Aqing is a little boy just in the country. Because parents are related to the mainland, they only leave him alone, and the brother goes to the grandmother. He is going to the country, so the mother of Aqing is worship. Mei Xiang helps take care of Aqing’s diet, and the beautiful Mr. and Aqing’s parents are colleagues and in the mainland. In order to facilitate the convenience, I will move to the beautiful family in the next door.

Mei Xiang is 34 years old this year, and the embossed black eyebrows are more beautiful under the white skin. It is also the relationship or nutritional balance of congenital physique. In addition to whitening skin, the red cherry lips and the red cheeks are all spoiled. The eyes that will laugh are even more envious of the beautiful husbands to have such a beautiful mother.

What is even more, there is still a daughter with Aqing’s age called Xiao Spring. It is a physical fitness that is incense, but there is a little girl’s breath, and it is full of vitality. This is available from Xiao Spring to school. When I returned home, Xianghan waved from her hair, wet sportswear, and saw the clue of her hacking.

That is a night in early summer, Aqing is taking a bath, when the fragrance suddenly remembered that the clothes have been washed in the bathroom have not taken it yet, so she rushed to knock on the door and wanted to put the clothes. She still didn’t consider A. The blue is a little man who has just entered the ado.

Mei Xiang is to see that Aqing has seen great, Aqing is often beautiful to help him take a shower, so Aqing makes the beautiful loved ones, just like aunt or aunt! Therefore, when the beauty knocks to go in When he did not hesitate to oppose it, let her come in, and the beautiful fragrance saw that Aqing is not hung, but I have been scared, but I forgot the movement of politeness, because she never seen, she was Attractive, the beauty of the person in the subconscious is reluctant to give up this opportunity.

Aqing was seen, and he didn’t know whether it would be left or not. It is a big difference with the past, and the indirect reaction is in the behavior, and the clothes will let the clothes fall on the ground, and eat it will bite the tongue and drink water will be.

All of this is a beautiful, and she wants to go to bed early to sleep, so she doesn’t think about this, so she took a shower early in bed.

She was deeply sighed, because even if the light was going, the eyes were closed, the eyes were still awkward, the closed eyes always showed a young and green, I saw a short, I remember that Aqing was young, she often helped A. Take a bath, then the lovely chicken chicken is like an atomic brush, and the soap is filled with soap and slipping it in her hand.

But what she saw tonight, there was a big thumblest, and the foreskin covered glans can be seen, and a few haired hair is in the embellishment, it seems to hinted to her that it is no longer a chicken, so saying, she wants , Then he should erect it?! Have you erective fantasy? Just like me!

At this time, she has already reached into the underwear, looking for a comfortable part, that is where she is familiar, she hasn’t masturbated about a week. The reason is very simple, sin, especially the night before, and then watching the daughter who is going out of the door after breakfast next day, she can’t seem to adapt her relationship with her own role with her her daughter.

However, in the inner stimulation of hormones and men’s external excitement, under such a double stimulation, a thirty-year-old woman is at least a part of life, at least in the psychological aspect, saying, her use Between the two large labips of the clamping thighs, she likes to stimulate the yin nuclei in this way, and then use the index finger and the middle finger to refresh the foreskin, but she frowned, Because although I tried it several times, she still could not adapt to this direct stimulus, then she continued to travel in the vagina.

Suddenly she seems to think of what, but it is very don’t want to move, after a few struggles, finally get up, sweating the legs makes her feel trouble, at this time, the panty is covered with the panties and sheets, she sipes off underwear. , Wipe your legs, then put a pajama to the bathroom, she rarely wore underwear, and now the stabbed hairy makes her feel very special, and it is also confused about the labips of the raised, I don’t know if it is because Just stroke makes the lips of the lips or does not wear the relationship of underwear.

Said that I have come to the kitchen, she touched her black, finally found in the refrigerator, she smiled slightly, remember the little cucumber, because the long strokes were special for her. That is to buy in the vegetable market in the morning, she is still worried about the rest of a small cucumber. I didn’t expect to use it now. She quickly returned to the bedroom, the rubbing of the lips is still there, she can’t wait. .

