In the early 1990s, I changed several jobs.

After the transfer work, I am wide in the unit, contacting all the people under the unit, that is, from then, I learned to play mahjong, and practiced a catties of alcohol. As long as you have a brother, you will call me, my card is not, maybe this is also the reason why everyone likes to call me mahjong.

At that time, I was in my home. We often go to a brother who is applaining, calling his brother is because he is two years older than me, talking about the room for friends, his specialty, to his family playing cards We took the dishes with wine, and I had a drink and started playing mahjong. Sometimes I have been hitting the time at night, and he doesn’t say let his wife do a meal.

Here, I said that they are two sons: they both are a unit, the man is the direct leader of my favorite colleagues, his wife is also a woman, very capable of work The rest is still in the family, what else is made, and the two daughters are 6 to 9 years old, and the small family is very moist.

Everyone in the general, women in the 30-year-old, two feet, can’t hold 300 books between the two legs, that is, the gap is big, I don’t like the same leg; I can’t say that the body is good, just right I am particularly good, I love to talk to me if I have something to say, ask this question, and I don’t want to avoid my husband and friends. When playing, when I have been playing, she will only ask me that I am hungry, thirsty, and I feel very embarrassed when everyone is. They love to play cards, but her husband does not let her, she can only look at it. I like to sit next to me to see me playing cards, although I am doing it is not very good.

Once I went to the weekend, I called for my brother’s play card, I went to her home. Open the door is where you are, I see it is me, I will put my hand into my jacket pocket, and then quickly smoke. It is a colleague friend, and I didn’t dare to ask more. Then sit down and play. I will lose more than the usual, I have lost money, I found more than 300 yuan (300 yuan in the early 1990s is not small, more than my monthly salary), I know that it is mine. At that time, we played a card for less than 10 yuan, and one day card will lose 1,200 yuan. At that time, the salary is very low.

I am not grateful to aim at her, and she is also looking at me. I don’t say more, I don’t love more to talk, I will concentrate on playing cards. The result is still lost. She comforted me: Nothing, let’s play next time, win again.

At that time, we just had BB and fixed calls. When they didn’t be together, they contacted my gratitude and said that I would give her money. She said that since I gave me, I won’t wait any more, and the tone is full of 嗲 嗲, in fact, she is three years older than me.

Everythingforme for me is a little meaningful to me, but I think about my two, and my husband is often playing together. In case we have the next step, How do people find it, so I put this in a pressure, cooled, but she is still so good to me, still ashaust, and care for me. At that time, in addition to Xiuzhi (my first woman) and wife (I am her only), I didn’t have a marriage, and I didn’t have the experience of women ‘s flirting. It is still a boy who doesn’t understand the world.

Since I am often losing, I have no information and special interest in playing mahjong, so I will not participate in the card. Fan Yi gave me a passage, asked me how to go home this time, isn’t it slow to wait for me? I said that the nephew did not wait for me, the nephew was very good, but I always lost, lost NS. She said: You can’t come here, no money, I will give you, but you must often come to my house.

I said that I was moving again.

As the saying goes: people are ruthless? In the past, I have been introduced, I have no confidence, and I don’t know how to talk, but I don’t know why, I have so much friend who is playing with her family, and the man who is good for her is also a big man, why do you have a single order to me? Such a long time is a long-awaited man in the bag? There is a brother is particularly good, almost every morning or two son breakfast, often is a big bag with a big bag when he goes home. I am touched, think about how to return her, but my family conditions are not as good as she, what return it?

