I don’t know why, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I will enter the girl’s bedroom.

Because the summer is very hot, I think the bathroom is cool, just at the door, I heard the voice in the door, I realized that I went wrong, but it’s rare to come in. I don’t want to go.

So I hid in the side of the supreme, a total of six girls were taking a shower. I took a closer look, I know: Yes, Jiang Na, Yan Qian, Chen Fang Ping, Chen Lingling, Yang Hai and Long Xiong. I am more energetic! !

Because Longshan Ying and Yang Haimi are the model of the accounting, the body is a great! I vaguely saw that Longsheng’s small nipple is facing me, and the hairy is also vague. Her pink nipple is too beautiful. At this time, Jiang Na turned over … ah! !

It turns out that her body is more beautiful, the breast is big, the nipple is small …

Listening to the dragon said that today they painted the men’s model, the dragon said, the body also swayed, and Yan Qian also attached, my eyes were not enough, nor did it listen to what they said, just look.

My big chicken is also bigger, suddenly there is no water, I look at it carefully. It turns out that Chen Lingling is using hand to do his own little! !

I still have a breath, the sound is getting bigger and bigger, and Yan Qian also began to stroke his own breasts. At this time, the room was full of sensuality atmosphere. I saw Chen Fang Ping’s small mouth began to suck Na’s breasts. Yang Haiming also raised his legs to reveal the small hole to let Dragon and Zengying.

Because there is too much water in the bathroom, I don’t look very clear, this is anxious! !

I would like to stand on the window sill … But I accidentally slipped, although the sound was not big, it was heard by Long Xiong, she spit out Yang Hairi’s small to open the door, I can’t open it, she hit by her I am really sorry, I am really sorry …

Who knows Long Xiongyang to make a look! ! !

I see that she is letting me enter their bedrooms. I quickly entered it. I didn’t have two minutes. They were all back, they all didn’t hang. I didn’t feel surprised. It seems that Longsheng and they said, I I have to wait for me to be tried.

At this time, Long Xiongying said, she asked me what you showed! ? I don’t dare to talk, the lower is low.

Chen Fang Ping took me to talk, looking for a teacher. I am frightened! ! I want to be expelled … Chen Lingling said it, the sisters, don’t make trouble. I said that we don’t tell anyone, but you have to promise us one thing. I quickly said no problem.

Fang Ping said: “In fact, it is also cheaper, today you have to make our sisters a few happy, we let you go.”

I said: “With you, you say what I want to do.”

Chen Lingling said: “Waiting for us to open a room, you have to give us every population, but also make love with everyone, it is shot, and every person is anal sex, how haha ​​…” like this requires you to say How can I not agree! !

So we opened the room nearby, just entered the door, they can’t wait. Six people took off my clothes, I am like rape, after a while, our seven people are not hung, watching the charming body of Dragon and Ushire, my chicken begins to swell … I am sex! ! !

Asked who you come first, Chen Lingling said that I came, and said her greatly. In fact, Chen Lingling is very poor, and it is not very good. Unfortunately, there is no way. I have to use my mouth to lick her.

I just got to the urinary mouth, she fused from the vagina … I used the tongue to gently licked it, her body began to shake, the lingering is constantly ~~ This Long Xiong is not dry … …

Said: “A wind, you are lying down.” I had to lie down. Chen Lingling also put it greatly to my mouth, I had to succeed.

A vulsery is like this to my mouth, I have no mood to see her forced, because I really don’t like her.

At this time, someone put my penis in his mouth. I was forced by Wen Jing. It is Long Qiongjie who is blowing for me. I am excited when I suddenly! ! Chen Fang Ping and Jiang Na have come over and put it next to me. I quickly use my hand to care, so forced!

I feel these two forced many: soft, delicate, and there are not many hairs. Yan Qian and Yang Haicai have also gone, and I rushed my chicken with Long Xiong Yi.

