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1 Nurse Love Soutover Hospital is a very ordinary hospital, in less than three years, beautiful appearance of the master architect, the beautiful appearance, advanced medical instruments and professional medical teams, in this Small town and neighboring counties are already indispensable medical cores.

To say that different points from other hospitals, it is probably the hospital to the management class to the grassroots nurses, almost all women, this is the most characteristic of the Nandingers Hospital.

Some people often feel incredible, why can I find so many beautiful women? Inside the hospital, there are young and beautiful internships and official nurses, beautiful female doctors and nurses, beautiful executives, can say that they are looking for, and staff wearing medical uniforms are beautiful.

In such a beautiful woman, the Nang Dingge Hospital is going to see a doctor and the hospitalization in the hospital, and it is said that the dean of the hospital is a beautiful woman with gorgeous.

The reputation of the beauty hospital quickly spread, and people who specialize in this hospital to see a doctor, naturally, there is still less than the understanding of the doctor’s obsessed, and people who want to go in the hospital. No shortage. But strangely, this hospital must be actuated by men in addition to a small number of grassroots positions, is a male who does not recruit.

Some people have asked the male preservation of the gardener in this hospital, how is the work in such a “high quality” environment? Naturally, the answer is very positive, but then ask, the understanding of the hospital’s beauty staff, but unexpectedly don’t get a deeper answer, only some surfaces are circulated around, this hospital is internally, It’s like locking in the iron screen, and the outsiders have almost no peep.

In this cool October day, mysterious and beautiful Nankingal Hospital, staged the outside world, most wants to express the tendon, but it can be said that it is a secret that does not have it.

1, in the diagnostics, noon nurses in love, today is a busy beginning, ending the morning reading, it is a two-hour pedal time, and the diagnosis and treatment in the lock in the middle of the medical record, small Some crowds are full of crowds in the clinic, and the rear of the clinic is a common walkway. At this time, everyone will take a break at this time?

“Ya Zi, do you want to have lunch together?” Nurse Guiji in the wall stood in the door, if the inquiry asked this, it couldn’t be taken less than a year, and he was often taken care of later.

“Ah, my predecessors, I am not hungry.” Yadi sat on the leather bed for the treatment, the low looks very good, and there is no power.

“What happened? Cold?” Qikai Meixes asked.

“I have divided my boyfriend … Yesterday I found that he was squatting, so I told him a big smaller, he also hit me …”

“How can this be …” Guiyi went to Yadai, and she found that Ya Zi’s gods were also concealed. The cute face was not suitable for such a sad expression, Guiji is distressed Paddy face.

“Seniors, let me eat, let me quietly,” Ya Zi said.

“Let me accompany you.”

Ruiji sat next to Yadia, his hand was gently holding Yadi, “I want to cry, cry, I want to be jealous, my heart is too much, I am very fast, my sister is here.”

“Front, seniors …” Ya Zi looked to Cairi’s beautiful and beautiful face, heard the Caleni Miyou, finally couldn’t help but rush on the chest of the trusted senior, tears splashing on a pure white nurse clothing, Cairi is careful with the back of Yadia, so Yazi has vent.

Five minutes, probably so long, Yadi’s cry is finally stopped, she started, the cute goose face is covered with tears, and the makeup is crying. The chest of Cairi is a mess. I am so busy to apologize to Cairi, “Seniors, I’m sorry, I put your clothes …”

“It doesn’t matter, you look, crying so ugly.” Said that the beautiful kiss in the face of Yadai, gentle, and gently went to the arms.

“Seniors?” Yazi looked at Cairi.

“Hey.” Guiji sealed the Yadai’s lips, the action is still gentle, she gently sucking, but the hand holding Yadi is aggravated, it seems that I don’t want to let Yazi run away.

The girl’s lips … Yadi watched the eyes under the glasses of Cairi, that is gentle, like the mother’s general warm sight, Yadon, and decided not to resist, she gently turned the head, kissed the Kiss Kiss , Don’t understand what you do, pure, is it a kind of urge? “That impulsive action.” Yazi thought in the heart.

“Ya Zi, you are cute.” When you want to pay, Cairi said that the soft touch of the lips remains, and the young Iraqi people are sweet and moving, and people can’t help but pistilize. It is difficult to resist the impulse in the hearts of Cradie, “I have to eat you, Yadi.”

The hands of Cairi, boldly attacked the chest of Yadai, and the small scream of Yadi was called, but the body was slightly zoomed, but there was no resistance. It is more than a round, and the loveless face of Yadia appears.

Ruiji is kissed again, and grab the hands of Yadi’s hand to his fullness. Yadi is the important part of the first time, and the hand is only hesitant to post the crying nurse!低 低 低 鼓 「「. 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 的 的, 的 的 的…

If it is the usa, she will stop the Girolate now, but after experiencing the fierce feelings of boyfriend, the fragile heart chooses to accept Cairi Mei, which is the relationship between girls?

If the child is the most gentle Christine predecessor … Ya Zi believes that she can find happiness she can’t find on the man.