When she was playing in her house, she made me a meal with her, I took her into the kitchen, I was not stranger for cutting vegetables, anyway, something is ready, just make everyone to fill the stomach For example, after all, her husband is not a very big person, I have done more things, I don’t know how to give birth to me. Her family is small, the three-bedroom and one hall is about 80 square meters (now today is not more than the past, have lived on high-rise buildings), the kitchen is smaller, we are in the narrow kitchen to move back and forth in the narrow kitchen. Avoid some physical contact. I deliberately touched her butt with her hands. She looked at me and smiled. I didn’t help me and blame. This gave me a lot of encouragement, I tried to knew her face, she still Looking at me smiling, then I wiped the water stains on my hand, reached out and grabbed her chest, she frowned, and made a eye, I thought that there were several people in front of play mahjong, I am very happy: I didn’t resent it. I didn’t resent my hand. Since I knew her attitude, I was relieved, anyway, I was still long, and the morning and evening is the bird in my cage, the sac Don’t care about it today. So I cook and cook, and then I urge everyone to end play cards.

Our unit has a branch in the county, four floors, the first floor is open, the fourth floor is the ballroom, the unit organization dances everything on the fourth floor every Thursday, and it is willing to participate. Fortunate is the first floor business hall. Thursday afternoon.

When I gave me a call, I told me that she was her class this afternoon, Mrsino duty in the bureau, she was at home, asking me to come to the bureau. I said that I will not dance, but if you are willing to let me pro, you are waiting for me on the first floor, I have been in the first floor, let’s talk on the first floor. She agreed.

I went to the class and went to the branch. I know that she waited for me on the first floor. I installed the upper floor. I looked at the stairs. I quickly pushed the way to open the door. Go in, then don’t lock the door, I am afraid that I have seen the lights in someone else, there is no open light, the paint black, wait for my eyes to adapt, I have been waiting for me inside. I didn’t dare to talk loudly, I got her, and she didn’t reject me, but I didn’t cooperate, my mouth didn’t open it. I took my hand into her top and touch her. mum. Her Mimi is very small, I can easily grab it, I am very big in my wife’s Mimi, maybe it is aesthetic fatigue, I am very fresh and very fresh, I am very fresh, I am very fresh. I kept stroking, and another hand set off her top, unlocking her bra, and Zhangkou included Mimi in her right. She “Well”, I am a big mouth, a power, I will take all Mimi all in my mouth, she “ah”, I am busy with her mouth, afraid to dance on the building. I heard it moved, she whispered: hurt, don’t be so big!

I spit out her Mimi, and gently contained the nipples and swallow. Her nipples are not big, more than the soybean grains, after my kiss, the bean beans are got up, this I have already known that the nipple is stimulated The next inevitable reaction.

I kissed her on the wall and smashed her down in the skirt. I explored her under the hole. From the underwear edge, I put it in the side of the underwear, and stroked her Yinfu, and there was a smooth surrounding. Sliding did not touch her hair, I pay again, still didn’t touch the hair … Is it difficult for her without a haiger? Because it is for the first time, I have not so much mei to ask her, with a question of fingers, stretching into her meat, and the fat labipings are closed, and they have not touched the little labipings. I resist the sex of the child. After a few lower genitals, move your fingers to the clitoris, look for that small grain, her body trembled, and smashed my neck, I took my peas, she made a whisper “Well” Sound, I slipped into the seam, there have been some sticky yum, and the flesh of the vaginal, soft.

At this time, the footsteps of the upper floor in the upper floor began to be chaotic, and the people who danced were up and down. I am nervous and excited. I am afraid that someone will knock on the door, but I can’t go at this time. I simply put her on the floor (there is a led, the salesperson takes place, there is a reservoir in the back door of the business hall) Her underwear, I also quickly took off my pants, picking up her skirt, looking at her down, I want to see what she is forced, and I haven’t touched her hair, I want one Look, but the indoor light is too dark, nothing to see, I will open her wet pieces, there is no long labol (I only have two women’s experiences, it seems to be like this. Forced to force and labiaries, I also care more, holding the early inflated dick to spend the straight inserting her flesh.

Where is a voice, it is “吭吭 吭吭” or “um,”, my meat stick has already inserted into the depths of her sewing, and the meat stick is wrapped around her meat, really have a species. The feeling of sucking.

