Chapter 1: Rape, I called Sun Daming, a high school student in the experimental middle school, my study grade is general, but I love basketball, because my height is only 180cm, so I am still the main defender of the school team.

My English teacher is Wei Wei, is a young woman in a newly married, only 26 years old, is married in mid-last year, I heard that her husband is a member of our Municipal Education Bureau. Teacher Wei has a pair of 36E’s big tits, as if it is not affected by Earth, there is no signs of sagging. A pair of straight thighs is fattening ass, which makes people hate to hold the fat buttocks.

English teachers always take a pair of glasses, adding some kind of knowledge to her full body.

Once, Mr. Wei came to school to pick her. I saw that Wei’s husband’s husband was a person with a short and very wretched, I think he couldn’t satisfy my teacher. Which is like me, I can’t help play the muscles of a basketball. I have 17cm long. I usually go to the toilet to see the classmates. The little brother, I am too lazy to compare with them.

When I gave birth to 16 years old. At that time, the age was the time to understand, and I also looked at Wei teacher’s full breast and fat ass. I didn’t know how many times.

Although I think Wei’s husband has never satisfied her, but I have never dare to do anything. I know that when Teacher Wei, Teacher Wei is getting more and more popular, I think the organic can be multiplied.

At that time, because of the fascination of Wei Teacher, plus the basketball team not only often trained, but also often goes out, my academic performance has declined, especially the English score, has arrived. When Mr. Wei sent a mess of my grade, I was very eye-catching, but the story started here.

That is a very hot summer, I didn’t finish on time because English homework, I called the office after school, because of school, the teacher students are almost the same, the campus is very quiet, only the knowledge of death seems I know that life is sorrow because of the disappearance of time. Teacher Wei wore a white dress, and she had completely supported her full of flesh. One pair did not have a big tits that have been tasted by the outsiders rising the lace. Black bra. The delicate thigh is wearing a white stockings, the flesh of the meat is set with black high heels.

Teacher Wei was sitting at the desk, fell a cup of tea, and kept the Erlang legs and looked at me. I was standing by her, I was a big ass chicken bar when I poured the teacher. Looking down at the mouth, there is a red face, and the sweat leaves from the forehead. I bowed my head, but I saw the teacher’s high and beautiful foot cock hard and even more powerful.

“Sun Daming, how do you get it? You see what your grades will fall. I will know the basketball all day. You will need your cultural courses, you still don’t want to go to college? Teacher Wei said very severely.

I am silent, I have almost didn’t hear what the teacher said something, and the spirit stopped in the body of her meat.

The teacher saw that I didn’t talk, Hawran stood up and pointed at my forehead: “Sun Daming! I can’t hear it! I don’t know how to get up?”

I scared and rushed back, and I tripped myself. I didn’t think of my hand in my hand. I didn’t expect to catch the teacher’s big tits. The teacher wants to help me. She directly fluttered, the whole flesh body directly pressed down, I was standing with the big chicken, I just took the skirt on the snake drums, and my hand also grabbed the teacher. That a full talent.

Teacher Wei felt that her delicate private part was brought by a huge thing. I have long been coming over. I don’t know what it is, but her heart is thinking: “No, how can men’s things will have So big, my husband is even half of his husband. “

Teacher Wei struggled, very angry, I was angry, I was angry, and the air and corrupt side finished the clothes: “Sun Daming! You are a rogue, I can’t manage you! Call your parents, How to teach you!

Oh, mad at me! “

My consciousness also stayed in the touch of the teacher’s full tits, and the teacher saw me in a daze, the eyes stared at her big tits, and the gas was a slap My head, I called: “Sun Daming, you go home, tomorrow, you will call your parents to come. Young and don’t learn well, play rogue!” I was hit by the teacher, listened If you go to the teacher, there is a little panic. If you let your mother you know, you can’t know the skin! I am talking about: “Teacher, sorry, I don’t mean, don’t you let me call my parents?” I made a beggar of Baba. But in addition to despair, there is still a resentment. The teacher sat down, and his face was red, pointed at my lower body: “Hey, not deliberate, don’t deliberate you do? Isn’t you doing???” I am shocked, I just didn’t realize it. My dick is still hard, and I have been wearing training suit, as long as I don’t cover it, I have seen it at a glance.

I was afraid of being feared, I was afraid, I saw the teacher who walked out, looked at the rich butt, and took the way to the road to rub the white stockings, I suddenly not afraid, there is only a resentment in my heart.

“You are so hard, don’t worry, don’t you want people? Today I will rape you directly, see how you tell me parents!”

I looked at the back of the teacher, pounced it directly, and took her back her mouth and returned her door.

“Ah … Sun Daming! What do you want to do! Let me go!”

“Teacher Wei, I like you, I like you from the first to you, I like you.” I kissed her while I was dragging her on the table.

“Beast! I am your teacher!”

“I don’t care, I just like you!”

“Sun Daiming! You will call people soon!”

“You shout, look at other students and teachers, shame is you or me!”

When Teacher Wei’s voice suddenly had a lot, “I beg you to let me let me, I don’t look for your parents, and I will not find your problem anymore.”

I just ignored her, I only heard “thorn”, I took her dress. Teacher Wei bite on my arm and wanted to escape, but how can I let her run out of this office, I reached out, I directly grabbed her beautiful long hair, directly brought her into my arms. I pushed her to the sofa, and then a hungry tiger was pressed against the full body of Wei Teacher.

