□ ■ Wind dust six heroes

□ ■ Plays the painting

□ ■ Transfer Camp

□ ■ Second curtain – School

□ ■ 光 易 逝

□ ■ Remove again

□ ■ Release

□ ■ Wind dust six heroes

“Hey! I am late to go to school, I can’t afford it!” Mom screamed me from the quilt, I was eager to call.

I have seen it at 7:00, scared my teeth, I can’t help it, and I rushed to school. My family is almost forty minutes away from the school’s pedicress. It will be early in the first grade at the semester. It is not late, but the first semester is already a old bird, often in the bed, it is late to become late. I have a part of my life.

Although it is very wrong with the 40 minutes of the road, it is three in the high school school school. There are two in the country, there are two countries, so it is basically 40 minutes, it is the most in my day. When you look forward to it. If you like the mature flavor, the warm and high school girls are selected. If you like beautiful little sister, you can enjoy your eyes when you are in the middle school counseling. The girl has two in the foot.

However, after this summer counseling class, there is no way to enjoy this scenery, because the school began to regulate the approach of the school, and the county and the county market must be treated. Anyway, private school is like this, in order to raise funds, Pit money, what reason is compiled, shameless.

It is said that the people who stayed with me have become my death party a few months.

There are six people in our bedroom, all of which have a variety of characters, and the Bayba is famous for the flowers of the whole school, the face is long, but the rough sound of the countryside, the unruly behavior, so that his girlfriend It is a strange female girl (on my point of view), there is no pure and lovely type, anyway, the tyrant said that it is cool.

The bald hair is a desire of dissatisfaction. According to him, he said that he has made a student in the country in the country, but it is said that his fart is also his own, who believes that Don’t have a long ghost to have a big sister?

Self-touching him in the second grade, the A book, A tablets, so he will be a teacher, suffer from the Japanese beautiful girl photo, and later, more young, more than blue, even the tyrants worshiped to the self-touch. Down. He and becomes Japanese porn information, film, books, and the day of the land and started business, but this is cool, because until you graduate, our A book, video belt, etc., you don’t have to spend money, 嘿嘿.

What about the dead? As the name, it is not enough to sleep all day, go to school, go to school, wait until at least sixteen hours a day, others sleep in school, I can play the game after school, and he does not play, only Sleep, I really doubt where he is not right.

Sichuan is a bit of gods. It is said that because of the main country since the joint test is too heavy, I have sent it crazy. Although I didn’t personally ask him to confirm this rumor, I believe it is very likely to be true according to the personality of him. .

The last person I didn’t burn incense, I was originally the first volunteer student to fall into the private school, remember that when I was not good, I thought about it, I thought about the injury of the test. I have been mixing, I can’t afford to read, but I don’t have this, the results are the best in these people.

So we have six people in the 20th chamber of I, Bald, Bald, Self-touch, Dead, Sichuan, constitute the famous “Dust Six”.

When the second semester of the second grade, the friendship in the class was “sex” problem.

Originally, a school student and a girl in a higher vocational school got bed, accidentally made the female student were depressed, then the “United Friendship Leader” put forward a friendship, the boys in the class were almost They all set the target in the high school female school.

It is said that it is a famous sexual opening school, and female students are in full swing, and they are enthusiastic.

So all kinds of rumors were circulating some “evil” boys in the class, what the yellow video actress, there was a male teacher and a few female students to combine a room, the previous session The principal and several director have round-selected school flowers, and even female students have been forced to take naked to graduate, and they must make a video band with the male teacher to make love.

These, I know that I can’t consider the ghosts of Hu Yu, but I also make the people call, and I want to enter.

The so-called real kinky is a human inner, it is really good.

In this way, I arouse a circle of ripple in the class of the calm pool, slowly expanded, expanded.

A few associations, the sales of self-touches the goods fell sharply, this is no wonder, after all, they will not be able to experience personal experience.

Everything about “making love”, every boy in this age wants to taste, “girlfriend to play”, it has become the mouth of those people.

And I am probably different from those people, although I like to listen to these “there is no”, but I have some requirements and ideals, at least the kind of feelings and her feelings, I can make love with her. Girls are not my favorite women. But with the number of people who have experienced their experiences, more and more (who knows is true fake), our dust is six families.

Listening to many classmates said that there seems to be only a few people in the class, and the time of the wind, the grass, the trees, and we feel sighful.

However, it is not included, he has had experienced experience.

□ ■ Plays the painting

It is said that we are going to camping or we threaten.

Say that he will soon understand a very open girl, it is the cadre of a high school community.

According to him, two of them can be intimate to the woman, but we have been suspected of this woman, until he took the woman to give us a look, we were surprised to find such a girl in the world. She is even very cool to tell us that I have done that kind of person before he.

Therefore, we will give her a foreign number under private.

In the next few days, the tyrant reported him and the progress of the Saima every day, first touched the chest, come to the bottom, start “dry addiction” in the next few days, then the foreign affiliates tell us that the two people say that they want them two people Go to the camping, the way … listen to our hearts.

So our years, you have to grab him to let us participate.

Bayba is not a law, I have to agree.

However, this camp always can’t only have a woman, it is difficult to stay in the night of our five people to stay next to him and play, so that he is “doing things”, so he will ask her to invite several, but also attached A sentence: “It is best to find some girls with people.”

Think about this is something unlikely, unexpected, the market has agreed!

But now the problem appears, one of them is bald, one is me.

