I am a manager of a company, holding a few components of a company, in people’s opinion, I am a successful person, in the eyes of women, I am a typical diamond king old five. I never contaminated the grass outside, nor did the workers ‘workers’ workers, in front of them, I am a ripe and stable person. When the company selects the staff, the male is admitted to the man, because I am a person who is very paying attention to the image of the appearance, I want to have envied our company! So every time you admit, the most beautiful lady is often my secretary or the company’s staff!

No one knows why, only my heart is the clearest, my desire is very large, often unable to control my own sex, I can’t face a familiar woman to keep a long time. How to send this loneliness and boring night, let me vent my desire? I have to work hard to make money! When my company began to slowly change, an accidental opportunity, in a forum, I saw a few brilliant articles, writing very exciting, provoking the most plentiful flame in my heart, until this time, I found that it is just how good, safe, hygiene, and will not fall in my heart!

I used a rich fund to buy a set of most expensive pinhole cameras abroad, which is a host with several pinhole lenses. On the fifth anniversary of the company’s founding, I decided to pay a week, claiming internal decoration, establishing an image! No one doubts my motivation, everyone is very happy.

During the decoration, I designed the office into a suite, and I renovated two bedrooms upstairs, and put the company’s only female toilet all over the first floor, and designed a decoration in the female bathroom. The female shower room, in the front and lower ends of each space, the reason why it costs such a big effort in the renovation, mainly wants to cover the pinhole camera, not to be discovered!

After working, the employees were stunned by the luxurious decoration, and the female employees were even more exciting! Looking at the female employees an exciting expression, my heart is impulsive, I really want to see what their private is made, what is the difference …

After I was sitting in a wide work desk, the big screen LCD monitor on the table opened, a total of five paintings in painting, each divided into two, that is, from her door to kneeling, their body, long phase, Close-up, especially the facial features of the size of the size will be clearly displayed on my screen!

The first quarry appeared on the screen! Her name is Lu Wei, is the company’s sales department, with a delicate and white face, a smaller body wearing a gray suit, a pair of black high heels, long hair is finished in the back! It looks very clean! At the door, (facing my lens) she pulled up a short skirt, first exposed a pink panties. When she took off her stockings, I found that her legs were very white, and it seems like milk! It looks like the text and elegance under the pink. Where did she know that all of her moves all? Take off the pants, Lu Wei’s squatted, I quickly opened the slider! Suddenly, her pretty face and privacy part immediately occupied my entire screen! I looked at the edge of the border, a thick penis was already on the string!

Her eyes looked at the front door, because my camera had one on the door, so I saw her eyes so gentle? It seems that what is the seductive genitals: her hairy is very beautiful, unlike the girl before marriage, the black-brightly arranged neat arrangement on both sides of the lips, the labiaries are deep red, this is obvious The experienced girl, the deep red lace and the snow-white thigh root is very obvious, Lu Wei’s lips are slightly contracted, and the two labips are separated, and a clear urine is sprayed from her charming vagina. , Hit on the lens, the scene seems to be in my eyes in my eyes, how clearly, is it a clear picture? As the urine is gradually weak, she slightly squatted a few times, then took out a napkin, launching a more stacked, the right hand wiped the vaginal and the anus, lifted the trousers, put down the skirt, softly walking softly Go out …

The second appeared, my surprise discovery is actually my secretary! She is a secretary I carefully selected is 29 years old this year. I have been married for three years. (I don’t like unmarried girls, they are just beautiful, no woman’s taste, in my opinion, women’s taste is not only in that mature Confidence, more in their private parts, the difference in the taste) has been working for five years here, is a proud woman, anyone is mortal in her eyes, because my character makes her confirm that I am a good The boss, the at least a boss, a woman who loves, so I haven’t left! I looked at her slowly ripe, when I was young, I just felt beautiful. After giving birth to the child, I found that her charm was a strong day!

In the past, when an office, I often secretly watched her long legs and delicate toes when she was not looking, her feet enough to buckle down now popular foot model! I often imagine what hidden beneath her skirt party land? For some reason, I just sneak out at noon when she was asleep, her drill under the table, not touch her and smell her feet fragrant way to see her little belts, when can imagine there taste the taste, she is my favorite masturbation most objects! I did not expect to see a second! I can not stand the friction of the penis in his pants, took off his pants simply looking at the screen, watching the goddess of my heart began to masturbate! The lens of a mature charm had no usual arrogant face, I saw her cheeks reddish, almost manicured eyebrows and then I clearly saw a few! Is so close, I actually did not find the years in her face, leaving the imprint of her skin as creamy smooth generally rosy, her lips slightly open, lips slightly loaded Tim is so sexy …… I eyes looked down, I could not help but marvel at the luxury of God, even gave her a face so perfect, slender plump figure, but also gave her such a delicate pussy!

