Today, because of the need to entroy the system, the company has to work. Time is already 11 o’clock in the evening, and other offices have been closed. Those people have already completed the system. Only one office is still bright, there is a man and a woman in the room, male is king昊, the woman is his colleague Liu Huijuan.

Liu Huijuan is a typical sexy mature woman, aged 38 years old, a few years ago, because of her husband’s affair, she reluctantly cares about her husband, resolutely married her husband, and raised a son in the middle of the middle.

Her body is a little bit a little blessing, the full breast is always tall, but the butt is tightly tight.

Wang Yucheng and her in an office, always shaking Liu Huijuan’s full breasts and fat ass, I have long-awaited Liu Huijuan’s trousers, and I have a ripe woman in your arms.

Entering the system is a small thing for Wang Hao. It is necessary to be with him, the reason is very full, that is, he is not very familiar with Liu Huijuan.

He is now complete, but in order to stay Liu Huijuan, he creates a chance to get along with this maturity. He deliberately says that there are still many projects, and forced Liu Hui, have to stay with him. Sub-Liu Huijuan wants to go, Wang Hao has leaving Liu Huijuan with a clever excuse, after all, people are helping themselves, what is it is so embarrassed.

Wang Hao excuses his hand, the purpose is to confirm that there are other people in the company. He quickly wandered a circle in the company, and found that other rooms have been closed, it seems that no one is still there.

It’s really awkward, I can’t help but shouted excitedly in my heart, and I swallowed oral water, because he thought that he would taste Liu Huijuan, this moving mature woman, the following younger brother touched it.

Back to the office Wang Wei excuses the weather cold, put the door of the office, sitting in the computer forecast system. When you record the last project, he deliberately asked about the project, let Liu Huijuan come and watch the computer. Liu Huijuan did not know the heart of Wang Hao, walked down and lowered, and seriously saw the problem in the computer.

A woman’s scent of the fragrant arm, Wang Hao’s heart, the right hand hungs Liu Huijuan’s waist, the left hand is on Liu Huijuan’s fat buttocks, two hands start attack at the same time, and the right hand is tightly hugging Liu Huijuan In your own arms, the left hand is so hard to use Liu Huijuan’s extremely elastic beautiful buttocks. This ass is really beautiful, Wang Wei can’t help but praise.

Suddenly affected, Liu Huijuan began to struggle, but in front of the strong Wang Hao, Liu Huijuan’s struggle is undoubtedly a pleasure to add rape.

“Let’s stay, Wang Hao, what is this?” Liu Huijuan, who returned to God asked.

“What can I do, of course, I have to go to Wushan with Juan Sister.” Wang Hao smiled.

“How can this, you let me go,” Liu Huijuan is almost instinctive.

“Why can’t you, my lovely Juan Sister. We have always like you in an office.

I often hug you in my dreams, and let your delicate body. You don’t know, your blelling double milk and fat buttocks have been tempting me, it seems to be a fortunate that I am asking me. “You talk, I don’t.” Liu Huijuan heard Wang Hao’s polluating words, not for help and angry .

“Today, I finally waited for the chance, I will be good to serve you.” Don’t, you don’t want this. “

It is thought that the man who can be almost a child who can be doing his own son is almost in the age of more than a person, Liu Huijuan can’t help but feel fear, and a different feeling is also rising in your heart.

“Today, you are not allowed to be sister, I will set you.”

Wang Wei made a ruthless pronunciation for Liu Huijuan, and it also began to perform his own judgment. He took Liu Huijuan to the whole body, walked to the big office desk, put the beautiful mature woman in the arms, one hand and pressed Liu Huijuan, and the other hand explored the waist of matory women. Opened her pants. When the buttons of the trousers are unwrapped, a hot gas has emerged from the mysterious private parts of the woman, and Wang Hao is a swing.

He took back Liu Huijuan’s right hand, holding her legs, raised Liu Huijuan’s legs, let Liu Huijuan’s buttocks left the desktop, only let her lie on the body. The left hand grabbed the woman’s trousers from Liu Huijuan’s buttocks, and pulled the mature woman’s black high-end professional trousers to the leg bay.

