Music still echoes in the air. It seems that the kind of music is not a beautiful, usually listening, because the uncle has listened to the beautiful and clear, she hates three-wave spring songs, and now is playing three-wave spring folk songs.

The uncle is a cheap whiskey. Later, because the income became a wines, I started to drink, until one day, he accidentally drunk the wine drunk in the Japanese, and found that this inferior wine was how to drink.

Although there are so many women in this world, it seems that the woman seems to have too little, this is what a woman worthy of sleep is not much.

That night he only wore socks, ran to the place where the car was parked on the cold cement, and drive back. On the next day, the uncle came to the beautiful residence to take the shoes, and naturally he took a beautiful sunny.

When I did love, the beautiful woman was constantly shaking. She is a very powerful woman, and every time there is a different taste, the tightening force in that thing is different. The power in the thing is sometimes strong, sometimes it is sometimes weak. Sometimes feel If the insects are creeping, sometimes it seems to be in the elastic.

When I arrived next morning, my uncle was able to feel beautiful and finely diverted on his head. Of course, uncle has been satisfied, he does not move and leave the room, and the beauty is like static waiting quietly in bed.

Beauty is impossible to wake up, if someone sneaked into her room, she will be raped. If someone is deliberately peeked outside the house, when I saw a man stepped out of the room, I thought: “Well! The opportunity is coming!” I opened the door, natural beauty was unrestrained. Beauty may be waiting for this opportunity, and accept the love of the guest!

The uncle suddenly raised a year, he thought: “I will try it too!”

In fact, the uncle wanted to get the woman opposite the room. The uncle’s room is on the fourth floor of the apartment, in the room opposite the room, lives with the woman he wants. That is to say, he should not bother him with a woman who has a relationship with him, looking for him, sticking to the rubber-like sticky. So the uncle observes the personality of this girl, it has been half a year, she is moving in seven or eight months ago.

The uncle’s room has a fish glasses, although the middle is separated from a corridor, but whenever the doorway is opposite the door, there will be a vibrating voice to the uncle’s room. At that time, the uncle will see from the fish glasses, and the woman is not just going to step out of the door, it is to enter the room.

This woman is about twenty years old. “It is best not to!” Uncle thought this time.

She often holds the books like the official documents, I don’t know what the profession she is, and the uncle thought about it. She sometimes go out at noon, and sometimes go out in the evening, but she is always coming back late at night. Uncle, thinking that she may be in the club, but from her simple appearance, it is not like it.

She is not a beautiful dress, dressing, and then is free and easy to wear shirts and jeans. But no matter what kind of dress, it is necessary to take a thick cardboard book clip. If you go to work in the club, how can you bring this kind of thing? When she is in the room, I usually hear the sound of music, and I must be an English or French popular song.

On an autumn night, uncle was married to the elevator. This woman may not know that uncle is living opposite her.

“You are living in the person opposite my room!”


The woman has a healthy skin of wheat, and she responded in red, as if she knows her uncle.

“I often see you, I think you are very beautiful, because we are neighbors, so I think it is best not to be too close, how did you know me?”

The woman’s cheek is getting more and more blushing. Perhaps this woman is secretly paid from the fish glasses when he heard the sound of the other party.

Her hair is not hot, straight straight on the shoulders, her eyes of the white eyeball part with a lustrous lustrous powder.

On the occasion of the elevator, the uncle said to her: “Good night.”

The woman also attached: “Good night.”

Uncle did not turn on his door, so you can see the woman’s door. It is now in the season that does not require cold air or heating. Uncle, in addition to sleeping every two weeks and Ya Xi, each week is a beautiful woman, even more women.

The uncle has begun to take off her clothes, and his door is still driving. After he takes off the shorts towards the door, he takes a shower in the bathroom. He didn’t worry that there were thieves, and even though it came in. Anyway, there is nothing to steal, which will affect life.

After taking a bath, he wrapped his body with a bath towel and got a woman’s room. In order to strengthen hardness, he uses his hand. Between, he feels that it is cute, not only has black luster, but it is straight up. If this time there is a woman in the opposite room, it can be seen from the fish glasses.

