Since aware that my sister is a woman, this desire has never been so strong, so in the new sister, then I want to completely take her, it is love. I feel that it is a kind of tend to be a desire to become ambigger.

After the home, I just caught my mother to pull her high-level fine stockings.

I know that it is a sister who is now crazy, but I have to vent it in my mother, but I don’t respect my mother, but I just think that my mother can understand. It is very unfortunate, mom is a bit big because of yesterday, although she is completely victim’s identity, the company still arranges her abroad for a while to avoid the limelight. Today, I have to be a finishing in the company’s future, so I basically only I am at home this evening.

How to do? I just eat this thing to drink soda to watch TV to sleep, is it possible?

In this case, I will automatically enter her wardrobe to open her wardrobe. I find a shot that I like the stockings of my favorite meat sticks. But now, I am entering the sister’s room.

I opened my sister’s wardrobe, and I found out her pantyhose. In fact, I know that many of them are directly brought directly from my mother. Mother’s pantyhose is almost one case, I have been put on, let me do or have a pistol, and even I can see some of them on it. Not obvious refined. I have picked a black pantyhose that triggered my desire. I took out this pantyhose was a full transparent bright black pants, in fact, I liked the velvet or opaque, I just liked, just the sister’s dangerously infringed, it was this style.

I quickly took off the pants, the fierce penis has been expanded to the 18th centime, I have to go directly to the panty socks, but I accidentally see the landing mirror of my sister room, suddenly think of an early thinking Try the thing.

I want to wear my sister’s uniform.

This idea is quickly practiced. First of all, I went back to the room to find a black long wig who went to the garden to be worn by the garden. (Don’t ask me what is the store when we open …), then return to your sister. The room found a sister’s white bright uniform with dark blue uniform skirt, and then I didn’t rude, there was no long legs, started slowly put my sister’s pantyhose.

While the touch of pantyhose is connected to my calf, the silky pleasure makes me the whole body falls into a paralyzed state. Slowly pull the flexible high-grade black pants socks on the waist, I will pleaded the stockings of the legs, and the legs wrapped in it comfortable. I realized the happiness of a woman, and I am so fascinated by the stockings.

I didn’t wear a woman to dress up a woman, but now look at myself in the mirror, I actually have a kind of fast melting pleasure. In addition to your sister, there is no such seductive curve, it seems that I seem to be a sister standing inside the mirror. Because our twins are almost exactly the same, it is the face of my usually familiar sister after wearing a wig. I sat down and caress my legs, the fantasy is to touch my sister sexy long legs, watching myself in the mirror, as if the sister is really in front of my eyes.

I started to get my meat stick in pantyhose. Because of the good relationship of the elasticity, although my dick is tightly packaged by the stockings, it can still pull up a piece of space that allows me to smash the meat stick. The strange feelings of Bud and the macked my own thoughts, the left hand strokes the thighs wearing black pantyhose, and the right hand is bonded to the meat stem under the pantyhose. The pantyhose is detailed, the tactile-distance friction has fallen into a huge glans that has been blocked, which has fallen into a sense of hell. The right hand of the pantyhose dick is getting faster and more fierce, watching yourself in the mirror, enjoying distorted sex.

“I love you! Sister !! Ah …”

With the thrill of breaking through the limit, I sent a scuffy that I could no longer be able to endure, and the pantry was closely covered by the pantyhose started a sudden strong spray, and more and strong, even shots and pantyhose. I splashed a distance forward, it’s hard to imagine how strong it was in the force.

Continue for more than a dozen hair makes the whole pantyhose with the front of the front, a layer of white turbid semen. However, after the dramatic climax has passed, it is an empty sense of empty inner heart. Looking at the same person with my sister in the mirror, wearing uniforms and skirts in black pantyhose with semen, a half-hard meat stick.

The body is already pleasing, but the heart rises a very broken black emotion. Today, I put on my sister’s uniforms and pantyhose, I really made me cool, but I wanted to try the second time later. Maybe not a sister, there is really no way to get the current calm now. “Sister … Sister … Yu Xin Sister …”

Close your eyes and weak, sitting on the ground, muttered in your mouth, shouting the name of dear sister. In my own heart, this world, unrealistic expectation, which person to give me relieved redemption.

After the company arranged a difference in the company, the aunt had been out of the company, and the sister didn’t talk in a few days. Every morning, I went out in the morning. I don’t have to say it. After the end of my sister came home, I went back to the room and then I couldn’t come out again. Short breath the same air time, she has also been low, and the small face of the show is slow to avoid me. I also brought me this silence to the school. Whether it is in get out of class, I am in a murderous scene, and I have no brain, and I have some different sources. I don’t dare to drive my lower joke.

I want to have my sister, I have already arrived at the extent of madness. In the school, do something, like there is no soul, the dead. The result is too serious, and the class teacher is called to engage. I have to go to the office. I think that I don’t want to see the tutor’s stinky face or hide. I am in the tutorial discussion. I am hiding by myself alone. go.

There is no one in the library of class time. I have three floors on the old ladder, there is a special book for more than 50 years, and the whole building is empty. If you don’t have a student every day, you will have a student to cut off. It is estimated that dust will accumulate higher than the bookcase.

I went to a depth of the neighborhood of my usual forsakes, and I sat down a quiet person.

“You are … ah …”

At this time, someone actually? Walking from the voice, it is actually the first grade school sister forest to give me the last time. It is a little panic at a glance. In fact, she grows very beautiful, a shawl show, there is a pair of pity and loved ones. 80% in the class is also a number of three-class fashion character, how do you like this kind of unreasonable stupid bird?

“Hey … how are you here?” I first greeted the initiative.