When the trousers were taken off, Liu Huijuan felt a cool, she knew that she had been forcing to take off his pants, and now you have a black lace underwear. It is shamefully exposed to the man. She struggled more forcefully, took Wang Hao down her own trousers, Liu Huijuan broke away from the legs who were grabbed by Wang Hao, turned into the work, quickly climbing the desk, she wants to rush into the toilet , Close the door, then call alarm.

Liu Huijuan’s breakline, let Wang Hao stunned, he didn’t expect the maturity in front of him and capable of struggling with its own control. But then he took action and chased it quickly.

Liu Huijuan wearing a black underwear at this time, Wang Hao followed behind the back, looking at Liu Huijuan two snow-white thighs, and the fat hip covered with black underwear with the rush, he is A burst of excitement. Wang Hao did not hurry to catch the mature woman, but is like a cat to catch the mouse, the purpose is to see the tempting attitude of the mature woman’s pretty hip left and right.

Seeing the door to the bathroom, Wang Hao knows Liu Huijuan’s intention, did not catch her, but suddenly accelerated, first step forward to the door of the toilet, blocking the way of mature women, Liu Huijuan is too urgent, control Living in the body, I broke into the arms of Wang Hao, who had already been waiting.

“Juan sister, are you not willing to accept my favor? How to get into my arms, it seems that you are deliberately struggling to increase the sex of sex.” Wang Hao hugs in the arms Hands with Liu Huijuan, one left and right, grabbed Liu Huijuan’s left and right hip, so almost, let’s play this moving mature woman’s beautiful buttocks.

“Juan sister, your big butt is really good, than the other than the other girls who have played with my colleagues are full, more farther, I love you too much. I have to taste every day in the future. Your fart “Wang Hao is smelling Liu Huijuan hoojie’s beautiful buttocks, sincerely issued an amazing.

“Don’t, let me go, your animal” Liu Huijuan was hugged by Wang Hao, and his holy butt was immersed by this man. Liu Huijuan was firmly hugged by Wang Hao, only the lower body moved, in order to avoid Wang Hao’s magic hand, Liu Huijuan made his ass, but such a struggle is only futile.

“Juan sister, you are shaken around you without excitement, haha.” In Wang Hao, he said that Liu Huijuan struggled, but also said that Liu Huijuan twisted his ass to meet himself after being affected by sexual assault.

“Shameless” Liu Huijuan faced Wang Hao’s insults and could only say these two words.

“Haha, I am shameless, the woman in the company, as long as the ass is very good, the breast is full, I will take off their underwear and bra, let them expose their most precise parts without retaining. For me to play. Chen Mei, Huang Yin they have given my big ass to me, their ass is indeed very attractive, every time I will not help but play their big ass, every time they are in me. When you are excited, you will cry.

There are other poses with a beautiful woman, there will be one day, I will pull my underwear, let me play their ass. Today, Juan Jie, you dedicate your ass, your ass is really silky in this high-end underwear package, I really can’t take off it. “

“I don’t want, you will let me go.” Liu Huijuan heard these words, and the heart was shocked. She didn’t know that there were other women in the unit, and they would be like them like them. Play, eventually become his kind of play?

Wang Hao is still not rushing to launch the final offensive. He is just behind the buttocks of Liu Huijuan.

When the binding of the tight panties is separated, the fat and flexible hips are slightly trembled.

Wang Hao took the underwear from the mature woman, and it will be closed in the crotch of the beautiful woman. It smells it in front of the nose, like drug adding greedily to take drugs.

“Too fragrant, Jajuan, your underwear has a woman’s body incense, but also mixes a urine taste, this is a very perfect collection. I have the habit of collecting women’s underwear, of course I have collected underwear. It is not bought from the mall, but from the underwear from the woman, it is my favorite woman with a woman with its body. I already have a lot of such a collection, today my collection It will increase it again. “Wang Hao finished, put Liu Huijuan’s underwear into the pocket.

“Shamelessness, shameless, shameless”, Liu Huijuan, is not found to express his anger.

“Thank you for your praise, next, I have to taste the big ass, I want to see the assassay of Juan Juan, this is the most shameful organ, but in my opinion, this is a woman The most tempting organs. I don’t know if your asshole is like a blooming chrysanthemum. The woman who has played is not disappointed. The best is Chen Mei’s asshole, elegant like A chrysanthemum, also has a soft feces taste. “After the saying, Wang Hao hugged Liu Huijuan back to the desk, this time, did not let her ly, but let her smash like a bitch. The big butt of the snow is taller. Wang Hao sat on the chair, his face faced Liu Huijuan’s big ass. He grabbed Liu Huijuan’s hip meat and slowly woven on both sides, and a wrinkled chrysanthemum exposed from the hip groove of hidden.

