finally reached.

I made a single luggage – a luggage bag, got out.

Soon arrived at the passengers, I recognized her at a glance.

My online lovers.

Looking at the brilliant and tender feelings on her face, I only felt that there was an invisible network to stop me, I couldn’t say it for a while, I reached out to put her into the arms. Kiss her face brilliant.

I am familiar with her in a chat room.

I am inadvertently encountered with her. After a while, there is no marginal chat, I started to know.

Because I feel that I have no burden with her, I can talk about the sky and the sky, so I often talk in the phone.

After a long time, I found out for a long time, I found that she was very good, there is a good conservation and a very extraordinary, mature woman’s temperament, and she is very sincere and cheerful, in her The surface seems to be under the style of the style, but also a woman unique to the woman who is not very sensible.

Such a contact continued for a while, I suddenly found that it is not a lack of part in my life.

So when I chatted, I told her that she replied me said that she was the same.

I am very happy.

One day, the sky is very late, I gave her call, we started chatting in the phone, I don’t know how to say my previous girlfriend, I said, suddenly she said: “I eat vinegar.” I am in the , Then ecstasy, because I understand this time, she likes me and I love her. Because when I heard her saying this sentence, my heart was a feeling of putting down a stone, very happy. So, I know that we have already loved each other.

Two people finally feel good to see, and they want to speak on the ground, and I am not far here.

So, I went to her, and I was naturally together.

She is somewhat ashamed, but it is natural and very relaxed soon, sometimes I even make me feel some naughty. Although it is a head, we all feel very harmonious, or tacit.

After coming back, we have started to see the life of each other for a while, separated from each other.

Every time we meet, you will be as warm as the volcano, because you can see it, so those who have embarrassing their minds when they meet.

When I thought about these brains, I was already holding Taxi in her hand.

She entered the car, leaning his head on my shoulder, looked up at me, I kissed it on her forehead, she was very satisfied with her eyes, what did not say, from me Warmly stroked her hand in my hand.

When I arrived at the hotel, I still dragged her hand, so I have been entering the room.

I went to the cabinet and put down the bag. She reached out from behind, I held my waist, I turned around and looked at her eyes. I saw that there was a full love.

I grabbed her waist and leaned over the head and kissed her wet soft and hot lips.

She closed his eyes slightly “”, softly responded, we kissed each other, and the tongue wrapped together. Slowly, her breathing begins to urgently, and the drums are a vol.

I have tightened her waist again, then I was not very hard, but I firmly pushed her to the wall, and the whole person attached her body and put her extremely elastic body on the wall.

Feeling her soft and elastic chest together, I only feel that my lower abdomen is tight, I can’t help with her legs to separate her legs on both sides, let the lower abdomen and legs into her legs. In the room, the legs were opened and then tightly attached her soft body.

She started to make a vague sound in his mouth, and the body twisted, and she started with her body.

I pulled her black sweaters and revealed her smooth belly, and gently wocked.

Her breathing began to get more and more urgent, and began to put a few gently whiskers, and the body began to move up and down.

I kissed her mouth and unlocked the buttons on her waist. After leaving her clothes, I grabbed her underwear and the trousers in her trousers, and gently reached out and went in the hip bone that she watched her down. . After a while, I suddenly squatted and pulled her underwear and her pegs. Because he suddenly, she “ah”, I clamped the legs that were faded with full bare bare, and attached two hand to protect the furry private parts of her legs.

I didn’t give her a movement and reaction time, and I stood up and pulled her in the sweater that had already set off. She covered her hands with the secrets of the two legs, pulling it to her head.

When her sweater suddenly pulled up to the head, when she revealed her lips, I didn’t continue to pull again, but I wrapped her two hands wrapped in the sweater with a high rise, press it. The wall above her head.

Her undulating chest is immediately raised, I use another hand to explain her black bust, revealing her two smooth breasts, only to see the dark nipples on her two breasts It has been standing there in a slim man.

Now, in addition to her head and lifting arms, it is a single body in front of my eyes.

While kissing her lips outside the sweater, I quickly took off my clothes with one hand, giving the body, so that the two bodies did not have any obstruction.