“Our Chinese teacher let me find a little old information, it is you …” She smiled very excited, showing a pair of very cute little tiger teeth, happy looks completely, I have to go back to me. It’s hard to cry after lunch.

“That … then I don’t bother you.” When I turned, I turned into the foot and she was ready to open.

“Rain Yangchi, you … don’t take …!”

Yu Shi girl lost two or three books held in his hand and rushed over and pulled my hand, a pair of little hand pulled my Jin said that he was unexpected, and I couldn’t move.

“Well … Yujia … you are like this …”

“Do you still remember my name? I am so happy!” Said that the sister sent a silver bell, then suddenly hugged my waist.

“Rain” … I like you … I really like it … “

When the school girl said this, he definitely became tense, I can even hear in this quiet space, and the urgent heartbeat in her chest.

“Do you hate me?”

I got a head in my sister, a pair of shiny eyes watered, and I was still sad to have tears in an instant. My day, the mood of the laughter and crying is too fast!

“Nothing … Don’t say this …” I was forced to reach out and touched her head. “You are very cute and beautiful, there should be no one doesn’t like it. Just me …”

“But I only like rain and Yang,” I didn’t wait for me to finish, robbing my school girl’s smart mouth. Fucking, watching her at this moment, the cute expression is simply like a naive innocent angel, and I really have a heart!

It may be a sign that I started a little shake, and the school girl lean on my chest.

“I am willing to do anything …”

What kind of sentence is this! ?

While my brain is blank, I actually extended my uniform’s trousers in one hand, and pulled the zipper. The trembling hand began to touch the wearable utensils I have not awakened. “My classmates taught me on my class to say that boys like this …”

damn it! damn it! damn it! Which classmate teaches you this? ! Seeing that I didn’t fill her into the cement block and threw it into the Pacific! ?

I didn’t know where to be, a fierce push down my whole person on the ground, while I was still wrong, a pair of thin legs wearing a black student stockings have spanned my waist. Seductive will bring your mouth to my ear, say softly: “Rain and Yang Dynasty, I am the first time …”

You are a devil! You are a devil! You are a devil!

I just said that she just said that she is like angel, and the girl is a complete devil!

Yu Appando is red, and it is a person name. I don’t know who teaches her these ghosts. She even gifted the male stems that I have started from underwear, gentle, and gently launched the action. My whole person began to come up with yourself, gradually being overwhelmed.


If you don’t send something, I will put the school girl under the body, and the urgent breath is sprayed on the cute little face of the school girl, making the last confirmation.

“It will be very painful …”

Dry! Dry! Dry! I am a prostitute! Even “Really Well”, this kind of words do not say, but directly to “will be very painful”.

“If the rain is long, I will bear it …”

Just in the body of the body, the body trembles, but the lovely big eyes are very firmly looked at me.


I took the hand into the white uniform shirt, unlocked the tip of the top, turned the pure white bra up, revealing a pair of cute little white rabbits. Well … it is estimated to be B +, now only one year, if you definitely grow bigger.

I started to press the school girl, gently rubbed her chest, a young jade bud. I can’t stand the stimulus, I can’t stand the face side, I am exactly a look that I slaughtered. Although the chest is not large, the size of the size is just, and in the case of lying, it still maintains a beautiful pointed, soon, the future will definitely be a beautiful tale with the soul of the hook.

Didn’t let her wear the thin legs of black thigh socks, although not as sexy in two women in the family, but there is still no flavor with some students. I will stay in the right hand and continue to get a small breast. The left hand began to invade down, first come back to make a thin, but the feeling is quite soft and touched the thigh, the stockings and the bare thighs are particularly hard to resist. . Then, I will make the devil’s hand to that is also pure white cute panties.

“Ah … there … no!”

The school girl shouted and shouted.

“Where is it? It is clear to the appointment?”

I simply took her underwear, and hung on one of the legs in the state of the nose, then continued to gently caress the entire vulva. The flowers have not yet been explored by men, with a very sparse and soft hair, and when the hand passed, the feeling of brushing makes the younger brother is a boiley show.

“Ah … ah … don’t … ah … ok … too ……”

The school girl has begun to say hello. I can’t help but laugh. “Don’t be still good?”

Not long, the dry perimeter of the dry, it has begun to flow out a wave of hot, and it is already the stage of making men to exploit.

“Ah … The senators are so bad …” Water Wang’s eyes closed, even squeezed from the corners of the eyes, and did not have a tear of crispy. In this place, I don’t want to delay too long and more than a long-awaited branch. I have just been smelted after being taken out after you have already wiped out the huge meat stick to be angry.

“I am coming!”


I entered the school girl’s heart with the speed of Thunder, and the thin layer of the women’s film was quickly broken by me. I haven’t expected the school girl I will slowly insert. When I am, I will drop it. Zhang Da is preparing to call it. I have already blocked the mouth by my prevention, I can only make silence.噎噎. “Sorry, Yu Shi, I am afraid that you can’t stand it, long pain is worse than short pain, so I will insert it in a breath.” Determine that the school girl will not call it, I will move your hands comfort. Kiss the little lips of the little girl. The school girl also dried the big tears, but it was nailed with the body’s torn pain, and he kissed me back.

“I want to continue to move.”

The school girl did not answer, just tightly taking the endurance, nodded and agreed.

I got the cute school girl, I have been relieved for a long time to slowly moved in a narrow meat, a previous movement seems to affect each inch of the flowers. Wrinkle, Tight touch is very happy. The school girl turned to the side and was the weak gesture of the kind of one. I don’t dare to be too fierce, I am hurt, I have to attack with the first breakdown of the fierce.

