the stone big, even the best sports pants were torn, so he quickly pushed him. Pressing the tiger body in his body, evil: “Damn, you first wait, my vagina has not yet … ah! -” I am not waiting for Yin Suqian, the stone big one has separated Yin Suqin Hanging the thigh, then tall the mask, I suddenly pierced in the yin of Yin Suqin.

Yin Suqin was inadequate, the vagina was smashed so hard by his hi, immediately screaming, stone big one listened to her, so she smiled, put his hand into her blouse, while looked with it Yin Suqin’s breasts, smiled: “How, the ponytail, this knows that I am so powerful.” Yin Suqin gathed the clothes and looked at his chest because of his breasts, and then full of red Cold smile: “What is this? You have a good time, this girl’s endurance is strong.” Stone big one listens to the sound, take the hand from the inside, and then use hard Pulling, Yin Suqin’s upper is stunned, and his feng full and flexible white breasts will play out.

I clearly saw that her snow-white breasts were all gorgeous scratches, it seems that the stone is not gentle when she is smashing her breast.

At this time, I saw a new appearance of the segment was excited by this scene, and I also rushed up. I sat on the lower belly of Yin Suqin, and put my hiking between the double breast of Yin Suqin, and then hold her on the snow. The flexible breasts clamping their hooks, desperate back and forth.

In this way, Yin Suqin was adulted by two of them, because her face was blocked by the new inclination, so I couldn’t see her expression, but she saw the swing of the hips from her half-shift legs. She should be very comfortable.

After a while, I saw the new and stone big waist and the sperm was shot into the Baiyu’s breasts and vaginals.

Then, the legs were soft, and the paralyzed is sitting on the ground.

Yin Suqin saw two of them from the body, so she held her body. I looked at the breasts and vagina that were smashed by them. Then I said to Ji Xue, “Snow sister, this is the finished?” Ji Xue Wen Yan, a camera, smiling.

“OK! Very good, very real, then prepare the next game.” Ji Xueyan prepared this exit, most girls in the class have begun to rest up, after a while, these girls have ran to Ji Xuezhao to quit.

That’s it, I always feel that I can do it before, but when I wait until the game, most people will exit because of fear.

Yin Suqin was so excited that the scenes of them were so excited to their stimulus. Although these girls were mostly a woman, they were still shallow after all, and they were hard to imagine that they would be in the situation. What I like, so I have retired the drum.

As the squad leader, Ji Xuezhen did not intend to be difficult for these students, so she should be shipped, she should take it back, let them go home.

The last girl who stayed, only three people, who were Ji Xue, Nie Bingqian and Yin Suqin, and the boys did not go. They included me, they all gave a saliva, and the color is staring at these three beauty no one. Stay to leave.

Because Yin Suqin has just been completed by the stone and the new insults, Ji Xue will let her take a break and clean up her body.

So, at this moment, Yin Suqin is naked, only in the naked shoulders, sitting on the stool, score a healthy leg, holding a toilet paper left hand, the right hand is squatting with the stone The two serve in the mildew with the pride of the buses.

Because Yin Suqin’s jacket is shaped on the shoulder, so her breasts are naked in the air to the air.

Through the gap of the clothes, you can clearly see that she is very straightforward, and the flexible breast is green, which is clearly blue and claws, which is obviously that they are kneaded by stone. Ji Xue saw Yin Suqin like this, I can’t bear it, so I took a DV machine. I went to her shoulder and said: “Su Qin, your body is made up by them, or you will go back to rest Let’s tend to smile, and throw it with a sanitary paper filled with semen, then cover the blindle with your own, you will look at your own labipings. I don’t care about Ji Xue. In addition to a little red and swollen shape is still complete, you can rest assured, I have to be taken by my boyfriend every night every night, I have pushed into three or four hundred times, I have already in a hundred battle, and then said … “Say this, Yin Suqin turned to see more than a dozen men, like a wolf, then whispered to Ji Xue, said:” There are more than ten people here, and there are two people who don’t rely on you and I. They were tossed, the squad leader, you should take it first, I will take a break here, wait for my labipings to swell, I will help you to deal with them. “Ji Xuezhen went to smile, no longer inform, stretch Out of the jade arm, the jacket of Yin Suqin is taking the DV machine from the new back to the podium, and then smile towards us, saying: “All the male comrades, you have seen it, now we have three girls, so When we are insulted, we must be gentle. After all, our body is not iron. We will host this today is to shoot, not our own sex, know? “Beautiful squad leader issued a message, we have these boys I quickly nodded.

Seeing us so well, Ji Xue Wei smiled, then twisted the delicate body, pick up the record on the table, open: “I look at the next scene they ask …” Ji Xuezhen looked carefully. Record this shooting requirements, if you think about it, then lift the head, say: “Well, the next scene is called” obscenity bathroom. “

Telling two girls who are bathed by a group of boys suddenly broke into the story of gang rape in the bathroom.