I put her with the meat column that had been rising under the body, shouted on her full lower belly, she hurriedly breathed, then the plump buttocks were twisted before and after, with her smooth lower abdomen to squeeze I have a big meat column in front of me.

One of my hands still grabbed her two wrists to raise them on her head, let her someone seem to be mentioned in the air, the body is tightly stuck, moving with her hips. The other hand slowly wrapped down from her small waist, I have been touched her full of hips, holding her hands over the palm of her hips. Drag on the ground. I know that this will affect the skin that she stands to stand and stands. Sure enough, she immediately sent a near treminated voice immediately, and the foot of the feet began to put the hips forward. Lift it.

My hand moved forward to her waist, and then slipped into her legs and found that there was already wet, and the roots of the thigh were wet. I used the whole palm of my heart. There is two tender meat, then use your hand to use your hand, start with her two legs, starting to mention her body, put her all one, and put it down again.

She was a few long sorrows in the mouth, the body twisted was even more powerful, and the hand of holding up the wall on the wall is also awkward. It seems that I want to get rid of the bondage. I used the hand of the hand to dial the two-legged soft and humid meat, moving the body against her wet, small flesh, and asked her: “Do you want?”

She said nearly: “Well … I want …”.

I didn’t wait for her to finish, I have placed the lower body, inserted into her two legs, and put the drums ridden hard meat column into her warm and humid flesh.

In the middle of the legs, I suddenly inserted a hot and hard column, and she suddenly had a short-awaited “ah!”.

I don’t wait for her time to reflect, put some of the meat columns, and then put it into the depths of her two legs, until the roots of the penis arrived in her two petals and covered with thick. Bell.

“Ah ~~~~~~~!” She screamed in the mouth of this.

Then I started with a rough meat column below, and inserted her warm and humid legs.

With the collision of the column in the lower legs, she was shocked on the wall, and the whole body was joined from the middle of the two legs, and he hit it up. Two soft breasts in front of the chest, the jumping of one one, with the rhythm of the thick, the crude penis, the rhythm of her two legs, she was kissed, and I sent a vague shaking and vague. The snoring.

My meat column was wrapped tightly by her love points. She was warm, wet soft and tight, this feels that I am getting faster and faster, inserting the penis in her two legs. Out, pulling the sweaters of her head and let go of her hand.

I looked at the red lips of her silky eyes, reached out and took a breast that was jumped on the chest. I only felt that my hand was full, and the meat of my palm seems to be. Holding it from the fingers, suddenly, suddenly, so that this soft and flexible breast come. On the other hand, she grabbed her fat hip to move, involved her two legs and tender skin, and rubbed my penis in her legs. The two legs of her legs contain the two flaps of the pillar, and the hot hard meat column is inserted into the upper and lower frictions between the legs, and I will pull the hips from her to pull the hips. The small meat of the wet acupoint wiped the meat column that was inserted in front of her.

The water from her heads began to get more and more, the roots of the two legs were opened, and the juice that was taken out from the small hole in the small hole, and made the sound of the pillars. ” .

Her faces and the body gradually added a pink, and the lips didn’t breathe, and there was a lot of joys “Ah ……………..” After a while, suddenly she held me tightly, shouted: “Ah ~~~ I can’t do it ~~ I am coming ~ ah ~~~ ah ~~~”, then two stands The muscles of the thigh were fiercely trembled.

I saw her two hands to mention her two thighs hugged on the side, while she hung her body in the air, let the love points between her legs are facing my forefront, under her The twisted penis is slammed into her legs, using the meat column all the ground, and start accelerating the impact of the penis to her, and put the thick penis once again into her legs. Under the yin, directly to her love points.

As my meat column is getting more and more dramatic in her body, her two legs suddenly tangled in me, and the thighs tightly hoop my waist, with her heel and reluctant me Hook in her body and put me in front of me in the middle of my own legs.

I felt that the vagina wrapped in her softened wet wrapped in the pillar, she started twitching, her mouth “ah ~~~~~~~!” The land issued a long tremble, was My body is in the air, and I have tightly tighten it back, and two breasts in front of the chest come up. Her whole people also convulsted with her both legs, and there was no trembling when they didn’t have a rhythm. The two legs of the two legs and the soft meat walls are also spasm in a second, and the thick hot meat column that I am scratching with my legs. Her vagina convulsted six or seven After the next, she took the upper body behind her soft, and then squatted on my shoulder.