I stretched the penis to extend the penis, very tight (she had two daughters, big bigger than my son, but the feeling of pushing is really different from my wife, I The wife gave birth to a son, but it feels very empty!), Very deep, feeling inserted, and it is very soft. I realized that I feel different from my wife’s meat, I thought about her husband – we went to work together every day, Mrso, who played together every day, although it is not generous, but talk to me It is the brother’s brother, thinking about the rough penis of Mrso (the truth, I don’t have the guy of Mrso, I have seen it when I took a bath) and I now in the same way. The flesh, the brothers, the dicks inserted with the same force, my central nervous is excited, my body is twitching, my dick is contracted in the vagina that floats, and I don’t live. The semen can’t control, even if you say it, you haven’t greeted, just take a full shot into your brother’s wife. The vagina’s vagina below is also shrinking, the body is shaking, clamping my dicks is not letting out. But I am so soft, I don’t have three minutes before and after, it’s too fast, after all, the footsteps of the upper and lower buildings are swaying outside, and the shadow of Mrso is shaking in front of him. I really can’t stand it, so fast, then I will pay a gun in the grass … I feel a bit of pleasure: What is good to me, when I repay her, I think about it, think about it. Right, in a few minutes, I ended, I am too useless!

The hands of all the hands are tightly embracing my back, I don’t want to let go, forced to have a rhythm, every shrinkage, I originally tired of my hard cock, and then I simply took my semen and The diaphragm of the nephew slipped from her flooded slit. The scorpion took a regret to the “嗐”, and quickly withdrew his paper and pushed the paper. I also hurriedly wiped the wet meat stick, squat on the trousers, and I went to the back door. The ear was laid to listen to the movement of the outside, and then ran over asking her “No one outside, I will go?”

[Just wrote here, I am going to the building, meet the brother, time is 2/24/20113: 53pm, I remembered his wife just wrote, remembered his big cock, remembered his wife and a seam Children is like … lying on the family! 】

Van Yi obviously did not get a lot of satisfaction, pitifully looked at me, I can’t bear it, I fell in the seat, and I re-launched her top, and I kneel on her. Mimi. I took your hard to suck her nipple, I feel that her breast is small, but there is some kind of meat, I can put her Mimi all in the mouth.

After all, I was in the first time. Moreover, the shadow of Mrs. Zhang has always swayed in front of him. I will imagine the scene of the saliva when they kiss them, so I don’t want to kiss her, and It was chosen to kiss her Mimi. In fact, when I started my mouth, I didn’t like to kiss with me, so I left. I came back to call back two Mimi who took her, she reached into my trousers, touched my semi-soft chicken. I understand her mind, nothing more than coming again. At this time, I asked her about her: “Can Vang Ge can get two times in a row?”

“Hey, he will fall to sleep in one plate.”

I asked her. “Don’t you have two times?”

She said: “There have been two times when they are young, there is no two times.”

I heard here, I secretly excited: I have some historical style, and I have more confident than Mounto. Said, I have the following reactions, it is very uncomfortable, it seems that she knows, saying: “I will take off it?” “” Yes “, I am happy to enjoy the woman give me a pants, then Let me feel her feel.

After the end, her underwear did not wear, I touched her seam, and the seams of my injection were grades a small stream of the water, flowing with a strong juice … I was stained in her seam. Honey juice, gently tap her peas, she sprungly moved the butt, I know that she is more sensitive to the stimulating clitoris, my wife is that, whenever I stimulate the clitoris, she can’t say it. I want to pee … I put my finger into her vagina smashed, she began to twist the body, pulling my ass to let me plug in. I deliberately ask her: Is it it itch? “Um …” Do you want to let me plug in? “think…”

