My name is Among, 29 years old, served in a medium-sized electronics factory, has been more than three years of qualifications; she is a commuter; she is called Yue Qing, is Vietnamese employee, more than five years, marry Taiwan, and a woman The cleaning department, the child is about 160 cm, the skin is white and smooth, and the black black is binding the hippo, about 27 years old; our work is often mutually coming, because my product must pass her.

I didn’t have any impression on her, because she is a small, Mandarin is not too fluent, will be interested in her, probably she is a wife.

At a certain day, she ran to ask me to rent an intelligence. She said that she would rent a house. After I detailed inquiry, I learned that her family has changed, it turned out that her husband is not good, so I want to move Going out, but for her, this overhead is very big, and I have no intelligence itself, so I didn’t provide her.

Later, after traveling again, I was approaching with her. When we were watching the scenery, I often asked her that she was recently, she said that Ning could not want to go back, because the home did not warm, after the hotel, after the hotel I have a chat with her and talk to her. In the end, she doesn’t seem to be a police station, and I also let me go to her room to chat, talk about it, I seem to be a bit interest to her, helpless other colleagues find me to drink, so I left to drink for a while, but she gave me the door card of the room, saying that she still wants to talk more, I hope I will come to her after drinking.

After about two hours, I have a little drunk, I will leave, on the way back to the house, I feel a bit of a color, my heart is going to make her embracing …. In fact, I am in her room. When I have this thought, I just didn’t dare to do it. Now I am a wine, my courage seems to be bigger, and then I walked in the direction of her room …

I pushed the door softly, I found that the room was dark without lightning. I quietly went in and found someone in another bed (because it was a double room), and she (青 青) sleeps on the left bed, right That is the aunt of her in the same part. I walked to her (青), she quickly turned to see me, I said what to do? Someone slept in that yeah, she didn’t want to put the cotton and was chatted with her, and I certainly directly took the cotton to cover the body, then we talked about the sky. .

Not long after chatting, I directly in-depth theme asked her family, she said that her husband will play her, I want to divorce, but I can’t find the house, and there is a daughter … I asked her, I would like to temporarily live My side there? She didn’t answer, I will continue to tell her …

I: “In fact, I like it a bit.”

She: “Don’t talk ….”

Then I turned the head in the past, because I was drunk, so I immediately put her hand to catch her shoulder and said: “I love you”

Then she turned her head, I immediately put the mouth into a strong kiss. She used her hand to open away the intention, and I still have “not chaos”, but I still keep kiss her. Until my tongue was entangled with her tongue, she stopped the rebellion and wrapped in my tongue … I thought about it … “I succeed.”

I kiss each other in bed, the two tongues are constantly entangled, but it is not too big, so the action is not too big, then I will pull her right hand, slowly pull it in front of my crotch, let her I can’t swell a big meat stick, but she doesn’t seem to rebuke, so that I follow my hands and pick up; follow, I will take off the outer pants, the underwear is not taken off. Out, her little hand, very automatically on the top of the hot meat stick, because the poor speed is very fast, I use my hand to handle her gentle and slow touch.

Then my left hand began to go deep into her penalty area, I took her pants, leaving underwear, stroking her lower body, but she put her legs very tightly, so that I can’t invade my fingers into her “forest interior”, In the process, my actions seem to have a little rude, she is in the breath, “Well .. Well” sound, I slow down the movement, but she is refused to open the legs, although my fingers have been humid I still can’t be “invading” successfully …

So after I had to give up the forest, transfer the target to her only A + chest, just when I put into my clothes, she immediately pulled my hand, my mouth was angry: “Don’t, my chest is very small”

I didn’t know how to do it in a time. I saw her look, I didn’t keep going, so I had to make me more comfortable as much as possible.

