1, the beginning “Let’s let go!” A noise office area, Aji hugged the yellow big carton, the bottom of the foot fell on the floor, and the carton rolled out a hands and tied it. Woman behind. She is standing on the floor, the naked body is shining in the light, and the chest is standing in the chest. The charming head is unpredictable, the crystal spit from her The sauce plugged in the cherry mouth of the black slurt.

Assistant Han Jibing, some people have already recognized this woman, but the eyes were attracted to the mysterious darkness of her body and open!

“Go to work!” The director of the office appeared to Auntie: “This is just a game. Assistant Han Ruo Bo has signed a dedication agreement!”

“Amate!” In the Office of the President, Xiayu’s clothing is dropped, and the white carcass makes a man who has a dry tongue: “I heard that you have been playing a fun game recently!”

“Is it!” Amateon mouth water, there are many people who know this matter.

“Just Aji accidentally knocked the box!” She smiled and said: “If you modify the rules of the game, I can also play this game with you, I think your little secretary rolled out from the carton. The look is very attractive! “

A few days later, Xu Xiaoxi naked the flesh hanged in the center of the president, and finally got a sexy body, and the beautiful red lips were slightly smashed, and a black. The high heels were dropped from her seductive lower body on the ground, the clear urine, and wet her sexy black stockings.

“Boss!” Agi is like a big carton, and the chairman of the office teacher, Xiaoxiao, charming, let him surprise hidden.

“Forgot to tell you!” I don’t have to use a carton today: “A full face is a smile, Xiaizhen has a better proposal!”

The noise office area is suddenly quiet, and the office teacher Xu Xiaoxi is dragging from the president office. The exquisite body opens all the restrictions. The lower body of a wolf is not allowed to think about it. The fragrant and excitement in the room.

And who can think of it, the legend of the fragrant in this city has always been from a woman’s sense of a woman.

2, promoted “Really like this?” I tried to look natural, the urgent breathing is still selling me.

“I know you like it!” Amatere skirt opened my skirt, in order to talk today, I didn’t wear anything below: “If it is successful, you are the company’s youngest sales officer, Xu Xiaosi.”

Three months ago, after the departure of the former sales, I have been a proxy, but I have not officially appointed.

“What about failure?” My voice has been trembled. The man has been with the thighs I have led to proud, exploring my most sensitive zone: “Don’t you feel very interesting? Xiaizhen’s body appears downstairs The look of the hall will make a lot of people interested in? You can treat him as a game. “

This is a game. I suddenly remembered a female staff who was executed in this building. The beautiful body was dragged out of the office, hanging in the air swing, puncture on the metal pole, they are not playing such a game . The body is made into a variety of delicious, and the photo of the execution is posted in the forum of the building. I sometimes even thinking. In fact, there is such a desire in each woman, as long as the conditions are allowed, it will explode come out.

“It sounds really good!” I also can’t control my body, and a hot flow was sprayed from the wet ramp. The man’s hand is boiled and the pink petals have a rhythm. In the dull water, a touch of red halo climbs my cheek. Others are very handsome, and the son of the group president, even the company is also playing to him, giving him a lot than those of those who are old.

“Xu always, is we next do you have something to do!” He faded his pants, showing a huge male root, put the refundable, I was pressed on the edge of the desk, the burning gas sprayed on my face, rough The tongue is skilled to open my mouth, the root of the rushing male is no resistance. In the open office space of a wall, those who will not imagine them, their boss is in order to promote their own flesh and the big love games that are playing with the dangerous games.

I have never thought of myself and a man so crazy, the table, underground, the cabinet or even a thin office door, all of each of our battles. Although the sound pressure is very low, I believe that someone is heard outside. “You are a good prey, go there at night!” After I have already, I don’t hung in the desk, the white carcass, Fengrun’s peaks and the mysterious Glen is appreciated by him.

“Can I choose not to go?” The dignity of a woman made me choose resist.

“There is no such opportunity tomorrow!”

