I went to a wedding reception that day.

That is a thing I don’t want to do, the scene is very bored, wasted my time, especially that is my wife’s relative, I don’t know.

My wife has died, I am going with Xiaoxi.

My family with my wife has always feel good, they are still when I am a family, so call me, I don’t go, I will give up them.

I just went with perfunctory mood. But when I saw the bride, I was in a daze.

This bride is actually my old lovers.

She saw that I didn’t know if I didn’t know much. But her person has always been very active.

I don’t think she will marry. Maybe women will always marry. However, leaving me is to marry the man like this mouse?

I certainly don’t say anything, don’t say anything. She married, what else is there?

After that, Xiaoye invites me to Karaoke to drink alcohol, I am also in the middle. Because I am very bad, I don’t want to go home alone. Thinking beautiful Aku is a man in a man like a mouse, and my stomach is like a knot.

How do he know how to do it? Does he know where she is the most like kissing? How did he know how to reach a climax several times a few times? Hower can decide to live with such a man? But maybe he didn’t have the skills I have?

If you ask a small brother, maybe he can also say the groom’s information, but I don’t ask.

I am also very unhappy, but Xiaoye finds a girl. They are a relatives, often work and introduce me.

I am somewhat embarrassing, because I am not prepared, but he is a plot, does not tell me, and suddenly come, with his girlfriend. I am so drunk, if I know, I will not drink so much to prevent ugliness.

Xiaoyan and girlfriend gave an excuse to leave, leaving me with her.

I only remember that she is Mei Zhen, what happened to have forgotten. I woke up when I was at home, my headache was hit.

In the afternoon, Mei Zhen called the phone. After I was drunk, she sent me home. I am very embarrassed, I ask me if I have lost, she said: “No! You are very gentle, otherwise I don’t call!”

I can’t ask her to have dinner, even if I thank. She seems to have much beautiful today, is a very beautiful girl, it seems not to be suitable for the nightlife.

I will know that she is interested in me, in fact, she doesn’t want to call. I am also very interested in her, because she is quite like. It is also so high, then white, just slightly thin.

I talked to her, I took the opportunity to ask her, I have said something after I drunk.

She said: “You have already made it hard to forget her!”

I am sweating on the amount. Aku has been married, I should not mention it.

Mei Zhen said: “This is nothing wrong, just prove that this person is very old and wife, whose wife is not still missing!”

I am relieved, she thought that I said that my husband.

That is to say that I have not said anything.

However, who is I talking about? Is my death or Aku, even myself is unclear, because both I miss.

The two are not, Meizhen is new, and Mei Zhen catering to my needs, because I have no girlfriend in one year, Aloud is disappeared in my life, making it difficult to adapt, I have been right This is no heart, maybe because it is not intention, now Meizhen makes me very interested.

We have come up and have developed very fast, and soon beyond friendship.

That night, I kissed beauty in the car.

She is very embarrassed, what I want, and she is also very enthusiastic.

Later, I asked her to have a man with a man in her ear.

She said: “It’s just a few times, but there is no problem!”

In fact, I have to ask if there is any problem, she said no problem, then there is no problem.

I took her to open a room.

After taking a shower, she made the lights very black because she was shy.

I asked to open the lights.

Her advantage is really supple, she twisted her body: “Ok, you like it!”

I turned the lamp very bright, she closed her eyes. I’m a big eye. She is really like Akan, Bai Yao. In fact, she opened the lights, because the peak is delicate pink, as in dark light, it is just black. It is black or black, it’s almost the light, it is not black without turning.

But the details are different from the different.

Aku is rumble, she is flat, and her part of the shadow is much more. Aku is a close to the child. And secretion is also different. Both are white and happy, do not leave hands, I appreciate it fine, and play in detail.

Since I hope she can replace Al蕙, I also used the method of making familiar with Ah, carefully give her more stimulation.

I have to let her reach a peak in my hand.

But she doesn’t seem to accept this way.

She shortly twisted, it seems that I will open my hand when I arrive, pull me.

I called her to take her to patience, I can reach.

I told her that I have had such habits.

She said: “I can’t wait!”

She pushed when my hand was going. So several times.

I have to start, when she is very satisfied.

I told her again, I like her hand when I act, and she also did it.

But she is obviously not used to this, everything reaches my neck and back, but I don’t want her, so I will pull her back. This makes my time long, because there is no such habitual stimulation, I don’t easily reach the peak.

