Chapter 1, I’m going to work, I have graduated from the beauty colleague. I have received a non-joy in the unit’s work. Only I will not leave the old house of the countryside. I used to be Yin Guoqing’s home, my parents left people, no Leave Yin Guoqing, Ding point property, and did not give Yin Guoqing debt.

When Yin Guoqing participated in the work, the comprehensive department of the Municipal Party Committee Office was mainly responsible for the speech and integrated materials for the leaders of the municipal party committee.

On the day, it was a member of the organization department, first, first met the director and deputy director of the office, and the deputy director of the branch of Jer took him to the department. In addition to Linke, the other two are women.

Yin Guoqing is color in college. Talking about several girlfriends, I know that the wind flow on the wind is very happy. I saw that there were two young and beautiful female colleagues, and when I got a “sex”.

What is the doctor? He can not see clearly, not care, just feel a bit thin, it is like this.

The two female colleagues are still very generous. They come and hold their hands with Yin Nationalqing, two small hands cool, soft, slippery, and feel good. Although I don’t want to let go, but I still touched it, I will let go, the first impression is good, otherwise I haven’t played.

After listening to the introduction, the big age is called Lu Yuting. It is about 30 years old. It has a slim show, Qi ear hair, the professional suit, the curve is beautiful, may be married for a few years, very charm.

At a moment of holding hands, Yin Guoqing is profitable, and Lu Yuting’s waist is soft, but the butt is full of round, and it is very beautiful from the curve of the waist to the buttocks. It is better to be born. Another older called Yang Xueli, Yin Guoqing was attracted, and his heartbeat has accelerated a lot. Yang Xueli is a high, there is one meter six or so, the shares are long, the melon face, the eyes are bright, in the moment of shaking hands with Yin Guoqing, the eyes of the two hit, the two people did not come by the red face. Yang Xueli’s eyes clear, bright, autumn waves, charming, and feel deep. It should be called the feeling of electric shock. Yin Guoqing’s heart is crispy, the meat stick under the bottom is rough.

After aware of the understanding, the sector said the job responsibilities, and the crime should not be eager to grasp the task, first look at the information, familiar with the situation, and have time to go to all departments, and call Lu Yuting and Yang Xueli guidance.

One morning, In addition to the office and chairs of the allocated office, Yin Guoqing is a bit of two beautiful female colleagues. The meat is hard. When can I enjoy a bright blessing, put them in an arm? … I really have difficulty in color.

Although Yin Guoqing is a romantic teenager in the university, his text is quite solid. The Chinese department is born, and the undergraduate graduation was guaranteed to be a graduate student of modern literature, published many prose, novels and poetry, master thesis more It is the excellent papers of graduation graduate students, and the director of the Municipal Party Committee is that this is this.

Therefore, after Yin Guoqing arrived in the unit, he peeked two female colleagues from time to time, and the other is still very humble, and seriously responsible. At the bottom of the base, it quickly became a new seedling of the Municipal Party Committee. The speech of several Municipal Party Committee led a speech, and the director, the director, I liked him, I encouraged him to work hard from time to time. Many grades.

The achievements of work make Yin Guoqing’s performance in Cori, Lu Yating and Yang Xueli like him, there is no such thing as a speech, and joking. Yin Guoqing has already set up ideas, and must create opportunities to get two beautiful female colleagues.

Especially Yang Xueli, the body is too good, the slim and rich, the five senses are beautiful, the eyes are bright and bright, see if it seems to be in your heart, Jaffou. The lips are so thin, and the ruddy, men want to suck, kiss, and have the opportunity to blow “”. The neck white jade is very seductive, chest is quite, forming two rounded ridges under a thin white shirt, like two beautiful small peaks. The waist is slid and soft, naturally, the perfect hip line is formed down, and the warm buttocks are more tempting under the tight jeans. Compared, Yin Guoqing prefer Yang Xueli wearing silk dress, softly, tightly welded on a slender carcass, the convex place convex, the concave local concave, two pieces of hips, if there is no time, from time to time There is also a depression in the middle of the hip, the arc is perfect, and the curve is attractive. The skirt is floating, and there is more style. Especially when we get wind, the skirt is tightly posted on the body, and the flat soft belly will clearly form a slight convex, and the colorful man knows that is the most tempting Jiao Run in women, suddenly The heart is pleasant, and the majestic is swollen.

Yang Xueli likes to wear high heels, walk from the road to the small waist temptingly twisted, Yin Guoqing has gained a few times and staring at her trembled breasts and twisting hips, and the heart wants to borene, love. Yang Xueli is responsible for the transmission and reception transfer of documents in Cori, logistics management, etc., and Yin Guoqing directly contacts, but because in a department, the relationship is still very close. Getting along the time, Yin Guoqing gradually came to get close to two beautiful colleagues.

Yin Guoqing’s article is well written, and they often praise him, envy him, and ask for it from time to time. Yin Guoqing’s computer level is also first-class, and often helps them to get many inexplicable computer problems. Whenever I am the most “sexual blessing” of Yin Guoqing: The chair is with the two people, in order to see the small computer screen, the bodies of the two people are tight, Yin Guoqing’s thigh It is close to Lu Yating and Yang Xueli’s rich thighs, sometimes the arm is also close, the flexible and silky touch makes Yin National Day heartbeat acceleration. If there is anything in the body, if there is no bartender, if there is no body, there is a woman’s body, it is true that Yin National willers. Yin Guoqing likes to stand behind their chairs, boldly, and disappointed from their necklast, the mulberry and middle tempting cleaves.