Lying in bed, turn off the light again, now she has found a masturbation, it is reasonable to make full use of small cucumber, and Aqing is also the reason, and the sash is not known, the same, the reason is also.

Slowly, she began looking for sexual memories to evoke fantasies. First, enter her mind is a certain night after her newly marld, that is the first sexual climax after her marriage, and frequent sexual life after marriage makes her experience again and again. That time, Mr. was smashed, and the relaxation of her mood was plus mood, a spasm with hypoxia, and electric shock, invaded her, and she found the charm of men’s mask, her first I truly realized the mask of Mr., the rising glans smooth and reflectively, the penis green gluten under the glans exposed, the big thorn is attacking her ……. When I think of the stimulus, she uses a pumpkin with a cucumber, and then waiting for the negative response, with a snoring, this is not a climax, she knows …. Suddenly she recalls the current husband, and the beer belly makes his penis. The relationship of the age is shrinking or the relationship between the stomach. She still can’t feel the foreign matter in the body, he will vent ….

Hey! … that cucumber can’t stand her strength, broken, “Hey …” She called exhale, the tumetry body made her move, reach out, will be broken. That half pull it out, the hand is still still unresolved in the latency to go back and forth …

The next day, she has to go to the vegetable market than usual. It is to see if she can’t pick a better little cucumber. Soon, the vendor of the cucumber has appeared, and many women have selected it, she will go quickly. In the past, when I saw a pile of pich cork, it seems to be a pile of masks, but I will return to God immediately.

Before coming to the booth, she was determined to find a hard and thick. At this time, a group of discussion came to attract her attention, and the woman is still picking up, one touch one She thinks, is it a woman here to pick a good back masturbation, just like her?

If you use what way they are masturbating? She began to envy the female boss who sells a cucumber, she uses the incomplete little cucumber, perhaps this is that she is self-comforting last night …


In the summer, the window is not awkward, plus the chatter on the podium, so that Achun heart has been drifting, suddenly from her dead file – Li Mei, came back, she opened, above Write:

“Do you know? The born is 20 cm !!”

Achun didn’t understand at all, so she wrote:

“What is 20 cm?”

From the note:

“Is that one !!”

This time, Achun didn’t understand, looking at Li Mei, Li Mei, looking at the expression of confused, Li Mei, passing a note, writing:

“Forget it !! Let’s talk about it !!”

After such a stirring, Achun is more unhappy.

After the get out of class, Achun has forgotten the just thing, or Li Mei pulled her to the tree next to the playground.

“Achun, I just said that there are 20 cents of the boy!”

“What is the 20 cm? … I don’t understand!”

“Is that one !!” “Said, Limei is lower than the ankle of Achun, she bowed, and then opened his eyes and did not dare to believe in tone:

“You are less covered! Which is possible?”

“Really! I didn’t cheat it,”

“how do you know?”

“I secretly see the magazine of my sister …”

At this time, Achun unexpectedly looked up, just a male classmate learned from her, she went down at the male classmate,

“How is it, 20 cm ??” She doubts.

The next class is a national article, and it is a 50-year-old male teacher. Achun has always gaze that the male teacher is underworking, she tried to find 20 cm traces, but there is a sign of signs. Out, she is more suspected of the possibility of Limei, but from Li Meyi pays a sure of the eyes, let her feel like it is true, …

That night, when she was in the book in the bedroom, she didn’t know the book, and I found out that the book was passed in the school to give her note. The 20 centime of the length raised her curiosity again.

She is lying in bed, the heart is always moving, get up and get out of the bedroom, come to the Aqing room, then Aqing is combining the model, suddenly Achun found that she didn’t know how to ask, she said:

“What are you doing?”

“I am playing model!”

“What is this model?”

“It’s a plane !!”

In fact, when Achun is talking to Aqing, her eyes have been placed in the lower part of Aqing. She still wants to find out the signs of the 20 cm, then she suddenly detached:

“Hey … Aqing, is your one really 20 cm?”

