From the morning to the company, my eyes didn’t leave the butt of Dai Qingli, across the trousers, can clearly see the traces of the charming underwear. Let me be more difficult.

The package is not easy to buy a spring medicine, the warmth of the pocket, but hate is the company’s head, there is no possibility of starting with the possibility, look up and look at the table, it has been three points, the crotch has risen Unparalleled; I can only go to the bathroom to indulge!

Unlocking the zipper, swelling, the purple penis can’t wait to play out, put the photo of Dai Qing, start the magical masturbation, I saw Dai Qingnan’s charming body, I stroked her white rumored High hips, slowly inserted her tempting body ~~ struggled to draw ~~~!

I don’t consciously call Dai Qing’s name, I heard someone knock on the door, I should be locked, and I have already started to stick, and the body rolling warm flow is coming out, suddenly, I came behind. Sound ~~!

God! I took the heart of consciousness, and Dai Qing took the key. I was frightened. I was a lot of eyes, and my scorpion watered a purple glans in my hand. Sexy small mouth Zhang, I flash in my mind, there is a picture of my mask; the left hand holds a key, holding the columnar door handle on the right hand, seems to have a feeling of my penis ~~~~!

Dai Qingchain’s face is full of red, and our two are completely unspeakable for a few seconds, looking at the woman’s sudden appearance in front of him, my brain is completely paralyzed, but the body is more Excited, fiercely shot a white semen, just shot on the thigh of Dai Qing, and the second shares also sprayed out, Dai Qing’s consciousness, the result is still shot on her high heels.

She reacted, whispered a sentence: (metamorphosis!) Hurried to the closing; I felt that my crazy heartbeat frequency, I can’t take a lot, I will still have no soft penis. In the crotch, the semen after the back is sprayed on the underwear, and it is very uncomfortable to stick. Working in the heart and rub the sweat, push the door out, I found that Dai Qing actually returned to the face ~~!

(Give me a photo!) Her face doesn’t know that anger is still shy; I don’t wait for me to talk, I will take a photo of my post from my hands; go to the office.

Dai Qing, Dai Qing, almost hide, I think this is over. However, I looked at the deep traces of her jeans, I couldn’t help but suffocate. I don’t know if I don’t know it ~~~!

The dead cardboard is ruthless. Colleagues started to pick up things, I got a breath, and I didn’t have a little play ~~~ Looking at the tall buttocks of Dai Qingnani in the call. Hey ~~~!

Dai Qing did not mention the handbag to the door, but the upstairs! What did she do? I am thinking, the phone on the table rang. It is old, called me to the conference room, say something.

It turns out that a customer suddenly needs a need to need a material. I need to put this information out; then Dai Qing is responsible for sending it to the customer, usually overtime I hate the root itching, but today is dark. The key to the boss is still very good ~~~!

In fact, this document I have finished finish when I am bored. So the boss commanded the specific content, my thoughts have fallen between the deep cleans of Dai Qing, through the gap of the pink collar, and Dai Qingna Some of the skin has made me fly down; her tits are really tall, with the breathing to work, tall is very attractive ~~~!

After the boss said, he went, and Dai Qing did not speak. He was not happy to rush a cup of black tea, put on the small table of the stairway, to the bathroom. Good opportunity, I am waiting for this opportunity for a whole day, maybe a few times, I don’t dare to get started because I have a scruple, and this time she really started to hide me, I don’t do it, I will make the whole package. The spring medicine poured into her tea, and the brothers sold to me said that this package is enough to let five women go crazy ~~~!

I didn’t have a little mood as a document. From time to time, I watched the magazine and watched the magazine to drink tea. I looked at the whole cup of aphrodisiac, I entered her cherry, my heart was getting wraps, my lower body has already supported The tent. Dai Qing also found that I was stealing her, she seems to have not been able to bear it, and I glanced at me. Small squatting: (metamorphosis, rogue ~~~!)

Half for half an hour, I looked at Dai Qing’s face gradually red ~~! Pharmacokine started;

So I showed that her file has been completed. I am charming Dai Qing slightly twisted with sexy waist to come over ~~!

