The office of Xiaying’s face is full of small and small, but the small and exquisite is full, walking from the road to a lot, especially the pair of double hips good, every time she is behind her, I really want to touch it, my heart is in my heart I want to be very comfortable if I stick to it, I must be very comfortable! Xiao Ying is the company’s industry, responsible for the administrative work of the business, and is also responsible for some of my report work, so we are still frequent in the company, today Xiaoying will arrive at the company in the morning, I feel weird! The mood seems to be very bad ~

What’s wrong with me? Who is bullying how a face is sad? Xiao Ying: My brother is hospitalized ~ doctors said it is very serious, to change liver! I: Is that a suitable object? Xiaoying: At present, there is no suitable object, the doctor said to wait again!

Pat Xiaying’s shoulders comforted her not to disappointment, telling her that they will wait until the right liver, then I found that Xiaoying today wear black lace half cover underwear, chest, especially the clever ditch is completely deep! I feel that I have a good locomotive, people are sad, but I spokes people’s chest! Hurry and return to God to go back to your seat! At noon, I dinner, Xiaoying unexpectedly, I asked me at noon, usually Xiao Ying is a meal to the company self-caught, today may have something to have, so I didn’t bring it! I replied that the buffet restaurant was eaten! Do you want to dine together? Xiao Ying seems to be difficult to say, wow ~ I don’t want to eat!

After dinner, you will sleep in nap. Just asleep, I feel that there is stock in my ear. Some of the sounds of Xi Xi seem to be called my name! Continue for a while, it turned out to call me, see that I seem to sleep very familiar, so I am very close to my ear, I almost bite my ear!

I: 咦 ~ Don’t rest, I have something! (Mom ~ Bad me lunch break) Xiao Ying: Can you accompany me to talk to the terrace? Me: I am going to be a head fee ~ very expensive! Xiao Ying: Ok! If the service is good ~ What is the problem! I: @@ ~. . . . . . . . . . . . The two people walk to the terrace. What happened? Xiao Ying: No! Just I can’t sleep, I want to find someone! Me: (click root smoke) 喔 ~ Why don’t you find a week? Xiao Ying: He will not speak again ~ no ….. (see me) He will not smoke! Me: The servant ~~~ Almost be smoke in your own! . . . Come on!

In fact, I know that she should be sad for her brother, so I will come to me ~ I remember that she said that I was very similar to her brother!

I: Ok, don’t be sad! Come ~ Come over ~ I will take a look at it! Xiaoying: Um ~

I don’t know if she has listened! And she passed in my chest, I had to pat Xiaying back. At this time, I feel that my navel position is very tight, so soft and warm, the guy in the trousers seems to have chemistry. Change! Xiao Ying seems to have also found that the little guy is top to her body!

Xiao Ying: Hey ~ What are you thinking! Why is it hard! I: Please ~ 妳 The two pieces of meat stickers me, I have been able to have a bursting ~ I don’t respond, don’t you give your face! Xiao Ying: (The true love of blush) 喔 ~ Don’t you don’t have this so much? I: I try to control it! Otherwise, I will say it, call it to rest, don’t be punished! Xiao Ying: (I really said to it) Xiaoyi ~ Don’t be excited ~ Nothing is fine ~ 喔 ~

After finishing it, I also touched it twice, and I really saw it when I was talking to people, but it’s more harmful, my mother ~ This is the way that is that door!

I: Hello ~ Please you! Hey is new! After touching it ~ This will only be harder! I don’t believe it, I will take it. Xiao Ying: Haha! You can not dare ~ I: Forget it! Don’t play with you ~ I am going to work! Let’s go in! Xiao Ying: Um ~ Ok ….. Hello ~ Next time, you remember to take it out and hit me! I: @@ ||| ~ Let’s talk about it next time!

After returning to the seat, the psychology is thinking, Xiao Ying really seems to be simple, still ….., don’t want to do things well!


The next day, Xiaoying was coming to find me, but this time I asked my report related issues, Xiaoying today has a good smell, maybe there is a special attention today, she is asking me. What I don’t know what to follow, just guess what brand of fragrance, Xiao Ying discovered that I didn’t seem to listen to it, said: Star!

