I started thinking about what she said. I am very curious about what she said is really meaningful. I suddenly understood. Last night in the dream. I am actually eager to explore the rest of the woman. And this desire is curious to decrease because of getting up.

I once again saw her waving his arm. There is another strange smile on her face. But I didn’t find anything different. Her breast is still on the chest. Her body is also normal. At this time, Pei Ling smiled and extends directly to your own.

At this time, a terrible thought is strongly impacted my thoughts. The trembling arms slowly moved to their own legs. The palm stays in the palm. My eyes are big. The chin almost rumored. My legs is empty. Know what I mean. That is, there is no thing that there is something. My eyes look at Peping. She nodded. The face has been with a quite stupid smile.

“What you mean ……… I already have you …” I almost don’t know how to say “little sister.”

I stunned again. Especially she looks like being rushed and normal. “why….”

Pei Ling shrugged with a smile. “It’s fun.” She stared at me for a while. My inner heart is surprised to say no. Just sitting on the chair. At this time she had to swite his head. “Well. I will continue! I will try it again!”

“Try … Try it?” I feel quite absurd. I don’t know what she is implying.

She rolled the eye bead made me feel more stupid. “Try it with toilet.”

My cheeks are getting hot. And it has been red hot to the ear. She is like degenerate me. She seems to know what. After a few minutes, my heart immediately began to get an inexplicable curiosity. I have some things that have her breast experience last night. And she also knows.

“I … I don’t need to go ….” I turned and looked at the computer to hide my shy and embarrassment. She can’t help but laugh again. I know that she is now having a pleasant pleasure …

My heart has begun to tear at this time. There is an idea of ​​masturbation to her little sister. This … this is too strange. However, it is a strong idea that I am strong. It is undeniable that I actually eagerly desire to explore. Although it is said that the picture film has been seen. I have seen a real woman. Even passion gods. If I don’t want to try to see some part of my body is now. Then it is really deceived. At the same time, this thing is not mine. But Peping. The body of the body has a woman is really very special and quite different. Some people say this is a bad experience?

Although I have a hobby that peeps and appreciates Ling Ling. But I don’t have much interest to feel the feeling of her body sleep. simply put. I already have Xiaozhen enough. Appreciate Petaling and other women. Just like watching the car. The racing is very interesting but I will not crazy to go to the suicide car. Just like the flight is a dream. But in terms of security, you will have to give up. I have never thought about dancing with Peping’s body. Of course, even one or two will have such a fantasy.

There is an opportunity now. Everything is so true. Little Toy and I have experienced her breasts last night. What is different? Maybe just spanning the sensory boundaries that I have never had. breast. Yes. She has let us have to enjoy the different feelings. Is that if it is a genital? But this is. What can Xiaozhen and I do?

My inner heart is in a shy and desire. On the other hand, Pei Ling is boasting her changes. This has also repeatedly reminds me that it is not the same. However, I will determine that I can absolutely can’t surrender. I can’t see her organs.

My determination lasted for more than an hour. I didn’t drink three cups of coffee in the morning? Yes. My bladder has already issued a warning. I am nervous to look at Peping. She seems to be serious in reading documents. I hope that I have not been discovered when I leave the position.

“I remember to sit down.” Pei Ling’s eyes stared at the computer suddenly ghostly showing a sweet voice to me.

I am red. The toilet is very close to the office. I first check that every compartment of the toilet is empty. Even if she speaks loudly. But no one notes all this. I don’t want any errors. Not only is my feet in my feet. And you must use a man’s toilet.

Just Wailing reminded why he was in the ear. It’s true that this sentence is very nature. I am still very natural to the urine. Start pulling down. A burst of exploration, let me suddenly return to God. There is neither old two in an empty panties. There is no egg. In other words, unless Pei Ling will change me back. Otherwise, I can’t stand in my urine at all. Helpless, I have to walk into my underwear in the toilet. Just confirmed everything that Pei Ling said and he felt. In the place where I used to be two, it turned into a crack vagina. And is a complete female genital. No egg. There is no scrotum. No old two. I am screeing that I am afraid to lose this and the fear will never reply. Most boys have a terrible memory. That is to find the boy and the girl at the same time. I am afraid that one day will be castrated into a girl’s fear.