After a while, she clipped on me, the tight leg, and slowly started to become soft, then she hit my neck and put my body tightly, watching my pair. In the eye, it seems that it seems soft to flow out of the water, and it is gently said in my ear: “… it is good.”

I “Well”, holding her to the bed, put her on the bed, pulling it over the blanket, lie in it.

The second spring wind has also drilled her jade gate to drill down in the blanket, and the head pillow was in my chest, and people were squatted in me. Asked: “Do you like it with me?”

I said: “Like.”

She asked: “How is it like it?”

I said: “Favorite.”

She laughed, very happy.

She likes this question and answer, because this can make her feel very peaceful, so often ask me, I also asked myself not tired.

Indeed, I like it with her. Do anything with her, because as long as she is with her, I don’t have to avoid the scruple, I am very relaxing and very safe, and I am very comfortable.

Whenever I face her, when I look at her, I often have a lot of imposations that I want to put her in your arms, I feel like this. In my heart, she is a soft little woman who needs me to care carefully, although her career is successful.

I walked at her heart and thought about these, and gesturing her breasts and waist curves while consciousness. I really like to take her body, even if I usually walk, I like to walk around her waist.

She looked up at me and said: “… this will come out, oh? …”

I have come back, so I deliberately asked her: “What is the problem?”

She smiled and turned over to the hands of the hands. The lower pad was on my chest. I looked at me: “You are a bad guy, know what I said!” I am very innocent: ” What do I put? I don’t know, tell me … “

She smiled softly: “You know, but also deliberately ask me …”

I said: “I really don’t know, tell me soon.”

She floated on her face: “I know you just want to say it yourself …”

Then, the lower head is attached to my ear, and it is light: “Will you want …”

I waited her with her, and I continued to be deliberately installed: “What is it? Don’t understand …

She blows hot air at my ear, while said: “I want my baby in …”, she usually likes my meat column “baby”, her baby.

She finished, I felt that two soft lips took my ear, and a tip of the tongue began to dig my earlike, and a small hand slipped with my body to lower the belly, and then explored In the dense pneumatic hair of the two legs, hold my thick and rising penis and gently moved down.

That little hand held the thick meat column where the hand was smashed, and started to touch the pillar, holding up the bag of bags under the column gently squatted, then hit it back and hold the meat. The column, so that the rotation is in my legs.

I gently asked: “Oh, how can you let go …”

She deliberately said: “Hey … What happened, can’t you?”

I said: “Of course, why can’t you, if you can’t, what else can you? I am just afraid that you will run …”

She looked at me, the nose wrinkled, and the mouth continued to keep it like “” “:” Why run? “

I said: “Because I am so beautiful!”

She looked at me, the look became very charming, shaking the body in me, gently asked me: “That …

… how about it …? “

I turned around, turned over and pressed her to hold her in his arms and said, “Just like this …” said, separated her two legs with the legs, put her wetted by her grip. The middle of the legs.

She is in me, using the hand holding my penis, moving the thick penis, moving her own flesh, put the front of the head plug into the wet two tender flesh, with two The meat is covered with it, and then I will continue to watch I ascendly as I asked: “… Um … then …?”

I said: “Then it is like this …” I said that I slowly advanced her thick penis.

She is gently “… …”, holding the hand of the penis slightly loose, then grabbed my penis root with a few fingers, the little hand holds the penis follows it in the middle of the wet wet Tourt, slowly she holds my finger in my penis, starting with the penis, moves with the penis, let the penis move forward from the head to the tail inserted her vagina, came out by the finger I took out.

I am in her ear: “You are a born bed, …”

She was squat: “… um … I like it … this is like you … tempting you …”

When I was inserted into her body, I was inserted into her body, I was in a warm and humid vagina. I suddenly fell into a hot, soft, meat, warm and humid in the meat. Wrapped in a soft meat, squeezing it from all sides, the more you squeeze, the more you squeeze, give me the feeling, I have to use the rough meat column to soften every time. The moist flesh can insert the meat column into her body deep, stuffed with deep legs.

After I was inserted under me, the juice between the legs started more, I reached out and touched down the wet flesh of her legs, and touched it. In the back of her back, it was found that the bobbin is also a wet.