————————– The second day, the company’s seating area, the naked woman squatted on the cruise station, taking long white neck card in the circle In the hole, a pair of crystal jade arm is tied to the body, the two snow-white legs are securely fixed, and the full juicy private parts are not advisable to wait for the man’s insert, the only regret is to cover her appearance. Butterfly mask, although the pointed chin still makes people look bright, but also let the people who have seen her true male employee – this is me, Xu Xiaoxi, the company is today’s public welfare, a competitor company Losing the body of the body with Amate. Our lies cheeks the company owners, the price is my mouth by a sleeper filled with the round hole, and a silk crystal spit can not hold from the corner of the mouth.

I have to admit that today is a wonderful day, wearing a long-heeled black leather boots, is touched by Amate from the underground garage, waiting for the elevator at all people. Or both eyes, or so calm, from time to time, don’t know how many men have fallen over the eyes, even if there is a mask to block the appearance, the hot eyes still let me sit in a needle felt, a humid lower body I can’t stop the love liquid. Several Among the familiar bosses were turned around the elevator at the door of the elevator, sometimes I would even think that if it really fails, this is also a wonderful experience.

Fixed a metal push train with a hike stops next to the header, if it fails, the man will puncture my headless body to the top of the pension. I can even imagine that it is pushed downstairs in the hall, everyone will know that the naked woman in the morning is the beautiful woman in the building, but this is not important for me.

“She is a very special woman!” Amounts are suspended to the river: “Last night and several men have been carnival late at night!”

The company’s male members are all very busy. At this morning, they have received the day’s task instructions as the completion task reward, and each male staff will get a chance to come from behind and the woman on the back and the header.

As the props of this game, the crossbar is completely controlled by Zhiza, each of the male members who have received my service must be scored above, and the smart brain generates a random number based on this. Different, the sales department’s employee points will be recorded in a positive manner, while other departments are negative, and for fairness points, it will be added by the fact that the total number of people will be added. Now I have a 100-point initial value, when When this score becomes a negative value, it is the moment of my head, if you persist in the end, I will get the opportunity to be promoted.

Department work efficiency proves your performance, employee points indicate that they are satisfied with your body, although this statement is very pulled, I still agree – this longitudine still has a random decision to cut off the function of women’s head, I don’t want to do so, at least I have confidence in my own ability.

Fortunately, the whole morning, in addition to the mission of Amate, I can do the task of the day. As a boss, he gives himself a few documents.

“Hey, Xia Yi!” He didn’t choose from behind, but moved the card in his mouth to his neck. I just wanted to talk, but I was firmly blocked by his huge meat stick: ” Don’t forget, talk about it! “

Inserting the things in my throat, I can’t help but hurt, if you are now, maybe his little and still have to cut with my head.

“I want to give you a full score, so that you are almost seven or eighty points.” His things did not scrap in my mouth, a suffocating feeling made me fear, I even I think, I may not die on the cruise station, but this is alive. I struggled hard, but because the limbs were bonded, it seems that it is just like to have a twisted buttocks that are unsatisfactory, and this is more exciting.

Amation is getting faster and faster. It seems that it has not been completely erupted last night, and the white foam can’t overflow from my mouth, and it is full of delicate red lips. A burst of hypoxia dizziness makes me fear, really want to end? My body suddenly excited, the wet ramp was submerged by a wave of tide, and the urine sprayed in the bladder was stored on the morning, and the crystal liquid passed a wonderful arc in half air. I have never thought about it. One day, I will see this scene in the company’s seating area, and the old Liu Wei, who cleans the health. Even if the state of shame is on the cruise station, I am still a beautiful and charming in their hearts. Professional woman.

“True!” Old Liu Yu, did not know that I said, or the urine of the same place. At this time, arrived from my throat, hot semen shot into my mouth, I seized the opportunity to open the mouth and gasless breath, let him shoot the remaining semen in my mouth.

“Xiayu, you are awesome!” Amate did not help me clean the darkness on your face, re-gave me a mouth, and I came once again, this is full of satisfying me 10 points.

The second value of the second completed the task, his mission today is to cut the entire office area. It seems that the old man who has never imagined a meeting with him as if the old man who has never imagined it, as if it is a chicken blood, the crazy thrust makes me feel that the cave should be exploded, and the strong semen shoot me. When I was in the body, I got a climax with this old man. I have a feeling that he didn’t touch a woman at least once.

What makes me feel is extremely angry, this old thing actually only gave me 5 points – although this is likely to avoid the destiny I have been beheaded.