I am snoring down. At this time another question is coming. For boys. Usually sitting in the toilet and a small portion is just a small portion. The focus is to make a big bar. This is a very simple action. As long as you concentrate your hardening part, you can easily resolve. But now there is no big solution. I opened my legs down. Where did the urine come out? It is a piece of empty flat. Commercial is more sparse curls. There are two small pieces of complicated wrinkles and obvious cracks. I have never seriously examined the vagina. It turns out that she is actually composed of so many skin wrinkles. This is true and real person.

All right. So pee should be somewhere from the crack. Is ready now? But another problem is no way to target. I am thinking about how to do it. Still as long as the muscles make the urine come out? Immediately think of your feet together. It may be sprinkled everywhere! I have to try to open the feet as much as possible. Where is it right? Will you wet? So I tried to take a little to liberation with the minimum power? .

Just carefully study how the constructor of the vaginal is urinated. My bladder has reached the maximum limit of endurance. Can no longer wait. I will open my feet as much as possible. Now there is a problem now. How should muscle on the other? It is also the same as the original. Gently relax. The urine is sprayed like a clear spring. But the sound is not similar to the man’s sounds. It is a fairly eager to explode, such as toilet. I think there is anyone to come in toilet. I heard such a sound. I will open the door to see my 糗.

Fortunately, no one discovered. I can complete all this calm. At the same time, I also found the privacy facts about women. Although I really carefully. But still wet some places. When I tried to dry. I finally learned that women always insist on using soft toilet paper.

I almost wiped the place with the biggest willpower. Then pull up the underwear. Fortunately, Pei Ling exchanged the underwear to her own. She wore a bikini with lace. In order to avoid greater embarrassment and shy. I don’t want to think about other things, I will slip back to the office.

I was shocked by I entered the office. Pei Ling is stationed at the door. She looked at the wall of the wall. The face with disappointment. “How can I don’t feel it?”

I am shameful. I don’t say quietly in front of the computer.

********* After lunch break. Peping has a high-end manager meeting. At this time, I have to go to the toilet. Fortunately, she went to meet me again. Without her comment, it hits self-respect. I feel quite relaxed. Not only don’t tighten the nerves. You don’t need to look forward to it. Nature walks into the clip of the toilet. (Of course, I have to first determine no one inside.) After some experience, it is easier to solve my physiological needs. It is necessary to start drying. I decided to look carefully.

Before this, it was not a private place to read a woman. I clearly remember that my first is 14 years old. However, it is now observed from another different field of view. So I bowed my neighbors to see quite clear.

I found that it is a delicate and perfect organization. When I touched the fragment gently. A tremble feels immediately spread. It feels quite good. Yes. This should be the feeling of touching the sensitive point of woman. My left brain is doing a point-to-point analysis. This feeling is more intense than any pleasure and far exceeds the original penis stimulus. But such a strong pleasure is not just the stimulation of the surface organ. Such feelings seem to be derived from a small protrusion in the interior of the vagina. There is another thing that caused me to pay attention to the crack feeling quite warm and wet! .

All right. At this time, I have to stop my curiosity. However, in a strong trembling pleasure suddenly attacked the whole body. My self-made force is completely abandoned. I started further touching the vaginal crack. Have a higher level of pleasure respond to this action. The sexual excitement makes my breathing quite rush. Continued climax makes the whole body more and more humid. Even the level that cannot be stopped. My hand is more quickly touching. I have stepped into the psychedelic pills that I have stepped into the feeling. At this time, all the pleasure broke out. Simple sexual energy is like a bomb explosion in my body. I am unable to worry. When trying to suppress your emotions. For a while, if the emotions of the big waves, the emotions of the buckle are suddenly turned … My whole body is shocking in this huge wave. The incoming thing is the most primitive pleasure that is filled with your own legs and brain. Such energy is slowly dissipated as a man’s climax. This explosive lust finally faded. At this time, I once again touch myself. Obviously this is obviously not over. After a few seconds, another climax collapsed. Just once again.