But the time is longer, the woman should not welcome, it is not good.

This long time makes her many times seem to die. But if it is dead, it should be the happiest death.

After that, we are relaxing, I know that I have made her most satisfied.

I can always make my woman is most satisfied.

She is really coming to me, she touches my amount and said, “Do I make you feel comfortable?”

I nodded: “I am very comfortable, now I want to sleep!”

She said: “You sleep, I don’t harass you!”

She slept in my side. This is really good, she also has the advantages of my husband, that is, let me.

I am not completely asleep, but thinking about Alie.

I met Aku after a year.

At that time, I was extremely empty, and Akan fails.

At first I was a little odd, because Alo is so tall, it is tall than my death, and my impression, a tall woman will tend to be fierce.

But not necessarily, soon, I will understand that Aku is very pure.

I am particularly clear about her first time. I found that she was still a woman, I asked her how she did not speak, and she did not refuse.

She said; “Maybe I should refuse, but I want to follow you again, I want to make you happy.”

I thought she was easy to casually, it was not. She is very supple, she can’t refuse me because she likes me.

I was coming out after kissing her. I kissed her in the dark, she did not object, but the reaction was not strong. I think she is quite easy and comes. She nodded again. I took her to open a room.

I am also very worried because I haven’t been there for too long, so I am very urgent. After entering the room, I said that I took a bath first.

After I washed, I used a towel to wait for her, she also went in and washed it out, I went to bed.

I thought she had been familiar with it. It turned out that she just saw me, it was not before she had come these places.

I also didn’t turn off the lights and I took the towel. She closed my eyes.

When I went to the towel, it was more attractive, and I was more excited and didn’t ask her.

As I said, she is so weak, and her white is very attractive, and the sparse can not cover the tender pink.

I have a kiss on one side, although I want to watch it for a long time, but I can’t help but go.

Her reaction is not strong, and no big cooperation, makes me feel inferior. And it’s too long, it’s not long.

I asked her uncomfortable afterwards.

She said: “I don’t know!”

I said: “Don’t know if you are uncomfortable, do you know?”

She said: “How do I talk?”

I said: “What is the man I am more than a man?”

She said: “How do I know what other men? I have no men!”

At this time, I only knew that she was originally she gave me the first time. I asked clearly, I know that she agreed to let me.

I asked her that she was very comfortable, she said something.

I don’t know how to be a little bit, calling her detailed, she is hard to describe it clearly, I know that she has not reached the climax. But this is not normal, I know that many people can’t reach in the initial stage.

I tell her that I can reach more time.

She said: “There is nothing wrong now!”

I told her that when she reached once, she would understand that she could not lose. She certainly doesn’t, because I promised her more, not she got less.

In fact, after I explain it in detail, I started to practice. And she is also very interested in explaining me. This time I am more interested in interested, it is not only to meet me.

I can still bear this time, and I will watch it.

She is really a considerable way. Very special, is a first-class beauty. But I promised her that she did not be implemented. Although I used it for a long time, she also said very well, but she didn’t get it.

I got it, full of sweat, and I have a lot of breath, she is also a bit reluctant because she is not used to such a strong stimulation. I have to end.

I promise her will be implemented in the future. After a few days, I can try it again.

She is soft and cute, I said, she will be willing.

The same is true after the second time.

The second time, my promise still can’t be realized, she can’t arrive.

This time, the method I used is to start as slow.

When I started, I didn’t move her, and I was still moving very slowly. I thought that she could make her more time to adapt, it is easy to enter the realm.

But this is still useless, she said it is comfortable, but she has not reached the realm of climax. She doesn’t matter if she doesn’t reach, but I will not get it. If you can’t achieve it, I will feel that I am unsuccessful.

The third time is still, I will stop in the middle, change the way to use my hand, that is, my approach to Mei Zhen, but Meizhen does not accept. I know this method is very effective.

Sure enough, this method has a good effect at the beginning, seeing her reaction is so strong that you can know. She didn’t have a psychological preparation. When I gradually pushed her feel, she panting was very anxious, and I didn’t want to call me. But she did not reach out.

She is getting more and more strong because she feels, she will be out of control.

I continue, she is no longer careless. If you lose control to death, it is also a sweet death.

So, she first reached, the whole person shrunk, and there is a fountain like a fountain, I don’t need her to tell me, I also know that she succeeded.

Follow, then she pushed my hand.

She gasped for a long time, and she also captured me very tightly, finally relaxed. Her face has a sweet expression.

