I came to Japan for 9 years, I have made a lot of stories in many Japanese friends. But what happened to the worship wants to share with you, and I hope everyone can give me a suggestion.

I work in a real estate company, usually work very busy, everyone only takes responsibility to complete their own indicators, so there is no excessive communication at work. I have worked in the business department for half a year, and the ability has also been recognized by the boss and colleagues. It is adjusted to the business planning of the Group headquarters. Our department’s job is to manage the entire company and develop business plans for each branch and work together with their work. I am busy having to die, and I am bored.

The story starts from January this year. Because the yen is low, many investors in Taiwan are very interested in the real estate of Japan, so the headquarters sent me two female colleagues in the two subordinate branches to Taiwan to go to Taiwan, and do a market investigation. I don’t know if they are not Chinese, or because I am a headquarters, I am very polite to me. I also take care of them all the way. When communicating with our customers, they always have a little nervous, I also resolved many problems for them, and both of them are very grateful to me.

Before you go back to Japan, no matter how both two people have to ask me, I didn’t agree. Instead, I took them to Taiwan’s famous place to play a circle, and I ate some very distinctive Taiwanese cuisine. (Because it is the headquarters, so I will also make a smooth and water, and the pure masters) They both say that Chinese men are so good, not like a Japanese man, and praise me for a long time. Because the Japanese talk, thank you for your gratitude to the mouth, and I have been married, so I just treat them like colleagues, and there is no other idea. However, it is undeniable that the Japanese sister does dress up, and the two of them are also very good, belonging to the kind of hot and open, no arrestment.

After returning from Taiwan, the business cooperation with Taiwan is very smooth. Two people are in a few months, and they will often send me a small snack. I feel that we have become good friends and often eat together.

Last month, a cooperation agreement with Taiwan company was reached. A few days later, several guests have signed a house. In Japan, there is a very difficult sales indicator in Japan, especially for sale. Now, every month, there will be Taiwan guests to buy a house, and they are naturally full of gratitude to me. In order to express my gratitude, I will eat it in the Ginza. After that, we sing together and sang overnight.

On the worship, they said that they would like to eat Taiwan, ask my wife to do it. I said my wife returned to China. They will ask me to do it, because I will do a little cuisine, so I will have dinner in my house.

I checked some Taiwanese practices in the Internet and added several Japanese people to eat Chinese dishes. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, they bought a bunch of wine and some desserts. They have a strong amount of alcohol, but I can’t breathe, and I am a bit drunk in a bottle of beer. After drinking the third bottle, I lie on the floor and I woke up for how long I woke up, and the two are still drinking, and one person doesn’t know if it is still inadvertent, and the leg is put on my leg. I lie on the floor for about 2 minutes, I feel a little awake, I am full of bottle on the ground, listen to the two of them, there is a little mouthful. I look at the table, I am almost nine o’clock, and two of them have drank nearly four hours. Here, I was shocked, I lied on the floor and saw her underwear. Pink and blue. Because there is no stockings, it is very clear, including the contour of that place. I am shameless. Because the wife returned to China, this dress is very angry, plus such exciting, I have some non-divided thinking, but because of colleagues and good friends, it is also very struggling, of course, the other party is willing to be willing to know, I don’t know. And it is still two people. . . .

But I want to fire, I want to drive the two. I took the Shaoxing wine that I haven’t finished receiving Japanese guests, and I will drink them. The two are also coming, beer red wine, Shaoxing wine, Japanese sake and burning, drink fainting. At around 10:30, the two finally fell, saying nonsense, and said that today is a night in my house for one night. I have a chance to say.

Of course, it is a hundred willing, although there is a bride’s guilt and feel embarrassed by them.

Two people lying on the floor said nonsense. I put a hug to the sofa, but I intentively touch his chest and butt, blowing her ear, I feel that she has a point of reaction, but there is no resistance. I caress her thigh, a bit of hand, may be the cause of long-term scraping hair.

After that, I took the table and took out the pillow and the bedding on the floor, put another one of my panel to my bedding. This time, I am more bold, let her both hands around my neck, two legs in my waist, hold her ass, hold her back to my chest press one hand. I feel that I can’t do it, and I have a private place, warm. Keep this posture, I am lying on the bedding, she is squatting on me.

She also stopped talking nonsense, I estimate that she should have a little awake. I touched her back, and I accidentally released her bra. She didn’t resist, and she didn’t cater together. I have received her signal, and the lower body keeps rubbing her private parts. I started to kiss her mouth and chest, her breathing was a bit thicker. Because after all, the sofa is still lying one, we don’t dare to move too much, but it is very exciting.

