On this day in the morning, Liu returned to the company to go to work and found that there was a marked green appearance, posture charming beauty twenties was sitting at his desk playing computer isolation. Liu asked other colleagues, to know the beauty with his new colleagues in the same group, but the boss just different.

After a week later, Liu and his new female colleague has conversational, and knows her name Pengyun Zhi, the English name Vangie.

Vangie about 26 years old this year, just from home to work. She looks sexy charming charming, elegant Alice, handsome gratifying, tender and charming, with short brown curly hair a slightly; melon seeds face, facial skin tender and beautiful, fair complexion rosy and smooth and delicate; one pair of watery eyes, eyebrows curled outward, his mouth an breathtaking heart and soul of obsequiousness, so that men saw her after that Yin Jian winks, kind of like the urge to rape her; her sharp nose high, nose Xiuting; cherry mouth, Tsui red lips slightly lower amount of sharp, charming smile appear more charming, charming charming, full of people as possible is a little whore husband’s appearance.

Vangie have a plump charming, slim and slender, have caused exquisite body; measurements 32B~24~34, about 162 centimeters tall, the back foot to see her body like a human flesh gourd.

One pair of round white arm, delicate hand delicate and smooth, flawless; Breast tall chest projecting a pair of curly, bloating full, soft and elastic round; graceful narrow waist slim, flat stomach tender; large rounded Fengtun plump, smooth white young, big ass tall tilt backward impression that is rich in sexual experience, feeling the bed of a fighter.

Vangie has a pair of slender white, plump thighs elastic beauty; a pair of pink makeup Yuzhuo, rounded slender legs fit small, delicate and lovely.

Vangie walking, one pair of front and rear rocking hand, thousands grace; plump that of rounded, smooth and delicate DAFENG wavering rump arrayed legs ajar slightly outwards, the legs have an intermediate gap, believed It is often associated with people having sex, and make her walk, a pair of US thighs unconsciously slightly open, not close Long.

Since Vangie pretty impressive, she is projecting, and sometimes intentionally or unintentionally, Dan Liu Yin Yin smile, so he began to seduce her meaning head.

Vangie often wearing a low-cut tight-fitting T-shirt, a pair of half Breast has revealed; a close her eyes full of slender legs half tight-fitting hot pants, knee since the sleek little white legs, revealed.

Vangie make Liu met in a hotel, I often fantasize about having sex with her crazy. Liu excuse so often consciously or unconsciously close Vangie, can take the opportunity to wish her conversational, then you can taste the delicious flesh this glamorous female colleagues.

On this day in the morning, Liu excuse to Vangie’s office, chatting with her. Vangie’s office in a small house, but very remote, usually very few people come. Room only two tables, the other one is Vangie old fine, just fine today she went to the old continent for business. The old Chen Dacheng fine due to large passenger reception, so the day will not be back to the company.

They talk about some of the activities at the beginning of the idle, then it comes to male-female relationships, for example, there is no male and female friends, and so on, and still support initially Vangie Well to right, after she was not shy about talking about sexual experience.

Vangie and just a 30-minute chat, let Liu big scare surprised. Vangie the original twenty years old, has already started there first sexual experience.

After two to three years, Vangie have to go to bed and about than forty men, including a former boyfriend and the boyfriend; she often drop it, playing one-night stand.

After Liu know, the heart inexplicable excitement, but his excitement without form or color, only slowly excuse to sit beside him near Vangie left hand stroking Vangie that white rounded arm, his right hand gently on her shoulder on the shoulder; and his crotch dick already uneasy beating, and once that is worth splitting look like trousers.

Vangie found Liu’s move, initially struggling with is not the time, but because of Liu’s strength is superior to her, and when she saw the change Liu dick, she knew Liu’s sexuality has risen to the apex, must be made .

Vangie the most important thing for Liu also have a favorable impression, and I want the taste of sex with him, so chop chop to Vangie is no longer struggling, but Liu trousers unzipped his right hand, and holding his 7 inches long , two 1/2 inches thick cock sleeve moved.

Liu Yi’s behavior of VANGIE, knowing that VANGIE can do what you want to do. So he also rushed to unwilling the left hand under his tight leather, and then quickly took off the black bra in VANGIE. I urgently touched the pair of wisdom. From time to time, I also brush her pink nipple with palms; my right hand is separated from hot pants, and I stroked her pussy around. “Ah … 喔 … … ah …”

VANGIE was shocked by him, shaking, the cherry didn’t open, a cherry, a lot of breath, unconsciously started; her powder face blush, shy and closed eyes, Spring heart, That dish is like, so feminine.

