The length of the troops will hit the hard object in front of my table …

sexual harassment? Temptation of handsome guys during overtime.

Bridgeburn, Ma Li, 廿 3 years old, Qiyu County Trade Co., Ltd.

I have just graduated from the female university. In addition to the kindergarten and elementary school, it is a female school, so it is necessary to work in such a strict trade, it is really uneasy.

But very fortunate, after newcomers training, I was distributed to the departments that can play the strengths of my language, and the length of the class is not only handsome, but also very gentle. He has been seven years old, of course, has a wife and a child.

It may be sent to the overseas branch due to the length of the course, so the style of the sect is a prime collection, so our department is overtime, and we can leave the company earlier, and is also envious by other departments. . Especially the talks between female colleagues from other departments know that the female colleagues in other departments have been forced to take a drink after being overtime, and even have been drunk and wake up.

(Our length of course is also doing this …)

But sometimes I have a though word for too serious class, because I can do it with the length of the marriage, it is also what I am willing.

One day, when I was made in the month-end, I found that I actually commit a big mistake. I would like to ask for a long time in front of the information.

I believe that the territor knows that it will be violently jumped, I only report to the class leader, but I didn’t expect that the length of the course did not yell, I was still gentle. I didn’t worry, such an error, even some people will also Always committed. “

In an instant, the disaster is coming, and the length of the class will work overtime for me, and help me re-create information.

(If you say this as an opportunity, what happens?)

I excitedly and the class leader began overtime, but the criminal length of the script did not take the rest of the unnecessary thing, but she buried in the work.

(Not good, I can solve all the work for a night.)

The serious work attitude of the class really made me convinced, but I didn’t have time to stay in the conviction, and I would like to take the opportunity to be in the only one person. I must use it.

After I took off the bra, I returned to the seat. “I don’t understand the class. I don’t understand it here …” I deliberately put it in front of the class, I will bent, so that the length can see My double peak. For 卅 卅, it is my largest weapon.

The length of the class is often intimate, but I deliberately don’t understand, one step by step is close to the class, the manufacturing opportunity can make the length of the breast.

The class generally saw my Valukin, at that time, I only felt that the whole body was paralyzed, but the length of the class did not dare to remove the sight. So, I have to: “Lessons, for me to work overtime, I apologize, I will help you with your shoulders.”

The length of the class seems to be really tired, so the voice is said to “labor you.” Let me take a shoulder for him. I looked at the shoulders of the class, while putting the breast in the back of the class. I feel that the nipples have already protocol, and they are constantly rubbing the end of the class, which has created unsecured pleasure.

When the thrill flooded, the length of the class said. “Thank you, comfortable.”, You will start working again.

(Is I speaking to the length of the class, is it a woman who lacks sexual charm?)

I am discouraged to the seat, but, as the general man is more interested in the woman who can’t catch up, I also produced new fighting spirit on the length of the length.

“Xiaoli, do you want to call the night?” At 8 o’clock, the class general asked me, I called Pisa.

“Coffee is coming.” Behind Pisa, I raised a cup of coffee for lessons, and we sat down and started to enjoy the pizza.

Due to the low sofa, if you sit down, if you don’t close your knees, the things in the skirt will be a view. I deliberately release the legs, and the length of the length is also a man. When I enjoy the pizza, I will continue to steal in my skirt.

(Ah, the length of the class is watching …) I think the depths of the underwear have been humid.

(Please look at the more colored vision! Then use the fingers and lips that are covered with sausa, in me …)

But the length of the class rushed through the pizza, stood up from the sofa and planned to return.

(At this time, it is a moment of decision.)

“Ah ~~ Extreme!” Although it is commonly used, I deliberately knocked over the coffee, the coffee cup is just poured on my skirt. “Hair, what happened?” The length of the class ran to me.

“Ah! Earm, so hot!” I deliberately set off a skirt.

The thigh wearing stockings is also soaked in coffee, and the class is now in front of me, carefully use handkerchief to wipe me the thigh.

“The stockings have been sticky, if you don’t have to tear open, you will be burnt.”

“Oh! This is …” In fact, the coffee has been crawled, it will not be burned, but the class leader immediately bite the stockings with his teeth, tearing hard with your hands, and issues “Torked …”.

(Ah! It seems to be violent …)

The stockings crackled to underwear, and the class was worked hard with handkerchief, but the pleasure came to me, but I couldn’t cool it.