“Seniors … can I love Yazi?” Ya Zi asked.

“Is Yazi want to be loved?”

The hair of Cairi is a colorful child, and the love is pity in the 雅 子 耳 低 低 低, “But now I can’t give you love, I can do it now, I can only comfort the heart of Jaji injured.”

“Why?” Yadi is looking to the beautiful beauty of her high, she is not the answer.

“Love can’t be too blind, Yadi must want to know what you want, and determine who you have to love, during this period, I can accompany you.” Guiji is beautiful, sigh, this intelligence The beauty of the beauty showed a fragile side, but immediately replaced by a smile, Guiji is a little evil smile, “But during this period, the body of Yadia is mine.”

“Hey?” Yadian is difficult to cover up with the beautiful look of Cairi.

“To make a color, but will not hurt the fragrant, just … I saw such a lovely Yadi, I can’t help but, so I don’t want to let go of this opportunity.” Guikai is quite contrient to say his own voice. Although it is such a shameful and colorful thing, Yadi is more surprised. “I don’t know …” Yadai shake his head.

“Don’t give me the answer now, tell me again when I get off work, just take it in my heart, I don’t want to force you, don’t like it, I don’t want to refuse, but you should eat some food, don’t forget I am very busy in the afternoon.


In the afternoon, the clinic is still very busy. There is often a large-scale popular cold in the child. The child is infected with each other, and Yadi is busy to think about her with the beauty of Cradie. She is a pediatric doctor – Cangfama is from Jia Li The doctor’s diagnosis, the parents of the superstition doctors will be full of books, and they are full of people at any time outside the clinic.

Busy is the best killing time method, when the time in the afternoon, Yazi has not noticed that the sky is already a flaming.

She has overtime, and the doctor who is in a clinic is waiting for a doctor. She is waiting for it. The mother’s mother exchanges opinions with the doctor, the little girl is very embarrassing, don’t cry , Yazi hopes to wait for the girl to take a pin, she is so awkward.

Just a few minutes later, Yazi is not a cruelty in his heart, and the little girl almost grabs her face, she smashed the child with a child, full of scratches, Grip, but it is finally ended today, and even Dr. Doctor is also difficult to cover up.

“Hard work.” The doctor left, leaving the Jaizi to organize the diagnosis and treatment.

“It seems that you are more busy than I still have a bit. .

“Yeah, I am very happy, wait for me.”

“Don’t worry, I will go to the toilet, and I will come over ten minutes.”

“Good.” After twenty minutes, the two appeared next to the hospital.

This is a discount on the staff of the Nankinge Hospital. The Cairi US proposal should eat a comfortable self, and celebrate Yadi to get rid of a bad boyfriend, although Yadi does not think this is worth celebrating.

“Of course, I have to celebrate, how long does he lie? You love him silly, pay for him, as a result, is it worthwhile?”

“Also … Xu bar.” Yazi shrugged, not, deducting this reason, to eat dinner, enjoying it, she won’t be against.

“Talk to your family, do you live with your family?” Guiji didn’t want to calm the mood and the atmosphere, and the topic turned the topic. From the most personal topic, she thought more.

“I am alone in the nearby house, my family is in the countryside.”

“This is …”

“It’s convenient to go to work, and it will go five minutes.”

“So you eat it outside or boiled it yourself?”

“I have eaten outside, I am exhausted at get off work, sometimes I use the bubble face.”

“Next time I will eat my family’s boiled, very delicious.”

“Do you have a maid?”

“I don’t seem to tell you, my surname is the water tree right? It is the water tree of the water tree selling the computer, do you understand?” Guiji’s single hand said on the table.

“Oh, so you are a big lady with money people, how to run as a nurse?”

“No?” Guiji is thinking about explaining, the waiter has left.

“Sorry, go to the dish.”

The two stopped dialogue, refreshing and delicious precursor were placed on an elegant table, serving students, courtesy, goggle, Guiji couldn’t wait until the first, Yadi also followed food, talking, talking, temporarily One side.

After using the previous meal, Cairi is drinking a white water. She didn’t speak, just looking at Yadi, the hair liberated by the off work has been left more than the shoulders, the vertical browing is gently shaking, it looks beautiful The nose is small, cute, the big eyes of the water spirit is still suitable for laughing. Although the Yadi, the fragrance is very pleasing, I really don’t want to be the man who will still want to laugh. Say that the man is embarrassing?

“What are you thinking?” Seeing that Cairi, I don’t know if I want to think of God, I stayed in my direction, and Ya Zi reached out in front of Cairi, but suddenly was grabbed by Ruiji. Small screams.

“Can’t catch you.” Guiji smiled and said.

“I thought you were in a daze.” Yazi wants to pick up the hand, but it is found that Cairi is really useful to grasp the hand, so that she doesn’t pick up the hand, and this time the expression of Cuikai is very serious.

“Going to my house in the evening.”


“I will be lonely … I will not sleep in Yaizi …” Guiji’s hands held the hand of Yadai, and serious expression suddenly became a grievance, the little daughter-in-law, the little daughter, and the voice is like a TV. Funny mothers look.

