Due to the heavy courses of high school promotion, the mother is for the students of the students and the foundation of the Kaohsiung to make up the teaching community, and the father will move to Taipei. If the father asks me to live with him to Taipei, I didn’t say it. Any opinions, I don’t know how to decide.

Later, the mother recommended that the father will stay in Kaohsiung. I have finished the college. If it is a school, I will let me go to the north. I live with my father. This period is temporarily and my mother, and I can supervise my class. Dad Accept your mother’s suggestion, think I am now the most critical time in my life, not suitable for any too much change.

Later, Dad was in Taiwan’s foreign land because of the company’s affairs, and there were fewer and fewer opportunities to Taiwan. Don’t let go in Taipei. Time to stay in Taipei is only 90 days. I don’t pay attention to whether my father is concerned about our lives.

Just even, I received a long-distance call for my father. I am well in touch with my mother. He often explains him in the phone. I have to listen to him.

I have heard it in the phone, I don’t want to care about him, often if my mother is at home, I will not talk about a few words, I will call my mother. If my mother is not at home, I will say that I want to go to TMO. , Hanging on the grass.

I haven’t known such a day.

During this time for university scoring, a person puts a study to study at home, watching the reference book that has been seen, the sprint is warm, and the time is grinding, at the desk. During the time, it is not possible to play any electric games with the mother before the end of the test is not ended, so the computer is collected.

There is a month, I remember that is a hot day. The habit of getting up early has developed. If you get up, you will go to the elogen class, there is only one mother left on the table. The strip is written with 2 hundred dollar banknotes, and the strip is written: “The handsome kitchen has breakfast, and dinner is self-cultivated. “I am used to the content of the words, I will drop the hundred yuan banknote, to the kitchen to find the mother to prepare the breakfast, after the book, slowly go back to the study, continue to k a whole day, very fast After 7, 8 o’clock in the evening, after the dinner was free, sit in the living room, watching the ceiling, this home in these years, I am a self, my mother will go home at 11 o’clock in the evening.

I bored me, moving out the computer that has not been opened for a long time, I want to go online to see what new news, I also go up to MSN to see who is online, I don’t know if I am not right, my friends on MSN are not Busy is leaving, this is ok, I am also lazy, my heart thinking with them, anyway, I will meet again Monday.

At this time, there is a unknown contact with a URL to me. I don’t know him, the message is written “come in and see, Bao Jun satisfied”, I am also curious, I don’t know what to do. Click the super connection, see what the special thing will have, and the result is jumped out of an adult website. It is roughly a page that is selling adult discs, but I noticed that most of him is marked “close relatives “” Incest “,” Mother “,” Mother and Son “.

I am the first time I saw this title, with my impression that the adult disc is a young Japanese woman and a variety of people’s sex? Why is there such an adult film?

After spent a little time, browse the product of the adult website, read the introduction of each item, the passion beyond the ethics text, in my mind, the print is slowly filled, the heart is speeding, thirst, the hand is sweating .

Text briefing and film screenshot, slowly let me have a physiologically change, my genitals began to be jumped, and the hand did not feel pressed my meat.

God, I will have such a big response to this type of A, so quickly after browsing the entire adult website, turn the web page, let yourself calm for a while before the computer screen, I look down on the swell. Big meat stick.

I seem to be in this bitter day, forget the basic physiological needs of humanity, “masturbation”, I want to find something to vent my unobstructed emotions. Unfained meat sticks, isn’t it to speak in worms? ?

At this point, I will want to see if there is any other article in this forum, go to the top, and there is a lot of articles showing in front of my eyes, full of various kinds of love between all relatives.

There is also grandfather and granddaughter, but I have seen it in my eyes, but I still continue to look down, I suddenly see an article “I am with my mother”, I saw this article, my meat stick is constantly beating. , I click in, see how the owner of the article is to have sexual relations with my mother?

After reading, it is found that the protagonist of the article is a man with a love mother. It is curious from the small body of the mother. Instead, I will soar the mother’s dress, and even more boldly, I love the sex of my mother and my father, but I love to make love with my mother. The person is yourself, keep your pistol. Later, I was later discovered by my mother, but I didn’t expect my son that my son didn’t think that my son actually reversed his mother. Later, the mother also served in the son of the son, and pressed her mother in bed every night. I was tired of myself and then let my mother.

Left-to-peer, if the father has a relationship with the mother on the evening, the son in the article will still fall in the father, continue to press the mother to make a defeat, and shake the lower body and mother next to the sleeping father. The exchange of passion has not been discovered to his father.

This stimulating story is a great excitement for me. I don’t consciously pull the meat stick out of the upper and lower letters until the mother and child in the article are passionate after the passion of the bed.

God, so stimulating the plot, in the picture of the article, I have slowly emerged in my mind, my son fantasy is me, but the mother is the mother? What kind of look is it? I naturally, I put my mother like it.

My God, I am even more exciting and honest, and the hand of the penis is getting faster, recalling the plots in the art, and I am shooting again … After ventilating sexual desire, look soft down. The penis, inexplicable sin, how can I be so evil, actually produce this fantasy for my mother … Cursing my own lack of thoughts, hurry to put the computer back to the book.

