After marriage, I can’t get a year. The old man began to have a child. I thought about playing with young and playing more, and finally, I decided to obey the elderly, but I didn’t expect the sky. A few months later, the wife’s belly did not move.

At this time, my wife and my wife realize the seriousness of the problem. Although the child wants to be induced in the parents’ power, we have not excluded, but we have seen the landlord and their little daughter who just two. When playing together, we are also envious.

Forgot to say, my wife will work in a large city in the north, because the wages are not very high, but they can only share a two-bedroom house with a couple of age, they come early, live Master bedroom, my wife and wife live. The couple are also the workman of the field, one is a military soldier, now driving a leader in a unit, his wife is a nurse in a infertility hospital. So, in our discovery, I thought of her for the first time.

The wife said that the situation and he said, the suggestion of her is to go to the hospital as soon as possible, there are a lot of reasons for this problem, and I can’t say it, and then she is just a nurse, my wife and I think she said. It makes sense, so I will take them to see it. After all, I have an acquaintance. She is a glance, and then I am very happy to agree and tell the doctor for us.

There is no book, I have a good weekend wife and I have to go, this kind of thing needs to check, but the wife is temporarily a launch conference, can’t open, the doctor is already about, it is really not good to refute the female landlord The face, I can only go to the head.

Time has arrived in mid-July, the weather is already very stuffy, I propose to take a taxi, but the female landlord insisted that there is no need, I have been used to it, I am stunned, I can only squeeze the buses with her. I have never reported how much hope is used to this city, and I am used to this unruly-friendly way, and the unfamiliar men and women are in touch with it. It is said that there is a negative direction. . Before this, I haven’t taken the bus with the female landlord. I occasionally two times, and I am four, I am with my wife station, the female house is the husband and her husband, and this time is obvious, just When the car, I tried to keep the distance from the female landlord, but the power of the people is great, just pass the second stop, I have been tightly sticker with the female house, I have the first time with the female house. Distance contact.

The female landlord is a Henan person, the character is cheerful, the skin is very white, the face is not talking about the national color, but very well-duty, a pair of bike eyes plus a sly tongue, always give people a feeling of spicy and very windy feelings, The landlord has about one meter six or seven, 68, because there are children’s reasons, the body is not very slim, but very full, especially the hips, all the round, and the wife, and the wife’s big butt has always been me. Hopsy object.

The landlord wearing a rice tight seven-point shorts today, if the traces of underwear, if the jacket is a very thin and translucent gray yarm small shirt, the light is just right, and it can faint approach to see the hanging of underwear. belt. My space between the female landlord is getting smaller and smaller. I have a higher ten centimeters higher than the landlord, but the landlord leg is relatively long, so I stand behind her, the little brother is just on the landlift of the landlord, along with the There are more and more people in the car, and the Soft Soft space between two buttures that have been able to feel it.

Although there is already a place in the family, and whether it is the body or the long position and the landlord, no one can deny that there is no wildflower in the house, this is an unchanging truth, in crowded people, and constantly shaking body With the help, my second brother finally didn’t live a reaction. The landlord naturally felt this change, and strive to move the body forward, but not, just when she touched her body, a sudden brake hit, the landlord is hard to tend out a little space I was filled with no stabilization, after the brakes, the car was buzzing, and the landlord ass n’t be jammed, and the hands were tightly pressed on the window, forming a losing posture, In order to stand more stable, the landlord is also open than just now, and my family’s second brother has once again vertically between the landlord’s fat buttocks, and more deeper than just. It can be imagined, that is, what is a sensuality, in fact, the position of the station at the time is exactly the same as the position in the A piece.

