Chapter One

“咿 咿 …….” Wu Xiuxia stretched back in front of the computer, editing the software told her that she had worked for three hours. Since the university graduated, she was alone in the top floor of the small apartment, relying on the magazine to write some romance short articles to make some contributions and the little life expenses sent by the family. Anyway, I have a person, two aspects The income plus one plus, the days are also considered. certainly! A single woman, in addition to the food, only cosmetics and clothing are bigger expenses, these two income have been enough to make her spend.

As the saying goes: “Warm Sisterer”, Wu Xiuxia is naturally unique in this kind of living alone, and does not have a food, and it is natural to live in the house, and naturally have her intention. She is a modern woman belonging to the ideological open type. I don’t want to be bound by marriage. I will bet on my good youth in a man. Women should have a so-called “fish tank policy” like a man. If you have a man who is alive, this life is not awkward?

At the beginning, the beauty and 蝉 结 作 结 结 作 作 作 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是Play, go to the Pub fishing Kai, exchange the experience of boyfriends. certainly! Also study the physiological structure of bones together. However, since Wang Meiyu and Shi Shi have got married, she suddenly felt lonely, on the one hand, two confidants left her, but there is still a reason …

It turns out that Xixia has a novel thing, and they call it “baby”, which is bought in the indigenous tribe when they go to South Africa buffet travel. A wood’s handicraft carving is engraved with a male reproductive organ, but it is double-headed, and two women can enjoy “fish in the water”. The fine and special patterns of stems are even more pleasant. This “baby” is accompanying these three women to spend countless lonely nights. But since they graduated and got married, Xiuxia could only enjoy alone alone.

Wu Xiuxia’s aunt has a daughter called Ai Ai, which is her cousin. Recently, I have been looking for her on the countryside, saying that I have to find a job in Taipei. But because her academic qualifications are not high, work is not easy to find, so before she finds work, I have to stay in Xiuxia’s house before she finds her work, and Ai will sleep in Xiuxia ‘s writings. These two days, she helped Ai to find a helper, the object is the summary of his magazine. Although the elderly eating tofu is something that all the magazine knows, but with the love of love, it is quite difficult to find a good job of income, and the old network will not be a year. Is only a seventeen-year-old country girl start?

Ai’s work is still relaxed, as long as it is during the day, go to the old house in the wooden gate, clean the house. The courtyard has the old-knit driver is responsible, as long as it is cleaned, you can go back. It is said that the villa has no maid room, but the old next time and the Philippine maids have been well-founded by the old lady, they are not allowed to live in the villa, so the love is still with Xiuxia. live together.

Since I want to stay here, Xixia wants to give him the teachings of the “Baby”, so that Ai can replace her lonely, empty ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, And the soul. However, Ai did soon, naturally could not immediately teach her, could not help Xixia began envious of the classmates, because they although they were alone, but they could have night! Just in the lonely days of Xiuxia, one day, she received a letter to her, this letter was written:

Xiuxia, how can it be good?

After marriage, my sister has been busy fulfilling his wife’s obligations every day. I don’t often write to you, I feel sorry, I hope you will not see you. In fact, the busy busy is a kind of enjoyment, Kongfei said: “Eating color”

Xiuxia! Don’t you avoid the happiness of your girl? Sister may wish to disclose the truth here! Our cave, the night, fortunately, in your internship, “Baby” technology, the initial heterosexual contact, neither shame, not painful, the light we came three times in the evening! It is really good to be in the right, and it is a big and growing, it is not inferior to the end of the A film. And he is old, can support for a long time until you come to give mercy. It often reaches a climax, the girl can reach three or four times! Once, he got off work early, nor did he have a very good mood that day, he has not been tired in the morning, you say that he is strong? That simply got me, I want to die, I can’t even eat dinner, I don’t know much more than our “baby”.

Xiuxia, don’t envy, don’t take it, I see, you still have to find an object to get married! Although your “baby” is not bad, the taste of being hugged by men is all different! Leaning on his thick arm, listening to his heavy breath, the rich smell exuded by the sweat on the back is not “baby”. Plus he whispered in your ear, there is an exciting words, and his technology is good, the three shallow depth, the six shallow depth, the jewel is a deep, sometimes light grinding, Sometimes, sometimes rotate, sometimes straight, ten fingers seem to be independent, caressing every sensational zone of my breasts and private parts, the tapered tongue is more likely, blowing bomb hooks touching more Hearts, it’s really unbearable! It’s not early, he is going to get off work, I have to cook! He said that this is happy tonight, I want to prepare a bottle of wine, come to a beautiful wine candlelight dinner, so I have to prepare some food, wait for him to come back. Under this beautiful wine, it is inevitable that it is still a bitter battle tonight, the short feelings of paper, the sister will stop this, and then chat again!


I found a good old public early day.