I picked up a pillow, put into her hips, raised her down pad, and the waist was still on the bed, and pulled up her to let her go to the quilt to let her face me.

Then I got up and stand in the middle of her legs, separated her legs and looked up in my arms, and suddenly she was in the middle of the legs in the middle of the spring, and the woman privately affected Fuqi, and the faint Exposes in front of us. She suddenly broke down, and she asked me: “Ah … you do … What …?”

I didn’t see the sound, and I dial her down her brunette little lips and sew it out of the pink meat. I put my bold penile head into a pink piece of pink. Most of them are outside.

Then ask her gently: “Have you seen it?”

She looked at the thick meat column in her lower body, her face was red, and said softly with a near essay: “See it …”

I will continue to ask: “What?”

She breathe urgently, and said: “See … Thin Baby … Insert my body.”

I will ask again: “Inserting there in your body?”

She looked at me: “… inserted … I … below … small hole …” After finishing, closed the mouth seems to breathe, look below, the two legs start in my arm The bent is shaken.

I slowly pressed the body down, let her look at the rough and hard penis, and slowly insert the pink lack of lips between her legs, she looked at this situation, couldn’t help but “… … ah … “The ground was long, I pulled the meat column slowly from her body.

When I pulled the thick meat column, the column has been stained by her juice, I suddenly put it in, and I started to quickly twitch on her body.

She looked at the thick meat column quickly inserted his own undergack, and she started shouting: “Ah … ah … look at you … this plug me below … Ah … shame is dead … To be killed … ah! “

I listened to her shouting, reaching out her head, let her lose a little higher, look down on her lower body with a thick penis.

Looking at the two-petal lips, the penis in her vagina, wrapped in the pillar when the meat column was inserted, and the column was drove into the body, and when they took out, they were pulled out. I will move in the vagina. She shoutedly shouting on one side, and at the same time, she looked at my meat column. When she looked up, she was swallowed by the braid, and she started with her hands to stroke their own breasts.

I put her legs backwards forward to her chest, and the big rack was bent in the arm, pulled her butt highly, let her look at my penis more near her. Each time the extraction movement in the middle of the legs.

Looking at my meat column into the body in her body, her eyes began to blur, “Ah … ah …” The snoring is getting higher and higher.

Insert a while I hang her legs on the shoulder, one leg on my thigh, the meat column continued to twice in her body, one hand pinned her beating breast, one hand I started to touch her. She was a big two legs, and she kneaded her neighborhood in her gaze.

I used my fingers to push down the hiji and pulled it, pulled her wet and abundant lips rubbed the pillar between her legs, and accelerated the pillar of her meat, from top down It seems that the piling is heavy, and the thick meat column will take the thigh in the middle of the legs.

From her flesh, she has been filled with the sticky juice that is filled with the thick penis, and the bag of the hooded under the pillar will also take the pillar. She was lifted up with deep buttocks and issued a sound of “啪”.

She looked at my two legs, was throrted by my penis and fingers, looked up and said to me: “… Oh … this … Ah … will … what……”

I “um”: “That is more … you have to look.”

Said, my meat column is thrust, and the fingers have also accelerated her clitoris. Her whole person began to be bumped in bed by my two legs, and the breasts also jumped, and the room The sound is full of meat columns into her juicy vagina, and there is a bag of bags under the pillar to collide her ass, and her 呻吟 shouts are intertwined together.

After she was put in this way, she was slammed again, and she started the trembling of the rhythm. The muscles on the inside of the two thighs were uncontrolled, and the eyes closed frowned. Town behind, people’s anti-bow, tall the waist and chest, both hands to grab the breasts that you jump yourself and pinch: “Ah … fast … ah … 狠 插 插 我 … Deep … I want me! “I listened to her soul of the soul, looked at her, and her body, the body, which seems to flow out to flow out the water and fumes, and put her double The leg pressed in her chest to the breast, and she became a V-shaped figure.

I led her body and hugged her legs and my body, and used the penis to plug her, it was pressed against the meat hole under the body, and pumped dramatically and quickly.