Balt He is easy to send, as long as the girlfriend is taking his girlfriend, you can go, just a person who doesn’t know more than one girl who doesn’t know, there will be some awkward games.

The real key is that I am a trouble, because I have no girlfriend, I’ve been a person who is the most camping event in six people. In addition to the title of Gai Wang, I took the hand in the wild, if I have a little Everyone can go half.

Saying that I can play with that kind of girl, I really want to do love, I have no kindness.

But the tyrant is still very good enough, asking his sales to find a girl who is right for me.

I startally feel that I am like a product that is not going out.

After the disciple, I and the two people in a day were in the dormitory. The traxus came to him. We noticed that there was more girls with the Saima. Although there were no more gorgeous, but her face is beautiful, there is one The temperament that can’t be said.

Or Bayba will speak first: “This is …?”

“Oh! She is coming to you, some communities have to discuss it.” Said goods pointed to me.

“Ah … are you the best results in your class?”

I saw her school number name, I suddenly realized that because I have said that she has said her deeds before, the original girl is the talented woman in their class. Today, I have a traveler, because she has two school academic associations. Everything to do with the event and I discuss it.

In fact, this is the tradition of our two private schools, so I don’t know her, and the deputy main office of this year is me.

Although the name is “Deputy”, some important matters are me to host, and the organizers will not worry about it, and I will make the school tend to handle it because of my transformation factors.

So, I came with her with her, and I would have a secluded.

After I introduced my girl, I was born on the side and the Saima ear. I didn’t have to go out to study.

“Hey! Talent,” Bayba deliberately add relief in “talented children”, “You take her go out!”

It’s like being rushed out, I and she walked out of the door.

“Card!” Bayba will lock up the door to the door.

I darken a “dry” in my heart.

I have ever had this situation before, and I am shut down outside the head.

I am cold on the road, and he is in the gentle countryside of the woman in the bedroom.

I will first ask her, I originally talking about ten minutes, but I will spend more time, so I will ask the girl in generous, in addition to solving people’s livelihood issues And it is also possible to discuss things.

In the restaurant, although we are not very eye-catching, both people have a general Puttong, or there is no shortage of people finger a point.

Suddenly, “Hey! Some people think we are couples, do you see like?”

I heard me said this, she shook, looked up, and the show of the show flooded.

Just so that we have stagnated for a while.

Then her voice is a little trembling: “To … I am sorry … Time is very late, thank you for your dinner, I will go first …”

I said that I will take a book bag, I have to turn around. I still want to talk to her for a while, so I got up and grab her arm.

“Good Silky Skin!” I thought in my heart.

Subsequently, I found that I was not right, just grab a strange girl is impolite, I let her go, she will go back.

I shouted loudly behind her: “Do we have a chance to meet in the future?”

But she didn’t answer me.

So, I am a little lost in the sidewalk, thinking about what happened just now.

“Strange, she is not a bitter, but how can I let me …”

I really want to have the loss of the loss, I can’t help but feel the wolf, “I first touched the girl’s hand, so soft … Hey,” I sighed, “I went to her later.”

After returning to the bedroom, he was tired of his face, and he only wore a underwear.

“Hey? You don’t want to wait until the camping is going to go?”

“It’s okay, just have to have a dowess,”

I noticed that there were a few toilet paper beside him, and it was definitely a semen he shot when he had been addicted.

I went to the desk, I suddenly thought of her, so I asked Biji: “Who is the woman just?”

“How? She is not XXX?”

“Ah … no one asks you the saga! I am who asked that pure girl?”

“Don’t you ask her?”

“I am so shy, this kind of thing told me how to say it?”

“‘Shy’, ‘introvert’? Evil … I don’t know, I will help you ask the goods.”

After tie, I came over and said, “Hey … Talent is estrus … I like the woman just. Do you want me to help you?”

“Go! I only ask you what is your name …”

“Don’t be shy, is it? Is it?”

“Go to the bath, breast …”

Bay, you can go back to bed.

“Pure? Forget it, this year is not very much in the table, who knows that she is still not pure, maybe and more than a dozen men. Which girl just knows when it is not pure? It’s better to be hungry than you after a period of time … “

“Hey, you don’t let you in the dormitory after you believe it.”

In the middle of the night, I saw that the roommates have fallen to sleep, I can’t sleep, I climbed into the bed, closing my eyes, but the girl’s figure is reflected in my mind …

I am walking in a tall wood, the sun is sprinkling in the ground, and the deep forest is filled with a fascinating fog. Suddenly blowing a strong wind, blowing the fog, I opened my eyes forward, there is a person in the distance is running. It turned out to be the girl.

She is wearing a white robes, jumping in an aroma.

There is only one white robe, in the flash of the sun, I can see her red lotus tip and the lower body.

I am standing in the distance to peek at her.

When she is about fifty meters from me, her raise is hooked by the short gun, and the whole white robes are smashed, revealing a spreading breast, buttocks.

My brain is stimulated by this, and the whole penis is standing upright.

She didn’t stop, she didn’t stop, and I have been hugging me, and my clothes disappeared.

She kissed me, kissed my cheek with my tongue and my lips, carefully carefully carested my penis and scrotum with my hands, and the sound of mixed sound: “Faster, I need you …”

I am a fierce temptation, like making love old man.

My hands grabbed her slender legs, opened her privacy, inserted in my penis, standing with love.