The landlord has nowhere to hide, and even if it is not me, if you do not change, you may have more people, but it is the most important thing for face reasons, I still don’t know the attitude of the landlord, so I can’t say it. Let’s go to the taxi, too many people, the landlord half twists and returned to me, “I will go down, just come. Do you still stand?” Since you are not afraid of what I am afraid, “I stand, I am afraid that you can’t stand it.” I deliberately say that “I can’t stand it” is very slow. The landlord has become a blush on the face of Xiangxiang, “Good” she squeezed a word, and then quickly turned to look at the window. When the fifth stop, the car has no longer be able to go to the passengers, the bus starts to stop, the speed has also increased a lot, when the turns should be turned, the landlord has a few times, and when it is more powerful, I will take it. From the back, I hugged the home of the landlord. The landlord glared at the window. A pair of angry look, but then she was originally helped to put it down in the window of the window, whispered, my arm was sour, you Grasp, or I have to be unlucky with you.

I mean her mean, put it on the arm of her waist, and pressed in her soft belly, my finger put the Buddha passed through that if there was no yarn. Directly printed on the white skin of the landlord, and the lower body is also followed by further, the JB is tight in the two tight hips in the landlord. At this time, we will stand up with a couple of couples. A woman’s unique body incense is a faint fragrant flavor floating from the female landlord, as if the woman has been occupied by me.

After getting off the bus, the room is nothing happening, and I have a laughter to walk straight to the hospital. Woman heart, seabed needle.

In fact, it is more likely to rely on machine detection. After the doctor asked about the situation, arrange a nurse to take me to check, just got out of the door of the clinic, changed a white professional female landlord rushed over, said to the nurse, go to A3, this, this Go to check, the little nurses did not say, just made a ghost face, watching me said to the landlord, “Yes, Tan Shuji” ran away. “Don’t drive, you are busy with you, others take me to go, Tan Shu Chang” I also pretended a serious landlord said, before this, I really don’t know the landlord or a nurse.

“Roll, hurry, others can’t see it, how can I explain with your wife?

After entering the house, the landlord locks the house. The facilities in the house are relatively simple, a bed, a few simple tables, put a few pieces of the table, I have never seen it, tell the truth, I am afraid of injection, the hospital is more afraid, Not. After seeing these things, I was still stunned.

“Didn’t see it, the two pliers will follow you, just in the car, you are wrong to tear a woman’s clothes.” I heard this, I didn’t think I didn’t think of it. Duanzhuang’s landlord is so open.

“Amount …

“What are you hungry, there are four people on the car, you know that you can talk to the chaos outside. Otherwise, I must have to remove your things.” The landlord said.

“How can I come out?” I think, “Who” I asked “I know you know you know, four” landlords.


“Okay, don’t pull you, first do it, you will do the sperm vitality today, go to the house, I do myself” The landlord refers to the room, I found out that it was in the southeast corner of the room. A small door.

“What” I “I confused asked.

“Don’t be installed, just after you have been so long, it should be very good, I am waiting for you,” said the landlord, while handing me, I’m here. “

“Oh” I should take it on the hut.

Since I got married, I didn’t have masturbation. I took a long time in the small black house, and I was in the countless woman, including now is now waiting for my landlord and nurses. I still don’t have ejaculation.

“Hey, you have finished doing”


“come out!”

“Don’t come out”

“I told you!”

“Oh” I came out of my face.

“You haven’t got it before you haven’t got yourself.” The landlord of the landlord asked me.

“There is” “How come it now?”

“after married….”

“What happened after marriage?” The landlord asked.

“It’s shooting behind it after marriage.” I pretend to be angry.

“Where is it?” The landlord is chasing “the condom and …”

“What?” The landlord is obviously played.


“Oh” The landlord is obviously dissatisfied with my answer.

“Do this can not be used, you are not allowed, and the other is not available.”

“Hahaha” I was amused by her.

“Laugh, your woman is when you come to the holiday, she didn’t make it to you?”

“Get it, uncomfortable, then don’t get it, no more shot”

“This is not difficult,” said the landlord.

“Then you help me get it.” I said.

“Still, I don’t help you, is it now calling your wife, go to the house, wait for clothes, etc.

Summer clothes were not very much. Before the landlord came in, I had already taken your clothes.

“Gill it, you will sell it, take off your pants, how can you take off your clothes? Some things like some lubricants.

“Lift your ass”


“The prostate is notbled, help you eat”

“Not saying good to hand,” I asked innocent.

