In the preface, Yuanyuan came for a long time, from everyone’s predecessors, I saw a lot of exciting articles, I realized that there were two words in the world, “Thank you”, is not enough to express my gratitude to the Yuanyuan website and senior senior. After a long time, I decided to try to write a few small work you have created, use practical actions to support Yuanyuan, and return the seniors and netizens.

The choice of direction, I have a lot of effort, write a welcome ill-treatment, the Niyu brother has arrived in the peak, “Cui Wei’s question is in front”, does not dare to fall. If the translation, the speed and quality of the high people such as LKK, CSH are indeed amazing, and it is difficult to look back, and the monks only understand English, and there is no good original work, I have to make a good job. Wife, the exposed lascivious wife has long been as “alpine, Jingxing”. In terms of bundling, the model is legendary, and I am looking at interest … All of them cannot be listed one by one.

Finally, I chose the direction of clothing, and other auxiliary. Because beautiful clothing is a woman’s forever dream, and women put on different clothes in different occasions are always different, I hope I can throw jade in this area. The people of the wife, the three songs, in the Xiaoman and temporarily named the neon feather.

At the time of being abducted, the experience is limited, plus the busy work, to write good work, do not expect, try our best. “Don’t ask for it, you can have no regrets.” I have to use this sentence to comfort yourself.

I want to think about carefully writing, but the speed of the Niyu brother makes me dare to be lazy, I’m hard to say, and I can get a valuable point of guidelines from all netizens and seniors. I will often write the way you need to get pool, I hope everyone will enlighten me. The first question is: What is the name of the female favorite, there are more women to provide some women. So I have painstable heart on the role name, and I don’t have to get everyone’s recognition.

Neon Badquet (01)

The first chapter Wenhua Middle School is a well-known school, elegant environment, graduates are cultivated by cultural knowledge and personal cultivation. The students are divided into several middle, the biggest one is the book of the book, and they have a lot of effort to take this school. There is also a grandeur of the rich people, and they come in, and they also cost a lot of money.

The 17-year-old Squash is a former student. She is not only learning to have a good study, and it is also extracted in entertainment. Now that the school has been working for a long time, she still contacts the small swan ballet community. How can I lack her? White tights, open on the waist, delicate headdress, dressing in Fang Shuyin is so harmonious, with melodious music, plus her moving dance, everyone’s eyes are put on her body .

No one will marry her, even if there is, there is only a deep hidden in the heart, because “the most beautiful school flowers since the establishment of the school” Fang Yan is too noble, even the girl who is a little bit is not afraid of her. The boy with her dance has long been warned by all boys, and I didn’t dare to see this beautiful swan.

After the color row of the dance society, the students were busy changing clothes. Fang Shuyin took off a beautiful red gymnastics after it was taken off. It turned out that she was still the captain of the school art gymnastics team. The national middle school students immediately started. Teacher Lin Yuyi is still waiting for her last. Contact.

Art gymnastics clothing designs growing sleeves, chicken heart, and then reveal a large piece. There are two yellow decorations below the chest, and there is the emblem of Wenhua School in the right chest. So although the breasts of middle school girls began to develop, such design also makes the chest of the tailor. There is also the same yellow ramp from the waist between the two sides, and it has been extended to the two legs intersecting, which will lead to unlimited thoughts.

Teacher Lin once thought that such an adult design method was not suitable for the middle student, but the principal received the viewpoint of the salesman: “Now the students have morning development, and the judges are adults, if they are not designed, other schools will occupy them. First.”

When Qi Yun put on this gymnastics, I took a mirror and blushing a large piece. The original chicken is very low, and the tights are squeezed, and the cleansing is displayed. The two hips have also been highly mentioned, the thigh roots are also revealed, she has to quietly shaft, almost only left the part of the labia, otherwise the hairy is absolutely revealing outside the gym. And the few yellow lines did not think that these girls didn’t think of it, it seems a simple design, but they all know that the most tempting parts of women are in the “Guidelines” of these yellow lines. To others: “Let’s see our women’s body.” But I wore training for a long time, and the art gymnastics did not have a boys. Everyone didn’t feel it.

