DeLong and I were both handed over a girlfriend experience at least 50 people, and often exchange their experiences and practices process, which I remember once joking with Deron two mentioned exchange ideas girlfriend to make love! And in the same room together, they spoke two getting more and more vigorously, and that good design and arrange another day must convince each other’s girlfriend, of course, I mean other than my wife girlfriend!

While my wife we ​​were very open and had often chatted with the other half of the experience (according to her – and she slept only three men, but she had oral sex with at least 30 men who, because she is in the other most critical moment to help each other to make each other during oral sex with ejaculation, before the problem is she does not want too promiscuous), and of course I have this idea DeLong with her, I said, just as each other in all joking!

She did not take it seriously.

Saturday night remember one day my wife and I plus three Deron drink at the Brasserie, Xinyi wearing a black low-cut, her cleavage is obvious to see, plus a short black mini skirt , coupled with slender legs stockings uniform symmetry, I believe what the man looked recognize immediately want to make love with her. After seeing her enchanting eyes plus a very beautiful appearance, imagine her Jiaochuang Sheng must be very enjoyable, waiting for his girlfriend Delong, Delong’s eyes have been facing Xinyi cleavage that looked at a few drinks after I and Williams and Xinyi are somewhat tipsy, and the topic of sexual orientation gradually, in a discussion at this time Williams suddenly make recommendations proposed Swingers love, of course, we all thought he was joking so it now he Xiaqi!

But I know he has a crush on my wife for a long time, because when we are chasing Xin Yi’s just me worse than him nothing! But he suggested that I was a little heart to stimulate! Just then he got up and went to the phone (appears to be urging his girlfriend). But I did not expect him to come back after his girlfriend had actually said she was not coming! Causing me to feel a little pity, my wife also took the opportunity embarrassing, he said – you also want to play, you also have the problem, of course, my wife still thought the idea was a joke would say so.

This is because everyone already tipsy! So I went to see the proposed MTV, this time look out Delong’s face is very upset, the original plan can not be realized.

MTV to the box after about 20 minutes we suddenly heard next door there came the box: ah … ah .. and shortness of breath .. we would not do it deliberately to a potential weak hit the wall next door (it should be said that plywood). Xin Yi also intentionally issue: In Zi Zi .. suck penis … ah … ah … do not stop soon .. .. .. jumped in … I want to force the point …

Her performances can be really like. Then I found her sitting on the sofa bed because of seeking only to show .. very short narrow base has been quickly pushed the ass, do not know whether she deliberately, because Deron been watching her sexy translucent in the group black briefs, Xin Yi seems to have noticed that when my wife turned around to take a positive, hands do not intend to touch the penis Deron crotch.

I found Xinyi want to feel the eyes a bit, then three had returned to normal thought of the film, and my right is Xin Yi Xin Yi and Williams was sitting on the right, the three hands have a pillow! May be the next to make love sound plus alcohol off hope, my wife suddenly put his hand to my penis where ever have to touch it .. and constantly moving up and down, I even opened the zipper directly playing with my penis, of course, my penis quickly popped up outside the pants, because I was so excited when it becomes very big, according to Xin Yi said I was the biggest seen her when I enjoy indulging in foreplay, heard Xin Yi Chuan to the sound of waves of shortness of breath.

Ah ….. ah … ah …….. original Deron’s hands do not know when my wife out into the ass and move around in the … .. stroked it seems fast forward close up pussy .. Xin Yi Xin Yi is of course looking out the side in fear to hide but I found out, so she’s not much action, Williams seems to see through the idea of ​​Xin Yi, it is welcomed by the finger under Yee’s ass negligent stockings under her hips to make translucent black panties looking vaguely .. Xinyi under constant caressing fingers blush … and stimulation. Pleasure .. I found her not too slowly and escaped! One hand caressing my penis with one hand even stroking slowly moved on Delong penis ….