At noon, some male members who have eaten god couldn’t help but see my company welfare, a naked body squatted on the cruise station, only high heel boots not only did not enactment Added a bit of demon and sexy.

“Akang! You are not afraid of today’s mission!” But when he stood behind me, it was like a stinky boy who did not see the world, and she was staring at the private part, and she couldn’t help but plug in a finger.

“Reassure, you have to do it over an hour! If Xu always invites time to leave today, I have completed the task now!” Akang responded loudly.

“What is the relationship with you Xu!”

“There is a beautiful woman, it seems to be eye-catching, and you will be able to live!”

“呸, 马 屁!” 」箐箐啐 他 道:” Xia Wei is not in today, you are also white, I told her tomorrow, you stare at the woman, watch her, don’t give you shoes! “

“Now not to see, I can’t see my head.” He is still unfolding in my lower body, and two men’s residual semen flow from open hole: “Xu always trusts her most trust I, your rumors are not useful. “At this time, his Xu always hates him with his skin.

“I listened to the boss to say that this show decided to decide whether to deal with women according to the employee.” 箐箐 箐箐 箐箐 道: “Don’t look at the body for a while!” Two people’s dialogue made my heart, I suddenly There is a feeling, it seems that Arms didn’t want me to live today.

The male staff gradually left, leaving only some female cleansing here for my head, hip hop, pick up the camera from all angles, I have to send it to the Internet.

In about one or two in the afternoon, land-registered continued to have employees to complete the work to enjoy welfare, they are all employees of other departments. Eroerate sexually loves my fear, a bad premonition is still rising in my heart. The score is a cold reduction in the intersection of the brain. Although I can’t see it, I have already felt that you seem to have two people, and the knife will ruthlessly fall into my delicate neck.

Another male staff came out after I was ventilated in my body, perhaps because of my nervous, he felt is not very good, only eight points, but I still in my heart.

Silent only, I can only hear my heartbeat, the barntable station did not enter the dealer, and at this time, Akang’s arrival made me breathless, I suddenly found that he is still very cute!

In the next two hours, more and more staff members who completed the task, and even started a short team in front of the crossburst. I could silently calculate my own probably points. I came later, this is already expected when a wave of waves came. This is already taken, and I don’t need it, one pick one. The man root makes me an opportunity to talk at all, and several male staff have developed my back court. My rectum is also filled with hot semen. In order to ensure that I can continue to serve, the personnel department is injecting a plot of a plot to supplement physical strength and a hermit. The guy gave me very much, my heart silently, it seems that this has become a glory, but the body has reached the vertex again under the impact of men behind men.

“Beep, Dudu!” A harsh alarm sound made me confused, the dazzling red light made me uncleang – the damn guy was very important to send me.

It really will cut off my head. After all, I suddenly found it. In fact, from yesterday, a hidden desire has been deceived. I remembered the weird smile in Amia. He didn’t think about me?

“Okay!” Amanica, everyone saw that the broken head office declaration has been launched: “Here I have important news to announce!” The rest is calm, all employees stop the hand, work is working. Employees are also notified.

“In fact, I am lying today, this woman is not a competitor’s senior, but!”

Amaten the mask on my face.


“Xu Yang!”

Amazing voice sounded, and Akang was smashed, suffered, it was suffered, today really gardid shot to the horse leg.

“Today’s thing is completely my efforts and Xiaizhen to encourage the company morale. I am deceiving everyone’s behavior, as compensation, this evening, the company will hold a grand staff in Tianxiang Pavilion, the main dish is Xu Xiaoxi. “The rest area sounded a cheer.

I didn’t poke in his lie, because I am also a creser who is lie, and how to say, voluntarily dedicated to losing the body to be more decent, although it is already a luxury for me now. .

“Hey, here a Xiaizhen’s dedication agreement, immediately fax a building property management office, snow, calling Tianxiangge, let them come down at home at 5:30 pm!”

Everyone retreated on me, the public is nothing, their beautiful moving Xu is in the case of this shame in the cruise station, the secret of the woman is not reserved until the exposure to everyone. Watch, she will confirm what wonderful and fragrant with their own life, maybe this is the meaning of this game, I don’t know why I will generate this strange idea, the body Excited under its trend.