“What is the 20 cm? … Are you saying this?” Aqing said that he took the screwdriver next to him, and Yichun shook his head and said:

“Oh! … isn’t !!”


“Nothing !! I am going to sleep …” After turning around and returned to the house, she didn’t want to ask the second time, because after she just asked, the heartbeat suddenly jumped very powerful, one The strange feeling is born, so she doesn’t want this feeling, because she feels that she feels inexplicably, she is clear and then said!!

When she passed the fragrant room, she could also hear the low snoring. She was suspicious, and the name should be said that the mother’s room should only be alone. So should the voice should be the mother’s 啰 ?! But what did she do to make this sound? Achun is still quiet, and there is no, she is confused to explain, maybe it is dreaming ?! Nor do it, because she is a bit tired, go back to the house. Tonight, the fantasy of beautiful masturbation becomes how to attract Aqing’s interest in her body, things are like this, in the evening, she is squatting under the ground with a vacuum cleaning table, the weather is full of heat, she put the skirt It is in the waist, when she is only her at home, so when Aqing is back, she has forgot her appearance, only Gu Qingzi furniture, when she found that Aqing has always seen her, and found that he is watching her. The scenery in the skirt, the ability to get up.

But afterwards, she regretted, because she cognition her for men, Aqing should have been erection at the time, and this is a beautiful dream. She really wants to feel the penis that is brother, even if it can be, I have a feeling of holding, she hasn’t had this feeling for a long time, and I have almost forgotten.

If she continues to stimulate Aqing, he will be erect, watch TV erect, erect, even when walking, she has more fantasy. Today’s small cucumber is better, and she also knows how to use a small cucumber than last night, although it is still broken.

On the evening, when eating, in addition to the general dishes, the table is in addition to the general dish, because it is fried, some sausages will be highlighted, and Achun especially likes to eat this part, fragrant crispy of.

When Achun is saved, it is sent to the mouth, greeted with his tongue, then licking a blasting head, including the imported, spit out, to have a taste of the sweetness, but see In the eyes of the fragrance, she can’t let her continue to look down, but I can prove that Achun is still very pure, because if a sexual experience is particularly sensitive to this action, especially have passed Men’s mask.

After dinner, Achun took a banana, probably the banana is more bent! Achun seems to be so inspiration when it is peeled, and the beautiful fragrance gives her a inspiration, perhaps with bananas to replace the small cucumber, the effect will be better! So Tonight, she changed bananas. Sure enough, the banana can be topped into some comparisons, and the angle is relatively large, though, the banana is still two halves.

After seeing the mashed mask of Yanyan, it has been four or five days. This is a mood every night, but there is also a thing of Achun’s doubts. Achun will go to her mother’s room daily, she Will find a piece of fruit in the trash can, first a small cucumber, banana, and eggplant.

But today she didn’t have fruit, but a bottle of Miz, she curiously took up, moved the half-loose cover, and the bottle mouth had a few curved curved hair, this time she is really big Confusing, because the bottle of adhesive hair, no matter what, it seems to be dirty, she will throw it back into the trash, and she will soon forget this.


Tonight, the beauty is still the same as the usual, with a heart of the horse, then take a shower before going to bed, it is necessary to have a good taste and sensitive touch, the bed put a bottle new one Mei Du, from the day before yesterday, she has changed to Meitz, because Meitt’s surface is relatively smooth, will not be broken, there is also Mei Nathe to lubrication.

Then she relaxed the whole body and lying on the bed, and stroked the whole body with hand, then the finger gently slammed the little power plant, so that there is a feeling of electric shock, and the finger can detect the poec, to be nipple, it can be easily Catch the nipple, then the finger is rebounded back, then along the skin surface, slide to the inclam, smooth the hair, and pull the hair, pull the yin, the palm pass through the inclusions, contact with the cloud, then she already I started wet, reached out to take the bottle Miz.

However, the cold bottle made her suddenly had a thought, I thought about it, Mei Du she had used two or three times, and “it can be expected” is a fatal injury of sexual sensitivity. It is about to launch the lounge to start cooling. She called a breath, trying to find a new way is not experienced.