She hugged me, the soft meat wall in the vaginal below started an irregular burst clipped in a hot thick thick, the body was twisted, and the body was twisted, and there was a sound of ecstasy: ” …

…Well! Come! … don’t … you have to stop … ah … can’t stand it …! “

I was clipped with my wet vaginal meat clipper and the lower abdomen of hot tightening, the pilla column began to be uncontrolled, and she was wrapped in the cold and soft meat, I was wrapped in her. The sputum of the spasm is stressful, and I can’t stand it anymore, I can’t help but call: “I am shot!”

She has long “ah ~~~~~”, the hips raised up and quickly hit up, I only think that the meat column is hurt by her thick and humid lips, meat. The column rises up, the lower abdomen rises, let me lose the soul of the body, the body has a feeling of sputum, and the body has just wants to feel the feeling of scratch, and the horses will be horses, trembled the big meat column. In the softer of her legs, I was squatted in, and I was inserted into her twitching in her convulsions. She was tightly wrapped in her tightness.

This is dramatically in the middle of her two legs, making my meat column and legs, and the hips of the hips suddenly controlled a burst of intense contraction, hard and rough meat columns with the burst contraction. I was tightly wrapped by her under the body. I got big jump in it. I only felt that my body was going to burst, I couldn’t help but screamed. I went to a burning torrent started from my body. Out, the hot semen is diarrging, and the injection is in the depths of her body.

She suddenly sent a voice of crying with a crying: “Ah … mother … ah … my mother … ah … hot shot in! …… It’s hot … ah … being died, it’s dead …

Ah … I was shot … ah ~! “

When she called her breath, she came up with her full hip once again, try her best to get the penis that is launching a hot semen, directly to her uterus, using there Under the burning semen sprayed by a secondary pray, I have a hot essence to water, sweeping her deepest place.

As my meat column stuffed her spasm and launch, she raised the breast twisted the body, closed her eyes, hosted the head, fierce, and a black hair is also in the pillow towel. Left and right. The face is full of dreams, but it seems that it is very satisfied. After a while, she wrinkled her eyes closed her eyes, and the red lips were slightly breathed, and the nose was suddenly breathed, and slowly calmed down.

After three thousand Liu Qian silk welcomed the pagress, we were lingering and slept.

This is sleeping until the clue is coming.

Look at the sky, we took the hand and went downstairs to eat. I have a joke while I am dining, and I am joking and talking.

When I finished eating, I asked: “We have done there to play there?”

She said: “Go back to the room, see it for a long time, so I want to talk well.”

I promised me “um”.

We returned to the room.

I said to her: “I will go to wash, the heating is too hot, hot is full of sweat, very fast.”

She smiled and said: “Hey, it will be intimate, to wash it.”

I entered the bathroom and opened hot water to rinse.

Washed for a while, I heard her shouting outside the door: “I want to come in! I want to wash your hands!”

I said: “The door is not locked, come in.”

I heard her came in. After a while, she screamed from the edge of the bath curtain. I looked at me: “Hey, do you want me to help you?” I laughed: “Good Yeah, it’s just that it is the help … “

She laughed with her lightly and bare, and she didn’t make a good meaning: “I don’t know … Hey.”

Said, poured the bath in your hand to help me apply it. I also wiped the tank to her, and I took a slippery bubble on the two people. I touched her smooth body, a born fever, and the penis started a drum. Get up, she holds a foam full of one hand, reached out and rubbed it on the pilla column, hold it with both hands and gently knead.

I was brought by her, she was born with a coarse-standing penis, and she took her naked, stroking her soft and elastic chest, depressed waist, and a rugged hip, sturdy thigh.

We stroked each other for a while, she took the shower and rinse my foam on my body.

She looked at the red meat column of my legs, holding a shower, then rinsed with a shower, then bending the waist, holding it, holding it with my hands, lighter up and down, looking at it carefully Yes, looked up and watching my soft voice: “… I like it, help you wash … Ok?”

I stroked her body and back ridge, said “Good.”

She leaned down and holding red straight, looked there, looking at it: “… I like it this …” I will help you wash … “

After finishing her face, I looked at me. One side opened her little mouth to put the face to the two legs of my fork, and swallowed the thick penis.

My meat stick fell into her wet soft oral cavity, and her hands held it into the mouth in the mouth of the penis.