Yadi stunned, then I couldn’t help but laugh, why do you feel very funny? I am afraid that Yadi doesn’t know, but her laugh comes to the side of the meal next to it, but Yadi can’t restrained laughs for a while, she pulled the laughter, she kneelted on the table, breathed, tears hanging in the eyes, for a while She can speak, “Before, seniors, sorry, I don’t deliberately laugh!”

“It’s okay, I just want you to laugh.” Guiki’s hands hold the micridist, smiling, “Yadi laughs like it.”

“Ah? What do you say for your predecessors?” Yadi doubtfully looked to Cairi, what is you want to laugh?

“You are not really happy from yesterday? Hard to smile to others, you can’t think of boyfriend, so you are very hard to think of your boyfriend.”

“Seniors, she … is it because of this?” A warmth of warmth, and Yadai low his head to the singularity of Cradi.

“But I am also serious, I want to invite you to my family tonight, can you? Just an answer to the question of my noon.” Guikai said.

Ya Zi suddenly remembered that the request made by the senior in the Nairo, because the treatment was too busy in the afternoon, Yadi didn’t want to promise, now I have to answer, Yadi feels that there is no time to think about it…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… “What?” Guiji’s right hand elbow on the table, the chin pillow is on the back, which seems to be her habits.

“Can you let me think?”

“Don’t worry, ah, go to the dish.”

The restaurant seems to be called crystal music, and the seating of Cairi is next to the clean floor window. It can directly see the main entrance of Net Dingge Hospital, one ambulance enters the gate. Emergency room, this is a very common scene near, after all, is next to the hospital.

Several nurses wearing Naming Gall Hospital have walked through the window, and they took a few bags of food to the intersection, it seems to be at night. Ruiji is looking at the pedestrian to go to the small mouth of the small mouth to eat, the browse of the browse of the glasses from time to time, the deep eyes seem to look forward to the foreigners.

“Seniors, what are you thinking about?” Looking at the beautiful side face of Cairi America, Ya Zi curiously guess, is there any unknown person in a gentle smile? Yadai recalled the mutual mutual mutual mutual 奈 美 美 现在 现在 现在 现在.

For the first time, when I welcome the new meeting, Guikai is actively to find Yadai to say hello, and chat with the scorpion, tell Ya Zi to have any doubts or difficulties in the work, you can find her help, Cairi, a wine, micro She is drunk, her cheeks, raising a charming style, making Yadians unforgettable.

After that, Kui Nai is often take the initiative to care about Yazi, teach the practical skills and knowledge of Yadai, and find Yadi to eat together, let the rookie’s Yadi multiply, like today, it is also because of the situation of Cuiji. Go eat.

If you are not allowed, the natural of Yadi’s natural will take the image of Cairi to a boyfriend who has been more than a year, that hurts his own man, is there such a intimate to treat himself? That man is just to try his own, and the tenderness at the beginning is to deceive the means to get to bed. Although he started to feel natural, think that men and women friends have to make love, until the attitude of my boyfriend is gradually cold, Yadi Talent I feel that things are wrong, she suspects that the boyfriend is really just to go to bed with her.

So after I did love yesterday, Yazi sneaked his mobile phone when she took a shower, she found that the man who claimed to be only Ai Jaji was actually just a flower in the hunting, contact, newsletter, a lot of girls, big newsletter, big The broken Yadi and the man showed the man, so he was hit by a man …

“Now sitting here to eat with the predecessors, I originally think that I have been crying, but the predecessors are easy to appease me, even teasing me smile …” Yadai stopped the action, holding in the hands The fork is gently shaken up and down, and even the status of the appearance is not realized.

“In fact, the school sister doesn’t have to do this, but she takes the initiative to care about me. If I don’t do anything, I will refuse her, will this be too selfish?”

“I have promised … I don’t have to do it? The school sister looks like it is a person who will make a metamorphosis, it should …

… Will there be something? “

Yadi clenched the fork, she looked opposite the seat, but found that the beauty is not in the seat, Yadai turned his head, seeing Guiji is coming back, Yadai noticed that the predecessors took her side of the side, and her face Look … red red?

“I went to the toilet.”

When Rairo is sitting back to the seat, then put the leather bag to the table, her bake has been eaten, drinking drinks, she sees less than half of the baked baked in the Yadi disk, so I asked.

“Do you haven’t eaten yet?”

“I thought about it, I thought I had forgotten.” Ya Zi said that she is close to the color of the color, it is indeed unusual dry red. What happened? Yazi doubts, but I can’t think of it, I have to hide this in my heart.

“Right, can you tell me, do you want to come to my house today?” Qikai.


Yadai nodded, and then appeared at noon, and would it be again?

Yadia was surprised to find that he would actually look forward to it.

“Too good, I am so happy that you can promise.” Guiji is even tapping, the smile is happy.