The woman’s room is playing English popular songs, is a magnetic man singing.

Uncle is sitting on the couch, then touching your own part with hand, it stands up straight up. After a moment, he took the door and wandered his opposite room from the fish. It’s like a prior agreement, the opposite door is slowly opened.

The uncle shouted, and I saw a light brown naked woman in the shining room, and she walked in the door. The woman is sitting on the sofa as just now, his great-looking exact the double leg, and then start touching that section, looking at the fish glasses, seems to be much more than the actual distance, while it seems circular Round feeling. Uncle is thinking: “She must be watching me.”

She probably saw the uncle’s bare body stimulus excited, I want to deliberately show my body to see it with color. Not only more than, the woman’s chest is more than the uncle. Now, as long as it can fill in it, you will go into it.

At this time, the whole heart of the uncle became seven on eight, so I couldn’t tell the north and south of the east. She hugged two hands and put it on the head, and the thick ax immediately revealed. Her hands seem to have a long hair, swing there, then suddenly stretching with the sensitive part, starting with her palm, she opened his mouth, the eyebrows suddenly revealed in painless The expression, there are several wrinkles in the amount.

The uncle thought that in accordance with her movements, it was only necessary to be acting, and she had already ignited spring. So he opened the door that just closed, entered the door of the woman, and then locked the door.

The uncle of naked, stretched his face.

“Oh! You …” The woman shouted, her hands grabbed his head, and pressed into his legs.

The woman’s part has been humid, and the uncle heard the taste of the past never smelled, it seems to be a flower of chrysanthemum. From her mouth, it tells a “don’t”. Although the mouth is said, the angle between her two legs is wider, she doesn’t push the uncle’s head, but she has always used to internal pressure.

The uncle starts using the flexible tongue. Her creek is bonded, and the taste of the chrysanthemum is also more stronger. Uncle is in the heart of the heart, should you put her on the sofa? Still hug it in bed? Of course, it is convenient to play in bed.

He gently pulled her hand and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

Women causing the lips to say what to say, one to say, stop, stare with the uncle, then go to the bed, and still lying down. Her pair seems to have just crying, keep staring at the uncle.

The woman’s breasts are a flexible southern girl-like breast. The woman hit her head with her hands, and she started scratching his hair. At the same time, I also started to call “Ah!”, She suddenly broke-off, it seems that she has been reluctant to stimulate the thrill.

The uncle suddenly found the woman’s armpit, and there is something like a bean.

“It’s a small milk!” The uncle is talking to himself.

If you don’t look carefully, it is impossible to find that the small milk of the bean grain is like a small mass that is stared by mosquitoes. It is undoubtedly a small milk from the circumstances of the left and right sides. His tongue turns to the small milk. Obviously, there is a sexual belt because she starts to whose whimpete.

He opened her arm and his tongue slowed down to the armpit. Her armpit has a thick mastic, slightly femoral odor, for her, is very suitable. Whenever the uncle’s hand touches the sexy zone depressed under her armpits, her body is baked, and her father and hear the voice from her mouth “ah!”.

The uncle also saw her with the open hand, took the pillow under the head, because she was moving, the pillow would hinder her actions. After her hand releases the pillow, she starts to grabbed. At this time, the uncle thought that there was still no kissing with this woman, moved his mouth to her face, pressed on the red halo and slightly swollen lips.

“Why can I meet such a good woman every time?”

The uncle suddenly became the idea to thank God, and the woman’s tongue gradually stripped. Her mouth is also full of fragrant chrysanthemum. Then, the uncle’s father turned the lips to the woman’s lower body and gently figured it in the protrusions.

There are three ways to map protrusions. First, use the nose, the other is to use the lower lips, and the third is to use the tip of the tongue.

He used three methods to use the protrusions, and then it was found that she was the strongest voice, it was using the lower lips.

“Ah, no…”

“Also, don’t, already wet. Look, go in!”

“Ah … don’t … spare me …”

After deep insertion, the uncle relaxed and started with it.


Whenever it is deep, the woman’s upper body is quite. At this time, uncle felt his whole body, there was a hot fever. woman! Never let go of you, I will become my woman in the future. . .