When she changed her clothes, my classmates had already returned, and there was no one in the campus. Fang Shuangyin simply walked out of the gymnastics, because the gymnastic museum was in a few floors of the dance community, she was ready to go to the teacher. Usually wear this into this in the school’s comprehensive building, it is of course not used to, but now because people go, I don’t think there is anything wrong. Who knows that I just got a floor, I saw that the school workers gone gone, I have to hide, I have to say hello.

Tensicated in the hands of the bucket and mop, it is obviously ready to sweep the dance room. He looked at the sound of the bright red tight body, and his face was full of humble smiles: “I have to practice the gymnastics. Lin teacher is waiting for you downstairs! It’s hard.”

I should ran down the building, and she is afraid of Mr. Lin.

The beautiful forest teacher is actually teaching English, but she is the backbone of the art gymnastics in the university, and has been ranked in the national college student competition, so they are also invited by the principal. At the beginning, in order to let the students won’t worry about the new gymnastics, Lin Teacher also wears the same clothing to guide everyone. Due to the 22-year-old Lin Yichen is already a mature woman, she is wearing such gymnastics is more than the curve. The towering double milk and hips, seductive cleansing and hip, slender waist, the girls in the gymnastics felt the charm of women in her body. Of course, when the gymnastics team is trained, the window is always filled with boys, and the school leaders have also increased their inspections.

Taken this evening, other teams have long been ending, and Mr. Lin is specially left, because the school’s ballet teacher is please, can’t let others wait, only I have waited.

Shuangyin walked into the gymnastics, but did not see Mr. Lin. She didn’t answer after a few times. She found it all around him, did not see the teacher. When I was anxious, the school workers touched in, and his ugly face laughed very strange: “Why don’t you look up to find a teacher?”

Qi Yun looked up, but he saw an amazing scene: Mr. Lin was tied to the rope used by the practice rope, and his mouth is stuffed, and he hangs on the beam of the gymnastic museum.

Niki Pad (02)

The Shuangyin was shocked by the scene in front of him, and the teacher who was tightened was struggling in the air, just like a mermaid who was swimming in the water. Lin Yizhen has twisted his body in vain. Her mind continues to emerge, the dark days of the scene after the school is just arrived …

After graduating from college, Lin Yizhen took a great outstanding certificate he received in the school and came to this famous school job job. She is very confident to herself. This kind of confidence is far from coming from my own beautiful appearance. It is more from my own knowledge. She firmly believes that she is elegant and pure English can guide her to the way of love.

At that time, the college didn’t graduate, Lin Yuyi listened to the seniors, can not wear the students to dress up, otherwise, others will feel difficult to trust. She began to dress up, first picked up the pure white bra and underwear, she carefully put the thin pantyhose with the wings on the leg, did not leave a piece of pleats. Finally, one white dress is worn on the body, and the skirt has just passed the knee, so it is neither conservative, and I don’t think too naive.

After Lin Yuyi went to Wenhua School, the first eyes saw that the school workers were tension, because the school gate was guarded by tension. After he asked, he opened the door, and brought the gentleman to a small house attentively, saying that it is a waiting room, and immediately inform the principal.

After a long time, Zhang Li took a pocket back. He bowed his head and said to Lin Yuyi: “There are many people who have received job hunting in schools recently. Our school has a rule. Everyone must put on the uniform of the school. In order to see the principal, I will also wear uniforms in the future. Please let the Miss Lin will change it here. Your material I have transferred to the principal. He is looking, please change the uniform to his office. “

“It’s really a famous school.” Lin Yixi praised his heart, and quickly replied: “Ok, ok.”

Zhang Li said consciously retired.

Lin Yizhen opened the package to find not only clothes, but all clothes have. She took her carefully selected clothes, and she started to change the new dress after it was not hung. The bra is actually black. Lin Yizhen hesitated, or carefully set it on your body, underwear and bra clearly, all have the same dark pattern, and it is made of high-elastic material, tightly hoop Body: “We can’t even ask me, this kind of material, the original girl can wear.”

There is a mirror in the room. She looked at themselves. Some surprised. The thick sponge pad made her breast tower, narrow trippers tightly bite their underwent parts, black lining his skin more snowy. “Don’t worry so much first.” Lin Yuyi comforted himself in his heart and began to wear a slightly milky white sock. Because she rarely uses this kind of sock, she will wear a waist clip, and the socks of the thigh roots are completely in the waist. Then I started to wear a skirt again, and a high-tech tight skirt, two fine straps of the upper body were hoisted in the shoulders, and the lower body is a narrow skirt. The 仪 has a little bit of a tight skirt, and then start pulling down, the result is just a hip, she discovers is a minor narrow dress.