Her pubic hair like Lvqian so little, get relatively, if not separated pubic hair, can not see the shape of the labia, but Xin Man of pubic hair care by her very well, neat, shiny black color, do not chaos, long and soft, where I seem to smell of incense kinky, vaginal little, if only I did not refer so long, could not believe married three years Xin Man actually has such a small vagina, If I could enjoy, I will make thrilling, Xin Man squatting there with his hands and did not think that I want to cover separate pubic hair on the labia, a spring water has been flowing out of the dense forest, I was not lying on the screen, for her separate plush, well let me see inside an enigma, but she had finished, I hate gas immediately called her back to me to rape her! I did not expect so can not see Xin Man of the labia! But it gave me a hint, back say ……

The next day makes me happiest day, the whole company of women are my true record down, regardless of their weekdays, or cutesy, or tradition, or pride, or fashion, I have been one does not leave the recorded. This is nothing, one day I found their vaginas also turned out to be different when I begin to separate the gap, a group of young girls, a group of young women, because looks are one in a million, who’s vagina looks bad , whose pubic hair is not shiny, wipe after urinating who indelicate action, which others can not see privacy became my layoff terms of female employees, and sought to find an excuse to expel them, although some people are not polite or action messy pubic hair also brought me a wild impulse, but I often replace the beauty around, so I have more people watching, beautiful woman ……

Internet has taught me a lot, but more importantly was that taught me how to body mysteriously achieve the ideal of my mind! After strenuous twists and turns, I got drugged water bottle out of West Germany, colorless, odorless, and good potency, in order to test the size of the drug, my experience, and finally found the right dose, neither will they wake up, We will not delay the next day to go to work! Then I started the first game carefully selected and safe time, carefully selected, Xin Man (Needless to say she is definitely the first choice) target and the company’s chief financial officer Bai Lili became my first hunt, she is the first two pussy number of second rank! One summer evening, after my arrangements, it was her turn two on duty, off duty, after a good account of everything, as usual, I stride out of the company, but my heart is how commotion!

Seven more, excuse my client entertaining, and the Man Xin Bai Lili called out to dinner, and then halfway pretend hurry to leave quietly, of course, I was back to the company doing important work, because the guests are friends pretend, and in dish put some drugs can make people thirsty, (Why? one will know) I want to stall for time, returned to the company, I had prepared to come up with a key, respectively, opened two staff lounge, to advance prepared dose poured into the cup of the room, quietly returned to the office black lights, turn on the monitor, open the corridor case, anxiously waiting for the return of beauty.

Ten o’clock variety, Xin Man Bai Lili helped each other and which appears on the monitor, two people seem to drink some floating, but not enough to get drunk, suddenly silvery laughter echoed in the corridor, banging in my heart, watching their graceful silhouette, the slender legs wrap stockings, high heels Yuzu, I began to rub it my furniture ……

It’s more than 12 o’clock, I haven’t seen it coming out, I know already success, I want to wash the dry woman, I want is the original mature taste! I took off the pants and walked out of the office barefoot. The dim light in the corridor shot, as a gun, the penis, the silent, I came to the room of Women, and the trembling hands could not open a door! Because this woman who has reversed my soul is to be my woman today! It’s hard to open the door, and a woman’s unique body firing is incoming me to get the nostril, the soft breathing makes me blood! . Under the moonlight, the man is a long skirt, wearing a neat scattered side bed, a smooth leg wrapped in the stockings stretched out from the long group, the high heels on the feet have not taken off, everything is I think so, I gently walked into the front of Man Xin, looked at her in the sleep, gently shakes, and only seeing there is no reflection of Man Xin, the eyes are slightly, long eyelashes slightly The ruddy lips are inseparable from time to time, and the corner of the mouth is usually closed, and the Mansin in my sleep is also very expensive! Determine that she is sleeping, I came to the bed, kneeling down, picking up the high heels on her feet, will be put on my mouth with stockings, her stockings have a slightly slippery But it’s really this sweat is my ideal woman! My nostrils come back from the toe to the feet to refresh the taste of the people I dream of, along the stockings, my face slowly picks up the long group sliding into the skirt, because she is on the side, I am in her Behind the head and reached the head, the first arrival is the Manmended buttocks, her ass is very popular, a deep trench is half a half, I have to stick the nostrils to the bottom of the troops, Socks and pants have rubbed the anus and vagina, I want to make there wet!

Maybe I am too exhausted reason, the body of the Man Xin follows my arched, it is still moving, for a while, I will hold back the hand, and slowly take off the Skirt. Stockings and small trousers, I only start my body, holding the stockings and trousers just taken from Man Tin, put it on my face friction, there is a wet marker on the trousers, you can smell the obscenity Masant, I am not anxious, slowly slow, I have to enjoy! Looking at the smooth jade leg, neat and white toes, I am squatting, starting another kiss, the man’s toes are well slender, the nail trim is very neat, the nails have a light oil, the foot is ruddy, the skin is very soft, one I will know that it is very good, but she didn’t expect that all this has to taste it all this! The toe is placed in my mouth, and I am fine woman’s jade, her feet, after a while, full of my saliva.

I only won the body, turning the Man Xin, and she “嘤咛” is lying in bed with my hard hands, her arms are weak, her pretty fashionable side is on the side. The plump chest is not used to change because of lying! I am worthy of appreciation, because these have already been imprinted in my mind, I want to see there! The greece of the wealth of the people!

I picked up her skirt, cover the long group on her face, opened the bedside light, pick up a pillow on her hips, squat, separate my legs on my neck, in the light Under irradiation, the Ministry of Western Western is fully present in front of my eyes. This proud woman’s phenoli is less than five cents from my eyes, because my mouth has been caught up early! My nostrils and mouth came back and forth on her dense scriptures. The soft hair was rubbed on my face, let me swear, I have to hold her hands tightly, her legs and weak shelves. On my shoulders, fall in me, the whole pine is beginning to secrete prostitute in my constant friction, under the action of prostitute, start slowly, my tongue immediately separate the lips and drill Entered the vagina, my mouth arrived, and the whole of Man Xin was completely covered by me, and the tongue raised back and forth in the vagina in the world, stimulating this tempting woman, under my teasing The kinky water begins slowly, the smell of this slightly (because there is no bath) is full of my mouth, let me get intoxicated like a fairy, I have to breathe, my mouth is coming back to take out the excessive liquid flowing out I don’t want to waste a drop, I occasionally a silky liquid can be licking on the anus. My tongue can also look into the anus. I have a saliva on the vagina on the anus. I have to have the tongue in the anus of the Man. The anus is contracted, and my tongue is very cool. Sogeneity, I turned into bed on the bed, and her anus started a teasing, and her beautiful anus left the taste of the day, this taste is really exciting!