Yin Guoqing belongs to a man who is smarter and sexual. Yin Guoqing often compared with Mao Zedong. Compared with the ancient emperor, it feels that men have ambition. It is necessary to achieve the goals and confidence of the great industry. Of course, this will have a woman to encourage, come and appreciate it. Vanity. If there is no woman, all careers will dim. Therefore, Yin Guoqing is often working hard, diligent, and seeing the three-level film, color text and color map, realizing the dream of the woman, dominating the world in the fantasy and self-study.

Yin Guoqing is the most proud of his graduation. There are multiple employment opportunities. It is still the best to go to the Municipal Party Committee, but he is coming, there are two beautiful and charming women, in a busy work. Don’t be the best body and mind regulator. In order to express himself, Yin Guoqing has been favored by women. Of course, the work is working hard, sometimes it is within easy reach, sometimes far in the world, I can’t take it again, it is really itchy. Maybe something is more valuable, more beautiful, and Yin Guoqing feels two beautiful people to all-to-ha-圆 玉, sexy and charming, I don’t know which men have a blessing, it is really “sex”, “sex” blessing!

Chapter 2, the first pair of women’s desire, four months, Yin Guoqing is happy to work, and the rest of the work is playing with the two beautiful colleagues, every time I get the Yin National Day, the soul of the god, wants to hide But there is no ventilation. When the university, the girlfriend is not in this city, and it is almost a lot. Yin Guoqing is not willing to find three accompanying. Playing those maids are dangerous and dangerous, but they have to spend money. Yin Guoqing decided to start after understanding two beauty colleagues. Lu Yuting has been married, and it is a wonderful wife and beautiful, I heard that her husband is often traveling in a big country enterprise, it seems to have a chance to drill. Yang Xueli is in love, the boyfriend is tight, and she wants her to go out every day, her boyfriend is also very high, a little handsome, this little Nizi is now in him, temporarily not easy to start. Yin Guoqing often resentful, Yang Xueli’s boyfriend did not know what kind of good things in his life, found such a beautiful mother, and didn’t know if she opened her. Thinking that Yang Xueli’s wonderful and healthy body nakedly is like a hipping of his boyfriend, Yin Guoqing is really envious, I have to imagine Yang Xueli’s body in a lonely night to keep masturbation. Yang Xueli has taken a few hundred times in Yin Guoqing.

Yin Guoqing’s planning makes him calmly analyze. After contrast, he feels that it is still from Lu Yuting, it is also very beautiful, and it is also a happy mother, who is the same, who is the same, the key is to understand Strome, relax in the two legs, otherwise it is not good. It compares that Lu Yuting is more gentle, quiet, dignified, charming, and slim fat body full of women’s charm. It may often be, for the sake of the husband’s nourishing. When the bones are swayed out of time, when walking, the petite body keeps up and down, so that men can’t help but poor honey, or they are also devastated.

On this day, the leaders of the following town invited all the staff of the Municipal Party Committee to eat, and it was a song and dance. There are not many people, and Yin Guoqing is not a pretty woman. As a result, he disappointed that Cori’s Yang Xueli is in business, and the young girl of the secretary-study has not come. Several women come, except for a member of the town It is very general. After the dance begins, Yin Guoqing no longer wants something else, always thinking about how to jump with Lu Yuting, can take the opportunity to go to the waist of the long-awaited beauty. Who did a few leaders were a dance forest master, jumping out of endless, Yin Guoqing stood a stomach, really hated the leadership, and the big guilty of these colors, did not let go. Especially the secretary of the town, he has been tall and has been with Lu Yating three songs. On his generous chest. When I arrived at 11 o’clock in the evening, I finally had to be able to spread, and Yin Guoqing finally didn’t get a chance to hold a beautiful person. He is in the heart, but he still does not move, and it is necessary to live in the officialdom. Understand. However, Yin National Day is decided to shoot this evening. The leaders are all left, there is only a few young people who have no official title. Yin Guoqing knew that Lu Yuting’s husband was gone, and in time, it was promising that the young people came again, and loudly explained that the leaders did not present more loose, and they were happy. Everyone is all in favor.

So I sang and danced again. Yin Guoqing began to design the next step, he first told Miss to get two bottles of Zhihua, not to put the other two men will not have the opportunity first. At this time, Yin Guoqing has played his alcohol, plus just on the banquet, soon, the two men left by the leaves were so fast, Lu Yuting and another female colleague were almost disabled. Look at everyone is almost the same, Yin Guoqing got up and invited Lu Yuting to dance. The light is very dark, but also drinking a lot of wine, one on the game is tightly hugging Lu Yating, the left hand is holding Lu Yuting soft little hand, and the right hand is tightly grabbed Lu Yuting’s soft waist, The face is also intentionally relying on the white smooth face of Lu Yuting. Lu Yutian apparently drunk, the face is red, the lips are delicate, and the fine is asthma. A burst of body is passing, Yin Guoqing is full, and the meat sticks of the lower body are swollen.

Take a rotating action, Yin Guoqing finally slammed Lu Yutao in his arms. The right hand tightly took Lu Yuting to his body, and the chest was close to Lu Yuting’s pointed and flexible breast. It feels soft and elastic, and Joe is angry. I can’t help but hold the Ru Yutian’s round ass, the trend is touched.