Although the story is simple, but according to their shooting requirements, this fragment should include a whipwheat female labab abusive, licking feet, feet, drizzle, etc. Good body shows, so as to take a real slave, in order to shoot the effect, I calculate one, the other is by Yin Su … “” No, another female slave to play. “Ji Xue When Mao was so recommended, suddenly a clear and cold voice rang.

So the people in the classroom did not do with the sound, waiting until the owner of the discovery, all the boy’s faces in the classroom showed a weird color.

Because this is to say that Nie Bingqian, who is known as the glamorous, I saw her goritted jade arm, and the pretty student station was at Ji Xue.

Nie Bingqian’s skin is the whites in the whole school. She is like a born, white-backed, white-backed arms, white and full breasts.

In addition, she is an irritated cold person, so some people say that she is not blamed for “snowy”.

Although her five officials did not have delicious, as the saying goes, she said that she became the second beauty of Ji Xue, because her skin is white, so she became the second beauty of Ji Xue, so she can do it with her. The school boy dreams Come.

But let her play this female slave, it seems … Sure enough, the heroes will be slightly, and the new section next to me, and the face is full of face, and the face is firm Nie Bingqian, and then join my ear light. Said: “Hey, I said the old meal, do you say that this snow woman is suitable for women’s slaves? I see that she is still a queen.” Shi Da heard the words and nodded, then answer : “Just, you say which man dare to teach her, I really got it, I am being taught, so I will flash first.” After that, the stone is back to me, take me back. shield.

Obviously Ji Xue Lan also feel let Niebing Qian inappropriate to play this role, so embarrassing to her and said: “Bing Qian, this scene the actress is not lying on the ground like a stick of any abuse they just Yinru on the line, according to their requirements, woman when the protagonist is humiliated to be …… “Before Ji Xue Lan finished speaking, Niebing Qian Yi Bai Yubi, interrupted Lan Ji snow, then he said coldly:” I know that the actress no longer be a man thrusting the time to be Jiaochuang when lick man feet expressions to debauchery, when the torn body to spasm, to be excited wave spray when the whip overcast, finally drinking man urine time to like a drink as happy, this I know, you write that record book I have seen “Ji Xue Lan heard stunned for a moment, then smile:” you know, really clear, then, Bing Qian, these requirements you can …… “” I can do it. “before the Lan Xue Ji After saying that, it is tranquil and firm Niebing Qian replied. See Niebing Qian Ji Xue Lan so confident, feel the stunned for a moment, then incredible smile: “? Bing Qian, you are so confident ah” Niebing Qian of the cold jade face flashed a trace of pride, then light, he said: “Of course because I have experience in this area, “Ji Xue Lan heard a bit shocked, then said:” ah experience how you have experience in this area, “Niebing Qian Wen casual said:???” nothing, because our family is wealthy, so I three big men had previously been kidnapped, I was kidnapped seven days, they stripped me on the ground, and then turns …… Well, anyway, in that seven days is people do, people do not they have told me to do.

Finally, when I was let out of my body when they are made to form a conditioned reflex. Ah, such as wave spray, I can make a man with a violent thrusting my penis vagina next four to five hundred, my vagina is not moist, I can also make a man with a penis just slap my labia, I will be able to blow out the urethra sexual secretion to two feet high, this point can you do? . “Her remark, the presence of all shocked, Ji Xue Lan incredible, said:” This …… so powerful, you say is true, “Niebing Qian heard confident nodded and said:?” Of course is true, because of this experience, so I knew how to do a sex slave, will be able to play well, but I have one condition, “Ji Xue Lan heard froze for a moment, then a slight chuckle:” that being the case, it by me and Bing Qian two people when the heroine, well, everybody ready ready, we go to the bathroom. “…… the bathroom Yinmi atmosphere more intense, I saw steaming, a group of dark kid and teenagers two white graceful Jiaoqu press on the bathroom floor tile with wanton Yinru.

UFA fly, legs staggered, and saw that the light and shadow on the wet soft white Jiaoqu accompanied by bursts of heart soak into the depths of Jiaoyin swing sounds come and go in the bathroom.

I now know, and Niebing Qian Ji Xue Lan was even more severe than they boasted.

Though we are many boys, and both have been wanton Yinru us for over an hour, but they seemed nothing had, still naked Jiaoqu, sub snow legs, in our body passion with us violations.

Niebing Qian although one pair of white boys are Oubi with a towel tied on slender waist, so that she may not be infinitely better upper body and white breasts tightly attached to the semen and urine covered with tiles.

But this does not seem to hinder her with our violation of her.

I saw her side of the arched white Man Yao, rhythmic playing with her white boys behind her waist to the Bottom of the collision, so that his penis can pierce deeper inside himself that pink labia.