Yeah thrilled! ! ! My tongue involuntarily against the quiet of the genitals, back and forth gentle poke, get quiet Yinye continue ~~ shortly, quiet climax, shot in my mouth a lot of sex fluid. Lou Qian came, she put a small force in my mouth, I carefully looked at, she’s forced too beautiful! ! ! Peach points belongs, the labia minora tightly in the interior. My tongue teasing her labia majora, labia minora pink leak out. So beautiful! ! !

Clitoris red mouthwatering, I could not help but put it across in the mouth, savoring. Two hands and also inserted into the Chenfang Ping Jiang Na forced in, get them with a cold, I am more indulgent with your fingers to rotate back and forth in it, Lou Qian and Yang Haiyuan more rushing to my big helping of chicken kept the loot.

And I began to play with his tongue Tatsuo British urethra and vagina, Yinye DC Tatsuo British, ass swinging back and forth, get all eyes on her Yinye me, a bit too British Zhong Houlong male orgasm.

The next one is Lou Qian, forced her narrow, very little hair. Lax vaginal opening package, you can clearly see the inside, while she also lost a lot of sex fluid.

It followed Chenfang Ping and Jiang Na, both of which were inserted my fingers for a long time to force, and soon to be conquered my tongue, I have not had time to take a closer look harm’s exactly what their force. Yang Haiyuan last turn, and her small force of water also, it seems such a hurry! !

Unplug themselves one up on the labia majora, my tongue licking her labia minora, clitoris and licking, finally put his tongue into her vagina.

Yang Haiyuan shouted to me hard, under my several attempts she met the skies ……

This time they decided to give me the right, so I chose the order of sex. I knew I was going to shoot, so I’d better quiet and made love, I really do not want to elaborate on this, painful memories.

In short, less than five minutes I shot.

Lou Qian came to lick my urethra with his tongue, English Tatsuo day my ass, Chenfang Ping the small force and in my eyes. Soon I can fight! ! !

I unplug the labia majora Lou Qian, careful observation for a while. Lou Qian impatient, I had to give up this beautiful pussy, straighten the alignment of her vagina penis is inserted into it.

To be honest, I do not know this Lou Qian was a virgin, I had just entered, she can not stand it, tears came out pain, vaginal blood flow in addition to also virgin. Her up with a paper towel paint Shizhao, I looked very distressed, wanted in the past to comfort her.

But Tatsuo Britain and grabbed my penis, mouth and suck it up, would have been just after the accident, soft and hard down the penis immediately.

I asked them what is still a virgin, a sizeable pay attention when inserting: The original Chenfang Ping and Jiang Na, Yang Haiyuan is a virgin, I can not help but secretly happy face Tatsuo British pussy I can not say the love and affection, her pussy should be six the most beautiful woman!

Urethra is very small, the clitoris is very red, very long time erection it! ! I put her on the mouth, carefully pondering the clitoris, vagina at only see as tiny springs are generally long flowing Aiye. It seems that she is demanding, but also the corresponding easily met.

I crawled in her body, the helping of chicken align her little mouth so she helped me oral sex, I can help her oral sex.

I will let go of a clitoris started kissing her urethra, beginning to flick her body, when I kissed her again, even involuntary urine!

The urine into my mouth! !

She was a little embarrassed to say: “You blame the pressing my stomach.”

I know that is not the case, certainly no one kissed her urethra, but I did not say anything, taste great atmosphere her urine.

Who knows Oh, bad, Lou Qian cried over there I get you regard the bleeding, but also drink my urine.

I did not speak, but fortunately others no such requirement, after I licked the vagina Tatsuo Britain, she once again excited, gently bit my penis.

I am busy turned to align her vagina with a penis inserted into it! ! ! Her vagina is very tight, it seems that life is not a lot.

Inside the vagina warm, tightly wrapped around my penis.

I can not tell comfortable, blasted dry up, but ten minutes of time, I have been feeling Tatsuo British orgasm three times.

Every time her vaginal orgasm contraction is very strong, very tight wrap my penis in his mouth and said I do not move …

… After three climax Tatsuo British surrender, and asked me to be replaced, I do not agree, saying I did not shoot it! ! ?

