These days have just been examined, I have time to write something. There is no chance to talk about between Mr. Chen, in the usual life, this thing will not say it all life, so take the help of the spring blossoms, say it, it is also a confidence. .

I don’t know if I sent it to this section, because this is not a novel, it is a hundred percent personal experience.

Teacher Chen is the teacher of the computer principles of myself. I saw that she was in my big year. I became 19 years old. Teacher Chen was 40 years old. We have been 22 years old and 4 months.

Teacher Chen has a son, reading university in New Zealand. Although she has been 39 years old, although the five senses can’t talk about stunning, it seems particularly kind, good wife, and the mother-in-law, but Mr. Chen is really a bit of a woman’s character. It is very serious, it is more serious. It may be because the skin is particularly white, Wang Lao seems to be so big, I first saw her for the first time, thinking she was only 34 or five years old.

Really and Teacher Chen relationship in feelings and flesh, it is already four years later. My undergraduate graduation has successfully examined the graduate student of this department, and finally has their own studios, and Chen Teacher’s office is only a few meters. So after the graduate student, I can meet almost every day. I was 22 years old that year, Teacher Chen was 44 years old.

In fact, I have no idea to Mr. Chen. First, she is a teacher, and her son is only 1 year old, the second, the next time, Mr. Chen is also very serious, doing things, thundering, I also awe.

Because the office is close, I don’t remember when she started. She often called me to do something. When I started a run, I slowly let me help her change the homework of this book, and even the test paper in the exam.

I feel that when I am alone with Mr. Chen, she doesn’t have a feeling of cold ice, very kind, sometimes joking with me, ask me if there is a girlfriend, ask what kind of girl I like, still It is said that she is a girl’s daughter’s daughter’s daughter, waiting for the New Year, I will help me talk about it (Mr. Chen is in Shanghai, and her cousin is also in Shanghai.), I was quite happy.

Later, I hid in the studio playing DOTA, Mr. Chen suddenly called me to her office in QQ. After I went, she told me to help her see why the computer didn’t get online. I sat down to debug IP address. Chen teacher stood behind me to see my computer, and then she had a chest on my shoulder if there was no place, just started gently, slowly pressed. As a 22-year-old strong guy, I got up at the time. At that time, Mr. Chen was put on my shoulders. I realized her hand, but I thought about this, I immediately started to say: “Teacher Chen, I have changed IP or I can’t I have no way to go online. “Teacher Chen said:” That’s first this way. “Is still very gentle. Then I hurriedly left her office. And I felt very embarrassed at the time, I don’t know how to explain this thing with Mr. Chen.

But since then, I often unconsciously do that kind of thing in my mind and Mr. Chen, is actually very uncomfortable. Maybe everyone has experience, always imagining people around you, and knowing that you can’t get it, it will be particularly unhappy.

Later, I saw Mr. Chen, Teacher Chen still didn’t have happened, and I didn’t blame me for her. Just 2 months, there is a project in a project. Mr. Chen is the person in charge of the project, so I have to eat with a boss of a network company. She naturally call me to accompany her.

That evening we came to a restaurant near the street, it seems to be 5 stars. Anyway, I am still in such a high-end place. The process of eating, it is still a smooth, but after drinking 3 circles, there is a boss of 3 network companies, starting to expose the prototype, there is a Li boss, not stopping the teacher to drink, and began to tell the segment I looked at his eyes and didn’t stop calling to Mr. Chen chest. It is also a mature woman who is full of body, skin white, especially taste, and I don’t expect many middle-aged men. Later, Teacher Chen estimated that there was a pound, and the wine bureau ended. During the time, I would like to help Mr. Chen, but the boss did not agree, I was a child, I didn’t know how to cope.

In addition to the hotel, Teacher Chen’s consciousness is not awake. At that time, several bosses said to us, I am afraid that I will take a car and I can’t help but say it. I don’t have to send it, I also have a panic saying that Mr. Chen immediately Just drive. The bosses left, and we were left. I don’t know where to go, I played a car and Mr. Chen back to school office. Because my studio has a couch, I will hold Mr. Chen to the sofa.

Teacher Chen just lie on the sofa and sat down to spit. I quickly sat down to make her spit, but she couldn’t vomit, I looked at it, I thought it was very distressed. At that time, I thought it was like this. Teacher Chen should do it. Later, I was asleep like Chen Teacher’s head, Mr. Chen also fell asleep, I don’t know how long she slept, I suddenly heard Mr. Chen called me. I opened my eyes and saw Mr. Chen sat next to me. She wanted me to sleep down.

