My wife is a high school classmate. She is a very conserved girl in appearance and inner heart, but I always feel that she is a very sensuality, but I like it. Her first time belongs to me, then she is only 17 years old, I am a male, huh, huh.

That is a early autumn, we are in a local area of ​​our local area, very remote, there is a wood, there is a lake next to it, and there are very few people around, where we have a relationship, I am very stupid, in order not to be lost, I still hurt myself before making love, I hope I don’t want to plug in, huh, huh, but still, I don’t have a few times, I don’t have a man.

One weekend after a week, we were still in the place of the park, there was a little rain that day, but the young people who had just realized sex are not taken into these, we hide in the raincoat, I took off her trousers, gently Her nipples.

She has always endured, I can’t make a sound, my penis rose very uncomfortable, take out the condom ready to be in advance, blow up the mouth, see if it is really safe, huh, huh, I am so afraid of my wife. Will be pregnant, because once pregnant consequences are very serious, I should be estimated to be expelled. After I brought a condom, let her take a look to me, inserted her vagina with my penis, although she is still delicious, I don’t dare to be loud, but I feel, after I picked up She has a strong pleasure.

With the first experience, this time I calm down, I don’t have anxious, I don’t need to insert it. Under the deepest place, I will not only transfer her desire, but I still don’t make me so fast. . Then I started the 9 shallow 1 deep pump, I felt my wife, I felt an unprecedented pleasure, when she was in our skin affair (although there were not many experiences before, but Before the first time I made love, we have two months of experience in masturbation, and I have also taught her blowjobs), I have a snoring, although the sound is pressed, but it is really listening.

I didn’t stop using my penis, I finally put her vagina, finally in 3 minutes, my big stock semen sprayed out, I was soft in her, although she didn’t have a climax, she was more calm than me. .

She suddenly shaked, said: her husband, there is someone behind the tree.

I said: No, where is it? You look wrong.

She said: Not a husband, there is really someone behind the tree.

At this time, I looked at it. Sure enough, the man behind the tree didn’t seem to know that we found him. He took it out, my wife wore the pants immediately and climbed in my arms, I also Quickly pumped my soft penis in my pants.

The man took out a similar business card, swayed in front of us: I am the security administrator of XX Park, what are you doing?

I said: Let’s play, what happened.

He said: Operation, don’t install it, I saw that you have blown a condom just now, you are sexual delivery!

After my wife heard, I was scared. I gave this man in front of him, he was more than 40 years old, medium body, 185cm or so, then pressed the fear in his heart, whispering said: She is my wife.

The man said: Put, I see you 20 years old, my wife is a hair, which university are you?

After the question, he took out a shabby book and started like a record, and then said: I want to reflect your situation to your school, see how the school handles you.

I listened to him, I said, I said: We are XX University.

My wife was crying, when I asked her, she said she didn’t hear, I didn’t know what happened at the time, the man came to ask my wife, and my wife said the truth, she cried : We are XX high school, high school students, I hope that Uncle doesn’t tell our teacher, ask you to pull.

Because our two people are not right, the man is anxious, I will come to me,: Operation, who said is true.

When I saw him hit me, I was still holding, holding with him, then I haven’t developed mature, only 173cm, was given away by him, then started me, then I took out from the pocket A rope is bundled with my hand.

My wife looked anxious, opened her handbag, took out the school cards of our two people, there is our school with the name, give the man: Uncle, really, we are telling the truth, you see .

The man looked at the school, recorded it, then said: Let’s go, let me ask you to pick you up tomorrow. My wife is anxious, I said in front of that man: Uncle, don’t tell our teacher, ask for you, you let us do anything.

That man saw my wife, I saw it first, and then said: You are really too wrong, so it is impossible, give you lessons, do you have money?

My wife immediately turned on the money, a total of more than 100, including change, all gave him.

He got these money and said: These can’t, but you will come with me. He pulled me from the ground, dragging me, my wife followed, he took us to the side of the lake, it is a more remote On the place, we have also thought about this place to make love, but it is too remote, the shade covers the sun, my wife is afraid, so I haven’t going, but now we were brought to this place by this 40-year-old man. He stopped, then looked at me, say loudly: kneel down.

He put me on the ground, and he didn’t know where to get my feet and then said: Yes, you say that we must put you, say let you do anything, now I Look at you make love.

My wife was still stupid, she cried, the man grabbed my wife’s hair, one slap, hit the road: You have a good goods, there is no adult, so you can play the field in the park, wait for you to grow up Also a scorpion embryo, now cry, what is the innocence, crying, I will send you to your teacher.

My wife didn’t dare to be angry, I wished it to watch the man. The man said: Go to unlock your boyfriend’s pants and pull his big dick out. My wife hesitated, and the man raised his hand and slap in my wife’s cheek.