Catch the breast from the clothes, use the meat stick with the whole force, and when I entered the root, the woman trembled in bed.


“Okay? Is it feeling?”

From the bottom of the shirt, go in, touch the breast, plump breasts in the palm of the palm.

“Women, your breast is beautiful!” “Very good! You succeed clearly.”

She will also infect the excitement of the mask in an instant. I also need to get it. Women will forget the position of themselves, intoxicated in the passionate dream, she rubs the mask with the cheek, the guys in the mouth are moving from time to time, she is Do your best to be loyal to duties.

“So beautiful!”

The man’s big meat stick is a woman’s servant, and her eyes are full of happy faces, and the ministry is good. The man smiles with her heart, my guy is still energetic, showing infinite energy, it does not lose its functions due to years, after all, I am still young.

“Take off your clothes! Use your full crisp.”

The woman peeling out of her upper body, there is no wearing a bra in the clothes, and she jumped with the two crispies. She cracked a pair of crispy with her hand, and rubbed with a clever, and it was very excited to the man.

“A good crisp, the guy inserted is really comfortable.”


Her move is how messy man, she lamented why she wants to sell the flesh to lose the soul, but the two hands still catch crisp, so that the narrow cleans are strongly squeezed with the mashed mask of men, the crisp in this action , From the other’s joyful response to the pleasure.

“The crisp is really good! It is so happy.”

He squinted his eyes and stroked the woman, and he didn’t forget the merits of the breast. The woman had a harder, the woman’s crisp was even more harder, and the two milk head buds were more forgotten. Heartless.

“Comfortable … I want to eat … just in full crush …”

“No … can’t come out.”

She quickly took the breasts, and her body snuggled in his arms. She wants to transfer her man to stimulate the emotions, and she believes that the most needed to launch.

“Don’t shoot … in crisp …”

“That is shot … where?”

“Hello hate … gentleman is a woman who needs it.”

The woman directly uses the positive words, she is eager to take action immediately, suppress her downstream of the containers, and the waves are flourishing, and her heart is speeding up, her waist is moving Putting a man in a man, the rod has already been properly opened, the man also cooperates with her needs, self-sustaining the mask jigs, can’t enter the second, three times, finally put the guy into the woman’s waves .

“Ah … comfortable …”

She felt that the mask was deeply in-depth, the sound of the throat was satisfied, the combination of meat and meat was so solid, the woman did this kind of thing is because the man gives money, not from the heart, now she has already forgot to pay more, she only I know that the desire of burning can’t be burned out. When he didn’t forget the woman’s crisp, his hand did not stop its fullness, his waist twisted.

“Comfort! I am so cool …”

Her hair is scattered. Today, the hair is just blowing. Now it has already been happy, she twisted the waist to cater to the speed of the mask, and the uncle’s act is a little bit of understanding. She is in an exciting man, I am looking forward to the man. Hey, he wants to change the way of attack.

Stripping the woman’s crisp with hands, two flower buds are tensile, then in its trembling fingers, he wants to let the woman in the new torture, and spread her instinctively hungry come out.

“Pain … Hao pain …” Her crisp bud came to a pain, and it turned into a plenary electric strike in an instant.

“Ah … get it … it’s cool …”

It turned out that she was kneading in pinching pain, soon, she was excited at the finger, she was intoxicated, and her lips were overwhelmed. After he was talented, his lips left it. He used his left hand in the crispy bud, and his right hand stretched into the woman’s lower body. The masher sprint in the waves. The finger moves, her emotion is high.

“To … comfortable …”

Obsessed with a layer of thin skin, he clearly understands the woman, this zone is the most sensitive place, and it is also where she is suffocating.

“Comfortable … Yes! It’s cool, I’m going to me … I like it …”

In the man’s attack, she wants to boil, men and women’s sensitive organs, how much smashing, this is really thoroughly, all games are happy, and the emotion is high. . . He can’t resist the boom in the body, and it will take a rich semen.

“Ah … come out.”

“Don’t … don’t.” She said, she also reached the realm of sublimation. “Well … comfortable …” Her head hung once, twice, strongly etched to her inner heart.