The small meat hole in the following was continuously sent out from Liu Yi, wet her underwear; but her right hand still kept turning with Liu Jing’s cock by slow.

Yi Yi saw VANGIE, this kind of happiness, aroused him wants to fire, the cock is even more hard as steel; he raises VANGIE, quickly take off her tight hot pants, then pulls her kindness, and touch Black T-BACK leggings for obscenity.

At this time, VANGIE has a whole body, and the light is slippery, naked, and naked.

Manager Liu is shocked. He carefully watched VANGIE Snow White Fragrance; a pair of snow whitened arms, slim and smooth, perfect; a pair of pink breasts in front of the chest high, fat, full, and full浑 圆 丰 乳 上; 腰 纤 纤 滑;; 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 阴 了 了 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 黑 了 阴 毛 毛 阴 毛 毛 毛 阴 阴 阴 阴 毛 毛 毛 毛;; 毛;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; The hole, has not stopped out of the transparent, wet kinky, such as rice grains like a bright red yuki, hanging on two red and unsupported small labs; 圆 白白, smooth and beautiful big hip, high The high direction is lifted; a pair of round, smooth and elastic beauty thighs, powder makeup jade, detailed and cute, sexy and charming.

Manager Liu urgently took off his trousers and underwear, revealing a 7-inch long, 2-inch large meat stick, and then kissed VANGIE lips. VANGIE also opened the cherry mouth, and the incense tongue into the mouth of Liu, and the two were crazy kissed.

Manager Liu is also idle, he holds VANGIE’s right milk, from time to time, the pink nipple; the right hand reached out and the neutrality, inserting the VANGIE, the early wet small meat hole, keeping the exclamation .

VANGIE was smashed by Liu Ji, the whole body conversation, the petite, the sterling, the sour, the wet small meat hole, and it was more sourced to spray out the prostitution, straight in the ground, some Along the inside of the thigh, flowing to the white and meticulous small jade legs.

Manager Liu kissed the lower amount of VANGIE, neck, shoulder, big breast milk, he also slammed VANGIE pink nipple and gently bite.

VANGIE couldn’t help it at this time, her powder east woven the West pendulum, delicate and waves: “Ah … Liu Yi … don’t succumb to milk … ah … can’t … can’t bite the nipple … will be hurt … can’t bite … Oh … Liu Yi … Xiao Yan is so comfortable … Vangie body crisp itch is dead … 喔 … 喔 … Liu Yi … Liu Sheng … don’t buckle … don’t Dig it … ah … ah … vangie can’t stand it … Vangie’s point is itchy … um … …… “

Manager Liu did not care, the right hand no longer deducted her little meat hole; but the head continued to kiss her down, small belly, navel, until the wet small latte.

Yi Yi first dials the lush incapacity with both hands, and then extended his tongue.

VANGIE’s yuki was suddenly squatted by Liu Yi, the lascivious water in the small meat, holding Chen Dacheng’s head, and pushed the small meat hole in your own; your mouth can not be in peace, Jiao Panting and lingering, there is no round, obscenity, 娇 淫 淫 淫: “Ah … Liu Yi … Liu Yi … Xiaolang hole is cool … so comfortable … Hey … You are a full body, itch is dead … … The small meat is itchy … … 喔 … vangie can’t stand … Ah … ah … Liu Yi … Liu Yi … vangie sister is so comfortable … Oh … Vangie sister can’t work … VANGIE wants to lose … vangie wants to vent … ah … so cool … so comfortable … “

Manager Liu smashed the bite of moist small meat cavity, VANGIE’s Xiaoyao, a hot lascivious lascitation, is already like a stream. VANGIE full body burst, bowl up the right jade leg, put on the shoulders of Liu, put the fat hip to his head, put the small corners more vigilantly let him more completely eat her prostitution. “VANGIE, is it comfortable? Do you want to give you a look at it?”

“To … VANGIE is too cool … Too comfortable … Liu Yi … Liu Yu … I will give VANGIE to Zangie can’t help but … You are so …”

VANGIE is finished, automatic consciously on the desk, Dafeng hip along the table, two beautiful legs are big, the wet small meat hole is in front of Liu.

Manager Liu looked at Vangie’s sensuality. When he was biting by him, he had lost a prostitute. . Just listening to VANGIE is crying: “Oh … Liu Yi … Liu Yi … vangie itchy … Quickly go in … I am really annoying … You are so happy …”

Seeing VANGIE’s murderer hunger and ruthless, Liu Yi no longer hesitate to put the big cock to the small waves, “Zi …” But there is still three ink left.