Her two lips tightly wrapped the thick penis, soft and sturdy tongue tipped in the mouth kept in the mouth of the penis front, slowly dialed me in a circle Meat stick.

Her mouth is very hot and very soft, my hard meat column is covered with tongue in his mouth, swallow and enter and out, and suddenly the soul is from the lower body in her mouth. I got up and gave me a trembling, I got up and snorted, and the breathing became rough.

I breathed down and looked down. I saw her standing in front of me. The armpit was hidden, and the end of the two drums were hidden. The ends of the body’s ends of the body are high toner, and the intermediate is separated. A deep meat ditch. Her face sticker on the two legs of my fork, one hand stretched into me, holding the big penis, and holding my hips again, rising me in front of me. The meat column pushes her own mouth.

I looked at the heart and the body showed a hot and strong desire, I just wanted to insert it deeply. I can’t help but stick out two hands, and I pulled her head behind her head. I pulled her head back, let her face, she can see her face very clearly, and another hand holds On her face, she fame and glanced at me, and then looked at me pulled out from her mouth, erecting the meat column in front of her eyes.

I looked at her, holding her face, let her face near my legs, put the coarse penis head against her mouth.

I saw her two soft red lips were slowly hitting the penis head slowly, and the penis was slowly opened into her two soft lips, her lips were packaged. The coarse penis head is opened by a rough hard meat strip into a round O-type.

I stood a body to continue inserting the crude penis column outside to her mouth, and the thick penis is a little bit to her little mouth. Her small mouth is suddenly a coarse penis drum capsule. The roots of a piece of penis appeared outside the lips.

I pulled some of the meat columns, and then put the thick penis into her mouth, and then hugged the body quickly, hugged her head and hugged the middle of my legs, using a thick meat. The column pumped her soft and humid little mouth.

She began to make the mouth that containing a confused, the plug in her mouth was put on her mouth, and her voice was broken, a high low: “… … …… “

She shouted, one side with her tongue kept under his mouth, and I was unbearable, I was unable to have a picked up of her stimuli.

I still stopped, starting her, pulling her face against my two legs, touched her whole body, welcoming her little mouth with my lower body, holding her head, pulling her, let the thick The penis is almost all in the mouth, she is full of thick penis, and the cheeks are also drumping, and I immediately pull it again. In the face of the stalks, the big penis rushed again into her mouth again. I stood in the bathtub and gave her mouth in the middle of my legs. Hold her head and pulled her body, let her hit her body, put my thick penis into her mouth into and out. Puck, like the plug of her vagina, I will draw it in her mouth.

The big meat column took her saliva when she had a small mouth, and the thick-rising penis was covered with moist saliva in her mouth. The following bag festival was sent to her mouth. A burst of “,”, the sound of the water kept inserted.

I looked at the meat column twitching in her mouth. I bent down the waist and reached a hand and wipe it with the full buttocks of her high. I touched her down her deep buttock. The rear anus began to touch.

Suddenly she was sent a vague whimper in the mouth that was inserted by my penis: “… … don’t …

… ah … “, her body also twisted and wanted to get rid of my sound.

I released the side of the hand to her side, and took her body in front of me. One hand touched her breasts to catch her breasts. She also reached out and holding my thick penis. Including my penis, I caught it with my lips, then the tongue kept licking the penis column, from the pray head, sucking to the root, so repeatedly contained my penis.

I reached out and touched her back and slowly touched her body, and then pulled down along her deep butt and touched her anus and the front. With your fingers, I pinched her tightened anus and the morning juice, the dripping small hole, she cleared the legs that were wet by her, the juice, the body wet, the body twisted, in the mouth I am embarrassed to: “… don’t …

Ah … no … to be like this … … I … ah … “

I didn’t pay attention to her, continue with my help.

She twisted a meeting without getting rid of my taking, standing up, holding the meat column below me, looking at me gently: “… we … go to bed …”

I should have, wrapped her with a bath towel and took her into the room.

I loved me in the room. I took her into the room. I went to bed. I push her in bed. I reached out and hugged her waist. I lifted her lower body, let her kneel on the bed.

She is squatting on the bed, the plump butt is high, but the arrival in the middle of the butt, the middle of the legs, and the two legs are branched. The two flashes are full of tender meat, deep ditch and Separated legs are covered with large flavors.