Wu Xiuxia finished reading this letter, could not help but flour, she was angry? She is jealous? Do not! This letter has provoked her spring love, and it has been wet and wet, and Xiuxia is already excited! Come on the skirt, the hand is coming back in underwear, the underwear is already wet, and you can see the fingers to face the fingers.

“Well …. ah …. 喔 …”, Xiuxia unconsciously waawned, right hand caressing private parts, left hand, no idle, pull the drawer of the bedside table for “baby”, I can’t wait to take off my underwear, I will directly pull the underwear to pull it next to it, the left hand is so sent, half “baby” is not entering private parts. The right hand puts another half-cut “baby” recovery, the left hand is stroked with his own breasts, and the nipple has already been firm, even if it is obedient with the underwear, it can feel it. Skilled, the buckle of the upper buckle and the bra is skilled, and the clock direction of the picking clock is covered with the nail to scrape the breast, and the round of the circle is straight to the top of the pink, the index finger and the unknown finger clamping the dizziness, The middle finger is gentle and hard because of excitement.

“Well … 喔 ……. Yes, it is there ….. 喔 ……. more stronger … ah … Ah … “The” baby “in the right hand is like a letter to the middle, and the three shallow depths, the six shallow depths, the brightest way to the hole. The big labi has already been excited to turn over, and the obscenity is glowing on the incapacity. Xiuxia uses “baby” technology is not covered, and the four fingers hold “baby” to pick up, and the thumb is smashed with a small core. The pleasure sent by the small core is like a current, generally stimulating Xiuxia.

“Well … ….. a! I am a lascivious woman ….. 喔 …. Come almost … “Xiuxia is unable to curb the excitement of Xiuxia, and he called” Ai! “She called the name of the cousin, and she intended to teach her” baby “technology. No matter whether she promised, it is necessary to force teach to solve the desire of the time.

However, at the same time, she is called Ai, the doorbell is ringing, a man who seems to have heard in the voice: “Sorry …” “May I ask Miss Wu Xixia?”

It is the door of Ai Ying, Xiuxia quickly uses the sanitary paper to spray the kinky water, put the “baby” into the bedside table, organize clothes, hurriedly rush to the living room, laugh and Mimi: “Can you be ? “

“I am the husband of Shi, Huang Zhengping, is it?”

No wonder this voice has been heard, it is a gentleman, but how can you find a wife to find someone else?

“It turned out to be Mr. Huang! Please come in! … 蝉 没有 没有 耶 耶! However, I can wait for her, please take it!” Xiuxia His autumn wave is delivered, Huang Zhengping suddenly said: “Don’t come? Strange! Where have you been? Al! I will take it for a while!” With Wu Xiuxia entered.

Xiuxia turned into the kitchen and took a few dishes and took a bottle of old whiskey from the wine cabinet. Two people drove like this. Talking about the university period and his own confused past.

Time is very twenty of past, but it is still a shadow of Shi Shu.

“The 蝉 will not come!” Huang Zhengping was dark, he just excused to find his wife. He learned Wu Xixia from the mouth of the 秀 是 是 风 的 女 女 子 子 子 子 子 子 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 动 事 事 动 动 动, 动, 动 动 触Today, the company sent him to Taipei’s business trip, and borrowed the way, Wu Xixia would know his trick? However, she just read the letter sent to her. When I was excited, Huang Zhengping suddenly visited, and she was more exciting to her, the most primitive desire of her, can you let him go back? She hardally retains the Huang Zhengping that is deliberately returned, and she is afraid of 貂 貂 貂 貂! Wu Xiuxia is toast, in the side of a charm, ready to provoke Huang Zhengping’s interest, so that how can Huang Zhengping can’t see Wu Xixia? He has a few glasses of wine, and it is called nine-sex to her. Lonely male widow is together, and it is not exempted to take a copy, it will not allow both parties to enter the non-non-non-wrong realm. Let them have desires, so their distance is more and more close, first is jokingly hand-held hands, slowly The body starts to touch each other. However, this contact is the beginning of the challenge. They like dry materials, and I don’t know who is active. They hug each other, and the four hot lips are attached. Using his skill’s tongue, first touches her upper lips with the tip of the tongue, and Xiuxia is also a new hand, separate double lips to pick him into the teeth, and the positive lips are gently kiss the lips of Xiuxia. The tip of the tongue explored her gums in one inch, and further wrapped the tongue of Xiuxia in a curled manner, and sent the Jinjin liquid in her mouth to her mouth, Xiuxia is a single collection, arrogance kisses. The right tongue is. Suddenly, the right transfer position, from the lips, chin, neck, all the way, left a wet heat trajectory along the way, Huang Zhengping is a master, in fact, girl shoulders and back sensitive bands are not lost. Generally, people think that only breasts and private parts are women’s sensitive bands. This is a mistake. As long as the skill is getting, it is not a sensitive belt, just a general man lacks patience, and the clothes goes up, a little It doesn’t care about the feelings of the girl.