I originally repeatedly pat my meat skeleton into the painful school girl. After a while, I was so good for a while and gentle and gentle delivery, I gradually began to relax my body, let me start slowly, and strengthen The strike’s strike.

“Well … good … so strange … The school girl is so strange … I am so lost …”

It has not yet been understood that the changes in themselves have changed to women, perhaps the array of current came into the flower, shy, hooked my neck, buried her face in my chest. I am encouraged, I have added more intensity of the acupoints, and the stem is constantly moving back and forth in a narrow virgin.

“Ah … don’t … I am so strange to the appreciation … I am a sour and numb … broken …”

“Is the big cock of the big cock to work in Apply

“Um … the students are so bad … don’t ask … ah …”

Seeing that the school girl is completely adapted to my meat stick, I started to take a quick speed with the force. Although it is not particularly violent, the school girl who is still a virgin, but the beautiful legs wearing a black student girl stockings are straight, which is quite unsatheed under my series of thornies. The whole body conversation, then emit a long and thin, the entire narrow peach flower is launched, and sprayed a hot flowering liquid from the depths of flowers, and the huge strips of the clips. While the stems, the hot honey juice also poured me in the giant glans in the flower gap. My hands have gripped the two bunny in front of the chest, and the continuous cock has reached the critical point of the climax.

“Oh, 喔 !! I will shoot !!”

“All shots come in !! The seniors are full of shots !! The students shot dead from the apple … ah !!”

The last biting deeply smashed the thick meat sticks of the 18th centuries into the vagina.

The strong climax stimulates the testicles began to shrink intense syndrome, and hind the endless semen into the small flower pockets.

In an instant, it was clear that the secret of the smell of smell is completely strong, and the man’s spray force makes her whole body, the bow is crazy, and it is obvious that it is Incidents extended the duration of the climax, two beautiful legs wrapped in stockings, no teacher, tightly wrapped my waist. Intense jet, let us both sex love body fluids a little sippless, from the oversteen of the integration.

“elder sister……”

The most probabilistic spray, I shouted out two words of my sister, I am shocked. The school girl is as if he didn’t hear it, and still bowed his body and not stopped. After a long time, the two people who came over were tired, and they were on the third floor of the library. Fortunately, there will be no one at all this floor, or in the library, it is definitely being reported to the current education system!


Even if you do a few times with your mother, I have never been loved in such public. This kind of exposure makes the entire sensory increases not only one level. The school girl in the first-experienced experience is not to say, this climax is definitely to let all the activities in the brain completely stopped!

School girl presented soft lips, I have no kind of kiss with her up. My tongue gently probe into the small school girl’s mouth, the beginning is also desperately to dodge repeated under my tongue chase, finally jerky start with me entwined together. He was let go after kissing each other for a long time, to breathe deeply again. “…… seniors” with a satisfied smile after school girl orgasm very moving, so I still inserted in her lower body of the penis and shake a bit, “seniors are like my sister do?”


I’m surprised the whole upper body playing a bit hard, mouth fell open, do not know how to answer. Ping school girl touches on my head pressed against her chest, lightly touched my head and slowly said:? “Seniors sister so happy, she must be pretty long, right in Ping envied her sister seniors … … “

I just know what to do against the younger sister still live on the ups and downs of the chest, do not know how to answer.

At the same time just did not expect the outbreak of the shouted sister, was surprised to be heard. I thought school girl did not pay attention to it ……

“Do not worry seniors, Apple will not rush in with your sister seniors,” school girl let me in advance up to gentle eyes facing my eyes, “Yu Yang seniors willing to just hurt school girl, has to feel good apple happy good happy …… “

“She did not know her sister …… ……”

I stammered said, this time I actually like a younger brother of seniors instead.

“Let seniors know yo sister, like a girl would tell her.” School girl in apple sweet smile, “as long as the gentle seniors to give a little bit of apple, apple has been good to meet ……”

“You silly girl …… I ……” Then, I actually choked up, “in Ping, I’m sorry, I really like my sister ……”

“It does not matter,” like a school girl little woman said, “can not, put a little bit of my heart points to the position I, for Apple in terms of’ll be satisfied ……”

I could not speak, but moved to force the nod, he got up and sat up and hugged school girl in apple, two people to enjoy the quiet after the storm silent of this.

Because school girl said the phrase “like a girl would tell her,” I decided to keep up the good sister said clearly.

One night, sitting in the empty living room, and my heart kind of unspeakable sorrow and grief.

Mom went on a business trip, my sister does not even talk to me, all of a sudden have become familiar distant up.

This is not what I want.

I want to say it rain heart sister, even if she does not understand does not accept, whatever the outcome, I also want to say that I have already conveyed out.

A little uneasy sitting on the sofa direction toward the door, slowly waiting for my sister to go home.

Shortly after nine o’clock, to turn the key in the door upload voice, then, my sister opened the door and walked in.

I stood up in front Looking stand in the entrance, watching her. Sister still bowed his head, avoided like going to pass directly from me.

“Sister Do not go, I have something to say to you.”

A little dazed, my sister was beginning to look to me, just for the sight of my eyes, and then quickly turned his head open: “What, then went to his mother, anyway, you have a relationship is not it?”

“Sister, is not the case ……” I held out my hands on the shoulders of weak sister, “her mother …… she needs a mother, she needs me …… I do not deny that our relationship is not really normal, but it is naturally occurring …… “

“I must say that these do? Finished, then I went back to the room.” Sister coldly move it out of my hand, would walk into the room.

“No sister!” I tightly hugged from behind a sister, “My mother is much responsibility and love for you is …… is ……”

Sister stopped, slight head turn over, as if waiting for my answer eucalyptus.

