After the university, the community is one of the most important social situations in college students. Recently, a school girl in the community is very happy. She is known as the school girl who is a famous school in Taipei. I have never believed that there are not a few members who contain other members, because her achievements are not highlighted, and after a few days later, they are looking forward to “High School Uniform Day”, I am in front of her: “Some, is it true, is it ?? !! Good excellence!”

“Studyren, you are too polite, this is nothing, now I have become don’t love the book, when there are so many sects, I am so fast.”

“Oh!!! Anyway, the uniform day is coming, I will look forward to the uniforms in the uniform, but don’t borrow it to others! I will check the names on the uniform.”

“Hey! Desolation is long!”

“I am joking! You can think that it is very smart and very happy.”

“Is it ?! I don’t think it is?! The calculus is faster, the senior high school entrance examination is very poor, the end of the test is not good, I will say to this school.”

“Is there so difficult ?! The students helped, it is a sin!”

“Really? !! That’s great, senior! You are really my savior!”

In this way, at night, she was a convenient store near the school, she went to my dormitory to help her fuel.

“School girl! You can’t do this! It’s very untenless! Don’t read the school! It should be very good! So I really can’t see it, it is the student of the school!”

“Hey …

I have seen it slowly hurt her self-esteem. I have a little cruel to her. I took her shoulder. Will be good guidance. “

“Well! Thank you for your school!”

On the day of the uniform, all the school brothers wearing high school uniforms appeared in the community, although I was already old, but I also got together. When my eyes look at her, her green shirt, black dress and black stockings have explained that she is the school of the school.

At about 7:00 in the evening, she came to my dormitory after participating in the event. When she came, she still wore high school uniforms to come to my room. Her length is very pure, plus her one hundred and sixty-eight-centime standard, I have long been a grades of people, I want her to sit on the chair who is ready for her, and begins to teach her. She is by my side, she is close to her face, but I make me intimate. I have been around ten o’clock in the evening, I have a little late, and I said: “Some”! It is already very late, I should go back! “

“Students! I can stay, I think it is very effective in learning here.”

“Is it ?! The academic is going to help you buy a night, what do you want to eat ?!”

“Help me bring some halogen.”


After half an hour, I returned to the dormitory with her smell, I saw her and asleep on the table. I took a shot of her shoulder: “Some school girl! Sister! Lan Night, I bought it back.”

She looked very tired, I didn’t seem to be tired, I said: “Do you want to take a break, sleep until 12 o’clock, then, the halo is hot.”


So I helped her to my bed, covering her cotton, and put the halogen in the electric pan.

At 12 o’clock, I wake up her in the statement, and I handed her a pair of chopsticks, and gave her to her.

She is sitting in my bed to eat late night, and I am sitting on the table to see the information.

After she finished the late night, she took the book to my bed. I couldn’t help but go back. I saw a high school girl sitting in my bed. I couldn’t help but began to have her. fantasy.

Suddenly she saw her, asked: “Dear”! ?? I am beautiful ?! “

I can’t help but have a bit blush, nodded: “Beautiful!”

She smiled gently, showing the cute little pear nest, let people feel her heart.

She smiled: “Students! I envy this time can do what I want to do, not as I, I can only work hard in order not to drop.”

“School girl! You can also get it, just concentrate.”

“Interesting! ?? It seems difficult!”

I saw her doubtful, I went to the end of the bed, I couldn’t help my feet. She reflected his legs and retired. I accidentally leaked the spring, I saw her pure white . She is wearing a sexual fantasy uniform in my high school, and she has been so beautiful, and I have seen her underwear color. At a time, my five organs are all crazy for her.

“Director, can you teach me to concentrate ?! I want to get a good results, I don’t want to pay back to the book.”

I looked at me very seriously, looking at her beauty, my inner man god, and her sexual desire to rise.

“Schoolmends, you have to teach you, but if you are willing to listen to students ?!”


“No matter what happens, including can’t bear it, are you willing to endure ?!”

“Can’t stand the thing? !! What is! ??

“Don’t ask, do you want to become a hardship that you may have to endure ?!”

“As long as you can become an excellent student, I am willing to endure.”

I saw her so seriously, I was temporarily holding the desire to live in my heart and began to make a request for her.

“First, lying down, reading it.”

She does it.

I saw her really obedient, I sat next to her, and she took the book.

“Next, I will massage my body. I have to give me all my body, my body must relax. No matter what happens, I have to concentrate on the book, know !!”

“Students have to massage for me ?! This is not very good!”

“If you want to read the book, you have to sacrifice, otherwise you will not read it in your life. Do you know ??”


So I started to massage from her shoulder, let her whole body nerve don’t be too sensitive. I will follow all of her, and she is really very obvious to give me.