I spent more than an hour in Man Tin, I didn’t leave her skin, I didn’t leave a skin, I am afraid that her husband did not finish it?

I have not given it, because there is still a white Lili who has no taste! Leaving Man Xin, with the feeling of satisfying me, I opened the white Lili room, Bai Lili wearing a pink pajamas, there were only two tapes in the shoulders, and the bottom is very short, only half of the thighs, Bai Li Li It is squatting side, a plump buttocks are facing me, I have opened her sleep, and the snow white buttocks have some glamues. I just took it on it, and my ass, my heart is secret, Those employees in sleep must not think that these two beautiful people are being played with me. White is wearing a red underwear, the lace of the lace, is more sexy than the people. I put her hand into her crowd, squatting her panties, the pantry in the silk underwear is very soft, I put the face on her underwear, my nose is sliding back and forth in the part of her labipings, the nose is A faint fragrance. I pulled down her underwear, and I appreciate her pantry, and the light red laborary was squeezed by my mouth and the nose into a piece of flesh, turned over the labiarin, which is a pink tender meat. I put her body flat, pulling the underwear from the leg, separated her thigh, let her tender hole fully exposed, I kneel in her two legs, separated her labia, nose and mouth with the tongue I buried in her tenderness, deep breathing the taste inside. Bai Li Li looked up and didn’t use a little reaction, just occasionally breathed a little uneven by my breath. I stretched out his tongue and got it on her tender points. The tongue was inserted into her vagina. My nose was topped on her small clitoris. I used my nose to rub her little peas. After a while, mine I smelled a faint smell in the nostril, and a lascivious water flows out of her tenderness. I have flowed into my mouth. I greedily suck it clean, and I have a clitoris that lives in the clitoris. Life, teeth lightly bitten it to take it long, then deeply in the mouth, I really can’t wait to bite this cute little peas.

Bai Lili’s vagina is constantly moving the water. I put the middle fingers into her. Her force is very tight, clamping my fingers, and licked the vagina of Bai Lili, and remembered there. Well, always so the two houses ran to run too much, I simply hugged the naked naked bare naked, pounced a quilt on the ground, put people in the quilt on the quilt. Two beautiful people lying in front of me, I am in the middle of two beauty, enjoying my prey. Two beautiful people have thousands of autumn, Bai Liqi faces, the body slim, and the people of Man Xin’s skin is full of sexy, ripe charming. It’s really more love, I separate the thighs of the Man, her lower body is already a light, my saliva on the labie is not returned. Bai Lili’s genital color is slightly deep, and the hairy is more than Western, but it is never furry. The hairy is very soft and a little curly. Dip the lips, the tender meat inside is also pink. The mammented breasts are really big, I can’t hold it, but the nipple is very small, the Bai Lili’s breast is not very big, but it is very strong, very flexible, the nipple pink, the nipple is slightly more than the nipple of the Man bigger. I have two hands holding a beautiful breast. I took it for a while. I have already hardly harmful chicken eight in the trousers. I took off my clothes, and the big chickens jumped out of the panties. Point two of the two things on the bed.

I can’t rape them, I don’t want to make them feel that my next day, I have to feel my plans, I have to have the yen of the whole company, can’t make a big disaster because of the impulse! I think of this, I put the feet of Win and Bai Lii to the feet, the two beautiful legs overlap each other, the two beautiful genitals face to face in front of my eyes, under a gentle light, I carefully detailed And Bai Lili’s charm, the two patented people have a small and delicate, colorful, bright, and very small, the faint vulva forms a contrast under the black gloom, let me not help again kiss this charming again. Lips, kiss, my eyes start, white, white, white Lili’s labiary is slightly heavy than the color of Manmint, brown, vulva is also a little longer, the lack is more depressed, the yin is slightly smoldering Yellow, soft curvature, is the kind of wild shape. My tongue will eat the lips of the world, and I will lick the lips of Bai Lili, different tastes, different shapes, and a beautiful figure.

Bai Li Li has already given me an end, turn over, I put the penis into the mouth of the Man Xin, “Oh …” The tight nozzle, the conflict, the confirmed, her long eyelashes From time to time, I swept my anus, causing an excitement. It’s like, the two beautiful mouths are constantly contrary to each of my penis, I keep licking the vagina, labia, clitoris, in my teasing, Man Xin and Bai Li Li began to be slight呻 吟, the sound is more stimulating this my desire, I am crazy to suck two beautiful vagina, I put the mouth to the limit, the longest extension of my tongue, in the vagina of Manxin and Bai Lili Returning, I have to bear the desire of ejaculation, I have to look at the woman’s ejaculation, my hand tongue and use crazy in the vagina’s vagina’s vagina, gradually, the voice of the two people is big, my face Take a beautiful prostitute …