I kissed the shoulders of Xiuxia. The hands were softly massage her back. The fingers were slightly scraped and gently scraped, and I would like to solve the buckle of Xiuxia underwear, but she wears it today. The lips of the naughty are moved down from the shoulders to the double breasts, and Xiuxia thought: “The last is finally coming.” I didn’t expect Zhengping and slowly move his lips to the ear. He can really catch people! The soft bones along the ear along the tip of the tongue, also blow it in the ear hole from time to time, Xiuxia can’t help but hit it.

Zhengping smiled in the ear: “What’s wrong, afraid itch? I listen to people, the more I itch, the more obscenity, so, you …..”

“Who is people, who told you to bully people!”

I am talking on my mouth, I have no idle in my hands, my hands have been walked behind Xiuxia’s chest, and only two of the lace bra. Xiuxia’s chest is not very small, almost a big palm, is in the mammery, feel that the protrusions are in the palm of the palm, and it is excited.

Suddenly, Xiuxia pushed the right, backwards, and asked Zheng Zheng: “What happened, don’t you like?”

Xiuxia replied: “No, my cousin is love, that is, the little girl you just saw, still in this house, this is not convenient …” Xixia whole clothes The study is walking, and Ai is listening to music while listening to the novel. Xiuxia said to her: “Ai! Guests are drunk, need to take a break quietly, you can take it out to slip out!” A love hated that there is a chance to go out, I am happy to ran. go out.

Wu Xiuxia is busy locking the door, hurried back to the living room, bringing Huang Zhengping to his room …….

In the moment, Xiuxia and Zhengping have hugged together in bed, and push up in Xiuxia, kissed her, remove her clothes. By the next two people, there is only one underwear, the direct contact of the body makes the two people in the body or the mind, and the rhythm of the two sides has more tacit understanding, holding, kissed, gradually become 69 posture. Xiuxia’s underwear is already wet when you just see the letter, and now there is only more moist, or even seep itself on the sheets, and the translucent lace underwear makes the current unused it can know the shape of Xiuxia. Xiuxia will open nature when excited, and the yuki is also a small head from congestion. Positive Panties is slightly pulled, and I kissed it deeply. It is also a four lips. It is just that kiss with the lips. The positive tongue tongue is quickly licking in the yin nuclei. The nose is in the mouth of the mouth, plus a little bit of slag, and Xixia can’t help but call up.

“Well ….. 唔 …..! Zhengping ….. so comfortable …”

With her waves, the two legs are not autonomous, and the face is flourishing, and more beautiful and beautiful. Xiuxia was originally kissed in the panties. Now she can’t help but release the most primitive instinct. I took out the big meat stick, and a bit of breath, like eating ice cream. Lake. The glans slowly lick the roots, and even the two testicles were contained, and the positive rigs were wet, then slowly licked the horse’s eyes at the top of the glans, and played two hands. The ball and root. After she, she could not help Huang Zhengping touched: “Ah …” Your technology is really good! “Zheng Ping turned 180 degrees, once again let Xiuxia lie down, start active and active Caress. In fact, this is a purpose, on the one hand, the excitement of women can continue, on the one hand, let the stimulated meat stick will rest, so that they will be pulled out first. Zhengping, swallowing, re-exploiting, from ears, lips, neck, shoulders, breasts, belly, private parts, thighs, knees, calves, have been kiss all the way. At this time, he found that Xiuxia’s legs began clamping. He knew it. This woman didn’t scold the legs because he didn’t want to put his legs, but because the eye acupuncture is empty and lonely, it is hard to clamp the legs. Alleviate the feeling of itching.

Politely asked: “… I want to start …”. Xiuxia smiled nodded, and opened his legs, he looked at the neck of the right hand, led the meat stick to the small hole.

“Ah ….. Slow …” After all, it was too long to touch men. When I first started a little sting, but slowly the body recalled the man’s feeling, buttocks also started In order to meet the meat stick. Huang Zhengping is really not covered, just like the 信 信, the positive meat stick is not straight out, but also adds the rotating force. This will slowly push Xixia to the climax.

“Well ……. ……. Ah ……. 喔 … Xiaomei wants to lose, oh …. I am really dead … … “Wu Xiuxia screamed, one side grabbed his breasts, squeezed into the middle, fingers pinch the nipple. Huang Zhengping looked at her romantic heart and also secretly, decided to speed up the speed to reach the climax.

“Ah …. Zhengping … small hole to be inserted by you … 喔 …… can’t, you have to lose … can’t, it is too early, oh! ….. “

Xiuxia is no longer routing, she is trembled, the caution is trembled, and the hot is mixed with the spring water, and the meat stick has flowed to the hips. Huang Zhengping did not psychological preparation, the glans were warmed, and it was impulsive. However, Huang Zhengping is worthy of a master, at this critical juncture, put the waist, a bit bite, the waist is strong, actually controls the fine water that is almost more than rushing. You must know that the climax of the girl can be again, and then three, Huang Zhengping understands this reason, then take the meat stick and lying down, and indicates that Xixia is sitting on a ride. Xiuxia turned over to cross the right body, and slowly held her waist slowly. This combined with this, did not expect Xiuxia suddenly a child, grabbed the hand helping to say on his waist: “Don’t wait for this, let me service you.”