I grabbed her feet in one hand, hugged her hips in one hand, repeating the piston movement one liter, she issued an extremely sensuality of cheers, and the mouth constantly called me to speed up, deepen the insert.

Suddenly the sky is dark, she suddenly hurts the prostitute, she suddenly made a scream different from the prosthesis. After that, she kept shouting. She raised her hands on me, grabbing her. Long hair, started more screaming fierce, then the eyes were closed, faintly fell.

In the process of she fell, her slender waist branches cracked into two paragraphs, sprayed from the cleavage of the large white viscous fluid.

I pushed her lower body in my dream. At the same time, when the lower half of her body fell to the ground, the ruddy pussy turned into a big mouth, put my semen from the glans from the glans. , Then changed to blood, and finally engulfed me in my scream. “Ah, ah …” I woke up from my dreams and found that I have been sweating. “Hey, feed! What? Who is not sleeping in the middle of the night?” I touched me. I didn’t take care of him, just constantly gasping, “It’s a dream …” I said that I found a girl who was right for me.

I am shocked, how can I think, ask: “Who? What is she?”

“Hey, don’t be so chasing it, don’t you know the camping?”

On the same day, I boarded the car and looked up, I saw her! Shortly, I have negotiated the girls with me. I turned around, I fully understood that this is a babi arrangement.

“This guy …” I am in my heart.

I walked in the walk, on the side of her, she wore a blue long dress at this time, the upper body is a white dress, which is more beautiful than the uniform wearing the ugly that day.

She also tied long hair and filled with pretty atmosphere.

She saw me, smiling, greeted me.

I actually nervously, and I sat next to her.

I smell her wiped the fragrant water, not very rich, faint.

At this time, I jumped sharply, and I forgot the views and opinions of my girls.

I secretly pay attention to her from time to time.

“Hey! Talented, are you not the number of kings in our class? How? What? Seeing the lady who likes to say it?”

“啰唆!” I turned to her to smile with innocently “He is kidding …

And her face is also a beautiful face, I also returned to my shallow smile.

The night is low, only I rose camp in the camp, and the rest of the people will run the atmosphere, and she is helping next to me.

I won’t be cooked, I have a good fire, and I have to trouble her, and I can’t think of she will prepare a dish. It is really a rare, but it is not very delicious.

After you are ready, I will call other people with her.

Bayba and Said Trees seem to have been can’t help, hiding behind a tree and panting each other.

When I found these two people, she didn’t seem to be a little surprised, and it seems that I didn’t know what this camp was for.

On the way back, I was walking silently with her. When I didn’t intend to touch her eyes, I found that her eyes had a gaze, helplessness.

Go back to the fire, everyone has started the game, only I keep silent and watching others.

Recall that today’s process of building a camp, she has been in my side, asking Dong asks, like a little child, and then gradually got a good sense of her.

While eating dinner, I sneaked with her colorful face.

“Do you really want to love her?” I made a big question in my heart, I really don’t want to destroy her pure impression.

“What’s wrong? Is it what I have on my face?”

She noticed that I was watching her, then touch her cheeks with hands, and the eyes stared at me.

“Ah! No, no …” I went back to God, and the breath is a little panicked.

□ ■ Transfer Camp

Sichuan, he seized the hands of Xiaofang, saying that his two had to walk alone, and then left the Campfire Zone.

Bayba also pulled the tract back to the tent.

Then, the bald and Qi Qi, the dead and Lily, self-touching and the sister, only left me and she still surrounded by fire.

I would not talk, I have passed a while, and I have passed the breath of tyrants and the saga.

I feel somewhat embarrassed, I will take courage, holding her hand, saying: “Do we go to the stream to see the stream?”

She is also full of red, and I promise my invitation.

I held her hand along the way, but I kept jumping in my heart.

Her hand is very good, more soft than a sense of touch, don’t know if her chest, and the hips are still the case.

Thinking of this, the heart of the heart is not upset, the breath is gradually chaos.

We both went to the shore and found a more dry stone.

Listening to the water, I turned sneak her, and she didn’t look at her during the day. At this time, there is a charm that is unable to remove the sight.

Suddenly she turned to stare at me, and our time stagnant at this moment.

Later, a waiter came, and the temptation of her body was also a desire of my heart.

After I called her name, I walked like a wild wolf …

I overwhelmed her on the ground, left hand pressed her chest, I found someone’s skin, so soft, the right hand opened her skirt, revealing her smooth and white thigh, and her white underwear, chained mature The lower body.

She first slammed first, then began to struggle, but this twisted her short half of her bodies more tempting me, twisted body with breasts, making her double milk more delicate, and let me want to bore. My breathing is more urgent, the action is also bold, my left hand rubbed her breast, sometimes with her hand, and sometimes five instructions.

The penis is gradually hard.

Although she struggled to ask me, I ignored her, and the right hand stretched into her hips. I went deep into my tender hips in the underwear. Then the right hand will pick up the underwear.

Showing a strong black hair in underwear, telling me that she is a full woman, struggling to swing the legs to make her rushing pussy if it is hidden, the hole that can make my congestion penis is hungry, floating, floating, It seems that I have to go, I will take her, I will take her.

For a time, I can’t get rid of her underwear. I am eager to tear the underwear that hinders my sight. The left hand stepped on the breasts, and the right hand fingers stretched into the black triangle, and then moved to feel her soft labia. The middle finger cares for the opening of her vague.

When I touched her private parts, she was originally struggled slowly to struggle until it stopped.