When I sucked her chest, she began to touch my brother in his pants. After a while, the hand also stretched away. I also reached into her pink underwear, and the wet belled. I have played a few minutes, I dial her underwear, she consciously put my brother in. We are very tacit, she is crazy on me, I am almost rudely grabbing her chest and ass. After about five minutes, I smashed the name lying on the sofa. Although she closed her eyes, I felt that she was sleeping. I have forgotten a colleague on the sofa of 1 meter.

After ten minutes of war, she suddenly squatted on me, but the ass has been in the case of my lower body, the crazy turnt circle. I felt that she had tightened her body. I said that I said to her, she became more crazy like she didn’t hear it. She buried my head in her chest, I felt suffocated. Probably she turned around for about 1 minute in my lower body, the genitals contracted sharply, I also feel swollen. Her lower body flows out of a liquid, her climax, I am all shot to her body. She was lying on me for a while, I tried to let her bother, she didn’t respond, but I know that she is promised. I hose her from me, six nine types. Her mouth is very good, I have a comfortable abnormality. I have also wanted to give her a lot, but because I shot inside, I chose to play her with her hand. After a while, I feel a little couldn’t help but she took her to the bathroom and washed her simple.

When I did it, I didn’t take off her clothes. When her nude is present in front of me, there is a full chest, hips. The only deficiencies is a little brown, and it is also a master that often loves. In the narrow space of the bathroom, various poses, all kinds of all kinds of touch, she also got excited. I said a small voice and she said that she is still lying on a colleague. She said while he said, nothing, even if he heard it, because they will communicate and experience each other. I still don’t worry about it after I hear it, and all kinds of slips, toss her enough. When I quickly shot, put it in her mouth and let her pick it up. After a while, all shot into her mouth. I feel that she is a bit tired, I took her on me and took a shower.

It is estimated that she is a bit of wine at this time, it is a bit shy and I said that I just want to eat, I didn’t expect to happen. I asked her comfortable? She told me that I was great. But I obviously feels that she is sorry, I will not tease her. After all, it is a colleague, and the general night is different. I said that you are tired, I will take you to the bed. She said it, trouble you, shy.

After I hugged her bed, she covered her quilt, she quickly slept. I lie on the bed and smoked, looked at the sister lying on the sofa, my heart is more powerful, it is a bit hard. So I was half an hour, I feel that my physical strength is a bit restored, I have the idea to take her. I came to the sofa and observed her seriously. A tight dress, the line unevenness is caused. The five senses are also very delicate, especially the nose is very strong, but the false eyelashes are too long. Visually, the chest is at least a D cup, and the legs are also very smooth, slightly eight words. (Because Japanese women are generally sitting on tatami at home, there are many eight characters)

I deliberately close to her ear, say soon, whispered, still sleeping? She didn’t answer, and the long eyelashes were slightly slight. I know that she didn’t fall asleep, because I just sprint in the bathroom, I deliberately made a big move, and people who should be downstairs can be heard. I deliberately pretend to ask for an air, just a peek? She is a bit frightened and said that your voice is too big. Then it seems to be aware of the fact that she is stealing, saying that you are really awkward, turn the head. I touched her face and said to her, I joked with you, don’t be angry. She felt that I was teasing like a child, and smiled. I asked her to wake up? She said that it feels groggy, sleeping is not practical, in the middle, you are doing that kind of thing, let others rest. I am sorry, I will have a lot of battles, and then I will sleep well. She said it. I said that I hugged you to the bathroom, and then didn’t wait for her to promise, I took her to the bathroom. She seems to be a bit frightened, but they have no resistance, just say that I can. I said that you will slip if you drink alcohol. Then she didn’t wait, she said, kissed it. While stroking her back, I looked for a chance to unlock her bra. She seems to know my attempt, saying that the bra buck is in front. I put her hand on her chest and touched it for a while, and I couldn’t find it. She said that you can’t find it, purely is inexpensive, still giggling. After a while, I feel that I want to burn in the fire, take off her dress and underwear, I hugged her, I came to you. She said her eyes. Her chest is very strong, the nipple is still pink. After I played a while in my mouth, I was gently smashed with bath. Then the buttocks and the genus. She said that you are not giving a bath, purely don’t have a heart. I said that the head is still behind. I put her in the bathtub and separated it, licked. Her breathing is getting bigger and big. I said that you don’t have to bear to enjoy it, and the bed in the bed is exhausted, you should sleep. She didn’t make a sound. I said that you give me blowjob. She said that I don’t have a lot of experience, it may not be very comfortable. I have n’thing to do, just eat him. She giggle, and try it. She does have no experience, and I have a little bit behind several times. I told her how you should lick the man will be comfortable. She is very serious expression and sorry, it hurts you. I feel a little heartache, even if it is nothing, you will treat me as a test product. She laughed again, saying that you are really gentle, and I will have a while for me. Although it has progressed, it still does not reach the effect I want. Seeing her serious expression, I didn’t say much else, put her on my leg, put the younger brother in. She doesn’t have a lot of experience, I don’t know how to cooperate. I said that you can hold the clothes hanger above the bathtub, and your butt can be twisted up and down. She seems to have some essentials. I feel that she also entered the state, but the ass twisted, she could hear the sound of the water, she should be alive. At this time, I took her up and let her tighten me. She nodded, I made the last sprint. Because her figure is tall, I feel that my physical strength is somewhat. So put her on the ground. About 1 minute, her vagina begins to shrink, the sound is getting bigger and big, and the cheeks are red. I am also a more grateful, ask her to shoot it. She nodded did not speak, or it may be that I am too intense, she can’t say it. I grabbed her chest and increased the efforts, and a drum was full of fire. Her body has been shaking, guess she should be so fierce.

