Recalling the young work ~ I am in an office building in Anhe Road.

At that time, I was very close to a female colleague ~ I will go to eat and eat it. I have to eat it when I am working at work ~ because the building is still not smoking.

So smoking is going to safely smoke.

At that time, our company raised high three floors on the second floor of the fourth floor ~ first floor hall.

So only one to the fourth floor, someone in the floor will smoke in the safe ladder.

On the sixth floor of the 5th floor ~ It is another company to rent ~ but they are not smoking in the safe ladder.

But the sixth floor and the seventh floor are the same company ~ so even if someone will be from the safety ladder.

The foregoing is over ~ I have a smoke with the female colleagues. The four floors have smoked to smoke ~ (At that time, there was no colleague with the female colleague ~ Just the two people reached the peak)

And my younger brother, I sprit the female colleague ~ Have you tried it in the office building? Affiliated to answer ~ Of course, there is no ~ I will answer ~ I don’t want to challenge the limit. Female colleagues reached ~ How could it be discovered ~ What should I do.

At this moment, the best uniforms of the office girl are spicy.

(Yes ~ The female colleague is wearing the OL set ~ short narrow skirt ~)

I don’t know who is invented. It is the best evangelical gospel uniform in the world. Thank I inventors in this 10,000th, I will pull the hand of the female colleague ~ Side on the 5th floor and the sixth floor ladder walking ~ female At the beginning of the colleague, it is of course not willing ~ But I am even deceived ~~~~~~ 好 ~ 好 ~ We will go up and see it ~ I will not give you spicy ~~~~~ you Rest assured ~ We just have to talk to the sky. As such a female colleague was pulled to the 5th floor to the sixth floor of the ladder. Two people are in a very quiet ladder.

The younger brother started playing her hair without installing ~ slowly slipped to her earlings ~ At this time, he slightly sidedly.

I didn’t have a strong refusing ~ At this time, the other hand began to swim in his arm ~~ Use the back tip to gently slide his arm ~ and then slide to the waist.

I licked her waist ~ I touched her earlings ~ At this time, I slowly smell his fragrance. After smelling the fragrance, it moved to her ear ~ At this time, she said softly next to her ear again ~ I have attacked her neck to her neck ~ Gently kissed ~ One hand also came to the sucking shirt before the finger, the gap of the knock, the gap of the buttons of the button into it ~ (Well ~ Sure enough, the 32B of the visual is the same ~)

I see her still can’t stop ~ I will know to convince ~ Yan Lord. But although she has persuaded her ~ But I really have to do it here ~ I still worry.

So, I was stealing downstairs ~ I also got a touch of the floor ~ Very good ~ I didn’t move the moving ~ So I started crazy attack ~ one hand opened his shirt two buttons ~ one hand in the shirt His little is tall milk ~ At this time, you will continue to come back to the rapid kiss in the ear.

At this time, one hand comes out from the bottom of the short skirt into his triangle zone ~ digging ~ how are you wet ~ I said that the female colleague is delicate, I don’t talk, I said it gently ~ It’s not all you harm ~ You dare to say ~ You are so don’t play ~ I immediately said ~ It’s good ~ Ah is joking with you.

After saying that the skilled right hand reached into the suit skirt, put her trousers pants to slowly retreat ~ and gently touch her little beads ~ At this time, my kiss was full of mouth.

The tip of the tongue is tongue, and it is gently absorbed her lips. I saw him have begun to issue a rushing breath ~ At this time, he did not preparation.

The hands quickly retracted half-wet trousers ~ and assisted her to completely taking it ~ I picked up the trousers in the suit pocket ~ I immediately used the point to touch the landscape. .

At this time ~ she is already wet, it is not like words ~ 灛灛 灛灛 爱 爱 留 缓 缓 留 缓 留 留 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 下 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 下 此 此 下 此Your own heartbeat ~ really nervous to an explosion ~ We stop all the movements ~ I explored the head to look down ~ By! It is our colleague to smoke ~ At this time, the heartbeat has accelerated ~ !!

I quickly helped him to deduct the buttons ~ The two each sorted out the clothing, I also quickly gave my little brother who had to explode ~ After I whispered she wants her to enter the elevator from the sixth floor safe. Back office.

And I am a little bit of smoke if I don’t have anything ~ Pick up the phone casually allocated a customer contact. Just as I took a smoke ~ I talked about the phone ~ next door ~ After the next four floors, I deliberately and the customer Hala ~ I hang it on the phone ~ and then told my colleague and greeted me to go to the fourth floor. Sharing the toilet ~ On the way to the male toilet ~ At this time, my female colleague who took the elevator from the floor was just going to the toilet. So in the toilet, I met ~ I said to her ~ I just stimulated A ~~ She said ~ 你 头 ~ Scared me ~ !! Next, she said ~ Yes! You put my pants pants Where is it?