The head is biased, although it is very clear in the dark, but I can know that she is treteving, the softening and the slow trembling of the body will stop violation.

I struggled in my heart and finally won the desire.

I stopped, see what happened, I moved her face with my face with my left hand, I found that her eyes were in my eyes, and the delicate body kept tremble, and the mouth was muttered.

Seeing this, I can’t bear it.

Then, I left her hands and put it on her forward.

Then she saw that I no longer continued, put the legs, pulled down my long skirt to cover her down, organize clothes and sat in the body, and smoked.

After a long time, I heard that she was no longer crying, so I looked up and said: “Since you don’t want, why do you want to come with us?”

I am like a little girl who is blaming the wrong thing, and she bowed.

So our two have been sitting so, they are silent about each other.

I am on the shore, there is no movement, and the water flows through.

I don’t know how long, she slowly spit out: “I can’t.”

Then be buried in her arm and cry again.

I am most afraid of girls cry, and I started feeling not very embarrassed, so I said: “The girl like you should know that this kind of camping should not come, I am really sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry. .. Really sorry… “

After that, I turned to look at her, she still maintains the original posture, no reply.

Seeing her ignore me, I feel a little irritating, nor will she go to her.

The starry sky is brilliant, in the quiet mountain, the distant camp came from the orthotic kinky, which made a great echo in the silent valley.

I have to concentrate on the two, I can block these annoying calls, but it seems that I can hear the long forest Sichuan and Xiaofang are making love, and there are bald them.

It seems that the echo gathers from me, demonstrating me, how much they are with them.

The more you listen to, the more you want to be too angry, you don’t have to come here, you can’t come here, you can’t stand the nude photos, look at the bare photos, and you can’t stand it, you can shoot more, Falling now, someone sit here, can’t do anything.

Think about it, you have to listen to them, how brave yourself, how much you want to die, really # @ $%!

In the morning, other double pairs of pairs will not see people in the morning, I don’t know where to get it.

So the work of cooking is also on me.

While I came, I “dry” in my heart.

I noticed that she came out of the tun, stepped to the stream.

I called a chill, I was originally arranged and she slept, because of the unpleasant thing happened yesterday, so I took a sleeping bag alone, and I went to the fire.

After she went to the stream, I noticed that she would take the long hair of her, and then I went to me, I came to me.

I am gambling, I am like her.

For a long time, we have not issued any sentences.

Later, I sneeze. She actually put her coat on me, then said: “Thank you, didn’t give me yesterday.”

As soon as I heard this sentence, I first thought about it, but she turned into the yard at this time, in the morning, the elegant long hair, light figure, made me shocking People, forget to call her.

After I went back at noon, I have been watching her in the car. She is passionately avoiding my eyes, making me a deep feeling of her.

“Don’t I fall in love with her?” I doubt what I would like to ask myself.

□ ■ Second curtain – School

After returning to the school, he first stopped: “Wow! Laozi was first by ‘Blow speaker’, then the taste is really cool. I and her a hundred rounds, dry, she wow, it is the spring, she is going to get it. Forgiveness, I can’t think of this, I haven’t used this trick. I have never been this experience. I will take two or three times. I will think that I can’t do it. This week must be about her again, do it again. Once, Laozi will not believe in the second time, it will not work, hey, but say, this time and the play is the first time, the women are just touched, insert a hole, and then take the ejaculation Even if there is such a active girl in the first time … “Bayba closed his eyes and started to imagine that night.

Then I said that I said: “Dry! You look at the little girl, the little girl is small, I thought that even if she was not a woman, I couldn’t think that the ‘hole’ is very wide, I don’t know how many men have passed. When she is, there is no feeling very much at all … “

“You are too thin! Hahaha ..”

Since I got a look, I said, “her grandmother, I don’t know how the ‘Big Bird’, this is one of the hurts of my male prestige. Do you want ‘holes’ so wide. In addition Serious, smashed, Laozi is cheated. “

“Ha, forget it! Not because of the big money.”

“Silver, put her as a lot of money, the money, the money.”

“Hey! Go to you!”

Bald is then said: “Hey! You have no feelings, do you have love, can’t be called real cool, do you want to make love from the end of my talk? Which place I haven’t dated, don’t use my grinding, let alone is blowjob, anal sex, and breasts I don’t know how many times. This time is the first outdoors, in Qingliangxi water .. Ah, ah … so cool … Now think about it, will you teach you a few tricks? “

“Love? Who doesn’t know Qi Qi is you played with money, ha …”

“Hahaha! Sensing one!”

Balt saw I didn’t join the discussion, “Hey, talented, don’t you go? What is your play?”

After I rely on the chair, I traveled my chin and shake my head: “Hey, don’t say, don’t let me do it,”

I am a little bit like a heart, saying with the words of the slanders, “The heart is too soft.”

“Stupid! Will not strong?”

“I used it!”

“I can’t get it, I won’t be given by her, let us 瞧 …”

“Hey, don’t touch! What is abolished, I am watching her really not, so …”

“Stupid! You truthfully believe she is in the room?”

“Please! Will you go to the kind of camping? What is good? I can’t do it. She is to give you this boy’s special experience to pretend to be very pure …”

“this… “

“Stunning … Reading is a short circuit …”

The more you say, the more you are not like, I have been a little annoying.

“咦 -, I have a lot of tube!” Although I said it, I don’t believe in her movement in my night, let alone all over the morning …

This camp is over, there seems to be only alone in the boy in the whole class or in the room.