Xin Yi came in the box are the ah .. ah .. ah … ah … ah … ah .. ah …. Xin Yi then simply stood up, pulled her under tow half stockings as soon as possible in order to wet briefs, exposing more of the original that was wrapped half exposed breasts, lying on a chair waiting for us to be one of the shop and go to her, and I have been her that Deron under sudden move of the jump, of course, because we are the penis to swell to the maximum, but I was outside, I do not care whether Deron presence, immediately straighten the penis, his hands clutching two pairs of Xin Yi breast vigor pulled up short in front of the group from behind stabbed into it, Xinyi soon .. ah .. seems to feel great pleasure .. .. dry fast hard point … I … oh oh .. … ah … ah … ah … ah ah ah … I’m thrilled …. DeLong can see the side through hidden .. and took out his penis. Xin Yi cheek next to playing with a pistol. Perhaps it is because his penis was too close to the cheek Xin Yi it!

Suddenly my wife’s face he turned to his penis. Simply plug into it.

The other hand is still constantly stroking her tits. From time to time, our hands will also have a sideway of Xinyi at the same time. I suddenly felt a big loss, I originally exchanged partners. Now become two people playing with my wife. Just then I found – Xinyi’s eyes hope to me.

Because all of her moves have not been agreed … The hole is picked up quickly before and after … The mouth has a friend’s hood in the mouth.

Although her eyes expose the expression of my angry .. But she seems to stop everything in front of him .. Constant .. great …

Dry me .. Power .. Dark a little .. Well …. Well .. Well ..

The hands are also playing with the 2 Ze Pills in Deron. At this time, Delong suddenly smoked my wife’s mouth (I thought he was because I was shot, I didn’t want to shoot so early.) Xinyi 2 people mouth to the mouth.

The tongue has deeply played the passion of the other side … At this time, I said to Delong – I will give you Hui Ting (Deron’s girlfriend) next time!

I have long, I can use my mask into the small hole in the fantasy. I didn’t expect that two of them had to leave the opponent to leave the opponent.

Just at this time, Xinyi is going to vent ….

The little hole has me .. The little mouth is passion with him .. There are two people who are constantly being blinking … hands have been playing pistols in the replacement … I have not so trying to Xinyi .. One …. I can’t ….. I want to vent it …. Three people accelerate all the actions ….

She finally can’t …

At this time, I also smoked the hi in the small hole. I wanted to change my posture .. I didn’t expect .. Delong suddenly lying down and holding the waist of Xinyi to open her feet. Sitting on his body … , Hands play with her to tits.

I think – it doesn’t matter. See how my next time is in front of you – playing with Hui Ting … My wife seems to be excited … Put the mask that I haven’t leaked by my hand in her mouth, I will continue to replace me …. Blow .. Hit .. contains ……..

She didn’t want to let Durong interpret her wet little hole. Maybe like she said .. I don’t want to be too bad … but because she did not intend to say a word – husband. Or your old two is relatively big .. more hard ….

Decheng is not convinced by hearing this sentence .. I don’t care when I don’t pay attention.

Because it suddenly – Xinyi .. ah .. I don’t know that she is a sense .. I still think – finished ….

But in everyone, I’m taking it .. Xinyi immediately issued a um … um … um … 叫 声 .. from time to time to twist your waist from time to time … Just then .. Because my wife twists too fast .. Derron shot in …..

It is good to take contraceptives every day. Otherwise, if you are pregnant. No one is my father, I don’t know …

Of course, I will shoot it out .. I swallowed .. But her body temperature is still unbeatable .. She is still caressing itself. There is six in her body. Hand enjoyed by each …

After playing 3 people played from the MTV, I have been looking for a chance to try to play Hui Ting. But I didn’t expect that Durong this guy actually repented, always looking for an excuse to escape.

Until there is a holiday, when I went to the street, I ran to the MTV of our gang, and called Demlong to call her, so I’m still in her home. People come together.

Remember that the box at the time was in B-1. After two people come in, Delong asked me what is Xinyi people? I lied to her and said something going back to take something. And asked Durong, there is no time to ride it back to carry her.

This kid I don’t know whether you don’t have no ghosts or no alert to my plan. It actually agreed.

I left me and Hui Ting in the box. I have been thinking about how to get close to her. After all, she and I have not been alone, and it is not familiar enough. I look at her exquisite, and Xinyi is absolutely better …..