“Oh … my mother … I am dying … don’t move …”

VANGIE’s Xiaolang gossip has appeared in the head.

Manager Liu felt that the vangle’s Xiaolang points, heated and tight, the tender meat put the big chicken, it was so comfortable. I saw her expression that she was hungry and hungry, and her stimuli had to make Chen Dacheng sex to the end of the uterus. Manager Liu ignored VANGIE’s scream, with her bowl of high her snow, white, butt, the butt slammed forward, even the remaining three-inch also inserted VANGIE tight small prostitute.

After half a ring, VANGIE took a breath and called Liu Yi. The corner of the mouth is more beautiful, more charming! She screamed: “Oh … Liu Yu … Liu … Color ghost … you are really worrying … Your dick is so big … no matter what VANGIE sister is not affected … One inserted into the uterus … Almost kill the life of VANGIE sister … 唉 … my Liu Manager … Now I will pump it … Don’t be too hard … vangie sister is afraid … … “

Liu Yi thought that the hips of VANGIE were so abundant, and Xiaoyao is still so tight. Yu Shao Jie saw VANGIE’s virginity, and unfortunately, it couldn’t take it into her Xiaolang.

Manager Liu’s exclaimed, I caught her finish, and grabbed her pair of pupils, and felt the little jade legs, put them on their own shoulders, with their hands and waist. I don’t leave my mad inserting her wet juicy little corner.

VANGIE’s legs were such a bowl of him, and oversized her little meat hole. It was only necessary to get to her uterine mouth. Now there are more than two inch, so the uterine mouth of VANGIE is the same. And the big turtle avatar should be taken into the uterus, so that she hurts to shout the mother: “Oh … ah … Liu Yi … Heart liver Liu Manager … Your talent head burst sister I have a heart … Oh … ah … I can’t help … Liu Yi … Liu Yi … good pain … Top death vangie sister … 肏 肏 VANGIE sister … you tap … vangie sister Really want to be killed by you … Oh … 喔 … … … Liu Yi … Liu Yi … Top to the uterus of Vangie sister … Your dick is too thick … too long … … … Ah … Liu … Liu Yi … you stop one stop … I beg you to stop … Let’s go on this again … Vangie sister will die … will die … … “

VANGIE shouts very painfully, and the corners have been hurting, and the big abdomen is also uneasy to avoid. However, because her little waist was pressed by Chen Dacheng, she struggled, no matter what it was.

Liu Yi’s painful phase, got a pity, so it was used to use light and slow plug, and the hands were also stroked with VANGIE and full of big breasts.

VANGIE, because Liu Yi’s teasing, I am feeling that the big chicken Baku is in Xiaolang, and it is full of merits, and slowly burning a longitude in her heart.

The spring love, so closed the eyes of the pair of hoes, holding the back of Chen Dacheng, his legs were high bowl, the flesh with the rhythm of the big cock, she twisted Light skiing white big fat hip, with Liu Yi plugged, frequently tope. The passion of obscenes in the mouth is called: “Oh … so cool … Liu Yi … Liu Yi … vangie sister’s Xiaoyao is inserted so comfortable by the big cock … 喔 … …… Dear manager … Big Cocker Liu Manager … Insert something … I am inserted! Hey … Ah … too comfortable … Liu Yi … Liu Yu … you are too strong … too will get … this taste is too cool … too comfortable … 喔 … don’t stop … don’t stop … fast … Express Top … VANGIE sister can’t … ah … your sister became a fairy …… Used hard … Oh … Oh … Happy death vangie sister … ah … so cool … so comfortable … “VANGIE lascivious waves, stimulating the original animal nature of Liu, he is not Change the slutty, grinding the heart, the splice, and the left and right flowers, etc.

VANGIE’s body is like a fire burn, she hugs with Ajian, only heard the swearing sound when the big cock took out the insertion, “Dumi … Bu Zi …” is endless.

VANGIE feels that the big cock has brought her unlimited pleasure, comfortable to make her almost mad, VANGIE put Chen Dacheng, the big fat hip spun twisted, the burst of the burst of the soul: “Oh … Manager Liu … Xiao Yi, Liu Yi, a person … I have a good death vangie sister … Vangie sister is comfortable to fly ……… … Hey … relatives … Liu Yi … Sister Liu Manager … 喔… … 天 啊 … 美 死 vangie sister … cool death vangie sister … ah … Liu Yi … Liu Yi … 肏 肏 vangie sister … vangie sister is to be killed by you … … Oh … Oh … 喔 … 喔 … ah … Liu … Liu Yi … quickly use the top … Hey … Liu Yi … pro managers … Vangie can’t … small The prostitute VANGIE has to vent … Oh … “

VANGIE can’t stand the slutty roof of Liu Manager, the whole body trembles, and a hot lascivious water is straight. After her flowers, the small waves were eager to succumb to Chen Dacheng’s big talents, just like a glans, and the taste is really unlimited.