Lu Yating said to him: “You … you … it is too tight!” Yin Guoqing blows a small ear of Lu Yuting, and the magnetic sound drifts into Lu Yating’s ears: “Yating You are too beautiful, I … I like you, I like you too much! “Lu Yuting suddenly became more red, and his eyes were a little confused.

This line of users like it, and the small colleagues appreciated actually like themselves. This makes Lu Yating’s body and heart, plus alcohol’s anesthesia, and a voyam is not coming from the heart, I feel that my whole body is very crispy soft.

Lu Yating said obsessed: “I am married, how can you like me?”

Yin Guoqing said: “You get married, can’t say that I can’t love you, you are too beautiful, the wind is full, I like people like you.” Lu Yuting urgently: “This is not good … Many girls I am beautiful … “.

Yin Guoqing slammed her body to her body, and used it to stand up with the private parts of Lu Yating, and felt the rich ironing of the beauty of the beauty. “I just said:” I just I like you, no one can stop me. I am really awkward, I can have a wonderful girl like you. “Just like this, the two are holding together, although Yin Guoqing hopes to jump, But worried that some people woke up and found that they were not strong, and tonight, the Yin National Day never just want to stay in the, eat tofu. So Yin Guoqing decided to leave the hotel and find a chance to be alone with Lu Yating.

Woke a few guys, called two taxis, and sent home. Yin Guoqing first sent someone else, leaving Lu Yating, and finally, Yu Guqing took Lu Yuting home by Yin Nationalqing. Lu Yuting’s condition is good. It seems that his husband can do it. It is a very rich family. There may be three rooms and two halls. The living room is very spacious, the decoration is also very luxurious, the middle-level sofa is equipped with a 40-inch backstut. . Yin Guoqing half a half helped Lu Yating got the sofa, Lu Yuting did not be drunk, a little lazy to sit on the sofa. Looking at the beautiful women in the half drunken, Yin Guoqing’s meat stick has been uncomfortable, support hard in the trousers. Looking at Lu Yuting’s body, black long hair is scattered on the white back neck, and the towering chest is lighter with breathing, the beautiful body curve is also gentlely trembled, the glossy calf is black. Outside the professional sleeve, it is more smooth. Black high heel sandals, detailed laces outlines two perfect snow, and the smooth foot, crystal, and Yin Guoqing makes the fire. Yin Guoqing had difficulty and swallowed the swallowing water, got two cups of warm water, and took Lu Yuting. Lu Yuting finished the water, the lips wetted, it looked more red and descended, Jiao Run. Yin Guoqing saw a while, I can’t wait to fierce a few mouthfuls. Lu Yuting looked at Yin Guoqing stared at his lips. She is a little shy, and I have a good arm of Yin Guoqing: “What is it? How can I see people?” Yin Guoqing said with the sound: “You are really beautiful, really”. Such a tall and handsome big boy, usually the person of his own favor, suddenly talking about such praise, Lu Yating has stopped, and the pretty face is more red, and the sexy little mouth is sharp. Exhabeled silk female unique aroma.

The fragrance is stained into the nose, the silk is smashed, the soft and delicate body, the trembling body, Yin Guoqing only feels tender. He boldly held Lu Yuting’s soft and ice, resolutely and powerful, Lu Yutai did not react, his mouth “Ah …” is light, full of flexible, fell to Yin National Day The arm bend, Yin Guoqing took the trend and tightly, and his face was full of tenderness against the neck of Lu Yuting. Lu Yuting is nervous and breathing, and a trace of uneasiness … a silk look … a silk satisfaction … a trace of desire …! Complex thoughts make her unable to think about it, maybe she is also looking forward to it for a long time, but she has a husband’s person, how can she betray her husband.

The woman in the fascinating woman seems to be aware of his husband, gently struggle, 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 喃 开 放 放 开 放… I can’t be sorry! “The woman in the arms seems to affect the Yin National Day, so that he can’t help but use her strength. However, although Lu Yating struggled slightly, it did not use much strength. Drinking the beautiful wife of the wine, it was obviously just the inner shame of himself to betray her husband. Yin Guoqing was still holding her, and she felt that her soft and warm body kept shaking, which was more excited. He wants to be burned, bloody, want to stop Lu Yiting to conquer the heart of the arm.

Yin Guoqing decided to start actions. He hit Lu Yating’s pair of hands with one of his big hands, and another hand hit Lu Yating’s soft waist, and started softly kissing her neck. When using his tongue gently, sometimes lips in Lu Yating The little ear is gently blowing, but the crispy tend to tend to look at Lu Yuting. Lu Yating’s struggle has always been weak. She is clear that she wants to resist, but her whole body is hard and soft, and the power does not make it. With the husband’s love, she tried to resist the feeling of evil, but they would like to violate the evil. Yin Guoqing has touched her soft waist from the hand of the waist and fell to her round hips from time to time. Lu Yating’s waist has been twisted, it seems to resist the magic hand of Yin National Day, and it seems to be catering, muttering muttered: “Ah … um … not … don’t … National Day … fast … Let me go! Ah … ah … “. Yin Guoqing, who was soaked in the love for many years, from she likes to have no struggle to struggle with Lu Yuting, and he knew that today I can pick a beautiful woman who has been in this hillion. So he let go of her little hand, and let her feel the neck of her neck, so that her head can’t struggle, when she is still coming, her lips are close, I kissed her beautiful mouth, including her delicious lips. Lu Yating has widened the eyes of crystal clear water, and the breath is urgent, but it is impossible to avoid the lips of Yin Guoqing overbearing. Yin Guoqing slammed the sweet and soft cherry with Lu Yuting, and torn the lips between the two people, Lu Yuting quickly escorted “ah …”. While she opened, Yin Guoqing’s tongue took the opportunity to drill into her mouth and worried about the honey in her Tan.

