That is the year that I just participated in the work, it may be a coincidence, or it may be the intention of leadership.

I actually let me first organize a large activity.

Of course, I will not let go of this opportunity to perform, I only feel that I am so on the feet, and I will jump down, and I have a work experience of my student meeting when I go to school, plus 12 points of enthusiasm, and finally Successfully complete the task.

But because of the mood, emotional excitement is actually tired at all.

The story happened at this time.

That night, the end was completed.

I am sitting on the chair and ignite a cigarette (at this time, whenever men should take a man).

Deep smoke the smoke into the lungs, because I rarely smoke, so nicotine stimulated my temple “hunt” jumping.

During the mind, there is still a day of day.

My colleagues didn’t know when they had left, except for a female colleague.

She and I sat quietly and sat quietly.

A quiet surrounded.

“I thought you were just a small child like a yellow joke.”

She suddenly spoke, pulled me back into reality.

“I didn’t expect it, I was still quite a matter.”

“Is it? lol!”

I don’t know how to answer, I have to smir and smirked.

Then I talked with her.

Because I didn’t think about anything at all, so I didn’t remember with her.

I only know, I finally said: “Time, I am sending it to the station.”

She lowered his head, did not say anything, gently picked up her bag, and I went out with me.

The station is less than 50 meters from our office.

Just arrived there, she suddenly said that I would like to have a phone call back.

And I am very excited, I don’t want to go home immediately, I will accompany her.

In the office, I am still recalling during the day and think about how to summarize.

But because of the loss of loss, it is not so focused.

She made a number of numbers, it seems to be connected, so it is just a low head, and the keyboard is allocated.

Suddenly, she talked.

“Good hot! My face is fever.”

After finishing, smashed the hair and looked at me.

I was strange, because people who have been to Wuhan know that Wuhan’s climate is very special, so hot, winter thief is cold.

And because I just took a smoke, I was cold.

So, I said: “No? I didn’t open the air conditioner, I was cold in the hands and feet.”

After a while, I said, “Simply, use my hand to cool down?”

It’s still secretly.

“Good wow.”

Looking at me after finishing.

This is actually a lot of jokes we often open.

Different is her look, she has no smile on her face, only quietly.

It took a provocation in the eyes.

I am in the life, in my 20 years of life, I have never encountered this kind of thing.

But only one moment, I said to myself “is a man!”

So, I changed a hippie phase. “Then, I will come.”

A step around the table, go to her.

I looked at her.

She is four years older than me, I know that I will know it.

Not avant-garde, but the wind is.

Her bonus is relatively large, very full.

That day, she worn a coat, and did not waist, and width, width, like a sack, she could not cover her figure.

The front convex, back is backward.

At this time, she lowered his head, I immediately reached out, holding her face.

The capillary “” of the chained blood contracted under nicotine is opened, and my face is, and I also launched.

I was gently holding her face’s hands, and I suddenly became violent.

The right hand card with her jaw, the left hand taking her waist.

Put her from the chair.

At this time, I found that her waist is really soft! When she willed her, my ass will move as highly complex track.

This is even more exciting, I hold her waist tightly, with the strength of the whole body, as if I want to break her wrap.

Even her feet have been brought about ground.

I realized how much the woman had a woman, some women will splash the gasoline in the fire of your brai burning, so that you burning more violent.

Let you be burned by this fire, even if you burn it, there is no regrets.

Some women squinted to pinch the three-blossoming four, let you be upset, and finally blame you enough enthusiasm.

I think that I feel more excited here, and the tongue is also agitated.

So I grabbed her chest and made me ate.

It is not that her chest is very large, but very flexible.

My first feeling is “good hard!”

I grabbed her breast in her clothes, shaking, squatting.

Her breathing began to be rushing, closed eyes, smashed his head, supported on the table behind, the body swayed with my 揉, is completely a look of me.

She kept rubbing, telling me: “You are a strong man.”

Maybe because of excitement, her voice is very blame, although the sound is not very poor, like it.

Because she is smashing my shoulders, I got me to solve her clothes.

I just hugged her, kissed her, licking her cheek, sucked her earlobe, licking her ear.