At this time, I took out her pants from the suit pocket ~ I immediately went to the pocket and then I immediately went to my toilet ~ I walked back to him.

I want to take back the trousers ~ I will see how you do it ~~~ Oh ~ By the way, she is also a childish and red cheeks. Hello ~ You don’t go to work ~~ I hate the Lord.

However, it is said that when she enters the toilet ~ she still says softly with me ~ just really super exciting spicy!!

After walking out of the bathroom, if I returned to the job position, continue my work, waiting for the time to always grow long, and look at the clock on the wall.

How to get four points ~ Time is really slow, just if you think about it ~~~ My MSN has a conversation message.

“You just have it really too much, if you are found, what to do?”

I said back; “After I observe my long time, the day of the day of the ladder is the least.”

“So I dare to do this”

“Hey ~ It turns out that you have long planned a long time, you, this little chicken”

I immediately returned “Bao adult ~ 望! Just I often go to the ladder to smoke and talk to customers”

“Just is just a time rise, plus your fatal attraction is really unable to resist, so I am only … ==”

“Shui ~ When will you give me something!”

“I feel like this empty, I don’t dare to pull it up in the chair ~”

“So hate ~ good spicy ~ I will be able to give you, just ~~ I have to leave a duty today!”

“Do you want to wait for me to get off work ~ ==」

“…… Well ~ I will stay with you”

Because our company’s business has some TV commercials, the business also needs a circulation of evenings, picking some customers, and sometimes the time of the advertising period is time, I have returned to a little more == “, all The company only left one person, but sometimes the boss will go out to pay for each other, will return to the company to go home, I have encountered several times.

However, at least 11, 12 o’clock ~~ Returning to the topic ~ Just fight with her, there is a time, time has changed, and it has already reached the time, colleagues have begun ~~ “Abel ~ you don’t leave ~~”

“Hey ~ I have a duty to stay behind, I want to go today.”

“Then let’s go first. If you want to help you buy dinner?”

“Oh ~ No, you don’t know, you will go first.”

At this time, I think of it, you still don’t hurry, wait, I still have a show ~~~ Oh, after the colleagues go, she is still a person who is sitting quietly, I am quietly walking. When she arrived, she didn’t find me because of concentration. People said that serious women were the most beautiful, and they didn’t leave, watching an OL set.

Focusing on the computer, two snow-white hands are tapped with the keyboard, playing a document report, really beautiful ~~~ In fact, from the past, her parents quarrel, break up with my boyfriend, work unhappy. All the way, I am always his best listener, I originally have a men and women, and I just finished my feelings, but I was in my work, so I was in my mind.

I have never been romantic, and there is no so-called true confession. The two are already used to it. I have to eat a meal together. I will return to my home and talk to each other. I have been helping each other, I haven’t paid to me. It seems to have a feeling of her feelings, just want to take care of her, guard her.

I don’t know if my mind is the same as me?

However, from the things that have just been in the safe ladder, I think maybe she also thinks like me eight.

嘿嘿 ~ !! Wait a challenge to see it ~~~ Just when I want to get God, she has completed the work in hand, and the knock on the hand is coming to me, call me ~ “~” I I was scared by her. “硍 ~ ~ What is it to scare me ~”

She replied; “I see that you are in that, I found that Yuan God is already coming, hurry to help you catch back.”

“People are so good, you are still so fierce for me”

“Okay ~ Ok ~ I’m sorry, I am not intentional.”

“I ignore you ~~~~~> <"

Worse ~ bad ~ I am really angry, it seems that I have to make the final fighter ~~~ “When you ~ when you ~ when you ~

I took out her lace half-transparent Siwil water blue trousers swayed two times in front of him.

That is, I immediately put it back in my pocket ~ she is asged: “Hello ~ here is the office, what is it to do, what to do!”

“Reassured ~ I have just seen it first, all people are gone.”

“And the glass door has also been locked inside.”

“嘿 ~~ this! You call you to break the throat, no one will come to you”

I have to put it down to her. At this point, I started to play the play code in the office gangster.

I didn’t expect that she was also fit, [email protected] @ “Ah ~~ Ah ~ !! Don’t ~ Help ~!”