Chapter 3, playing people, happiness, Lu Yuting, is more eager to twist, and Yin Guoqing firmly grasped her annoying little head, crazy, sweeping her sweet mouth with his tongue, forcibly capturing her to dodge , Bite it with your own powerful lips. Lv Yating relaxed hands began to promote the two shoulders of Yin National Day, but how can the delicate and beautiful men who drink alcohol? Moreover, mildren should not be struggling, but she is ashamed of her wife. Under Yin National Day, Lü Yuting gradually abandoned, and the gap of kissing and changing the seductive squat: “Ah … ah … um …”, a white arm ring Shang Yin Guoqing’s thick neck, Yin Guoqing’s strong kis gradually became an intimate glue mission, the tongue chased each other, the Jin Liquid was swallowed with each other … After the occasion, the atmosphere suddenly became an interior!

Yin Guoqing looked at Lu Yutheng to cooperate, ecstasy, stretched out the right hand toward Lu Yating towering lottery, Lu Yuting’s silky white shirt couldn’t stop the man’s thick hand, instantly a tempting shower Among Yin Guoqing’s big hand … Lu Yuting is a hemp, and the vomiting of the probes is quite urgent: “Ah … don’t … there … there is no … don’t touch it … there … there … Ah … ah … “.

Yin Guoqing looked at Lu Yuting’s emotional appearance, and smashed her towering late peak. It’s really a seductive mother, in the shirt and silk bra, still feel the amazing elasticity of the tender milk! The left hand is not willing, slipping down in a plump hip back, pressing the squeezing, forcing the sound of Xueji.

Yin Guoqing stepped up his attack, but his eyes did not let go of the woman to struggle to abandon the appeartr. When the man’s hot eyes were relatively opposed to them, Lu Yuting was tense against the man’s wrenzo, and he was full of red, as as ashamed, struggling to escape the flash. However, Yin Guoqing has unable to grasp yourself, and the rainpot is shocked and the woman is charming. The right hand is skilled in the buttons of Lu Yating, directly inserted into silk bra and grabbed a soft breast. When the sensitive breast was held directly by the man’s warm palm, the woman “ah …” screamed out, instantly felt his own milk tip, hard to top in the palm of the man, seems to be welcoming Men knead. The whole body image is hit by a burst of crucible, and directly from the private secretary of the legs, the rich thighs that are tightly hidden in the sleeve, keeping twisting. The woman’s annoying struggle, the haired man has a good role, Yin Guoqing’s red eyes are staring at the thighs of the woman’s short skirt, the size of the thin white skin has risen, the left hand from the woman’s stranded thighs Due to extrusion, it is tough to advance toward the most tempting center of the body.

At this time, the effect of alcohol helped Yin Guoqing. Although the woman should stop even stunning, after the lust of the wine could not make too much resistance, pulling the narrow skirt between the body, due to the force, Dew a white tribe with white tender thighs and lace sides. Yin Guoqing’s big hand grabbed the woman’s private parts, and the fingers and sliders pushed the women’s body into the lips, and the hot tactile tactile gave the man’s life.

“Ah … um … not … Want …” Women’s petite calls the man’s desire, and the right hand is crazy to make the breast, the left hand finger begins to close the woman’s lab. “Don’t … don’t … Joe … Yin Guoqing … beg you … ah …” The woman silently breathed, and the whole body was tempting to twist.

Yin Guoqing easily put the woman in a soft and wide sofa, unlocking the remaining buttons on the woman’s shirt, and torn the silk bra. In the scream of the woman’s “ah … ah …”, two towering breasts bounced, the nipple was already congestion, as ashamedless. Yin Guo Qingzhong was pressed against the soft carcass of Lu Yuting. While killing the breast, the lips have tightly containing the peak of the other. The woman is pretty face, fragrant, and can’t help but hold Yin Guoqing in his chest arched head and neck. The long jade leg is also entangled around Yin National Day’s heroes. I want to get more gentle … Yin Guoqing’s tip of the tongue is flexible to tease her nipple, sometimes gentle, and the breast is strong, and the pink nipple is bounce, tremble It is standing up, and it is a good love for a man. When Yin Guoqing’s big hand wanted from the rolled skirt, inserted into a small tribe in small pants. When he took a small hole that had already been wet, Lu Yuting had a hurt with a satisfying cry. : “Ah … ah … um … …” The slim waist continues to float, put the flat soft lower abdomen and Yin Nationalqing firmly under the body, the cherry is biting the shoulders of Yin National Day, want Inhibition of a lot of breath.

