Jiangcheng, June, is the time when the hot first is coming, and this traditional stove city has entered the annual hot season. And this year, the world’s cup year, the hot Jiangcheng, the hot fans, the hot Jiangcheng, people enjoy this passionate World Cup in this lively season, and enjoy the sweet happiness and sexual blessings.

This is not, when it comes evening. On the urban square in the city, there is a draft of a football baby, and the host’s mouth is splashing and splashed with the atmosphere of the audience, and the football baby who participated in the competition is a vitality. Hot dance, set off the atmosphere of the square.

After a dance, the beautiful football baby retracts the stage. The host of the hanging river has begun to continue to mobilize the atmosphere of the square onlookers.

“Every guest, the audience, today in this hot summer, we will enjoy the passionate World Cup, and we will share together, our event’s sponsors XX Group launched the hot World Cup and football baby intimate contact with football! Welcome everyone Support, today we have 20 football baby to show their talents one by one, and the final winner will win a grand prize of 600,000 yuan … “The host is still endless. In recent years, there have been a variety of commercial activities as a background of the beauty draft, and under the promotion of this beautiful economy, various draft activities come to the beauty effect, also brought all kinds of corruption and sin. Many dirty trades are carried out in the conception of the beauty salon activity.

To be old truth, when the passion on the stage shows your charm enthusiasm, the audience on the stage is not very interested, because these two three-three beautiful women’s thick makeup greatly demonstrate their performance, do not really touch the audience, these girls It is really too much not to go to the beautiful woman … where is the real beauty?

Nightclub? Heaven in the world? Is it a villa that is rich in corrupt officials? Only they know themselves.

The draft activity has been an interactive link, that is, on the stage by football baby to the auditorium a hydrangea. As long as the masses on the stage, as long as this hydrangea is getting this hydrangea, they will receive a single football baby on the spot on the spot. Such stimulation is a big stimulus for boring audiences under the stage. The hydrangea is thrown into a slap, and the crowd moves with hydrangea, and the crazy people have hit it in order to some small rewards. Finally, this hydrangea actually rolls to the ground of the population. Just this time a Wonderful girl came over, the hydrangea just rolled down to her feet. At this time, the TV station staff and the host also walked over the camera and took the microphone to this Miao-aged gorge, male hosted: “I really didn’t expect hydrangea to throw a girl, it seems that the football baby is kissing It is unrealistic, then I sacrifice, give my kiss, haha ​​… this beauty, you are the lucky audience of our event today, you will get a grand prize, what do you think at this moment? ? “The microphone handed a girl’s mouth.

I saw this girl in a light dress, and the half-long chopped was published in the brain, and the height of the one-meter, straight and smooth, well-known feet, the beautiful legs of the show, the lower abdomen, the wrong belly Unbeliened shoulders, a set of milky white belly short shirts, a mini short jeans, shares shares, a clear chest, not wearing underwear, because the purple red grape nipple is still a hidden It is really tempting.

The male host hits this charm full girl. Almost talking is not smooth. At this time, the Miao Daughter said slightly, said to the host: “Sorry, I still hurry. No matter what kind of prize, you let others !?”

After saying that the elegant hair, it will disappear in the crowd, leaving the array of induced people’s adrenal gland in the air. The onlookers looked at this like a fairy, and suddenly disappeared, and then looked at the fairy light on the stage, the oil and rouge of the water, the fans, the fans, and finally understood that the lipophilic powder is What’s the meaning.

After the young girl disappeared in the population, the other of the square came to a clothing store door.

A road race motorcycle flew in front of her. After the driver stopped, he handed a helmet to the young girl, said to her, come on, I still have something to do, at night, MC. The girl didn’t say anything, just reached out, I finished the motorcycle, and then rode the lattice of the road game, “Have a good! Ride stabilize!” go out. The gesture that doesn’t want to live, just like the Sixth spacecraft of Shenzhou Lie to open in the city. More than a very variety of cars, the motorcycle opened to a place called Donghu, the southeastern region of Jiangcheng. Here is the park and landscape tourist area around the city, and there is a small hill next to the East Lake. Here is the most beautiful scenic spot in Jiangcheng, especially in the summer, the narrow road of Huanhu surrounds the grinding Paganshan and East Lake, no matter whether it is riding running or walking a dog, after the evening, go, run, run, Survey is a very comfortable thing. After the motorcycle sent a wonderful girl to the destination, took a backpack from the trunk, said: “My Miss, my woman, it’s really grinding me. Well, our mission is completed. Here is you Skate and hat, the hand wristband is in the equipment, you will enjoy it, I am really gone, I am equipped with the MC in the evening, I am the main force. I am not going to die. “