After she refused me to go deep into her chest, I was opened, the whole person sat up, using her hand to the front of the meat stick, blow up, she rebelled at the beginning, because others were lying, I I think that I am too late, I am too bold, I am not afraid that I am awake next to it, I understand that if she wakes up, there will be bad things; but I still insist that she will help me with my mouth, her eyes look The opposite bed, slightly rebelling my hands, but also looked at me shook his head and said that the side of the opposite side means that the opposite is awakened. But I can’t manage so much. At this time, I have already arrow in the string, I have to send it! I bending down her face with her hands and kissed her. Then I immediately put the meat stick close to her, and kept back to back in her lips … her eyes stared at my meat stick, and finally, she reached out. The tongue began to let my glans, but of course not very satisfied, when she tsned her lips, put the meat stick into her mouth, she didn’t resist, but also issued a suction with the water … I feel inexplicable excitement at this moment …

In order to make her more deep throat, I took her head in my right hand, and didn’t stop the ground. The left hand fed to her black hair to the side, so that I can clearly see her absolute look, she It took advantage of his eyes and took his eyes. She is very shy to nodding her head without looking at me. At this time, I am an inexplicable excitement!

Just as I enjoyed, the bed next to me has a move. We immediately looked down when I saw it immediately. I saw aunt from the gap to see it, then she went to the toilet, listened When she was washed with water, I didn’t know how to do it. I also pulled her right hand to my meat stick and told her: “Don’t stop” and start kissing her. She also matched back and forth.

Just when we were hot, he said to the sound of closing. We stopped, quietly listening to the other voice in the room, I slowly went to the door, I found no one near the door, toilet It is dark, I opened the light inspection, determine if there is no one in the bathroom, go to the door to watch the eagle, seeing aunt is far away, then, I will lock the door, the only underwear on the body – four-square pants Going, running to the bed to pull the cotton, she seems to be a little scared to think is someone, seeing that I will automatically lead the head, my hands close to my thighs, I don’t think around this time. The sound of the absorption is loud than before, the action has also begun to be more flow, will help me touch the pill by hand; and I just use the left hand to open her hair, and I have no hard pressure with my right hand.

Although this is not what I hope, she seems to be very strict about her “Forest”, I will not be too tough, temporarily let your meat stick enjoy, is the only way I think now, maybe It is because of the drunken relationship, the blowjob has not been thinking about it, and she asked me during the period: “Is it shot?”

I looked at her with gentle eyes and said: “Can you get a little more? He is not a bit?

She closed her eyes and accelerated the speed absorption. She stared my glans with the right hand, the tongue came back from time to time, the glans out of some body fluids, her little lip directly brutally absorbed Drop, just like a drinking drink with a drinking, a glans; I am afraid that the time is too long. When I have a good time, I have to take the meat stick from her mouth. She looked at me in confusion, and the mouth also took the meat stick and said: ” What happened? I hurt you? “

I smiled and returned to her: “No, very comfortable, just a bit for a long time, I am afraid of aunt”

Just when she looked at my meat, I used her hand to drop her, she was shocked, probably thought I had to bow hard, my legs clamped tight, in fact, I just want her to lying, I will meat Put it on her lips, then take your hand with your right hand, she is very automatically reached out, my meat stick is on the lower side of the glans, I looked at her face, my right hand stopped before and after; she closed their eyes, tongue With my meat stick with the glans, then I feel a current, it seems to be shot; she seems to feel that I want to shoot, start “um, um, um,”, just I don’t think more When I was ejaculated, the thick semen shot on her face, and she was “Well” when she shot. It was probably because of the relationship between the warm semen, shot a thick semen in her. On the right face, I stuffed the glazder into her mouth. She stigted her to clean. She also stretched out the right hand to grab the softened meat stick, carefully absorbed my breath, then I am very satisfied. Take the meat stick from her mouth.

She opened my eyes, and the left hand made the semen on her face, and she stretched out the tongue. I had just sucked the “residual”. I got each other for a while, she got up her trousers, go to the bathroom I also followed her, she opened the faucet to wash her face, mouth, I also touched her butt, she laughed: “Don’t, I am washing my face, then I will dress, clothes, holding pants The door is treated by the eagle, and there is no one outside the door. I walked back to the bathroom and took her. She turned to look at me. I brought her and said, “I went back to the room, tomorrow”

She smiled and nodded: “Well”

Then I wore a pants, I walked back to my room. I didn’t happen everything next day. The aunt didn’t know what I followed by her.

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