Yin Guoqing’s fingers flexibly smashed two pieces of the young girl in the middle of the body. At the time of the upper and lower slides, he suddenly went to the slim of the small hole in Lu Yating “Ah …” In the snoring, the thick finger is not, all incorporated into the depths of narrow and warm vaginal. Lu Yuting’s hands slammed the head neck ravaged before his chest. He was unable to spread it. A group of stirred wells. Under Yin Guoqing’s continued teasing and pumping, Lu Yating’s feelings are gradually high, and the breasts have risen to the extreme, and even don’t consciously jumped in the mouth of Yin Nationalqing. Move. Yin Guoqing looked at the beauty of the beautiful wife and worked hard, suddenly bite the tip of the breaker, and the fingers in her private place also left the right row to scratch everywhere. Lu Yuting’s asthma is even more sharp, the thighs clutches Yin Guoqing’s arm, and the whole body is violently towering, and the carcass has turned sharply. In Lu Yuting is extremely incomparable, Yin Guoqing felt a hot and greasy water sprayed from her small hole and immediately smoked his fingers. Lu Yating reached a wonderful climax in a state where the male root was not inserted … In the constant climax, Lu Yutheng gradually relaxed, and the limbs were unable to spread, and the delicate and humid cherry is calm, and the fans , Double lactary, legs, lace tripping pants, so wet. Looking at the beauty of the beauty, I am unable to resist, any of the prostitutes, Yin Guoqing is very unparalleled, usually the end of Xue Li, Lu Yutao is so sensitive, it seems a bit unbearable, touch the kiss and get a few times to the climax, in the future It’s really play! Thinking here, Yin Guoqing felt that he was slightly painful. It turned out that he had a hands-on-hand desire, and the key place was not enjoyed.

Yin Guoqing immediately lifted the last hidden cover, and the woman who was exhausted was weak. Ren a man faded the skirt along with a tripper, and even lifted his hip legs to facilitate men. Between a moment, a glossy Ying Ying, a seductive woman bare under the eyes of the man. Yin Guoqing stared at the middle of the wind and white thighs, and the two delicate laboraries were shy, covering the small hole that has just been suffered, and a fosing liquid is hung in micro. Big lazy lips, crystal clear, obscene.

Yin Guoqing is looked at the naked carcass, while quickly slap in his clothes. Lu Yuting glared at the eyes, and I found that Yin Guoqing in the weekdays, there is a strong body, tiger back bear waist, arms and chest muscles, developed chest muscles, Sen, a cluster, black, thick thighs, high-rise Long dark brown meat stick, murderous look, too shocking … Lu Yuting exclaimed out: “Ah …”, gradually fading redness suddenly, forced to play with pretty face, and scared, Close your eyes tightly, don’t dare to look again.

Yin Guoqing pressed up, holding a woman’s round buttock, and the mask of the warp is quench. The hot glans rushed to the tender hole, and Lu Yuting only felt that there were antfangs in the accumulation, emptiness. “I beg you … No … It is …” The soft woman is unable to resist, and it is difficult to ask for mercy.

“It’s very cool, it will be more cool.” Yin Guoqing teased in the ear of Li woman with light words. The action is no longer tune, after all, I have risen too sad. The masher draws the thin lips, and it is strongly straight to the depths of the vagina.

“Ah … 唷 … hurt …” A full and painful feelings came, and the delicate Tan has a shock, and the hands are not hugged by the man’s waist, the thigh is tightly clamped. Try to prevent men from drawing. The face is thus shameful, and the whole body trembles.

When the meat stick reached the woman’s heart, the man’s throat also came out: “Ah …”, too comfortable, fairy feeling, really don’t think about the soul of the soul of myself, thoughts, Yin Guoqing feels It seems that your own meat stick seems to be surrounded by tightly, the burning is narrow, warm and smooth, the meat is still moving slightly, sucking his own glans, numb. I have been married for a few years, the small pocket is still very tight, the meat stick is very comfortable. Fuck, cheaper, his husband has such a small hole in the whole day.

Lu Yuting only felt into the meat stick, hot, thick, hard, drilled, it seems to be self-lived, do not wait for the owner to send orders, it is stupid, and it is unable to control the ground. Send a sound and asthma. The front of the road is looking for a sensitive wet and hot, and the rubbing of the minced lips is tightened. It has made the heart to resonate, and you come to me to lick each other with the glans. Yin Guoqing’s countless woman, knowing that Lu Yuting has been hungry and thirsty, she needs a man who is ruthlessly uncovering her elevation and charming veil, washing her as a wife of the wife, using the most powerful throduction, fastest sprint, strongest Friction, let her achieve the peak of the climax and satisfied. So, Yin Guoqing was in a righteousness, rapidly thriving, and the masolar took out the hole, and he was topped again to the bottom, and more hot is hot. With a few hundred times, Lu Yating originally laundered, it has been turned into a crying; her comfortable rush, it is straight like an emperor, there is no way to look like a few hours ago, like a wave Shouting in Yin Guoqing.

“Hey … 哟 … Joe … Yin Guoqing … you … oh … too hard …”

“Ah … ah … so cool … you have a good … beautiful … so beautiful … I … I am dead.”

Yin Guoqing looked at the woman called the waves, smiled, and the kung fu won’t worry, it is really beautiful! He still calmly whipped the woman’s sensitive flower heart, a low head, including a woman who brought the twisted trip to the twist.

“Ah … ah … I have to vent it … vent it … I am dying …” Very tip. Lu Yuting’s hole was tightened, and the uterine mouth scraped tightly absorbing the gentleman of the man. Yin Guoqing felt the heat wave shocked the glans, itch Shumei, it was hard to defend, he quickly killed the glans to death in the small hole At the location, the thick, the thick semen is in a hurry.

