Brothers do some costume business, although the business is not good, can still be maintained, here is the waiter I have hired, it is really memorable.

That is how long I have just started to open, because friends who come to help sell goods are going to do their own things, and my waiters don’t know where they are now, my heart is anxious, let’s make more The car can’t get a spirit, you have to know if you have money, the mother’s doll is. League, the buddy can say, this is not, the girl who sells the shirt next to the shirt will let me do it, saying that the body is good, the beautiful woman is absent, it seems good.

When I saw her first, wow! ! ! it is good! ! ! Long hair, melon face, the snake waist, the tits are not big, a pair of jade legs are not very standard, slender. Every time she looks at her, I have an original impulse, and the chicken is also awkward. Talking often, if it is possible to hold her small waist from behind her, she should be more cool! !

What didn’t think of me, this sister he sent it to the door, first told me, like her little tits, I am not intentionally, I will take me, the most embarrassment, there is a matter of this one here. Newspaper. Let us watch a newspaper at the same time, and I don’t know if she is really anxious. It is still a lot of people. I caught my shoulder whole body from behind, I will take it. On my left shoulder, this time not only makes me obviously feel her little tits, which makes me can’t stand it. Her highly sprunging is tightly sticked to my ass, micro-fragrance The hair silk is in my face, I exercise, maybe you don’t believe it, but this is really true, maybe because all people are watching newspapers, there are no people behind, she is so bold, she is so bold, she is so bold From time to time, I will make it up, and my slight movement on me, the shock to me is also dramatic, the buddy is a man who has just a bloody, how can she have to be so laundry, I don’t do her, you Said that she will think that I am confession, or is quite true.

I don’t have to say more in the future, and then I said that I have a problem. Anyway, she is very cool, I really squinted her back, she called her, and she was very much, I was worried that my neighbors would hear, there is a lot of water, so that I have harmed me after it. Changed a sheet.

When I returned to the head, I suddenly had a delicate voice into my ear with a timid voice.

“Do you ask you here?”

Oh yes. I replied and looked up. The first is the first is a slight fat and losing sexy, the body (I like the slough woman), then it is a pair of waters’ big eyes. A pink pink mouth, so that every man has the urge to put the chicken bar. I swept her chest with the fastest speed, really enough, the few buttons in front made me worry that it would be dangerous.

The next thing is to apply for applications, I pretend to evaluate her shortcomings, set the price. Obviously, she is completely accepted about my conditions, did not require much, this does not make me find such a beautiful woman, the small beauty of salary is not expensive. (In fact, although she has a good look, she is a hand, and I don’t meet my standards. However, I have my purpose, just now lacking people, her salary is not high, people are so beautiful, first With a month. (Trial period) The most important thing is that I also have a chance to eat little tofu, but not?)

I have been bitter my eyes in a later period, and she dragged her a big tits all day, the aroma with flushing shampoo in front of my eyes, big butt I got up, I always made me fantasy. It is not to challenge me. In order to see her flesh, I specially entered a batch of skirts and low collar shirts, let her put it on, then I will let her pick up the goods, I deliberately put the goods very messy, so let She kneel down andaches, and I took the book, recorded it, while stealing a pair of unhappy big tits inside her collar, and the blurred spring light in the skirt. Sometimes I watched my chicken, I can’t do it. So I could only sit and be standing up. I wore a jeans when I met the goods. This is the little brother, and I also see it. Not come out. (Oh, I am smart, in order to peek at her, I can say it is painful.) Just let me surprise, why can’t I see what is the panties he dressed? Always modeling, and deeper my determination, I finally came. That time, the goods sent by the freight company were the evening. When I got a guest, I was anxious, she was anxious, and the goods were busy with the list, finish, record. Just when I was busy, she suddenly called me!

“Brother, what do you see here, what is wrong with it?”

The goods are placed on the ground, I am busy putting down your hand, the number is too small, I have to look at the ground. Oh. Isn’t this, it’s okay, it’s generally wrong. I found that there is no problem, look up, I don’t want it, this looks don’t matter, she is squatting, and I am squatting, I look at the bottom of the good skirt. The brilliant silk panties, the top of the net, even the black hair ran out, maybe the reason why the network is too big, and you can also see her little labipings, her hair Many, very dark, no wonder, I can’t see it before, I always feel very dark, it turned out to be such a thing. In this way, each woman’s underwear has two prints on the ass. She didn’t, this explained that the time she worn. No wonder her butt is so trembled.

“Well, it seems to be a bit wrong.” I pretended to study the list and re-kneel the body.

“Yeah, you will take a closer look, if you don’t work, ask for a phone call” She didn’t feel her light at all. At least, that’s what I think.