Dragon Qiong see me say that when you want me, when you want me, now, now I am! My good husband. I am satisfied, so I let her. When Yu Qian came to me, I came to me, I said that since you are a woman, your vagina is very shallow, you still sit on me. I also sit, so you won’t hurt too much.

She smiled and sat in me, I put the penis in, I didn’t dare to let too deep. Although I am not very comfortable, I feel very satisfied, her butt is not moving on me, slowly my penis swallowed in her vagina.

Looking at her, I am so happy, I will add a few minutes like this, I found me wrong …

The vagina of Yan Qian is very deep, so I lay down, and the Qian was let go, the ass is one, I will give my penis for a more than about one-third. And I didn’t touch her uterus, so I have the ass, Yu Qian sat down, ah! ! I feel that my chicken is over her womb, she began sweating! !

I turned over the horse to press her down, keep her, she kept squat, whispered to kill me! ! !

“Husband, I love you, fast … no … to … stop.”

I am more energetic, in a constant sampling, her climax.

Originally, we still want to work again, but Chen Fang Ping is not anxious, he is in the breast, watching her 35B big tits, I hurry to take the penis from the vagina of Yongqian! It turned out that there was so cool outside, and there is also a blood on my penis.

It turned out that the girls who have just just yet have not completely ruptured. Now … I walked to Chen Fang Ping, kissing her breast, including her nipple, kiss a few, she couldn’t help.

Pressing me under the bottom, didn’t wait for me to see her nephew. I can’t do it, because I like to appreciate the yen of the woman, especially she is still a woman, I also called Jiang Na and Yang Haicai, let them lying down, so the three virgin is completely displayed in me. It’s so beautiful in front of you.

I have let each of them separate the big labians, I carefully look at their small labians and urethra, vaginal and clitoris.

Three pink holes have different, so I know that they are all sentient, I will look at their vaginal portals.

Chen Fang Ping’s vaginal mouth is very tight, and they separate the vaginal port under my command. Chen Fang Ping’s house is very deep, it is difficult to see it.

Jiang Na’s vast woman’s color is deeper, it looks like to make a surgery, I began to doubt that she is not a woman, but I didn’t ask.

When a woman is doing! Yang Haicai’s vast women’s film is clear, thin, crystal clear, I still have a woman’s film in the first time.

And when I look at it, when I was looking at it, Yang Hairi’s yin ribbed, I know she wants, so I am not looking at it, and the hymen is gently inserted, no bleeding.

I slowly put the penis into her vagina, although it is slow, but it is bleeding. I can’t manage so much, starting a little bit of thrust, Yang Haishi starts to feel, the body will not sway with my rhythm.

I took the chicken and put it in the vagina of Jiang Na. She didn’t figure out this way.

After plugging a few times, I plugged Chen Fang Ping, her vagina is the tighter, and it is very lubricated, plugging.

Yang Haishi also asked me to plug her, I said that each person will change, so I will insert Yang Haicheng in this thirty. When I was inserting, Xiao Qian and Long Xiong ing 躺 躺 我 头 头, 眼, 放 很 很 很 很 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放

I have no time to kiss them two little, while I don’t have to be federate, I don’t remember a few times, and I will help me check the number, so I will change my personal, my mouth Two small pours must be kept. I can’t help but shot, shot in Chen Fang Ping, Jiang Na and Yang Hairi hurry over to grab my semen, watching them to eat, I am certainly satisfied.

However, I also know that Jiang Na does not have a climax, no way. When I was in the god, a urine was once again diaper my mouth. It turned out to be a Qian Qian. It seems that she speaks really. I licked her urethra, drink the urine, and we six people. Lying on the floor.

At this time, I remembered the quiet, the original quiet came to menstruation, I am so happy, ask for a moment, do you want to be anal? Wen quiet is very embarrassed to say it is free …

Otherwise, everyone is not good, but I want to bother for you. I can only agree. After taking a shower, we went back to the school. In the three years, I have had countless neutrical relationships with them, but this is the only one.

I really miss the little bit of this time …

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