“It’s all made of high-elastic materials. I can’t even ask my three surroundings. I will take clothes. Ordinary girls are worn.” 仪 仪 想 想 仪 仪 仪 步 步 步 步 步 步Going to the mirror, your own body, the color of the socks and skirts is very fit. Just a skirt, he is too short, and it is a little less than the hips. The chest is also very low, and the fine shoulder strap can’t play.

This is beautiful, but it is too sexy, how can I go out? Lin Yuyi took a strap and saw there in a coat inside, and she was relieved. She took it out. It turned out that the coat was very short, only reached the lower part of the breast.

“This is still much better.” After the 仪 扣 扣 一 子 仪 仪 仪 仪 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 口..,……. “Is it necessary to wear this body to teach students in the future?” She dressed in the last one: high heels. After coming back from the room, I barely opened the door.

The first sentence stationed at the door was uniform: “” This set is the instructor service. When the teachers meet, they will meet the uniforms of the class when they see students. “

Following the tension to the office building, Lin Yizhen only felt that this dress was too tight, not only hungry her body, but the skirt also made her legs almost not step down, but hips were packed very Experience, high heels are also very uncomfortable.

When I went upstairs, Lin Yuyi didn’t feel sad. When the leg is mentioned, it is very short of a short skirt to slip enough to the thigh root, otherwise it will not be on the stairs. Although the eupo is pulled down by hand, the skirt is still constantly slipping.

“Fortunately, Zhang Li took the road in front. Be careful when I went upstairs.” She quietly warned herself in his heart.

When I came to the schoolmaster, the tensioned touched the door. “Please come.” After entering, Lin Yizhen saw a bean-raised elderly man in the back of the big office. “Please sit.” The old man said: “I am the principal.”

The 仪 is sitting on the sofa opposite, she found that she was more embarrassed. With the movements she sat down, the skirt naturally slipped up, she quietly pulled a few times, there is no use at all, and I don’t dare to fight Houlang legs. I have to work hard to clamp legs. But the opposite principal will definitely see the black underwear inside.

Neon Feather (03)

“Yes,” the principal is in the same manner: “We need this kind of talent.” His eyes suddenly settled, and the mouth was slightly opened, and it seems to be in the wind.

Lin Yizi’s most worried situation has finally happened that the principal saw her dress, and after sitting down, the skirt has been reduced to the root of the thigh. The hips are even more difficult to cover, just that the buttocks of the underwear are directly sitting on the leather sofa. And the underwear is T-BACK type, there is only a fine belt behind, and I have long sliding to the buttock. I have been going to rub the anus when I just walked. But this kind of tight narrow skirt can only wear this underwear, she has to endure. But now the smooth butt is directly in contact with the leather sofa. I feel that a shares spread from the lower body to the whole body, and Lin Yizhen is unpredictable.

She is very worried about her: “This sofa doesn’t know how many people have been accomplished. Will there be bacteria to run into the anus?” Of course, this idea can’t say exports.

I saw the principal and dead, I am sighed in my heart: “The men are like this, even if they are old, and those who engage in educational work, there is no way.” She consciously clamped The legs, but the front case is better than the butt, the high-elastic dress has shrunk with the roots of the thigh, and the straps of the socks are faintly reveal. The elastic tape, and the black underwear, light white stockings, and the white skin, the white skin is very eye-catching.

Principals must see what is hidden in the thigh at her, eyes cast a glance to have been inside, but indeed, the president made some anxiety. Lin Wanyi also anxiously up, the original high elastic skirt still continue to shrink up, because the rear end does not sit on the skirt, then she sat down, there is nothing to suppress skirt, of course, this material will slowly shrink up . From both sides to pull down skirts, action and not too obvious, after all, the principal sitting in front of Wan Yi quietly by hand. “Fortunately, no man behind.” Lin Wanyi just thought of this, but opening up the tension: “I gave Miss Lin glass of water.” Then she went behind began to take the cup. Chancellor seems to be tension if awakened from in front of the beauty, then I began to think and Wan Yi conversation.