I started to massage her belly with her waist, slow and softly gave care of her body, slowly put it in her footboard, started to massage her, cold, cold Her foot is so itch, she reflects neuro sensitive, legs and legs immediately raise legs. I can’t see the machine, I went to bed, sitting between her legs and continued to scratemate her footboard. She started to be stiff, and she was a little timid to me. Later, it might be intuitive, slowly unlocked the preparation, and I also slowly had a chance to make her further violation.

“喔 … Search … Don’t! … itching !! ……”

I saw she couldn’t help but wanted to avoid it. I have already mess around. The spring under the skirt has long, I have long been a few times, see her so cute reaction, my little brother I hid under the trousers has long been forgotten. shed.

“Schoolmented girl! Forgot me just now ?!! To hold back, you must read a book.”

So her legs disorder is a little slowing. I support her flawless and perfect long legs. The body is easy to come to her legs. I use my little brother who is not working. I have a pants in her. The pine in the skirt is gently squatted, she is strange, because my body has stressed to her.

She put down the book and looked at me and shouted to me: “Dear” !!! “

My hands have been scratched in her armpits. She is a big panic, let her even send a chance to send, can only be shouted: “Director! Don’t you!”

I see her really can’t work, I said: “Hey! School girl! You can’t do this, it is very untenless !!”

“Students! This is really hard, I can’t do it!”

So I stopped sheching her armpit, said: “Sorry! School girl! Maybe I am too anxious, I will wait to slow down, you must read the book, try to relax, know!”


So she started reading.

I put it over her hands to the green shirt in her chest, slowly start slowly, slowly start to put the force, her chest, although her chest is closely clothes and her cream, but I still feel the path of the school girl, plump Round. The school girl didn’t think weird, and finally asked: “Students! You are …”

I saw her feeling quite mistaken, and her eyes revealed what she suspected. Seeing that she is going to get up, I certainly don’t want her to know that my attempt to her, the anger of the anger: “School girl! To concentrate!” She heard my big scream, a little scared, unsealed the thought .


I saw that she didn’t dare to ask again, only to continue reading.

I saw that she finally put the attention and put the textbook, I started to move the hands on her thigh, got up, slowly opened her black pleated skirt, see her pure white underwear, her private parts Surrounding stocks, I know that she is wearing a sanitary cotton. I will open her private panties. It is really wings. My little brother has already sinked, so I opened my pants. Hey, take out my standing meat stick, inserting her underwear, holding the sanitary cotton and the genitals, gently smashed, and touched her private parts with the penis.

Although she has responded, she finally obedient, even if the body has a reaction, it is still barely hard.

I once again moved to her: “To concentrate, concentrate on the text of the textbook, don’t enjoy the feeling of comfort, don’t worry about what I do.”

She responded: ※ | JKF Czech Forum “Well! Search!”

Finally, her lower body couldn’t stand the disaster, I met the time of time, and I took the penis from her health cotton, and the penis was aligned with her lower body. Her vaginal mouth is slowly explored. I care, I am afraid that she will find that it is destroyed this beautiful opportunity.

“Ah! Good pain …”

She removed the book, turned to me on the line of sight, I held her legs to look at her, angered: “You can’t concentrate! This is not awkward! Isn’t you going to become excellent ?!! Hurride to read the book.”

“But … I am so painful, don’t dig again, don’t do it, I will try to concentrate.”

“No! This is what you can’t change back to the excellent student. Then my efforts are not white, and I can have a painful, and I can concentrate, I will become an excellent student. I am not always dreaming to become a collar Award students ?! “

She listened, I still had a while, “But …”

Seeing my firm look, slowly turning back to the textbook.

I saw that she finally returned to the textbook, and she warned her: “I have to use my work, no matter how painful, I have to endure, know ?? !!”


She took a deep breath, I saw her chest, with her breathing, the beauty of his eyes has been reflected in my honey, and it is difficult to pull. I slowly took me completely into the meat stick in her vagina, shifted out, when she won’t consciously, she couldn’t consciously tremble, I saw that her feelings have more pain, after all, early After a person, I was bracusted by my Tang, but I need to read the book concentrated, I can only force it.

When my penis is going to take out from her vagina, only the glans still in her vagina, I once again forcefully explore her vagina, she couldn’t help but call: “Ah!!”

She still puts down the book, closes their eyes, and shakingly shakingly swearing and turning back, holding pain.

My penis is tightly squeezed into her body, so I really feel that she is strongly shrunk in the inner wall of the person’s vaginal, slowly, the front of the glans feel the love liquid secreted in her body, I just moved my light. The hands are full of flexible hips, slowly press the pressure, my meat stick is in deep into her vagina, pressing tightly, and she can’t help but suffer.

I am still not moving, I am afraid that her body will arbitrarily resist, about a minute, her brow is smashing and picking up the textbook, began to concentrate on every word in the textbook, trying to scatter attention force.

