[Reprinted] Everyone in the nurse uniform, everyone has been a little allergic by SARS, and I am no exception. I feel like a bit of burning, I am scared, I don’t dare to neglect, I will go to the last anti-non-default hospital registration examination on Urban Road. I saw that the counter is suspected of SARS patients. I immediately called the nurses to arrange me into isolation. Ward waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis. Lying in a white hospital bed, my heart seven don’t know how my fate is, and I feel my helplessness and loneliness in the cold ward.

Soon, two doctors who wear masks and a nurse came in to check the body, the amount of temperature, the blood pressure, blood pressure, blood test, etc., tossing for the old half-day, complete all procedures. The doctor said to take the blood sample to analyze the analysis, the result will come out soon, let me first rest, don’t let go, and tell the accompanying nurse to take care of everything, then the doctor leaves the ward. At this time, I killed the nurse whose nurses left, although her face covered, but she could see her kind Danfeng’s eyes smiled slightly. She probably 170 cm high, her body is very woman, The skin is very good, the breast is very very very, the legs are very long, and the calves exposed under the white nurse robe make people think. Miss Nurse took the bedside, self ** said that she is Chen Meifeng, is the special care of this ward, she said that I have something to call her with the button button. I am grateful to say: “That’s great, there is you feel at me.” I said that I can’t see your look, Chen Ji said that we can’t take off her mask according to the regulations, and then said. I listen to her, I have to make a good job. She then tained the indoor air conditioning temperature and light, and then helped me lift my bed slightly so much, I lie comfortable, when her body leaned over, I smented it from her body. The faint fragrance is a unique body fragrance, I have closed my eyes and I am intoxicated for a while.

When I opened my eyes, Chen Ji had already done the bed. She farewell to me, saying that later, I will send me the test results. I put her hand to her, say trouble, she nodded for me. After about two hours, I woke up the door in the fascinating sleep, I clear my throat and said: “Please come.” The door is pushed away. It is Chen Ji, holding a case clip in his hand. She went over and sat in the chair sitting around my bed and said to me: “Congratulations,” Congratulations, your test is coming, not non-paneling, just a general cold symptom, this can be relieved. “I am happy.” I have to sit up: “Really, haha, great, then I can discharge it now?” Chen Ji said: “It’s okay, the doctor said that you have two days in this hospital, see you. What progress has made a decision. This is a special measures we prevent general colds to try to change to SARS. I hope you can cooperate. “I have a little reluctant after listening, but since the hospital is decided, and the body is also my own, Besides, here there is such a beautiful nurse, I agree to stay for two days. I said to Chen Ji: “This is good, Miss Chen, since I don’t have a SARS, you can take a mask to let me see you? So I am also safe to stay.” Chen Ji listened to me, Smiling: “Hey, is there any conditions like this? Let you watch it again.” While she said she took her mask.

Ah, the original Chen nurses are such a beautiful lady, and the bending eyebrow is a big eye of the water spirit. The smart nose is a fresh cherry mouth, two cheeks, pink, and how people love It seems that she is 22 years old, and I can meet this back. I can’t help but say: “Oh, how is you beautiful, giving this big mask, I haven’t fair.” Chen Ji heard his face slightly red, she was embarrassed, she was so embarrassed, her eyes I said: “I will take out the ward.” I walked out of the ward, I saw that she is happy, yes, women are always ugly, I heard the words of praise, I am always happy, even if she knows how to speak The person is taking her, she will be very very, love beauty is a woman’s nature.

Later, I learned that she was in the interns from China, and the hometown is Chengdu, and my hometown is a Sichuanese. However, my hometown is in Chongqing, and she can’t have the beauty of the Tianfu State. She knows us. It is a passionate of the same township, especially in this overseas environment, it is true. I have been wondering this local girl without such a fine peel, the skin is not so white, I only know the answer now. It may be what I want to think about it. I didn’t sleep well that night. It seems that the air conditioner is cold. The next day’s condition has been added. After the doctor came to see it, it was said that it was a cold and aggravated. Ask me last night. I didn’t cover the quilt, I have ambiguous, and the doctor looked like this. He shook his head. I opened some antipyretics. I also told Chen Nurse for half an hour to play a needle, and then left.