“Good … very …” The rog is killed … I am also willing … “She is delicate, the woman’s illness sounds in men’s ear.

The front of the glans is bright, she will welcome its moisture, she is intoxicated, her mouth closed his eyes, the mouth contains the mask, and there is no puppet in hand.

“Comfortable … I will come out.” Men’s 阳 具 任 女, she is aiming to pray that it is coming.

“Ah …” He screamed, spraying the rich semen from the front port of the mask.

“I am here.” Her mouth sucking the mask and experienced the arrival of the semen.

The semen exudes it in her mouth to get into her lips, it sprayed again and again, her right hand continued to squeeze the root of the osmium, the semen spills from the mouth, the white semen spray woman is full, men’s smell.

“Lick it, eat it … good taste.”

“Oh …” She opened his lips and slammed his face.

“I like it, it is delicious …” She swallowed rich fresh milk into her belly.


Beauty and uncle is on the sea. . .

Beauty will immerse his body in the cold sea, sea water fluctuating in her slightly. She deeply took a deep breath and felt that her breast was floated, and her heart was a strange. She is afraid of this feeling. Whenever she swim, this feeling will pick up her heart and make her heart. She took a breath and took the body a drill into the water, and she watered into the water. The crystal clear sea is shine, she can see the flower wood. After a while, she turned over and drilled out from the underground.

“Beauty! Beautiful!” It was the voice of uncle.

Beauty is rubbing the drops on the face, turning back. I saw the sea surface in the distance, and the uncle quickly swimped in her, and he swimmed the free style, fast and flexible. Water waves, she saw the eyes of uncle, full of care and worry.

“Beauty!” He said on the water: “Where do you go? I suddenly see you!”

She is a beautiful girl. Uncle saw her a thousand times, 10,000 times, never feel tired.

“Do you take your back?” She lies flatly on the surface.

He said: “Of course, will.”

“Come!” She said: “With me with me!”

He didn’t immediately sit up on the water, he was just floating around her, firmly looked at her. Her “bikini” is a meat, only one bit, the upper body only covers two focus before her breasts. And her below, the small piece of meat colored trippe, surrounded on her hips, just hide the triangle of her legs.

This “bikini” wet water, now close to the beautiful body. This makes him see more stupid, and her whole body is present in front of his eyes, it is entirely like naked. This is hot, like a power, straight in his legs. He is difficult to impulse, this scene makes him feel unexpected, and feel embarrassed! Fortunately, his lower body is immersed in the water, which does not make his embarrassment.

Beauty is also open, lying lying on the water and asking: “How? Don’t you accompany me?”

He said: “I … I still look at you here!”

Beautiful Qing said: “Do you really afraid of sharks to attack me?”

She yelled: “If there is a shark, I believe that you will escape than I am!”

She laughed in haha ​​and sea shot on her, and she felt hard on the water.

She called: “What are you doing? Why do you look at me this?”

His mouth is not going to say: “I … I …”

One turned over, the beauty looked at him and found his eyes, she was angry.

She called: “Hello, don’t face, you are watching my breast! You don’t swim, you are firmly looked at my breast!”

The uncle is on the red: “I … I don’t …”

She said: “You are clearly glance, it seems like color wolf eyes …”

Uncle is anxious to shake, if it is retro, his body is in the water, and the lower body is embarrassing. He only wore a very small swimming trunks, this pole, just wrapped his male part. When his body flies in the water, the beautiful sun looks down, the sight suddenly exposes the land of the bulge.

Now he is on the water, but between his two legs, this small ridge is obviously in front of her. Therefore, she has evoked her unlimited thoughts. For example, she has entered the fairyland. Folk crisp!

The thing of the uncle is holding in her hand, but the bar must not have more active actions. Uncle, she saw that she had already turned, immediately turned over and touched her tripper with hand, and Xing took her triangle pants. After the uncle took the beautiful triangular pants, the five fingers were like a snake, drilling her in the hole. At the beginning, she still had some slight pain, but after a burst of pump, not only habits often, but gradually, he will not be able to pay that five fingers. I can’t get her itch, it makes it difficult.