I grabbed her hip bone and put the rough meat column inserted into her two legs.

She gently “um …”, I held her full hip behind her, and started from her to attach her small meat hole.

Her festive buttocks were shaking in the collision of my lower abdomen, and people were hit by my shock behind her, and I was constantly embarrassed in my mouth: “… ah … Ah … I want me … ah … “

I scored in her body. I looked at her in bed. I hit the body behind her body. The butt breast shook it. He suddenly got a violent fire. So she pulled her to the side of the ring next to the bed and let her sit on it. I turned back and picked up the pillow. She looked on her eyes. She said, “… What do you do?”

I asked her: “What do you say?”

She whispered: “No … know …”

I took the bed linen on the bed, twisted, pulled up her feet high lifted, put the bed on her knee, then put her legs opened, put the bed in the back of the back, The other foot is also pulled open, and the knee bending this leg is tied to another one with one sheet. Then pulled up her hands on her head, bundle with a pillow, and the other of the pillow towel on the sheet behind the chair.

Because the two legs have been high, the upwards are quickly folded to the chest, the bales are bundled on the rim chair, her waist is falling on the chair, but the butt is reached out, but the end of the chair, the sinks of the two legs Above, the two small holes were completely revealed. Two hands were tied to the brain, and the two breasts on her chest were taken high. Her eyes were blinded, and the whole body was bundled fixed on the chair. I went to the side of the chair, reached out to take her face, mouth, neck, chest, slowly touched the breast, then hold it gently.

She was blocked by her eyes, and I took a hand and slowly swim, and I took her abdomen, and I touched her. In the deep ditch, there is a wet vague, I opened her two flats full of lips, and pressed the little granules and smashed it: “You are soft and slidable here. There are still a lot of water flowing out … “

She is a shame on her face: “You … bad …”

I will continue to say: “A lot of water, I’m hanging down, hanging on the small eye behind you, long, sagging to the ground.”

She got, asked: “Ah … don’t look too … don’t … shame …”

I reached out and hanged the juice, smeared in the inside of her thigh, said: “This is such water …”

She biting his lips and twisted his head, whispering: “… don’t … look … ah … shy people …”

I continued to knead her breast and the granulation of the lower body, lifted the body, put the thick penis on her face, asked: “Do you know what this is?”

She “ah”: “… Know … It is my baby …”

After finishing, turned to a mouth with a living.

I used two hands to knead her soft breasts and wet clitoris in the top, and the thick penis was pushed into her mouth.

She was bundled, the body and hands and feet couldn’t move. I can only twist my body and head. Let’s have to touch her breasts and holes in my side, and put it in her mouth with a thick meat column. twitch.

She was touched and pushed, and she sent a buzzant 呻吟 in the mouth of the pray: “… … …”

Her snoring slowly began to get more and more, I suddenly pulled out the meat column from her mouth, released my hand, she didn’t feel me, called me: “Don’t do this … I want to …… “

I went to her, leaned over, licking her two petals, warm and hot lips, tongue explored her vaginal mouth.

Her voice became like it was crying as crying: “… ah! …… …

… can’t stand it … ah! “

I have a full of labips and vaginal mouths with her two petals, and the tongue starts to pull her small meat buds above, so I kissed it for a while, and put her two lips along with the tender grains. Included, one side took advantage of her small clitoris with the tip of the tongue, and his hand started to stand behind her, and she watched her equally wet anus.

I pressed her anus with my fingers, blinking her tightened anus, she was like a protest, I sent “um ~ um ~” sound, sticking out the buttocks outside the chair stand up. Because the hands and feet were bundled, she couldn’t move too much, only to move the swing left and right. This way, the pussy I have already moved in my mouth, but I am exacerbated to her stimuli.

Her reaction is getting more and more intense, and I have been bunked in a meat hole, the touch of juice is usually out of the tide, and the whole meat ditch and the thigh are full, it has been hung in the anus, Continuously flowing on the ground.

She was tied to her hands and two rigid high heights were bundled on the chair. They started to struggle together, and they were blocked by the blind, and they had a continuous trembling 呻吟: ” ……what……

Want to come … … ah ……………….