“Miss Lin Things I’ve already seen it ……” principals have a ride without a ride saying, Lin Wanyi very nervous to think back a few days to prepare the information in this Q & A, she prepared very fully. But the president did not ask but one thing, and education, but repeatedly asked: “? Lin wearing school uniforms this body do you feel it.”

Wan Yi a bit shocked replied: “Just wear, some are not used.”

“Some teachers reflect too sexy. Miss Lin think?”

“This is indeed a bit tight,” Wan Yi carefully choose the wording: “are okay just have to be careful after put on the job..”

“Of course, that’s what we elect the purpose of this suit. We are the elite schools, to teach good student ability and political integrity, every teacher must be very careful to pay attention to his demeanor. Wear such clothes can make all the female teachers behave properly, now more than a lively girl, a teacher can not do. “

Wan Yi had nodded, dry mouth and tongue to her noise suddenly thought of tension behind the pour, there has been no recurrence, immediately tense up. Because the back of the sofa is below half empty, if the tension is noticed, will see themselves exposed outside skirt ass sitting directly on the leather. But the president continues to ask, she was not looking back, but sweat had seeped out.

“Well, no school, no air conditioning so open. Lin can take off the jacket. Does not have to cautious.” Wan Yi was going to refuse, the principal has the initiative to take off the suit, wearing only a shirt. She say anything bad, with nervous sweat, he also took off his coat, draped over the sofa back and say to themselves can block the tension from behind the line of sight, but in fact what such a short jacket that also fail to do so living.

After she took off some regret, because tight-fitting dress shirt is a harness-style, and was very large chest, back and reveal more, but then she inconvenient to wear clothes, and had no choice but to continue to talk to the principal.

“You first fill out the form, the school is ready to work again, welcome you, Lin.” Speaking on the last, the principal pointed to the table.

Surprises let Wan Yi forget the unhappy, she quickly stood up, walked toward the president’s desk.

She remembered that he went to the reel-to-waist skirt with excitement forgot to pull down, turned his head and found that tension was admiring his own plump buttocks. She turned around and saw the principal is sitting comfortably at his thigh, accentuates the already stockings suspenders.

Wan Yi blushed, scrambling to pull down the skirts, ready to fill in a form. That stack of forms, the whole office is the only one table, the sofa is just crucified on the floor, nor the principal seat of meaning, Lin Wanyi had to stand began to fill in a form.

This creates a wonderful scene: Lin Wanyi half bent body, lying on the desk filling principal, principal and tension one after the other, the principal sat easily enjoy Wan Yi because the body bent over from the low neckline exposed breasts, although there are black bra and tight skirt, but she simply can not stop such a position exposed chest. The tension continued to enjoy full hips behind her, wrapped in a tight skirt, look round and moving, gluteal fold gently separate the two spheres.

Since the need to constantly adjust the body when Wanyi sheet, hips from side to side constantly, slender legs extending from the ground to stand up to the high-heeled shoes have narrow skirt, the long stockings with a dew out from behind. Lin Wanyi do not know is how the latter case, but the front of the eye is looking from the president was very low collar into the mouth, she knew, but did not approach, in this case, how can she do Woolen cloth? So many forms to fill in, and no other chairs to sit, do not ask the principal got it?

“No, just kindly headmaster looked at me, did not look into it from the chest.” Lin Wanyi comfort of their own self-deception, quickly fill in all the forms.

But she slowly realized the situation behind him, and Zhang Li still did not pour the water, so that she watched her body, her skin will inevitably shrink high. Her attention began to concentrate on the back, and the fine strap behind the underwear began to play, it became more and more tightly embedded in their own legs. The hips, the genitals feel itchy, and as long as you gently move, the clitoris will be rubbed. As a mature woman, Lin Yuyi can’t help but call in this case, and then think that there are still people who think of it, she can’t help it. After filling the form with a trembling hands, she was almost disappeared, and she was busy standing straight. As the body is standing upright, the tape of the underwear slides behind the patenta, and then it is tight in the portions and the laborary, and the 仪 finally couldn’t help but squat.