My wife finally sucked, she leaned over, came to me, unlocked my pants, took out my soft penis, the man gave his foot on my wife’s head, said: Give him oral sex. My wife put my penis into my mouth and started with her tongue, but I may not be big because of fear, or scared, I have never become big, the man pulled me from the ground, let me rely on On the tree, I used the rope to fix me on the tree, and I took off my pants and underwear, put my own underwear into my mouth, let my wife blow to me, but I still can’t do it for a long time. What is more fear in my heart is fear.

The man looked at me, smiled and said to me: a young man, don’t be nervous. Then I said to my wife: You can’t seduce the man’s technology.

Stand up, go standing in front of him, stripping, giving him a jumping dance like a prostitute. If you don’t perform it, you will wait for the palms.

My wife stands in front of me, starting to take her that she has messy clothes, she first took off her cowboy hood, revealing the low-collar light yellow sweater, and can see the bra inside. The traces, my wife started taking her sweater, at this time, the man came over again, squat: grass, striptease, not to ask you to take off clothes, do you understand?

The wife began to twist, and her ass, I have to look like a fenced actor? I nodded slightly, continued her action, she unopened her belt, with twisted butt, a little dotted off her denim trousers, revealing the black lace underwear inside. Operation, so small, wear such underwear, saying that you are not a slut, do someone believe? Don’t stop continuing. The wife’s face, red, red is like an apple, I don’t know because the man is hitting, she is shy.

She retreated the denim trousers from her sneakers. I came to me. I really like a prostitute. I thought I think so, with a hand hook my neck, and another hand started to touch me. The penis, while stroking while rubbing my chest with her breast.

My penis became bigger, and my wife moved his mouth to my penis. She kneeling in front of me with my penis, put my penis into his mouth, started to suck, this time The blowjob is excellent than her past performance, less than two minutes, I am shooting in my wife’s mouth, my face, my neck, sweaters.

My wife thought that the punishment was over. She stopped, I didn’t expect the man to come over, and it was a slap in his wife’s face. He said: Continue your performance, I haven’t seen enough yet? I don’t know why, this time, the wife didn’t show the feeling of pain, and it was as a pleasant in the eyebrow, as if I started to tease her expression.

The wife continued her performance. She kneeled on the ground, and her hands began to gently on her upper body. At the position of her breast, gently bounce with her finger, and the nipples that were not in the breasts, the nipples joined the sweater, starting Clearly visible, and the expression is like a spring heart. The man seems to have already controlled their desires, and I also take out my penis to start myself, my wife moved a nipple, one mobile game went to her lower body, and pointed her black lace underwear to start gently. Strike your own clitoris.

When you stroking, you will also make a slight snoring. Two minutes, your wife’s rhythm is getting faster and faster, breathing is also accelerating. Come over, play the goods, you are alive, come over to help me. The man said. The wife hesitated, and a slap was once again played in his wife’s cheeks. This time, it seems to be heavy than the past, and my wife didn’t feel how painful, but brought a snoring.

Wife is not resistant, she climbed to the man’s side, squatting in front of him, inciting his glans into his mouth, the man’s penis is more than my big, and then I know is a age, I There is still no development mature, the man’s penis is 15 cm long, and there are three fingers in diameter.

The little mouth without too many port proven is only enough to include a man’s glans, the wife licks the man’s glans, but the man is not satisfied, he hugs my wife’s head, or the order makes my wife grow up mouth He put his thick penis into my wife’s mouth, until my wife coughed, so I picked it, he made my wife touch her clitoris, he continued his plug, my wife I will suffocate many times, but every man pulls out the penis, my wife is anti-vomiting, then the face is ripple, then inserted by the man’s penis, so many times, the wife began to take the initiative to cover the people The penis, and actively put the man’s penis into the throat until it is asphyxia.

And the man is also quite satisfied, starting to be soft, and use his rough big hand to stroke my wife’s long hair, just like stroking a pet, and always praise the sound: Yes, that is, this is the case, Oh. My wife heard the encouragement.

Suddenly, the man hugged my wife’s head, a semen shot into my wife’s throat, the man pulled out his thick penis, the wife began to cough, the sperm was out of the wife’s mouth, but most of them Being went by his wife.

The wife stopped, as I waited, the man took out the belt on his wife’s trousers, took it to the wife’s body, squat: exercise, scorpion, continue. After his wife screamed, he began to continue her performance. The man returned, I saw me on the tree, I saw the performance like my wife, the lower body was already taller, he went to my mouth in my mouth, then he said: Do you want a girlfriend?

I looked at my wife. She still squatted on the ground, intoxicating her clitoris, I said whispering: Sensual.

He continued: Is she like a scorpion? I continued to say, like it. The man said loudly: How to fuck, what? Loud point.

Scorpion. I said loudly. My wife heard me, suddenly issued a sputum, accelerating the frequency of touching myself.

The man suddenly took the wife, bundled her on a tree in my tree, the man used his rough hand to touch his wife’s already wet underwear, the man said: 货, cool? Wife may be a climax, starting a bit confusing, whispering: cool. Men continue to ask: Do you want to be treated by big cock?

