Every evening fell, hundreds of large and small kinky City nightclub on feasting, guests at his door. Where there is a “Fortuna nightclub” is a large-scale prostitution City’s famous nightclubs, massage parlors have attached a total accompany women strippers models massage etiquette woman women fifteen thousand people, including women managers hundred and fifty. Men of women managers, there is a Jia Ling, she was 54 years old, stands 1 meter 62, quite pretty, plump white and tender, large breasts, legs looked sexy, kinky town in the entertainment industry is also a minor celebrity.

One night in late autumn, Sun Cheng manager in a private company, with a group of friends, to “Fortuna” nightclub. This year, Sun Cheng thirties, love to play, is a frequent visitor here. They opened a VIP room, a dozen people sat inside. Soon, young and old, accompanied by a dozen women, very sexy, guests according to their different sexual orientation, and some chose the stage on the old side of the hall, strippers are performing. Sun Cheng shut the door, Jia Ling put a hold on the table. Jia Ling this manageress, generally do not, and some chose young, but not selected Sun Cheng, he was waiting for someone.

Sing a song, the door opened, a woman came in, I was waiting for the manageress Sun Cheng Jia Ling. This saw Jia Ling, wearing a black suit skirt, bare Xianglian, wear a pair of fine leather with stiletto sandals, exceptionally sexy. She saw Sun Cheng, meet up. Sun Cheng got up from the couch, hugged Jia Ling asked: “how come now?” Jia Ling laughed: “You are not his aging mother a guest, other guests arrive ahead of you, of course I have to accompany them. “Sun Cheng Jia Ling staring greedily watched barefoot asked:”? how, which are at the end of ten, which also barefoot flirty “

Jia Ling said: “? Just wearing tights, were the guests away, and so I had bare feet, and how, met with his aging mother barefoot, and drooling friends” Sun Cheng Yin Xiao said: “Yes ah, so fresh barefoot, who met not drool ah? “

Jia Ling smiled and said: “Want to eat?”

Sun Cheng said: “! I just want to,” he said Jia Ling pushed to the back room. The back room is a Chamber of Secrets, equipped with tables, sofas, and beds, and even a simple bathroom. Chamber of Secrets through the window, you can see outside accompany guests to accompany the guests have to accompany women’s errand. The manageress only accompany VIPs and regular customers. Sun Cheng is a regular customer here.

Sun Cheng Jia Ling a lift legs, picking up her sandals, catching her sexy bare feet, swallow, and really suck. Jia Ling gently tickled sound groaned. Sun Cheng sincerely said: “Jia aunt, your feet really nice, and really delicious!” Jia Ling was licked in heat, moaning louder and louder, crotch sexual secretion DC. Sun Cheng Jia Ling finished licking the left foot, right foot and lick her, Jia Ling of two light-emitting sexy feet are full of Sun Cheng saliva and teeth marks.

Jia Ling was nothing on the skirt, her legs lifted, full of black hair on the genitals exposed. Jia Ling makes delicious fresh barefoot Sun Cheng dick erection him forward one, on top of the eye manageress of a cunt. Jia Ling is worth a wailing loudly. Sun Cheng about what to withstand the manageress, the top faster. Jia Ling calls also growing. Sun Cheng top to the manageress of the uterus, Jia Ling pain cries out: “Mr. Sun …… …… you tap Dingya Jia aunt can not stand …… your …… big dick …… Oh …… ah …… Yeah …… “Sun Cheng carrying two legs Jia Ling, Jia Ling of two sexy bare feet tucked tightly to his head, he was particularly exciting, hands held onto the thigh Jia Ling, dick in a row to move forward. Jia Ling is worth a call heap.

Sun Cheng Jia Ling is worth a look to die, only to slow down. Jia Ling gasped: “! Mr. Sun …… You really incredible …… I have a little afraid of you,” Sun Cheng listened, laughed too happy. Sun Cheng wore wore on Jia Ling said: “Good comfortable ah, I want to shoot!” Jia Ling said quickly: “Do not shoot!” At her request, Sun Cheng pulled dick in her cunt. Jia Ling under the table, kneeling in front of Sun Cheng, grab his dick sucking big mouth. Sun Cheng very comfortable, really wait any longer, dick a song, they all launched into semen manageress mouth. It turned out that Jia Ling also accompany other guests, can not let the semen shot in front of the guests in her vagina.

