My wife, tits, my butt, my butt, my arrogance. She is a nurse, it is very late every night, and recently, their hospitals have to move, so do you have to work every night.

Today is already two ok, the wife has not come back. Occasionally, the wife will go home later, but it is the late time tonight. It must not be off work yet. Fast 1 o’clock, my wife hasn’t come back, I decided to go to the hospital to find her. It’s been 2 o’clock, because I have to move almost no one in the hospital, my wife said that she was a duty.

I saw a narrow light, I thought that my wife was definitely there! I got on the building, I came to the door of the ward, I saw it from the door, my wife was in it. There is also a man lying in bed and a boy taking care of his. The wife is going to make a needle to men, then what I can’t think of.

I saw that the boy reported his wife’s waist and threw it to another bed. Excitedly shouted: “Big brother, fast, finally can fuck this kind of saga!”

The wife was scared in bed, and I couldn’t say a word.

At this time, the man slammed from the bed and said: “Laozi has long wants to do you, you will come first, you will do it!”

The boy pressed his wife on the edge of the bed. The hands were pressed on a boy. The boy drilled into the mini narrow skirt. Avoidable boys! I saw this scenery. I shocked and anger.

How can his wife do this with the boy? Boy hands holding his wife’s hips cavity, stockings and yellow silk underwear have been faded, the light green set of the upper body is also peeled to reveal the beautiful arc, and the very big crisp is still sliding down. Yellow bra.

“Hey … … 喔 …” The wife closed his eyes and shouted. The soft long hair is elegant, the beautiful face is pink. Anyone can’t see that the pure wife has the behavior of obscenity.

“Oh … … don’t go in … your tongue …”

Listening to the wife’s light, the boy, the boy, hugged his hips.

“Hey … Hey … I can’t stand it … oh …”

The eyebrow is gradually jealous, the wife’s look is nervous.

“Oh … don’t … don’t like this … Hey … I can’t stand it … I can’t stand it … … 嘎 …”

A long shouted, the wife softly squatted to the boy, and Changfa closed his face in her climax. The pure wife actually leaned the legs to give the little boys gave a climax. The boy hurriedly held her body, kink and smiled and put the two fingers into his mouth.

The wife was supported by the boy, and his hands were breathed on his shoulders. Suddenly boy stretched two fingers quickly poked into the wife’s lower body …

“Hey … pain …”

Competented attacks let the hair, the wife, the waist, the yellow milk drops on the floor. I widened my eyes and stared at the wife’s chest. The towering double peaks were full, and the stunned beautiful curved shapes were blocked. Two red grapes that would be jitter.

The boy will follow the palm of the palm, it seems to be the same. I saw the wife’s face pain, and the slender legs were trembled, and ten fingers grabbed the boy’s shoulders.

“嘿 …”

The boy laughed. I saw the boy so obstrous wife, I really want to rush into the house to save her.

At this time, the boy’s fingers had a lot of crystal juice, and it was a wife’s prostitute.

“Only I can dig your sexual desire! Said goods, usually see your big ass, I want to do you!”

The prostitute is like the spring, like honey, from the boy palm to the floor.

The boy’s words make me surprised, is it a confusing woman? The boy’s finger began to pick up, his wife himself lifted his right leg stepped on the boy’s shoulder, let the boy inserted hard, his face slightly waved toward the ceiling.

“See it! You have a tight!”

The sound of the skilled water from the mini narrow skirt. The boy sometimes inserts the root to rotate a few times and then continue to pump, sometimes he is like a vagina that is buckled with his wife, sometimes it is stirring. The wife wearing a mini narrow skirt will also jitter because of a boy’s action. After a few minutes of his wife’s fingers, the wife was “啊”, the body fell down, sitting on the left shoulder of the boy.

I saw the wife’s daily breasts in the white boy. At this time, the boy pulled out his own mask, and the momentum took the wife’s hips, and a thick-long hook was inserted into the body. The boy stands, and his wife’s two feet are also entangled in his waist, and climbed her boy.

Because the wife’s body is very high, the breast milk in the chest is placed on the boy. The highly narrow skirt reveals the white wide round jade buttocks, spit with a graceful slutty. Semus is also constantly dripping from hip dumps. The wife in the room was worked hard by boy, and the bright long hair was very flexible. After a few seconds, I also heard the waves of my wife “Well”, just like stickers, and I also smell the fragrance of my wife.

I hesitated for a while, looked up, the original boy made his wife’s hands on the bed, the boy was tightened the hips of the beautiful wife accelerated her. I saw the wife’s two white buttocks to be caught by ten fingers. As long as they could pick up the pure beautiful wife in the mind, now she watched her, she was waited for her boy. The boy dried, a hand held his wife’s waist, and a hand stretched into front to knead his wife’s big tits.