I saw her so concentrated on the sound, I started unscrupulous, I used it to make a movement in her vagina, and I have done a dozen movement. The more you do it, and the tone of her book is also squeezed. The speed of the plug is, and the final comment does not have a complete sentence, just hear the sound of her mouth and shout: “Ah … ah … ah ah … ah, ah …”

I pumped her speed and faster, she clenched her textbook, almost couldn’t see, only to feel the pain of her lower body, closed their eyes, let me felt her, when she opened her eyes Open, felt finely of her lower body with a warm burning, she has understood that the seniors above her body is contaminated with her pure white cleansing, she began to fight, her hands began to push away I have a pain in her body. “Don’t! Search! Cell! How can you do this, I trust you, how can you …”

I saw the movement of her thrust and didn’t speak. However, her body is so attractive, and I am already the arrow, I have to send, so I can’t compare her, and I started slowly acceleration, and I continued to come out for her vagina. At this moment, she said that she has begun to cry, a weak woman who was raped by me, at this moment, I can only let me constantly abuse in her body, I will intersect the thrill, it is built on the pain of the school girl.

I rouseed the buttons on her green uniform, pulled her milk, and I immediately played out, and the normal visual inspection was a huge, it was a woman with “connotation”. Today Her devil is in front of my eyes, can be so capable of pushing her, I really feel very happy and pleasant, intuitive, such a strong school girl is worth it. The hands slowly knead her breasts, and smashed her pink nipple. She was in the moment, and she was helpless. They slammed her head, and she wanted to hold her breasts with her hand, but she is not Women who can master one hand, so only white feet. I am so excited, I can’t let go of her, so the whole face is buried between her double breasts, I feel that there is a soft and comfortable feeling, and I started using the tip of the tongue to the breast, and her nipple Bite her nipple with teeth.

When I met her breast, I got up, my hands holding her beautiful legs, starting to shake her legs, shake while playing, and kiss her inside of her thigh, her private parts Her skirt covers, more showing her beautiful triangle? I want to have a beautiful sense. And her black long and knee socks are more beautiful, and they gave me more intensive to push her motivation.

I opened her black dress to her waist, and I found that her private parts were smashed by me. She virginated on my meat stick, more mixed with love full of four weeks around her vaginal, constantly There is a red blood to move down to my shares to my bed cover, I see my bloody, I understand that I have a very cruel thing about the school girl.

She cried his eyes, the face side, didn’t want to see me at all, my meat rod pulled out from her vagina and put it in, her eyes can only endure strong sprints, she finally be in me. Under the training, I learned to bear, I finally didn’t make me efforts to her.

Finally, my glans felt the fierce pleasure, I know that I want to shoot, I will pay the whole legs all over the wrong, starting to neat and regular speed toward her vagina, I can’t help it. I live in this pleasure: “喔 … 喔 … 喔 喔 …”

Sister, she was forced to be forced by my sprint. She narrow vaginal pain is going to tear open, I can’t hurt: “Students! Rao !! Good pain … I really hurt … don’t … don’t … … ah … ah … “

I have seen her response is getting more and more enthusiastic, I also started response: “… school girl !!! I love the vagina … Ah, ah … 喔 … 喔 … 喔 … The school is coming soon … Sister … Search is shot … 喔 … “

“Ah … Search !!! Please don’t fall in love with my vagina … 喔 喔 … ah … ah … Changmei is almost ……”

I hugged her thighs tightly, and I slammed my waist, accelerating every sprint, constantly poked her vagina, and finally took her legs, let her swim her skirt, let Her skirt is tightly posted in my belly, then the whole body is full of pressure to her, and vigorously stamp her vagina, straight her cervix.

She finally touched, very cooperation, she took my neck, and she looked at me silently. She seems to accept my quite trusting facts, my lips are close to her lips, deeply kiss her mouth The lower body is more crazy to extract. She made me feel that I love “Little Green” in the era of “Little Green”, I put me in front of her eyes in front of her eyes, and the waist twisted more resilience, finally, I feel my glans Front end because I can’t help but twitch in her vagina, I directly drilled into the Glen in her body, the glans took the palm of her cervix, and the first to fully raise her uterus in her uterus, I can’t pull it for a long time. Love her body, I want to shoot, hidden in my body, and have a long time to love the little green.

When my penis soften in her vagina, I still hug her, and she gasped in my ear. Suddenly, she began to cry, I frank and apologized: “Sorry, the students can’t afford to be beautiful uniform, so I don’t care, I’m going to be.” “Dear! How can you like this, can’t help others? Just to force others to make love with you, I will give you the first time, how do you are responsible for me. “

I stared at the eyes of her flashing, and I had a strong love for her, so I proposed: “Let’s join!”

She finally touched me, and I also kissed to her red lips, and we didn’t have to say anything more, and the heart of each other has been fusing and expressed, and I finally experienced. In the “uniform day, insert the day” these six words.

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