After the doctor walked, Chen Ji blamed me and said, “How do you don’t pay attention to your body? When you have a cold, you should be the most weak physique, you should be careful. Don’t know why.” I heard her complain, I feel a little warm, I am grateful to her, thank you, she laughed and said, “Thank you? Let you have a pain, hehe.” . After half an hour, Chen Ji came back, and it also brought the needle of the needle. I was so angry that I was so angry, I saw the iron needle, I saw the silver sparkling iron needle. At this time, I saw that Chen Ji sucked the potion into the syringe and then pushed the air to the air. I started tense. She watched my face and pale nervousness, I laughed: “Hey you, don’t you be a small needle? The big man is still so afraid.” I told her with a pleasant tone: “When I beg you, when I started Don’t be too embarrassed, I am not afraid of pain, I am afraid that needle. “

“Well, Miss Chen, that, then start.” I took back to face, pulling the pants, showing half a butt.

I only thought that Chen Ji’s soft little hand was first massaged in my strand, followed by a cool alcohol, then felt her little hands in my puff, in her gentle The little hand massaged my mood a lot, and I started to enjoy the gentle feeling, ah! It is fortunate to give such a beautiful body, and it is also worth it. I am intoxicated in this sweet fantasy …

“Okay.” Chen Jushi’s voice pulled me back to reality, I said, “What is good? I am waiting, let’s fight.” She laughed at him: “” It has already been made. , Fool. “I am very surprised:” What? I’m finished? How can I not feel? “Now I only feel her hands in gently massage the ass.

“Hey, the skills of people are superb, tell you that you will not hurt, this will believe it?” She said while she said.

I am joyful to call: “Oh, my grandmother, you are really god, I have never tried it hurts.”

“Now I know? Hey.” I lay on the bed in bed, I continued to enjoy her soft little hand in my butt, the lower body didn’t know, in the thin sleeping pants. Put up a tent. Chen Ji saw it, and his face suddenly became red. I said that “Miss Chen, I am sorry, I can’t.” “What is not?” Chen Ji smiled and smiled. Thinking, just pretending to know.

“You are known to ask.”

“I don’t know. The patient should tell the doctor or nurse in the patient, confess.”

“What will happen to lying in the bed for two or three days in bed? Miss nurse knows.”

“If you are healthy, you should not come here to hospitalization.”

“I have been a little cold, the body is very healthy.” The beauty is being very healthy, lying in a few days, the sexual desire cannot be excreted is not imagined. “It seems to be like that, how come? What is it?” She deliberately asked, I might want to know how I answered me. “It’s unable to solve it.” I said that my face said.

“What is it standing?” Miss nurse asked a heartbeat. It must be solved. “I added it.

“Is it? What should I do?”

“I feel very painful without going out.”

“Let’s go out!”

“You are right, can you help me?” I asked.

“I hate, you are really bad, this kind of thing is made by lover or wife, I can’t help this.” Chen Ji’s face was blushing.

“But what should I do if there is no wife or a lover?” I blame it.

“Hey, the handsome man like you is such as a woman is really accidental.” She looked at me with a phoenix.

“If you are willing, I am willing to treat you as a lover.” I continued to die.

“In fact, you will say this if you see a woman.”

“No, I like you to be gentle and body stickers, people with full body, and, you have a lot of ass to make me very excited.”

“Take you like this, I seem to be a good nurse.” She is a bit dissatisfied.

“It’s a good color.” I extended his right hand touched her lower abdomen. Chen Ji reflexive backwards, but it is indeed only reflection action. “Please, don’t like this, some people come to see it.” She said that she said tense.

“This is true, if no one comes, can you …?” I looked at her asked.

“You really hate this person, how do our hometown go out of this bad person?” She smiled.

“I beg you! Look at the fragments of the country.” I reveal the poor expression again, press the joy of the heart.

“Hey, I really can’t take you, how do you do it?” Her tone started soft.

“It’s just something that is tied, so it is good.”

“You are really troublesome, others will not do this.”

“They may have a wife!”

“Do you think of me as that kind of woman?” She still had doubts in her heart.

“No, no, there is absolutely no.” I wide my eyes and brought the mouth guarantee. “In the opposite, you are an angel, the real angel.”

“Do you want the white angel to do that wonderful thing?” Her hand is still massaging my ass.

“Just because it is a white angel, it will be touching!” My hand slowly placed on her thigh.

“I really can’t take this kind of person. Our hospital can not be responsible for this job.” Chen Ji shrugged to pull the blanket on my body to the leg.

“Very terrible look, but it seems that I can’t get it from here.” She said herself and stopping the actions of the massage. She turned softly, and it was blocked by the things that was set up. She pulled up with her finger to pull up. Very thick, the blood vessel curva floats like a cockroach, the glans makes the purple luster, and there are some wet things on the eyes that seem to be ejaculation immediately.

“How do you get it?” Chen Joji deliberately with the right-handed crucial board. I screamed, the meat stick seems to be harder, revealing the painful expression: “Hold the hand on the hand.”