Finally, the body of two beautiful women began to keep moving, a spurred transparent liquid in the vagina, and the vagina, and the vagina, I certainly won’t give up, quickly absorb all the semen of the two. Come in, the taste is more crazy than the prostitutes starting, and I didn’t expect us to arrogance. The beautiful Man Xin and Bai Li Li were handed over to the climax at the same time! Of course, I can’t help it, pull out the penis, a white semen shot on the labips of her two … Wipe the body, their respective clothes, look at the table. I didn’t know that I have already pointed to the morning five! The new day begins … it’s like, more and more time, more and more company female employees have kissed my tongue, and the anus is played with me. Since the company’s business is better every day, my foreign affairs activities are getting more and more. The company’s employees have become more and more respected! One night, when I finished the watch on the hand, I have already opened the computer at eleven, I will open the computer, and I have found two naked bodies in the women’s bathroom. When I took a bath, I chatted while chatting. , A long-lost impulse uses my mind! The lens appeared in the Sales Department Deputy Director Xiao Nan and the Dragon Crystal of the Ministry of Properties. Xiao Nan 22 years old, height 1.68 meters, the art school graduated, because he often practiced the reason, the body is tight, it is the very fashionable girl, I have seen her yin, when she went to the toilet I know that it is not a woman, as the saying goes, “the literary is a scorpion, sports is a rogue” seems to be unless, her leg is the company’s recognized legs, white slender, muscle tight, butt, fen, generic; Dragon Crystal 30 years old, although the age is not big, the work ability is very strong, the experience is rich, and a fashionable short hair is more mature, especially on the negotiating table, every time, the customer is headed, and is convinced by her charm and appearance.

Xiao Nan, Xiao Nan, the big eyes of the soul, cherry mouth, body full, a pair of huge breasts hanging in front chest, round hips, her two thighs such as sheep fat smooth white tender, delicate skin Under the rinsing of the water, it seems that crystal clear and translucent, it is really described as “clear water out of hibiscus”. Such nude will make any man crazy. At this time, she raised the right leg on the water pipe, licking the thigh, this is a posture that makes men excited, Xiao Nan and Longjing did not think that their body was watching the boss, I saw Xiao Nan and the thigh The outer movement is shifted, wrapped with soaps with a towel to make the genitals, vesicles, ass, thighs. Although the genitals of the young woman have experienced “wind frost,”, the color of the phenanth is still a woman’s pink, and the blossom bud is charming under the protection of the big labipings. At this time, Xiao Nan’s cavity was covered with soapy, under the rinsing of water, the Momo slides into the thighs from the parenchyma to the calf. Enjoy it! Young women put their legs and still scrubbed the breasts slowly under my eyelids. Suddenly, a radical water flow was slowly diarrheated from the young woman’s big lab, and I thought it was a shower, take a closer look, a pale yellow liquid was sprayed in her body. This trick, I was confused, I thought that women can only squat, otherwise, they will have urine in underwear, I didn’t expect, just like men!

At the same time, Dragon Cry is well-known slim figure, like an angel, beautiful and elegant, a white smooth skin, tall body, black light, long and waist, plump Breast, fine waist, hip, slender thigh, beautiful and well-behaved face, also carefully observed at the same time, clean and flat belly is a curled incapacity, ladder. The two wonderful and slender thighs are the pussy of the slightened, covering a layer of soft and soft incapacity, let people have infinite delusions, plus white buttocks, plus white and innocent skin, built a ice and jade Girl. I almost uncontrollable, I can’t help but extend my hand to the crotch, although my genitals have been soft, but the flowing liquid has been humid over half of her underwear, and I admire Dragon crystal nude side masturbation.

She washed very carefully, and the towel could fill the whole body. My gaze started from her neck, then went to the breast, small belly, thigh, final, came to her patented, her hangup was soft, reflected in the soft beauty, and the water was rinsed tightly. Through this barrier, it can be seen that a pink piece is “cut” into two petals, the flesh is closely closed, and the things inside are hanging. Her big labia is arranged in a brighter, and it is very beautiful in the water of the water. But because of the tightness, there is nothing in it. I saw her legs and bending, the hips were quite, and slowly rubbed the body with slender small hands, and kept the flesh, she carefully smashed every part of the body, and the breasts also tremble.

It started flushing, and the dense cozy hair was screwed with a small hand.

White skin color is more tempting under the hair, nipple, and inclusion. Dragon Crystally smoked with soap. This is a ugly action, but it is more irritating in my eyes. After the smear, tight lower abdomen, send the big lips with soap to the water flow slowly, like a fragile product, I am afraid to get crushing, they are shaking, but I quietly squatted two people. In the lounge, put the medicine into the tea on the two tables, and went to this, the room that gave me unlimited time, returned to the office. In the corridor, I laughed, I know that happiness is coming again! Time has been very slow, I want to rush out several times, but I still hold back, watching the urban stool on the machine, looking at each lens of the true blowjob, my mind is in the mind!

A little bit, look at the time, listened to the movement in the two houses, quietly, and it is estimated that I am naked, I will move again to the two generations of unlimited tender room. Different is a rope in your hand.

I first opened Xiao Nan’s room, and I saw her positive lying in bed by the moonlight outside the window, wearing a white sling silk pajamas, white tender shoulders naked outside, a thin towel was semi-tied, The bare arm is crossing on the lower abdomen. My hand is gently touched on her arm. I didn’t use the reaction. I touched her shoulder in my arm, touched her cheek, still didn’t use any reactions, I Pinper her ear, still useless to react. I know that I have succeeded. I have no effort, Xiao Nan in my shoulders, as I moved into the Dragon Crystal room, Xiao Nan in the shoulders lost their hands on my shoulders, but the plump butt is just topped on my face, a silk bath The fragrance made me can’t help but worry about her butt, and I stroked Xiao Nan’s ass, while I didn’t use any response. I have a darkness in my heart.