Is she? Yes is her. At the simple task of thinking without evil brothers and my policewoman, the talents in the complex tasks of the female police, the beautiful men, the beautiful men, the beautiful woman thinking. After thinking about complex tasks, because the close, I was saddened by my colleague, I was sad and saddened, and a person quietly returned to her hometown, and the beautiful Jiangcheng hiped. At this time, she suddenly encountered her own primary school classmates in the days of leisure, and the thinking of the football players, and the thinking of the love, certainly did not let this opportunity. Looking for Wang Feng to borrow the skate suit, think about a good way to travel for many years.

Wang Feng launched a motorcycle throttle. The jump wants to try it, “Wang Feng! Wait a minute.” The fierce is trying to take the Wang Feng not pay attention to the cheeks of a kiss. “Oh, I wish you success, more, go to the equipment, come on!” Site is like this, feeling that the spicy and enthusiastic personality is not reserved. It is really loved. “Oh !! What are you doing, my classmate, I have a girlfriend. I found it badly. You didn’t have lipsticks today. Letter your evil! I am flashing. I am free.” Wang Feng took the motorcycle. Che Fei Chi.

At this time, I also changed the equipment of the roller ice, and a light dress, hand wristband knee pads, helmet. Sports thinking looks more charming. She she took a deep breath, she said to her himself: “Oh, start!” Finished, disappeared in the beautiful Donghu replacement road.


Li Wei is a young girl, she likes the literary performance, she starts to participate in a variety of games from a small time, choose the beauty, singing, dance, her height is 1.74 meters has a long legs, the proportion is perfect The body, the long hair of the floating, and the appearance of the five senses, the appearance of the eyebrows, “said that her conditions have to develop in the dynasty, but in recent years, she is always and each for all years. The award of the competition is missing. For example, Miss Jiangcheng selection 3 prizes, she takes the fourth, dance game 5 prizes. She takes the sixth. Even the super girl is also, always in the Jinjiang circle, let people regret.

Later, someone told her that I would like to have an open sex concept, don’t sell the body, not tempting the judges, leaving the impression in the hearts of the key judges, how can I get a good grade? Even if you are excellent, you can only always squander. Gradually Li Wei also accepted this point of view, especially after her boyfriend broke up with her, she became more and more crazy, and she worked hard to participate in various competitions to get a good name. At the same time, use your own natural advantages to make full use of your own beauty and charm. So this time I participated in the football baby selection competition in the World Cup.

The football baby choice activity on the urban square square in Chengnan District is just over, Li Wei, who finished the clothes in the stage, lounged. There have been many handsome guys playing with her evening. Li Wei has been pursued by these flies, and the simplicity of simultaneously turned off the mobile phone, and also refused the invitation of the vocational sponsors and TV stations. Because Li Wei has been in the eyes of an old man in the sponsor when playing on the stage. That old-colored ghosts can’t use your eyes to peeled with you. There is also the director of the TV station, is also a favorite look. When Li Wei came forward, the director had been fascinated, and he couldn’t be depressed tonight, so it also refused the invitation of the TV station. After the hurry, I will take the taxi. Li Wei, which is not frequent, I’m suddenly thinking about a noisy place. Li Yu called the taxi driver drove the car to the beautiful Jiangnian Bar of Jiangcheng. Here is the most concentrated entertainment place in Jiangcheng night. When the night is coming, countless abatpentry, the priest is here to release your own passion, let the blood in the body and the wine and wine, and the M-shaking head pill is accompanied by music. Slowly floating together, floating On the Yangtze River that rolling flows, with the river that has been floating downstream.