Due to the relationship between time and occasion, I will not sell Guan Chi, holding the meat stick into her wet vagina, which is very lubricated, there is a lot of water, there are many semen I just taken. This time, the insert is very smooth, after all, I just shot, my semen acts as a lubricant, plugging, and there is no first resistance, so I set off her leg, moving my head From the half-side face, it is forced to force, the whole penis is inciting, then rooking the penis, she is still whispering, it sounds very flavor. But when I think that I have a buddy that I have a play card every day is also in this wave (not the lamination, I don’t have the initiative to hint me), shoot the fine, the two semen goes to this same Sao I will be, I will happen, I will be more excited, I am holding his woman, his woman is secretly giving me money to put me, and I still contact me when he is not at home. I will let me. (Although I didn’t say it in the phone, but I didn’t say it. ” Everyone knows that myself is not?), I am very comfortable, I can’t help but speed up, I have no root inserted, until the advent, I panicked about her right leg, squatted on her, lifted Holding your butt, sliding a few times, telling her that I have to shoot, she is not awkward. I moved her back, put my penis into the limit as much as possible, a strong refraction to her vaginal deep … See the time on the B machine is already 20:30, I am no longer lingering, Glap her underwear, wipe my dick, go to the door, listen to it, I have no movement, give her a wave, she still doesn’t forget me: You are careful, don’t be seen by others. I quietly opened the door and slipped out. I saw no one in four, I went upstairs. When I went upstairs, my two legs were soft, and the steps were light fluttered, hehe! Time is too rush, there is no more than 20 minutes, and the interval is only for a few minutes. I shaken my spirit, so I asked a female colleague on the fourth floor on the fourth floor on the fourth floor.

The two songs ended, see the nephew, and look around, come to me: Trick jump? I said, as the dance, we got the dance pool.

When dancing, the scorpion pinch my shoulder, I posted her side quietly: people have more eyes, be careful! I jumped in two songs, my legs were soft and trembled, the body fluttered, my forehead was sweating, I said that I was tired, too tired, let others see that I am in the ballroom. I said that I will say goodbye to her and my colleagues.

It’s okay to work on the next day, I ran to the office of the flower teacher, she asked me: Yesterday, are you very chic?

what! I asked me in a word, I was a little bit of tongue. I was so fast that my brain quickly turned around him. I didn’t touch other people yesterday, she asked me what I mean by this question? Do you discover anything with my nephew? Even who is discovered, it is impossible to pass it soon, I will pass it to the ear!

I asked her with innocent: What do you say? How is I?

You changed a few dance parties in the fourth floor yesterday, and I was still looking for beautiful, isn’t it?

I listened to her, I said that the stone in my heart fell, and I spit a good way: “Oh, you tell the dance, that is the event organized by the Bureau, I should actively participate. In fact, I will not jump, all Others bring me. “

The teacher didn’t say anything: “Yeah, you are good, you are a beautiful woman invites you to dance, see that you have a proud of you last night!”

I asked her: I didn’t see you in dancing yesterday?

snort! I don’t know what you are doing?

I tease her: Teacher, you jealgings?

She made a disdainful face saying: I’m! I eat your vinegar? Why do I eat your vinegar? Who are you thinking?

A series of questions, I am very happy, but I am very happy: If the teacher is not eating vinegar, it will not tell me these words. Since it is jealous, it means that she is very interested in me, I have already like me. I like me.

I have to ridicule her halfway: “Because students like teachers, teachers also like students!

Otherwise, I took you out to take you this evening? She told me that her husband tonight did not come back, she got home to give her a meal.

I knew it again, I said, “Do you have a family to eat in your family?”

The mother’s mother is also in our unit. When the teacher was very small, her mother killed in a car accident. She returned to Shijiazhuang hometown, she followed her aunt, her aunt pulled her hand, very A child, very hard work, and have worked hard to learn a few in the school. When high school, the unit has a group of indicators arranged for children. It is very poor, ready to take care of her an indicator, and she wants her to take her mother. I will take the pay early, and I will be willing again. Continue to support her school at school, after all, she also has their own two children to be raised. In this way, the spectacles ended early and middle school studies, and the work was working. When she all said, she did not have a university to achieve her great ideals and ambition. Her family is not far from her home, less than 1000 meters away, the husband of the flower is working in the government agency. When both come to work, the child is small, can only hand it over to her aunt.

Listening to me, she wants to say, silently watching me and doesn’t speak “…”.