I: Nothing! Just thinking about how sweet today! A ~ 妳 是 那 子, is it there? Xiao Ying: Is Chanel’s Yeah ~ As for the wiping? Did not say! I: Can’t say it ~ Is it wiping in a stock! Xiao Ying: It is not Le! It is wiped in the cleans. . . NS! I hate it (a blush)! I: No wonder I wear a low-chest V-collar dress! Is this a taste easier to distribute? Xiao Ying: Yes! how! I: I don’t want to be, I just want to put the nose in the nose! Xiao Ying: Are you not afraid of suffocating? I: Will you suffocate? I look at it first ~ (Suddenly I don’t know the courage! I actually reach out to catch people’s chest, watching) Well ~ Should not suffocate! Xiao Ying: (The face is super red, does not dare to speak) Isn’t it big enough? Are you stuffy? I: Because I am very soft, I have a space! (What is the logic!) Xiao Ying: That is touched by you ~ Do you have a reaction? Hard? Me: If you have a little more time ~ plus directly in the underwear to touch the pointed place! Affirm hard! Xiao Ying: Less to me confirm! (Put your hand directly on my pants files to watch!). . . Um! Isn’t hard! (Hand has not taken away) I: right! . . Yes? Xiao Ying: If my hand has been put, will it hard? Me: You should be ~ (Millel ~ nonsense! It is not hard by the girl who is pressed against the old), then I will come to see the milk tips who will not be hard! (Reallorate into the underwear search for nipple) I tried to take a small nipple, wow ~ There is a reaction begins to be hard, of course, I will have a hard! However, Xiao Ying is just pressure! And I am a slap in the edge of the meat! But our posture is that I sit and bend my waist! It’s a tiring that it’s not going to go ~ After about 1 minute! Xiao Ying seems to be unstable! The whole person gradually passed over a hand and put a sticker on my shoulders: I will go to the zipper next ~ Xiao Ying: Haha ~ You didn’t say this time? I: I know that I am going to be very popular! Very bad! . . I am still me! Xiao Ying: It is not convenient now! Next time I will help you! I: Be careful next time! Don’t be hot! Xiao Ying: Is it very hot? Me: Let’s talk about it next time!

Xiao Ying finally let go, otherwise I don’t know what stupid thing will make. . .

When I got off work, I went to eat, saying that she has a coupon for the new coil, I hope I will go with her! Of course, it is a good night’s dinner, which is such a high-end restaurant, saying, you have to promise! The new ceiling board is really good, I am really very praise, especially the lobster iron board burning! Kids with Xiao Ying said: How? How to make up the battle three hundred rounds?

Xiao Ying: You think too much ~ and how can you 300 rounds! I haven’t seen it once! I: At least twice ~ Australia is it a few times? Xiao Ying: You manage me! Anyway, it is not your business ~ I: Also, thank you, thank you, you will be, thank you for your woman! If you are my woman! I must repay you at night! Let your heaven! Xiao Ying: Isn’t your woman? I: I am not bad! I am afraid that you can’t get it! Xiaoying:. . . . . . . . . . .

After eating, riding my 18-year old locomotive Duke, politeness sent Xiao Ying home, when she hugged my waist behind, I started to think, Ma Deli also sticked me so tight, the two meat The ball is really soft and comfortable! The following begins to make it ready! After riding a few streets, Xiao Ying actually put her hand on my second, this time, it is still struggling!

Xiao Ying: Hey ~ You don’t hear ~ I’m sneak hard, I: Please ~ 是 故 喔 ~ 小 盈: Haha ~ I will take it out to blow it ~ I am too hot ~ I: Cellers will not be ~

She really opened my zipper, but didn’t take it out, just reached out and put it, and then let’s get a few times, play the egg!

I: Hello ~ Very dangerous ~ I am riding the ride! Xiao Ying: So you have to concentrate on ride ~ I: Otherwise, I will play the two meat balls from behind! Xiao Ying: I will not ride! I: @@ ~ What happens ~ If you will ride ~ I can play it! (I really want to call you ~ I ride from behind)

Therefore, I will change the route to Chongyang Road. I heard that there are many movies on the Chongyang road, and then I will ride it directly, but I don’t speak, but I haven’t spoken it ~ Instead, the reception, you can take the locomotive to stop the locomotive, No need to ride in, it is okay! Dumbish ~ I forgot that I am not driving! ….. I stopped the car and took the hand to the reception booth ~ Xiao Ying didn’t talk silently to follow me!