She remembered Aqing. He is not far away. He is a male, he has a mask, he should also be erect, this is enough, she looks at time, ten o’clock, Aqing is about to sleep, So she got up on pajamas, walked to the door of Aqing, she once again felt the thrill of lips and rubbed, and more firm her determined, she knocked on the door.

“Aqing !!”

“what’s up?”

“You haven’t slept yet?”


“You come to my room !!”


“right away!!”

The fragrance returns to the bedroom, and she has experience, she first prepares a box of paper paper on the bed, then puts the light of the light, so that the light is only concentrated in bed, she takes off the pajamas, I don’t hang it in bed, I will, Aqing Knock on the door,

“Come in!!”

After Aqing came in, it was shocked because he didn’t think of a beautiful fragrance. He often called her for the beauty, and he would take off her clothes and lying on the bed, and the light stut is against him.

“Come! Put the door and lock!”

Although Aqing doesn’t know what to do, but he is made,

“Come! You come over to help me massage, I don’t know how to sore, …”

“Good! Beautiful !!” “Now you don’t call me a beautiful! Tell me big sister!”

“Good! … big sister!”

Aqing took her words to start massaging her shoulders, and later, the whole room didn’t have a little bit, and the sweetness was first to enjoy this touch. Aqing is not to say something, and soon, the erect penis makes him Heart deficiency, the last beautiful fragrance breaks the silence,

“Aqing! Are you a few years old?”


“Nor small … You see you, the sound begins to change”


“Okay! It’s enough to do it, now change the waist and your butt!”

When Aqing massage waist and buttock, the sweetness slowly turned his legs, and Aqing was slammed into water.

“Is there any problem after you have in the country?”

“Well … should it be !?”

“What about the body?”

“Body …”

“Yes! Body!”

“Um … shouldn’t you !?”

“I have to remember, you have been with Achun, you have entered the youth, and the body’s development will be particularly fast. If there is any problem, do you want to say?”


“Okay! Now let’s change your front!”

The beauty turned over, the face is facing Aqing, Aqing, I don’t know how it is good, my eyes don’t know which side, can be said to be a wooden chicken, especially the lower abdomen And the beauty of the beauty can observe the reaction of Aqing.

Thirty-year-old body shape is a bit disappointed, a little slightly style is unlike a girl’s slim, she has no way to live in front of her husband in front of her husband, but now it is different. I also believe that her naked is facing Aqing. He is unpick, watching Aqing’s shorts is a slightly, she is more confident, she said:

“Come, start from here,” she pointed to the breast.


“Do you know how to do it?”

“do not know!”

“I teach you,” said, beautiful incense pull his hand, put her own chest, “I have to know this side?”


Just starting Aqing, I was afraid, and later used to my hand, but the beautiful incense did not care about the reactions of the breast, but always pay attention to the ankle of Aqing, in fact she wants Aqing massage breasts not for themselves, but borrowed This seems to work, this seems to work,

“How do you feel?” She asked.


“Come here!” She refers to the nipple

In the face of the two little things, Aqing knows that he can’t use it, he changed, pinned,

“Big sister!”

“what’s up?”

“How did it become hard?”

“Yes !! … um …”

For the reaction of the beautiful incense, there is a certainty of Aqing, and he is more profitable.

“Well … Aqing …. Now there is a thigh … Well,” The beautiful words have a sound,

Aqing walked to the beautiful thigh, his eyes have been staring at the thick black hairy, when he touched the beautiful thigh, I found that the thigh wet is wet. In order to be convenient, he simply climbs the bed. At this time, the beautiful fragrance slowly opened his thigh, he creened

Looking at the yin, who is slowly present, although he doesn’t know this is a man’s gentle town, but who told him that male, he was surprised, because never seen mature women, in his impression In the middle, the woman’s yin should be smooth, then a seam is in the middle, but now he is a lush black hairy, showing two pieces of meat, slightly brown, the edge of the brown, is bright red.