I asked her that she didn’t have love for a long time. She said that the work is relatively busy, there is no time to talk about boyfriend, and there is no sex life for nearly one and a half years. She doesn’t love to use props, usually use her own hand to solve it. I also said that you have worked hard today. I suddenly felt that Japanese girls were very cute, and they would like to think about each other. At the very least, in this regard. Chinese women are in front of the lady in the bed. Japanese women are just the opposite, and they will enjoy sexual life will also serve the other. We rinse, I will let her go to my bed and another girl. She said that I am embarrassed. I am nothing, I will sleep, you both sleep, I am a man should make you. She may also be too tired, there is nothing to say, I have been in the nest and said that the sound is resting.

I am also exhausted, sleeping on the sofa, sleeping next to 2 pm. When I woke up, they were still sleeping, I went out to buy a little. Looking at the music on the sofa, I don’t know if I fall asleep. I woke up at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, took the headphones, heard the two in the bed and said something that I had to go to work tomorrow. I sat up from the sofa, pretending that I didn’t happen last night, saying that I have already bought meals, you can eat a little. They both said thank you I am not lie in bed. At this time, I found that their clothes underwear were put on the floor. Yesterday was too crazy, after I took a shower, I took the bed directly to let them rest, and I didn’t think too much. I decided to tease them.

I went to the bed and said to eat, they both took the head at the same time. I gently pulled the bedding, and I can’t open it. Our Chinese brain is more flexible, I pretend to be under the foot, ah, yelling, squatting on the bed. They also called in bedding, when they relaxed, they opened their diamonds. I saw that I suddenly came to the nest, they both stayed, and I called it in the next second, let me go. I saw that they did not hang, I said that this is my home to go, but I am not allowed to wrap my quilt. They said that you are a rogue, know that we have not wear clothes and say this. I took the opportunity to hold the two in his arms. The two symbolizes break free, of course, I will not let them break away. I said that you don’t move, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk. They are not very moving, lying in my arms, and ask what I think. I said that you didn’t wear clothes unfair, while slamming your trousers with your legs. The two shouted, not, too rogue. I said that I am afraid that I am not unfair, you are too rogue, don’t wear clothes to temptation me. I started to touch her chest. They are a little breaking, but they find that they are not used, they can only be placed. I pressed her two, no matter who is who is, I have been in the pro, licking every part of their body. After a while, both of them are ackless. I put someone in the bed, a person pressed into it. Put the brother into my body under my girl, while licking the genitals of girl sitting in the bed. In an instant, the house was yested this. After 5 minutes, let the girl on the bed squat on the bed, I started attacking from behind. It may be that it is too fierce yesterday. I will shoot it for a while, lying on the bed. Girls who were shot in the body suddenly sat on my body. I don’t think it is. It turned out that she was controlled my semen from the body, and I went in me. I played with them, I said that we went to batches together, just leave a memory. They also agreed.

In the bathroom, I asked her why did the two did not resist? The two of them say that I feel that I am very gentle, people who will think about others, let them feel very peaceful. And Taiwan’s case helped them and was very pleased. The most important thing is that the grasp of my time is very accurate, although it is teasing, but there is no feeling that is not honored. The mouth will also say that it will not make them feel embarrassed and enjoyable. In contrast, the two also asked me that it would not be very serious by his wife. I said that you don’t say no one knows. They said, I hope that it will not cause unnecessary or inconvenience in the work in the future. This is also what I worry, I said that I will not happen today, and I will not bring any inconvenience to the work. Then three people in the bathroom have played for a while, and they naturally have indulgent.

After taking a shower, I said that you have worked hard, or I will take you to eat sushi. They can say it, then you have to break. They used to take them to eat sushi, send them home, I went home to sleep. I hope that I will not be embarrassed in the future.

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