Li Wei came today, a person who is not too many bar “romantic jazz”, this is a bar that Li Wei often likes to come, people are not the most, not too trouble, the bar’s music has always been slow , A person sitting at the corner of the bar, slow tasting is a pleasant thing. There will be someone who has come to the bar. This is a practice in the bar. Li Wei is drinking wine, hearing a low voice behind him, she turned around, is a look of almost 18-19 At the age of the old, he stood another young boys at an old age. The two people look very cool, it seems to be college students. Li Wei did not speak, but smiled slightly, continued to drink wine, the boys once again asked her: “Beauty, are you tv, That’s the football baby in the TV, is Li Wei, a football baby?”

Li Wei turned over the high chair and crossed his legs and looked at them. Q: “Is there anything?” Xiaoyi “.”

Li Wei deliberately told the three words of the younger brother. The young man smiled and said: “No, just look at the beautiful lady sitting here, I want to know you!” After the words, the two were very old and sitting on both sides of Li Wei, so that three people look like a friend who came together, and did not feel anything. Li Wei did not have a protest for the two people who were sitting around her, and she seems to be very investing in her side, and I chatted with happiness, as if the three people really came together. Originally, Li Wei is a little depressed. It is not clear.

Just there are two young young people who want to borrow her, they are very investing with them to chat with them.

Talking, it is already over 12 o’clock in the morning, sitting in Li Wei’s left hand name called Akai’s proposal: “Do you want to drive to go to the wind ?!” Li Wei nodded, sitting in Li Wei right hand Xiaode’s little deeds took the initiative to pay.

The three came out and came to the parking lot near the bar. I saw a red Korea modern sports car. Before I got on the bus, Li Wei insisted that she was sitting in the back seat, and the two of them were embarrassed, but she had to enter the front seat, then Let Li Wei sit in the back seat. Akai asked Li Wei to go where? Li Wei said where you can say, so I will let the Akai are arbitrary!

Due to the role of alcohol, plus Li Wei’s recent depression, today I just want to take these two bubbles to open my handsome guy, but because of time late, there are not many cars on the road in the middle of the night, Li Wei is bold in the car The rear seat faded his panties inside his skirt, and increasing his own leather bag, then came to the seat *, and the deliberate time is separated and closed on his jade leg, let the two people can clearly After the mirror saw the scenery in her skirt, Akai and Xiaodie were widened, and the driving is not stable, and Li Wei’s eyes make a hint for the rearview mirror. “Is there a few more interest ? “The two immediately nodded, and the heart got a god of the car, and got on the Yangtze River Bridge, and opened the beautiful Donghu and the Dish Mountain in the south of the car.

When the car passed through the East Lake Lake Highway, the cool night wind blowing in the car, Li Wei’s skirt kept slamming with the wind, the spring of the group gave Akay and Xiaode. After a while, Akai took the car to a mountain recess in the grinding Pap Mountain. He in accordance with Li Wei’s request to open the front light, and then get off at the car, and the Akai took the car next to the car. Li Wei went to the car Before the front, under the illumination of the headlights, slowly perform a bloody embroidery dance. Just see Li Wei used an exaggerated pace and a large swing action, walk to the front, standing separately, her hand slowly pulled the short skirt, and the hammer shines under the illumination of the light. It can be known that her holes have flowing out humid prostitution and is contaminated on the top of the air. Akai, Xiaode, I don’t know how many girls have been taken, and I also have a lot of women together, but I have never encountered such a girl who actively and even takes an initiative. They saw the spring light of the pure football baby in the TV, and the meat sticks under the two have already stand up. Then, Li Wei pulled up her upper body shirt, took off, took it in the hands, slowly moved, then paved the clothes on the hood, she lied up, two legs, watching two people I have a tempting smile to Akaihe Xiaode: “Come on! What are you waiting for ?!”

Akai can’t wait to take your trousers, and then insert the meat stick into Li Wei’s meat, you will start to pick up before and after, “Ah … ah … ah … ah … so cool … good meat屌 啊 …

I can’t stand … Ah … God … “Bold Li Wei boldly starred, I have to make her two little handsome guys now seem to be fooled by her, which makes Li Wei’s feelings. Comfortable. Many, depressed feelings also sweep. The passion is put into on.

Although the meat sticks of Akai is not small, it is not good enough, and it is not concentrated. It is not long, just shoot in Li Wei. Then Xiao De also took over, although Xiaode’s meat stick is also big, but the energy is not much with Xiao Kai, pumping more than ten times, and it is also ejaculation in it, and Li Wei is not very satisfied, saying: “True” Thinking of two little handsome guys can be resistant to it. Hehe, then stand up, organize clothes, and then two people will send her back.