About 40 minutes I went out of the toilet back to the office. Failed to lie on the chair. My mind is a piece of ignorance. I am surprised that I have been so long. This is what I have never experienced such a strong climax and lasting sexual excitement.

After a few minutes. Pei Ling walks into the office. She is busy sitting down to continue working. Suddenly she slowed over.

I know what will happen. I just stayed in front of the computer. There is no movement of the keyboard without blowing the keyboard. Damn it. This is obvious. My hands have no movement only, but the eyes stare at the computer screen.

Peping gave an evil smile. “What interesting thing is?” She reached out to my eyes while blinking. “Hey. Yes.” She speaks like pretend to think of something. “What should you do to her?” She laughed on her own humor. And I feel that the cheeks are hot. “Yeah. What kind of interesting thing happened over there?”

I turned my head back to the computer screen. At this time, I feel that there is a very good warm current in my legs. Like the sun, after the climax. So this reaction also made me couldn’t get angry.

Pei Ling said with a smile. “I guess it is right.” She walked over from the chair and talked to my whispered. “To be honest. I just tried it.” She continued. ” “It is really different from women. Although it is not as expected. But it is really interesting.”

…… Finished _________________ The original author wrote very well. But it is very tired but translated. I haven’t found a connection in the original text. Cattw brothers seem to have found. Help to post a link. Sustainable efforts. I hope not to change the pit! ! !

Time, Xiahe, Xiaozhen, is already waiting for me at home. When I stepped into the house, I saw her eyes blinking the eyes. After a few seconds, I think she should have a chest that I don’t have a breast. The eyes of the face are full of disappointment. She stops the movement of the cleaning pot. I jumped from the kitchen to give me a deep hug.

I know that I am afraid of retreat. This … this is really too strange! Pei Ling made my life. I can’t do anything now. Xiao Zhen clearly feels that I am uneasy in my heart.

“Is there anything wrong?” She asked me carefully.

“Well!” I swallowed the answer. “Do you also know that Peping gives me her breast?”

Xiaoyu nodded. Suddenly there is an incredible expression on her face. Her eyes are surprised to be quite huge. “No way?!”

I am full of red. “Well. Hey.” I whispered. Just shy is free.

Xiaozhen is a big mouth that is stunned. At this time, her face revealed evil smile. “So what does this more do you feel?”

It’s a mother’s shit. I can only curse my heart. If she thinks this is a humor. Then I really want to hang her. I feel that my cheeks have been blushing. I am convinced that my face is like Guan Gong. “This is …. It is really not the same.”

Xiao Zhen smiled and gave me a comforting hug. “Okay. It seems that I can’t help you this evening.”

I hugged with her tight. I really want to cry and frustration thinking about this. “You are right. It is true.”

********** A terrible dream in the middle of the night woke me. Recognizing that you are hugging behind the body. She seems to be asleep. I tried to get rid of so strange ideas. But the terrible emotion of the legs is constantly reminding that their lives will become so weird. And dreams are just the cruelty of reality. I gently turned it. Don’t wake Xiaozhen as much as possible. A few seconds later. She hugged from my back. Her arms surround my body. Chest is squeezed in my back. Soft body is close to the body is really warm and comfortable. My breathing has thus becomes very relaxed. We feel relaxed even if we are tight.

At this time, her hand moved to my waist. Let my body suddenly tighten. I am afraid to hold breathing. Did you forget? Although lying on the whole body is stiff. I breathe evenly and slowly pretended to be sleepy. When her hand skates my sports shorts. This can make me pour your tone. I will fall asleep at all. I heard Xiaozhen slight laughter. At this time, her warm and humid lips were in my shoulder. Her fingers began to explore the incredible female private parts of my legs. I feel deeper anxiety. My heart is both fear and surprised. Her palm is quite simple and sophisticated. The feeling of exciting immediately replaces the inner fear. A stimulating warm current diffuses from the legs and let me start to swear. And your breathing is getting stronger and stronger. Xiao Zhao is massaging to a fairly sensitive part. A wave of sexual waves from unspermoniously let the body turn breathed and breathed. Xiaozhen’s continued touch makes my lust to the extreme wild passion. The climax of a time is then continuous. Until my whole body is soft, just like arriving in the earth.