At that time, I didn’t know a few points. I tossed for half a night. I didn’t know where to come, suddenly hug Mr. Chen, kiss her. But the brain is blank, I want to finish tonight, it is also worth it. After all, in these months, the scenes of the fantasy and Mr. Chen have a special bitter.

Unexpectedly, Teacher Chen basically did not rebuild, and she began to kiss me and be more and more intense. You know, at the time, in the middle of the night, and the familiar women who often fantavented were kissed together, the feeling, there is no way to describe it.

We kissed a while, I lie down the sofa. Chen teacher climbed to me, continuing to kiss me, although she still has a wine, but who cares? Teacher Chen’s technology is really very good. During my process, I will deliberate the saliva to my mouth, I also fiercely kissed her.

Later, we have a relationship. I am sitting on the sofa. Teacher Chen is sitting on me. Almost she is guiding me. Although I have no experience, it is also very hard, I want to express it.

The first time is very short, it may be 5 or 6 minutes, and Mr. Chen does not give me the opportunity to pull out. I took all into her body. I was very nervous, I said that I couldn’t help but, Mr. Chen helped me wipe my forehead sweat, say: “Silly children, nothing, will not be pregnant.” I heard she said that I am relaxed. I said: “I will help you wipe it.” Teacher Chen just sitting on me, put the body and my stickers, but didn’t talk, and never let me pull out the penis, just sit enough It was 10 minutes, I feel below, when I gotten the children, I took Mr. Chen and put it on the sofa and began to strive.

This time is much longer, because in the school, we didn’t dare to send any sound. Chen Teacher Chen strongly ended, but the more like this, I think it is more sexy, I will put it more She, sometimes she really can’t help but finally call out one or two, I feel particularly pleasant. That night we did 4 times, and then hugged together on the sofa.

Since the next day, I feel that life suddenly became very wonderful. Although Chen Teacher Chen is still a cold frost, she often suddenly hugged me from me, she suddenly hugged me behind me. Take me with your chest, sometimes you can take a long time. And we will also secretly kiss in her office.

Once I am alone in the studio, Teacher Chen asked me on QQ: Are you in the house? Is there anyone in the house?

I said: I am in the house, I am alone.

Then Mr. Chen jumped in, putting the door, suddenly squatting next to my chair, pulling my trousers zipper, starting to help me, I was here. Teacher Chen saw that I am writing the paper, saying: “You will write, don’t worry about me.” I have to sit and be moving. Chen teacher is squatting next to me, helping me with my mouth, being used by my teacher, and so The taste of the taste is in the mouth, the feeling is too wonderful, soon I shot. Then we kissed together and kissed for a long time.

Later, when I was on the summer vacation, we went to Qingdao to travel once. In a strange city, we are really like a couple, walking in the hotel, returning to the hotel, especially crazy. The hotel’s waiter thinks that we are mother and son and will not be concerned. In Qingdao, I was in love with Mr. Chen for the first time during the day. I first clearly saw her body, she particularly white, although she was 44 years old, but she still had a taste, and she for me, The following hair, all shaved, she said that I don’t like her is too old. I held her and said she was stupid.

At Qingdao, she didn’t let me call Mr. Chen again. She said that Mr. Chen is calling in the school. When we made love, she shouted my brother, I don’t know how to call her. We stayed in Qingdao, I went to eat delicious every day, or went to the sea to swim, and went to the Aquarium and Lushan. When I returned to the hotel at night, Teacher Chen will wash my clothes a day, and then we took a shower and watched TV while watching TV.

When Teacher Chen gave me clothes, I thought she was like her mother as a gentleness, but when I did love, I felt the pleasure of conquering her. One night, one night, we did it twice a night. Suddenly, Teacher Chen was crying, and when I knew, Mr. Chen’s husband has maintained a mistress outside, she is sad for a year, later I also want to open, she said that she didn’t want to be lied in her life by her husband, and she could not divorce. She said that she should also be brave enough to love again. In fact, she is still young, perhaps because she has long been in the university, and the reasons for the vigorous young people. I saw Mr. Chen cried, and I was distressed and I didn’t know what it was, I held her, saying that she would take care of her, and they have been very old! Teacher Chen cried even more, but suddenly very happy, very happy, then she only cried while helping me.

Now I have graduated from the graduate student, starting last year, we have driven me every weekend, Teacher Chen will take me to the city next door, let us eat together and chat together in the hotel.

I don’t know how the future will, but I really want to love her, talk about it, and finally feel comfortable. Also shared my story to everyone, it is finally a little contribution to the sex.

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