The car parked in front of a hotel.

My hands on the driver’s tray, first closed your eyes, and then deeply sucked a breath and spit it slowly.

“Are you okay?” She turned to look at me.

I didn’t answer her.

Traveling with female colleagues, is not the first, but only this time is the least comfortable. I would like to find her to find her.

She, Ye Lina, is the special assistant of our Chen. Dressed in sexy, summarized for some documents. When talking to others, there is often intentionally inadvertently, in the other party.

Any man will leave a deep impression on the charming woman. I don’t excera, I even remember every piece of clothes she wears. I remember to have a late evening, she wore a red evening dress with a low chest, there was a big bow in the right shoulder, the left waist is a long red stream, the snow white left shoulder, is very fascinating; undoubtedly, she It is the focus of the night! The whole night, she shuts the seat, very active, and the sixty-five-year-old Zhou Dong stares on her chest! She “Zhou Dong! Zhou Dong!” 嗲 嗲 地 地 地 地 发 地 心 心 心 心 心

At the end of the evening, she walked over, suddenly did not have a key, when she was bent back, the spring of the clothes was reflected in my eyes, I saw a pair of semi-circular spheres in a purple half cup In the corset, sway on her chest, bright red milk tips, gently rub the cup, see me! Suddenly, she looked up and looked at me, saw me staring at the spring of her clothes, I am not awkward, but she smiles to me, if there is nothing to go! Since then, in the company, I have intentionally embodied her eyes! If it is not Master, I want to sign her to southern this time, I won’t be so close to her. This way, I am not comfortable. She seems to find that my look is a bit uncomfortable, so ask me so much.

“Bull!”! The lathe is pressed with a car behind.

I quickly took the car into the underground parking lot of the hotel.

“See it, don’t concentrate!” She smiled with her lips.

I took out the baggage from the rear car, then she took the initiative to take my arm and walked up together.

“Don’t really be tight?” She asked me very softly.

“It is too tired today!” I am not an answer.

“This is a good” she quickly change the topic, “I have a rest!”

We have to have two rooms in a bathroom. This hotel is she picking, she seems to be very familiar with this hotel! No wonder! She often finds orders in the south. And I am the first time to travel here! If it is not the Miao Secretary to the Malaysia, and the deputy director should sit in the town company. If you don’t drive, I will not have a huge contract with the Millennium Company.

Go to the door, suddenly the atmosphere began to produce subtle changes.

“You take a bath first! I will first organize tomorrow’s contract, wait for the next to wash!” She said to me. Said, she returned to her housing.

After entering the bathroom, I found that the two doors lead to our respective rooms. Marble decoration, luxurious washstone mirror and supersonic water flow jacuzzi, making me feel unparalleled comfort. Take a shower comfortably, soaked in the jacuzzi to enjoy the fun of tiredness.

I remembered her, the lower body did not feel changes, plus the impact of the water flow, the baby is strong in the water stream, can’t help but take a few times, to show comfort. I think of usually, I often deliberately avoid her, I don’t regret it.

“Hey …” The ear seems to hear a sound like anx.

How is the Superior Hotel? I suspect that I have heard it wrong.

“Hey …” similar sounds again

I have to get up and see, the sound is like a compartment. “Is it …”

I close the peek by the bathroom to the keyhole of the compartment.

My body is not tight, and my breathing is also very urgent …

Just see Lina is sitting in the bed, topping a blue bra, half-eye lifting on the chest, wearing a high waist treasure blue with lacy tribe, and seeing her left hand placed on The left mist is constantly rubbing, the right hand will be blinded on the left side of the lace, and the two refers to the glion. The long hair is flying in front of the right chest with the head. When the slender jade leg, it was sandwiched. The next double eye, the slightly lips sent a tempting spoke.

With her spoke, my body is shaking as the rhythm.

“Ha mouth autumn!” The wet whole body is exposed to cold air, making me have a natural physiological response.

“It’s awesome!” The heart is dark. I hurriedly retired back, wrapping, putting on a nightgown.

It seems that there is a movement in the next door, and the sound of the cat is also stopped.