I am very excited, I asked her: “Is it good now?”

She nodded: “Good!”

I said: “If you are tired, don’t do it!”

She immediately shook his head: “I am not tired!”

I said: “You can say it again, now it is not!”

She didn’t answer, she just caught me.

I started. And this time her reaction is completely different from the top time. She is quite obviously reached again and again.

Follow me too.

Lying completely, she is easy to fall asleep. Before this, she didn’t want to sleep. I am also satisfied with sleep.

I slept for a while, I woke up.

I said: “What do you think this time? Isn’t I talk?”

She smiled, but she only held me, put on my leg and grinded.

I went back to her: “Is it going back?”

She didn’t answer, just pulling my hand. This is my expectation, which is the best service.

So I will serve again.

She seems to arrive soon, and it is also very mad when they arrive.

Follow her, I took a break, and then she was catching my hand. This is what it is very unexpected.

I used this method before, it is enough. She has to be twice.

It turned out that I didn’t do it, it was what she had to be like this.

I have maintained more than a year with Alie, she has always been very smooth, never ask.

But I will leave a letter to me, saying that she has to break up. She has lived on the relatives of the outside, I can’t find her. I don’t know her family, I don’t use it.

I have no way, I have to pack up my mood.

Suddenly, I saw Akan, but she did the bride.

Also there is a beautiful treasure, you can relieve my 惆怅.

Mei Zhen is different in that things, but don’t matter, Meizhen can move me, very follow me. I also talk to Mei Zhen is so good.

In fact, I feel so good to Mei Zhen, I also think I should talk about marriage.

One night, after I was educated to her, I raised her. She is also the age of marriage, I should be married again.

She is very cold. She said: “We may wish to use more time!”

I said: “Maybe you are not satisfied with there is a lover, but this has passed, I am not responsible, she is away, and she has married people, no more!”

She didn’t speak, I said: “It’s true, I know you that night, I just got her wedding banquet – I didn’t know that she, I saw it!”

Meizhen’s reaction was very strong, she called: “Why do you tell me this?”

I said: “This is not a secret!”

She said: “You know, let’s tell me? I don’t want to know that you are my sister boyfriend!”

I am also shocked: “You are a sister!”

She flows tears: “You know early, but you can’t talk now, you should not talk!”

I can’t touch my mind: “How do I know? It is you know, I don’t know if she has a girl!”

She said: “When we met in the first night, you have already said, you also go to the wedding banquet, I have seen you at the wedding banquet, it is my sister’s wedding!”

I said: “But – but -,” I shouted, “I don’t remember at all – that night, I drink too much ……….”

She said: “I think you want to retaliate to my sister, she left you, you have to hold her sister, no wonder you often mention her!”

I explained her hardship, she believed. I really don’t impress, otherwise I will not mention it, maybe I will not start.

She cried and said, “How can I get along with my sister? She knows so much for you, you know so much for her!”

I said: “This sentence, I can also use this talk method. But I don’t mind, I will not be a problem. You don’t like me?”

She said: “I really don’t like you!”

I said: “But you are very good to you! How can we sleep in a bed!”

She said: “Some disadvantages are later known!”

I said: “There are so many shortcomings, do you not say?”

She cried and said that she was going, but I didn’t let people, I must make her clear. She didn’t have her sister, and finally said.

She said: “In fact, my sister is also left you because of the same reason!”

I said: “I don’t think I am doing something wrong.”

She said: “In this case, I don’t talk.”

I took her again to tell her, she had to speak.

She said that her sister also told her very detailed, why leaving the mysterious lover before, but she didn’t know that this person was me. The problem is that I can’t forget the former one. When I was good with Alhu, I constantly said my death. Meizhen’s feelings are exactly the same, I am with her, but I have been using the previous comparison, and I have more Akan. She can’t accept it later.

I said: “Your woman! Why not speak?”

She said: “This kind of thing, I am very disappointed, we all want to be good for you, so that you don’t mention it before, but not succeed, since the failure, I have to give up!”

I can’t persist yourself. I swear, but I still gone. Can’t change it is a fact that she is Aku’s sister.

I am still making a decision. I have changed again, I know that I am wrong.

The cool breeze of the summer night, the cold wind of the winter night, the wind is in the season. An annoyed autumn wind, the proud spring breeze, the feelings of the mood are upset. The wind that can’t live in spring and summer, autumn and winter, a year, … Blow ….

From chuchen …

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