“Teacher Lin, please drink tea.” Tension’s voice sounded in just time, just Lin Yizhen was as ashamed, she knew that her pleasure must be heard by two men. But she already stood uncomfortable, took a tea cup, suddenly felt that she had a good strength, and the momentum took her head on the shoulders of Zhang Li.

At that moment, although she knew that this young paralletors were very ugly, and just met, it was a man who would never look at it. But at this time, it is unable to control yourself, and you don’t even have a feeling of relying on your head.

************************************************************************* People respond, really honored, Xiong Taiwan gave me unlimited fun, it is the elite in the Chinese. Nowadays, the spokes of the brothers will give me unlimited encouragement, they will work hard.

There is also a relationship with netizens asking for tension and stinking. I have never seen it, but many novels have young women who are ugly men, so extreme contrast produce extreme heterogeneous feelings. So, I am also preparing to adopt such practices. Tension This person should take a considerable status in the article, this is my initial idea.

******************************** Nihang Feather (04)

Zhang Li only smells a silk hair inserted into the brain from the nostril, and it feels comfortable. He didn’t expect to meet such a good thing, holding Lin Yizhen, and his hands did not know where to put it. The eyes of the 仪 双 片,,, 但 清 知道 自己 自己 丑 丑 丑 丑 丑 丑 丑 丑 丑, 丑 高 丑,,,, 丑,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 高 高 高But at this time, there is no strength, but she wants to stand straight, leaving the man’s hug, but can’t do it.

It is good to do it very nervous, and the hand is supported to the sofa to sit down. The 仪 fiercely woke up, and pushed the tension and sat up.

“Sorry, Teacher Lin, what happened?” Zhang Li asked.

When the Yi, I suddenly felt that he treated him. After all, he was in other people’s arms. She quickly said: “Maybe it is just a long time, the brain suddenly lost blood, my head suddenly fainted, thank you.”

The principal is also “Oh”, she said: “If Lin Teacher is in uniform, our school’s new clothing sample has come, I hope that Mr. Lin will help us pick up.”

“Okay.” I have not started to work, I was very happy, I was very happy, Lin Yizhen was quite happy.

The three came to the faculty meeting room, and the gentlemen saw the clothes on the table. She took a look at: “The clothes don’t worry, I don’t know Lin Teacher, can I try to do it, take pictures Come down, in the future, in the history of school brochures and school history. There is a small lounge next to you can change clothes there. “

“Is this, of course, I can.” Lin Yixi wanted to take off his own universal uniform, and heard that his image can be led to the brochure and school history, but also, she picked up all clothes. Entered the lounge.

She opened the first set of clothes to find a cheongsam. Light green velvet cheongsam, she took off all the clothes, gently put the cheongsam on her body, sideways, and took the side of the buckle, the neckline was very high, there were three buttons.

“It’s still so good. Just don’t know what the teacher is in the cheongsam?” Lin Yuyi wore the lounge, the principal and Zhang Li have already taken the camera waiting for him.

“It’s right!” The principal admires: “Our school is not only paying attention to the school, and there are many activities, so you have to prepare a wide range of clothes. Tension is a photographer, the level is good, you will give you a photography. Bar!”

I nodded, she found that the cheongsam was very high, and they have arrived at the thigh root, and the chest cut is very clever, and her double breast is like two hills. She quietly pressed the fork on both sides and she stood in front of the principal so that he couldn’t see anything, but the chest shrugs did not have a way. “Okay, Teacher Lin, take a few steps.” The principal’s order: “This is good to take a variety of instruments.”

The meeting room is very broad, and the 仪 has to let go of his hands and go slowly. With her walk, the cheongsam skirt is also rushed, and the white thighs show no legacy. Zhang Li specializes in the side of the side, one picks up one. “Okay, sit down.” Tension refers to a chair. When the 仪 放 放 放, when the hips have not come into contact with the chair, the Zhang Li’s camera is “the card card”, he squats on the ground. “Ah, no, this will take your ass.” Yi Yi is busy sitting in the chair, Zhang Li just took a few times, let her stand up, saying that there are several frontal standards.

“There is always no problem in front of it.” 仪 thinks like this. However, Zhang Li suddenly gone, he started the left chest of Wang Lin, who took a brand, “Don’t move, this is the school badge.” His tone is so firm, the action is so natural, 仪 想 没有 没有 没有Only by tension, press your own left chest, and the other hand passes the pin from the cheongsam, then don’t be good.