“Do I do this? Is it comfortable?” Her hand gently enclosed my mask and pulled up.

“It’s very comfortable, your hands are soft, and the feeling of masturbation is completely different.”

“Do you often masturbate?” She asked curiously.

“Yeah, there is no woman to accompany it.” I immediately realized that I was wrong, I installed the revealed expression and continued to say: “Too good, the meat stick is to be dissolved.”

“Is this hard thing not to dissolve?” She is accelerating action. “Is this speed? Is it going to be a little?”

“No, this is just right, let’s go!” I don’t want to talk, and one hand puts her thigh into the position between the legs in the nurses. Chen Ji slammed his ass. “Let my dreams become true! I have a dream every day.” I haven’t finished my fingers, I’m going to the position of the Valley. Chen nurse could not help but clamp the thighs, but it turned into the result of my hand tightly.

“Ah, this is the feeling of the nurses’ pussy, I am so good.” My fingers creep in my panties, I feel a wet, she can’t help but twist the ass, the hand has more speeds. She already has impulsive, thinking that there is a lot of time during the day and the patient, I am very excited, always feel the tension that people will come in, so that the body has a strong should be, it doesn’t have to be wet.

“Miss Chen, you are wet here.” I told her that my fingers were more deeply, and I was inserted with panties. It made Chen Ji couldn’t help but take the meat stick. The action is greater, and I can’t stand it. Stimulate and oh oh.

“Ah, feel comfortable, I am dreaming, ah.” I started exciting to spend ignorant “ah … I want to shoot … Ah …” My heart began to jump, my fingers also fell into the nurses.

I talked, Chen nurses immediately cover the left hand on the glans. I screamed my soft little hand, starting with the same rhythm, spilling the warm semen in the palm of the nurse. Spilled the white semen from the finger, the man’s taste enhances the nurse, while using the left hand Sliding glans. “Hey, it’s fun, sticky is the paste.” Chen Ji looked at the semen on the palm slightly smiling, and he smelled in front of his nose. “Well, it seems like a flower taste.” I comfortable I have to turn back and forth in her thigh, and the underwear in this moment is already wet. “Let’s pull the pants, don’t let people come in and see it. I went to wash your hands.” She broke away my entanglement and left the bed and went to the shower room. I put the hand that was wet and smelled in the nose, and I still have the taste of the Sao Sao from the nurses. Chen Ji wash his hand, and I gave a break in a nap, and she would come to see me in the evening. I also feel a bit tired, I have entered a dream with satisfaction …

At night, I have dinked for dinner. I will rely on the bed boring to look at some space magazines brought from the home. I read a book in this single isolation ward. Although I have already excluded SARS. The possibility, but the hospital still let me take a break in two days. At this time, Chen nurse came to the room. After coming in, she took her mask. She said that she was worth night from this evening, and came to see my fellow, when she saw the space magazine in my hand, I was a bit curious, and I took it. On the bed, I refer to the picture of the planet and the universe above asked questions. I took advantage of my knowledge for the interest of universe space for her, and she welts a pair of beautiful big eyes and heard the taste.

At this moment, the paste is a soft light. It is reflected in the bed, and the flowers are more warm, watching the aura and charming Chen Ji, I just think that people are more than Huagi, I explain it silently watching her nurse hat. The next pretty appearance is fascinated. At this time, she accidentally lifted his head and touched my eyes together, just like a fire, our heart is touched, Chen nurses realize what is red, make She looks more beautiful. I can’t help but emotively holding her hand in the palm, I am excited: “Miss Chen, your heart is very kind, I like you.”

She was nervously shrunk and pulled out, and she had to say the head low: “Don’t call me Miss, I will call Mei Feng. Do you like me just because I am kind?”

“There is also your beauty, your gentleness.” I went back.

She looked up at me: “I also like you too, especially after you are an old town, I think it seems that the feelings of your loved ones, our wanderers, people who can touch their hometown are not easy.”

I followed: “I also have this feeling, so I feel very kind, just like my girlfriend.” I didn’t lose her, I only listened to her “咿 咿」 ” In my chest. Then look at me with a playful look. I looked at her low, and the US Feng made a fine scream. I know that this isolation ward usually comes from can’t come, so I dare to let go.

“Don’t be afraid, maybe it will be not used to it, but it will be used to it.” I said. I started to reach out to stroke her chest, “I don’t want, I don’t want.” Mei Feng gasped with hands to protect their chest.