“never mind!”

Although I said this, I actually look forward to such a chance, boys! It is not interested in this business, let alone us, this age, it is easy to have some thinking about the opposite sex.

I thought that since I didn’t have a “劲” who took the opposite sex, what was the fun? So from that time, I didn’t participate, I didn’t participate, I looked at the class, and some people had double-in. Not only once, I am still sigh.

Later, some people saw me so much, can’t see it, introduce my girlfriend, but I have returned, and I have even have a school girl hinted that if I don’t have a girlfriend, then she …

I don’t know why, I have been thinking about it after doing something wrong. I have been thinking in my heart. If I have been scared by me, I have a shadow in her inner heart, then I have a fear of men, then I Sin is bigger.

For the heart, I can do nothing in the friendship, I will not pay for my girlfriend.

I died in high school, I can have an affair.

Say this is quiet, reading is also getting up, starting ranking.

Lifting the high three, our group of dead party, because the A book is found, and the mission, the instructor conflict, so they will move out, find the house near the school, still live together.

The days of the third day is very busy, I have been busy with the college entrance examination, although everyone is eating, but they have gradually been alienated.

□ ■ 光 易 逝

On the day of the day, the tyrants still constant, fishing the horse, lie to the horse, starting from that season, Bayba also begins “dry horse.”

He feels that there are many women in the world, vowed to be full of “holes” is not married, change girlfriends become frequent events, often, soon, they will break, but they are also better than good, because they are Some thoughtful girlfriends!

However, he insisted that he did not play the little family jasper, and the girl who was attacked, because he said “and after they got it.”

More than a year, I didn’t play anything, I really don’t know how to contracerate with those girls, and the number of girls who have been in bed with him. I don’t like this, and I like this, less It is nearly 20.

But this can be worried about me, because I have to go out to give them the room, especially in the northern wind of the bleak, one person walks alone.

I will stay in the school late self-study, so that the long-term partner is long. Even my people who are most often in the bedroom are not clear.

Bald and Qi Qi have a fixed time party, naturally, they all do in some senior hotels (otherwise plus these two people, I don’t even have to go back in the bedroom?) Give Qi Qi, anyway, the fare of the fare is 10,000, which is so good.

I often don’t suspect whether Qi Qi just looks at the incumbent money, the two are only mutual.

The facts are good, these two have been blown half a year ago, the reasons for the baldness are: fear Qi Qi is pregnant, began to use “raincoat”, but Qiqi thinks that the bald is playing with her, no truthfully thinks with her. It is resolutely unancing.

I first felt the strangeness, quite a sticker, and finally didn’t expect it, and half a year ago, the bald family began to thoroughly investive the go of life, and the “economic sanctions”, Qi Qi did not get the benefits, nature It is necessary to break up.

Qi Qi’s empathy is love, the same man in the same society, now has a few months of pregnancy, and this is quite a big bury.

The encounter of self-touch is the most dramatic.

He and the sister have only played this year, and she suddenly came to him with her family a month ago, she said that she was giving birth to him, and he was responsible.

Just like this, it is a poor self-discovery, and it is planted and retired. The evaluation is lower. This is mainly the people who will choose the pleasant person, and the sister is not refused. It is said that I have loved the boss of a clothing store with a clothing store. Occasionally.

It is necessary to blame who tells him that he doesn’t know how to love the world. After playing the sister, he also hits the place to broadcast and leave a photo to prove that he has done love.

Now that the sister and others are chaotic, the man said that it is a sister and someone, neither is willing to be responsible, and I don’t want to spend money to help her.

When the sister is in anxious, I want to find a ghost to emergency, because her family is not willing to help her to raise a child, and she is also, so the way is married, and there is no feeling with himself, anyway, let it find Individuals have married and then divorced, and they will come rid of such a child. They are also easy.

So that is the one who has admitted and she has a self-touch.

But there is no way, or others want to tell him to abandon.

Unfortunately, he did not expect the favorable conditions of time, and so on, when you discovery, the sister took a divorce fee to “fly”.

I thought that he had to have an oath to play all over the world, and the result is that his woman is played through the world, screaming.

As for the dead and Lily, he became a love after the camp.

One day, I didn’t sleep in sixteen hours, I was going to write a love book, and I went big my eyes on the class.

Since then, our dust six men understand the greatness of love.

What is more worth mentioning is that the two are very pragmatic, and after reading the high school, they will not care about their own opposition, and they will drop out of school together, and they are like couples.

I just thought that they were just a joke, even with my family, I would definitely separated by dream rupture.

But it turns out that because of independence, the two love is more firm, because life is difficult and more conceived.

The last time the dead, the spirit said that they have enough money, they will open the flower shop, then get married, have a man and a woman.

We said that we were stunned, stunned, crying without tears.

Since the name called Xiaofei, he asked Sichuan from our dormitory. His situation has been unknown. If you don’t come. Recently, his family kills the school, we know that he is missing.

However, after half a year ago, he returned to the dormitory to the dormitory to lend to us, we officially lost contact.

Therefore, for his family, pleading, and thoughts, we need to ask us to ask Sichuan to go, we can’t do it.

It’s just later, from his family told the school, the mentor turned back into our ear, and he knew that Xiao Fang did not live there.

After graduating, I went smoothly into the university.

The dead and Lily have opened a house, and the business is still not evil.