Seeing that she didn’t refuse me, thinking about whether she is very convenient for me today … I said, “I will contact you in the afternoon”.

In fact, I am afraid that she just said that she analyzed her thoughts from all angles, her mentality, also brought himself to himself: Once she is alone with me, I will have a little movement, I can do the next step. Action … After she came out from her, she didn’t have in the past. I was in the day, I was in the scene with her. How did I talk to her, anything to make her touch, design various The program, attack, also have a retreat, so it is groggy to get off work in the afternoon. I looked at her class. After 15 minutes, I called her home, there was her voice there, I said that I will pick you up? She said to make a meal and said. Ha, I have a door, I am worried about it. Wait until heaven, she gave me a call. I quickly drove on the street of intersection from her home, and I won’t be freely, talked about our work in a house, and finally I opened the car. To the lake, I said to her: Teacher, students like teachers! “Lan Tao, you said.” I didn’t say it. I said that I hugged her, she hugged her, she fell desperately, but she didn’t have my strength, my mouth was close to her lips. She didn’t speak my kiss. I will get a sweat in a while. I am a law machine. Since I started, I don’t want to take it. I don’t do it. I will reach out from the neckline into her blouse, she I didn’t have a bra. Her breasts I know, I have worked together for two years, and I still can’t see her chest outline when I wear it. I also bent over her. The neck saw her breasts and nipples, the breasts were very small, the nipples were large, and now they grabbed the breasts, and they were very thin, the meat did not eat, I went back to her clothes from below. Hold her breast. She pushed my head, I also shouted in my mouth: “Lan Tao (my outsight, I changed), don’t like this, Lan Tao … Lan Tao … don’t like this …”

Oh, I am so hard to include the nipple, how can I get a quick break? Listening to her, calling me, it is somewhat awkward, I have a big half of her breasts that have not stopped, she no longer struggled to push me, but flex my arm nest, I am afraid itch, haha ​​smile Just release her. So a toss, we both got a sweat. She said, “Let’s break, let’s talk.”

Listening to her, in fact, it is the default, I have a relationship between our two, I will no longer make a lot of time, talk to her home at 9 o’clock in the evening.

After driving back, I heard the chaos in the duty room, I looked at it in the probe. I saw that Mro played mahjong in the duty room and there were not a few colleagues. Asked him, he said. , Duty on the unit this evening. When I heard this, I watched my cards. I looked at a few people’s cards. I borrowed a call to other houses to give it a call. I confirmed that I ran directly to her home after home. I stayed. I went in and quietly entered the bedroom (someone who lived down), she was lying on the bed.

I don’t say anything, directly take off my bed, retreat her pajamas underwear, I will appreciate her body for the first time: not very white, Mimi is not big, but don’t smoke, fine waist, then look down, light The yin is in the middle of the two legs, and the middle is the middle of the small labium. It is so big. I can’t take her mouth, I can’t touch her Mimi, I will take it directly. There are more than a dozen fine hair curved, and there is no yin in the upper side of the patent.

I first saw a woman who was almost a white tiger, and I gave an almost I couldn’t see the small labipings. It’s so beautiful! Like a little girl who did not develop, I was forced to smell, and a faint soap is fluttering. I know that I have just cleared it. I am very pleased that my scorpion is so respectful to me. I can’t help it. Extending the tongue, licking her little labelling lips outside, and then opened her forced, the small vaginal mouth in the mouth of the tender meat with a bright crystalline. I want to put the tongue into her vagina to give her blowjob, but I am really a bit obstacler, I asked her: “Do you have anything today?” “No.”

I don’t want to know if I don’t have a problem, who knows that she is really fake! I symbolically dedicated her vulva and clitoris. She didn’t have my head. I spit my mouth, climbed to her, her mouth, her mouth, she still followed the same I can’t be great, I don’t barely. So petite Mimi, I have to kiss, or I am too sorry. I sucked her nipple, she immediately “um”, cough! I want to call it, why is it just “um”? Take care of her, I kiss this, touching that, she is getting tighter and tighter, my mouth is still so low. have to! I will go straight, after all, is at home, in case some people have come back halfway?