Xiuxia exposed a lot of real smile, just like a child saw a new toy, she grabbed the right hand, pressed his hand below the pillow, and then start kissing him. Just like the right, Xiuxia also kissed it all the way. Different, Xiuxia did not only kiss the mouth, she also used the breast massage the right chest, pink flower buds on the chest.

“Well …..” Zhengping is also excited to make a sound, Xixia kisses the positive nipple, I don’t know it itch, I am so excited, I started to twist, put the hand by pillow, sit and hug Xiuxia began to kiss.

“Xiuxia, I want you …” Zheng Zheng said, Xiuxia also knows his needs, the snow-white jade hand pulls his ladle, and the red hole will open into a cute mouth. The prostitutes flowing out of the hole are dripping on the positive glans, and Xixia attacked the positive meat stick, slowly declined, and the traveler was active. Positive hands and hold her breasts, gentle nipples with fingers, and Xixia actively grab the right hand to stroke their own chest, “Um ….. ….. 喔 … “.

This can not be able to make a call, because the two people have called because they are excited and not independent. Xiuxia not only goes up and down, she also wrote “A …. B …. C …. D …” is the first time I have encountered such a woman in this way. . I can’t always let the girl move! Although in the following, Huang Zhengping also began to twist the hips. Xiuxia is right, it is right, it is right, plus the moisture of obscene, and will always issue “.. 啪 .. ..”, which is more exciting two people’s sexual desires, both sides are full Sprint.

“Well ….. ah ….. ….. so comfortable ….. 喔 ……………. ….. ….. I have to lose … Ah … 唷 … … can’t ….. “She once again felt the messenger, and then vented the yin. Huang Zhengping has also entered a climax, his forehead, a little bit of sweat. “Ah ….. Xiuxiamei, continue to reverse your small hole ….. I have to shoot … 喔 …… shot ….. shot .. …. ah ….. “The glans have a burst of butt, the whole body muscles are tight, and the semen is straight as a pump, and the two are brought together, enjoy the eternal moment …. …

After a moment, both sides have entered the stop state, and the soft is lying on the bed. Zheng Ping was thirsty, he reached out and picked up the tea cup, even drank a few mouthfuls, comforted a breath. He finally contained a big water, put the soft Xiuxia, his lips, Xiuxia opened his mouth, accept his kiss, and drink the boiled water he sent. After a long time, when they were all good clothes, Ai came back!

“Ai, why don’t you play more?” Wu Xiuxia said if he didn’t matter.

Ai Tian really replied: “I am afraid that the guest will go back, the guest is drunk, the express you may need to help!” Xiuxia turned back to Huang Zhengpin, Huang Zhengping also returned to a charming smile. ……..

Chapter two

Taipei’s two days of weather, the green sky gave people a feeling of breathing. But today, from the morning, I went to the clouds, and I finally came to the rain in the evening. Huang Zhengping has recently been done in Taipei, which is because the needs of the company’s business, and the second is of course for Wu Xiuxia ……..

“Ai! Guests are drunk, this rainy day is inconvenient to drive the road, you cleaner your room, so let the guests sleep!” A lovedish homiciently said: “Hey! Ok ….. that table What about you? “

“I slept with you in the study, wait for you to take my quilt!” Ai Nuo said. Wu Xixia’s face is on the face, one side may be because of wine, on the other hand, it may be because she knows how excited looks in this evening. Soon, Ai loves the rooms in both sides well, Wu Xiuxia is called A love into the house, and he also followed into the study. A love is now ready to sleep, but she has already doubtful for Wu Xiuxia and Huang Zhengping, knowing what kind of pattern will be made to this night, and they are tending to listen to the maintenance of the next door. However, the facts are just the opposite, and there is no different voices, and I am asleep unconsciously.

Just when I slept in Ai, I came from unusual sounds, destroying her dreams, the sound she heard, Wu Xiuxia’s humming: “Uh, ….. um … … “Search Xiuxia Try to suppress your voice, obviously they are doing! She quietly slipped out the bed, walked the foot of the sound to the source of the sound, and put the ear on the door.

The roof, covered houses are building materials with wood, so the voice from the door is very clear! I only heard Wu Xiuxia Road: “Ai is still sleeping next door! We are silent!” However, although she said, the result is no effect. Huang Zhengping seems to be intentionally taught, using the tongue and finger double-procurnt attack, do not want her to wave, kiss the nipples of Xiuxia, one side, pick up his other nipple, the meat stick under the bottom, The purple glans is grinded between the labrough and the small core.

“Well …. ah ….. No, you will be noisy to love …..”