Finally, she finally stopped. I turned to face her. I am quite confused. The heart is both excited and fearful. But just before I want to do something. She gave me an extremely strong and incredible kiss. I immediately responded to her passion. And without defense, let her guide my hand to her own legs. In a moment, we twisted together to enter the madness of the game with each other.

********** Xiao Zhen wrapped in the eyes of a crystal eye. Her face is full of joyful light. Smile can almost dissolve endless icebergs. I responded to her smile. But I feel awkward. She immediately felt all this.

“What are you worried?”

I frowned. It seems that there is a little bit of small. “It’s just ……… this ……… well …” I wat it on the crust and continued. “Yes. I am a bit confusing.”

Xiao Zuo is a familiar smile. “What did we do?”

I nodded. “This seems to be … You are a lesbian or what is still.” I wrinkled again. “Is it really?”

Xiaozhen’s smile is even more brilliant. “Yes. I think it is very strange.” She shrugged is like saying that it is very normal to do love with a man with vaginal. “I don’t know. I think so.”

My heart feels a burst of fear. Every aspect of Xiaozhen is quite perfect before this. Now she ………. Will she be a lesbian?

She seems to know my thoughts. “No. I am not a homatics.” She responded very quickly. “I … I …. Well, I should say that I have experienced this experience.”

I have nodded slowly. I am digestive idea in digestion. “Well. No matter what experience you have, you are really great.”

Xiao Zhen said with a smile. “You are progressive. Only one day!” Her smile became a bird’s appearance. “Maybe you should ask Peping to make you do this for a few days.”

************* I have to secretly touch the company. And once again hate yourself and Pei Liling in the same department. When I entered the office. Pei Ling showed a pair of she was waiting for me. I know that I have to be able to be embarrassed by her. But Pei Ling deliberately preempts nothing. This makes me a for more than an hour. I bet that she must enjoy the pleasure of this whole. She knows that I have almost ashamed to be self-reliant. “How is Xiao Zhen feel?” She finally broke the silence.

I am very tallful before sitting before the computer. The atmosphere didn’t dare to breathe. At this time, you will be careful to turn around and face her. “Can I go back to my own?” I responded very nervous.

Pei Ling said with a smile. “Let me consider see.”

“Okay. Pei Ling. Your joke is joking. It can’t always be too much.”

She leaves to hear my answer eyes wide pearls. This time her eyes flashing a burst of light. Like I say in something. I abruptly swallowed tone. I may be bad made a big mistake. Less than a quarter of an hour. Snapped take a snap. Her head probe into the compartment said to me. “I want to make a business presentation conference center. You want to go with me?”

I look at the computer screen full report on the data. There should be enough time. Without thinking immediately nodded. As usual, very busy cooked computer data storage. Pick up off the back of the jacket. Drink a big gulp of coffee. It leaves to follow out of the office.

Two people are not usual. I only silent sitting in the car. She leaves and I get to take no further. And do not dare to talk to each other and she was positive. Lest letting her start a conversation. I’m just looking out the window thinking about the current situation do not want to set eyes on strange to see her eyes.

She Yong Shounie my thighs look. Let me come back to God. I shake his head. A stunned expression.

She leaves glanced up and down a lot. Just for me, revealing her beautiful smile. “You have a little curious is not it?” Her eyes looking at the road ahead. Left hand holding the steering wheel. Right hand on my thigh.

I looked at Pei-ling’s hand and looked up at her. There are several seconds of the time I’m almost speechless. “Yes.” I finally whispered response.