“You still have the last wish!” Among the voice sounded in my ear, “I think, or let Akang finally taking my” Horsearf “!” I do my best to shake your own full hips. The name of this image brings a smile, and Akang is shameful to be launched by them.

“Xiayu, it seems that you are committed to bankrupt!” Ama Mani came to my ear: “But another wish is going to be realized!”

I just want to refute to a hurting male root again full of mouth, skilled moves, let me guess he must do this.

The shackles of the thighs and waist are unsatisfactory, I think this is mostly to make me look more sexy. Akang’s movement is tender and firm, but it is full of enthusiasm. He pulled my arms, and the strong bordered from the back hook, the solid body hit my full hip and made a slap. He is crazy in my body, and the burning meat stick is usually with the hot passion, bringing me a burst of soul. This is my last time, I whimped, the wet routing tried to hurry the things, the charming body was crazy in his wild impact, climbed another peak from a peak.

A Man took a man root from my mouth, a thick semen shot on my beautiful face.

“Goodbye, Xiayu, your temple I settled!” A man put the red button and pressed, in his smile, I seem to see my full juicy diamond Take it. Excited excitement in the body is released, but I have no chance to enjoy it. The sharp knife did not hinder my neck. I could I felt that an unprecedented yin sprayed from the depth of the uterus, and the beautiful head was already in half an air. The last moment of life, I used this angle to observe my own sprayed body crazy with men to make love, lost the splint to the binding of it reflected, full of charming lower abdomen crazy creeps, round The thigh slices are separated, and I am in love, I seem to see my fat and beautiful, I don’t know how tired sucking …

Until many years, the company’s staff can remember the charming body of Xu Xiaoxi lying on the ground, she created and kept the record of this building, and the headless body struggled on the ground and pulled out one after two minutes. Bubble urine.

“She is the most energetical woman!” Akang placed the head of the company in the corporate photo every time I saw Xiaoyu’s plasticization.

“But I prefer her to bake it!” Every time she sang against Akang, until a certain day she was also cheated on the cruise station.

3, Xiao Wen “Chen, this is also to take the right!” I was in concerting the creative of the advertising creative, I was suddenly interrupted by a familiar aroma, the administrative assistant Xu Xiaoxi reclined on the desk, the body is slightly, Feng Yu The waist is bent into a beautiful radians, and the round hips are exhausted under the package of the black sleeve. She is a beautiful woman, knows how to create beautiful, today, today, the mature sexy dress does not know how many people want to wear.

I can’t help but swallow the saliva, remove the eyes from her neckline white flowers, and recognized in this office, the same sexy in front of me, this is not a good sign. Since I want to upgrade the news of the vice president, this woman is called a man, and there is no good thing every time.

Although I have to admit that her body is really charming, in an unexpected overtime, we have a very wonderful super friendship relationship between our two, but this does not mean that she can put the work that belongs to her. On my head, I recognize the busy people here.

A hot eyes made me threatened, and she is grateful to put a thick file on my table: “I have sent you a mailbox!”

“Before this, you should take a closer look!” I came to face.

“Master, people have important things today, and then, I have seen it several times last night!”

Her face innocent looks let several colleagues have died in the jealousy, but I have not been deceived by her chu, even if it really thought she saw himself, others didn’t know, I Know that this sexy female assistant, the sexual fantasy object of most male colleagues in the office is in fact that the chairman is banned. I have a heavy cough, and those who read the lively guys are busy to install it very busy.

At this moment, the mobile phone 嗡 on the desktop shook, Xiaowen sent a text message, mobile phone screen, girlfriend wearing a white chiffon long shirt, showing a sweet smile on his face, showing a pair of cute little dimples. She is one meter six eight, inherits Lanfang women’s petite body and white skin, and the smashing of the little waist, the straight-long thigh, but has a full chest, although it is not very similar to the mountain dew, That sharp breast can give me a different enjoyment every time.

I picked up the phone, a photo of the photo, white wall, red work, made me remembered their company president’s office, a bad premonition raised my heart. Woman in white coat and shirt squats on the desk, a black skirt is pushed into the waist, sexy hips are emitting seductive brilliance, two snow-white legs shame, pink underwear is pulled to The knee position, my big brain seems to be blown up, the underwear is not Xiaowen just bought it last week! But see one hand separated her two petals, showing wet meat.