Jia Ling to Sun Cheng semen ate it, and then wipe your mouth with a tissue, said: “Well, you had a problem, I would also like to see the private rooms below, together with the note posted to the private room Ferry? . “Sun Cheng Jia Ling hugged let go. He holds big breasts Jia Ling, Jia Ling bite down large brown nipple, Jia Ling pain uttered a cry, a flick about Sun Cheng, break out, said:! “Well next time you accompany ah , well-behaved “Sun Cheng said:”! they took your tights, I have to, “Jia Ling said:”!. just did not come off, they take a few days ago wearing only a pair of “she who took a group of tights, Sun Cheng treasured Mangqiang over, intends to get back slowly to enjoy, Jia Ling put this away. Jia Ling went to the next room to accompany a VIP package.

Jia Ling’s son Jia Yong, also at this nightclub, as a waiter. This is twenty years old this year, it is a handsome guy, learning is not good, no graduation in high school, don’t go to school, I don’t have to think about it, it is hard to find a job, so Juling arranged him to this nightclub. When a waiter. He saw that the mother was played by those VIPs, and he wanted to boil. He was uncomfortable. He started with his mother in the age of 14, so he had to play his mother in the nightclub. Jia Ling was never, she didn’t want her son. Jia Ling came this night, Sun Cheng, with seventy eight guests. At two o’clock in the morning, some guests have gone, no VIP and hide, to pay for Jia Ling, she is only empty. Jia Linggang had to breathe. Suddenly, a person pulled her into a private room, she settled his eyes, it turned out to be a son Jia Yong. Looking at the mother to enter and leave a private room, Jia Yong has already bleached. The guests in this private room just walked, no more people came, Jia Yong pushed the mother into the secret room. Jia Ling was pushed by his son to the table, and the upper body was squatted on the table. Jia Yong picked up the short skirt of my mother, and I have been hard to have a hurry, I can’t help but tell my mother.

From the window of the secret room, you can see the outer hall, another batch of striptease in the performance undead. The glass of this window is special, and it can be seen outside, but the hall can not see it. The tall stripper slammed the body and made various tempting actions. Jia Yong glanced, crazy hit the mother’s uterus, Jia Ling was taken several people tonight, and where he had had his son to hit her uterus, she hurts. The mother’s screams have more exciting Jia Yong’s beast. He has more fierce, and put it to your mother, and rubbed the mother’s big breasts. Jia Ling is more painful and unbearable. He said: “Xiao Yong … … 吧 … Mom accompanyed several guests today … I can’t eat you so fierce … Oops … Yeah … Yeah … You have a mother … I hurt … “

Jia Yong listened, said angrily: “Guests can fuck you, I am your son, why can’t I do it? I just want to fuck you!” Said another strike. Jia Liling hurts to eat: “Mom did not say … don’t let you exercise … Mom just ask you … Tap … Mom hurt …” Jia Yong said: “No, you let them get it, I can’t stand it, I don’t care! How do I think how to exercise! “He is a jealousy, Jia Ling hurts again, and die. She is a prostitute, and she is very hurt by her son, but she also has her estrus. She is called, and she is in her prostitute. Jia Yong saw the mother’s fat butt without shaking with his own impact, could not help but play the palm, slammed the mother’s ass, Jia Ling hurts again. Jia Yong went behind his mother, his mother turned his head, his dick inserted in his mother, and he looked with his mother. Jia Ling twisted his face, and his son kissed. My son kissed her almost breathing. Jia Yong took the mother’s arniloquin and swallow his mother’s saliva. Jia Ling is in the body, and it is eye-catching, watching his son.

Jia Yong was stimulated by her mother’s wind, straight to the body, and felt it again into my mother. Jia Ling screamed: “Hey … 嗷 … Xiao Yong … Short shot … Mom … really … I can’t stand it …” Jia Yong smiled; “You have a saga, don’t want men to enter Isn’t it to be filled with so many men? “Jia Ling screamed:” … Yeah … Yeah … Now … don’t … Today … I have to … too much … …… Ow …… “Jia Yong laughed and held onto his mother’s ass, and then sent Li Meng poke. His dick in her mother’s cunt rampage, wantonly aspect, Jia Yong felt extremely happy! Jia Ling is worth a son called heap: “Ah … ah … ah …… hurts me …… ah …… ah …… itch is killing me ah ah …… …… Qindie You are making the top dead people Yeah …… me …… top dead into the death of me …… ah …… I do not live, “Jia Ling is worth a sexual secretion DC, he kept calling out, like a bitch in heat.

Jia Yong woman was the mother of this show to stimulate large animal hair, struggling to sprint, again and again roar. Suddenly, Jia Yong large penis while itching, could not help a loose, large stocks of semen violent injection, direct into the depths of my mother womb. Jia Yong pull out cunt dick from her mother inside, and fell asleep on the bed. Jia Ling tucked to his son, who went to the manageress lounge bed. Her son can not sleep together, afraid of being seen is not good.

Jia Ling nightclub manageress, every night is spent this way.

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