Akai and Xiaode are cool and cool, although some shackles are lost, but they have to take Li Wei back.

So the car began to start, from the half-mountain waist on the grinding pan mountains. The three young people who have just been in touch have not been thought of that the danger of horror is being close to them.


Si Ying just accompanied the evening and the night shovel shouted on the East Lake along the Lake Avenue, I just pulled the roller ice. Just, the Akai and Xiaode drove Li Wei to the grinding Mountain. Turn over. However, the speed of flying sports car is too fast, did not let the Akaihe Xiaode noticed the beautiful policeman who slipped the roller ice.

Otherwise, don’t be able to laugh at their Li Wei to think about it.

Thinking for a long time, I didn’t experience this kind of self-reliant feeling in sports. The whole person feels like a nature, I think this kind of integration is better than being a climax. Shudan. Soon, thinking along the Huanhu Road, she was going to the Mountain, she was ready to slip enough to go to the rope along the Huanhu, and then ran on the mountain, then slipped down. In this way, her route is the same as the route of Li Husi, who has just taken Li Wei. It may be time to make a happen, when thinking is going to the grinding Mountain, it is just that Akai Xiaoded is doing love with Li Wei, but when the thoughts take the roller skates under the feet, she has a step. A unknown premonition, there is a horrible dark atmosphere slowly.

It’s not thinking that it is afraid of the night, as a training mature policewoman, thinking that he thinks that the courage is still big enough, and the implementation of the mission in the night is a common thing. If you can’t talk about what is scared. But her sixth feeling is telling her that it is indeed dangerous. She slowed down the footsteps of the grinding pan, and she was ready to hide the weapon. The silent grinding Mountain does not have the kind of desolate and terrible, just in this stuffy summer, the night’s air is difficult to flow everywhere, make people seem to be in a gas stove, if this Time to add some models of horror atmosphere. That is really scary.

Sure enough, a girl screamed by the sky. Its tragic voice is almost passed to the lake of Donghu, and the source of the Si Ying quickly rushed. The voice came from the high place of the grinding pan. It seems to be the top of the mountain. Site is to start her usa The skill of the special training, in the light pace of health, suddenly, she slammed the footsteps, because when she flew, she found a black shadow in the left front of her eyes when she flew. It is hiding. The scenery seems to be prepared to wait for Siying Road to prepare the sorghum to eat. Thinking in the eyes, pretending, still flying forward, but the flying needle in the hand is already ready to launch. When she ran to the slope of the black shadow, the black shadow didn’t act, and I couldn’t help but hit it. I thought about the opportunity, more than 20 flying needles sent out, only to hear Black shadow is deep “ah”

The screaming, falling in front of thinking, it seems that the flying needle is not a few of the shadows, when the black shadow struggles, it is going to continue to fill the thinking, think more She took out, she took out the special whip specialized on her waist, which is her tool in the female special police team, usually used as a belt. In fact, it is a good weapon that hides the telescopic.

Thinking, no matter the black shadow of the three seven twenty-one head. The black shadow didn’t stand the attack, the escape, the flying, disappeared, disappeared in the night. Thinking did not continue to catch up with black shadows, because the girl’s scream is still going, just sent a trembling mourning, and the sound is getting closer and closer, and the thinking can be judged, just the top of her not far away. She came to the top of the mountain. She just stopped there, and she faintly thoughtful saw a girl’s figure and she was mourning on the ground. She seems to be extremely frightened, I don’t know what I didn’t know in my mouth. . When I thought I didn’t close the girl, I smelled the bloody taste. She alerted up and prepared the flying needle. When she is determined that there is no dangerous, she is slowly close to the sports car, and the sports car is just under the grinding plate. There is no trees on the top of the mountain, and it is a widespread zone, and tonight is very good, and the moonlight of the broccoli is full of grinding Mountain. But thinking in front of it is the scene that makes her almost disgusting.

Akai and Xiaode are dead inside the sports car, a place to die in the sports car. The dead is very fierce. Akaihe Xiaode’s neck is almost cut off, and the blood flow is everywhere, and their body seems to be tearned by the paws of the bear’s palm. The scene of this scar is only visible in the Hollywood blockbuster.