Open the platform light, rushing a quilt on the ground, two beautiful women are present in front of me! I am not eager to take off their clothes, I have to enjoy slowly. I first opened Xiao Nan’s pajamas, revealing a white smooth thigh, and the two legs were a white silk panties. It was very sexy. I gently touched it in the middle of Xiao Nan underwear, and my face came on her smooth thigh. After rubbing, the smooth feeling makes me excited. My lips kissed in her skin, kissed the calf and kissed her little foot, and kissed her little feet, the little foot was cute, the white feet, let people love it. Stroke for a while, Xiao Nan, I remembered the Dragon Crystal, Dragon Crystal is a pink pajamas, only fine two tapes on shoulders, the lower is very short, only half of the thighs, Dragon crystal is the side Lying, full of buttocks are facing me, I opened her sleep, the snow white buttocks have some glamues, I just took it on it, Dragon is a red underwear, set with lace. Flower side, more sexy than Xiao Nan. I put her hand into her crowd, squatting her panties, the pantry in the silk underwear is very soft, I put the face on her underwear, my nose is sliding back and forth in the part of her labipings, the nose is A faint fragrance.

I pulled down her underwear, and went finely to appreciate her yin, the light red labi was squeezed into a piece of flesh, turned blocked, and it was pink tender meat. I put her body flat, pulling my underwear from the leg, separated her thigh, let her tender points fully exposed, I am squatting between her two legs, separate her labia, nose and mouth In her tenderness, deep breathing of the taste. When I kissed Dragon Crystals, I was already taking off Xiao Nan’s trousers.

My mouth hasn’t left the red silk pants of Dragon Crystal. I looked at Xiao Nan. I took my head to Xiao Nan’s mysterious part. Her legs were slightly opened, and the inside of the legs tightly closed Holding my face, the delicate and smooth skin makes me very comfortable, I don’t rush to separate the legs of Xiao Nan, I am lying on the side, and I still hold the dragon crystal on my arms, and take over the Dragon crystal pajamas and bra.

My mouth is lightly sticker on the lips of Xiao Nan, starting to gently slide, and use the tip of the tongue to return to Xiao Nan’s vulva, because of the reason that she has just washed, and her yin is a burst of fragrance, perhaps It is my teasing, maybe Xiao Nan feels in the middle of the legs, her legs are free to separate, one side, her legs are on my face, my face is attached to her right Legs, the other side is pressed tight by her left leg, her entire piercing is close to my mouth, I opened the mouth, and the lips of Xiao Nan were separated from the tongue. She started with her lips. The faint prostitution is secreted.

Maybe Xiao Nan is doing a spring dream, in my teasing, her legs clips my face from time to time, and use the hand to pull my head to Rira, it seems to be a pillow, her movement is stimulated. I, I pushed Dragon Cry to the bottom, put her head between my legs, put my thick penis into the mouth of Dragon crystal, I held the head of Dragon Crystal, shaking Without aware of her, her mouth is very warm, the tongue does not consciously absorb my penis, my mouth is open to the limit, put all the entire perore of Xiao Nan in the mouth, the tongue has deepest extension Entered Xiao Nan’s vagina, her vagina soft lubrication under the lubrication of prostitution, my tongue is crazy, I will send a burst of 吧 唧 嘬 嘬 嘬 的 声, 了The voice of Lumon, Xiao Nan’s lips are more slippery, more and more obscenities, I am afraid that she can’t help, the following Dragon Crystal has not enjoyed it! I looked up Xiao Nan’s legs, pulled out the penis from Dragon Crystal, put the Dragon Crystal between Xiao Nan’s legs, Dragon’s mouth is facing Xiao Nan’s vagina! ※ JKFORUM.NET | JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum But did not open the mouth of Dragon Crystal, just on the labips of Xiao Nan, I lowered, separated Dragon crystal legs, Dragon crystal’s labi has already opened it. However, it is very clean, there is no prostitute, I looked at it, I first took the long legs, her legs were really great! Under tight skin, you can see the cyan blood vessels, white feet, and the toes are all walked, and it is not inferior to the beauty of Mansin, a bone is full, a soft and smooth! I sat on the ground, and the beauty of Dragon Crystal began to taste. I have to slide the tongue to slide into toes from her, turn every toe in my mouth, the delicate skin, fragrance is full. The foot flavors teasing me, she seems to touch the skin cream on the feet, after a while, the Dragon’s toes, the feet, the fingers are filled with my saliva, long time I am reluctant to put my legs, take the head Stretched into her patent, I held the Dragon Crystal butt, separated her legs, started to lick, sucking her labipings, her hair swept away from time to time, and the ruddy vagina has begun to flow out. Transparent liquid!

From time to time, a sophisticated liquid is running out to her anus. This is what I found out that the most charming place in Dragon Crystal is her ass! In my licking, the Dragon’s mouth has already opened, and the lips in the squat collided with Xiao Nan’s labians. Xiao Nan suddenly didn’t have anything to harass her, and it was very uncomfortable. When I caught her labipings, I immediately clamped immediately, it would like to fly away. I didn’t dare to kiss Dragon crystals, I was afraid of can’t stand it, just dial her labi and vagina with her hand, Dragon Crystal couldn’t stand this kind of teasing, starting to squat, just in her open mouth In the room, Xiao Nan’s genitals were tightly stuck on the mouth of Dragon Crystal, and Dragon Cry couldn’t start kissing. He licked Xiao Nan’s vagina! This kind of scene I only saw it online. Today, I am actually present in front of my eyes, and it is a familiar employee, that feels can’t be described! Two words “sensuality”!