Although Xiuxia said this, but the more the more you call it, the more you swear, suddenly, Huang Zhengping will not be in the whole, straight, the top of the flowers, it’s like a sustain, this will be a Xi Xian, but it is not called Can’t do it, even the meat stick is in the “.. .. .. …” The sound is clearly passed into the ear of Ai, and heard her pussy was wet.

“Ah …. Well …. I can’t make a sound ……. Zhengping ….. You are bad ….. Ammy ….. ah …. “

“How is it?”

“Amount me ….. ah ….. I can’t help …..”

“What is the relationship? If Ai wakes up by her to hear it is not better. If she is also loose, it is better to break her melon, do you always want to teach her to use” baby “technology? We don’t get it! how?”

A love outside the door heard him say this, excited face red ear, what happened to the Xiuxia? Just listen to Xiuxia: “Uh, you are really a lot of people …. There is a 蝉 蝉 我 我 不 够 够 够 够 … … … … … … … … 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 是 是 不 黄 黄 黄 黄 不 不 不 … 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不Do you kiss it? I can’t afford to drive, and Ai carefully opened the door to open the door, this can not be seen, and the love is almost called, and the two people in the house are not hung there. Xiuxia is riding in Huang Zhengping’s body, Huang Zhengping is also sitting, two people squatted, the tongue is wrapped together, and the two satisfied with the other. The right hands are constantly swallowed in the Shuangfeng of Xiuxia, or knead or bounce or grind, and Xiuxia is hysterically grabbed the positive back muscle, so that there is a red in the right back. Claw. This stimulates the right to twist the hips, and the up and down, Xixia also has a tacitly grinding and rich hips, and the size of the sized labello will hold the meat stick.

“Hey .. ..” The voice is not dressed. Due to the reverse of the ass, the pussy also appeared in the sight of Ai, I saw the purpleen tender meat and the whitewater and the rhythmic rhythm of the green borders. A love did not know that this is Zhengping specially gave her. In fact, they have already found that Ai stealing the door, just not to say. Ai unconsciously put the hand into the undergings, the small core has been convicted, and the big labipings are also excited, and the other can reach into the pajamas. It can be clear from the pajamas, and the nipples of Ai is also exciting, and it is true that relatives, and even the reaction is exactly.

Ai loves three fingers into the meat hole. In fact, she has already been melted, and the first time she dedicated to a small Taibao in the village because of curious.

“Hey …..” A love couldn’t help but squat outside the door, bite the lower lips to avoid sound, at this time, Huang Zhengping suddenly leaving Wu Xiuxia, “唰!” Will open the door. I was scared by this sudden faster, and Ai wanted to dode too late. Her fingers were still inserted, they didn’t have time to take out from the two shares, Huang Zhengping has grasped her, saying it is fast, A love is surprised, the body has been pulled in Huang Zhengping. Huang Zhengping’s movements are like lightning. He pushed the Ai to push an avians to Wu Xiuxia, pulled down her pajamas and leggings, leaned back to the head and lick her wet puss.

A love is thin and soft, not very curly, but the range is very wide, from the Delta below the small belly, extends to the anus, the soft scribbles are particularly comfortable on the right face. When Ai found out what was going on, her person hugged tightly by Xiuxia, so as to struggle. Xiuxia kissed him and said: “A love! Don’t struggle! Zhengping brother will make you feel comfortable, wait for me to teach you another good thing!” Ai is still struggling, but this is just Struggling on the surface, in fact, she has already been in the heart!

Huang Zhengping’s tongue is very flexible. The action is also very skilled, licking, roll, sucking, kissing, spitting … A love gradually relaxed, enjoy this rare experience.

“Ah …… Well …. So comfortable …. Zhengping brother …..”

“Hey … A love, isn’t it bad?” Xiuxia smiled and said that he looked with a love chest. Although A love is seventeen, but the chest has long been slim, and the round white chest is trembled by Xiuxia’s teasing. A love excitedly held double milk to intrush, two meal balls squeezed out deep cleans, pink nipples were cute, even Xiuxia saw it and couldn’t help date.

“Ah …. Xiuxia ….. Don’t …..” Although it is not necessary, but your hands are more crowded. Xiuxia is moving all the sets of Zhengping, and it is sucking and 舔.

“Ah …. Zhengping brother … Xiuxia ….. I ….. I want …..”

“Okay! Zhengping brother, I have already tasted enough, Ai is also wet enough, let you give you a love!” Said that he would support Ai Ai on the legs of the right leg.

“Ai! Now sit down, I will help you!” Holding the positive meat stick in the hand, one hand opens the pussy of the Ai, take the glans to the small hole, just see the meat of Ai The hole is like eating bananas, the positive meat stick is swallowed. Huang Zhengping saw Ai Ai’s painless expression, and he was safe to send the meat stick in the end. It turns out that the pussy is born in the pussy, plus she has broken melon, so I only have a feeling of comforting, I don’t suffer. At the beginning, Huang Zhengping also supported Ai, after a while, Ai started to twist his hips, although there is some joy, but the guidance of two masters beside it, it will be necessary to make male desire The fairy tuning can.