“Miss Ye! This is washed!” Hard scallions shouted and quickly exited the bathroom back home.

Going back to the room, take off the nightgown, naked into the bed, think of the situation just now, can not help but unrest, excitement is inexplicable.

The sound of the bath was coming from the bathroom. I remembered the situation just now, there is another look of a peek, but I am afraid that I am not aware.

In the battle, the bathroom was stopped, and he quickly grabbed a magazine and read it!

Suddenly, I opened the door of the suite bathroom, I saw Lina to smile at the door! I stayed, I saw her wearing a transparent pink morning, could not hide my eyes under the light shadow. A pair of strong breasts and the ginger of the micro, wrapped in a half-transparent black lace underwear. That is the scene I have seen in the undergarment magazine or dream. My breathing can’t help but urgently. The saliva of swallowing the throat, I remembered that when I hurried to the bathroom, I forgot to lock the bathroom door. When I was about to open, she put his finger on his mouth, indicating that I kept silence, and because I was bare sleep, I just sat in bed, and I was close to towel, covering my body.

If she walked into the bed without anything, she found that she found that I peeked in the spring of the spring! She turned the light into the dark, and then if she had no accident, she slowly faded the transparent pink morning, and each action appeared like a stripping mother. It was so familiar, but she didn’t have a good expression, it seems to go home in her husband. It is natural in front of it – no sale, no teasing, just smile and accidentally look at me!

She is so close! Close to the body of her body.

I saw her long-awaiting oblique batch on the right shoulder, the snowy shoulders built two beautiful arcs in the room. Zhu lips lightly, smile the lips; the endless eyelashes, a pair of hooks the soul of the soul, looking at me deeply.

Looking at the translucent black lace half cup bra, tapping her round double breast; double-share, put a slice of translucent black lace trippers, hill microblock, in the middle can be seen in the middle. I can’t help but swallow the throat. I found myself in slight shaking, the lower body did not consciously gain.

倏 地, I stared like this, she stretched up, looked up, and looked up her innocent face. Thus, the two hungry lips are close to each other. At the moment of the four-lip, she touched his little mouth, he was long, and the heat spoated into my mouth. On the same time, she held my baby’s hand slowly smoked, and the other hand climbed My chest shoulders, spit out the tongue, hook my tongue. I kissed her, picking her tongue with my tongue, then sucking it with a lip, across a thin lace half-transparent silk bra, I can feel the body temperature from her milk tip.

I helped her back neck kiss in one hand, and the other hand trembled in her arc waist and pink hips, and the fork opened five finger to care about her jade leg. In her unconsciously shake, she is up and down to my baby. I extended my right leg inserted her legs and rubbed her yin.

“Well .. Well ..” twisted the body, so that my right leg is more squeezed, and the temperature of her yin is so high.

With the temperature rise of her cheeks, her twisting is also more fierce. She is more exciting to the right leg of my right leg, almost let me stand.

I force her to push her to the wall, through the support of the wall, so that my right knee has focused. The cold right knee is in the right thigh, making me a different feeling.

I can’t help but use the transparent black lace trip, with the right food refers to love to care in her yin. The hot breath is passed through the black lace thin silk to the finger.

“Well .. Well ..” Twisted the body of the shiver, squeezing my chest, the hips are slightly pending. The right hand five refers to her left span into her black lace tripper. The palm of your hand stucks and cares. The right food refers to the middle finger on her small labie … and then pull the clitoris.

She shakes, the head is close to my right shoulder, even if I can’t help but bite my right shoulder.

I turned her to hug her from the back ring, then pick the brawl coabbrows both hands, holding her double milk, fingers gradually pinch the tip. Gradually I felt it hard. Kiss her pink neck and smell her fragrance. She gently calls more ticking my wants! It seems like a flexible double breast, from her neck, the double millet is like the milk, the milk is in the middle, and the wine is red! The petite breast is rushed, but the tip is slightly hooked! Pink nipples slowly upstream with wheezing, there is a little bird’s mouth and look for me!

