I have had a girl, I like me at some point in time, I don’t know, when she was wrong, this situation could be recollected, but the time was already awkward, please listen to me.

One day, the company has entered a female executive, long and very high, not only beautiful, the body is beautiful, frankly, long a bit like a beautiful version of Mo Wenwei, I feel more beautiful than Mo Wenwei.

This girl lives in Taipei, which will be dressed, although there is no half-name brand, but it is seen that there is your own clothes, according to what I know, she has been in the stall before, with the bank’s assistant, do tens of dozens Different work, I feel that she is true, unlike me, don’t put it.

I only know that many colleagues are very happy at the time, always love to talk about her topics, her office area is not far from my office area, I didn’t want to pursue the idea, I just thought she was very beautiful. , But not the type I like, so I didn’t show “pig brother” when I interacted with her, even a little love for her, although I would lose her, but I am very perfunctory, there is no sincerity.

At that time, the work was just her transition. She had a thought to continue to study school. Several afternoon breaks at noon, I saw her book. It is the English version of “Greek Roman Myth”, I’m looking at it, Into the red line, note Remember a bunch, it is really a serious study, not a pendulum.

I called her J bar here! J is a mystery-like girl. I feel that she speaks very fake. It is true and false. It feels difficult to touched, but I don’t want to be touched. Every time I speel it, I have a little nutritious. if.

Things have taken slowly, there is a point of sign in advance, but I have a slow response, I just feel that J is quite kind, she is very happy, but I don’t think about it, because of the company Boys are also like this.

Once, I met her in the parking lot. She went to Pub to listen to the song. She also promised, that really just went to listen to the song, completely do not attempt to her, just feel that I am very happy with beauty, very romantic So, it is also a condolence to her afterwards.

※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum After a few days, I put a “night” of the original soundtrack. The impression is a movie at the time, but until now, I still don’t engage in the night. What I only felt that the two words “Night” this two words were a bit pickful. There was a place to be a name. It was the table to let me listen to the table. Although I didn’t come out today, I don’t know. I lost it, but I feel that J seems to be very good for me.

Things are not only that simple, I received a call from J, but she told me in English, maybe je sorry to speak in Chinese, ask me why I want to be so cold to her.

I don’t want everyone. Although I am a good color, but for women’s initiative, it is very uncomfortable. I always feel that the boys will chase girls. It should not be a girl chasing boys.

Before J, there is also a woman who wants to be a good friend. I also love to make everyone very stiff, but the dismissal is reasonable, because the girl is really not very good, people are ordinary, nicknamed “Taiping Princess”, J can be different, she is a popular lover, I like to talk to j, I didn’t think about the pursuit of her, I don’t know what it was.

At that time, I thought J was forced. Later, I had to go to Kenting for two days. One night. Such a beautiful girl took the initiative to show it, but I didn’t feel happy, but I feel very uncomfortable. I want to have problems itself, if I am not intentionally Love is J, and then she came out and did not let J stepped in.

Later, I couldn’t think that it was so good, and I didn’t like me. I didn’t have a reason not to be with her. The brain couldn’t turn over, drill the horns! Or she really likes me, it is also possible.

The feelings are very interesting, sometimes a girl who is not very good, it is chasing it, but it is repeatedly a closed door, and a beautiful girl, it is clear, but the meaning of peace, I think there is still a reason, because everyone is The company is working, the office is in love, and everyone will be very embarrassing in the future. I have a similar experience.

The company’s colleagues don’t know that we have two relationships. When you gather, you will talk about J, under the eyes of your eyes, J’s market slowly warmed in your heart, sometimes you will think, if you can follow everyone’s beauty J Together, there should be more faces, and colleagues will envy.

But the other convenience is also very contradictory, not used to J’s initiative, and J is very illusory to me, what is the way she speaking with the daily life, how to describe? In short, she is a little uneasy, I always feel that I am not so good, she should not like me, it should be my trouble, she is willing to be with me! Once, she gave me a movie, returned to J Rental, she asked me to go in, I was a little hesitial, I always feel that the mountain rain is full of wind, and I lost my room, I entered J room Everything happens in J’s initiative. It seems that the main customer is easy. I turned into a victim. J avatters as the hammer, I have paid the moral shackles, caught in the whirlpool of sexual love.

Later J probably I am angry with her attitude, or a bird sample, I gradually gradually, I am thinking, I am thinking that J is not safe, or J is not my appreciation, two People missed this, and later J toned other departments, and the two had a lot of time.

After a while, the company’s whispering into my ear, the original company female colleague saw J and another male colleague kissed in the parking lot of department stores, this matter became a company gossip, the male colleague Very ha, I am always attentive, I didn’t expect to succeed, although he denied, he also said that female colleagues looked at the wrong person, but I felt very likely, I didn’t feel embarrassed, I didn’t feel sad. I am giving up J.

J I have been in the company for a long time, I left the National Institute and then left, I have been a long time. I always feel that I have not yet, I have a regret in my heart, but my phone I lost, I will find her. The e-mailbox of the school web page, I have made two times before and after, but the audio is all, I don’t know whether it is not received, still don’t want to go back, always become a mystery.

I often want to have a girl who is so conspicuous, a lot of boys have chased, and more boys are looking at it, but she doesn’t dare to chase, but she wants me, I don’t hate her, but no I thought about her with her, fate really love to open a joke, wait until I want to be with her, but I will go far away.

Meet with J, it is wrong time … I don’t know if it is or wrong … is a sigh of life. If I really follow J, J will be a person? I don’t know, I only know how many years later, I think about J, but also quite sigh.

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