Through reflective, it can be seen that the whole is a wet answer. When Aqing is preparing to reach out, the fragrance got up, he had to sit in bed, her hand came to Aqing’s mouth, Aqing Ben After retreating, this is an animal in order to protect the instinct of important organs, but he will stop after he is slightly retreat, because he thinks the other party is a beautiful sister,

“Big Sister …” Aqing Xin Yan’s sound.

The beauty does not care about his reaction, and a lower part of Aqing,

“how so?”

“I don’t know!” He thought that the sister was unhappy because of his physiological reaction.

“Good hard!”


“Really hard!”

“….” Aqing face has always been a physiological response to his physiological response.

“Come …” Meixiang began to take his pants … “

With the fragrance of the eyes, the movement, and stroke, he realizes the abnormalities of the fragrance, but I don’t know what to do. Only with the beautiful movement, she will take her a blue pants, which is completely erection. The penis is jumping out, she greedy looked at the penis of Shengse, this is what she dreamed of, and her penis is like a spring bamboo shoot. So, half of the glans hide in the foreskin powder red, just Little boy like a squat has an apple-like cheek.

She began to take the whole root-root-root-root-root-root, the old high, and I can’t wait to stand up. I am a big and small testicles, sway, then put the nose to the glans, rub the glans with the nose, immediately send a men’s glans unique The taste, reach a hand holding a hot gas to her hand, then pull the foreskin down, at this time, the glans are completely exposed to the air.

She watched the glans, smooth surface, under the dim light, the light color, the small urinary mouth is like the mouth of the goldfish, once opened, she couldn’t help but licked the tongue to the urethra, A Qingtun time, there was a bun, the two legs were soft, sitting in bed, beautiful in the bed, because we can see a post-style crystal, and the testicles of the shake descendant, then the openings will be imported in the import, She is swallowing, swallowing can’t be swallowed again. At this moment, she felt that the glans was in the deep throat, and then spit out a little, spit it, spit it, and finally she passed the teeth in the glad crown. Wet, let the tongue swim on the edge of the glaret crown, feel the existence of the foreskin lace with the tongue, open the urethral mouth with the tongue, then there is mucus in the urethral mouth, then the beautiful incense is swallowed in, completely.

At this moment, she feels that the penis of Aqing is pulling with the heart of the heart, and she has a rising, but she finds the same, the frequency of pulsation is increasingly rule, faster, experienced. She realized that Aqing was ejaculation, so soon quickly spit the penis, spit out the brilliant glans and the beautiful lips and mixed with a blue mucus and a mixture of delicious salted water.

After spit out, I couldn’t help but sat down, and the penis was also jumped from one jump, and the beautiful fragrance would be lying down, helping him to fight, then moved and moved his head to Aqing’s ear, gently He is blowing in his ear and says whisper:

“Now you say, just, just, do you know?”


Aqing nodded, just incense to him, he has fallen into a floating state, can’t control yourself, even talking.

After this movement and rest, Aqing’s penis began to soften, although it was swollen, but the hardness had not reached the standard of fragrance, she once again stained the root penis, and grinding the penis. Sure enough, the penis is like a reforming army, and it is restored to the greenery.

The beautiful incense is not lost, immediately cross the body of Aqing, in the face of this unrequalified man, everything must be in the sand field, so she takes the above posture.

Now the beautiful fragrance faces Aqing, a horses and jocked gestures, and Aqing watched the two-legged meat in the two legs, hanging one or two drops of prostitution, vaguely incorporated. The beautiful fragrance hand holds the penis, come back and back, so as not to avoid the penis and soft, open the hair, open the two wet lips, stop breathing, and zoom in the anus, to welcome this long-lost male root.

The slowly moved the glans to the edge of the lips, and then the other hand pushed the foreskin of the erect’s clitoris, move the glans to here, guide the urethral mouth on the Aqing glans. Moving a beautiful shaped girtger, which has been dialing, for a while, she feels that the vagina begins to open, it is time, pull the turtle shell card in the vaginal mouth, take the penis erection angle, sit down.