“Who will save me ~” She shouted ~ while starting with me to play ghosts in the office, we chase it ~ I came to the office of the general manager ~~ In fact, in this company Not much, all employees added more than twenty people, and I am also the first batch of companies in the company, so I know everything about the company.

The boss has a office, with a general manager, and the rest of the people are open space.

After the owner of the office, the owner of the office will not be locked, and the two people have a three-seat sofa chair for access to customers.

Because the company only has the boss to return to the company’s habits, although the time is still so early, the boss will have a certain entertainment at this time, but in case, I will choose the battlefield in the office of the general manager.

After chasing the general manager’s office ~~~ She is slightly tired because of running, sitting on the sofa resting.

“Hey ~ I can still run in this way.”

“Don’t come over! You don’t come over! I have to call it !!”

“You call it ~ You call it ~ I just like you to resist, the more you resist ~ I am more excited ~ hahaha”

At this time, she really shouted; “Save ~~~ Life ~~~ Ah ~~~~~”

When it was late, it was so fast, just when she was “ah”, I yelled, I have pounced in him, and I seal her mouth with my mouth. I saw her ~ He also opened him. Give your little hand and light my chest, but when I am strongly turning into her mouth with the tip of the tongue.

His hands have changed to hook my neck, I sometimes absorb his tongue to follow the lips, sometimes taking a kiss between her neck and her ear.

At this time, she began to be very light and beautiful. I stopped the action ~ I asked in his ear ~ “Can you?” She nodded slightly; “Well”

“In fact, I have to pay attention since this day, you are so gentle, good care for me.”

“When my parents quarreled, you will help me in the first time.”

“When I am in a bad mood, you will tease me soon.

“When I work is not smooth, you will secretly help me to exclude.”

“When I have a cold, you are like a little bites.

“So I know, you will not bully me in the future, right!”

I replied: “Of course, if you can ~ I will cherish you, love you, protect you, take you …”

“I believe you is, forgive you, don’t dare to bully me.”

“My little girl, I am going to bully you now! 嘿嘿 ~ 大 野 要 来 小 小 小 䁖”

At this point, I took off my suitcase, paved on the cold leather sofa, and then picked her to lying on the coat, I began to kiss her ear, she closed his eyes, hand hook Live my neck, sometimes touch my earlobe, when I dial my hair. And I kissed her neck bones in her neck. The other hand did not install in her calf inside the tour, at this time he is a bit because it is difficult, the body begins to twist, and my kiss is coming When I arrived at her chest, I first kissed the chest kiss outside the shirt.

Declined the two buttons of her shirt on one hand, showing a full set of water blue lace with her trousers, (because of usually chatting, all her underwear is Wear this brand)

I don’t have a somatan in his underwear, OL is not the same as a class.

It is particularly fragrant from the head to the end, and even the lingerie is delicate and fragrant.

And my other hand moved toward her inside on her thigh.

The other hand is to care about her ear ~ sometimes touches its lips. Just as I don’t 安 分 手 朝 地 地 地.

Al ~ How did you wear a small trousers ~ rely on ~ I thought that my trousers were still in my suit pocket ~~ I am really Arou.

I first caught the small forest in his triangle, and then came to the two little buds.

Wow ~ The natural spring in the small hole, the positive source is endless, and I quickly explained her armor under the back of the hand.

I pulled up her water blue Sivill ~ revealing two small hunters.

That’s right, it’s almost the same as the general woman, and the left is small than the right. Double peaks are very strong. At this time, I couldn’t help but a little, “Ah ~” She also shy.

Follow it. I started to open the fire, I deeply contracted the nipples who had already unwisted with her side, calm down the small head of her on the other side.

And the other hand, is of course not idle, I used the fingertips to slow down in her two little buds.

At this time, her snoring was more urgent. The lower body began to twist, and the feet were closed, sometimes it was fine, I saw it, ready to be the final attack, I will slow my left hand. The touched pockets poured out in the small hole of the love liquid.

The more you are, the more you feel the bottom of Yongquan.

At this time, I will refer to micro bend, and I will fall in the direction of about 45 degrees.

That’s right ~ I really explore the charming and cute little meatball, so I gently dialed two times, her reaction is more fierce.

I am accelerating the rhythm. At this time, another hand quickly pulled his suit skirt to the waist.

Her whole private part, was shamefully blocked by me, and I put her hand softly, I was ready to come to a foreplay happyend ~ I will open her feet to open her bows. Going low, first use the tip of the tongue to put her little pearls to make it out, I started to return to the little beads, at this time, her breathing begins to be crazy.