I really want to plug her now.

Take the gap between Youthfaun, I quickly close all doors and windows. Determine the security state I expected ~~~~! After returning to Dai Yong, she is still confirmed by the receipt of the website. I started to carefully put my beauty. .. Shining hair has a beautiful shape.

Exposed a long white neck! A pair of generous eyes, sexy and small nose, tempting small mouth, pink shirt can’t stop her proud curve. Tired breasts, rushing butt, slender thighs, a pair of milky white high-root shoes covering her foot-covered three feet ~~~!

The fascinating Dai Qingzheng could not peek at the high tent tent, she must be desperately controlled, returned, the email was successfully sent, Dai Qing fainted under the body, the white smooth back complete show in front of me.

I can even see her faint hip dump. I can’t hold it again, and I hugged my fantasy almost a year of women ~~!

Dai Qing was frightened by my unexpected move, she struggled and wanted to escape my hug. My hands pressed on a warm crisp, isolated on a shirt, I felt her body temperature and lace pattern of underwear. I am excited that I can’t breathe, just the gasping of the big mouth ~~! I sniffed the fragrance of Dai Qing sent out, I was drunk ~~!

With her dramatic struggle, her round butt is frozed with my mask. feels so good.

(Let me let me, what do you want to do ~~! Let me go ~~! Rogue, metamorphosis ~~! Help ~~!)

Dai Qing language is shouting, now it is 9 o’clock, no one will hear her call. Her voice is so fascinating, let me more excitement, struggling, she turned over.

Just lost was scared by me, almost a crying chamber in the voice. She started brutal resistance, bitten in my shoulder, so painful; I didn’t have time to push it, her hand has already sorely grasped my upright, slammed, don’t watch a weak woman, nervous It’s not small, this grabbed a giant pain, it is transacted to the whole body. I have a soft and almost let go. I know that it is definitely can’t let go, quickly grab her hand, put it into my own crotch, In this way, she can’t make strength, the semen in my underwear have not been completely dry, her hand is cool, the finger touches the glans, the penis ~~!

Dai Qingshun will hold my penis in her slender hands, and it is also a grab. This time is not pain, it is a kind of cup. My right hand has already reached into her pants in the case of unknown, holding a round ass every day. Dai Qing’s skin is so smooth, so delicate ~~~!

Gradually, her voice, the strength of the hand grasping the hand of the penis is gradually being smaller, slowly moved ~~! So cool ~~! Her body is still struggling, more feelings like the twisting of cooperation, making me stroking the hips more comfortable. The first time I looked at her face at a close time, so charming. Dai Qing’s scorpion is already a kind of style, Sao. Her little face is nice red, pink small mouth dry mouth, showing snow white neat.

I kissed it deeply. Extend your tongue into her mouth, stir, entangle ~~~! The right hand is still self-cultivation of the slim hip in her jeans, and the left hand unsaled the belt of Dai Qing, slowly pulling the chain, stealing the eyes, is that I secretly kissed the pale green underwear, hand is gently Pressing the genitals of Dai Qing, the finger has found her is a mess, and the thin fabric is started to touch the lips ~~~!

(Don’t, don’t ~~~!) Dai Qing is still unconscious, but it is tempting. Her mouth gasped, the body was jitter, she slept the finger of my finger, and the penis of my rising storm was almost spinning almost three years old. She is like the style of Sao, I have been a bed master, and I feel more fascinated all day. Sure enough, the technique is very skilled, and I have already want to die ~~~!

My middle finger couldn’t help but built her vagina separated by underwear, and Dai Qing’s eyes were widened, and the breath of the big mouth. I haven’t consciously called .. (ah ~~~~! Ah ~~~~! Ah ~~~~!


(I ~~~! I want ~~~! Come in ~~~! Come in! I ~~~! I can’t stand it ~~~!) Dai Qing low voice, the big eyes are full of desire The look, it seems that I have conquered this hate my woman. Her lower body is completely wet, and the obscenity flows full of my fingers.