When she kissed her neck, she would unconsciously put the head back; and when I kissed her ear, she didn’t consciously put the forehead. Her left hand never stopped backwards, holding my baby! And when my five fingers made five fingers of her thighs to the triangle, her body did not consciously tangled. I can’t help it into her black half-transparent side with lace, her jitter is more harmful. She is slightly opened, constantly “ah .. ..” Gently in my ear. That is the satisfaction of the nose to the throat.

Turn her, I have a bow in front of my knees, kissed her navel eye, felt and elastic belly, she can’t help but hold my head down! Visible with the thin black and translucent lace trip, breathing the flooding of the Yinfu, so that my private parts are tied up.

Sucking her flexible jade leg is really a great enjoyment! I suddenly scared a rose, and the pink petals moved to me with her twist! In her snoring, she did not independently raised the left leg, and the black-transparent lace tripping is now a shadow wet arc. I have a sucking. “Ah .. um … ah ..”, with the reputation called, my head is pressed tight, the jitter of her body is getting worse.

I gradually can’t hold it, and I picked her to put her on the bed, making her flat, and the snowy body towering two hills. I used your hand to look forward to pink nipples, I saw that the nipple rose big, and the wafer also became a small Yuanqiu on the big hill!

In her low sorrow, I buried my head into her double breast, and I opened the mouth with the nipple, and I continued to rise in my mouth and gently suck the milky in the milk.

Lift your upper body, I saw a full hill in a small black translucent with lace. I can’t help to pull the black lace triangle, take off the thin obstacle, and a thin forest is present! She saw me staring at her lower body, could not be shy with one hand, and the slender jade legs were instinctively micro-clips, and she shredded the lower body!

“No! Don’t!” Lina 娇 声.

Turning around, the hands around her jade legs, thin forests can’t hinder the flow of peach blossoms, Fengzhuang Shuangqiu, can see two pink small hide Stream. With the breath of her shake, the trend of the positive body, Xiaoqiu is like the earth, and the two small doors are like meat.

Kiss the tips, breathe, leave the parent’s potentially familiarity, so that I have a peaceful feeling. The left and right cheeks are laid to her like a tender legs, and it is more comfortable to sleep.

The ground, private parts, she has grabbed my baby in her double breast. At the time of the jacket, the time is oral sucking, sometimes the milk is rubbed, so that I will return to reality from the fantasy.

I use my fingers to dig my lips! She immediately squatted, and the lower body twisted, Ganquan was slowly built by dual-petal! I use my finger to hold the pair of petals! She is even more deep!

Take the right hand two fingers to open the lips, push the clitoris of the clitoris, the tip of the tongue, the tongue, this action makes her unconsciously put the hips and yin.

“Exchange! .. …..” Lina twisted legs

My tongue is constantly being switched in the wrinkled lip wall, sometimes licking the clitoris, sometimes sucking the lips. Further, explore the tip of the tongue into the creek …


“She came out …” With the embarrassment, I saw a white bellout with her climax in the creek.

After turning over, I saw her face boom, breath with breath.

I whispered in her ear: “I want to make love with you crazy.”

After listening, she swells red face, “no coming!”, More show her beauty.

I turned my head and kissed her. I lied down in the potential. I put my hands into her legs, slowly supported the legs, change the posture in it, the cross legs have a black velvet, along with the angle Greater, I even saw a peristalsis of her vaginal extension.

“You are necrosis!” Looking again, she is more likely to be horses, and they will not care. .提 枪 上.

She trembled: “Light! Mapo! ..”

I took the baby in her hole, sometimes grinding the clitoris, sometimes pulling the lips, and sometimes the water is like a shallow mouth. She was teased by me, from her half-opened half closed, like a drunk eyes and Zhu’s glutinous turbidity, it can see the appearance of her ecstasy. I gradually felt that she had lascivious, and her abnormally. On the occasion of her, she didn’t look at the double-shares. I deliberately slipped the jade stems and didn’t let her wish.

“No …. Can’t come ….. You are interested in people …” I was shameful, teasing, itchy, not independently, put jade stems Enter the hole.

“Ah! …….” She revealed her thirst in the pet, she put the smooth and charming jade leg, swing from my arms, swinging the willow, active top, hit, welcoming, .