Lu Yuting only felt a strong hot flow, the merits of the past, “Ah …” yelled, the whole person seems to fluttering, then the soft, petistive, eyes Gods.

Chapter 4 Meikai two degree wants to break the soul, National Day, also tightly taste the most refreshing launch in a long time. This woman is so beautiful. I have always been very accurate, this time is no exception, no matter how women pack, I can judge whether it is wrapped in a beautiful and seductive carcass.

The beautiful colleagues who are turning around all around them, and have been a wife, I want to get mad and I don’t dare to make it. Today, I’m still awkward, now I am too pushing in my own, it is really The man is confident … I think about thinking, the baby that has risen and weak is gradually lifted, and it is moving in a woman’s small hole.

Although the woman is weak in two orgasm, it is still sensitive to the small hole in the first time, I feel that the man’s mask is once again rising, and the delicate place is coming: “Ah … you … you have to coming”. “Who told you beautiful and Sao?” Yin Guoqing smiled, catching the thick meat stick gently, the glans kissed the blooming flowers.

Never I have never heard of erotic words, deeply stimulating the heart of the snow, and the red dizziness will come to the beautiful little face. Yes, I didn’t know that I actually succeeded, so it was easily lost in the trap set, and I fell into my own unconsciously.

Between the male roots, the prostitute is again flooding, and Lu Yuting feels that the semen just brought in the man mixed with his own prostitutes and brought out in vitro by the male root, and sticks to the size of the lace and the whole port. Due to the slip of the prostitution, the pickers of the male root gradually and powerful, Lu Yuting “哼 ah” started a new round of prostitution. This time, Yin Guoqing no longer worried, he would carefully cultivate this long-lasting land, so that she was essential for irrigation. Three shallow depths, the nine shallow is deep, fast three slow four, seven Shang eight, suddenly picked up, suddenly thin, suddenly plug, the woman’s 呻吟 is still low, the fat, the rich, the glid, the lace is in the man root Opened and bloom, keep extruding the white prostitution.

Yin Guoqing’s breathing gradually gradually became heavy, and he kept a small and cute five senses on the woman’s pretty face, leaving a wet and hot kiss on the white neck. Then the next stop is a breast, care care care about every inch of milk, uli and nipples, and picked two beautiful milk and stalls, and the tip is tower on the swelling breast.

Lu Yuting is gently swinging, and the jade leg is tightly wrapped around the hero waist in Yin National Day, and the felt cute foot tip in the air flies in the air. “Ah … ah … come, National Day … I … Love you … you … … good hard … topped … ah …” “Ah … Ya Ting … … you really have a beautiful … I … cool … cool … “The woman’s sunshine is the blood of the Yin National Day, and stepped up the intersection! “Ah … National Day … fast … I will give it to me … give me … I want … I want to die,” I have a long time to make Lu Yating again near the madness. Usually, the bright eyes become humid, and the shaking hands are holding a man’s shoulder, the perfect ass twisted. Yin Guoqing looked at the waves of the beauty in the sorrow, and it felt that the mask suddenly rose, and the semen was poured. The tongue teeth are tightened to bite the tip of the tips, and the hands are tightly put on the waist of women, pull the mature buttocks to themselves, catering their own undergails.

LU Yating was swaying in Yin Guoqing. .

“Hey … 哟 … National Day … you … 喔 … too hard …”

“Ah … so cool … Top well … beautiful … beautiful …” The beautiful woman is delicate, there is no slightest, there is no smashing model, I only want to fall into the abyss of the lust, get the top Desire to look at the climax.

“Ah … no … I have to vent it … vent it … ah … ah …”

Yin Guoqing has an emergency top, the big talent is strongly rubbing the honey meat, which feels that the woman is full of obscene honey, which is constantly tightened, and the qi is sprouting from the uterine mouth. After the climax, Lu Yating, um, ah, the paralysis is on the sofa, losing the gods to conquer his majestic man, enjoy the sweetness of sweetness.

Yin Guoqing smiled with satisfaction, still hard to spool the heart of the trembled flowers. A weekly desire, so that he suddenly took the meat stick, a woman “ah” in the climax, the small hole in the small hole, the supper, the juice is in a hurry, and the whole white hip is full. Yin Guoqing spans, the hips are placed on Lu Yating towering chest breasts, still rising a fierce mask directly to the woman’s beautiful lips, the big turtle is tapped in the cherry, put the prostitute from the woman’s hole in sexy Glossy cherry.

The woman learned from Yin Guoqing to clear the desire of the man’s heart. Under the persecution of the thick-and-horrible big talents, he was helplessly gently gently, and the male root was not in the depths of the throat.

“Oh … …”

Lu Yuting feels that the things in his mouth seem to continue to deepen to your esophagus. Extremely difficult to quickly want to turn his head, but men hold her head and make her movement.

“Oh …!” The two call at the same time. The thick male root is strong and strong in his mouth, a hot flow of a burst, Yin Guoqing has achieved extreme pleasure, really unparalleled, this life is dead and no regrets. “Cough … cough …” Lu Yuting oozed into tears, a large number of semen rushed into the throat, the pretty face twisted red, helplessly swallowed, some semen from the mouth angle, along the beauty of the chin Slim, more obvious.