“Yes, it is hand, from the anus”

“Ah, can’t do it, I have acne, hurt, don’t do”

“You have so much nonsense, hurry.”

“Really have acne, or I don’t measure my attitude,” I have resolutely put it out of the bed.

“Then you can’t do it yourself. Do you say it?” The landlord said seriously, the landlord is actually a very real woman, otherwise it will not go to the hospital for two years. Nurses.

“You said to me, I gave me” I looked at the landlord, the face of a young woman’s unique taste.

“You try again, don’t call me again”, the landlord said, then turned around the small black house.

Until this, I reacted, whether I saw my naked, or to do a mappie massage for me, these were often doing things that were often doing as a birth hospital, and I have already happened often, and I proposed I am afraid that only his husband has raised.

After ten minutes, I still didn’t shoot.

When I went to bed, the landlord pushed the door. I noticed that she had taken off the nurse, and a serious look, “down, standing.” I didn’t dare to pove with the pool, obedience to the ground.

“How is it soft?”


“I will help you, don’t go out to tell”

“You are my brain,”

“I see you is a bit, huh, huh” The attitude of the landlord is slightly.

“When we take the patient, we are the prostate massage.”

“I know, thank you” I said seriously.

“Hey, you can account for this cheap.”

“I will compensate you”

“How to compensate?”

“You helped him this time, after this thing, I will listen to you at any time.” I have been smirking, the trembling said.


Haha, I loudly smiled, just at this time, the landlord held my dick, a feeling of unprecedented electric shock, my laugh stopped.

“What’s wrong?”


“Look at you, I don’t even have the glove, you cooperate, hurry”

“Yes, Tan Shu Chang” I started joking.

The landlord is angry, using the other hand, like my testicle, there is no painful feeling, but the cock is under her stimulation, it is a lot. “How long have you been with your home?”

“Recently, you have to have more children, two days.”

“I said, I heard your bed every day these days.”

“Ah, do you teach us?”

“What is the installation, our is the old house, the sound insulation is so bad, you dare to say that you have not sneaked us?”


“The sound of your bed is very good”


“Can you still have a husband and wife life?”

“You don’t know if he knew.” I used the head towards the direction of the cock.

“Hey, it is normal, no my husband is long, it is a little bit.”

“Do you want to try?” I joked to her ear.


The landlord accelerated the speed, although the feeling of meat meat is very comfortable, but my prostitution is not much, some have a smell, the landlord seems to have a thought, back to the lubricant, but find the lubricant There is still a few left. I looked at him, suddenly found that her face was red, and the apricot eyes looked at me. I could only go down. I immediately took my mouth and spit some saliva. I looked in front of me. The female landlord, I suddenly thought of the lens of women in AV, and the cock rose a lot, and it is difficult to control the sexual desire, let me close my eyes regardless of everything, reach the hand to the leader of the female landlord, the female landlord lifts it. Looking up, there is no objection, I am bent slightly, my hand has slipped through the neck in her powder, touched the skin more delicate breast.

“Comfort” I couldn’t help but send a snoring.

The landlord is still set, I also stayed out of many white things, and a man asked gradually, and I also felt that the chest of the landlord began to speed up.

The feeling of soreness in Chickens, I know that I have to shoot, and I have passed a pleasure at the same time, and the hand that reached into the landlord has grasped the soft breasts of the landlord.

“Shuang” I shouted.

The landlord should also feel it, hurry to take the test tube, but it is clear late, only a few semen, there is a large part of the landlord and clothes.

“These is enough” The landlord said if I am shot on her body.


“Sorry you, buy clothes for the old lady tomorrow”

“Ok, no problem”, I have a good time.

“I didn’t knead him just happened?” I care about it.


“Then I will help you 揉 揉”

“Roll. Hurry to wear clothes, the time is too long, will come, you will come, I will take the report to you back, I will go out,” The landlord said, while wearing a nurse. . When I walked to the door, the landlord turned and said that I didn’t forget that you promised me.

I promised her?

The matter between men and women is that, once the window paper is smashed, there is no taboos again.

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