“is love.”

Sister Jiaoqu arms violently startled, suddenly pushed me back off. Beautiful eyes full of tears in his mouth.

“Brother, you in the end what’s wrong! You know our love can only exist between siblings, between us …… …… …… impossible between us.”

“I know it should be. But that is a bond, the bond between twins, the bond between siblings, bond between man and a woman. If her sister, must feel.”

I don’t know why, I said that I am very calm. The heart that should be ignorant is like a steadyness of water. “That said, are you talking between my mother?” Tears slipped from my sister’s cheeks, and I asked me with a trembling voice.

“Yes,” I am very fast, “But I am different from you. I can’t say clear … But I just think I just can’t … I believe that day is hugging you in the rain. , You really feel something, just you choose to retreat … “

I hit my head: “I only hate why we are brothers!”

“I don’t listen! Don’t say it!”

My sister cried, listened to the cry of my sister, so that my whole heart was broken.

Suddenly, my sister turned around and launched out, I left unknown, I was in the same place.

The first time I expressed my heart to my heart, my sister couldn’t accept it. However, without crossing this, we may not even say that there are ordinary sisters. After a while, I thought I had to chase the door. Because I have been a while. My sister has not known that the sister in this time is quite unstable, if she is very dangerous. Just I can’t think of my sister, and I will go.

At that moment, I actually had a lightning thorough idea, and there may be a little heart inductor between the twins. I chased the direction to my sister school. Although I know this is a bit like pure mess, I just feel that my sister will return to her school.

Go back to the last place we hug in the rain.

It’s just that it is even more than a long distance to maintain a small run. Through a strip of the trail with the grove, copying the road to the depths of the hidden forest in the campus. Sure enough, the sister who breathed the breath held the tree in one hand, while the eyes closed his eyes, the big tears slipped from the corner.

I gradually be steady, I went to my sister, standing in the distance of the sister, waiting for her reaction quietly.

“Do you know the younger brother?” My sister turned his head with the tears of the tears, “My sister likes you! Goodbye like you!”

I don’t believe in what I heard, my whole brain is blank, I don’t know what to do if I don’t know what to do.

My sister stopped, waiting for the breathing to gradually recover the original speed, and the low should continue: “I don’t know when I started, my sister thinks you really like a man … Although I am a little stupid, I will do some stupid Things, but really reliable when you encounter things … that day you suddenly saved me in his hand, my sister is so happy, I just feel that this person is not my younger brother. From then, my sister is indel Safe, I like you, so I can’t help but help, that … “

It may be a picture of the active kiss. My sister’s beautiful face has a lot of red and halo. “Just my sister know that this should not happen, my sister loves my brother … so I am so sad, my heart is in this emotion, I don’t know how to express it, or should not be expressed. Tight the next day, I saw what you have in the bathroom in the bathroom. Do you know what else is there? Is there anything other than shock? ! It is awkward! “

My sister is crying and smashing: “I envy my mother can love you this! I am not such a sister!”

As if it is a tight string, the sister’s hands are crying, and the body is directly moving backwards on a trunk.

After I heard my sister, I went to the front of my quietly, reached out to put my sister’s weak piety. The chin is gently point on my sister’s head, caressing my sister’s back, waiting for my sister to pay down.

“Sister, no matter what happens, we are not separated …”


“elder sister……”

“Leo …”

My sister shouted me, and then like that day, gently lean his hands on my chest, closed his eyes, and gently put the pink lips on my lips.

It’s so sweet and sweet.

Salty is the tears of my sister, sweet is the expectation in my heart, after all haze has passed, I finally have exports.

I used the tongue to gently open my sister’s lips, and I looked with my sister’s sweetness, and I didn’t know the sister who kissed. I got out of the small pavilion. At the time, the brothers and brothers were like the export of emotional venting, and they won the other party’s tongue. After a while, my sister didn’t get rid of the breath. “The younger brother love me … Love me like a mother …” “Ah?” Uncertain things will be wrong, I am sure Ask, “Is it like that day, I am in the bathroom with my mother … here?”

“Well … Sister wants to be loved by you … Just here …”

I love your hands and caress your sister’s face, kiss your sister’s eyes, unknown tears.

Then quietly put the other hand from the bottom to the sister’s clothes.


When I touched the peak under my sister’s cup, my sister shouted back, but I was still hugged in his arms. I solved the three buttons of my sister uniform, put the apple green sexy lace buzz, two models perfect breasts can’t wait to shoot, let people look straight.

“My sister’s chest is so beautiful … Is it big?” Asked, while the sister was pressed on the tree, the hands were uneashed on it. Two white tender milk under my play, constantly transform shape, with two pink delicate buds above the top of the two pink delicate buds, with the breast, together with a beautiful water droplet type curve. Although it is not huge, the shape is very beautiful, shining is like two gemstones, making people love.

“Small than my mother … only 33C …” The sister closed his eyes, with the chest to suffer my love for her breast, “The younger brother must be addictive …”

“Not, my sister’s tits are the best!” After my sister has gradually entered the situation, I also told it. Said that the top of the two mountain peaks was sucking with the mouth of the mouth, and the tip of the tongue picked up two pink small nipples, let his sister comfortably in his mouth.

“Ah … so comfortable … Love sister … more … more …”

Facing your sister’s voice. In addition to staying only left hand, I still followed the left and right of my mouth. Outside the sister’s delicate breast, I took my right hand to the bottom of my sister, pick up the uniform skirt, and wear black velvet pantyhose on my sister. Thin career.