I stood up and looked at her half-in the chair. Holdered his hands and tied to the body. The breasts on the chest were pulled up. Like two pears, the following two legs were pushed up. I was tied to the chair on the chest, and the dead ends were nranularly, from the shame behind the small belly to the buttocks, the roots of the two thighs were stained with her own juice. Wet wet.

I extended her hands and grabbed her breast and tight her tightly on the chair. The meat of her two breasts was squeezed out from the fingertips, I used my fingers to clamping her two nipples, tightly pressing the soft rich breasts to squat in her chest. She shouted with her squeezing. “哟, 哟”. I took her tightly on the chair and took her breasts, and I rose a long time. The penis was slowly aligned. She was completely exposed, and she suddenly took her breasts. After a while, suddenly Inserted in, there was a sound of “嗤”, and the whole thick penis was inserted into her body.

She was shouted by this slap inserted “ah”, she didn’t wait for her, and I have begun to pull out her vagina with a thick penis.

The coarse penis was thrust violently in her meat. The penis was brought with her body fluid, from the top of the whole, and inserted her full of juice, and sent a sound. Sound “嗤, 嗤”

The sound. The thighs of my fork are inserted with the penis insert her body again and again, hit the full buttocks of her extended out of the chair, and collided her with a chair, she took her back, her groa was huge The impact and collision make it out: “… ah … ah … ah … was killed … Ah! Ah …

… Mom … My mother … ah … ah! “

From the gentleness of her lower body, suddenly changed to her body violent and impact, plus her because of being blinded, so there is no psychological preparation, so that the body feels huge differences and psychological Stimulates her reaction to react.

After a fierce twitch, she bundled the legs on the rim chair. The legs were tight, and the two calves stretched in the air shake, the body was also dramatically twisted, biting his lips, and got a sound in his mouth. Cry, but also like the extremely excited long scream: “Ah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!”

In the voice, her lower body started the burst of convulsions and tightened, tightly clamped my plugged meat column, and then, the hot meat was squeezed with me. The meat column, coupled with her bundles of the plump carcass to be tightly pumped on the chair, a strong and strong, rising from the meat column that pumped her body, let me suddenly endure it live.

I snorted loudly, and the deep abdomen suddenly slammed a hot flow in the whole body, and was squeezed by the whole body and squeezing the penis that pushed her body, followed by inserting her body. The penis rose rose a buzzing, in violent pumping, a hot hot juice sprayed from the head.

I slammed the crude penis that was spraying the semen against her two legs, I stayed there, and she took the burning semen once again again in the sputum of the body and the lower body. She is convulsted deep, watering her uterus.

Five consecutive gratcha open this continuous love and extremely wonderful pleasure, almost let us blur.

I looked at the beautiful body of her soft on the chair and her eyes and fumes in the eyes, and more love pity.

I solved the bundle of her bed, holding her bed, she closed her eyes, her body is soft in bed, I sat in her side and gently put her back, her mouth gently sent a few The sound seems to express a comfortable voice, and they will be lying down and enjoying this unreasonable caress.

I have stroked a while, I remembered the situation that I just woch her ass in the bathroom.

We used to have a moon, we caress the kisses, she said with me, if they did not, she would be behind. At that time, I was really touched by my heart, I don’t know what to say, and later she took me with his mouth. Later, we talked about this when chatting, she was curious, I don’t know what it would be. I saw her curious, so I bought some utensils around this time.

I got up and went to the cabinet and opened the package, took out the things inside back to the bed.

I slowly stroked her neck, ridge, waist, hips, thigh, hands on her smooth body. Double hand compliant to her full hips, her hips and thighs are extremely full, sturdy and flexible.

I took my hand gently held her two sturdy femoral, slowly packed, she still closed her eyes.

So I gently blunted her hip meat. I saw a gully on the upper end of the hips under the waist, the deeper, the deeper, extended to her legs. The middle of the ditch is a dark brown hole, in which a shallow wrinkles are diverse to the center, the colors of the pleats are reddish brown in the small hole, and slowly put it slowly after diverting. Finally, it became a shallow red faint, and the whole look like a bloomed red brown daisy. I used my fingers to press the Ju Rui in her buttocks, she was still closed, and her mouth was gently, but the body did not move.

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