Sitting on the seat, watching the book twice in the body, the physical strength is a bit decline, watching the bookbook dense text, and the topic that needs to be understood, slow brain tendon, sleepy, fortunately On the table, I didn’t know how long I slept, and I came to the ear: “Xiao Jun! Xiaojun !!” I slowly wake up from sleeping, the eyes of the clouds found that the mother, mother leaned over my ear Slightly calling, although I still sleep, I know that my mother is coming back, I am happy in my heart, I have seen the clock on the table is already 12:30 in the morning.

Mother said to me: “Xiaojun! The book is tired to go to bed, don’t worry too much, the book will look good tomorrow !! Let’s get a break!” At this time, I went to see my mother’s collar. The button is not buckled, you can see it in the inside, faintly see the mother’s breasts and black bra, I can smell the faint flavor of my mother.

I sat up with my mother, I found that my mother wore a woman in suit suit, a short skirt, a completely emitted mature woman.

I heard the words from my mother, simple toilet, sleep, my mother is also gentle, I am lie in bed, I am lying on the bed, I am not sleeping at this time, I can’t sleep.

Slowly recall the mother and child incest articles on the Internet, the mother and child sex process, at this time my genitals are striped, and the hands unconscious caress can, and the heart actually imagine with the mother’s integration.

A very fast or climax, accidentally shot into the quilt, and quickly took a few natural paper and wipe it clean. I found that I have a great change in my mother’s opinion, and I gradually fell asleep. Soon the weekend, I have received the school, but I accept the ruthless pressure of the class. It is too angry, returning to home is tired, I have been preparing to prepare the test course.

At this time, I was in front of teenagers, but I was very interested in the body part of the woman, but the school I read was a male school. There was no female classmate in the class, so there is no more female friends, and the top is the country. But there are already fresh coats, almost never talk to girls.

Some female physiological organs have a classmate or watching A film, but most of the A film I have already blocked, there is no way to see it, so the structure of female reproductive organs has always wanted to know I don’t dare to touch a ring.

After reading the mother and child incest, now the fantasy sexual intercourse is my mother, because this violates ethical morality and taboo topic, in my bloody, the old age, I am curious.

Every time I play a pistol, it is a fantasy and my mother, but I think about my mother’s look, but the body constructor? I really do not know.

More than 10 days from the first time, during this key sprint period, whenever I alone, I am immersive, I can’t concentrate on any simulation test in these days.

I have a constant love in my heart, what do you want to know? What is the feeling of entering the female vagina? These ideas are filled in my mind.

I am in front of the desk, there is always a red meat stick in the bottom of the table. I will always set a few times every night. I am going crazy, I can’t concentrate on the class. Soon, several simulation results have fallen a lot, and the mother found that several test results did not satisfactorily, and began to care about why the course will retreat.

I can’t tell her that I am fantasy every night, I can’t say it, just just perfunctory, she said that I will work hard.

However, the biggest enemy of people is themselves. It doesn’t matter if I can’t defeat, but this incest-hearted magic I actually make it arrogant, and the idea of ​​incest is strong than one day a day. I have driven me. The body makes I don’t make a move, I will slowly say that my class is better than once. I know that my mother also knows that she is worried, constantly concerned, I said it is necessary to tailor.

I said: “No, Mom, I can improve my present situation, I am just a big pressure, maybe, I can find the source of my pressure.” I don’t know what I said to my mother.

Mother: “Listen to me, can only be temporarily rest assured, see how I improve it.” Mother also reduced her class industry and reduced her class industry, but also to 5 pm, that is, I will see my mother, I can see my mother. Mother, for me to reduce the class, I am very grateful to my mother at night, I am very grateful to my mother.

However, in the lascivious thoughts, I saw that my mother was at home. The only woman I saw is my mother, I am so highly swelled, I am staring at my mother, and I am staring at my mother. .

In the evening, I started reading, my mother walked in his hand and holding a stack of information. It seems that the information of the class tomorrow’s tutorial class. At the beginning, there is reading book, but the head is always emptied, I think of my son, the picture, I The old two is hard, and the mother’s chest will be sneaked from time to time.

It is a pity that I have been blocked by the desk. Sometimes I deliberately drop the pen or items, squat go to the mother’s lower body, when the mother is in shorts, the two legs are crossed, and the legs are opened when they open trousers. They are all reactive.

I also started to see my mother to take a shower, but I have to steal the slight sewing of the bottom of the bathroom. I can only see the mother’s feet, but this move, my old second will be congested, the door of the bathroom is You can use the coin to open, have a few times you want to open your sewing to peek, and the courage is always not so big.

There is a day, I am coming back from the school, I didn’t find that my mother was taking a bath, and my mother didn’t find me home. I only wore the underwear to go out, after my study, I am going to my study, and The mother is relatively opposite.