She leaves her hand back into the steering wheel. She immediately turning the car. After a few seconds I realized. We have a new destination. – her apartment.


Most of this period was down almost a text. Text written great. But up on the translation may not be so vivid. Faithful to the original as possible. Try modifications. Poorly written, please forgive me. If the response is not warm. Then please look at their original Hello! ! !

“We can not ……” So I started to find a do not agree. At the same time he says the words. A surge of curiosity actually pouring from my mind thoughts. I feel the slightest warmth filled the heart.

It leaves the car stopped and looked at me with a smile. “Yes. We can. And you also want is not it?” She paused for a moment. I was defenseless nodded helplessly. It leaves to press the remote control to enter the basement parking lot ……

I followed her into the rickety apartment. She leaves tightly holding my hand. Constantly pulling me comfort. I tried to gently unrest and inspire my guts. She opened the goalkeeper pushed me into it.

I sit on the sofa. When she pushed me and started kissing. I realized that it was all her scheduled program. A bottle of red wine grapes placed in an ice bucket. Two goblets on the side. Gas fireplace flames still burning. Curtains curtain has been put down. Rather dim light revealed a romantic atmosphere.

It leaves to stop kissing action. Poured red wine. She showed me one cup. His hands holding the cup on the other nestled in my side. “I’m curious about it.” She smiled and raised his glass near the lips.

She meant that I changed to this very curious? Or to have sex and desire Pei-ling was curious? Perhaps this wine let my thoughts become dull? I do not know how to explain it all. The only clear thing is that when we drink wine feel dizzy. My lower body is already excited. And it is not that usual feeling erections. Our body will soon entangled with each other on the couch. Our lips frantically kiss. My hands are skilled to take off her blouse and bra.

Her breasts in front of it vividly. This is the heart of the people moving endless delicious breasts. Now they are in my lips. Under flickering firelight dancing like a general in the eyes. This is like a powerful magnet. They captured my eyes and lips. On the one hand my hand gently hold the breasts. While licking my mouth sucking the nipple. Her nipples immediately excited stiff. I hugged her hands behind head. When I continued licking kneading. She held more closely. At that same time I feel more excited. An extremely wonderful warm feeling damp from my crotch legs spread.

My consciousness has been blurred. I do not remember how we stripped him of clothing. The only memory was felt her hand to explore the kinky hot between the legs should not be entered my pussy Mixue. This experience has pushed me over more dense amazing female orgasm situation. I just want to experience once again. suddenly. I saw her breasts from the gap below the waist and jumped a penis enlargement and familiar. It is her longtime friend. Out there in the others. I looked at it felt a horrible pain. She leaves are planning to use it to put it in my ah! This … this … this seems. Is not right!

It is not possible that this time is a curiosity that cannot be suppressed. At the same time, I’m eager to give me a further sexual satisfaction. She gently pushed me to turn over. Her knee touches my legs. Separate them with effortlessness. When she kneel down. I found that she had already naked. Her majestic double breasts swayed in the fire. And my old second is very high in her cross. She slowly puts the body close to me. The suspended double breast is constantly teased my belly and chest. I feel that her knees are slightly moved to make my legs more. Her fingers continue to stimulate my female honey. Such an excitement is getting more and more high, and my body reaches an explosive or climax. Although her touch brings a wave of exciting currents. But also at the same time and the attention of our weird situation. I saw Paying slowly moving the body. That big old second is like a probe needle. She smashed her knees slowly close. When everyone is close to the empty honey across the legs. I am widely shocked and scared. Peping’s chest hanging breasts kept swing. A wonderful visual tunnel forming a wonderful visual tunnel, let me see that she is approaching gradually plugged in. Do you want to insert me? ! I have to be done! My skin will touch the old two glans! I don’t know why it is. I am really … Really look forward to it. Tell yourself in the heart. I am eager to enter this firm base into an empty honey point. My curiosity has grown rapidly. I felt it at this time. Her male organs. Strong and burning. It has entered the vaginal wrinkles of the legs. I clearly know that there is quite wet ready to meet my old friends. She is very easy to plug in the old two and did not enter the honey point.