Xiuxia looked at it, just started quite excited, but saw the expression of Ai satisfied, but there was a niche in my heart. Zhengping also looked out and pulled Xiuxia.

“What’s wrong, eat? Come, sit on my face.” Said that the Xiuxia is in his head, so that the pussy is facing yourself, playing the tongue, two lips The small core, then quickly up and down the tongue. Xiuxia is gradually exciting, holding a love kissed in front of it. Xiuxia helped his breasts and put their nipples to the nipples of Ai Ai, four milk, and caress each other. “Well …. ah …. 喔 …. So comfortable ….. A love! You set it really … …… 正 平 ….. You got me …. To fly …. 喔 … 霞 … …. You make a good news …………………………… “

Three people’s hay is interleaving into a blood-free sex symphony, tune is getting higher and higher, getting faster. Three people have added horsepower, sprint, as if the symphony is the final song, all the tube strings are rushed out with the largest volume, only for the last moment ……. Twenty plus agriculture salute!

The next day’s weather is still frustrated, and even the rain is in the rain. When they got up, they were already at noon. Three people share a happy lunch, which Wu Xiuxia and Ai love to Huang Zhengping can be sticker, and fight for him. After the meal, Huang Zhengping played once again, and it is a way to go, it should be time to go back, it is not good to have a suspicion. ……..

third chapter

The climate in the early autumn, saying that it is hot, and it is not cold. The temperature difference in the morning and evening, the wind blows in the body, and Song Qiudian can’t help but pull the shirt on the body. Almost no one in the park, cold and clear, quiet and abnormal ………

From time to time, he look at the watch, and sometimes it is very focused. “Strange … will it be gone?”

Today, Qiudian and 貂 蝉 in this park first, in fact, in the university period, their relationship is quite awkward. Just after marriage, they will meet the reasons for the gathering of old friends, but their relationship has already exceeded the general friendship ……..

Today they were about to meet in the park, then gathered to the hotel next to the park. Nai Song Qiuda encountered many years of old friends, and I thought that I had a two-cup with my friends. I didn’t expect it to have a date, I had to look at it. , See if he will wait for him …….

When I was disappointed, I was going to go back, but I saw a woman in the dark corner. Tonight is a bit cool, the moon is also covered by the black cloud, the woman is sitting under the dark tree, but she is a hair style It seems that that is indeed, it is undoubted, and it is secretly joys and walked to her …….. “蝉, really sorry, let you wait!” 蝉 头 头, is obviously angry. Akita has to explain him, and the reason why is late today. However, when he is still silent, when she reaches her jade hand, she opens her hand. Qiudian suddenly, when she was ready to kiss her, she took her head, but Song Qiudian deeply knows the weakness of the mulberry, she didn’t care about the explanation, reach the hand to her two shares. I started thinning to her. Often when they gather, how much wet is wet, but today is exception, hehe! It can be seen that she is really angry!

“I have to make a francee!” Song Qiita is dark.

He put it back in two stakes, and took out a bottle of little things in your pocket. He opened the vial cover, poured out of a drop of oil, and rubbed the vial and collected the vial. It turns out that this small bottle is just a gift that he just sent him, is a strong spring medicine, specializing in women. Song Qiudian did not hurry, put the spring medicine on his fingers to her two shares, wipe it around her small core, rubbing it with his fingers, on the one hand, let the medicine intrusion, on the one hand, pick up her waves sex. After a moment, although she still did not make a sound, but she gradually came from the legs, let him pick, Song Qiu sweet and unhappy, he inserted three fingers into the small hole, unfair to pumping up, skilled The technique, grinding a while in the vaginal wall, especially the spring medicine on the head, the gradual heat in the hole, the prostitute is constantly released, and the whole pussy has risen, take him The fingers are firmly.

Song Qiudian is even more proud. He knows that the aphrodisiac has an excellent effect, and the fingers will not stop in the two parts of the fingers. I have asthma as a cow, and I will continue to twist the butt. Song Qiudian is also excited. The mask between the two divisions has long been hard like the iron column is standing in the crotch. He can’t help but take off the pants, pull the zipper, The purple black meat stick is brighter, and when you send it to the face, you will not care about the image of the lady. She incorporated the glans in their mouths, using the tongue on the horse’s eyes, played with the two little balls at the bottom, and constantly made it in their own pussy. The autumn field began to twist the ass, and the holes were used as a small hole.

“Ah ..” Qiudian couldn’t help but screamed. However, he didn’t forget that this is a park. He suppressed the sound. He can’t wait to end this simultaneous battle, and re-found a place to play. The muscles of the whole body are all coming, nor does it like to have a sexual desire. All the way will push yourself to the climax. I finally drifted a few times, and the glans had a meal, and I felt a smell of the throat. The fine water is full of overall mouth ……..