Although I am not a rookie, but this kind of voyezing is still to say that my heart is jumped to the eyes of the blind, I want to see it, I don’t look at it, this is a good opportunity, I can see her nearby, I seem to smell her. The aroma of that was forced, that is the aroma of obscene, let the aroma. In the end, I really didn’t let me kneel on the ground. I still said that I was reluctant, oh, I didn’t have anything, I just watched the wrong, stood up.

I saw the tits of her neck, deep son ditch, with a little sweat, because she kneeling too long, the big tits fell down. Two-thirds were exposed outside, I want her to be big, it will be exposed. In order to touch her tits, it is okay, I think a way, it is the whole iron clothes. I made her hands separated the two lower corners of the clothes, hanging on the rose, I took the iron, from her two arms, this is the necessary movement of two people ironing clothes. I pushed the iron body, and then pulled backwards, and the position of the elbow can touch her chest.

Half a month, finally touched her double peak. Although it is not soft, it is full of elasticity. Every time I will take the heavy tits, I pretend to talk to her, and I will look at her milk, this is not tight, that powder The dizziness is in front of my eyes, the low collar can no longer can’t resist the double breasts of the rebellion, so I will have a complete jump, maybe I have a bit long, and she can see it. Let’s know yourself, busy put your clothes. I have been in my own, I thought her reaction would be very strong. In fact, after the finishing, I went to pick up the clothes and let me hot. Just like what happened. But I can feel that in the conversation, her face is still a little red, and the sound is a little trend! ! !

Since then, she seems to have already released a lot. When we accidentally, we will talk about a few sentences, just say when there is no outsiders, my courage is also big, always use the work to touch her tits, body I can feel her towering yin. She not only has no disgusting, sometimes there is no intention to cooperate with my movements, not only make me excited.

Probably in my time, it’s time, the mall is going to decorate, let a holiday for a month, which makes me don’t stop, she will face unemployment. Didn’t say, I am going to ask her to eat well. Gossip less, the wine is full. We all drink a few cups, it will be very good for so long, the place is very good, talk room, I said, give my wife bought the underwear, I don’t know if it is inappropriate, the mall is going to close, if If you want to retreat, wait for a long time.

Otherwise, I will try it for a while.

This sudden request made me unknown, the fool also understood, the intensity of this sentence.

I said it is too good. The heart is called a beautiful, it seems that a month’s wants to vent! !

We seem to have a role in alcohol, talking loudly along the way, and coming to my house. After arriving at my home, I was so happy that I was so late, I secretly added a Wigguang, I have to say it, this fuck is not a male, I know is a man, I think I want Women can also be effective, manage it, it is better, and she can’t hurt her.

※ | JKF Czech Forum We confused that the beverages were all drinking, which may be alcohol’s stimulus to make the medicine fast. I found that her face was more red than when I was drinking, and I always slammed my hair, and my breathing was not so normal. It may be that she can’t stand it, I said, “Brother, your underwear, take it out, I will give you a try, I will go back for a while, I will go back.” Obviously, I want to make me exercise, I really will find an excuse, I will take a boat and take out my clothes. You are not allowed to look, turn over, I am doing it, you turn over again. I obviously feel the kind of uncomfortable mood in her heart, I have turned it.

She takes off behind me, take off the top, mini skirt. This silly girl, although I turned, but our TV is in the direction of her, the TV is not open, it can be reflected, so she is in the eyes. Oh, she installed a black underwear today, it seems to be prepared. Two big meatballs jumped out with the fall of the clothes in front of my eyes, swaying, the same silk panties, but the trip, her waist is very thin, and her tits are a bit uncommon. My chicken is hard to have the fastest speed, and I have to support my trousers. I am really worried that my zipper will not be opened, I can’t stand it again, secretly turning my head, looking at her. At this time, she had taken off the bra and found me when I wanted to take off my inhand.

Brother, how can you like this to tempted in the sound of the demon. Turning around. Give me a big, round, hidden, and white big butt.

At this time, I felt that it was congested. Chicken is more rising, don’t be fucking, let’s wait anything. I went to front and wait from behind her, tightly, let her feel the anger of my chicken, I can’t get rid of her, I will force her in my mouth. , Exercise her with tongue.

“Ah”, do you do anything other than such a little girl, I like you, you don’t know, my voice is shaking, I don’t believe it, she is still rebelling, I will kiss my lips tightly on her neck, slide Go to the ear, then I boldly say “baby, I want you !! I want to fuck you!!!

I heard me, she did not stop the rebellion, “Well, no, brother, um, oh, say it is resistant, but it is more and more symbolic. Slowly she lifted his head, lifted Since the small chin, breathing doesn’t know when it is very urgent, she raises his hand and holds my head, and vigorously grabbed my hair, let me feel a little painful, but this pain It is the kind of pain, I kissed her neck, red imprint immediately showed her, my chicken, I can’t wait for her, grind, too hard, As for the sound of friction. My hands stretched into my little tits. Her tits were too big, this may be I am so fucking the biggest one, my hands It is very hard to hold two slutty milk, drag them, put down, then press the flat, elongate, and vigorously.