“Sister, do you know? I like you to wear the legs of stockings, and I will look at it again …” I will stick to my sister’s ear, and I will tell the stuned language. “I also used my sister. Pantyhose hinger gun shooting is above … “

When my sister’s face suddenly became red, I was ashamed to put the head on my chest. “The younger brother is bad … necrosis …”

Looking at the sister’s shy little woman, I pulled my sister’s black pantyhose with his sexy black lace underwear. He pulled down to the middle of the thigh. When my sister is more shy, she is the same as her mother!

“My sister will not be very strange … Is it only my side there?”

“Mom is also, so light and soft, very good.” I like to prove that my speech is not false. In addition to the mouth, I still have to leave the sister’s pair of crisp, transfer the target to the lower body . Except for one hand, it is still constantly stroking with a soft slightly seductive velvet stockings, and I explored my sister’s honey, fingers well with my sister bare, a pink petal.

“Ah! Too … too excite …”

Under the attack of my pair of magic hands, my sister’s fame quickly got a hot sweet honey, I temporarily gave a 33C jade milk in my sister’s chest, kneel down and carefully use my tongue to laugh with my sister. Taste fine in the entrance of nectar.

“There is dirty …”

“It’s my favorite sister is not dirty.”

I used my hands with my hands with my sister’s pair of legs, and I looked back with the pearls in my sister. I am clear that my sister is to feel the current of sex, the whole fumed body is not trembled, and the amplitude is getting bigger and bigger.

“No … can’t do it, you have to urinate !! Ah, ah !!”

Suddenly, my sister was trembled, sprayed from the honey hole, just injected into my mouth, let me excite all the two nets. Is this the legendary tide?

“The younger brother is sorry … My sister has been urinary … but it is very comfortable …” The sister who is a bit of a sister after arriving at the vertices apologize. “Silly sister, that is not urine, is a sexual or climax, there will be love liquid. A few people can spurt out, you are called the tide!”

I stood up and got my sister in my arms. My sister didn’t care about her love, touched my saliva. I don’t have to exchange the liquid in the mouth and the rain in the mouth.

“The younger brother must be very uncomfortable …” The sister squatted down, unlocking my zipper, the 18th cent of the 18th cent of the big meat, the bounce, and the moment of playing out of my sister, huge size Let your sister a pair of water in a boss, a untrusted look.

“Why is this … So big?” My sister stretched out the weak little hand of the bones raised my thick meat.

“I have seen it before I took a bath, I didn’t have so exaggerated …”

“Because my sister will become so big. Ah …” I feel the deadly thrills of the thin and small hands unskilled, I can’t help but send a low 呻吟.

My sister is not satisfied with only my hands to give me a love, I look at me, tell me in pure tone: “I heard that boys like girls with their mouths … My sister is not awesome, the younger brother touched …”

When I said, I extended a little juvenile tongue licked my expansion purple glans.

“Ah, ah !!”

I feel the powerful current from the fresnet, which makes me a lot of shakes on the body. My sister will take the entire small mouth to the leader, and the meat stick covered with green is swallowed half. Dear sister took the initiative to do unskilled blowjob for me, although there is no tape skill, but just a purely before and after also make my legs tremble to the extent of it.

“Ah, ah !!! Shoot !!”

I want to be preparing to jet, fiercely jittered meat sticks to take out my sister’s little mouth, but my sister pressed my hips with force, and didn’t let me retreat. Instead, I used my tongue to roll my hot glans.

Under a strong stimulation, I took the meat stick into my sister’s throat, and I shaken a violent jets. My sister has a beautiful big eyes out of tears, and my throat is resistant to my top, and I will swallow me every emitted semen. However, the amount of injection is too large, so a full of a shares of my mouth overflows my white turbid slurry. Continue to drip on the clothes, on the bra, the milk, and the squats of a black pantyhose.

After the horror of the horror, I will have the meat sticks that have not yet retired, and the sister is very intimate with my tongue, it seems to eat every silk. Enjoy the good service of your sister, I don’t know how to describe it. Pulling my sister got up, and the little mouth with the sister is also a deep kiss.

“Is your brother comfort?”

“It’s comfortable to get it in the sky … My sister also swallows the semen … Let me be touched …”

“You also swallow, we are flat.” My sister raised the lovely hand got my nose.

Happy smile.

At this time, I only feel that the innermost happiness is occupied. I don’t know how to express my love in my heart. I can only keep my sister’s face, my mouth is murmond: “Sister, my sister …”

My sister put the delicate hand to me, I still haven’t fully resolved the stems after shooting, slowly set up.

“My sister also wants your brother to hurt me …” The sister is ashamed.

Can I not take it in the face of beautiful sisters? The length of the eighteen-cential long meat stick is almost a moment of recovery, and the spirit is shining, and I want to find a meat to pack it immediately.

The sister’s lower body is still in the middle of the pantyhose, which is the favorite dry method of my mother. I think the sister will go home with my panties and stockings. Now I will directly tear the opening hole. It is probably not a good idea … so I maintain this state, and the inflatable chicken is on my sister’s wet white tiger flower. Acupoints, slightly with my sister’s petals.

“I want to go in …”

“Reassuring painful sister, my sister is handed over to you …”

I slowly inserted the front of the meat stick into the vagina’s vagina, and the narrow pois of the woman squeezed my eggs like a huge giant glans. My sister is almost simultaneous at the same time, and I will feel a little in front of it, I feel that the front troops have arrived in breakthrough points. This is my favorite sister has been precious and preserved. “Is your sister ready?”

“I have been prepared for 18 years …”

After listening to my sister’s tenderness, I touched the sister’s exquisite and exquisite pixin, and I have been hosted by the coarse mask for strength!