“What is!” Xiaoxi came over and didn’t mind this is my privacy. I have rushed to pick up the mobile phone, but I was also marked out by her: “Master, if you do this, I will help you keep secret!”

She mysteriously: “Go hours to browse the yellow website!”

“You talk about it!” I also void.

“Don’t worry, I will be a woman who will never leak secrets!” Her mysterious smile and said something that makes me ponder – the reputation of this woman, I have always reserved attitude . The fascinating female secretary Xu Xiaoxi said that he turned and left, the round hips wrapped around the sleeve in the sleeper, high heel shoes, a few small young stupid, the heart, the heart of the tender, even I can also guess Her face is a smile of victory.

After I left here, I entered the president’s office after I walked away. I was dark. I know that this woman often lives in the office and the boss in the office of the sound insulation. Others see her smartly, but I have not completely dissipated from the pleats on her shirt. The flushing shows some unusual caring.

Xiao Wen is 22 this year than I am three years old, and all the tenderness and virtues of traditional Lanfang women are also a girl who likes to pursue exciting. As early as I met me, she had already had a boyfriend, and she also said that I have already played with many men when I was in college. But her beauty and cute still loves me in love with her, I don’t care about her past, and even she is “stealing” outside, maybe it is too beautiful, I am too beautiful. Every time I always comfort myself. And in addition to some open, she is impeccable, even my parents praise the daughter-in-law.

“Brane, don’t you think this is interesting?” She always said that after she played a very beautiful little girl and I played a double flight with me, I gradually agreed with this kind of saying, and sometimes sometimes There will be some faint excitement. In the past few days, I heard that she could also have a good thing in the office, and even a few photos were pressed on the table.

“It was played again!” I pressed the sending button.

Men’s heavy breath, moving ringtone ringing, woman with lotus root on the desk, white jade arms cropping, white flowers hip meat in man’s shock, soft waist in man The body’s oppression is tightly rubbed on the desktop, and the two snow-white jade rabies are pressed into flat.

The woman finally touched the mobile phone, opened the short-term in the rapid nasal sound: “Hey, Liu, you lose!”

She handed her mobile phone to the hard work: “My husband is not awkward!”

“For you to win!” The man took the mobile phone in her hands and saw that one hand all sent her black and black, revealing her exquisite ear snow, long white jade neck. Her name is Xiaowen, the company’s Human Resources Department Assistant, her delicate cute conquered the company, and let himself can’t extricate themselves.

At this time, her beautiful face is headed down, and the white shoulders are slightly twisted. It seems that there is a big fun thing, as a bet, the man is going to her panties to go home to see my wife.

“It’s a fairy!” The man pulled her handsome head, gently kissed on her exquisite ear, plugged in her body, and there was a rhythm.

The morning work is boring and busy, so that I am strange that Xiaoxi has not come out again, and there are several strangers in the main office, and they just have just, the brand of the brand is called Go in.

The staff of the office area seems to have discovered the same, a doubtful gaze to invest in the president, but see the king halfway and retreat from the door, hands holding a pair of crystal jade, how is this back? Things, I can’t help but hold it.

That is, the snowy thigh, the fruitful hips, a tempting pink of the two legs, the snow white belly writes a few big characters with black pigment pen, a pair of 34D halver let me have a familiar feeling, She is! The woman’s head is squatting, two eyes are circle, a silk crystal saliva is born from the mouth of her, and the neck is shocking about everything.

I suddenly remembered the rumors that has been ignored. From decades of voluntarily, they have passed the Congress, there are some professional women who have signed a dedicated agreement and the company’s management staff to play a special Death games, although there is no difference in theory and selling themselves to the restaurant, it is obviously more exciting and fragrant. They were killed after office hours and men’s carnival, and the body moved from the office to the office to wait for the restaurant to charge, I have listened to Xiaowen to say, this is a shame for women, but I think excited. matter.

In fact, there are few people who live in this city to know these rumors, or it as a tea after the meal, or in my mind – a beautiful and charming female secretary suddenly has one day, it is not hanging from the office. The stunning.