“Ah, really don’t do this, this morning, I have been doing this thing is already a violation of the rules.” Just seeing the beauty, my hand touched the breast.

“Ah … don’t.” Mei Feng fled that my hand twisted the body, but the hand was caught, and there was no way, my hand touched her right breasts from the clothes.

“Wow! It’s great!” I sent a sigh. Her breasts are indeed great and full, and there is still elastic.

“Ah … I don’t want this.” Mei Feng asked for struggle, but I ignored her, continue to reach the left breast, and then gently lick like it. It’s really good, it seems that the meat of the breast has a rhythm. “Oh!” US Feng was stroked with breasts and couldn’t help but send a delicate voice. “It can’t be like this, I …” She still wants to refuse, but I completely ignore her pleading, holding a cashier from the clothes, shaking the left and right, kneading up and down, arbitrarily playing with palm.

“Ah … beg you not to do this.”

This kind of pleadings are of course useless, I will unwind the nursery robes of Mei Feng from the previous. “Wow! The meat is bulged, there is a woman’s taste.” I am happy to expand, and the nose will be smelled, and then reach out to the breast.

“Ah, don’t take the cream …”

“It doesn’t matter, my nurse loves people.” I forgot to shout, pulling the cream down, making the chest of the US Feng feel liberated. The freedom of the chest and a mood that gave up struggle, so she lost the power of the resistance. After the breast has been seen, the mood of Mei Feng is relaxed. People also softened me, I don’t think that I am more enjoyable than everyone, and the long night, we have time. Mei Feng accused of taking the bra, showing a pair of full and straight white breasts. what! This is the twenty-two-year-old breasts, just like the artwork made by white jade carving, it is really a clearer. I can’t help pin the right nipple with two fingers.

“Ah!” The strong stimuli makes the fumes can’t help it.

“Well, you seem to be very sensitive.” I took the left nipple.

“Ah!” Mei Feng also called out. I moved the fingers on the nipple to the breasts, wrap the nipples in the palm of the palm, and clamped the roots of the nipple with the rice finger.

“Good cute nipple, red hard.” I gave a high-end nipple in the mouth and lick. “Ah! Ah …” Because it is too comfortable to stimulate, the US Feng is fascinating to push my head. But I don’t let her succeed, the tip of the tongue sweeps on the nipple. “Ah! Can’t stand it …” she shook his head desperately. I put the left nipple in your mouth with tongue.

“Ah! Ah.” Macro the head of Mei Feng, just like feeding the baby, hugging my head, the nipple is sucking, the fairy is like a kind of unable to describe, like current to the lower meat On the beans, she could not help but clamp the thigh. At this time, my hand stretched there, ah, the original girl only wearing a fine trill, opening the nurse, seeing two snow white thighs. “I will make you feel comfortable here.” I am in her ear. I started to touch it, my finger is in the most sensitive place. I pulled her triangular pants down, and my hand touched her hair soft, like a wool.

Mei Feng’s sensitive succes began to be softly stroked, and the beauty is spreading in that. Because of a strong pleasure, she had to clamp the thighs. The trippers also hang on the top of the knee. My other hand touched her lower abdomen and my ass, I was touched and digging. I made her constantly. My mouth bits back and forth in the left and right breasts, and increases sensitive nipples due to congestion, and the lips are sucking while there is an attack of teeth. “Ah …” lifted the chest, the thigh trembled, and the Philo couldn’t help but send a happy voice. “Is it comfortable here? Here is it here?” I touched the hand on the lower abdomen. After the thighs clamped, I took a slightly drilled into the thigh root, fingers touched the half-closed flesh, wet herbal petals, Beautiful phoenix two knees clamped to the degree of pain, and straight straight.

“It’s already so wet, this is hot.” My fingers are inserted and said.

Her jellyfather and lips can’t help but stimulate, the body is not from the beginning of their own. “Feng, feel comfortable? You can twist your ass.” I whispered in her ear. Meifeng butt moves up and down, while up quite chest. She already feel my nipples hard extreme, because I was still sucking the nipple, “to die, going to vent, could not resist ……” she moaned. “You can get more pleasure, quickly forced twisted ass.” Nipple on the right bite my teeth and bite the nipple of the left and right but not the same feeling.

Ass quite higher, playing the clitoris hand movements speed up, touch your finger to enter the Rou Dong Hua Chun’s inside. Mei Feng sound of joy, the voice low and thick, like her own voice, the pleasure of constantly pouring up from below. Enter the Rou Dong fingers in the event, rhythmic and out, gently touched the wall overcast, overcast oppression mouth, this action only Yingun I can do it. Leather wrapped clitoris is stripped, and the thrill of toes spread Mei Feng, the anus is wet, it must be honey flow out.