“Ah !!!” The sister screamed loudly. Fortunately, this place is almost the most concealed corner in the campus, otherwise this will not bring all the students of self-study.

In order to slow down the pain of my sister, I kissed my sister’s sexy lips, and my hand kept back and forth in the waist and a pair of socks. The stem that has already pierced the final line is also tolerate. In the sister’s wet thermal diameter, the shares are full of burst pressure, temporarily stopping the pain of the sister to tear.

We kissed for a long time, felt that your sister is no longer as tight when you just insert it, I started slowly twitching, I have already patted the mask for a long time. My sister closed the beautiful eyes compact my mouth, a stunned tongue hook my tongue and did not want to let go. The sister’s vagina seems to have thousands of small needles. I am stimulating my whole meat stick. If you just have just sprayed once in my sister’s mouth, I am afraid I have already shot a two net?

I have tolerate the bloom of the lower body, I started slowly accelerating the piston movement. The sister is ashamed, opened the watery eyes, and it is like enduring my lips. I took the sister’s weak incense, let my sister hook a pair of beautiful stockings long legs, I put her up from the flexible hip, with a high difficult train as a body position .

From the never thought of sex, you can have such a sweet and stimulated sister, under the thrust movement of me, a pair of 33c exquisite, the chest is constantly chailing, both hands, because they are afraid, hook my The neck dares to let go. I clearly feel that my sister is wrapped in the black velvet stockings of my waist. As the accumulated lust is rapid, it is even more tighter. Finally, in a long sweet 呻, the whole fairy is crazy, and the lower body is still struggling to crush my weapon.

“Ah !!!”

The fierce 呻 呻 呻 呻 吟 吟 吟 from our mouth. I don’t know if the twin sex character is particularly excellent. When I trained my mother, I often arrived at the climax, never climbed on the same second as my sister. At the same time as my sister’s heart is desperately squeezed, I also joze from the red urethra, and I sprayed more than the extrusive intense white essence.

This climax lasted for more than half minutes. At the same time, I still didn’t stop taking, but I was not willing to stop the sister. In front of a big female sister, it was stimulated by this wave of climax, and the hands were uncontrolled. I am afraid that my sister poured back, I quickly put my sister down, and then let her use her hands with her hands, and I will put my sister from the rear, because of the semen and honey, a wet-free flower hole.

“Hey! Broken! Have broken!”

The climax has not retired and accepted I have been discharging from the rear, and my sister has not been able to control the state of the sister. We have fully entered the status, and there will be a strong irritating in the campus, and the back of the back is incestive. The wrinkles in my sister diameters will make my meat sticks so much think about it. In particular, our stems are almost exactly the same length. At the same time, every epitch can be stamped to the deep heart, this is probably the perfect contact of the twins will be discovered.

“Dry death sister! Ah … more love my sister … more love!”

My sister reached out and hooded my neck, a pair of whitewasship in the chest also swayed before and after the shock of the back. Although the size of the tits is not as good as the mother, but the water snakes will twist their pursuit, and they also wear the sexy hips that even wear the skirt will even match my pumping back, a pair of black velvet stockings. The long legs are visually or tactful than the mother, it is a perfect sexual love!

“Sister! Ah! You can’t get it! My sister’s body is best !!”

“The younger brother is so hot and rough … Hey! Let the sister are so cool! More!”

Sister insisted trunk hands firmly clutching the bark, to the extent knuckles have whitish. My sister is a hands Cuonong with white stockings beautiful hips and two legs, faster and faster, throwing more and more are piling powerful movement. Sister hot and humid no flower diameter thin seam covered with fine I’ve been shot twice, but swell even more terrifying sex fierce stems. What about my testicles as I get pumping action impinges on the pink buttocks sister and made a popping sound ride ride snapped.

“I die of shame ……”

For v sister Yu Qi moaned, I will forward the upper body tightly affixed to the back of her sister lived, while thrusting aside with her kissing the warm. Gradually, feel thick dick uploaded to the thrill of throwing more and more, more and more intense, and soon will reach the peak again another. I almost unbearable, the faster the more poke, just to pursue another once the thrill of pleasure arrival.

“I’m almost there! Sister, whole shoot went okay?”

“Sister fired into the inside, full shot to my sister! Sister to her brother have a baby!”

“Ah ah ah ah !!”

Dialogue obscene incest between siblings. And finally in fatal physical stimulation beautiful sister, I will cock deep probe into the sister polygamous, while sister because once again the climax violently trembling, as if endless ejected from the top of the Roubang nectar. Pants came strong impact on the thrill of my entire sensory system, let me ejaculate while refreshing the whole brain fell into the blank, the body is like to fly like.

Can not stop the powerful jet as if to my crest marrow are drained, and soon it will be the sister of the original compact spend all filled cave, a waterfall pouring down from genital fit at me and sister again once reached a climax synchronous extremely strong. Only this time the intensity than ever, I just hold into tight pants cock deepest macho, no longer enjoying the twitching of the eruption has reached the limit of pleasure, sister bother tightening the depths of crazy to me glans emitted intense boom. Two people maintain lower body postures linked together, quietly waiting motionless frenzy of sex in the past.

Tonight’s as if everything is a dream come true for me. I love beautiful sister under cross Jiaoyin fine asthma, with twins on the sex was perfectly inexplicable, so long I fancy at the moment whether it is physical or spiritual have been completely satisfied. I will still Jiaochuan sister again and again turn to reach out to hug up, nor the mouth to demand to kiss each other at leisure.

“Rain heart ……”

“Yu Yang ……”

Only shouted their name, and then look for a few seconds, and suddenly two people are hilarious out.

“Weird, or call his brother relatively smooth yo.”