After using the dinner, Cairi Miao took the car to the hospital’s employee parking lot. The car of Cairi is a white three-door car. It looks also very new. Ya Zi thought that he would not even drive. To buy a car, I don’t know when I can pay for it. This is the cruelty of reality. Cairi, I put a CD of the current red national female singer. Under the lovely emotional song, the car drilled into the night’s car, and the elegant head looked quietly with the busy road. Due to the completion of the Nine Dingge Hospital, this nearby recently began to be lively, and the hospital was expanded to the center of several blocks, and the buildings were launched or close to the completion, and the future was unpredictable. Ruoi Mei has chatted with Yadi. It is too much like the street in the past.

The tide of the car, the criminal is filled with shop street, and the new department store has formed two cores and hospitals. The quiet night will never come again, put on busy and lively, no night city, live in it, it is clear Already three o’clock in the middle, still some people stay in the street.

On the way, after a branch of the water trees, the sight of Yadi is attracted by the lively facade, the flashing neon sign is slightly fantastic light show, the event special offer, the game, there is a cool girl In the hairpoint, Yadi remembered that the seniors said that the predecessors said that the big boss of this shop was also a red man on TV – Water Tree Gaolo, is the father of Cairi.

“Recently, he is holding a special event. He likes to do it very much. It is not a letter to this means. I heard it yourself, just that Ruiji seems to continue to complain, she only listen.

“Do you know, there will be five branches before the end of the year, there have been more than 30 branches, and the old dad is very big, but I don’t feel practical, I suddenly suddenly Changed the money, my brother was forced to change what I learned, turned to study MBA, I am fine, escaped into the nursing school, because I don’t want to be involved in the ball that is rolling by Dad. “Guiji , Follow the road of the road to the road to the green light.

“Naturally, I also have the benefits of money. Now I can live in a senior villa, I have my own car without commuting, but there are many inconvenients, the media is not easy to inquire about my feelings, ah, Yadi has a news Or do you have a habit of newspapers? “

“Ah? I? No Jeh.”

“Alever, do you think I always wrote in a boring eight-hanging news, but fortunately, the hospital prohibits the media to enter, otherwise, I really can’t find a place in Japan, I would rather work and stay In the hospital, I didn’t want to see the reporter. I still remember that I was scared by the reporter when I was young. Originally, I want to escape the country. Later, I still think that I stayed in my hometown. “

The car turned out of the main road, leaving the carnival-like shop street, and entered the branch line of the traffic.

Yadon found that the driving technology of Cairi is really good, and the chair of this car is also very comfortable, and Yadi has no concept to the car, but this car is very good.

“Fast arrived.” Guiji is shuttle in the plane labyrinth of the road and the road, and the surrounding, it is the beautiful house of the so-called high-end residential area. It is Yazi must work more than ten years. Dreams, don’t mention that she will be flattering her heavy housing. However, in recent years, there have been a lot of business opportunities on hospitals, and these houses are those who have a rich people.

When Ruiki said, the car parked in front of the five-storey house, which was surrounded by the elegant wall and the small garden, which is a high-level villa.

Guiji’s use of a rocker to open the gateway gate next to the gate, and then put the car into the garage road, and then control the opening of the garage door, it is only a square white building that only seen on TV, which is usually like it is Is there any US or British?

There is also another more advanced car park in the garage, and Guiji is that she is her mother, but driving is a maid.

After stopping the car, the two left the garage, stepped on the stone trail paved on the grass, and Yadai looked with a small castle for her. The imitation Ou-style architectural style looks very fantasy, rectangular plaid The window penetrates the light.

Ruiji has opened the door, and it is a matter of taking off the shoes in the shoe rack that takes off. Yadi thought that she was only dressing from the standard to wear a nurse, so wearing a nurse’s white Leather shoes, although the predequilies of the Ruoi said that there is a need, can borrow the fragrant shoes, but Yadi still feels uncomfortable.

“I want to take a shower, so I saw that the family of people is too rude.” I want to mind, Ya Zi is still awkward, this housing sounded “Miss you back.”, Yadon turned to see, it is a young The blonde foreign woman, she … wearing a very formal maid dress, which makes Yadi are a bit surprised. “I am back, Lisa, Mom?” Guika.

“The lady is upstairs.” Lisa said.

“Well, I brought my colleagues to come back, I can bother you how to eat more delicious?” Guiji said that the Yadi walked into the house.

“Ok, Miss, I am going to prepare for dinner now.” The maid’s tone is quite respectful, and when you talk, you will overlap your hands before your thigh. If you finish, you will turn it back, you have polite.

“But don’t we eat outside?” Yadi thought of solving the baked baked, how did she eat dinner? “” Because you come to the relationship. “

“But I think I can’t eat.” Yadian said.

“Lisa’s crafts are very good, I think you should worry is the weight is right, haha. Let’s take a shower, you are all sick. . Ya Zi followed up when you followed the living room, first attracted her sight. It is the super-senior family theater group in the main position. The light is more than tweet more than that of the Niki Mei.