The feeling of climax is reduced. The inner heart has a retalian mentality. It should be that her feelings are now me. She is inserted into the body experience to let me come to the unknown dangerous edge. I am constantly breathing. The whole body is also trembled.

She slowly started. The wet honey hole has made it easy to turn back. The inexplicable shame made me simply. However, when her old two continued to regular pistons in the wet vagina. I also feel the shock of another sensory climax. The speed is getting faster and faster. Her second is more inserted. I clearly feel that she is full of breasts because she rhythm is bounced in my chest. I can’t help but reach yourself to grasp the pressure on which they increase the rhythm. Her piston is getting faster and faster. Suddenly I saw her eyes on her eyes. After one or two plugins. I feel her hard. At the same time, I also feel a wave of tremor shrinkage. Her old two shot a large amount of warm semen. Do not know why. Perhaps it is a reflection action. My legs are tightly crossing around her waist from their body. Let her go deep into my own legs. Until the climax slowly faded her guy’s shrinkage, he piled up the tone. Our body tangled twisted on the sofa. I do not know how long it has been. Our double lips are mad kiss. Her softened guys have been deeply buried in the vaginal point. Every slight movement makes my sensitive parts have a new feeling that cannot be speechless. I am really unwilling to let her take the guy. My legs are tightly locked and not let her come out. I actually betray my will and I hope she can stay in it. Continue to feel such a wonderful sensory stimulus. Finally, Peping is still a gently moving body. I feel that the softened penis has taken my body.

Peping took the body up. Double eyes close. I can’t help but smile. She twisted my butt without a warner. I caught my legs. At this time, her body fell back in her knees. Kneel up. She has been remained in a smile. Sliding from the sofa to the floor into a half-tone. Use only one hand and feet stretch to support the body. She waved a fun action. I saw the second horse on her body. I instantly restore the pattern of dragon live tigers. “This is the benefit of using magic.” She said with a smile. ” “So. I will let you meet me.”

I didn’t consider the invitation. Jump from the sofa to separate her legs. Directly put the wet honey in his old friend. It’s strange to look and feel. More amazing is that the old friend seems to be bigger in her body. This made me feel quite excited and expected. I don’t care anything now. The only desire is to use it to meet the new organs of themselves. I have let myself reach another climax between a moment. At this time, I slowly put down the lower body to let the legs insert her meat stick. It really rises. I can feel it overcrowded to the geese wall of the pier. I have been reluctant to be excited. Body is up and down. With the rhythm of the meat stick. Gettle faster ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I saw her eyes closed. Just as your body swing brings another climax. Also let her achieve considerable satisfaction. This has no time for too long. She also shot a lot of semen. The warm liquid shock enters let me excite the unfair body trembling. I can feel that the vaginal meat is tightly contracted with the meat. It seems to be the same as the juice in her old two. But her meat stick seems to be used to soften after ejaculation. Just when I went back. I started to move slowly. Very careful taste is a huge tide peak. I feel that the explosive pleasure is once again. Be careful and slowly let the climax stay in the peak state. Although there is a try to stop. But this climax is to let yourself stop. Because this is an experience I have not experienced such a strong sense of sensory. One, take me to another climax of another pen ink. I have continued to stop the piston movement. The feeling of going up and down is a high-spirited climax that fills the emptiness of the lower body. Peping hardly guys rubbed the top of my vaginal meat. It is even more exciting. At this time, Pei Ling is tightly horing. She once again ejaculated about two hours of home maratone sex in my honey. Pei Ling magic-like penis is not softened. The honey that I love liquid is also in the stunning state of sensitive wet desire to insert. She made me like a puppy. She is directly inserted from the rear. Day. I actually reached another incredible climax. We are with each other. finally. Per Ling said softly to go back to the company. Although I still want to go again. But the painful thigh muscle reminds you to agree. She waves hands with hands. The part that belongs to the body will return to normal. Finally, this paragraph is also a great experience.

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