I decided to open my mouth – how do you and Durong now …

Still not the same …

She replied me …

In this way, the two talked. But I don’t have much time. I started to turn topic – sex ….

Hui Ting seems to have not awaited my mind .. But when we talk about blowjob .. She is very incredible. Because she is a little dirty. But I gave her concept that men like this .. and tell her Xinyi’s spectacular performance ….

In this way, I understand that she and Deron have never been handed over. But I suddenly asked her to try ..?

Maybe it’s too sudden .. She felt awkward! I will say it in time. I don’t think too much .. This is nothing … I will resolve this scene .. I have to continue to watch her back … ..

Huining suddenly opened the mouth – Xin Yi is really very powerful? I will return to her that – Xin Yi is using this trick to put me .. and I believe that no one can be better than my wife ….

But Huishing said a little unpleasant .. is too little experience!

I say. Who is less experience, I don’t know … Do you want to try it? I saw Huining did not respond. Then I moved the table in the box to the door, so as not to avoid the waiter suddenly broke into.

At this point, I said to Huining: Come to A- – I don’t dare to try .. Help me blow and look at anyone! .. You first take your clothes …

I didn’t expect Huining back to me. – This is you. I only use your mouth to take off your clothes.

When I finished, I immediately took off my trousers. Hui Ting .. Have a ..s she seems to feel just a joke.

I didn’t expect it to follow her face (she is sitting. And I stand). And took off the underwear to close her face .. Hui Ting didn’t have to choose to choose everything is too fast .. But she said that it is not hard enough … and use one hand to touch my half Very old second …..

I didn’t expect her that she didn’t finish .. I have changed it .. Big .. and quite …

Hui Ting seems to be scared: it is big .. More than Deron ….

In fact, I will know when I go back, then she started to help me with her hand.

Hui Ting’s eyes changed a little wave, two hands have been helping me up and down .. I also extended your hand from her upper collar .. Stroke her tits …

I started to hear her rush breathing … um .. Well .. Well …..

Slowly, I will pull Huining .. 2 hands open her narrow group up..

Slowly .. The transparent black inner pants in stockings have been removed … Top is also taken off .. Good Milk ….

I use a tongue .. Lake it .. Syringe .. Finger and thumbnour with her underwear.

… ah … um … um … don’t continue again.

But her hand has never left me below. Let’s start kiss your mouth, and the tongue is interlaced with each other.

Hui Ting still said .. No … ah … ah .. No .. I will enter … The words are not finished .. I immediately turned her to squat on the wall.

After taking it off her wet stockings … then connect with underwear. But she seems to be like this .. Began to resist .. But still heard her rumor … um .. ..Um. I didn’t pay attention when she didn’t pay attention .. Aligned a small hole .. Dry it in …. Huining .. Ah ……..

I started to swing before and after .. Tsing her flowing in the cavity .. She began to be excited … I swung more than I am.

… Fast .. Dry me with force .. So cool ….. I am inserted ..

I started to touch it from the hips, moved to the previous tits .. Take your hard … When I pierced it forward, Huining always followed forward. It seems that she feels that my penis is too big, but she has made her feel very cool.

When I was pumped, she seems to be quite worse.

The box is a breathing breath of her two people.

.. ah … Your old two is really big! .. Fast .. I am fine ….. I have to vent …

She turned around and lifted a feet and let me insert it again. Hui Ting held my neck.

Two people kissed.

I used to force it before and after, I thought about Hui Ting for a long time.

The whole body is smooth, only narrow skirts are on the waist, and they do it before and after.

I really have to vent it … I have been hurrying me …. ah … I … I came out …

The feet lifted also were also released, but I have not yet emit, so I will stick it to face. I used to grab her milk, and I started to pick up a pistol before her private parts.

Her hand also added to my hand with a pistol. Under the rapid drawing of the two hands, I shot it out, shooting in front of her black velvet.

I immediately pressed Hui Ting’s head and put my old second into her mouth.

Too cool …

The two feelings of the same voice in the same way, when I still moved the feelings of the pleasure when I was slowly moved. Huining light, squatting below.

….. The door is opened, and the appearance of Xinyi and Deron appear again. Huining is another .. ah …

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