Wife whispered: I want it. The man picked up the belt and smashed his wife, loudly said: Fuck, you, 子, what, what do you want to be dome?

My wife said loudly like the evil: I want to be treated by the big chicken, I want to be famed by my uncle, fucking my B.

The man is gentle to touch my wife’s cheek, say: Yes, that’s it, really.

He bowed his head and looked at his penis, still soft. Then, one hand took out a folded dagger from his pocket. He cut his wife’s lace under his wife. The wife’s clitoris, the dagger walked downstream, picking up my wife’s sweater picked up the wife’s bra, and every time the knife came back to his wife’s skin, the wife will send a snoring.

The man began to touch my wife’s body, and the rough big hands stroked his wife’s breast. Sometimes the nipples, and when they bowed her wife’s nipple, the wife finally didn’t suppress my snoring, and began to start loudly and mixed with stars. : Oh, oh, I am a slut, I am so good, I want to be a big cock of my uncle. Listening to my wife said, my heart is very complicated, so sad, but it is so excited, my penis is red and thick. The man looked at her penis and still did not erect. He suddenly stopped the picking of my wife, turned to my side and said: Your girlfriend wants to be maniced, do you want to exercise?

Maybe a wife’s madness, stimulating me, I also seem to lose rationality, I actually said, think, I want to fuck her.

The man unlocked my rope. I barely under my body, I went to my wife’s side, my wife saw me came over, it seems to be sorry, she lowered, but when my finger touched her clitoris , My wife once again excited, she may really halt, my little learning the man’s look: 婊子, want people?

The wife bowed his head, but still had a depression, I suddenly stopped, my wife suddenly said: Ah, don’t stop, ask you to stop.

I once again asked her: Want people to fuck you? Wife is not resistant this time, she said, ah, think, touch me?

I continue to touch my wife, then ask: 婊子, want people to fuck? Wife’s excited answer: think, ah, husband, exercise me, fuck me this scorpion.

The man solves the rope of his wife. How do I make love with my wife, I learn the man’s look, let my wife kneel, let her stroke my lower body, then put the thick penis into her mouth, wife may have With the experience of men, she is very active, while touching her clitoris, while swallowing my penis, my glans can feel through her tonsil.

Just pumping in her throat, not always, my wife began to twice, she shakes, and strokes the frequency of the clitoris is getting faster and faster, she spits out my penis, start coughing two times , Then sit on the ground.

And I was stimulated by sexual desire, put my wife in the body, insert the penis into the vagina’s vagina, I just entered, my wife hugged me, ah, I have to climax again.

The man indicates that my wife turned over, and his wife was inserted, I was inserted from behind my wife’s body, my wife climbed on the ground like a bitch, I used to put my wife’s vagina. The man stands in front of my wife.

Because that is the same place in a hillside, the position of the male is just right to align his penis, and the man whisper: With it. My wife is very obedient, and very professional, I licking the man’s soft penis, sometimes in the mouth, sometimes spit out, and then with the mouth, it will be similar to the puppy, and I am still behind the madness. Put your wife’s vagina.

The man picked up the belt and started to whip my wife’s back, although I feel that the force is not very big, but my wife still makes: ah, um. Similar to the sound of 呻吟, until the lake, the voice of the wife, really turned into a snorkeling.

The man asked my wife while whipping: cool? Scorpion? Wife is crazy: ah, so cool, I am a scorpion, fuck me, my Sao B is so sweet.

The man looked at her penis is still very soft. I look at my expression, some depressed, but he ordered my wife, he used the penis to the face of my wife, urine, urine sprayed in my wife On the face, she shouted, but soon began to enjoy this.

The man then ordered my wife to drive, and his wife started the urine of the diet. I was inspired by this scenic, I can’t control it again, crazy, put the wife’s vagina, and my wife is so excited. With my rhythm, suddenly, my lower body is hot, more desperately, my wife’s body begins to tremble, I am a semen into my wife’s vagina, my wife is on the ground, my wife’s head is I climbed in the mark left behind, and I climbed behind her.

I saw that the man sorted his clothes, took away my wife’s black lace underwear and black bra, while walking, said: You have take a break, don’t let me see you again in the future. Local Hu, today is our secret, if you want to tell others, then I will not help you keep your two secrets.

With the far away, the man’s back disappears in the woods.

I took a break with my wife for an hour, I tailored my clothes, because my clothes were damaged, my wife can only light the body, and the hood, the hood is buckled, the wife is still washed by the lake. , Painted, we left, when you went out of the park, it was 4:30 in the park. We were in the park at 10 am. I often hide the money in the socks. One hundred yuan in the socks, guarantee We can have a fare to leave this place. We have arrived in the city. It’s really not thinking if it would be. After this, I have always worried that the person will come to our school to tell us, and we have waited for 3 months, and I will summarize it. The man is not a good thing. I think about it.

Since then, we have never been to the park outside the city to make love. When you connect to the university, the wife’s dormitory is not far from Yuelu Mountain, we have never been above Yuelu Mountain.

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