蝉 心 将 将 精 舐 舐 舐 干 干 干 干 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出”蝉, do you still have me?” Akita kissed her, “gas! Mi dead! Next time you are late, I will wait for you!”

“Then we now …… Is it a HOTEL?”

“Well …. Zhengping is on business, no one at home, go to my house!”

So, the two came out of the park ……….

“You wait, I will take a bath first …” I took off my clothes, and I said to the autumn sitting in bed.

“Don’t you accompany me?” Asked Qiuda.

“Which! Just in the park, who knows that the grass in the park is not clean ……. 唉呦 …. Don’t make trouble! Wait a little more!” Akita got up Hold, start caressing her.

“Oh …. Let me go to wash first ….. bath …” Qiudian hands are constantly walking upstream, soft soft, peak pink tips are strong. The autumn hierarchy is open, with his hands, with the nipple, gently, kiss the 的, use the teeth to bite on the ear.

“Do you want me to be washed with you? I can help you rub it back …..”

“Ah … don’t knead! Um …. Let’s let go!” The mouth is a mouth, and the two hands put on the waist, earn the embrace of the Akita. “I am angry!” I am angry with blush, plus a little childish, it seems more cute.

“Yes! Miss 蝉! The slave to send a lady to the bath …..” 吱,, 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上. Qiudian has to see the way to bed, unless the TV is unable to change the channel. “Ah ….. ah ….” The lax sound of the woman suddenly appeared from the TV, the fourth set of the original cockroach also has a decoder, and it will look at it! Looking at it, Qiudian’s libido was picked up. The crotch also took the tale. Akitian will pull the broken, and the purple penis jumped out, and the top of the glans also flowed out of a transparent liquid.

“唰 ….. 唰 …..” 蝉 蝉 洗 洗”No! Now I will surrender, wait for a few days! That is not a shame!” So thinking, the high-quality sexual desire is poured a bucket of cold water.

“Something is cooked for me, why do I have to eat themselves here, she can’t come, I won’t go in …”

To set up an idea, take off your clothes and break into your bathroom!

“Ha! I was caught by me!” It turned out that he was in the bathtub! I saw that the boy in the bathtock and picked the nipple. The other hand stretched between the two shares between the index finger and the unnamed friction of the two juicy nucleus. middle. I saw that Qiudian came in, but I didn’t stop the movements. Because excited and pleasure had already lost your shame to Jiuyun, she now only wants a thick thing, inserted in her meat.

“Oh …. Come in …. Come with me …..” What are you waiting for this sentence, Qiuda immediately jumped into the bathtub, it is a jacuzzi, to bring the next two people.

“Come, I will help you rub!” Akita picked up the bourish cloth softly wiped in the back of the.

“Really helped me to rub it, huh, huh … that you have to wipe it!” Qiuda really seriously rub her back for her, and he was comfortable to stand in him, and he served himself. Akitian transfer position, put the melon cloth from the back to the bust, and then wipe it slowly by the hand, a gentle feeling. “Is the right to be this?” Take the hand in the hands of the autumn, holding his thick arm, holding his hand to wipe his own body, feeling an unprecedented sense of security.

“Akita ….. I love you …..” Turning through the affectionate kiss, “I love you too!”

Qiudian is gentle and stroking, and the two people kiss, now there is no longer sexual desire between two people, but the freewhes of true feelings. The two stretched the tongue to the mouth of the other side, shared each other, and the 着 手 放 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温”Well ….” The excitement of the excitement, moved his body, started to kiss him, kiss him from the lips to the neck, kiss him, kiss his nipple, On the other side of the other nipple, although it is not sensitive to the chest of a girl, it is really comfortable to kiss. The 貂 蝉 手 手 手 自己 温 温 温 温 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 爱 自己 爱 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己The 蝉 顺 起 起 下 双 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 舔 红 红 红 红 红 红 舔 舔 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红The blowjob is more comfortable.

“Ah .. 蝉, it is good!”

“Like it?”

“Of course, I like it!”

“If I like it, I will help you like this!” I said that I was more pressing the breast enclosure, in fact, the breasts were not excited, and the woman could also gain the man’s body because of the nipples. Akita looked at the 貂 专 专 套 套 套 套 套 爱 爱 爱 说 爱 里 爱 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 阴 水 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴The hair put his head in his own banyan, inkyy, the fragrance after bathing, Qiudian licking kissed the 阴 阴 核, 回 舐 舐 大 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴The small hole is puffed, and the milky white viscous liquid is constantly out of the small hole, and the autumn field is not polite.

“Well ….. ….. Akita … I love you …. 喔 ….. I want you …”

蝉 示 水 水 水 自己 在 在 自己 自己 部 部 润 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 部 引 引 引 引 引 部. 引 部 引 引 至 至 至 引 引 至 至 至

“Well …. ah …..” Because the buoyancy of water makes it more relaxed in the upper position, it makes her more relaxation and increase their actions. Two breasts roses up and down with the body’s undulation, soft and smooth skin plus water droplets are more good, and the autumn field also twisted the hips to cater to the action, so that the two people have more accomplishing more.