Manager Liu deeply felt that the big cock in the inserted VANGIE is like the sausages that are sandwiched by the sandwich, and I feel that the glans are so hot enough. VANGIE that vented the body was unable to hug him, the whole body’s soft butterfly cotton cotton is in bed, that kind of appearance is more charming.

When Liu Yi’s big chicken is inserted, when it is very comfortable, see VANGIE suddenly does not move, so that he is unbearable.

So Liu Yi is unrecognizable, plus it to the homes, only plus the vangie framus shake. From time to time, he sways a few hips, so that the big holder grinds in the depths of the VANGIE uterus.

The sexual experienced VANGIE, but she did not have to have such a big and strong big cock. He was so soul, this burst of fierce, burst into pumping, VANGIE cooked powder East shake West, hair Flying, shaking, shunning, alarming sophisticated waves: “Oh … no … No … Liu … Liu Yu … Let’s put the VANGIE sister’s legs down … Oh … Vangie can’t stand it … … VANGIE sister’s womb should be broken by you … Ah … Liu … Liu Yi … vangie sister can’t stand it … vangie will be killed by you … will die … Liu … Manager Liu … you spare VANGIE … ah … 喔 ……… Liu Lao Gong … Liu Ji … beg you … Ask you to spare VANGIE … ah … “

VANGIE is like, so that Liu is more selling, it seems to plug in her tempting Xiaolang Point Palace.

VANGIE was able to die by him, and the drape was emitted. Woman will play women … VANGIE will let you die … 哟 … ah … 肏 肏 VANGIE … The uterus of VANGIE … Ah … pro-manager … can’t be 肏 … no more … .

“Vangie … I am relieved … I am going to shoot …”

When you say, Shar’s big cock has skyrocketed, only the small meat hole of VANGIE is not leaking, he is more crazy to smash the vangle of VANGIE, “Bu Tut … Bu …” VANGIE knows that Liu Yuger is going to reach the climax, but I have to mention the lift, and the smooth and white fat hips are desperately twisted to cater to his last sprint, and make the shallower meat. … Liu Yi … Liu Bai … you will get it … 肏 肏 v i … 死 … 哎 … 亲 亲 经 经 经 … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 公 公… ah … vangie has to lose ………………………………………………………………………………………..

“Ah … vangie … Brazers … fast … I’m going to shoot … I have to shoot … I have to shoot into the small meat hole in the mouth … shot into the Xiaolang Point Palace … ah … … “

VANGIE screams like killing pig-like sharp sounds, can’t help but have a stimulus, full of fear, hugging Liu Yi’s back, uterus strong shrinkage, hot hot yin and a wave From the depths of the uterus, it is fast. VANGIE is also a column, yinjing along his ass, flowing to the ground.

Liu Yi is stimulated and hot, and I feel that the big talents are incomparable, and the waist is contracted. Finally, I can’t help but take the gougulaus, and I will shoot the uterus of VANGIE!

VANGIE shot the whole body of the whole body, and called: “唷 ……… Liu Yi … Liu Yi … cool to death … cool death vangie … shot small prostitute VANGIE It’s time … I’m so happy ……… … 喔 ………

The forget of the ecstasy, intoxicated in the wonderful realm, at the same time arrived at the climax, double-double tight entanglement, struggling atmosphere, soul, did not know what to go.

After the break, Liu Yi took out the soft and soft dick behind, and his semen mixed the vangie’s prostitute, and the drums of Vangie fell out of the meat hole, along the VANGIE Snow White and young thighs, Flow to the ground.

VANGIE lying on the desk and keeps breathing, but because Liu Yi’s semen is directly incident in the uterus of VANGIE, she did not eat the habit of contraceptive pills. She is afraid that she will be pregnant, so I will take the paper towel immediately, insert my little meat hole with my fingers, keep trying to dig out the semen of Liu.

Yi Yi saw VANGIE, immediately separated her two white beautiful thighs, inserted into VANGIE in the charming cough to dig into all semen, and then wear clothes.

Afterwards, they have a separate opportunity, no matter in the VANGIE office, the company’s rear stairs, buttons, or in the men and women toilet, they are madly enjoying the fun of love.

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