“Ah Now, I feel better call my sister.” I nodded Yin Xiao said, “so that it feels like a dry promiscuous activities siblings incest ……”

“Color is dead ……!” Sister tapping my head, puts floating leaned on my chest.

On a night where the two siblings people know that we have each other, from now on are no longer the lonely.

“Whirring, good sister’s feet would get ah.”

In the quiet of the night in the living room, I was holding a pair of silk stockings feet sister were carefree enough to pay whoredom.

During this time travel aunt, my sister gave me a thorough physical and mental. After coming home from school every day, just waiting for the sister going to night classes end, I carried home with incestuous sexual intercourse. Sometimes even in the morning before my sister went out, I saw my sister wearing a pair of black tights legs, throwing himself sister could not help but want to complete some of adultery.

Sister recently and therefore always late to class, but fortunately my sister is still among the best on schoolwork, teachers and therefore did not say anything.

In terms of sex, I have been satisfied with simple rape dry wearing black tights with her sister’s class, such as now, sitting in front of my sister be enough to pay for my feet with a pair of stockings, she is wearing a white tie with a pair of suspenders light lace stockings. I understand the love of her stockings legs, my sister is also very fit to wear a variety of my favorite tights or stockings, garters, and I play all kinds of kinky sex were unscrupulous.

I have studied the set of my aunt, almost a lot of instillations gave my sister. In addition to the difficulty of breasts, there is a lot of masturbation, blowjob, leg, foot, anal sex, a lot, even aunt, studying, the sputum, the pantyhose cover, the fierce, the sister is happy. Although the size of the tits is not as good as aunt, but the sister’s pair of legs is more loveless than the mother, but not only repair, and the white tender skin is very smooth, whether it is a naked foot, or put on the stockings and make love, every I have made me crazy. The sister set with a white stockings, the constant upper and down, I am very upright, the 18th cent huge mask, comfortable, I have closed my eyes, I only use hands to keep stroking my sister’s stockings. Jade. In the back of the back, the sister’s life in the body seems to be gradually opened.

The first time is a madness of the wild, then my sister also fell in love with other locations outside the home. The stairway of the apartment, the male totrict of department store, or even the park in the middle of the night. In the crisis sense of being found, the sense of sister and my senses nerves were more excited.

“The younger brother’s meat stick is so hard … My feet are getting more, the more it becomes more and more ……”

Although the face is shy, my sister still speaks the words of obscene waves. After listening to my sister, let me be jumped by her meat stick in her white stockings.

“Wow, I am so terrible, the big chicken will also jump.” My sister took the temptation of the look, while using the little foot with my meat stick, stroking myself 33c’s strong beauty, and constantly clamped with your fingers Two pink buds that have been talled.

“Not only, when it is ejaculation in my sister, I will jump more big.” I lick the tongue obscene with his sister.

Suddenly, the door of the door came from the door to the sound of the key, and the door was opened. We are in the foot-sized game. But my sister is because of tension, two cute stockings are pouring more tight, let me almost I can’t help but want to spray up.

Aunt took a portable baggage into the door. Seeing our brothers and brothers and sisters, only a pair of white socks on the sister’s legs, there is also a moment. However, the body has been buried in amburo seed, soon, take off the high-heeled shoes and leave the luggage into the living room, reach out of the black stockings, the foot strokes, and then start to take off the whole body.

“There is a lot of color Xiao Yang … Aunt is not there, even the rain is eaten by you …”

I heard the sister of this, I saw the attitude of my aunt, just shy and sweet, and I didn’t dare to see me with my aunt. The whole body clothes quickly took off a two-net aunt, only a pair of black stockings left, and the sister’s white stockings were really sputtered.

“Rain is coming, we are one person.”

Aunt showed a beautiful smile invited her sister to share my dick together. One left and one right, the two have a little feet, a black and white stockings is beautiful. It is like this to clamp my cock, in a very tacit, the speed up and down, and it is sociothy.

“Oh 喔 喔 !!” Never accepted such a stimulus, I was lying on the ground, the whole person fell into a fascinating pleasure. Didn’t have a few seconds, I originally burned a cock, I started to spray a large amount of white juice to a bomb. In the aerial tall spray, it fell again and fell to the mother and sister.

“Many 唷,” although my sister has been helping me pay for several times, but I have never seen it like this, I have never seen it, “the younger chicken is like the fountain, 嘻嘻 ……”

“I haven’t finished it yet.” Aunt took the shy sister, with the meat stems that I was in the face, and I started from my testicular, and I was still filled with semen all the way. Horse eye. Whenever my aunt gets to the glans, my sister licks my thick borders. And when a aunt shifted the tongue to my stem, my sister came from top and put my mouth with my mouth with my egg. Two women used a delicate handorous testicles with a tender hand. Accepting such obscenity and serving, it is really too irritating.

I haven’t worted for a long time, a fierce pleasure, straightforward, stimulates that I shake it again, two women are completely lost, so the positive welcome of my meat rods, white turbid semen In the face of my mother and my sister, I was all very moving, even after I was already shooting, I also lick each other’s pretty face with my purple-red glans, struggling my semen.

It really is …… too stimulating, too obscene up! ! “You two, it is time to accept their fate.” I was still lying on the ground, with a tone of heavy breathing cloud to command said, “Aunt, you pussy close to my mouth to come. As for my sister, I authorized you first ride my cock. “

The two women laugh, obedient starts operating. Aunt sitting with a lewd smile on my face, just the pussy Coushang my mouth. Sister is a look embarrassed the pussy Coushang I have no signs of regression pedicle, and then slowly sit down, put the meat will be tender points of my penis, one last look gently moving up.

“Subject to go die you!”