It may be that it is better to think about her in the past few years, I have not been like a general college student. After going to the university, if you have a mad friend, you are like a male dog, just in the field of knowledge, try to make yourself. . And I have time to stay in the dead, except because there is no place to go, it is because I am still in harmony with high school.

I have asked Lily’s reception, but Li Li can help me very limited, because Lily of Lily is dropped out of school, on the other hand, Lily and the girl of the gods are not much.

Lily can only tell me what subjects she like, how much her achievements are good, how many model students have been taken.

I only have a bitter laugh, saying that there is no help.

With the past semester, I don’t know why it is twice to her thoughts, but I can only think about her, watching the photos taken at the beginning, I hope to see her.

□ ■ Remove again

One day, I went out to rest. When I walked to the school, I actually saw her, the girl who was “raped” when I was camping, I couldn’t think about it.

“Great, I have nest in the school, no wonder you can’t see her.”

I am happy to ran over and she.

She is me, the embarrassing memories of the day, the face is blushing, then look at me in a blame, so I don’t love me, I left me alone and hurriedly walked away.

Think about it, it is really a thing that is so embarrassed to her, and people should hate me.

But after I went back, “endocrine began to be disordered”, madness is fascinated by her, come crazy, have passed the past, and the thoughts of her are increasing.

And when I told the high school, I must marry her long-distance plan. Everyone will not expose the expression of surprising, although it is a warned that I said that the girl can play, when the wife can don’t work, and Say that I will participate in the criticism of the camping, but I also warned me not to be stupid, don’t be in the same way as he was planted by the scent, why bother to a few days in a few days ?

However, the speaker, the listener is awkward, this is a great opportunity, because she has not been taken by anyone, so I am determined to pursue her.

If the death party, I only make my heart more frank.

I have been thinking about my future girlfriend and my wife. How to make the ice and jade, how to don’t eat the fireworks, change the sentence is like ancient times, I can’t leave the house, only my husband is never, it is necessary to have no Touching a woman in love with any male love.

But when love is coming, I don’t know what I do. I decided to have a hypnotize yourself before I said that she didn’t check it. After the camping, I didn’t know how many men, you still like her.

However, whenever I see her in the campus, I like her more, even when I see her beautiful smile, all the day is one of the spirit, throwing all kinds of troubles after my heart, my The joy is hurting with her joy, and this single thinking makes me feel more, her affectionate look will finally crash.

So I started “release the wind” and put it into action.

This day is a month after my literary school will encounter her month.

The first year is a stranger, the next year is a friend, the next year is a friend, and after the last year, I took her home to see my relatives and relatives, and she also to her family Announces our feelings.

Flat love is the real period of life, and we have not been like the TV station, and the love ethics tragedy is impossible.

We have no emotional enemies, and there is no restriction of family, and there is no two relatives of friends and relatives.

Everything is slow, but it is warm.

Wait until I was on the eve of the soldiers, I have been afraid that she will go to me, and I have wanted to make a love method to strengthen her.

But after all, I didn’t dare to come out, but I was more confident, even if I mentioned it, she will not agree, just like five years ago.

But with the approach of soldiers, my mood and worry are more upset.

Until the night above the night, our two last date.

At the end of ten o’clock, the two went to the river to visit the night scene.

Along the riverside, there are not many pedestrians, with stunned street lights, I looked at her, but there was a kind of fear.

She already has a job, and I have no economic foundation; I can only take a few weeks to accompany her, but the male colleagues around her can share her feelings at any time. This is really unfavorable.

I think, I can’t think about God unconsciously.

“How is it sultry?” She came back and asked me at about five measures in front.

“Nothing … I have to leave you tomorrow … I can’t help …” I slowly answered.

“Are you worried about me?”

After she was placed behind, she came over with me.

“Um… “

I know this is the last chance, I can’t grasp it.

So I walked away, I went to the riverside guardrail, and I slowly took the worries in my heart.

After that, I turned over her.

“You. Can. Wait. I. This. Two. Year. …”

I finished writing a word.

Time, it seems to be at this moment.

After she heard, she was shaken like a hit, and she didn’t say it. She did not say that in front of a serious and affirmative point, she took the initial reach out around my neck, in the dark Under the street lamp, no matter the gaze of passers-by, I didn’t dare to kiss in our university.

Subsequently, she cuddled in my arms, the body was shaking, and the voice was cryked: “Do you not believe me? I don’t know how to express me …”

After saying that she looked up, I looked at me, the truth of the true feelings, the tears of Jingying slammed from her cheeks, and there was a love.

I used my fingers to go to her face, and then two people hugged tightly, “I know, darling …”

The life of the army is a desert, but I have her oasis.

God bless our two feelings, so it’s hard to get it again after you finish the soldiers, it can be again in one.

And I don’t dare to slack, I will find a job immediately. Although the process is not very smooth, it is still a workman.

Until I found a job, there is a point of economic foundation, and I will start my second step – marriage plan after she is more than her.

After working, I just take a break, I must run to her home stick, if you send a salary, buy a gift to send her, write, send flowers, songs … and more.

Due to the good relationship with her family, they all welcome this “outsiders”, especially her five-year-old cousin, often asking me when I want to marry my big brother, will make her cheeks.

And her parents also hinted my age to get married, or I decided to be better.

But not I didn’t make it, but she is “then waiting for a while.”

I finally had a year and a half years after work, after I didn’t know the first marriage, she promised to marry me, and that day, I was in the same day in the dormitory.