Look at the time, I took the dragon crystal, my legs were on the ground, let her kneel on the bed, then put Xiao Nan in a good position, (Don’t forget my rope) first from Xiao Nan’s At the beginning of the chest, first tied a circle with the rope in the right breast, at this time, the breast will be bamboo shoots, then bypass her neck, put the left milk such as the law, don’t forget that in the neck pad, or she Wake up and neck pain. Tied to her casual with the rope, pulled up, let her percent the maximum opening, and help the two ends of the rope in the bed and the bed, that is, a naked, coma, was The bundled beauty will live in front of me. At this time, my mask has been hard and the shake is not shaken. Xiao Nan’s genitals were completely opened, and it was covered with me to saliva, Dragon Crystal saliva, and her prostitute, it appeared so sensuality under the light!

When a beautiful woman who is practicing, I am lying in such a lustful posture, how can they think? What is the case of imagination? I ride in the chest of Xiao Nan, in the “69” style, put the gradually soft penis in the mouth of Xiao Nan, Xiao Nan’s hip is tall and high, the moist lips open, flashing in the light The rays, flashing in front of my eyes, I can’t stand the tongue into the vagina of Xiao Nan, my tongue licks the fleshes in the vagina, not licking the legs of Xiao Nan’s inside legs, the nose is slippery After Xiao Nan’s anus, then I realized that Dragon Cry was full of meritorious buttons in front of me! I took the hands of Xiao Nan, from the back of the Dragon Crystal butt, my neck was still rubbing on the laboy of Xiao Nan, but the tongue has pointed to the buttocks of Dragon Crystal.

Long Jing ass really wonderful, even together so tightly between two butt cheeks, tongue can not be too tight into it! Long Jing grip hugging belly, crammed inside the nose hard, long grain in my body straining and moving from time to time, I have to add more sexual desire, I concentrate all the thumb inward force separated Long Jing rump, a wonderful anal fully rendered me get in front! A circle lines deployed by the middle of radioactivity due to the young’s sake. Pale pink color, surrounded mingled with a few hairy anal, anal small, I really can not imagine when I read Long Jing stool, sometimes very thick How big is excreted from such a small mouth out? I gently touch a bit with the index finger, sensitive, oh good! Chrysanthemum straight in the mouth shrink, like sea cucumbers as slow spit Suzhe. Imagine such a beautiful sexy woman Juezhaopigu lying in front of me, I can not stand. I can not help Couguo face, stick out your tongue licked anus Long Jing, her body twitched. Her door again Ju sensitive inward contraction. My tongue slowly as Long Jing in the anus like love, like pumping, after about ten minutes, with Long Jing anal licking my fever also gradually become soft number, not the beginning of so close, my thumb to move in a moment, close to the anus outside the dragon crystal.

The anus again points to both sides of a moment in my saliva lubricated finger slowly inserted into it not to, and my mouth again from Xiao Nan lick vagina, I can not let her unconscious, and soon my his face has been covered with Xiao Nan Yin Ye, his mouth Xiao Nan Yin Ye, I put those more than saliva lubricating liquid crystal dragon spit on the anus, I have not been able to refer out free, I pull out the finger, Long Jing anus opened a small tunnel, I smell a bit not refer to taste, with a hint of it on top of long grain flavor, taste the excitement that I put into his tongue again, just open the hole! My mouth Long Jing anus, tongue straining stretch, her ass with my meat tenderizer telescopic began to stretch, always tucked my tongue back and forth with this my ass licking, this feeling seems to be she did not experience the thrill of dragon crystal gradually began to secrete liquid anus, vagina and that is a different flavor, more dense, more exciting! My fingers have not been idle, two fingers in the vagina Xiao Nan crazy strumming …… Long Jing began to moan, and Xiao Nan began to moan, and I began to moan, a surge of sensation, I bite the dragon crystal anal meat, Long Jing cry moan like an viscous semen in her vagina, I quickly caught the semen mouth, as if! Xiao Nan legs below the body began to tremble, his legs tightly gripped both sides of my mouth I take it back, put it firmly attached to the vagina Xiao Nan, an endless stream of semen went to my mouth, at any time I also blasts of semen on Xiao Nan chest ……

The next day at work, I looked as usual competent Xiao Nan kept rubbing his waist when walking, watching Long Jing as usual fashion, fascinating, can not help but have an impulse!

Time really flies, A year later, the year of all female employees are carefully many times I tasted, and (of course not including those temporary workers), facing a familiar face, , eating out of a familiar private, sometimes I feel not very happy. One day I decided to put some of the largest number of female employees violated my excuses to quit, for some fresh blood to come in. After a fight a few times contradictory mind, one after another, I arrange for them to take turns on duty, were carried out on their last exchange, of course, this exchange are based on real sexual intercourse and successfully concluded just before leaving! Because a lot of my influence in the local company, after notice posted out, people have flocked to the candidate immediately, in order to pick my favorite woman, I personally participated in the job fair. In an interview for the first time, I left with the body beautiful appearance plus a small part of the next day to inform their sandals to wear a skirt to participate in re-examination, because I would like to in that room, my office look at their genitals, United States enough to pick my favorite!