“Too perfect, Juan Juan, your ass is the best.” Wang Hao saw the throat itchy, hate, can’t swallow the mature woman’s ass.

“Ah, don’t, there is dirty, ask you. I let me go.” Liu Huijuan opened for mercy, and when I wanted to block myself the most shy people. But she faced an estrus beast, her pleadings can only exchange the beauty of the beast.

Wang Hao raised his hand over the hip of Liu Huijuan, and crisp “,” sounds ever, the flexible hip meat turns on, and the snow-white ass Be a lovely pink.

“Good pain, don’t hit my ass, ah………………………………………………………………………………..

“Juan sister, you don’t obey, don’t let me play your ass, I have to accept punishment. I don’t want the ass to beaten, I will open my mouth to play with your ass” Wang Wei sent a ruthless order.

“How can you let me, I am so much older than you, I have been old, I will give you money, you go to find those young and beautiful girls.” Liu Huijuan wants to use his age to remind the animal after the animals My own violation, while taking money with money, I hope that the other side will let himself. But her abacus is destined to fall.

“Juan sister, how can you be old bead yellow, and I like the wife’s wife, Chen Mei, what is the woman who is playing with you like you is like you.

In my opinion, when you are most moving, you look at your ass, it’s big and white, and I have a heart. Rest assured, I will not disappear you, I have to marry you as a wife. Wang Wei is not moving.

“Ah, how can I be your wife, don’t, let me go.” Liu Huijuan saw Wang Hao, did not give up infringing himself, could not help but sorrow.

“Today you are in my hand, don’t want to escape my palm, you are willing to, don’t want it, your big ass is ready to play at any time in the future.” Wang Hao said, It is also a heavy hip that is playing in Liu Huijuan.

“Ah .., pain, beg you, let me go.” “You don’t speak for me, I have been hitting you for mercy.” Ah .. Ask .. Ask .. you, don’t hit my ass again , Please play with my ass. “The body and mind are hit, Liu Huijuan can only open for mercy.

“Since you open to me, then I will listen to the jail, let’s play your ass.” Wang Hao stopped his ass, leaned over to Liu Huijuan’s big butt, reached out, start to get rid of the wife Women’s ass.

It is a man who can make his own son, Liu Huijuan feels disgusting, how can this man like to play a woman’s ass, know, it is a place. Liu Huijuan smashed the man’s tongue, the asshole began to shrink, like a poor animal.

“Juan Sister, your ass is very clean, there is no trace of feces, only one bathing liquid scent, I am a little disappointed. If the fart, I should be a little feces to call the asshole, I like the fartheart with beautiful women. There is a fecal, which will form great contrast, let me be more excited. “Listening to the man’s 歪 理, Liu Huijuan is shameless, I don’t know how to answer, but the next sentence of the man let Liu Hui are fear.

“Since there is no feces in the asshole of Juan, then I will let you pull the feces in the belly. Is it good?” “No .., how can I do? I don’t want to know now.” Liu Huijuan explained.

“I don’t want to bow, I have a way, Liu Xiaomei is in the same time when I was playing with you, but I was very clean than you, but in the end, she still crying. It’s so fast. “What do you want to do with me?

Although Liu Huijuan did not know what the way Wang Hao would make himself stool, but she was afraid of her 30-year-old woman, usually manner, the stool is the most shameful thing, every time you have to carefully Wipe clean, now this is more shameful than his own man, it is more shameful, and it is also ashamed of his face. Liu Huijuan suddenly tightened his body. “Don’t be nervous, I will give you the intestines, just inject the water into your lovely ass, then you will pull out the bowel movement. I really want to see the mood of the generous sister of Juan Juan. Thinking that you will cry out of the feces from the middle of your two flats, I am very excited. “Wang Hao was very gentle, but when Liu Huijuan listened to the devil.

“Don’t, I don’t want to bow in front of you, too shame.” Liu Huijuan also wanted to run.