I grabbed the inflated dick, grinding a few times in her vagina, and I went in the waist.

She has “um, um” a few times, I can’t take much more, just feel that the soft meat she is tightly sucking my penis, the water is not a lot, and it is a bit resistance.

I lifted her legs, put it in my arm, so her forced some of the natural separation, and he high, I put her like her, watching her two Xiaomi shakes, in the heart, in silent: persistence! insist! Don’t be like the last time, it is not only for three or five minutes. This time I have to reach 10 minutes … I don’t want to be good, I think about it, my brain is excited, my chicken is not fighting, strong twitching If you can’t control the place, you will shoot a semen to the vagina.

Put down her legs, I am squatting on her, working hard, but also wanting to put the penis as deep as possible in her vagina. But with her vagina contraction, I don’t feel like someone else, like a sorcerer, my feelings seem to have spit my penis, and finally slipped out. Looking down, huh, huh, it is the same as a soft cucumber.

She reached out and took out toilet paper below the pillow. We wipe it separately, then I looked at her neck to rest in the bed. At this time, she laughed on the “Hahaha”, I smiled, I was inexplicably asked her laugh. What?

She laughed and did not answer, referring to my next – soft chicken, covered with toilet paper, as if the film is wrapped in the brain of the Japanese devil, I can’t help but laugh. : Do you buy guys in your family? I don’t buy it with myself!

I went to the bathroom to pour the water (at that time, there was no leaf water heater), washed the wash, and let her wash it, and then huddled together. I am not willing to collect troops, I will fight again.

To be honest, her realistic has a very soft feeling. When I do love with her, I will always pay the end of the gun soon, I want to control. Just like this, I want to extend the time, but the more you want to control it.

I am not premature ejaculation patient. Last Sunday, that is, February 27, 2011, I went back from the country, and my beloved woman Rong (my childhood mentioned by Rong) has been 20:00 from 15:40. It was not until she had to go home several times.

So I continued her to touch her, and she took her head to my chicken. She twisted the land of the glans, I think this is not the first time, I am in order to say: ” Include, I have smoked to me, I will make you enjoy it. “

I pressed her head and let her open his mouth and put the whole penis into her mouth. She swallows her soft penis, I contracted my lower abdomen, with her blowjob as much as possible. Her mouth is really bad, occasionally teeth still hang my chicken, but there is no way, don’t breathe it. I can’t always make love for the second time.

For convenience and stimulation, we changed a position, came to a 69 style, so I could enjoy her blowjob, while playing and appreciating her no hair, I used my fingers to twist her forced Mao, I still read it in my mouth: “How many figures I have given you?”

She looked at my joke, I’m angry: “Go to go, I am thinking about me, you can find a lot!”

I will continue to tease her: “I don’t have to be less than you, I just want to give you a few a few days, don’t you have? Don’t worry, the saving the red 丫Like a red hazy, you are so clean and easy to clean, see your last time, it is straightforward. “” You can! You can say the urine! “

At this time, her faint white liquid was out, thinking is that she secretes the anteriper and the semen that left in her body. I used her hand to dip, my thumb and index finger in front of her eyes, twice between the two fingers said to her: “You see, I will try my death. Is your urine or a pink urine? “

She said with his mouth: “You say, look at me, bite it off.”

Don’t don’t don’t have a good kiss, I am so good! You are too comfortable. I just didn’t take a lot of hard, this time I haven’t talked. It’s hard to make you. “

She really got a big mouth to eat my chicken, just not acting in his mouth in his mouth with a tongue. I looked at her, I was very excited, and I was very excited. The breaks were seriously licked for a while, but I still didn’t want to lick her vagina. After all, I just ended a feature, there is me and her mixture. ……

She has a big half of my cock (already a bit hard, she has a deep vomiting), the hand is in my root, my dick is playing hard in her mouth, she rushed to vomit Come out: “Don’t shoot, give me in.”