(If you ~~! I really like me, just ~~~! Don’t torture me!) Dai Yong whispered: (I am your woman tonight ~~~!) She contains the case, I also moved NS. Whether it is estrus, talk non-talk ~~~! Seeing that I didn’t talk, she actively kissed it, this time she was surrounded by my tongue, holding my penis, finally pulled out, starting to take off my cultural shirt, and full of semen The small and slender hand starts to touch my chest, the finger slides in my body, it is a bit itchy, so comfortable ~~! Her hand gradually touched, I have slowly poured down in the chair, enjoy the love of Dai Qing, and her hair has been messy, but it is more charming.

Dai Qing slowly kissed it, skilled in my belt, gently pulling my underwear, and the penis that she stroked the green and exposed a dark tent, proud point to the ceiling, one shake When I shaken, I felt the trembling of Dai Qing, tonight, we have to fly in paradise for a long time ~~~!

Dai Qing completely leaned down, unflassed jeans faded a lot, the snow-white ass this high, light green little underwear tightly pulled the hip ditch, slightly twisted, It’s so charming ~~! Her hand puts the penis down, and the whole glans, the whole glans are completely exposed to her, fierce, the gougte is not described, the refreshing and pleasing pleasure is ~~! It is Dai Qing’s tongue, and her smooth tongue is rotated ~~!

When I quickly slipped back, I immediately felt the nervousness of the spray. After a while, she slowly contained my glans in her cherry small mouth ~~! Slide, so cool ~~! I unconsciously hugged her head, () The voice made me intoxicated, Dai Qing’s small mouth tightly wrapped my penis, a slight gap did not, the gang took the rolling, a soft Another moist incense tongue is under my glans ~~!

The teeth are gently rubbed my penis, so that such a beautiful colleague (blowing Xiao), it is not average people to experience. Her tongue is smart, I use my hands to take the sky with the head of Dai Qing’s head, and the long penis is straight to her sore, her saliva also feels more smoothly with the purity of the penis. . My hand also squatted her pink shirt, squatting her pair of pushing flexible breasts ~~!

I feel that Dai Qing’s breast is getting bigger, the more it is, even if it feels across the breasts. The penis is like this in Dai Qing’s mouth, I can’t help but I can’t think, I can’t, the chance is not often, so I showcase that she stopped pumping, let the penis contain her warm moist The baby’s mouth, the pulse of the penis, feels that Dai Qing’s little mouth gives me a sense of strong stimulation. After a break, I hugged her head again. But I have reached the limit, didn’t pick a few times, accompanied by my body’s electric shock.

A hot hot flow came out, and the ancient brain shot into her mouth. The white semen flowed from her mouth. I would like to pull it out, Dai Qing is not willing, in Dai Qing’s mouth. In the temperament, I went to the soft little guy to vomit. My red strip is on the chair, Dai Qing is also sitting on the ground, snuggling between my legs, posing on her face, telling me that her face is more hot ~~~!

There is a semen on her trousers, and there is a lot of splash on the pink shirt. I am still afraid of being thrilling (blowing the bleak), I will refresh her superman’s skill, Dai Qing climbed up, tempting lips Pressing my mouth, I actually spit my semen in my mouth! I was awkward, but she slammed me .. I hate ~~! Rura ~~!)

(No, just is your rape!) I smiled and said.

She wishes the enchanting volulted to me, and this found that the place just biting me has flowed a lot of blood, but I didn’t feel hurt at all. She carefully took out a sanitary napkin in the handbag, fixed with the tape, I took her in his arms, and her hand didn’t consciously holding soft penis, careful caressing ~~ ~!

(Bite hurt?) She whispered, I shook his head, she smiled, red face is so fascinating, (I ~~! Also want, you can?) She is in my ear I said; I reached out to touch her down, it is already Wang Yang, and the drug is really played. Her stroke is strange, it is still pinch, and the asthma has just stable, my god is once in her. The hands have risen, this time is swollen, as if I have listened to her call ~~~!