And the mouth also begins to relatively gallbladder: “Well ~ um ~ Well” “Don’t ~” “Well ~ Well”

From her breathing, I will know how much it is almost, I have done the last sprint, I will hide the tongue in her bud, the little beads, and keep in the back and back, sometimes gently, sometimes Light, exude a faint laundry! I will explore the tongue to her small hole, and the other hand keeps the tip of her.

At this time ~ she has been able to feel itchy, and the upper body climbs up and put my hair when I use my hand.

Something to try to stop my tongue from continuing to lazy, and her 呻吟 is also shy “um ~ um” to more exciting “Ah ~ Ah”

At this time, my words, I have already strongly swollen, I got up ~ I didn’t get a few shirts, but I didn’t finish it, I went to unlock the belt, and I took the suit pants with my underwear to back to my knee. At the point of 16 centime, I added a swollen head.

It should be sufficient to use it. At this time, she first used her little hand to be caressing two times, then kissed it in front of it, and I took his long hair back to the ear feet, and careped her face. At this time, she immediately got the time when they were launched.

I sent a little involuntary sound, she saw I almost enjoyed like, harder feedback to me, her first kiss from the head, then continued down to the roots of my most sensitive areas in one hand and stroking fingertips head, a full latch onto the bottom of my balloon, sometimes stroking, sometimes with suction, at this time, because I also extremely comfortable, and the night slowly out of love, then my head is swollen almost to explode . I never lost its sense of desires – I put her lying back on the sofa, feet arched slightly open, I knelt on the carpet, Fu Xiashen go.

At first I also first with swollen glans slippery dawdle back and forth in her Xuekou, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly, and this time, she closed her eyes and began to issue “ah, ah ~” moaning sounds.

I see the potential I have formed – the hot cock slowly moving forward, because foreplay do enough Kansai, which the humidity has reached the meeting point, but because of swollen head, at first there are cards live, but I am a bit of a turn, and then move one, half a cock all buried in her crypt, at the beginning, not as I do not slow pumping only half the depth, two hands are pitching back and forth stroking her Rujian.

Then she cool eyes still shut, lips slightly open softly moaned.

I see the potential – and then forced a waist, all buried in the crypt of her. She gave a high-pitched cry: “ah ~”

Then I start with my famous three shallow thrusts with a deep, deep into every time, she always will issue high-pitched “ah” sound.

Then I re-accelerate the rhythm of thrusts, she also suffered the issue: “ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ ah”

Then he thrusts because joy, with my hands clasped hands so, I also leveraging her upper body slightly from the inside, with high-speed Choucha.

After a while, I will lift him back to me, back into style – first her buttocks a little poke, inserted only in the whole, the first to go under, she also issued a high-pitched “ah “sound, I grabbed her from behind with both hands, both hands on her wrist, ready for faster thrusts, each and I have the whole branch is fully inserted, but also because of the high-speed Choucha, my belly with her hips had a collision, “pop! pop! pop.”

Because of this wonderful sound of joy, so this is one of my favorite position.

“Pop! Pop! Pop” sound folder with the “ah ah ah”

This is the best symphonic interlude sex Ah ~ After a while another child so I was not brave friends, can continue thrusting one hour off, with locations in the reasons for the company’s office, I looked from time to time to probe movement, so continuing Choucha about twenty, my feeling has emerged.

So this time I again against her in exchange for lying posture on the couch. Her legs held high shelf in my shoulders, hands and kept stroking her nipples, started the final sprint.

Because it feels more and more obvious, so every time more and more deeply inserted more vigorously, but also because of deep and rapid insertion her series of moans “ah” sound almost approaching the zero bound point.

As she kept a series of “ah” sound again and again: one side off to say: “Man … home … OK … not … a … friends …” and then “ah … ah … ah …”

“Good good deep … deep … so deep it … Ah …. Ah. Ah … ,,,,.”

“I’ll go, too.” ~~ “I’m going to 䁖”

“Ah … not inside Oh … ah … ah … ah … ah …”

Then I began to have shortness of breathing with ~ ~ Finally, while most violent thrusts, I feel has come, my penis swelling even more hot.

I quickly pulled out, so that sperm do not accidentally flow into, and then in one hand and stroking her nipples at the edge of one hand and pumping his hand to get his own.

Then the full hot shot all over her wheezing and shortness of ups and downs due to chest.

I put her pillow in my arms, on her forehead and gave her a kiss – she also affectionate kiss me back, I reached into the pocket of his suit out of her that small pants, “Well you ~ small pants can pay you back 䁖 “

“You really hate thick yeah.”

Once again, I will be deeply influx her arms …………. And on her forehead gently give her a kiss.

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