“Said Xu Xiaoyuan!” I finally saw a few big words on her belly. The beauty in this office used this way in front of everyone, and she was obscen to her male staff. It seems to be because it is too tired, the little king stops to breathe, Xiaoxi’s charming flesh is lying in the center of the office area, between the two legs, white liquid from her bright red meat hole淅淅 淅淅 的 的.

“Don’t worry, I will become a woman who will never leak secrets!” I suddenly remembered that she was strange in the morning.

The ringtone ringing again: “Husband, I will be dead!” She attacked the lower body, under the mating of the milk, the snow white belly wrote a few black big characters in “Sao Winter Wen”.

“No!” I shouted in my heart and rushed out of the office in all people surprised!

“Miss Winter, everything will be done according to what you said!” A man unplugged Xiaowen’s underbidden wooden stick, and explained her to her binding.

On the computer screen, the naked woman is on the ground, a nylon belt deeply into her snow white neck, the rich body is tightly clamped in the meat stick in her body, two snow white At the thigh, she is Xu Xiaoxi, just being dragged out of the office like a dead dog like a dead dog.

“This woman is already over, when do you start!” A hoarse voice came out of the speaker, on the screen, the Xiassi has broken the gas, a 20-year-old boy coming in, an incredible Woman looking at a woman lying on the floor.

“Miss Winter, you will be like her soon!” The man gave the camera to Xiaowen, handed her a glass of red wine: “You are the most beautiful woman in my doctor!”

“I think, you won’t talk to me!” The bright red wine is going to her beautiful red lips, adding a few seductive temptations.

“This wine has been helping the medicine!”


“So now, let’s get started!” The man took the wine glass in her hand, and the rude open her delicate red lips …

“Faster, I urge you!” Let’s put it to the driver a few hundred yuan banks. A Zhang from Xiaowen’s mobile phone is like a magic mantry, and the suffocation of suffocation is excited, let me feel the excitement of shame. I have spent it every minute. Fast, then two streets, a photo makes me close my eyes – Xiaowen separates his legs on the ground, from the back into her body, man with a white nylon tie, live her snow white Neck.

Don’t, I pray in my heart, and the taxi will stop in front of a white office building. Why didn’t she tell me in advance, why will she send me a text message, why she will be with Xiayu on the same day, my heart is chaotic, the office area, people are surprised to hide the man who comes in this, The door brugged over.

My hand trembles, and I pushed the door, and the heartbeat seems to be dragged out of the chest. Two squatting on the ground, white thighs, stunned, charming little feet tightly, a man in black suit, the whole person, is pressed on Xiaowen, a hidden, and a shares The male root has been born into her charming body. She is crazy from the snow whispering as if she wants to use the last silk force.

“Xiao Wen!” I shouted up, but stopped by a bodyguard.

“Let him let him go!” The man said that she took out the penis from Xiaowen’s body, and a white semen came out of her open small points: “You are her boyfriend! She is dead!” He is a big group Old, I instantly recognized his identity.

As if to prove his words, Xiaowen stopped struggling. Two snow-white jade arms were weak, and the satin smooth skin was soaked in the light, and the light was reflected, and the rolling buttock, The curved little waist, she seems to have a delicate art. Light yellow urine exits from her lower body, and collected into a small water in her, and a faint taste is filled.

“I think you should understand, this is just a game!

After many years, my position is more, the higher, and many beautiful female employees have played such death games. Xiaowen’s naked body is not hung by a small unhappy, the beautiful and fragrant and fragrant, but it has been firmly taking me. The most sensitive part of memory, her charming flesh is not covered downstairs, placing it in a large carton like garbage. As the rules of this game, I don’t know where she is shipped, and I don’t know how her body is handled. Until a few years later, I found a few photos about her photos in a group of old photos, a few lives, and the final background is on the restaurant, Xiaowen’s charming body and a few women were puncture together. On the metal pole, a deserted opening extends from her double milking to the ginger, that makes me fascinating in the small belly.

“Master, the main dishes of the party!” A woman who was baked into a golden yellow squatted on the dining car, and the round hips, the slim, the two full of milk, such as cooked apple Under the body, a thick and big banana inserted her open private parts, according to scaather, I seem to see Xiaowen’s shadow on her body …

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