The next day, more than a dozen well-dressed woman walked into the company began re-examination, the day the temperature is high, I deliberately off the air conditioner, make them a lot of water, and then open the cool air, turned and walked into my office. Soon after the burst of footsteps, a graceful young girl walked into my screen, I saw, I remember she called Han Xue, is this year’s university graduates, although not very old, but very full development , 1.65 meters tall, wearing a pair of pink high heels, looks beautiful, soft white skin, a pair of straight legs were knee skirts to cover up, I saw her into the kicker, shut the door, lifted the skirt, my heart suddenly had a trace of impulse Chung, had seen enough of this situation, the year almost numb, but this made me han Xue’s legs had long lost the urge!

How straight white legs, seems to have a little pink, blow bullet, her pants are lavender, and my favorite color, the point of pants is very narrow, than one pants wide, The pants were taking off her lightly, and a red and full of genitals suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. I used to have a beautiful woman in the genitals of the girl. So I found almost all of the married young women or the ancestors. It is a married girl. I didn’t expect the girl’s genitals to be so exquisite! Her hairy is very small, only in the vagina, the triangle has a cluster, a faint black, the whole is smooth, there is no young woman with a relatively heavy color, squatting down, the front of Liu Hai is scattered on the forehead, Her hands is on the butt, the genus and the anus are going to be in the pool. The posture is very cute, I stare at the gloom of the yin, a pair stretched into the trousers, a clear and bright urine from her urethra Cheerful spray, magnify the lens, I clearly saw the guided small hole opened a small hole, pink pink, very beautiful, her urine is very urgent, full of girl’s vitality, let me not help but want to pick up In her below, taste the stock spring water. When this idea flashes, I can’t help but smile, I feel ridiculous for my own idea, how can I have ideas? If the beautiful women who have not stopped, in my machine, I recorded the genitals and beauty of everyone. In the evening, I took a closer look, and I chose ten beautiful women from them as the company’s official staff, of course, Han Xue!

After a week of understanding, I can’t wait to arrange Han Xue and a girl named Gong Rui. I am eager to taste Han Xue’s vagina! In the evening, I quietly returned to the company, close the light of the office, opened the machine …

At 9:30, after the two girls patrol the company’s security situation, closed the door, laughing and returning to the room, and two of the two came to the bathroom, and the two were laughing, and they were aun, naked The body is full of young vitality, Han Xue’s body is smaller, the chest is not big, but it is as strong as a small hoe, when she runs, it doesn’t move! Gong Rui’s body, shoulder width, is the sexy Western woman, the hips are rushing up, the hip is strong, and the legs will extend down, and the legs are very slender, Gong Rui’s Cishui is very long. The muscles of the calf are like a shuttle, a short hair looks strong, slightly tight lips, looks like a sexy, and it is very like Kumei. Diaz. Let her breath together! They stand under the faucet, the warm water rush brush two beautifully vibrant, the bubble of the bath, with the light sliding into Han Xue and Gong Rui’s lower abdomen, Han Snow is softly washed with her yin, It seems like a treasure, the eyes in the eyes are full of cherish and satisfying, Gong Rui is very refined, wash her legs with a bath, I saw her legs, knees did not bend, flexible The lower waist is rubbed from the thigh, and her hip is slightly separated, but I can’t see what the anus is like, because the bath of the bath is not anxious, I don’t worry, I know, this evening will be a Happy and wonderful night!

As usual, when they were about to wash, I have put the drug into the drinks of the two, and the drinks on the table are still ice, they are general, I know that they will definitely drink after they are finished! Packed up everything, I returned to the office, quietly waiting for time loss …

The night is so quiet, and the moonlight will not turn on the light in the light. I opened the first lounge and gently went in “咦 …” Nobody? I know in an instant, and two of them will definitely sleep together, this is also good, save me to back a past. Listening to the door, I didn’t have any sound inside, I took out the key to open the room. The moonlight is very bright, and the moonlight is softly spreading in bed. When you are on Han Xue and Gong Rui, Gong Ruping is lying on the bed, wearing a black silk tape sleep, sleep, night, Almost show her pants, Han Snow on a piece of Gong Rui, wearing a pink pajamas with Gong Rui style, her white arm is gently taken in Gong Rui’s abdomen, I stand in bed Head, looked at the girl in this sleep, squatted, be careful, I looked with a little boat, I looked down with the beauty of the two, didn’t reflect, I opened my mouth, first bite on Gong Rui’s toes I still have no reflection, I know that I have no provincial personality, stick out the tongue, I took the heart in Han Xue, she touched her legs, and the five round toes were bent, and the bending and the calm, All get it!

Four beautiful is lying quietly in front of my eyes, it seems to wait for the master’s caress, I hold Gong Rui’s foot, start to lick Han Xue’s jade, girl’s foot meat is really tender, beaded It seems that it can be active, I opened the mouth, all the five toes of Han Xue included in the mouth, using the tongue to make it hard, absorb, maybe there is no such thing, Han Xue’s toes in my Bending, acting, acting, lichening Han Xue, I have a beauty of Gong Rui, Gong Rui’s beauty is very coordinated, the meat is strong, the bone is full, a root of the toes is exadcatic The rays, her football is very high, it is very comfortable on the face, I stand up, hold Han Xue’s white feet, hold Gong Rui’s beauty, put my penis clip in the middle to let them Give me foot, I have to slide on two beautiful women in two beautiful women, excited. Han Xue and Gong Rui’s body did not change, still Gong Rui Han Xue, I came to Han Xue behind Han Xue behind Han Xue, across Han Xue’s anus, one The girl’s body fragrance penetrates into my nostrils from Han Xue’s butt, and I have a hand of Han Xue to go into pajamas, stretch to the breast. I am skilled to solve Han Xue’s bra. I live in Han Xue’s breast. My palm is just holding, I rubbed Han Xue’s nipple, the nipple is very small, it seems that a Want Want is full.