“Is there a better thing for this hard? Is it better? Is it painful? If the pain is pain, I am afraid that the woman in the world will not be a fool, a nerd, self-study, the county is. “

The beautiful sunny is thinking, it is not awkward, the elder of the uncle. At this time, the ostrum teased desire fire has begun in the body.

“What is this is not possible? Your water is very strong, there is no problem in the bubble!”

“If you are afraid of the power, I am! It is nothing to do in the water, staying a day and a half.”

“Okay! Just try it! However, I will not.”

“Is this teacher? As long as you do it, then you will do it, but you have to live a lot of breath. Otherwise, drinking water, which is bad.”

He said in a side, one side, facing him, facing him. Although two people should be shoulders, they are in the water, but the two things under the bottom have begun to hook each other. Finally, his yang was covered by her pussy, he used to force her hips to him. That hard border is getting better.

Beautiful “唷!”, It was close to her eyes. She has thought that the empty hole under her, has been filled with him, and the truthfully took her uterine membrane. Actually like her oral cavity. At this time, she is already satisfied.

Just as she was empty, the sun was slowly plugged in. But half a day, but I can’t help it! Timed to make her quite hips again and twisted, and it was hard to touch the feeling of the bottom. For example, a thirsty person, get a drop of water, making her feel very excited.

However, this excitement and satisfaction, just a moment of Xing, the mother of the hard Bangbang, slipped out! Make her and can’t wait to work hard to catch up. Fortunately, I didn’t have it to be pulled away, slipped to the pussy mouth, I was boarded by her hips and sent it.

Her heart has jumped to the oral cavity, but the soul is drifting with white clouds. She was spasm, and she was discharged. However, he has not yet listened, suddenly the glans is hot, the hot atrium is like a drop of oil, and it is more powerful.

Beauty is dark, secretly appreciate the taste of this insects, is itchy? still. . . She can’t say it, but I feel that there is an incomparable use.

Uncle is getting stronger, the more you do it, the more you have, so the speed rises sharply, and you will be beautiful. Uncle is soaked, she will be unprepared, she only sang and plugged, but the mouth has a sharp gasping, it seems to pull the wind box. He only felt hot and rising, only to vent, can be happy, so he hits all the way. That’s afraid of the sky, as long as he could hit his water, he also didn’t hesitate. So, in this time, no matter how beautiful it is, the top! Hit! There is a thousand eight hundred, but it is still unable to hit his fine water.

This is what she has flowing out of yumping water. She really enjoys the taste of the soul, so she closed their eyes and slowly chewing this.

At this time, she was arrested, and she didn’t make her disappointment. She still did very much, so she had deeply fell in love with him. The kind of love is from blind, but she is from the bottom of her heart, because she thinks that this is a happy happiness.

She used a hands to try his back, and the other hand gently rowed the water, keeping their two people at the level. He did eight hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundreds, and he was tired and not allowed to breathe. The sweat of the beans kept dripping down. He won’t worry about it.

“How do you not come out?”

“What is the magical?”

“Don’t be a law unless you roll off the sperm, do n’thing else!”

“You take a break, come back again.”

“What time do you look now, don’t we always make it in the water?”

When I saw the day, the sun was exaceced to the sun, almost a four-point scenery.

“I know, so I am anxious! But it is not too much, then what is the way?”

“Is it more urgent to come out?”

“I think it is.”

“Then I will wait for you for a while, don’t worry, it will come out again for a while.”

Somehow, she said this, I didn’t feel shy at all, did the emotion of people are so mystery? He listened to her, and he was very comforted, from the depths.

He said: “You are so good!”

Yimei didn’t answer his words, but the hips were active in the water, and he gaves his rigid to play, and played. He was only played with three or fifty times, and he couldn’t stand the gas.

Beauty is sunny, it is surprising, the other party at this time, it is really in the middle, and suddenly the heart is blooming. The raging water, was swayed by them, a lot of flowers, and walked along the waves. However, there is still an endless flower, and it is produced by them, floating on the water.

The two are extremely tension, and they will exceed the fine. They slowly swim to the beach, and they rushed to the sun lounge, take up towels, and wear clothes.