And once again, her breast.

She finally started, and her hands were in my back.

I quickly took this opportunity to solve her clothes, I didn’t expect that she actually grabbed my hand and said “No”

But the head is on my shoulders, and a self-can’t help.

I obviously feel the contradictions and 踌躇 in her heart.

However, at this time, I can take back the arrow that I have shot, and the first is that she takes the initiative, now I am going to me.

I kissed her earlobe and said to her while lighter: “Then, let me touch it in it.

She hesitated and started to kiss me, and his hand began to move.

I will understand.

So, through a series of actions (that is a lot of winter clothes), the hand finally reached into it.

I bowed my head and still sucked her breast.

One hand is holding her big butt, and the other hand is in the middle of the prostitution, sliding in her clitoris, rubbing.

She is obviously very comfortable, holding me tightly, breathing, shaking.

Also, her hands slowly slide to my little brother, grabbing it, keeping it.

I don’t feel very comfortable in pants.

Just stood straight, she opened my zipper.

I took out my little brother.

She looked at it and said: “Your ji8 is big!”

I don’t know how to answer, I have said: “Is it?”

My little brother was tightly held by her hand, I feel very comfortable.

Her hands are soft and very hard.

I am really sighing the magic of the winner.

I don’t know if the package of the special tool package of the small brother is a taste.

She guided me to her pine, and I was reluctantly released it.

I know why she wants to guide me.

I put a little brother between her two legs and immediately wandered tightly. I feel that her skin is a bit cold, then she must feel very hot.

I can’t help but have a little bit.

I feel a strong impulse, I want to pull her into my body.

Holding her hands with her hands with her strength.

The little brother kept inhabited between her legs under the lubrication of her.

Although because I am short of her, I don’t have a bit uncomfortable, but I know that this is more exciting to her.

Sure enough, she began to embrace, from the deep throat, “… …”

the sound of.

After a while, she let me go.

Run to the chair and squatting, two hands opened the launch of the coat, put her fat white butt to me, kept shaking.

Her waist has shown its flexibility again.

Collapse in a surprising angle.

“Good soft waist!”

I secretly walked over.

I saw that two labips to me are constantly a one, and the prostitutes flowing out of the illumination of the lights.

She stated while she said, while said to me ….

In fact, it is no longer saying, but the loan.

She called me: “Fast! You come over! I want your big ji8.”

This is exactly what I have to ask.

I ran over, her hand, already greeted me.

She grabbed my little brother and held a hand on the table.

Guide me to her vaginal mouth, I am eager to say: “Come in! … Fast! I want!”

I have also want to tease her again.

Listening to her, I can’t excite.

So, in a hurry forward, the little brother is inserted into her vagina.

I didn’t expect her “ah!”

I made a scream.

I hurriedly asked her: “What happened?”

She said: “There is nothing, it will be fine.”

I am relieved.

Slowly taste, her vagina is very tight, warm tender meat put my little brother’s package tightly.

Moreover, give me a very thick.

Unlike my girlfriend’s vaginal mouth, although it is very tight, it is relatively loose.

It may be that she is relatively full.

Her head is crazy, but his ass combined with my impact.

Because I am afraid of being hit by the security guards of the night.

I want to end quickly.

Unexpectedly, the more tense, the more you shoot it.

In this way, I don’t know how long it has, I don’t know if she has a climax.

Anyway, I know, this, I am afraid that I have done it in one night.

So I said: “Is it changing a posture?”

She said: “Good!”

Just lying on the table.

I put her legs on the shoulder, and I fierce again.

She was once screamed again, and then she took a breath.

This posture makes her two milings are completely exposed to me.

Her breast is really a few days! I think that if she is breastfeeding, the milk will be squeezed out.

She is also more exciting, two hands grabbed my hand sometimes smashed her own breasts, and tears also flowed down in the cheek.

My hands were pulled out by her.

Finally, I couldn’t help.

Tell her: “I can’t stand it.”

She replied: “Don’t spray it inside.”

The voice just fell.

I felt that the spine was cold, and I quickly took out my little brother.

As I have a few low silence, my countless future generation falls on the ground in the office.

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