Chapter 5, has been emitted from the semen twice after ruthlessly annoying, and Yin Guoqing also felt uncomfortable. The couch was lying down and uncomfortable. He had to barely got up the body’s soft woman into the bedroom. Although the woman is unpleasant, she can’t make any move, even a complete words can’t say it, naked with the man, lying in the bed that belongs to her intimate bed, and sleep.

In the morning, the child of school woke up the man in sleeping dreams, she found nearly 8 o’clock, and at this time, the woman who was inhabited last night was still sleeping. I don’t know if it is, because of the sake of the beautiful woman, Yin Guoqing finds that her meat stick is swollen, and the top is in the middle of the woman’s thigh. However, there is no choice but to participate in the morning, otherwise, please enjoy this attractive beauty. He loved the pity and kissed the cheeks of the ruddy cheeks, got up and quickly wore clothes. After washing, I left Lu Yating. “I have a little beauty, sleep well, I will leave for you for you, kiss you! National Day “

One day, Yin Guoqing kept recalling the results of last night, the beauty is really a great taste, I really want to immediately rush back and play again. When I got off work at noon, Yin Guoqing called a call, no one, the mobile phone was close. Yin Guoqing is a bit wonderful, I don’t know where Lu Yuting will go. In the afternoon, Yin Guoqing pushed a friend’s invitation, and then connected the phone of Lu Yuting, and the phone was picking up, but Yin Guoqing just called Lu Yuting, there was a call. Run to Lu Yuting downstairs, turn on the doorbell, Lu Yuting discovered that Yin Guoqing and closed the walkie-talkie. Yin Guoqing had to return to his dormitory in a manner, and the aftertaste is spent in the past. On the next day, Lu Yuting followed us on time, seeing Yin National Day, his face was slightly red, a day, did not talk to Yin Guoqing. Because of the relationship with Lu Yating, Yin Guoqing and Yang Xueli did not dare to joke as usual as usual. Yin Guoqing speculated that I didn’t have the mind of Lu Yating, I had to work hard.

Then I was on the weekend, I heard that Lu Yuting’s husband came back. Yin Guoqing thought that the two people wanted to be discovered by his husband, the heart was uneasy, two days to find a classmate to drink alcohol. Finally, I went to work on Monday. In the morning, I was in the morning, I made the office’s hygiene, filled with boiling water, waiting quietly waiting for others to work. When Lu Yating entered the door, he flew away from his position, and he lowered the sound “early”, Yin Guoqing is now coming out – all the best!

Lu Yating quickly walked around Yin National Day, hit a burst of fragrance, elegant long hair, fitted suit, white skin, close-fitted narrow skirt, slender legs, bright high heels, handful Pretty boast, like ever, still is a god, fresh and emotional model, Yin Guoqing is sitting on the chair, clearly imposing Lu Yutiting, the generic body, the generous body and thighs The drums of the bulge, the mashed mask rose rapidly, and puts the trousers into a mushroom.

Yin Guoqing pulled the throat water, cooled his high desire, hid to the bathroom, send a text message to Lu Yating with mobile phone: “How are you? I miss you!”

After a big battle, Lu Yuting came back: “Don’t think about it again, I can’t sore my husband!” Yin Guoqing thought that Lu Yuting wanted to meet in the sofa, and the squatting of the top orchestra is the madness of the top, it seems that this small The fairy is also in the style of the wife, and I’m going back: “I just like you, I want to be with you, but I will hinder you with your husband.”

“We can’t be together, I hope you forget the past and start again!” Lu Yuting immediately replied. “I will never forget the beautiful night and glamorous you, your petite waves appear, we will be together, kiss you!” “Crazy you! Leaders are looking for you, come to Director go.”

In the next few days, it is not cold with Lu Yating. The office is more miscepted. I don’t dare to make it. I can only rely on the SMS “harass” her, but Lu Yuting is unrestricted, and Yin Guoqing is quite boring. Her husband at home, did not dare to run her family, trying to leave her and ignored it, it is really that Yin National is very painful. He tried to taste, some desires, every time I saw Lu Yating’s beautiful body, there was a desire to “positive law” from the side. During this time, Yin Guoqing basically ignored Yang Xueli’s existence.

A good chance, but was burned by a guy in the secretary, Yin Guoqing can’t wait to take him thousands of knives and fuck his ancestors of his 18th generation. That is one night, the office three subjects are working overtime, ready for the next largest reception. Yin Guoqing is responsible for the speech. In fact, Yin Guoqing has already written, but there is no thing in the back of the dormitory. There is Lu Yating in the unit, it is a good thing to seek.

Everyone is busy with their own division of labor. After the Secretarians of La Luo, Yin Guoqing suddenly found the remaining six people, except Lu Yuting, the rest of the male comrades. Yin Guoqing realized that there may be a chance to be a pro-ferry tonight. He was scared by his own and bold ideas. After a while, he went to the god, and it felt still feasible.

The unit of the unit is long, divided into both sides, male bathrooms in the east, women bathroom in the west, partial elevator, stairwell, boiling water room, because the middle is an arched, and the sight between male and female bathrooms cannot be interoperable.

For safety, Yin Guoqing also specially ran to the top and bottom of the following floors to see if there are people in other departments in overtime. In addition to the two guys who are also happy to play computer games, other departments are lacquered. Obviously no people work overtime.