NO.121R (room number)

I: Hello ~ Ok! Here is how to play it ~ I have no opinion! Xiao Ying: Are you often coming? I: Belt is not my woman is the first time ~ Xiao Ying: 喔 ~~ I: I will go to rinse it first ~ Xiao Ying: Let it! Do you help you? Me: Let’s go ~

I helped Xiaoying to go to the clothes, wow ~ I didn’t have a pink, and Xiao Ying actually was the kind of object that made me hunch, plus the front bulk body, and I just saw me. Quick blood! After changing the smashing, I removed the clothes. After taking off my panties, the second morning has been tall and tall: I will stand it so quickly! I: 妳 I’m not always hoped ~ then you can hit it ~ Xiao Ying: Yes ~ Walk ~ Let’s go rinse! When the bath is passed through my hand! Every capillaries on my body expanded, slipped through the chest, happened to take a long time, while putting the old second into Xiaying two shares, but very tiring, because Xiao Ying is not high, I have to be halfway方式, feel like I am helping her to wash the Thai bath ~ When the glans are inadvertently topped between the two pieces, Xiao Ying will stand hard and stand, the feeling of the assassina is really comfortable! When I changed the little, I was also joking, I also bought it. I don’t have to be hot. I’m finishing the important part of the small, I’m going to see this scene from the top, and the little smashing is like it. It seems that I want to contain it. The bubble in the hand plus it back and forth, I want to shoot! But I have to hold back, otherwise it will be too shameful. After you finish the bubble, hold a small foreigner, holding her waist, holding her waist, the old two is holding her belly, she kneel down a mouth The old two contained in, with a few times, I was a ghost face to say: You are lie, it is not very hot! It’s not coming to her, I haven’t stopped! Xiao Ying changed the tip of the tip of the tip to get a few, and the whole glans will enter. It is really nothing to say ~ she should be taught, almost coming out, but I didn’t say ~ I can’t help it ~ ~~~ a whole brain is full of shooting in the small mouth ~~ Ying is blown out. When I don’t move, I will pick it up and then spit in the drain hole. I said. Why don’t you say it first? Shoot it first? Shoot to People have the throat ~ Cough can’t come out!

Me: Sorry, I’m thinking about it seems that I have a taste of Jinjin ~ I really can’t bear to smoke it! … Of course, exchange a white eye! Okay ~ I am waiting for me ~ Ok? .. Ying: nonsense ~ This is something!

After the two rushed ~ 搂, 喔 ~ Should say that the two hips who catch the profit will be held on my feet, just step by step, go back to bed ~

I: Go ~ Go to bed! I will help you get a massage! Ying: I have to settle ~ Thank you! (@@ ~) I: No problem ~

Yele in bed ~ Wow! It’s a tempting curve!趁 massage time makes the younger brother to restore ~ ​​Of course, the massage focus must be put on both sides of the chest! And I gently sit in the hips below the hips ~ Because this convenience makes the little brother lying in the stock! After a few minutes ~ it finally woke up (hard), plugged into the ditch with the younger brother, and rubbed the hip of the whipped whip. It seems to be very urgent!

I: Excuse me ~ Is it okay! Need to improve? Ying: Okay ~ I: I don’t seem to be satisfied ~ (Turn over the Yingover) Next is the head to the head service (the pap of the glans poker) is OK? Ying: Well ~~ Yes ~ But in the poke big, I am not a problem ~ I don’t have a problem ~ I will play the milk cannon ~ Ying: I have it ~ I seem to break ~ I: Really 喔 ~ Slip! Do you want to put it? . . . Come on yourself! Ying: Then you are lying down!

Just sitting on it, sitting up ~ I will swallow it! I don’t know if it is too comfortable or itchy ~ I have been shaking my waist ~ I really can’t describe ~ Good stunning sound ~ I have a hurry ~ If I have just been shot ~ I must abandon it immediately! ….. Ying seems to come ~ I got up and change your posture! Of course ~ old man cart! From the back this posture has always been my favorite! Two people are the most wonderful! Plus two minus contexts before the chest! I saw it is really cool ~ but the line of sight is not good! I can’t see the whole picture ~ so ~~~~

I: Ying ~ We slowly get up to the front of the mirror ~

Catch the hands, the top of the bicycle (not willing to smoke ~ The panel is tightly clamped), slowly walking to makeup, ying, from the mirror, you can see the expression and chest , Wow ~~ The younger brother has been stimulated. So I got it up, began to accelerate the piston movement from the back, and the sound of the sound is even more sound, I am really afraid that I will hear it next ~ I want to think Hear her mouth! But I am running quickly ~

I: Ying ~ I have to shoot ~ Ying: Well ~ I: Shooting in good? Ying: UPTOU, I am worried that people will be born ~ or pull out ~ Shooting on the bunk hip ~ (I dreamed of the picture finally realized)

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