She came to the girl who mourned not far away. This girl is also a beautiful Li Wei who started to participate in the football baby choice embroidered in the square. I saw that Li Wei’s next half of the skirt is already broken. The rigs are vaguely visible to the semen, which is obviously the murderer after killing Akai and Xiaode, the cruel sexual violation of Li Wei, such a thing happened to a weak woman, is really a very difficult Going shadow.

“Ah! ~~ Don’t come over. Don’t come over!! Death! Devil !!! ~~~ Don’t !!”

Li Wei’s frightened refused to think close. At the same time, her mobile phone dropped from the clothes. Thinking, there is no way, I have to call a police. After ten minutes, when I thought I heard the siren voice, put my mobile phone to Li Wei. Quietly leave in advance.

Originally a good night tour, I didn’t expect it to meet such a tragedy, the mood is bad, I originally wanted to catch the murderer, but I still didn’t succeed. In order not to expose my own identity, I don’t want to help the police. . Another point, after being dying after the complex task is performed, you will see the tragic death of your comrades.

Thinking, there is a shadow on your heart, and at least I have seen the sad scene of the woman’s dismissal.

When I thought home, I was already two o’clock in the morning. When I was sitting on the taxi on the road, I heard the radio on the driver in the radio played, saying that there were several women who were sexually infringed near the night of Donghu, I hope that the general public is in the summer night. Pay attention to safety when you go to the grinding pan and Donghu. Siying asked the driver: “Master, what kind of case is it in the recent east lake and grinding Mountain? I have been studying in the field. I have only returned to Jiangcheng. Can I talk about it?” Master driving the driver : “Yes, it is a few. When you get off work at night, you were sexually infringed after being hit by the masked black people. In the past, the mountainee mountain and the East Lake were not bad, but it was safe. But recently I listen to the old man The year is very special. Because the lake demon in the East Lake Lake is going to take the tire, this year is just a lake in the lake adult, it will return to Donghu living, but it is necessary to make the young woman to make up the balance of his body … “

The driver said that he said opened his words and thoughtful. “There is such a thing ??” in the doubt, the taxi arrived at the home of the thought, and when I thought I left the car, I suddenly found some of the eyes of the driver’s master. He seems to see what is still after thinking. Things, thinking about the changes in the migrators of the driver. A flash, but there is no, when I look back, I don’t see the shadow of the taxi, but I will think that it is absolutely no more than 2 seconds, and the taxi will disappear. It’s strange, it seems to have been a ghost. Take him, let it go home anyway. Just now, the driver’s master said to be mysterious, but though it still returns him in his mind. I didn’t live my original Jiangcheng’s home, but the old town of the old city, the room was on the second floor, this old-fashioned building stairway is dark and dirty, and the old rubbish is fluttering everywhere. When thinking about walking into the corridor, I suddenly didn’t know where to go through the opposite side, the black dress was black and her own, because the black man came out from the junction of the building, so It feels like a person who comes out from another space. When I went home in this evening, I came home to come out from the dark, I will be scared, but this is of course nothing about the courage, let alone, she just encountered such a bloody scene from the grinding Mountain. nothing at all.

However, when the black man and her shoulder, the thinking suddenly felt the same, because she felt what the body was thorny, and then the whole body began to numb. “It’s ending, you must have a lame thief.” The first reflection of Si Ying is this. Because she had long-term sexual invasion cases for a long time, I encountered so many embarrassed things tonight, now I am actually stabbed in the corridor, it is over, I must have trouble.

Sure enough, thinking about the skin and weakness of the whole body, and accompanied by a burst of dry heat.

“There may be a strong sex medicine on the needle, how to do it, the woman’s female special police, actually documented in the corridor.”

Thinking like this when I thought I was awake. Subsequently, the black man really fiercely gave the whole person to report her man posted her man on the wall of the corridor. It was unable to resist. It can only be put by him, but the consciousness has a clear, should She can gradually understand that this black man is constantly stroking and crazying her own process, their body temperature begins slowly, hidden in the infinite sexual desire begins in sublimation, sexual desire, letting thinking The female hormone secretion is very strong, and even in the case of danger being violated, it can have an increase in the hugeness of their lust index.