Well, ah, oh oh oh, sex medicine, let her forget the shame. The snoring is larger, from the big change.

Take my pants, (in fact, asking her for me), I asked in her ear. She turned, and messy hair exuded her sense of wild. We quickly opposed it. I could feel that she wishes to fire in her eyes, and then fierce my lips, because it is too strong, I met my teeth, salty salty It may be bleeding, but the sensual masking of pain. She was crazy, kissed me, and the trembling hands were eager to solve my belt. My pants fall, she leaves my mouth slows down the speed a little down, until my underwear, carefully put the tightness of my underwear, take off, my chicken is big, Fortunately, she understands, don’t pull down, my little brother will be hurt. My black chicken is like the wild horse released, and I jumped out, and the glans was purple. When I jumped, at this time, she used her pink little mouth like a delicious taste, first took the big glans, and then used the tongue on the horse on the horse, and finally a big I almost let me vent, she swallowed my chicken, until the root. Then slowly and swallowed it again.

The mouth and the vagina are different, the vagina is hot, the mouth is cold, her tongue is turning in my penis. My hand is not idle, and my big tits are a mess.

Oh, I have a long breath, let my neuro relax, we may not do this again, I may not work, so I dragged her tits, and pushed her to bed, lative desire Full of my whole body, I didn’t take care of her expression, but her big haired hair attracted my eyes, her Mao was more unrest, like her owner, and a bitch is old and old. Where is there, waiting for my madness. My wolf rushed up, flexing her legs, one is full of obscene, delicate, and now there is no longer reserved now. Water from time to time, exudes a woman’s unique taste. The clitoris is not to show up, I learned her practice, first licked it on the clitoris, and painted the circle with the tongue, then Zhang Dazhao put her dong, the size of the lips, clitoris, all included in the mouth, Relact with your tongue, there is a bitter in front of the vagina, because there is too much water, I don’t have to contain it for a while, spit out, and blow it with her. Ah, my brother is, um, brother.

She is a bit a little, may just want me to fuck her, (after I got it, I love it. It is really a pair of natural, how to think, it seems to know that it is time, I put Her legs raised in my two shoulders, so I can see how my chicken is inserting her, but also makes me have a rapely satisfaction. I invited my big chicken, first fro a burst of her clitoris, let her more excitement. Then in the vaginal mouth, it is time, it is time, I will slowly move the big glans to her, and the little labipings are eager to open its mysterious two seem to be very welcome. ‘s arrival With my entry, a lascivious water was squeezed out. She suddenly caught the life-saving grass when they were killed, and the long groaned. The intoxicating face and the beautiful carcass form a super prostitute. I started to exercise her, 咕叽, 咕, 咕, the sound of the combination should be invited. Her forced also swollen with my thrust. Little labians, one turn, see what I want to die.

Come is really refreshing!

This is forcing, this, she said, she is like moving movies, she is dry, I dragged her big butt, which is more convenient for my attack. All the big chicken is all, then enter the whole root, big big fall, every time I can feel the pleasure and depth of her uterus, ah, oh, as my mad, her voice is big, I have been very urgent It got up, a shares were smoked by my big talents, flowing into my bed line bills, two big tits, more shaking. Hot chicks are getting hotter, my body is also dangerous to explode. I quickly smoke it and pulled this. Let her big butt to me, this can be better madly, and you will not let her see my fierce expression, and there is a pleasure that makes me abuse, I reached out to catch her milk. The armrest, piercing the chicken into her, completely different feelings, her ass meat, I may bounce back, let me save a lot, ass, farthed in my meal, one Yes, it’s really good.


Let’s call, you will always remember the benefits of your brother, I think about my heart, the chicken is more fierce, I am more energetic.啪. The collision of the meat and meat, chicken bars and force, the sensuality called the bed sounds through my room.

Ah, yeah! ! ! !

I once again turned over, and the haired hair made me no longer so neat, forced to be a scary, complete congestion, watching her messy hair, let my wild outstad, my right hand Take her neck, Song will not have extra roses, let me exercise her like a toy, my left hand takes her waist, with my own action, we are crazy kiss, my chicken is even more hurt. I am in a while, I want to lose her forced, so that this is less than a month to the torture.

Ah! ! ! !

Her embarrassment suddenly changed, is her climax? After she said, I can’t control it, she said in my ear, “I am coming … I will not take it. come out!”

It’s really exciting news, you can vent it, I will let go of her milk, buried the face, because this suffocation will make you feel more cool, 噢 My heartbeat is constantly accelerating, chicken The rose to the pool, the whole body is all collapsed. I am treated, I will release my semen, and I put her honey head, I put her tits, let my own climax slowly. Similarly, she also screamed a body reaction than I have to have a strong jitter, then I will satisfy it.

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