I held out my tongue licked the hairless pussy aunt. No hair pretty cute pussy to death, sinking congestion of small peas was my special care, which makes black stockings leg squat mother are shaking up.

I even tongue deep into the pockets of honey flowing blanching, like the taste of food like meat desperately licking honey aunt. Are tightly packed sister of another white tiger flower Roubang live, because not satisfied with the sister of the action is too shallow short, he began his bulging waist launched vicious poke up get up. Sister suffer dry should not have much experience, intolerant fuck pussy Jinzhai tender, under the riding position is not a few have been inserted Jiaochuan again and again I can not breathe. Mother, sister and four black and white stockings legs in front of me dazzling shaking up, so I’ll only legs, bird legs while running around in circles stroked in turn, fearing who neglected.

Compared to my aunt is just get tongue fuck sister soon I was cruel to dry pedicle boarded the peak of the first wave. The thrill of little bursts of body and heart gushing from the hole boom, too hot in my whole cock stabbed them really happy.

“Come, my sister take a break?” I said softly to her sister, her sister’s weak nod, gently got up from my thick pedicle, fell to the ground to rest. After traveling a good time around I will not be doing evil aunt moved to my lower body, eight cm long without asking the big dick exploded like a stabbed directly aunt has flooded pussy.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! Xiao Yang Haohen you ……”

Aunt mouth Hande though shrill, long rain every expression is completely written on the face, the obvious look of satisfaction and rosy. Although I maintain a state lying on the ground, but waist up quite moving speed, coupled with boosting aunt waist up and down movement, the vicious dry up is not lost on me usually suppress the normal position. While there is no joy and good aunt, aunt pussy clearly hungry for a long time. I not only accepted when dry pussy fuck would own up and down with my thrusts, thin waist twisting like a snake, like, his hands still kneading with a pair of white big breasts 35D of their own.

Long time no love this bimodal aunt chest, my hands moved on this I’m dreaming of Big Aunt from the waist, as if to rub their bad breath like a fierce rub hard. After Nevertheless, aunt, but he did not reveal discomfort expression, but rather the kind of cool to the extreme do not know how to do already helpless.

“Come, my sister got into my mouth.”

To see her sister’s side had sat up, cheeks flushed playing with flower under the body of a rabbit on their own chest, then let her aunt had just replaced the position of, by my tongue to her service. Sister is still consistent with shyness, fear of pressure I like to gently hairless soft white flower in front of me. I quickly put out his tongue began to lick her sister two cute petals, the flower blanching liquid uninterrupted flow from the tip of my tongue white tiger sister’s pussy, I have fame or fortune will of all involved in his mouth eat.

The whole living room constantly heard the sound of popping ride my lower body and fierce collision aunt came, and my tongue oral sex came the sound of her sister, mother of three siblings have been indulging in sweet sex, it is so caught up in one who can escape the spiral of incest. Four of my favorite stockings legs, it’s like fighting for my caress, let me not willing to let go of one leg back and forth constantly stroked, delicate taste bursts touch hands started coming.

“Ah! I can not stand it! You gave me hands on get down!”

I struggled to get up, the two tame estrus females are placed high tilt became a butt of lewd gestures, then holding them in the ass, are inserted without Mao Baihu beautiful flower in the hole. First beginning sister, aunt and then followed back to back, constantly repeated. Whenever I insert a dry one woman, I would reach into another woman’s underwear to get the flower. So the two women came bursts of groans after another, sometimes between the living room inside was bustling.

The buttocks of the two women are so stunned, but there is no one, but it is full of people. Four slender black and white sleeper stockings don’t have to say, let me love the side of the dry hole, you can’t let go of their legs. As I raised behind the dogs behind the dog, the midst of the two beautiful people was rampted before and after, so I saw that my eyes were spent, and I couldn’t help but reach you to play with them. It is really too much to play, you can do it, just hate I have not lived, three, six arms, one breath. I can’t get up first, my sister is. After all, a few days ago, a small hole endurance, a narrow, a narrow point meat, sprayed a hot shade, let my meat stick are crowded almost to shoot. Fortunately, I took it out in time, and I will rely on my mother’s small hole, and my aunt has been discredited. I like to do her aunt with rape, I will fall into a crazy state, and the whole person shouts meaningless, cool, as if the whole person has to fly.

Under the dryness of my rough fierce, my aunt also supported it, and the whole back, the beautiful body fiercely trembled, arrived in a strong and climax of the whole body feeling. I continued to puncture the last few times in my aunt’s cavity, then pulled out, on the two equally sturdy snow white butt, a burst of jitter sprayed out after several ejaculation in front, it should be reduced I don’t know why you still go to a lot of white turbid men. A family of three arrived in such a fierce incest, and it was almost unbearable.

I have lost the sexy body of the whole body after two by one by one collapse, and the big mouth of the big mouth. Then lying on the ground to put them in his arms.

“The younger brother is so fierce … The sister is flying by you.” After the breathing, the sister said first satisfied.

“Small color, two flowers once, when the king is like, you can be happy!” Aunt stretched out a slim handset to move my meat stick, let me have a slightly soft male root, and then again It’s standing up.

“No!?” The sister is surprised to look at my talented fierce spike stick, “all have been so many times …”

“You are too small to look at your man!” I laughed and pulled two women, and I was ready to take the second beauty into the bathroom. “Come, two beautiful women go to change the new stockings, We entered the bathroom and continue the next round! “

Say, three people laughed.

This is boundless incest, will continue to continue to stop until the end of the world. That is the highest realm of what I found, the family love.

“Ah, ah …!” Two beautiful people screams, soon, they quickly echoed in the bathroom, and once …

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