The boy is in front of me, my wife, in front of me is the ugly mask of raging my wife.

The mask that is being pumped is covered with the prostitution in the body, and the red and tender and pussy is still not broken.

“Ah … ah … ah … ah … so bad … ah … ah … ah … ah …”

I heard the pure wife will wave, I can’t help but feel sad. In this kind of mood, I actually produce sexual excitement. I took out the inexplicable rigorous rigorous mask, and I looked at the wife by boy.

“Ah … ah … 荷 … 要 …… 荷 … … 啊 …”

The wife called two times, the boy stopped the action, his wife was soft softly on the boy, and the pussy with the hustle-binding pussy and squeezed a bunch of white semen. My semen also urged it.

The boy is satisfied with the cock out and said to the man: “Big brother, dead, this!”

The wife is now a slanting show in front of the man. Men must be blood boiling. I warmon myself in my heart, and the priest is still behind!

The man has taken his triangle pants, his congestion excessive penis is high in the mouth, both hands are opening the wife’s legs. The wife is also open. I can only see the wife’s double peak and threshold of the thighs of the thighs.

I can’t live in my heart, I want to rush into the bedroom to touch the black hair and the warm hills. The man did not give me a chance. He has extended his head to his wife’s legs, reached out, licked his wife’s clitoris.


The wife didn’t consciously sigh, the waist also twisted a few times. The wife has stopped caught, he will continue to work hard in her. The wife who is dizzy by boy may have no feeling, she only feels the soabout of the lower body, only to understand that the love is rapid, she begins to enjoy the sexual happiness in this half-drunk semi-dream.

The twist of her waist is accelerating, and it is still constantly rising the hips to meet Qiang Qiang’s tip of the tongue, the small mouth has been tiled, spit out of the intermittent suggestion: “Oh … Oh … heavy … heavy … … ……Oh……”

The man looked at my wife, he was getting more and more serious, he understood the opportunity, he turned over the bed, and was pressing the body of his wife. In the outside, I can obviously see the wife’s double breasts becomes flat, and the man’s right hand stretched into his legs. Imagine that he is holding his hard bio. Search my wife’s meat mouth.

After a while, I saw his waist, I understood him. At the same time, the wife issued a heavy joy “…”

This proves that my judgment is right. In my heart, it is really vinegar, sexual intersection.

On the side of my wife, I hip the hips in someone else, I can’t help vinegar, that is, my wife is too heavy, and no matter who is who is giving people. On the other hand, the first time I looked at my wife, I also felt that I was very exciting, my wife’s charm, the wife’s bed made me excited. I can’t help but I have a fast set of my hands, but I will have a few down and down, and a unparalleled feeling will rush into my mind. “Ah!”

I can’t control myself, Intaled the throat, the low call, and a lot of escort, I made a more powerful set of meat sticks, the body is happy, and the launch of the bow. Get up, semen sprayed clothes and hands everywhere, this is more comfortable than usual. After the refined, I gradually calm down. In the bedroom, the man and my wife are still in the hands. The wife’s hands are wrapped in the waist of men. The two people’s mouth also stick to a piece of parent, the waist of the hemp face is moving, and the mathility under his body is definitely inserted in the shadow of his wife. And the wife’s small waist is in great relief, and the rich butt is a very straightforward man with a man’s delivery.

“Oh … fast … fast … baby … …”

The two of the two people have just been separated, and the wife’s prostitutes will come out.

“Ah … Shu … service is extreme … fast … … more …”

The man turned his wife over and did his wife.

The man dried, while using a hand compooting his wife’s hairy, the other hand stretched into the big tits of his wife in front. The man’s stem is deeply inserted into his wife’s covered hole, and his wife is not embarrassed. She is crying.

“Well! I am in … I am very fuck … Your hole is hot … and hot … and wet … I want to do you … Dry on the sky!”

The man should swing the hips before and after the rapid, and once again, he hits his wife’s heart, and his wife’s hands are now grabbing the sheets.

“Ah … 哟 … ah … ah … ah … good … good … ah … ah … ah … more … more … so fast one … point … Dry … I …… ah … “

Men slammed a few hundred, he might also arrived at the edge of heaven: “Hey … … I … I am shot … shot …”

“Shoot … shoot … no … no … is … shot … Go … ah …”

The wife seems to have not ordered his urgently sent attack, and the body is strongly trembled. After men, the man was slamming, and the whole person was stissible on his wife. He tightly grabbed his wife’s shoulder. I understood that he was ejaculation, his glans were shooting a white semen, they I am rushing to diamond, I will drill into my wife’s yin, the uterus.

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