After planning, Yin Guoqing pretended to modify the material while watching Lu Yuting. Looking at Lu Yating is busy doing things, recalling the lighter of the evening, the meat rod, the meat rod, drapeled. Time spent in the difficult time, Lu Yating stretched a lazy waist, got up and went down, then walked out. Yin Guoqing saw no one’s attention, but also quietly walked out of the office, Lu Yuting’s beautiful snowy figure is disappearing in the arched cylinder. Yin Guoqing took a small run, it hurts the past, to the door of the female bathroom, doing the thief before and after, it is sure that no one can see it, and I have entered the female bathroom, and I will take the door to reverse the door.

Previously, Yin Guoqing had never entered the female bathroom, and found that it was a toilet and makeup table. It was more in parallel with four toilets. The other is that Lu Yating is inside. Yin Guoqing’s heart “plopping” was tensely jumped, and his hand made the wet sweat.

About ten centimeters under the toilet do not close, from the position standing from Yin Nationalqing, I can see Lu Yating wear a high heel foot tip. A burst of “淅呖 淅呖” sound, the woman in the woman came, immediately imagined the slight of the small hole, and the Gong National Day’s meat rods rose. It seems that the job of nervousness makes Lu Yutao for a long time, the urine is anxious and long, and it is still a long time, followed by flushing and pulling the sound of the skirt.

Yin Guoqing stretched outside the door and prepared to attack the prey to capture the sprint. The door “” opened, in the moment of Lü Yutai, Yin Guoqing slammed her step forward.

“Ah …” Lu Yating shocked, and then he was held in Yin Guoqing, and he could only issue “… …” The voice of the intent.

“It’s me, don’t call!” Because there is a happy friend, Yin Guoqing thought that Lu Yuting will know that he will not resist. This is not the case, Yin Guoqing’s hand just relaxed, Lu Yuting yelled: “Help … Don’t …”. Yin Guoqing had to firmly cover her mouth, and did not let her make a sound. This place looks like this. It will be troublesome, saying that it is not allowed to abandon the future in the future, never go.

Yin Guoqing put Lu Yiting on the wall of the toilet, one hand, holding Lu Yating’s mouth, and another hand of Lu Yating along with the body circle, Lu Yutian’s strength is not Yin Guoqing, but also let Yin National Day can’t do Other actions.

“Ya Ting, I miss you, there is no other person in the building, here there will be someone here, give me another time!” There is no way, Yin Guoqing had to pray for women. Lu Yating said that “… …” struggled, see is a fairly anger and fear of expression. “Yal Ting, I let go, don’t shout, I know that I am not good for you, ok? I really like you, I miss you!” Yin Guoqing and anger woman paired Will, feel that women’s hostility is not so strong, put the hand gently relax. “Shoot …” Lu Yating has ast acknowledges a few mouthfuls and said: “You are crazy, let me go out.” “I am not crazy, I just like you, I want you.” Yin Guoqing put his hands The woman’s arm is under, and the woman is set in the middle of the arms, and the eyes are fixed to a little panicked woman.

“You are crazy, what is this place? Do you want to stay in this unit?” Lu Yuting is shy and afraid, trying out from his arms. Yin Guoqing looked at the woman because of scared and smart, the beautiful lips were so sexy. I couldn’t help but tighten my hands. The thighs put the woman’s legs in the middle, and the mouth was fierce. “Oh … … don’t … ah …” Women’s head left right, the lips are rude, and finally caught by men’s lips, and the beautiful lips are tightly sucking in a wide mouth by men. .

Yin Guoqing’s tongue was strongly engaged, trying to enter a woman’s mouth, but the woman is tenaciously resistant, and the two lips will make an annoying loud sound in the lips. Yin Guoqing’s lips can’t be asked for a while, and took a hand to explore the chest of a woman. He grabbed a soft talent with a dress, and the powerful smoked. The lower abdomen is also backward, and the top of the legs of the woman. Yin Guoqing is in a hurry, the time is not allowed to be too long, step up the attack on the ground, while thinking is the standby stairway between her or shifting to the end of the corridor. After walking through the corridor, the process of going to the spare stairway is too dangerous. As long as Lu Yating is not called, it should be safe, or the speed of speed is good.

Yin Guoqing had a long time to attack the woman, so I have to give up, go back to the clothes to solve the woman’s clothing, Lu Yuting’s hands tightly grabbed him. “No, let me go, don’t you do this?” Lu Yuting was anxious to drop tears. “Be sure to get you in the future, I want you to think about it!” Yin Guoqing said firmly, and another hand went to the woman’s skirt, Lu Yuting quickly pressed with his hand. The two silently struggled. Yin Guoqing is going to grasp the hands of women, forcibly lift the woman’s dress, “Lu Yuting, Lu Yating.” The secretary of the secretary Corin Wei came from the corridor while the office. It turned out that Lin Wei and Lu Yating live in a community, and every time, overtime is going back together. Yin Guoqing stopped the action and did it too dangerous. “You go out first, I will go again.” Yin Guo said angrily. The meat rod is rough, and Lin Weizhen is really fucking. Every time I go home with Lu Yating, I don’t know if there is anything to take care of Lu Yating. This must be clear … Lu Yuting briefly sorts out a dress. Silently walked out, Yin Guoqing also thought about hate hate, looking for a chance to “repair the repair”.

Once a good chance, I missed this. After a long period of time, Yin Guoqing did not find a pro-ferry opportunity. Yin Guoqing felt that he was so crazy. Every night, Milting Lu Yuting soft in the waves on the sofa. Yin Guoqing wants to continue this way maybe it may be uncontrollable.

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