My least happily played her anus. Han Snow’s white and pink skin begins with a reflection. The nipple begins to be hard, but the butt is not moving forward, it seems that it is not suitable for this Never had a touch! It is a virgin, I immediately felt that she started a kind of feeling in her pants, I won’t let the virgin love. I took out the hand, I took off the pink pants of Han Xue, I only looked in front of my eyes, and a soft and white and tender and hip drapers appeared in front of my eyes.

I kissed Han Xue’s hip meat. My tip of my tongue slid back and forth from Han Xue’s legs. Her skin is so skin, like a layer of lubricating oil, there is no feeling of blocked, I licked the butt, I looked down with two little butt of Han Xue. Details with her anus: How delicate anus, I can’t help but praise, this hip is just more red, complete There is no young woman’s dark, a few soft inconsistency sides of the anus, like a baby’s fetus, the anus together with the wrinkles of the surroundings, there is no nail, and the ruddy is spread around, I reach out to gently When I immediately had a strength, I had a strength to clamp my tongue, it’s tight!

However, this power did not let me give up, but I arouse me to conquer its desire!

Separate hip, my nose is tightly attached to the anus of Han Xue, but the tongue slides from below to Han Xue’s vagina, the vaginal is smooth and soft, the labia is close, it is very harmful, my tongue is flexible I allocated Han Xue’s little vulva, more than a year of blow career, let my tongue flexibly, Han Xue began to make a slight 呻吟, the laborary began to slowly moist, the closed labipant is in my tongue I gave up the shyness of the girl, I opened my slightly, I opened a moment in it. My tongue has entered the vagina, and Han Xue, “嘤咛”, there is a muscle from the wall of the Yin Road. The strength is tightly clamped, I am surprised that it is so tight, the girl’s vagina is so tight, there is nothing in the vagina in women in the vagina, and my strength is all in the woman’s vagina. On the tongue, the strength is close to the power, I know, Han Xue will not insist on too long, I rolled up the tongue, turned into a tube, to the vagina of Han Xue, returning. An unpacked little girl has passed like this? Her body began to heat up, and the breathing began to gradually emerge, and a girl’s body fluid slipped out of the vagina, flowing into my mouth.

Ok, let her take a break. After turning over Han Xue, I took off Gong Rui’s black silk trousers. Her length of her negative is general, there is nothing special, I don’t have it, I have always believed in a word “Ning eats a peach, no Eating a basket “, although her negative is still OK, but Han Xue is almost.”

Gong Rui’s mouth is very sexy. Sogeneity today, I eat Han Xue, Han Xue’s paters and the anus are too beautiful. I will not feel annoying for one night, let Gong Rui give me blowjob! Thinking here, I lay down, let Gong Rui squatted into the sexy red lips of Gong Rui between my two legs, immediately a heat wave hit my penis, this comfortable, could not say.

My legs clamped Gong Rui’s neck, pushing Gong Rui’s head, so that my penis can come back in her mouth. I hugged Han Xue, let her ride on my mouth, kneeling there, her lips are completely in my mouth, I have the exquisite gates of Han Xue, and the tongue has been can’t wait to reach the Han Xue. The vagina, “吧 吧 唧” “sound let me dry, the penis is like a poisonous snake full of Gong Rui’s mouth, I have to work hard in Han Xue’s full and delicate breasts, poor Han Xue has passed like this. She began to embrace, the body is talking, it seems to be to break away from me, I will give her such a chance? I firmly control Han Xue’s body. Suddenly I feel that Han Xue’s legs began to tremble, I know that she can’t hold it, I am more hard, because I haven’t eaten pure girl’s semen, I don’t know that is What is the taste, what is the difference between the young woman? Finally, Han Xue “ah …” is like a branch of a branch of a branch, ah, not a semen, is Han Xue’s urine! ! ! Han Xue’s urine did not stop, I sent it, I have never experienced such a scene! The clear body fluid kept spraying my mouth, and the water wasted water was coming out of my mouth, wet my front chest, my greedy appreciates this all, a thick semen shoot In the mouth of Gong Rui …

Packing everything, I can’t help but get Gong Rui, can’t let her work, unfair, saying that it is a community, in fact, I haven’t quietly quiet from Han Xue, in When I wore her clothes, I saw Han Xue’s eyes, like a bit tear, is excited or guarded for more than 20 years, the pure body is being played, I don’t know. When playing with Gong Rui, I used the whole body to decolithize, and I will continue to play this little sister.

I saw Han Xue on the next day, and her face was very red, very delicate, and I couldn’t help but impulsive. I think this little sister is actually urinating in my mouth. Excuse to exercise newcomers, I have frequently arranged new girls, of course, Han Xue every time, she lives far, it is inconvenient, live in the company’s conditions, no rent, such a good thing, Han Xue, how can it be Thank me? Maybe the body fluid that day stimulated this, and later Han Xue had a few times in my mouth. Over time, Han Xue’s charming vagina has gradually changed, and everything is I have to work.

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