“Lesson, class long … Tear off the underwear together …” I ashamed the heart seems to be cracking.

“Small, Xiaoli …” The length of the class has a confused expression and stands up.

“Don’t, don’t leave … Otherwise I have to call loud. People in other sectors come, I want to say that you are strive!”

※ | JKF Czech Forum “What are you talking about? Don’t joke.”

“I am not a joke, I am serious, I really will be called!” I held the classmate of the class, guided into the crack of stockings.

“You are like this … I will not hold it.” The length of the class is gently looking straight into me, and the serious eyes can’t say the sexy.

Then, the length of the team met the underwear, “Ah ~~ class long, I … I have been worshiping the classmate …” I am quicker, and I feel very harmful to myself so bold, active temptation behavior, naturally falling Tears.

“Okay! Today, I will always don’t be very good in the company?” The length of the class gently careped the petals in the tribed trousers, and kissed in my cheek, that is, the intended standing.

However, serious class leader, may say another work, and on the way home, I will leave it.

“No! Please continue, I am so wet …” I introduced the length of the length of the length into the tripple, even if he thought that I had no relationship, now I have, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. State.

The length of the length of the length touched the petals directly, and the length of the class was soft and damp heat in this place, and the pants can’t help but greatly.

“Lesson long, do you hate me?”

“No, I like it, it is also beautiful.” The length of the length of the class couldn’t stand, and began to caress my wet petals. Two fingers swim in the flowers, stirred, and there originated “beer … Beer …”, so that I wet, I have to drop out of prostitution.

“Really? How is a US law? Tell me.” I started to reach out the trousers to the trousers.

“The fillet is thin, the petals is pink, so cute!”

“Ah ~~ Say more yellow …”

“But …” The class was long, and he said yes. Go! Has pain? “The cute class is long, like a young red face, and use a finger to pick up movement.

“It doesn’t matter, two or three fingers can be enjoyed, and I will be deeply deep …” I opened my petals, and the class was inserted into my meat with two fingers.

“It’s so cool! Ah … ah … also bully the clue!”

“This way? Will not hurt?” The length of the class continuously using two fingers, and use another hand to gently and gently. Every time you play, you can’t say that the throat is moved by the clitoris, so that I am blank in my mind.

“Ah ~~ Ah ~~ I want … I want to do my meat stick …”

Suddenly, the phone rang, I was shocked with the class, and I looked at each other. I got to pick up the phone from the sofa.

“Hey ~~ I would like to ask Mr.?” It is a very temperament woman’s voice, a wife of the class.

(The sixth sense of woman is very powerful!)

I want to think about it, I will give the phone to the class. I saw the length of the team at answering the phone, I couldn’t help but pull the hand in the trousers. Because of the telephone call, the length of the class can’t stop me, I have to continue to talk about the phone. I have a large rough mask. Due to the interruption of the phone, the length of the talents is semi-acting, but I will expand it immediately after I enter my mouth. I used the tongue to gently, carefully lick and sucked, and I still hold the pill from time to time, sometimes it is, sometimes it is light.

The phone has not ended for a long time, but I don’t care! I just want to hurry to let the harden mask into my deep meat. I set off a skirt, revealing the ass, put the tripdial pants down to the knee, and squatted on the table in front of the class, and touched the ass to the class. However, I saw that the length of the class was swayed to express “no”.

But now, I am an absolute advantage. “Can you hear it? I will be booked to me!” I said softly in the ear.

The effect is indeed remarkable, and the length of the class is talking about the phone, while the hot rolling mask is inserted from me.

“Ah ~~ So cool ~~”

“Now work overtime, go home again!” The length of the class must not stand it. He is angry hanging away the phone, and then uses two hands to hold my bone plate, and the rude Lu Dao is like the devil. stand up.

“I am talking about the phone, how do you like this?” Pressing the bram fingers of my bone disk, come to the ass crack ditch, so that it is far away.

“Ah ~~ will crack …”

“I am angry, don’t give you some bitter!” The length of the class continued to do me like the devil, and put the fingers into the anus, and attacked my vagina and anus at the same time as the head and fingers.

“Ah ~~ Sorry! Lessons, forgive me …”

This kind of presence of the office is a nervous stimuli and the middle-aged sex skills of the class leader, it is really unparalleled. Since this night, when I was overtime, I became a pair of beasts that did not make love in the company.

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