This action has been so fast, when the 仪 reacts, the short man has left himself, the school emblem has not been good, she only feels that her chest is “咚咚”, and the face is another red.

“It’s straightforward, don’t move.” Tension was issued as a professional photographer.

The lower body is still restrained by the belt of the underwear, and the sophisticated part of the chest is suddenly touched by the other party. As if the tension is no longer ugly, a school worker, it is no longer a noble and beautiful female college, he has become a master of photography, just his model, is arbitrary to play with him. This feeling is accompanied by a wave of hips and a sudden feeling that is suddenly touched by strange men, and is so strange.

“Go to a set.” Tension’s words are like a magician directive. Walking into a lounge in one person, the 仪 wakes a lot. She hugged her hands and repeatedly warned that they were calm down. “What happened to me? That is, how can you take a few photos, how can it be? Calm.” She began to replace the second dress.

This is actually a female middle school student wearing a solder service, a white with two orchids, a red bow, a light blue dress, the same color, a short dress: “Is this not giving students? Why do you want yourself “

She took the clothes and went out, the principal seemed to know what she had to ask and said: “There are many people in these clothes to wear, but have not started, and the designers took the large number, please Let’s show it one by one, so you can use it. “

What is the 仪 不 不, she returned to the lounge, she took off the cheongsam. Suddenly I found that the thigh is something itchy. When I look down, I found that the prostitute from the vaginal has flowed to the top of the socks, and it is gradually submerged, underwear I have been humid.

“How can this be?” 仪 has some hands to play, although there is no experience in sex, but she is still skewer, this situation is encountered. She recalls that the feelings of just now know that they have gradually entered the “state”, and they are busy looking for paper towels. But the tote bag is placed in the principal, and the clothes here are no pockets. What should I do?

仪 想 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 起 起 地 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 像. 手 像 手. 像 手 手 像 手 手 手 部 一 一 部 部 一 一 部 一 部 一 部 一The more wipe it, the more obviously obvious, the more obvious, she almost can’t help but masturbation.

“Can’t do this.” I thought that she was soft after her masturbation, she didn’t dare to continue. There are so many clothes to wear to show out, the principal is waiting outside, and it is too long for a long time.

The 仪 bite his teeth, only wipe the thigh root, did not dare to wipe the vaginal part with cheongsam, so they will definitely can’t help it, now wet, wet, go home and then washed it. The wet T-back underpantger is no longer to wear, but she puts a top dress, and she will find the skirt, and the knee is at least 20 cm, and the lower part is very open. It will float all move, if it is seen, it is too shameful. The 仪 has to pick up the skirt, and put the wet T-Back underneath.

She just pulled the tight tight of the underwear, suddenly felt that an unbearable pleasure was passed out from the lower body. It turned out that I just wiped it for a long time, and I didn’t have masturbation. At this time, the strap of the underwear is again embedded in the genitals and anus, and once again drove the physiological feel that women cannot resist. Although Lin Yizhen is a woman who has received higher education, and knowing the principal is still waiting for her, this is a pleasure, she almost fell down, holding the table to stand around. “can not be like this.”

She was tenacious with her physiological feelings, and her hands pulled the underwear to make this pleasure slowly resolved.

“That way, go out, no longer delay.” 仪 pushed the door.

******************************** Post-postscript: I saw so many netizens responded, I I have read it several times in detail, so that I am fine.

The SEXDEVIL brother’s praise is really darent, and the one-day article encourages more like a spur, I will work hard. But work needs to be traveling frequently. These days are more idle, or they can guarantee quantities. In the future, I don’t dare to think more, let’s write it again.

Brothers have arrived in Japan, knowing the erotic writers there are very high, they can create wholeheartedly. So even if there is a genius of Neewui in the Chinese, the Chinese erotic novels are still difficult to catch up with Japan as a whole. Because the literati is not worth money now, Cheng Tian is busy with the livelihood, where there is a thoughtful creation, not to see the erotic creation of “Day”, mostly use the spare time, take our hobby to play NBA, of course, it is difficult to resist . However, as long as there is a good place in Yuanyuan, there is a unremitting effort of seniors, and Chinese erotic will be better every day, this is also the heart of the younger.