“Oh, first time you may not be used to, but you will seek me to give you the intestines. Huang Yin is also in the first time, but later she is asking me to give you the intestines, Huang Yulan The stool is very stinky, but I really like to watch her crying and defecation. Every time I finish, I will excite her. Even her ass, I will have sex directly and her, I can do it for a long time, until Huang Yin I have been dull. “Listening to Wang Hao said how he is torture other women, Liu Huijuan is more fearful and trying to struggle Wang Hao’s control.

But all the struggles are futile. Wang Hao has already picked Liu Huijuan to the bathroom, before the washing station, Wang Hao put Liu Huijuan on the stage, one hand from her leg bay to press down, Make Liu Huijuan’s body folded up and put it out of shame. Such a posture is the most woman, especially those conservative women, because of their most mysterious private parts and asshuma, have no reservation, without retaining.

Liu Huijuan has not much strength, but it is still struggling, and it is crying to ask Wang Wei not torture himself. Wang Wei did not move. He has drawn 300cc clear water, and the needle is aligned with the mature woman’s non-shrinking chrysanthemum. One force pierces the needle into the woman’s ass, then extruded the syringe, slow water Injection into Liu Huijuan’s rectum.

The cold feeling from the belly, he rushed to the brain. Liu Huijuan was sadly accepted in front of the man. At this time, she couldn’t get rid of this man’s humiliation, only loudly. With the completion of the water injection, Liu Huijuan felt that his stomach was swollen, and a strong will start improving the brain, hey, a loud fart rushed out from the asshole, let Liu Huijuan more free. She thought she had elegant and elegant. At this time, she actually fart in front of the man, so her shame made her died.

“Don’t torture me again, let me go to the toilet.” Liu Huijuan pleaded.

“Don’t worry, then you will make a big feel more pleasure.” Wang Hao said out an anal plug from your pocket, stuffing Liu Huijuan’s anus. Liu Huijuan’s stomach screamed, strong and interested, let her continue to shrink the anus, and the feces in the belly begins to hit the heaves anal plug, and if they want to turn away from this annoying obstacle.

After Wang Hao, after the anal plunger, Wang Hao hugged the mature woman who lied up, but did not put her on the ground, but let the colorful beauty legs all the waist, hands with his hands. Shoulders, Wang Hao’s dicks have tribute to the glamorous mature woman at this time. He gave the dick to Liu Huijuan’s pussy. He used to force the chicken.

“Ah ..” A soft crying called from Liu Huijuan’s Tankou, which is so rude violation, Huge pain let Liu Huijuan tears DC, the legs must be in the hands of the balance, but the hands are The pain is loose, and the whole body suddenly fell back. Wang Wei’s eyes quickly, support the right hand of the beautiful woman quickly supported Liu Huijuan’s back ridge, and did not let the beautiful woman fell on the ground.

“Hao pain, no .. must, fast .. come out” Liu Huijuan after the pain is slightly slow, the hands keep playing Wang Hao, pressing his chest to the outside, while crying, letting Wang Hao let go of himself .

Wang Hao endured Liu Huijuan’s tap, and his right hand reluctantly defended her body and let her hands hugged their shoulders again. After doing this, Wang Hao’s hands hosted Liu Huijuan’s fat butt, with force to stop the Liu Huijuan, with the decline of the beautiful mature woman, when it is to fall in the lowest, the cock is hard to top Make the beautiful woman Liu Huijuan is absentually intense.

Wang Hao is used by “ant on trees” posture, this posture is best to make women feel the stimulus of sexual intercourse, and the best woman feel crazy. All the hearts of the woman fall in the integration office, so each check can ensure that the cock is in the most inside, and you can go directly to the heart. Liu Huijuan, why, for this kind of sexual intercourse, Wang Hao’s dick is like a piercing of his body, and each time a check is the most friction in his delicate pussy. To the discolysis, I will thank my body, as my body is so fierce, a yinjing is sprayed from the pussy, and the hot liquid is wrapped in Wang Hao’s dick, so that he is comfortable to heaven.

Wang Hao struggled to control the sake, do not let himself ejaculate, when Liu Huijuan’s yin is no longer injection, he started his mart, and the glamorous woman was once again strongly impacted, and it began to make delicious.