It is shouting, it is the result of my idea to add the piphi!

I re-exchange the position, put her down her face, separated her big labia (her little ladle is very small, can be ignored), waist, hard like a steel bar, inserted her wet vaginal. She screamed my waist, I suddenly breathed every every plug, I didn’t breathe, and I haven’t shown it. I pulled out the cock, took her waist, turned over, watching her round big white butt (face is not white, the breast is not white, but the butt white), I opened her. Forced, fierce, a few times, I didn’t enter, she “ah” said that it is too painful, will you slow down?

I kneel my knees, grabbed her double-sighted throduction, loose scrotum taking her ditch, this time is only too short (telling the truth is not very short, 14, 5 cm) can’t insert the bottom. My nephew is pitiful: my face is on the pillow, holding the bed in the body, and the other hand stretched into my ass, I don’t let me plug in.

I asked her: What did my brother don’t insert?

“Insert, when you are young, you are inserted from behind, but very few inserted, you don’t have you inserted, and you don’t have this fast, now I haven’t had this.”

I am in this way, are you comfortable?

Comfortable, stimulating, feeling, a little pain … I climate clockwise, the penis was stirred in her body, her buttocks also twisted with non-stop: “Little head, my little head , You will so much! “

I know that she called her daughter, she called Xiao Yu, now calling me, I think it is uncomfortable.

But I think about her daughter is very close to me. If something is nothing, I love I sit, pull my hand with me, I ask, I think about her mother’s forces, there is not much small labipings, Xiao Nini’s Forced to force a seam!

I thought here, I suddenly be a little dizzy, I said I want to be quiet (her daughter’s name)!

Let me quiet!

She said, “Don’t, don’t, I want you to 尻, you want you to 尻!”

I said that I shot your mouth.

Don’t, just shoot.

I pulled out the cock, brought a lot of white secretions on the cock, I didn’t rub it, let her re-lying down, inserting her forced from above, and I still like the missionary position when I am ejaculation. ), Very smooth, very smooth, I quickly pamped, our body was tightly attached, listened to the woman’s scream under the woman, thinking that the man on the unit is still taking colleagues, haha. Said, this side, I have already made his woman’s yin, the sound of the sound, I am refined into my brother woman’s vagina, I shaken the cock, put the remaining semen Also all flow into her forced. Her forced is also jumping, shrinking, holding up my penis. Since this time is a continuous secondary battle, the time has been used for more than 40 minutes. I feel sticky in front of the chest, grab the pillow cushion to take the sneak sweat in the chest between us.

I reached out to take the paper, say let’s go.

She said then to be there for a while now! I think do not want to let it out.

I no longer say, lying quietly on her breathing heavily, passion is over, dangerous place I do not want to stay for long. Such a distraction, dick immediately soft down, forced from the crevices of her fall, do not have to rub rub, then got dressed and say goodbye to her home.

June 16, 1997, I had just finished eating at home shortly, where Sister sent me the information so I waited for her at the hospital door, I understand what she meant – my husband on a business trip to the field, and she wanted me to speak up! Oh, really show!

So good to her husband, but her husband front foot away, she was taken back foot to find my wife to do her green hat, woman ah woman! But then again, women do not show it, how do you have to fulfill many of the color wolf brother brother do?

I waited until she was over 20:35 minutes. She told my brother who travel to Luoyang, and she came out to do something, I want to see it finished. I drew her turn a few laps to find a lake, covered things ready at the roadside, where did an hour, shot twice. I was not feeling comfortable no matter her, no climax climax, I feel well on the line. After all, the environment is not ideal, looked around to do what they have to pay attention to whether the pedestrian near the distant, in that environment, I regard her feelings, really powerless.

Later, she was feeling more and more sticky for me, once I went to the city, she and her niece to take advantage of the car service, she let her niece to get off the net, and then tell niece said, and I do something, no way, I she parked the car before pulling into the listed companies more secluded garage, hurried after the car burst of fierce thrusts the sperm shot into her full force, she finally agreed to get off to find her niece, I go do my thing.