Yadi tells himself, don’t surprised this surprised, or you will be exhausted, but this is not long for your little advice, only to the third floor of the Cairi American room this short time.


Ya Zi couldn’t help but yell, only because of the earthquake in front of him, is it true?

The rooms in Cairi are probably the realization of girls’ dreams? It’s just such a cute, dreamy room, which seems to be hard compared to the temperament of the Qikai beauty.

“Is there such an exaggerated?” Guiji smiled, but she brought back the classmates, no matter how the male, girls have the same reaction, saying that she also can’t blame, when the mother invited the designer to design this room, And when you give this room to her, Cairi is also excited to sleep.

If you move directly from the princess room in the European Castle, you occupy every furniture in the third floor, and there is a fairy dream.

Ya Zi couldn’t help but walk in the room, stepped on a soft fluff carpet, picking up the big bouncing of the scattered, although TV, computer and refrigerator won’t appear in fairy tale, but … Yadi smiled and thought Modern princess still can only live in realism?

“Um …” Cairi stood before thinking than her large wardrobe, full of clothing, and the dust jacket, and the new nurse service was hanging in the place, but in fact Some clothes she didn’t pass at all, Guiji’s preference for a few clothes, made her went to wear, it was fixed, so many clothes were all in the new dust jacket. .

The last Ruiji beauty grab a low-cut black short-sleeved t, with a light short hot pants, and a complete set of water blue lace bras with underwear. She gave this set of clothing to Yadi.

“Do I want to change these clothes?” Ya Zi asked.

“This is all I have not passed, I will give it to you, I will accompany my mother to the blood fight, I bought it, the result is lost in the wardrobe.” Guiji’s beautiful shoulder, like a look The idea of ​​Jaizi is so saying.

Yadi looked at the sheet of clothing, it was not a general roadside to store, but the real good goods, the styles of bold bras were even more than a few months of salary, and Yada swallowed. Sourshore, this is too expensive, “I …”

“Do you want to wash it after washing? Do you want to say this? Don’t return me, just want to send you, don’t think so much, take a shower, Lisa should put hot water.” Guiji I also took my own clothes, and I walked towards the room attached to the room.

“Hey? I have to wash with my predecessors?” I realized that this is an urgent question.

“Yes.” Guiji said the door of the bathroom.

“This, so I will be embarrassed. Can I wait for the predecessors to wash it again?” Yadi retired two steps, wanted to avoid possible embarrassing scenes, long so big, I haven’t taken a shower with others, even my boyfriend No, Yadi did not dare to imagine the fragrant picture “What is it?

“Do you care about it? In front of me, taking a shower?” Yazi holds clothes, seriously asks Cairi Mei, do she don’t feel ashamed at this point?

“This is …” I was unlocking the beauty of the pure white breeze clothes, looking at the consecutive generation, “Will n’t, because it is Yadi, so I won’t think that I will see my body is shameful.”

“This, isn’t it said? Ah …” Yadi’s words are blocked, only because the Ruoi Mei’s bra is also taken off, even girls will see the blush body, the bare naked in front of Yadia, this can be Yadai is not aware of that, but Yadi still sneaked.

Gao, slender, no fat, there is a taboo waist line, but there is a good waist break – the plump breasts in the sexy black bra, a pair of long-sleeves compared to the model’s hands and feet It’s more pleasing, is this the princess?

In the hospital, the beauty of the hospital is often the focus of the eyes, that is because she has such a proud of the money.

Ruiji took off his pants. Finally, only the underwear was left. Ya Zi quickly turned into the back to Cairi Mei, and then it was naked. She really can’t look straight, because … That is the body of the seniors.

“Is it really shy?” Guiji’s mouth behind Yadai, the Hezi’s head is exactly in the Ruiki Beauty Double breast, Guiji’s hand is said, “But I hope that Yazi can let go of the mood, actually …

…this is nothing. “

Recognizing that you are struggling to leave the body of Colora, but the beautiful nurses will lift the Yadai, and the petite nurses will lose people. Big trick …

“Hey …” is a strong kiss, the struggle is gradually softened in the hot kisses of the seniors, and if you don’t think of the kiss, the kiss of the predecessor is both gentle but also a little. Strong, it is not resistant to Yadai.

The passion of Calena, Yazi also forgot what to do in the bathroom, the two were closely passed, and the shyness just lost, now there is only one to succumb to each other. Lips and each other The breath, it seems that the whole world is frozen, and the ground is scattered with clean clothes wearing the elegier.

“Yazi …” Guikai’s hands unwaped the nurse’s clothing, and Yadi twisted his body but did not stop, it was like an endurance.

The crepe of the Jaizi drove, the exposed double milk was caught in the hand, so soft so much, Kui’s beautiful finger was skilled, and the small protrusion of the pinkness was sacred and the meli stripped, and the sweet throat The sound floated in the Yadiakou, which is like the best encouragement of Cairi, and the fingers of Cairi are more arrogant, and the breasts are gently rubbed in Yadia.