The mother scared: “How is there no sound back!” I was also suddenly seen by my mother, it was great, it was great, the space time was probably condensed for 7, 8 hours, and the congestion meat stick under the underwear pants. I deliberately stand in place, my mother’s eyes are naturally stayed in my lower body part.

Mom quickly ran into her room and turned away, I also walked back to the study.

At this time, I actually had a sense of accomplishment, sit down and pulled down and pulled my big old second, recalling the just picture set of meat sticks.

Mother’s chest should have C-CUP but some micro-drooping, black black protrudes, no lower abdomen, black pants with private place with obvious crepe, mother’s body is just taking a bath, white skin Under the bottom of the ruddy.

I want to make some pictures, my old second has been unattractive, and the hand is constantly ignorant. I want it to shoot a strong semen.

At this time, I heard the mother’s call, I will pass the god from the fantasy, I have to come out to eat … No way, I have to take the hard meat stick bending back to the pants into the door, go to the dining room .

The mother is facing me a wish, and the place where she is standing is next to my seat. When I moved from her behind her, she was put in her body. I don’t know if my body deliberately or I really want to do this, with my mother’s rendezvous, I am firmly old, slowly draw the mother’s fleshile buttocks, especially the card in the mother’s double hips, you need to use the strength of the waist The meat stick can pass, otherwise the card is in the legs, I may have to discharge.

The mother was shocked, the body moved forward, and the hands of the meals put down the bowl and reached out. When she took her, she touched her sensitive private parts, and the mother’s quick hand quickly swept my glans, and I also saw it is me. After her back, what she suddenly touched, and quickly stopped next.

At this time, I have already sat on the seat, and I’ve been uncomfortable in the table under the table, and my mother was red and I had a long dinner. The first mother hit me masturbating: At that time I still clearly remember, then I have begun to steal her mother’s underwear as a mother’s body began to be present. That time I was forgotten, I contracted my meat stick, sucking my mother’s underwear, closed my eyes, my left hand, my right hand, I kept swaping, I was swollen, the desk is still putting a textbook, textbook Put the mother’s bra, fantasize the mother to beat the breast.

At this time, the mother didn’t have a sound in the hands of the fruit, saw my move, surprised and angry and exclusive, sudden voice, frightened, I put a concentrate, large part Irront in the mother’s shorts and in my mouse, there are some still in the abdomen.

The mother saw the move like me, very angry, and was also scared in her body. I pulled off my mouth in my mouth, wipe the semen on my mouth, and took the bra on the table, my mother’s breath Staring at me, the eyes are sometimes moved upward on my meat stick.

Looking at her expression should not know what I want to say, turn away, leave my study, masturbation is hit by the mother, the embarrassing atmosphere, in my heart, my heart is impressed, I don’t know when I generate the mother. Idea … Slowly, I started to challenge my mother’s tolerance. The class is ignorant. When I don’t care, she will hit me in the pistol, sometimes standing in the toilet and smelling mother just changing the underwear.

Or after her back with a rough old two, the mother’s two legs, sometimes the mother deliberately with her to wash the faucet when the mother is washed, deliberately touch her breast with the arm, and the water also deliberately touch her. The most sensitive nipple, every move, let her drink me loudly.

A more outrageous thing, with her in the living room, I deliberately exhibited a hard-working meat stick in front of her eyes, and the mother’s reaction was also the same, and blamed me loudly.

Such challenges, I don’t know how many days and night … seems that my mother is getting used to it, my mother helped me hit the pistol: It’s true, I don’t know why, my mother’s temperament is very big, and recently, I found my father. When I went home, my mother often broke out his mouth on the phone. The mother was angry with the phone, and the eyes were flourishing back to the room, and vigorously put the door.

I don’t know what happened inside, although I am also exposed in front of her, I will face my mother.

Mother is also pretending to see my move. In fact, I know that she is paying attention to my meat stick, and the swallowing water, she doesn’t care, it is my meat stick strength, each time Faced with probably more than 10 minutes of masturbation.

Sometimes it is forth in the mother is organizing, or shooting on the mother’s hair or face, sometimes shooting inside the chest, often such an injection will get her loud smell, I also ignore her to the room, close the door Be my business, wait until I come down when the penis is congested and congested to her pistol.

Just after I went back to the book, I waited for the second erection, I was ready to find my mother, and my mother opened my house and turned away.

Sitting next to me, ask me: “Xiao Jun, what’s wrong with you, why you will turn this, what happened, is you bullied?” At this time, the mother is headed down. Crying: “Xiao Jun, my mother hopes that you can reply to normal, continue to work hard in the class, don’t want you to get bad, you are the only hope of my mother, my mother is cultivating you, but you returned me? Are you my son, you will have a problem, I will help you solve it. Whether I am a big difficulty, I will help you solve it. As long as you talk to Mom, don’t do this to me. “Said, mother crying Greater … I heard the mother’s words, some inexplicable sadness in my heart, I started telling my mother to have a lot of demand for female physiological structure and the desire of youth, which has made me lost after ejaculation.

And the mother is my longest girl, it is inevitable to have a fantasy to her, but the behavior of her is recently, I am lie to her, I don’t know why I doing this.

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