“Ah .. No .. Want .. Insert, I .. I can’t stand .. ..

pass. . Let me, I hurt. . died. what. . what. . Do not. . do not want. . what. . ,under. . Fast. . crack. . opened. what. . what. . ,good. . beautiful. . ,quick. . quick. . A little bit, ah. . I need to. . die. . NS. you. . Fast. . Open me, I. . Do not. . To be. . You raped, ah. . It is going to get on. Liu Huijuan has been in the abuse of Wang Hao, and it has become no sentence.

The rape at an hour, Wang Hao is also so excited, I saw he accelerated the frequency of the spot check, and the Liu Huijuan quickly throws up quickly, inserted quickly.

“Fast .. 抽 .. come out, don’t .. No .. To .. shot in .. inside. Just struggle, I want to break away from Wang Hao’s dick, don’t let him shoot dirty semen into my pure body, although the body is raped, but as long as the semen is not shooting in the body, how much is also saved. Your own chastity, once Wang Hao shoots in his body, I will see people later.

However, Wang Hao did not let Liu Huijuan wish, and finally, he hugged Liu Huijuan, and the cock was inserted into the pussy of Jiao Xiangmei, and the horses opened. In the depths of Liu Huijuan, the second share, the third share. . There are many quantities, almost almost stuffed with Liu Huijuan, and hot semen kept playing on the uterus of Liu Huijuan, almost borrow her.

In order not to let the semen flow out, Wang Hao still hugs Liu Huijuan’s body after shooting, and the chicken is still desperate, the crying of Liu Huijuan, and the death of her pussy. At the same time, the Liu Huijuan is flat on the ground, The legs are lifted, and the semen will be left out.

Liu Huijuan had no way in Wang Hao’s illness. No matter how she struggles, I can’t get rid of Wang Hao’s control, and I can only let Wang Hao’s semen flow into their holy uterus. At this time, Liu Huijuan has cryed a double eye, but the huge shame still makes this elegant beautiful woman tears.

After the climax, the assassination of the ass will begin to replace the pleasure of climax, keeping impacting the feeling of nerves, but the whole body is because of the illness, there is no effort, there is no way to go to the toilet.

After more than 10 minutes, Wang Hao has resumed vitality. He came down from Liu Huijuan. He saw Liu Huijuan Xiu’s eyes, and the forehead sweating. Come out, just because of the fierce sexual delivery Liu Huijuan temporarily forgot the pain of the ass, now, after the climax, the strong and intended to get to torture this glamorous mature woman.

Wang Hao smiled slightly, put Liu Huijuan’s beautiful body, put it on the thigh, and stroked Liu Huijuan’s beautiful face with his hands. Liu Huijuan took a break after a while, and finally he was very powerless. She couldn’t open this man in front of him: “I want to go to the toilet, fast, ask you to let me go to the toilet. I can’t help but go to the toilet.” What do you do? It wouldn’t be uncomfortable, I still want to go to the toilet masturbation? “Wang Hao deliberately asked.

“No, ah .., I want to go ..” For shame, Liu Huijuan is hard to say “bowel” two words.

“What do you want to go, let’s clear, don’t make it clear. The fart, just in the morning of the beautiful woman, Wang Hao stuck again.

“Ah .. Don’t, I want to go .. The stool” Liu Huijuan can only cry and say two words of this shame. If someone sees this scene, it will be shocked. A more than 30-year-old glamorous woman, was held in his arms by a man in the middle of her small, and the upper clothes were full, but the lower body is naked, and there is wet in the legs. Sliding semen, this is hugged by a man, crying, saying that the man said to be stool, such a scene is abnormally. “Oh, the original Juan Sister wants to go, then ask me to give you a quick thing.” Wang Hao did not let go.

“You are not a person, forcibly occupying people’s body, but also torture people.” Liu Huijuan did not have a half point.

“That’s good, since you don’t ask me, then we started to contact it for the second time.” Said that Wang Hao gave the dick to the pussy of the beautiful woman, the glans had already pierced the pussy.

Private part was passed by foreign objects, Liu Huijuan scared loudly and cried. Lamb, let the man is humiliated.

“Haha, since I asked me like this, I just gave it to help the glamorous sister, we walked.” Said, Wang Hao opened the office door and walked to the public toilet.

“Don’t, do you have toilet in the room? Why do you have to go to a trip. Liu Huijuan flustered, so he was hugged by a man naked in his arms.

“I am afraid that you have dirty the bathroom. You are not afraid in the public toilet.” Wang Hao did not stop, and used the ants on the posture of the tree, and Liu Huijuan’s delicate body is ate his cock. Going in, just like a beautiful woman in arms.