What beautiful clothes still want to see? Please come out, I am so arranged in the future story plot.

******************************** Nihang Feather (05)

From the perspective of Zhang Li and the principal, Lin Yizhen knows how beautiful it is to wear a middle school student costume. She saw the mirror next to it, this school uniform is a summer design, and the materials are relatively thin. In addition to the collar, other parts are different, their own waterfall long-haired snow white back, the soldiers The collar behind the uniform is very wide, just right to hold her long hair, and the model is clear, and I can’t believe it.

But I always feel that it is not right, and the 仪 looks closely. By the way, the chest is too high, the bra is just when I just entered the door, my thick sponge, plus my double breast, develop very well, seem to be more boosting. Moreover, the waist of the student uniform has not been received, but this clothes wearing the waist is very thin, and then it is a slightly out of the ultra-skirt, and a perfect S-type curve is taken out by this student. Come out, the feeling of pure and mature, so that Lin Yizhen has a different beautiful light.

However, let the 仪 feel strange is the lower body. Because of the high body, wearing this short skirt, which is obviously not cut, makes the thigh to have more, and a lot of skirts have just passed the hips, positive As your breath is slightly shaken, “If you walk, will it show your hips?” Lin Yuyi worried. And the feet are wearing a high heel, because there is no other shoes inside, and the 仪 has to wear high heels. Such a match makes the 仪 显 very beautiful.

After several photos, Zhang Li suddenly said: “The chest is too quite, not like a student. Please ask Mr. Lin to change the bra!” Lin Yuyi’s red face returned to the lounge, did not expect Zhang Li and also see it. unsuitable place. She took off the bra, but she couldn’t find the underwear inside. She had to put on the water soldiers in such a “empty”.

After walking out, Zhang Li nodded: “This is better, but the body of Lin teacher is still much better than ordinary women!”

Lin Yuyi has been engaged in art gymnastics exercise in the university. The figure of the curve is very proud, but today, she only wants her own body to be a good thing. When I saw Zhang Li and took a student’s school emblem and walked over, I said, “I wore it myself.” I took it in the left chest, but she felt a slender and she was transmitted from the breast. It turned out There is no obstruction inside, and the parts that don’t pass through the clothes are just in the end of the nipple. She calmly, only to take pictures.

After the front, the back and side photos, the tension asked her to put a few actions. Starting with both hands, making the wind that fluttering. In this way, the ultra-short multi skirt has been higher, and the tape of the underwear is once again in the labiptures. Tension is deliberate to make her make this posture a few times, and the strand will leave the clitoride again and again. Once the card came in, Lin Yuyi once again felt that the prostitution was coming out. “No, you are wearing pure student uniforms, how can it be?

The 仪 is medically in my heart. The clothes continue to rub the light, especially the left nipple reaction, after all, there is a metal trick in the clothes, every time there is a posture, the nipple will be rubbed, and it is more and more strong.

Zhang Yao took a few pose of the squatting, “No, this will take the skirt, there will be a garter!” 仪 紧 紧 地 地,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Let’s continue to shoot the camera with the tension, the plumber is more and more violent.

“Okay, change a posture.” Tension finally made the 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话 话

Lin Yuyi has gradually lost the main, the words of Zhang Li are like the highest santel’s order, let alone principal is just a silence, even how they don’t do it? She obediently, using the left knee up, the beautiful gesture of the right knee, and the people who learn art gymnastics, each action looks at all.

But this action is slightly can’t stop the one-piece skirt to slide the thigh root. Even you have seen the hanging band, there is also the on the left! She is preparing to adjust the posture, Zhang Li’s camera has been clotted, and the mouth is still shouting: “Don’t move!”

The 仪 is like being applied, the left hand is pressed on the left knee, and the right hand is put on the right thigh, and the beautiful face also exposes a smile to meet the camera lens. Zhang Li also specially selected her to show up the most left side to shoot, “Ah! Hip, the sling is taken in.” 仪 mentality lamented, but unable to make any objection, “the other party is just photographing school propaganda In the future, you can selection. “She comforted himself, more clearly felt that the underwear strap hinged in the hip dump and the labipings, and the lascitation flows more, and this posture has flowed backwards to the anus area, now The whole underwear is wet.