Aqing saw this situation, and I can’t believe that the beautiful sister is sitting down, and his penis is so inserted into her body, there is a hole? He doubizes, so I reached out to the place where I will try to pass the place, the fragrance there Very wet, and there are many distorted meats together, he determines that the penis into the place is not an anus, what is it? Just when he is thinking, a single feeling came from his glans, his turtle shell is The warm and wet meat is tight, and the front end of the glans has been touched and then open, and the thing will clamp the penis again.

This feeling is slow and continued to pass into the brain, and the fragrance is shaking the ass pencaps, adjusting the insertion angle at any time, to the final penis is fully inserted. Although only the penis is completely packaged, it is in fact, but he is unable to package the whole body.

Aqing’s penis has a little hard thing, it can’t be moved again, and the beautiful fragrance is also squatted to him, hugging him, her head arches against the cheeks of Aqing, Aqing can hear it A loss of low and asthoon came from the beautiful sideline, soon the beauty turned to kiss his lips and deeply sucked, his lips were opened by the beautiful tongue, and the beautiful tongue continued to reach it in the mouth of Aqing. Aqing will first experience the “French kiss” under the guidance of the fragrance.

The penis stays in the fragrant body, I tried several times to make the penis to move the penis, but every time he uses, the penis is compressed from all parties, and then there is a burst of pleasure from the penis. The brain, until the end, the gradual limbs are weak, the power of the whole body is concentrated in the penis, and then a few close feelings are accompanied by free, and finally out of the penis. An unoccracted heat remains from the inside of the penis.

The beautiful fragrance is in the blue, let her lower body enjoy the feeling of swelling, when you want to twist your ass to experience the grind of the penis, she suddenly is not right, she found the vagina hot, look back, it is discharged. At this time, the penis of Aqing’s penis is quickly resolved. She still doesn’t have time to react, move my butt, the penis is slipping out of the vagina, the beautiful fragrance frowned, and unreholding outlet:

“How is this so fast?” If you listen to the men’s ear in a hundred war, it is a big blow to the man’s confidence, but Aqing has not understate that it is still a beautiful look, he still Is it still unfair!

“After you want to shoot, tell me first, know?”

“Hey!” In fact, Aqing listened, it seems that I don’t understand it. The beautiful fragrance turned a few paper, a few paper to his own small hole plug, the rest is ready to help Aqing, although the penis of Aqing is already soft, but the just friction is still swollen, young is young Once a beautiful wiping, plus the lubrication of the semen above the residual glans, soaring it again, let the fragrance reinforce hope, and this time is still harder than just, she hurriedly holding the meat stick, wet When the acupoints were complete, she started to twist the waist, this time Aqing is more relaxed, because he doesn’t have to force, the penis is naturally clamped by the vaginal clamp.

“喔 … ah … call …” As the beautiful buttocks are more and more, the snoring is getting bigger and bigger, and the Aqing does not know that after a quick twist ass, she has reached two. Three climax, Aqing only knows that the beautiful little prostitute is getting wet, and his pleasure has also turned from the thrilling and rhythm of the thrilling, and rhythm of the hustle, Finally, beautiful, the sound is also smaller, then falling in the blue.

Although the beautiful fragrance is tired, it is still unlucky slowly twisted butt, because this pumping is different from the climax, and the climax is a comfortable feeling, and this climax makes the meat stick in the pockets. Maintain a long time comfort, this is where the beauty is most special.

Unlike the husband to make love, and the husband is doing love leading is the husband. Every time he will vent, then you will fall to sleep, this is cruel for a woman, because a woman’s climax must be the first three stages of the second day. This is a real climax.

Tonet, the beauty is satisfied, relative to her, Aqing is still struggling, he still can accept continuous stimulation from a slower delivery. When the beauty of his chest is satisfied with his nipple, it is ejaculation.

“Hey …” Aqing spit a sigh of relief, quietly let the sweet sweat, so that they don’t want to move, tired, tired, and it is easy to climb, they only I want to be closed by my eyes, let the climax fall back in half a dream.

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