“Ah .. Don’t, this .. no .. line, I .. is not affected ……….

“Liu Huijuan’s pussy once again received the illness of Wang Hao, crying, calling Wang Hao to stop.

Wang Hao did not stop, and still walked to the beautiful woman with a beautiful woman in his arms. After entering the toilet, Wang Hao did not let Liu Huijuan immediately rushed, but put her beach on the wall and continued to pick the cock.

Soon, Liu Huijuan has come to the climax. Liu Huijuan at this moment is a small stool. She cried and called Wang Wei: “You are fast .. stop, I .. 要 .. urination ..” “Ha, the stool has not yet Row, now you have to urinate, okay, you want to have urine. “

After that, I still put it in me. Liu Huijuan once again climbed a new climax again, only heard a delicate and sorrowful, the woman was squatted, and the lower body suddenly spurted a slightly yellow water column, playing on the leg of Wang Hao. . Liu Huijuan will not think that one day will be urinating when he is sexually intercounted with the man, and she is ashamed to bite this man in Wang Hao’s shoulders.

I feel a bit more exciting, and Wang Hao is more exciting, and fiercely pumped with cocks, soon spraying in the vagina of the beautiful woman.

After cool, Wang Hao hugged Liu Huijuan, let her back against her chest, copy her legs, and align her ass. Liu Huijuan did not expect that he would be like a man like a child like a child, and she felt anomalous as a man in such a gesture.

When I saw Liu Huijuan, Wang Hao was very satisfying, a beautiful woman was in his arms, was forced to expose a woman in front of himself, what satisfied.

I saw Liu Huijuan’s body and a fight. At the same time, “ah” said with a petty, Wang Hao saw the fidiler of the white woman through the opposite mirror, a yellow turbulent column was sprayed from the chrysanthemum. The fissed fart, a large and thick and yellow feces poured from the woman’s delicate asshole and dropped in the toilet. One of the beautiful women’s feces came back, rushing to squeeze out from the asshole, plopping in the toilet.

Finally, when the man was ashamed, Liu Huijuan couldn’t cry out, crying and excreted while crying, because she couldn’t stand this strong shame, Liu Huijuan fainted.

When she woke up, she has returned to the office, Wang Hao is next to himself, laughing and looking at himself, the pain of the lower body makes her return to the painful reality, they were insulted by this man in front of him.

Wang Hao saw the mature woman Liu Huijuan woke up, just smiled and said: “Juan sister, you wake up, just when you are sleeping, I have cleaned you with the stool, you, sister, you The feces are also delicious. I will always taste your tempting little ass. Haha. “Liu Huijuan heard the words of Wang Hao, she didn’t know that the man stood in front of this man is not a normal person. How can I be so interested in myself. But at this time, she is so weak to think about these, just want to leave this room like a hell.

“Take it.” Liu Huijuan said to Wang Hao.

“Juan sister, do you want me to give you, is it my little brother?” Wang Wei asked with a smile.

“I also give me my underwear, the animals.” Liu Huijuan is angry.

“Oh, Jajuan, your underwear, I said that I have already become my collection.” Wang Hao looked at Liu Huijuan with his hands, and this glamorous woman is so angry. It is very elegant, this When the apricots were round, the willow eyeborn, and the face was angry. People saw more loving.

Liu Huijuan knows what is impossible to face this rogue, she silently took the trousers next to the trousers, and the Named small waist slowly put on the pants. When she just pulled her trousers to the waist, when she was preparing to buckle with buttons, she suddenly felt that she stretched a pair of hands, she killed her death, Liu Huijuan fell into endless fear.

“What do you want to do?” Liu Huijuan trembled geomalics.

“When you just look at your pants, your big butt is awkward. My interest is coming again. I just have a happiness, just take care of your body, even you proud The breasts have not tasted, and now let me give a little compensation to kiss Juan, this time I will be very gentle. “Wang Hao devil came from behind.

“Let me go, you have already insulted me, what do you want?” Liu Huijuan cried while the body has been hugged to the toilet by the strong man. Liu Huijuan’s heart began to drop blood, with Wang Hao’s footsteps, she feels that she is going to fall to hell in one step. As the door of the toilet was closed, the waves of the woman were crying again. . . .

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