“Seniors …” Yadi whispered, why would you have to happen? It is because the kiss of the seniors is sunriered, I don’t know, I am in which it is naturally developed like this? actually……

It seems that it is really not big, it is to do love, isn’t it? It’s just a woman, it is the beautiful predecessor …

When the lips should be breathed, Yadi turned, hugged Cairi Mei, her face was just posted on the towering double milky, now, what should I do?

Ruiji is a little and beautiful, and the fragrance is so cute. I want to eat her, but I don’t have one time, I want to taste, fine taste, see Yadong laugh, see Yadai cry, smell her The smell, listen to her 呻 … “Let’s stay with me, Ya Zi.”


“Have you been with me around me … Let me love you …”

“Do you love me?” The last person who said Ai Jianti is, and it is a predecessor. Will it be different? Or……

“I will love you, always love you, always love Yazi.”

Ruiji suddenly slammed down, and he looked at Yadi. “I still remember what I said noon, I can’t give you love …

I am lie to you. At that time, I didn’t dare to say it directly. In fact, I always want to say to Yadi … “

“Suddenly say this …”

Ruiji is like the waist of Yadi, and the heart is asking for jump. At this time, will it be rejected? Will you make her angry?

Will it be the relationship between the two? Will you not do understand?

Will not … Cairi is worried about thinking, too many possibilities, this chaotic seven-eight scoring and strange confession will be rejected? Can’t stand it, Cairi America feels that he is crazy, why is Yadi not talk? Love me? Yadi repeatedly confirmed the predecessors, would she always love me? Is this confession?

Secret to my predecessors? “Seniors … Do you want to give me love?”

“Well.”, Idiot, only answer um,? However, I don’t know what to answer, I hate it, I haven’t been so painful for a long time. I am too anxious? Yadi was injured yesterday, and it was confession today. She must feel very strange? And still very abnormal gay …

“Will not hurt me like that man?”

Yadi took off the nurse cloth, revealing the arm hidden in the long sleeves, there is a very horrible essay that is very horrible, and in fact, the blindness of Yadia is also hurt, that is, it is really painful.

“Will n’t, I won’t hurt Yaizi, because the people I love are Yazi.” Guiji met the big call, this, should she know?

“Why, is it me?”

“I fell in love with you for the first time. I have been very happy that you are also in the pediatrics, and I have been very disturbing how to tell you. Even if you only have today, let me know once. “

This is the final concession, only once there is a good … Cuine is so thinking.

“Seniors …” Yadi closed his eyes, only once? Gentle you said this, but also afraid of being hurt, if you refuse here, how does the seniors react? Will it be very sad? Yesterday I broke up, is it to invest in someone else today? Calm think about it, don’t you break up? Just extract yourself from a garbage, is there any loss? No, it is relieved … The decision is determined. It is decided to do it, although it will hesitate, will be afraid …

The elegant palace is pointed, and the calmness is in the beautiful ears. The soft breath is blown on the ears of Cairi. It feels that the predecessors are nervous, and the words are very simple, that is: “Not only once.”

“咦?” Guiji’s view to Yadi, she just said …

“I have to love me, the elders of Calenari, so I can love you.” Yadi smiled and said.

“Um. Well.” Guiji is happy to hold the Jaji.

“Right, are we taking a shower?”

“It seems to be yeah. Then I will help you wash it, take off your trousers.”

“I will take off, wow.”

The flushing sound is finally sounded in the bathroom. This is a very fragrant bathroom. Cairi Mei and Yazi are also unclear that they are bathing or doing love. Under the leadership of the good elders, the Yazi hand is dosing milk in Cairi. The big raspty, Guiji also smoked the body of Yadai, spent more than usual, and even taking a bath in the bathtub.

After the confession, it is not excited to calm down, but it also feels obvious uneasiness. It is afraid of hurting it. How long does it feel about it? Soon, but I have more than two years, I have to graduate from the nursing school now …

“This dress is so low in front of.” Yadai called, her chest is clearly visible in the low-chest T-shirt, and the pants are short to cover the private parts.

“It’s very sexy.” Guiji got on the pure white top, white, is her favorite color, the purest color, is also the cleanest color.

“I am very uncomfortable, it seems to be noted.”

“Oh, no other person will see, rest assured.”

“Yeah yeah, only a good predecessor will see.”

“You have already seen light, it doesn’t matter.”

“How is the seniors talking about it is a blame?”

“Ah … Hehehe, it’s right … Yes, wait for me to introduce my family to know, you may be surprised by members, because this home is not only my mother and Lisa, there is also a super cute The member is awkward.

“Who is it? Pet?”

“Wait a minute, you will know.”

The two came to the first floor, and two people were sitting on the dining table of the dining room next to the kitchen. One is Lisa, and the other looks like a middle-aged version of the Middle-aged edition, the nature is the mother of Cairo, At the same time, it is also a mader of the Shuimo Commercial Society – Water Shuhui, is a very style of expectant. “You are also wash too slow? The food is cold.” Sitting in the six-person long table, Hui Mrs, complained, it seems that she has waited for a long time.