I am surprised that this deliberate coincidence is only to understand how she cherishes me and she meets her first time, so we would be married at the date of camping eight years ago.

The day before we got married, the death party took on my heart in my heart. In the past few years, I have been intentionally ignored because of my heart because of my heart.

Although it has been made of quite a big mental preparation, it seems that this imperfections cannot be removed.

Although I often go to her home, I will cover the sky, speak of writing, almost all about it, but I have never asked the only word of her friendship, I don’t know if she used to pay for it. Boyfriend, more time, I urge to ask if she is concerned about whether she is a virgin, even in the eve of marriage, I have seen the last side. After the kiss of the moonlight, I still have a good time, I’m almost proposed. .

Although the self-hypnosis of this year will have no effect on this year, I have never admitted that the traditional big man is still in my heart.

More times, dreaming of my dreams together and other men, but I don’t know what.

What’s more, I am very loved now, can’t don’t hurt her.

If she doesn’t have happened, the top will laugh at my careful eyes. In case she has had it?, I will have some degree of cracks and ditch, and I will never face each other. .

So this kind of betting I have never played from beginning to end.

I was lying on the bed, I finally wanted to pass: “Forget, anyway, I want to love me now, take care of me wholeheartedly after marriage, take care of her, how to take her … “

At this time, I was lying in bed and said in verbal.

“… said that it is completely ignorant …”

My idea is turned.

“… Ah … don’t think about this boring thing again …”

I lid my head with the pillow, and I jeally 我 我 自己 一 一.

However, there is no sense of loss, but I can’t take my heart.

I know that I still have some regrets.

□ ■ Release

On the night of the cave room, I took her on the bathroom to take her, holding her bed.

Under a stunned art lamp, I stared at her, the red cheeks were still, but she had become my wife, she won’t run, I won’t let her slip away from my arms.

I kissed her cheeks, holding up her pretty face with hands, saying: “I really won’t think that you will be my future wife, I just held a mentality of playing.”

I took my face in advance, I got on her Congli.

Hand with her bathrobe, slide over her belly, staying on her chest.

She didn’t touch her body, saying: “Then now I want to play a play?”

I pinch her breast, soft, so tender, so smooth, there is a lot more than eight years ago.

“Yes!” I slipped to her hips left hand and said.

“What!” She apricots.

I once again seal her lips, and my hands grabbed her waist and rolled down, put the tongue deep into her lips, sucking her jade liquid with mouth, and said to her: “I’m now ‘I don’t want to play with you?” ” Ok! I hate it! “She smiled gently.

“Let’s come again!” I said.

The right hand strokes two milk clams, and her bathrobe fades over one side.

A well-known figure, the scorpion breasts have two pink nipples, and the fire red nunis seems to be eager to go to her, lick her.

White legs were smashed by me, and she was slightly smoked slightly, and she seems to be embarrassed to be seen by me.

That dark group is more powerful in these eight years, and the black is a moist private place, my lower body is gradually violent.

In the past eight years ago, I love that place floating in my heart. I don’t know if it is still slightly wet.

I reach out your fingers to fight her.

She tremble slightly, the breath said slightly: “This action affects me eight years.”

I should have her, “Dear, you are surprised eight years ago …”

Then the fingers are more gently stroked with her, slowly, gradually wet.

With the caress of your fingers, she trembles slightly, looking at me deeply, a little bit hard, I bite her ears, “… Sorry …”.

Then I buried my head into her chest, I used her cheeks to feel her trembling, breathe her body incense with my nose, taking the lips and the tip of the tip of the tip, and I am completely intoxicated in this kind of style .

I posted her crisp chest, fade the clothes on my body.

Then I used her hands to stand up, and she gained each other.

At this time, she, the beautiful face is blushing, but it looks more charming.

Because when I have seen her youth, she also carested her when she had a young girl, so she made her mature and charming, and I made me mad, obsessive.

More importantly, we have been combined with the names, and I have been pursuing her for several years. This preserved first night is even more cherished, because it is still not easy!

I was with her hands finger, and the grunge of her arms, stretched back to the pillow, so I put the bed.

She brought her legs, let me be in the middle of her legs, and then creep, so that the penis can enter her vagina as long as she pushed it.

In this way, we have maintained a while.

During this period, we were silently waiting for each other.

My eyes must be full of desire for fire, making her not dare to face me; even the eyes move, she is ashamed and red face.

This time, it is like a first stay, I will slowly wait for her to do a psychological preparation. In addition, she is my person, I really don’t want to be anxious, I am in my heart. .

If the glans accidentally touched the labie, the shake of her body is also strengthened again, and my penis is also stimulated.

At the moment, the moment is finally coming. It’s still going to know what to do. She is slightly, I can enter her body, then close my eyes, close my lips, take a deep breath, and the sound is slightly, but the sound is tight but tension.

At this time, I changed my shake, I didn’t dare to enter her body right away.

I closed my eyes, I thought about the method of video tape, with both excited and nervous mood, I slowed on the top of the hip, wear the thin layer of film, etc. The big stone in my heart will be put down.

In the past eight years, I will make my soul of my dreams.

Since these days, she has always been a partner that I am in masturbating.