Beauty is staring with uncle. He has a thick hair and is brightened by the sun. His skin is a bronze, because he has already sunken several weeks. He has a very attractive eye with a pair of emotional lips. He is a man who has a non-proportioned man, and the beauty of beauty feels that he is very cute. However, she doesn’t know if this is love?

She approaches him! She reached out and gently used his fingers to make his hair. She can feel his breathing. Her hair fell, falling on his lip. She gently rubbed his ear with the tongue. This suddenly shook him.

She reached out, her finger smartly through his neck, then slipped to his chest. She unspected the button before his shirt. His skin is illuminated by sunlight, while slightly, it is a sexy color.

She unlocked his button, then, unlocked the other, then, unlocked one of the following, his shirt was stripped! His throat is swallowed.

She is like mastering his happiness! His excitement! His joy is happy, it seems that it is in her hand. She smiled proudly! Her hand covered on his nipple, slowly, she moved his palm, moving! Her hand is clunging, deliberately pressing the palm of the palm on his breast.

“I know that the tip is the sexy zone of women …”

“How? … will men feel sexy?”

She is no longer ashamed! No more stock! No longer! She has become active and wild! She reached out to take her top and put her body on his body.

She took a breath and put her chest and said: “Is my breast beautiful?”

She rode on his body. He looked up from the ground, and her milk tip stared in the air. This is a dazzling. Then she got down and she gave her breasts. The uncle was completely controlled by her, and he stretched out his tongue.

He is full of fluvo, only the only big mooyue is on the sky, is tall over the sky. She stripped him, smoked, she looked. His body body can also be said to be a hundred percent of the beautiful man. He was surprised quickly to hide his excitement.

“Don’t you think about people?”

“You have such a great thing!” She said.

Uncle said: “I have never let the girl have seen me like this!”

He looked at her depleted light, the white skin, the statue of Venus loved God was more charming. He squatted and leaned over her. His lips were madly, kissed her whole body like a rain. From her breasts to the floral waist, the triangular zone between her legs is the most tempting, the most mysterious place.

Now, he pressed on her. He became 100%. He is like a fire, pressed in her, he wants to finish her completely.

She closed her eyes. She welcomed her fruit to him. This is a fruit that she is in her life. She slowly moved! At first, slow, then, swing like a breeze! She was touched by him, she seems to be the willow branches in the wind. . .

Then, the ripple became a wave of waves. Like the tide of the sea, the waves of the roll, splashing white flowers. She seems to become these trends, hit, four scattered. . . The big wave of the wave is, it seems to have changed the hurricane, this strength, put her, invaded!

He was a dramatic, his throat twisted. The throat is full of excitement and satisfaction. . .

She swayed her waist, and honestly squatted.

He shouted gently, using the middle refers to her yuoconuclear, 揉 揉, after a while, she is obscenity.

The uncle knows that it is almost the same, this is still overwhelmed to her, and his mooyu has not sent it, she has already tall the legs, ready to fight. Her suspended water has already been flooded! The elder of the uncle is inserted. She has long been angry, which may be her feeling.

Of course, inserting with the sun is more than a thousand times more than the hand. The uncle starts a lot of money. Beauty is below, holding him tightly, holding his hand, chasing, waist, gentle, greet his plug!

The uncle listened to her waves, and he added strength, and sent it hard to move her heart to his heart! Sensual! The thick roughness hit her flowers, really made her feel comfortable.

Uncle, he heard that she had to vent it, and they had a few times, and the glans were aligned. Oops! A hot collection of semen is smooth. Her voice gradually became weak, the whole body was also like, soft lying down no longer swings, the hands and feet were also put down, no longer moving.

Uncle, she saw her eyes, and she knew her again. Rush, suddenly a trembling, the top of the hard, and a strong semen also famed.

The two were tight, and the breath was lying. Press, she felt the enthusiasm of scattering, spreading in her body, which made her completely conquer. She can feel that he is hard, now slowly narrowing in her body! She was invaded by the emptiness, she cried even more.

No matter how softly, she is not enough. Her heart is scattered, but then, it is blown back by the wind, and then pick it up.

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