Each hit it, at her intercourse with boys will splash out an plenty of fluids down her white thigh shed, and come together to form a pool of semen on the ground.

In conjunction with the back violated, Niebing Qian that is pressed against the floor, soaked in semen beach in Qiaolian also occasionally put out his tongue, while Jiaoyin, while on her just to lick a Qiaolian side, stick full of semen thick soles.

With her fornication favorably is that lying next to the bathtub, naked wet white Jiaoqu leaning behind boys who divided the snow legs being attack two men before and after the snow Ji Lan.

All along, her boys are dreams, dreams have the opportunity to get close, we did not lose.

This opportunity.

This is the first of several violations of her man I can not remember, just remember always that white boys around her slender Man Yao, waist before playing with her pink Jiaoqu desperately to her secret the charming white Kuajian impact.

Ji Xue Lan chest that the white Jiaoru to bounce up and down cross flowing liquid gray, even the pink nipples were living semen paste, just in front of the boys in Choucha her gap, rubbing her breasts when they could temporarily show that someone bright red, but less than a minute, he was covered with another surge of semen. While at her vaginal intercourse with boys also sprayed semen like porridge, like, so I can not clearly see the male penis into the circumstances of her body.

But I clearly remember, in the fifth violated her boys, she had been thrusting valgus female flesh, wanted to present the situation is more serious, from this point on her wrinkled Emei you can see out.

Nonetheless, Ji Xue Lan is not even open for mercy, but the Organization with Emei, while up and down Jiaoqu to meet boys Taonong of the body, while upturned the common people, Zhang was ready to meet her cheek and lips Flanagan weak penis in the discharge of things.

I remember standing at the moment Ji Xue Lan side, will take the penis in boys side of her lips had shot too fine, and that he now does it want …… “Puchi -” an fishy yellow liquid ejected from his penis inside, directly to the lasing Lan Xue Ji in that open lips.

Ji Xue Lan frowned, eyes closed Awu heard, the men of urine into the urine in her mouth spit it out, covered with soft white Jiaoru semen along slowly shed, across the snow-white belly and vaginal semen sinks into a pool.

Clearly, while Ji Xue Lan well prepared, but the man urine smell fishy smell or let her do not adapt.

But the boys seemed to play her rise, grabbed Ji Xue Lan that black hair, his penis that was still sprayed with urine and shoved it into her mouth.

Penis deep throat, then all of a sudden, Ji Xue Lan was turned supercilious stimulation, intercourse at her lips and penis and a yellow liquid.

Her white thighs began to stare desperately riding the edge of the tub.

“Ah – I feel the vaginal wall squad, the squad leader began to shake, and I think she should be coming, old sweet potato, quick -” and before thrusting her words in front of the boy screams and saw her the live sperm paste intercourse lower body at the sudden ejection of a Unit fierce springs, draw a straight line between her breasts and belly white.

I quickly lifted DV machine, the front of this Yinmi scene that does not leak recorded down.

Lan Xue Ji culminated Jiaoqu a soft, swallowing urine mouth, paralysis in the arms behind the boys kept Jiaochuan, but her body under the boys did not seem to want to let go of her, holding her white the puncture the thigh desperately to her lower body.

A moment later, she saw the boys waist while jitter rapid surge of viscous semen and from her lower body to take out …… “Well ah -!” Sounded out urgently Jiaochuan from me, I get the camera turned to look, find Lan Ji snow here just cruised Niebing Qian side has entered the final climax.

Riding behind Niebing Qian boys apparently about to launch, and at the moment is pressing Niebing Qian snow back, slapping her Bottom desperately thrusting forward.

Niebing Qian kneeling on the ground slender legs twitching, Yuangun white knee kept semen heap on the ground rubbing back and forth rubbing.

She is so excited, not because of strong thrusts behind the boys, but because she was just in front of the boys do not know when licking feet sat up and is holding her Qianshou, the penis is inserted in the urine put her lips .

But Niebing Qian Ji Xue Lan more clearly than adapt to this abuse, as she said, men drink urine as happy as a drink, while also Xingsao, but Niebing Qian did not mind, a change in the image of the Queen of the iceberg of the past, slutty Zhang lips, tongue a little bit above the spray into the mouth lick urine, as if to eat delicious food.

Of course, I have these wonderful curtain “shot” into the DV recording machine in the same time, also because I climax ejected semen.

Kneeling in my body, I sprayed his face was semen Yan Suqin saliva licked his lips, and then rubbing his Flanagan I was licking her shiny burnished penis, while I looked for Mei smiles: ” how about the old sweet potatoes, do you think this videotape sold enough money to change Xiaobin marrow of it, “I heard excited nodded and said:?.” Not to mention the change in bone marrow, is to change the body organs, I do have enough NS.”

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