Beautiful female teacher wearing a beautiful student uniform, but the lower body is tightly holding a wet super sexy underwear, showing the left on the left hips is correct by a low ugly school worker, and the face is still a moving smile He is resistant to a wave of pleasant invasion.

This beautiful picture lasts for nearly ten minutes. As Zhang has to change the film, he stopped.

“Okay, let’s sit.” The legs of the Yi instrument are all numb, and it will stand up. Zhang Li lifted a set of class chairs for students. Lin Yuyi sat up and paved quietly on the desk. “This is probably the last time is a student.” Tension is interested, and it has begun to constantly choose angle.

The Eti Terraite thought it would be better, but she found himself wrong. The student’s chair is a smooth hardwood, and the 仪 穿 穿 超 超 超 仪 一 一 短 短 短 一 短 一 短 短 短 短 短 短 短 短 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪 仪. The cold hardwood is more uncomfortable than the sofa of the leather, and now the underwear is wet, kneeling in a half-day phase, and the obscenity flow is everywhere, and there is a greasy feeling, and after sitting down, there is still the body, still rubbing the body The feeling of nipples is not weak, and the prostitute is still flowing out.

“When you get together, you will be seen, all of the wood chairs are my kinky.” 仪 仪 分 分The lack of obscene traces on the chair is illustrated.

After the end, Lin Yuyi took the initiative to say: “Mr. Zhang, hard work, I will take a chair back.” This is the only escape method she thinks when she just took pictures.

Who knows that the old principal has put his hand and says: “No, I stand for so long. Just sit down, please continue.” 仪 想 想 阻 阻 阻 阻 不 不 想 想 子 子 想 想 子 想 想Carrying it to the side, a buttocks.

“Ah!” Wan Yi looked at the old man sat in his chair a stream of sexual secretion of paralysis, the feeling seems to flow to the lower body just like the sexual secretion old headmaster directly from their lower body, “does not have any contact with the man, ah, how old are the first to get it? “Wan Yi some frustration. Fortunately, suffered a lower body “manna” old president does not yet feel anything. “Here is a shot of running posture. Well high school students, is always very lively.” Tension also mentioned requirement. Lin Wanyi looked embarrassed themselves at the foot of the high-heeled shoes, but also worry about running up short pleated skirt will certainly be emptied, but before she could speak, tension has been pointing to the empty conference room the other end said: “went up from him side ran Come on, do not run too fast, use jogging posture, but there should bounce girls feel. “

Lin Wanyi quietly towards the end of the meeting room, ran in the direction of tension, skirt flying up really, and wearing high heels running really uncomfortable. After being require continuous tension ran five or six times, as the continuous cross legs, feeling Lin Wanyi lower body is more obvious, although by his own underwear straps pull down point, but now after being soaked sexual secretion becomes shorter, re bite genitals, rubbing his legs when running the reaction more intense. No breasts with a bra running up his chest like a little rabbit Chuaizhuo like jumping up and down, rubbing the nipple and clothes, has long been hard to the limit, but the pleasure is also very obvious.

But tension remains in command of female teachers went again and again this head, gasping Lin Wanyi has sounded flushing from the other end of the room, she did not have room for rebuttal, only time and time again kept merrily ran ……

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Evening dress I will certainly take into account last night has designed a plot, it will be launched in a relatively later. As for when the female role completely “collapsed” My idea is this: as late as possible, and try to re-conquer the psychological after conquest from the body.

There KATCH, GGG, etc. brother to the next message from start to finish and there are a lot of advice, really grateful. Take, for example down to speak, the very beginning of the article is always wonderful to see the drum about the palm, and later also the exhausted. In fact, just yesterday a friend of mine put it: we are all free online creative, leave a message of encouragement and even criticisms are the greatest encouragement. You act like a gentleman educated in the next, from liked article will continue to shout.

Why “clothing” this road, of course, because the next like a woman beautiful dress, but more important reason is: you have other genre senior expert wrote the uttermost! In fact, I envisage a number of other types of articles, but you see the ocean a masterpiece, but also dare to continue? I had a sword easy road.

In addition, the following recommendations are also very appreciative of his friend: restore covered popularity index. Think about it, if you see tens of thousands of people read his article, but also great encouragement ah. After all, they are writing for a hobby, always inspired by all these needs.

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