Another time she heard that I went to Zhengzhou, to say before I leave Mangxiang her husband’s car to her brother Zhengzhou trip there.

To Zhengzhou, I arrange the room in Zhongzhou International Hotel, because there are peers, so you can not be alone, and finally she let me take her home to her brother, her brother downstairs, they gave me to sit in the back seat shot once she was upstairs, the day 97 September 26.

98 March 31, has been in the rain, and several brothers and brother who called me said: “rain today, is the drink of the day, we go to drink a few brothers,” I told them a few colleagues begged me to send them back to the family member courtyard, where several elder brother said: then you come back quickly, we wait for you at the old place. I pretended helpless look, said, “Well, just see what happens.”

Family member courtyard to the people, and did not come back immediately, but to tell you to go to a colleague green house to get a few CDs, and then get off with several colleagues, my colleagues looked at me and into the green house after they all returned to their Family.

I picked up several dishes leave discs, and other green shut the door, I went upstairs where Brother house, the door ajar, I locked the door and went to see where she and her cooking in the kitchen it, I played great interest , set off her apron, drained away her pants and broke her forced sew from her ass Gully, let me swollen penis into the body of the sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law’s cunt is always soft, pinching my ass sister-in-law and sister-in-law enjoying fleshy forced, frenetic pounding into the sister-in-law began to wet the force, and soon, a Unit of white pulp sister-in-law fired into the depths of the vagina. I pull out the cock, wiped his sister-in-law filed briefs on my dick, sister-in-law shouted: go and take the paper with her panties … I put my dick wipe clean, mention my underwear and trousers, said: My sister-in-law I go first, and your brother is still where I shijiazi Zhang canteens and other I drink it, I take advantage of this gap brother who would let lubrication lubrication, night and let him help me brush pot …

… Then I get my pants and ran quickly ran away.

To the cafeteria, where several elder brother who questioned how I so Mana? I would say that I still do hurry, this is not – I took a few dishes, said: Disc election in green house it, a long time before the election to select a few … so how? Do you still doubt me halfway turning shelling of fragmentation?

Then we burst …… I have a habit of binge drinking, that is, outside of the public grain to other women later, before going home are thinking tries to get people to drinking intoxicated, not drunk installed home drunk, because it is an alcohol in order to deal with his wife’s requirements.

Days later, as long as both convenience, we have sex. Even during her menstruation can not stop us having sex. Later, because she is very bossy to me, and sometimes when units are also two meeting her peering staring at me, it makes me very afraid. After all, he and the couple are one unit, to come up with somethin point can not get along, I deliberately alienate her, I’m looking for love when I will find some excuses about.

Once she was interested in unintentionally turning into my office, she asked me to ask her, I said that I didn’t have time, give you 1,000 yuan, what do you want to buy, I have no reason to be with you? Embankment alone. She stared at me with a grief, I put the money into her pocket, she did not refuse, twisted the butt. After a few years, she bought the work to do business. During this period, I also revisited the female gang, Feiier and Wen Wen (foregoing mentioned in the foreman).

Once my brother is on duty again, I call the nephew asked her? She said it is still old. I said, I will go see you? She said, you don’t have to come over. But I also insisted on her to find her, she sprinkled her mother, came out of my car, opened to the field of field, and took out the cock in the rear seat, let her relate, she is still you only A little bit of penis sucking, then retreating half a pants, picking up her legs against the shoulders, hurriedly shooting the semen into her vagina, I wiped the cockroach, the car is full of her vagina. Sairy, hey! It must be not prepared, and I have not washed. That is the last time we two, counted as a bidder!

Time will cool the passion, and now I have seen it. It seems that there is no happening between us.

But there is no wall, I and the matter of the mortgage or another woman in my hand (mentioned in the previous article) gives a spot.

Ending this kind of sex, there is a feeling of relief and relaxing in my heart.

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