“Sorry, Mom, I forgot me with Yadi.” I can’t say that it is in the bathroom with Yadi confession?

This will not make a family revolution, so I still lying.

“Let’s introduce your colleague.” Huifeng said.

“Okay, this is my sector in the pediatrics, Changze Yazi. She is a very good friend with me.” Guikai said.

“Hello, the mother.” Yadi said to the president of his wife and greeted himself.

“Welcome to play, I am a lot of mother, sitting, don’t restraint, Lisa cooked a lot, must have eaten.”

Huifeng said, “Let’s start, what you want to eat.”

Ruoi Beauty helpers open the chair, let Yazi sitting next to her, although the food on the table is simple but very delicious, the dedicated maid is quiet, and the beautiful beauty said to Yazi whispered. “Lusha is eating It is no need to have a reputation of a female servant. Our family has no provisions, don’t waste it, Lisa cares this. “

“Whoa whoa.”

As Carka, the atmosphere of the dining is very easy, and Hui Mrs is very happy with Yadi, and the beautiful appetite is a lot of appetite, and Lisa will insert the topic. It’s really like a family as a family, so that Yadi is also very comfortable, until a bright cry …

“Oops.” Guiji is busy putting down the rice bowl, running to the corner of the dining room, and Yazi will find there a baby stroller there, and the baby on the car is crying.

Ruiji is soft, carefully picked up baby, whispering 语, Ya Zi is just asking who is a baby, when it comes to Cairi, “Xiaosi is awkward, my mother is here ~ Is it a belly? hungry?”

“Mom, Mom?” Yadi surprised eyes are convex.

“Little color doesn’t tell you? The child is my granddaughter, I am two years old, very cute.” Huifeng smiled and explained, a clear grands of grandskon.

“No, no …” Ya Zi did not expect that Guiji is a young mother, this is really amazing, I have never heard of the hospital, do you have a predecessor? Who is the father of the child? However, maybe it’s too much to pay attention to the eight hung in my colleague? It’s not a good job, many people don’t know.

“Small hungry is not right?”

Looking at the daughter’s ability to grabbed the breast, Guiji Mei pulled the top of the top, took out the breasts that did not wear a bra, and the little baby’s little hand immediately grabbed the breast, and the little mouth was automatically sucking on the nipple.

“Do you feed it yourself?” Ya Zi came to Cairi Beauty, and his finger cares for the baby’s innocent baby. This child has a healthy baby like her mother and grandmother.

“Well, from her to the present.” Guiji is gentle smile, it is a mother’s smile, in the eyes of Yadai, is a beautiful smile with light.

“Small color insists that you have to feed the breast milk, so there is no weaning, but also to take the medicine to increase the milk, she regards this child as her life, she still intends to take care of the child, but she is still too young. So I made my grandmother, I took care of the cute little granddaughter. “The grandmother’s Wax said.

“Mom, you want to grab it with me, I can’t tease my grandson at home.”

Ruiji smiled and spit, when you don’t like granddaughter? What’s more, is there a lovely little angel? Naturally, I have to drive my mother, I have honestly it – this is very determined.

“I have been worn by you.” Huifeng smiled.

The world of Xiaosi is only to eat with sleep. She quietly absorb her mother’s love milk in her mother’s arms. She ignored the teasing of Yadai. After eating, Xiaosi’s unlicensed mother’s breasts and sleep, small baby world It is very simple, simple to make Yadi envious.

Ruiji beauty put his daughter back to the baby stroller. Yadi took a paper paper to Cairi Mei, the young mother who just fed the milk said thank you, wipe the wet breast, “Ok, continue to eat. “

Due to this episode, the topic on the table is all in the small Siki, and I have been to eat. I am invited. I haven’t stopped, and the Si Zi is also interested in the adheres, almost digging the process of the mother of the Mother of the mother. , From her, sitting on the moon … etc “Is it a unmarried pregnancy?” Ya Zi guess, how many mystery is in the predecessors?

After using the meal, Cairi was returned to her room, and Xiaosi naturally suffered from Huff, just this evening, Ruiji wants to accompany you, and she also wants to say to Yadi.

“Do you want to know, who is the father of Mhang?” Ruoji, lying on the bed, said that she is very clear that this avoided topic is so late, it is better to say now.

“Well.” Sitting in the large bed of Kuiji, Yadai nodded.

“I think you may also guess, I didn’t get married, Mason was born with my front boyfriend, and the guy heard me with a child, immediately put forward, I was still going to hide, but unfortunately, my uncle is a role He took the poor insects and taught it. I was originally desirable to force him. I just got to him, so I only called him not to talk to me again, don’t want to come back to work. This child has become all of my life. “Guika’s beautiful hand stretched into the ceiling, five refers to what is going to catch what is bent, and the three arrested wounds on the back is not very obvious.

“Before I met you, I thought I won’t want to go to lover, men … I want to find a good person like my father, it is really hard, I don’t want to be lindered by emotional or selfish people. NS.”