Put up my woman, come to the big meeting room, look from the big window is the city of the whole light, I put Dai Qingping on the huge meeting table, every time I met my fantasy, this time I finally realized ~~~!

Open all the lights, Dai Qing, a sexy thing, gesture, sexy My eyes, her light green silky triangle underwear, drums wrapped her moist ~~! (Forbidden!), Jeans returned to the knee, I stopped, I wanted to do her clothes, this is my dream, I started to tremble with her underwear, so that Dai Qing’s undergasting Exposed to my eyes. The end of the slender legs, a dark man is inverting the triangle soft covering her mysterious (forbidden zone!), I can’t help but touch her hamma, black and smooth and delicate, like silk satin, gentle, wear The green of the green is like her face, it is beautiful! Then, it is a dream around me (Taoyuan Dow!) Dai Qingyin’s tight stop covers all mysterious things.

(I hate, see what it!) Dai Qing’s face is red, I don’t know if it is ashamed or drug. She said with a piece; I squatted down, separated her two legs, took the head through the gap between jeans and legs, put her legs on my shoulders, volts on the table, now, my eyes It is only five centivities from Dai Qingmei, and the nose can be almost! Dai Qing said that she was the first time to expose this posture in front of a man, so cool and excited. Dai Qing’s labi is a lovely light pink.

The lips of the two sides closed the vaginal mouth, which was already very humid. I gently opened her labipings with two fingers, revealing the closed vaginal. I put it on the lips of Dai Qing, gently licked, and poured a lot of prostitution in the vagina, I was gently taking her yukuclear, and I took a touch of electric shock, She began to embrace, keep trembling, gradually I completely extend the tongue into Dai Qing’s vagina.

Her vagina is well, Dai Qing’s breathing begins to increase, and her chest is also up and down with her breath! I am going to put the lips to Dai Qing’s labia, I will rub it with the tongue, and then put it into Dai Qing’s vagina, pick it to tease the jerkin, and Dai Qing’s body began to twist. A blush on the face. More tideless love fluids are emerging in Dai Qing’s vagina.

(Ah ~~! Ah ~~~! I can’t do it, plug it! I really can’t stand it ~~!) Dai Qing’s call. OK, I will make me cool, I want to pay with this beautiful colleague! I pulled Dai Qing to the table, and the scolked glans was on her labi. Excited moment, finally, I scored Dai Qing’s beauty, I took a deep breath, and I took the waist to slowly piercing the penis into Dai Qing’s body, although there is a moisturizing of love, but Dai Qing’s vagina More narrow than imagination, Dai Qingxiao is closing my penis, I can’t help but surprised Dai Qing vaginal’s narrowness.

I took a deep breath, the waist is sinking, putting my penis deeply insert, only feels inserted. I saw that Dai Qingbei was tight, and the nose was issued ((~~!), The big eyes were full of happiness, I have gone to the end of Dai Qing’s vagina, I stopped, enjoy her The squeezing of the burning of the hot is mixed, Dai Qing’s phenoli is constantly shrinking, keeping my penis. It is really tight!

I am a heavy breathing slow, a shirt that is unlocking, guessed, her bra is also green, a charming color.

And let me surprise, the hook is actually in front, I trembled with my hands to unlock the hook, the bra automatically fall off, a pair of snow-eyed breasts jumped into my sight, a charming chest, her chest with her Breathing up and down, Dai Qing’s skin seems to be satin, smooth and slender jade neck, tall and unsatisfactory breasts, firmly elastic, two pink nipples are like cherries.

I looked down with a pair of jade milk and kissed sucking. Dai Qing was in my double impact, there were thousands of winds, twisting the charming little waist, the penis was twisted on her, rubbing the vaginal wall ~~~!

I have a breath, and the tongue is tight, and the spirit is concentrated, and she stroked her breast. The penis spreads, inserted in a deep form in the dark, every time, Dai Yongzheng did not consciously changed the spring, so that I have done it for a while, I changed the Jiuzhun first. Shallow three deep, the penis accelerates the pussy of Dai Qing, I saw her snoring gradually increased, until completely missed, the muscles in the lower body clamped my mask. I looked at Dai Qing’s high heels danced in the air, and the rise of Dai Qing’s loudspeed, and she was more excited, and she was completely indulgenced in a pleasant pleasure. The penis came to the tight rubbing to give me a strong pleasure and conquest, gradually Dai Qing’s vagina became hot and more contraction, squeezed with my penis.