Just thinking back to Jiangcheng in these months. There is almost no sex life, and the continuous sexual sex combat will be made when performing simple tasks and complex tasks. I have to make love, so I will think about this black man in front of it. The arbitrary violations of themselves, as long as he doesn’t hurt yourself, wait until your own sexual desire is satisfied, then find it to deal with him.

After a smoking and kneading the sensitive part of the whole body, the black man squatted, and the whole face made the whole face to the belly and the privacy department, just thinking about the ice roller today, so there is nothing on weekdays. I don’t wear underwear at all like it. Just a set of milky white belly short shirts, a mini short jeans. The black man smells the face to the thin belly of the face, just can’t wait to reach out of the stunned cowboy shorts, maybe it is too tempting, the female smell that is scattered is too tempting, just now The mysterious and sophisticated black man seems to start exciting, slightly breathing, and he puts the thoughtful denim shorts and underwear to her calf. Siying beautiful private parts did not reserved exposure in front of the black man, the black man can be excited, just like how long is a thirst in the desert, the same, fierce him Dirty mouth sticks. Each effort to add a beautiful pussy and smooth belly.

The fierce movement of the black man, the beginning of the awareness of the blurred thinking suddenly awake, because the black man’s beard seems to be a little painful, but as his skin begins slowly Adapt to the rising and whispering of your own lust, thinking also began to invest in, with a low low 呻: “… … … um … um … um …” Because his mouth was black The garlicer caught it, and the thinking is only so low even if it is very enjoyable. Black man is a bit rude sexual invasion to let the thinking of the lust index rose very quickly. Thinking started with the black man in the body’s move, it seems to tell him, come, I will obey you, will not resist, as long as you make me comfortable. Maybe it is really a natural thing that is like this, so that the man is coveted, the black man enjoys a sweet and sweet pot of the mouth, and the mask under his arms is already supported in the pants. The black man can’t wait to turn over the soft thinking body, let her face the wall of the corridor, the back of the body, the curve of the beautiful body, in the old town of the old community in this old town, and The merits of the moonlight look very worried, boldly color magic black people, at this time, put the huge mashed masks under the jigs and puzzled pussy. “Ah … …” Site feels slight pain, she wants to shout, but I am unable to open, I can only be low, because the black man is too monkey, let the thinking body is not as good as cooperation Forced to accept the entry of the meat stick. The black man may be a long time, starting with the waist of the thoughtful waist, the fierce collision makes the thinking in the feeling of pain and happiness, the body begins to completely relax in. When the black man is thinking, the two hands have not stopped, and one hand is baked with her mouth. She shouted out, and another hand played with thoughtful and smooth breasts. Keep such a posture from behind the body, and began to do a long distance. After inserting, rubbed on the meat wall, insert it for a breath to the root, the thinking hood is crushed by a huge glans, and it is also stimulated at the rectum every time. “Ah … …”

When the huge meat stick is inserted, the plump breast is swayed, the curve of the abdomen is like a wave of fluctuations.

Although the consciousness of thinking at this moment is blurred, but the impact of strong sex is to restore a little awake, but this kind can only let her feel in the pumping of love, and she can Only the full cooperation is complete. “Ah !! True fuck is dead!” The black man finally issued a sound. That is a hoarse voice, can be seen, the female charm four-shot thinking is perfect to cooperate with his rape, let the flat can make a long time to make a long black man is at least half a time ahead of time goods. After the black man slammed and then aprony, Si Ying finally felt that the small abdomen was shocked by a hot flow. I said myself: “This hybrid is shot so soon, but my physical strength has not recovered? How to catch him !?”

When thinking, his physical strength has not recovered how to grasp the black people, but the black man revealed the cruelty, this is a broken face that is burned by fire, thinking under the dim light It is not very clear, but this time the black man is fierce the neck with his fingers after venting, let the thinking gradually feel difficulty breathing. “It seems that this animal is to kill after the rape. I really cruel, what to do! How do I don’t have a good strength? Site, thinking, rebellion !!” Site realized the danger, but the body did not listen Call, gradually, her conscious begins to blur, and the eyes can not see things.

Is it true? Silica heard a gun in the last moment before her coma, then I didn’t know anything …

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