Teacher Wei resolutely resists his own chastity, and push me hard, don’t let me close, both legs are tight. But how long is the weakness of women’s weakness in my school basketball team? I grabbed her hands on her head, pressed in her head, left the left hand, grab the collar of her dress, force it, “stab the thorn”, just put her dress completely, then lower clothes The skirt is still firmly protecting her mysterious lower body. Black bra, smooth and greasy flat abdomen, full of exposure. I left my hand into the breasts, I used to go up, and the two snow-filled hemispheres came out, trembled, and the uli and nipples were still pink. It seems that the husband of the teacher is really a waste, so The individual is in front of you, and you can make her care so good. Today, I really got it.

I buried, put the right milk of Wei teacher in his mouth, eat milk, tongue, the tongue wrapped around the tongue, feel the milk beads slowly became full, I bite the nipple to pull up The original hemispherical right milk was pulled into a sharp bamboo shoots, sucked for a while, I spit out, the milk bead is very hard, and it is covered with my saliva and bright crystal. I tune too far latch onto another nipples, kneading the left hand right breast, the breast on one hand, but to fully grasp, soft breast meat will overflow from between the fingers, the hard nipples in the palm scratch, exciting moment, like a faint electric current directly to the brain along my arm, suddenly turned into the high-speed turbulent heat flow into my lower body, so I congestion cock distended stinging. I was eager to find a place to release these stocks heat, Wei set off a teacher’s skirt, revealing strong thighs and rounded black briefs. I grabbed the elastic band, underwear grilled with black stockings to the knee together, along with a surge in inclusion body fragrance faint smell fishy Sao mature woman’s lower body completely exposed in front of me. Under belly black pubic hair showing a beautiful inverted triangle, neatly covering the uplift Yin Gao, should be carefully trimmed.

I could not help but teased: “Wei teacher here look so beautiful, is not already there ready to give me to do ah?” Wei teacher shame and gas, trained, trained to cry.

After I got a snoring, Wei Teacher became soft, nor to fight against it, as if they were in general. I easily open her thigh, two-petal light brown labipings closely closed, and the drums are narrow, and they also reversed the sophistication of the silk. Between the buttocks, a light brown chrysanthemum is ashamed. I took my trousers on a mess, and the 18 cm old chickel rushed to its long-awaited home. I stabbed my blood red eyes, but I was not allowed to enter for a few times. I didn’t have a door to her yin. I slipped into the hip seam. No woman’s cooperation, I want to enter the lower body is really not a piece. Easy things.

I am in a hurry, but I can only go on the top of Wei Teacher, slowly I feel that Wei teacher’s lower body is gradually more humid, and I feel that Wei teacher’s ass will lift it. Cooperate with me.

I know that Teacher Wei has also wants me to insert it. I let go of the hands of the teacher, directly take off her underwear and stockings, so that she has opened her legs, see that the yin is as if it seems I welcome my general one, I put the big cock directly. Suddenly I feel that the knife is wrapped in the glans, slowly depressed, and the three sides of the meat clipped the foreskin slowly turned back, and the vaginal wall of the original closer was sprinkled by my hard dick.

Although Wei Teacher’s lower body is already wet, but the natural narrow pussy is inserted, she also let her frowned, “I will die … you are slow …”

However, I want to burn, I have a lot of money, and I have to explore the mystery in her body with a drill bit. Finally, our two giants have been put together, and the cock is in the whole roots. The glans directly entered the uterus of Wei Teacher. At this time, the woman under the body raised the jade neck of the snow and white, and sent a sound pain: “Ah ……Um……”

And I feel unusually comfortable, feel the slow contraction of the creepy meat in the yin house, tightly packaged my meat stick, the compact feel is not a marriage number. I slowly exit the meat stick, leaving the glans inside, then slammed into the end.

“Oh!” Wei teacher did not help but show it.

The thrill of the pleated friction in the glans and 膣 indoors made me accelerate the pumping speed, as if the piston began to fully reciprocate in the sleeve. After the five or six dozen, the Ministry of Mr. Wei also began to issue “呱 唧 唧 水 水 声 声, 声 地 声 声 声 把 把 满 地 户 地 满Scrape the vaginal wall, the source is constantly bringing out the prostitute, along the hip to the bed, wet the sofa under the sofa under the butture of Wei, wet a large piece.

“Ah … um … Sun Daiming … you are slow … Teacher can’t stand it …”

It’s probably not to make love too long, less than ten minutes, I have a long time, and the speed ofserting is getting faster and faster, just like the wind of the wind. Teacher Wei, I am aware that everything that will happen, open your eyes, and push my lower abdomen in your hands.

“Sun Daming! Don’t shoot it!” Wei teacher shouted.

I am not ignored by the peak, and the arms are like the iron strip. It usually tightened her waist, so that the two people are closely attached. As I looked down, the glans opened the cervix, and she had a long time, she was shot, hit on the vaginal wall, and boiled this beautiful woman straight. Let me go to the ground and extract the last hint. With the injection of the last semen, I am weak in the body of Wei, as if the strength of the body is in the same way as the semen is incorporated into the meat.

After the shooting, I heard that Teacher Wei smashed her face. When I was crying, I finally blew it, I think what I should do, but suddenly thought of the novels of the female slave seen on SIS, I don’t do it, I will let Wei Teacher, the white body is completely embarrassed in my meat stick.

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