Ya Zi concentrated on the beautiful beauty of her, and said in the children’s college, the most warm nurses, is the child who loves the daughter to give a doctor? Yadi thought, maybe in such a night, Cairi is alone, compared to her, it seems that it is nothing.

“Yadi, let’s do love.” Cairi Suddenly said this.


“After feeding the milk, I will easily want, what? Let’s do it.” Guiji sat up and looked at Yadi, blurred eyes on a sad, full of graceful magic.


Ruiji has dropped the Yadi, once again enthusiastic kiss, rising the painful breasts of the breasts in the breast, doing love with the girl, in fact, Cairi America is also the same, just – Ruiji, I dare not say, she rely on the fantasy How long has you been in the night that wants to fire, so she knows how to do it.

When you have a kiss, it is more suitable for kissing. This is that Ruiji will forget from that. She really likes this sentence. It is very wonderful, the kiss is very wonderful, and the little lips are sweet, and the Niki is uncertain. Why is it possible to become like this, from love men to love women – but this is not bad, she is dead, her feelings naturally look out, she tells her “senior …” Yazi is kissed. The predecessors seem to be very urgent.

“Hey.” Guiji took off his clothes and lost his clothes.

“…” Yazi looked at the breast, and the mouth learned to make a round meat ball. It was a child’s milk. Her tongue slipped through the nipple, and the Ruoi was so beautiful.

“Small sucking, it will not be difficult.”

Cairo said, and squeezed the breasts so that it may be faster.

Sure enough, Yadi was surprised. The emulsion was so comfortable that the emulsion was very comfortable. It could not help but increase the power. Ya Zi never thought of the taste of breast milk – at least with brewing milk, though I feel that the relationship between the two is very strange, but think about it, this day is now blamed.

Cairo Mei pulled the other breed against the air, and the skilled pulled the mouth, like the AV female aesthetic action, she sucking her milk, she didn’t forget to squeeze more milk to Yazi, she had a piece Time drug changes, let yourself have enough milk to feed it, and side effects are inconvenient in life. In the afternoon, I ran to the toilet when I was a restaurant, and some milk was squeezed out with the squeezed milk.

Did not swallow the milk, it looked very erotic. Yadi felt that the body was burned. This is a long-lost desire. It is the feeling that the ex-boyfriend is always in love. Taking the initiative, she hugged the Girolate, and the feet were difficult to kick the sheets.

What is happiness? What is love? Two traumatic women do love each other, don’t count each other? When Ruoji is a fake mask in the cabinet, he gave birth to such doubts.

“I have a bit to buy the dual-class Dragon.” Guikai said.

“Good erotic thing.” Yadi smiled and said.

“If you can’t do it, you will like it.”

The fake mask entering the body is a very dead feeling. At least Yadi is thinking so, but maybe she never used this kind of thing? Cairi is guided the hand of Yadai to her lower body. Ask Yazi to enter her, the two people have a hot kiss again, the sweat is the taste of the lust, the false mask is awkward.

“Um …” in the kiss of Cairi, Azi got a vertex, in the arms of Ruiji, she twisted the body of the lust, she knew that she could come many times until they were tired.

The fake yang has the prostitution of Yadai. When the Cairi is licking, he is a few times, although she is laughing.

This night, for the beauty of Cairi, is she waiting for a long time for a long time, what about the fragrance? Cairi has only wanted to do his best to love her, protect her, and hope that his loneliness can be cured by Yadifu.

Ya Zi snuggled in the beauty of Guika, washed a shower, but the two did not wear clothes, just lying quietly, occasionally picking a kiss, until natural sleep.

On the horizontal, Ya Zi woke up in the bed of Ruiji, and found that Cairi has woke up, the short table in the bed put two breakfast, very simple Western breakfast.

“Earlier.” Guiji smiled and greeted, she is being online, only underwear.

“Early …” The head is still a little dizzy, and the elegant is eye-catching, trying to hurry the rest.

“There is a new toothbrush with a towel in the bathroom. Let you use it, first brush your teeth, come and eat breakfast, go to work today.”


Looking at your face is reflected in the mirror, Yadi found a somewhat edema, and the mind was naturally a sleep last night, this is a new beginning? What should I face? Anyway, I can’t find that I can’t give them aware of my family, they are not open to people who can accept daughters.

“Your nurse clothing, washing is very clean.” Guiji placed clothes in bed.

“Ah, thank you.” Yadi, who is eating breakfast, found that there was a dirt that he had tried to wash away, it was too powerful, her nurse’s clothing was the same as the new, pure white.

“I have a hunch, today will be a good day.”

“Me too.”

It is a little bit more than the usual time. Guiji makes Yazi first. For the time to make a card. She is still a bit daren, it is true, she is excited to call, although she is still Living.

The morning is very fast. At noon, Cairi Make Yazi in the clinic, etc., I ran to buy lunch, she decided, let the afternoon break, and this is different …

“We are thinking … …”

No matter what I want to say, I’ve been sealed in four lips, such a model will continue, Cairi is known, the happiness of love, now “I love you, Yadi.”


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