In the fantasy, we rolled up in the night sky, and the weak star is angry with her soft breasts. The quiet grass is around the wheezing, and the two people have hidden after the climax. Sleeping on the grass …

I slowly pumped, the vaginal wall is a bit close, but the glans makes the gods, I love her slightly, send a lightweight, from each time I put the penis allocation, I feel that the contact of the lower body This initial disconnection occurred in the trembling …

Fantasy in the shallow lake in the unmanned lake, she is not hung, she is lying on the big stone of the spring, because the chest tangled up, I am taking, let me taste, open my legs, let me control, I entered and out, I eventually injected thousands of hilarious insects into her body in the bang sound of the waterfall, and fell into the shallow pool because of the tiredness after the passion.

I gradually accelerate the pump, and her groan gradually looked loud. The water bed of the hotel roses the flow of water with the water flow.

I have also been washed in the bathroom. She was washed down, she kneeling next to me, bending my body sucking my penis, then I can’t help but sit on my stalk, and I took her from behind. The breast, intensely intense in both violent wheezing, reaching the climax when the water wave of the bath is hosted to the high point …

I hurry her hands, the speed of pumping is rapid, and the body is almost attacked her body.

She breathed a soft and very urgently, the face was smashed on the slightly bead. The breasts left before and after I entered into the sweat drums under her body. The nipples on the breasts were pointed like a point in my chest. …

I have also fantasy that we are already a couple. She is busy with her tender buttocks of Zhang Luo night with the lower body on the kitchen pedestal. When she is eager to enter her, her hands have been behind her. Hold her peak. The passionately moved, in the fried fish, the two people enjoy the brother and my sister friction, and overflow the soup while the soup was ejaculated while the pot is swummed, then naked in the table Focus on the black dinner … I can feel how wet, the soft vagina stimulates my red glans, and I will go up to my brain from it, my heart seems to be saved every time. It will improve the one layer.

Open your eyes and looked at us. The crystal liquid flowed out from her vagina. With my entry, the penis covered with her labia, wet her Yinhong’s pussy, and made my glans to remove the minimum friction Her body.

This is my first time, it is the first time, it is so beautiful for me, I don’t know if she feels like this?

Time a minute and one second, I started to have a feeling of tiredness, but the potential of the puff did not slowly, and her screams were also sent to it.

We both were governed by the integration.

Gradually, my consciousness began to blur, the lower half of the body is filled with heat, all 10 million hiuspicians that are ready to be sent. I am fully inserted with her, and she is tightly wrapped in my waist, the closer, the closer to the outbreak, and the clip is tighter.

Two dramatically shaking people, plus the water bed, like a landslide, is also like a volcanic outbreak.

Finally, I was finally hit. I sent the penis into her body. I have no strength to take it again. Then the end of the world is coming. At the same time, I also called the last glory, all the awareness does not have anything …

I released the hand that grabbed her palm, and the virtual body is on her, and the messy breath gradually returns to normal.

She opened her hands tightly, mixed in my mouth, I could do not leave her breath.

At this moment, I think I am really the happiest person in the world.

After the thrill of the array of crumbs, I extended out the tongue and her tongue, flexibly touched each other, and then deeply across the other side of the lips, enthusiastically sucking.

I don’t know how long it has, and the two are still hugging, and I am afraid that I have just lost.

The last heat regreshes, and we are reluctant to separate.

She is lying on my chest, and the right foot has across my lower body, so that the passion is still a combination of passion, because sweating, long hair is hidden in my chest.

The breast attached to the left is attached to my chest, and the vagina clamps my penis in her body.

I extended his right hand against her, and pinched with my right default with my fingers.

Not long, she sneezes slightly.

“Cold?” I pulled up the thinness of the side and covered her shoulders.

“Husband,” she asked me if she was very kind. “Do you really love me?” 0

“Well … this is only me in this world …” I replied lazy, and then kissed it on her hair.

She smiles satisfied.

“What about you?” I asked her, she didn’t answer.

“Dear, do you know why I have to go to the campiece eight years ago?” She fell in my arms, whispered.

“Yes! Why do you want to go? That kind of intent is not good …, why do you want to go?”

Suddenly I remembered the stream of the stream eight years ago, and the “ghost” said by many dead party, the heart began to be uncontrolled, and the tone was hard.

Because that is indeed that a general girl should go, it will not be really well-behaved … I really should be a tyrant.

In this way, even if she gave me the first night, but before this, I have a lot of “weake addiction” and “vendane”, and “Virgin” does not represent any meaning!

If you want me to choose, then I would rather her in the past, but I will suffer from love, but I don’t want her to only stick to the last layer “film” and other women. “

Thinking of this, I don’t know why, I began to feel the important and spirituality of each other and my spirit far exceeded the perfection of the body.

“What happened?” She looked up and looked at me and obviously didn’t feel the transformation of my tone.

Then she put the whole chest with my chest, and creephed the double milk, deliberately stimulating me, I feel that it is still hard in her body.

She kissed my lips with a smile, and said to me with a good voice: “I have always believed that you will be my husband and have no boyfriend.”

“what? “

“At that time, I had already fell in love with you, I just went to you!”

Then she got up and faced me, raised a arm in front of me, “I don’t know if you will be so for me that night, so I am very sad that I like it …”

She pointed to me with his fingers, smiling and smiling, “… Dali Wolf …”

“Okay! You …” She seals me with the lips, so I can’t continue to say, and I also understand that she does not speak more, and the potential turns over to put her down.

“Well! I will come back now, I have to come back!”

At this time, her smile is even more bright, “ah … color wolf …”

In this way, the prince and the princen have lived a happy day since now …

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