I Fuxia Shen son, poked his head into between her legs, “yo, so cute!” With these words, the peel of the clitoris inhalation mouth.

“Oh ……” She call out loudly, more intense pleasure, where the labia clitoris automatically start creeping ……… “vent out!” I called out softly, looking at the sexual secretion continue to gush.

Sensitive jerocials are stimulated, every time they pass them on wet anus, stimulate a unopened periphery of the anus, I use a finger on her ass. US Feng stands in the pussy, a slightly shaking thigh. “Ah … ah …” she felt that she was like masturbation, she could not help her own, and the tight thigh root felt wet, two breasts expanded, and the nipples were also standing. I couldn’t help but a pussy, she felt that her yukin floating in the air, the sexual desire is getting more and more pussy, she starts to fluctuate, she issued a weeping voice, the thigh began to tremble, and even the pussy. I took her mouth to suck her yukuclear, I didn’t just succinct, gently gently bite the roots of meat beans, and the tender buds were licking with tips. Her ass violently twisted, and her matte sounds made a very suspended voice. “Do you want to vent it?” I continued to succeed.

“It’s going to vent, vent it! Silver!” She was confused. The body is stiff, after the hands are placed behind, the legs are hard, the head is backward.

“You vent it! Silk out!” My mouth is like a fish like a fish, sucking her labians. Feeling her limbs, breasts, buttons are spasculus, and they also put the pussy to the highest point, a yin fierce rolling, and wet a large piece of bed. “Ah … day …” US Feng weakly soft in bed, only feel that the body is always in the climax. I gently stroked the US Feng. I know that the woman is a man’s care, slowly I slide your hand over her back, touch her thigh, and touch the lower abdomen from below. The fingers have reached into the thigh roots that even wet, and feel the wet labie, and touch it, from the top, the finger reaches the hole, a little better, smooth, smooth.

“Ah …” Mei Feng also lowered.

I put the head of the beautiful phoena in front of the meat stick, she felt a little hard, swallowing the water, trying to Zhang Da, sticking out the tongue on the edge of the glans, I immediately sent a low snoring, attracted by , Mei Feng Zhang opened the mouth in the mouth.

My thigh is beginning to be nervous, this tension also affects my fingers, fingers bending to her inside of the small labipings on the right. Pain and pleasure come at the same time, Mei Feng twisted the butt, which is a one-in-depth movement of your fingers. At this time my fingers met the yuki, and made a strong friction. The pleasure of itching, making the philosophy of the phoenix. “Ah … Mei Feng.” My voice is very nervous because of stimulation. “It’s coming out, you have to come out, is it to shoot in your mouth?” She asked nervously, swallowing. “No, don’t be in your mouth, come on your pussy, come on.” I murmured. I reached out her, the US Feng swayed, took off the shoes, swaying the two white and lifened thighs.

I sat up, she pulled up the white skirt on my thigh, the whole body trembled, and the hard front end touched the wet place, it seems that it is not necessary to guide it. Directly put your butt and felt like steel, the glans had stabbed. She put on my shoulder, the head moves back, the feeling current flows from behind, and the constant electric wave is impacted, because the yuki encounters my hair. She is desperate to start twisting, hugging my head, crazy shaking ass. “Mei Feng … well … I am shocked.” I excitedly responded below, exhausted all my best, from the combined part of the slutty water …

US Feng semi-eye, open, constantly gasping, from the excitement of the cavity seems to have to melt her, the thick meat stick is completely fat, the clitoris is mixed in friction with the yin rub. The stimulus, Mei Feng once again felt the climax in slowly, the two plump breasts continued to shake in front of me, I changed the twilight of the two sets of nipples, and the beautiful phoena seems to be uncomfortable. Like the stimulation, I accelerate the frequency of the above, the stimuli is strengthening, the two people are hugging each other, and the hot concentrate begins to erupt in her vagina. “Ah … ah … ah …” US Feng feel The heat of the heat, kiss the mouth on my lips, only I feel that my glans also feel the hot spray of her sperm … After the metrophic jumped out of bed, took the paper towel to wipe itself. Seiki water, then put the fine triad pants, then buckle the nurse robe, and a beautiful nurse, the lady appears in front of it. She then cracked me with a wet towel to wipe me a clean meat stick, replace it on the quilt, and kissed I greeted the ward.

On the fourth day, after the special care of the health and Mei Feng, I completely restored the health, I was discharged. I can meet again, I meet again, and the fate is arranged together, there is no reason not to cherish this good year.

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