“Ah … ah ….. ah …”

Akita is slowly sitting in her, and I also wrapped around the neck of the autumn. Despite this, the movement of the two people can not rest, still the up and down, the water splash is played in the bodies, and there is a delicate drop of his skin, and there is a dozen. Akita made the 貂 貂 slowly rely on, raised her feet in her shoulders, holding his waist active pumping.

“Ah ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

This posture does make two people have the deepest combination, and in water is sexually intended to make this posture easier.

“Well …. Focus ….. more focus …. 对 …… Remain …” .

“Ah ….. 唷 ….. I want to fly ….. 喔 …. To fly …..”

On the face, it exposes a happy and satisfied smile. For women, there is a moisture of love, making great fun.

“Is it comfortable?” Qiuda asked.

“Ah …. Comfortable … It’s great …”

Akita continued to advance. That’s right, this posture can get the deepest combination, but it is too exciting. Only the autumna has been a bit to be lost, but I have to slow down my own thrust. Put the feet from your own shoulders, and she will pay back myself.貂 蝉 is also very cooperative, but the butt is high, holding the bathtock side, pulls the meat stick in the autumn field, guiding him into the cave hole, and the autumne is slowly promoted.

“Ah …..” I entered it, and I am satisfied.

Akita pushed up her waist, this posture was released, just like animals, “… … ……….. Both the bathroom are all hips impact, plus the impact of water and the wheezing of the two.

“Ah …. Akita …. Come almost …. Retraway ….. ah …… 对 对 ….. Again

Akita has happily and the throttle, and the waves are called. “Well ….. ah …” The more you called it. But the post-fashion is not a highly combined posture. The autumn field wants to make the 貂 蝉 comfortable, reach the climax, and the posture is getting bigger and bigger, and I will slip out.

“Hey ….. How come out ….. people want to …” No way! Shallow plug, moisturizing, in addition to the lubrication of bath water, naturally. In this way, the 蝉 is more active, although the two use the “old man cart” trick, but this will, the car is moving, I see the 蝉 蝉, do not retain In the small hole, you started to twist your ass, and you are more exaggerated.

“Ah … do you wear me! ….. um ….. call … Akita brother … big chicken brother …”

Even Qiudian doesn’t have fun, I will be able to get it! Due to the role of the gravity of the gravity, it seems to be full of chest, Qiudian will use the 的 双 双, grabbed the white breast, so that the movement of the delivery is more smooth, and it will massage her breast, so that she can get A bigger pleasure.

“蝉 ….. I have said your chest is beautiful …….”


“Well ….. Your chest is beautiful …..”

“I hate! Dead!”

“Speaking of me to die, see how I all!” Qiudian said that the meat stick took out.

“Ah … Akita brother … people want! ….. deliberately people ……. I am angry! …” said that he fell to the bathroom. go.

“Okay …,, don’t be angry!” Akita got up from the bathtub and hugged the bathroom.

“Okay ….. My little kiss, Qiudian brother said his mistake, hello!” Akita greeting his face.

Of course, I can’t bear my heart, turned to catch the hands of the Akita. “Okay! Tough, no luck!” 貂 道Holding the mink on the wall of the bathroom, the cold tile made the 貂 蝉 蝉 蝉 打 冷 冷 个 个 蝉 蝉 个 蝉 个 冷 个 冷 个 个 冷 个 个 冷 个 个For the autumn, this will start from the beginning, starting from the lips and kisses all the way, and the mink is soft and stroking the autumn hair, so that he is in his own body, two cherry nipples on the water dripping It is particularly fascinating under the commutation, making people have to be here, just like the decidual freshness on the morning leaves, with a mature woman unique. Qiuda contained the nipples, picked with another nipple with your hand.

“Um ….. …”

The excitement of the excitement, lifted the left foot, placed in the waist of the autumn, hands in the buttocks of the autumn, pointed the circle. Qiuda knows that it is time, the left leg of the waist is advanced, and the penis is relaxed.

“Ah …. So beautiful …….” Akita put a few times, making the two parties more closely slipped out, and then tapped up. The two people are closely stuck together, and the ruthless chest of autumn is upset, the meat stick rolls in her body.

“Ah ….. … Akita ……. Good …….”

“Ah …. Plus it again ….. I … I fly …”

Akita is even more horsepower, just like a wild horse, that kind of wild, that kind of strength, “Ah ….. 唷 … Autumn, too beautiful …” Akita will The throttle is open, replaced by the highest gear, reaches 8000 revolutions per minute.

“Hey …. Akita …. How to ….. so comfortable … I am fine …….” Akita will originally in the left stand on the waist At your own shoulder, the right foot of the mad should be copied, and also put the shoulder. “Ah … Qiudian ….. What are you doing ….. put me down …”

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