Just when Dai Qing Yin meat to shrink the summit, I felt a hint of slightly warm liquid from the pocket of her heart impinges on my penis, I know this beautiful co-worker did me vent out, and then sure enough to wear blue female flesh made a squeeze orgasm, tight tucked my penis back and forth Taonong, I then slightly rest stop action, while enjoying the beauty of this climax, the penis to make more again until her passion subsided completely quick thrusts. See her fu chaos, hair, pretty face, white thighs, breasts and plump, all this makes me feel very stimulating.

Dai Qing’s body cut is really great! Every time I enter, have made me want to die feeling in her pussy’s.

I will draw to a close eyelashes female vagina left wearing green, and then plug it back in her beauty and vigorously Cave, thick penis stuffed her vagina Jinzhai, Dai Qing mouth also continued to issue a lovely groan. Her thick Aiye along my penis drops on the table. Then came the fierce thrusts, Dai Qing was again the second time to vent out I did, after I have reached the limits of his hands suddenly pulled out, instantly, semen has been shot in her body, splashed everywhere yes, breasts, abdomen, face and hair, even on ~ ~ ~!

Dai Qing completely collapsed to a large table, I take off a piece of her clothes until naked naked, that white and rosy skin, without any defect disposable, like a jade carving on a good, exquisitely carved . Small and clear water chestnut red lips, open the straight, like a call for help like, people want to immediately bite. Smooth and tender neck, smooth and delicate belly, round slender thighs, Feng Ting junk, knurled is tall shapely, and that evocative triangle, is more like a mystical mountains in the valley, good a Nude Figure ah!

I see the desire to once again rise up ~ ~ ~!

Ten minutes later I again fell on her, biting lips wearing light blue towering nipple, while the waist and kept in the lower body of the friction wear green, and Aiye turn my cock made moist, I wear green over and took her junk, her face against the side of the table, complete the butt stick up, very sultry pose, I knelt behind Dai Qing, the glans and again touched her Xuekou, I just feel that channel is still very small. Heart secretly happy, think of while on the road will enter into this door, can not help but be more excited.

I was holding his hand stretched it out the door to go out into something that Road flesh again mercilessly cock penetration into the vagina of Dai Qing, a burst of glamorous sense of invasion, but only to feel surrounded by waves of temperature and humidity, and then forced to start pumping back and forth. Time and again made her bones as loud piercing drama, I can not help and she groaned together ~ ~ ~!

I regularly repeated thrusts in the bustling Dai Qing Xue Li, eyes fixed on her labia pushed his penis into it all of a sudden all of a sudden come out, more and more smoke sexual secretion, that is like saliva overflow Yinye Usually bright and transparent, the overflow layer formed on the shiny green wearing anus, like putting the mask in general.

I will wear green picked off the big table, the company began to move back and forth, wearing blue legs tightly wrapped around me and started thrusting deeper, the penis has launched the next round of offensive. My waist firmly kept pumping back and forth, wearing penis deep green body soon to have the top end of the vagina, Dai Qing was thrusting my hair too loudly and wave hum, cater to my body pumping. At this time I felt her whole vagina tightly Xichuo crawling around my penis, I know I will wear green Lianfan stimulus pushed the climax of the series without a break, went to the front desk, I want to feel victory arrived.

(Strikes inside it ~ ~!) Wearing a blue finish, full pressure on me (ah ~ ~!) I grow soon, twisting ass stops moving, is clinging to the bottom began to spasm, absolutely US pleasure as the waves swept through the body. Feel sticky slippery hot sex fluid, the layers of wrap his penis, pussy in the center, one of a sucking his penis, but Dai Qing is also once again reached a climax.

This is what I can not describe in words the thrill of humiliation and conquest.

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