“Beauty? Na!”

“Beautiful! Where, I never enjoy this beauty!”

Slowly slowly and slowly, it is ignorant from it. Extraction to the head, rest, three shallow depths. With that deep, her jade hand has a total rhythm of my arms and rhythm and rhythm. At the same time, with the deep, the glory tapped her blind, and her contraction will have a big meal. The wrinkled island is brushing in a keen glans. A burst of shot from the grunge from the gap through the spinal cord to the brain, so that I can’t help but look down on a sigh of breath.

The furious jade stalk is covered with a blood vessels, which can benefit her vagina more narrow, and increase the grinding surface. Looking down, I only see her Yinhong’s lips are dragged into the drag with the dump.

“Oh .. 喔 ..” She couldn’t live in her mouth, depressed low, and the stars gradually issued a rush of breathing. The fiber willow waist, like a water snake, swinging, reversing, sucking throughout. The flowers are pushed under the flowers, pumped out, left forward, right and right, make her delicate, a pair of jade legs, couldn’t help but sway, the hair is scattered to cover the powder neck, and it will breathe. “Puzi! Puizi!” The beauty of the sorrow, incense drain, endless.

“Oh … Oh …. Slow …. Slow …” In the jealousy, I saw her closed eyes, and the head was shaking.

Her vaginal is narrow and deep, and the hole is hot, and the prostitute is raging. I can’t help but put the jade stems forward. After she was guilty, the hands were talented, and Zhang Da had double mouth and sent a touch of electric shock. She used his teeth to bite the lips, one minute, and suddenly and powerful, screaming in the mouth.

“Oh! Any …. Don’t move …. I .. Dedish …. finished .. I finished …” I am in my heart, the shares are tight, the jade stem top Competition, only a deep junior, sucking, sucking, spitting, top, frustration, like a hot flow, hot, I am full of sputum.

A hot springs can’t help but flock to the governor of the baby, I use my best to put her legs to the chest and stroke.

The heat flow, the jade pulp is overflowing, and a hot spring is shot by the root.

“Hey!” I can’t help but go out.

“Ah! Ah! … Hey!” She was waving, and after a trembled, she was completely paralyzed. Since her body wall is shaking, she is like a fire that is like a breath!

I am weak, I am in a gentle crisp, my eyelids have gradually been heavy. . .

Improving the music of the bed in my ear. .


You are unintentional into my heart

It seems like investment in the red leaves

Quietly knock my heart lock

This is a beautiful 邂逅

. . . . . . . . . “

Yu rabbit Dongsheng, Golden Uzi, night, like a light yarn.

Kaohsiung is a urban urban city, during the US military station, it has shiny. After the US army left, it was over. However, with the development of the Taiwan economy, it once again shines with charming light! Kaohsiung’s night, once traded. .

“………… Lu Qingqing photos with water drops, sad, young men, don’t know what they want to go,

Vast, Hong Kong, night, rain, lonely

A young man in a suit on the stage sang the sorrow of the past “Hong Kong Night Rain”

Kaohsiung’s night, it is also colorful. .

There are two bottles of cognac on the table. They are sitting next to me. Here is “Seven Heavenly Water”, and Dai Dong, Dai Dong, who is talking to me, and I have to come here with Lina to come here “Entertainment”.

In addition to my husband, male, male, is still a manager of Millennium, and the Manager of the Marketing Department. Xiaota is just the young people who have just sing “Hong Kong Night Rain”, I heard that he is a small scorpion of Chen Dong.

In addition to sitting next to Lin’s side, the four is the secretary of his left hand, Miss Li Lisse, listened to the day, saying that Xiaota has always wanted to chase her. This can’t help but look at her a few eyes carefully.

Lisa has the temperament of oriental classical beauty, giving melon face, two slender eyebrows, bending oblique points, nose is straight, double eyes, a soft and blamed look, snow white silk The long-sleeved shirt has highlighted the towering double peak, the fiber 10 refers to the knee, the lower body, the blue short narrow skirt is more revealing her slender waist hip, the elongated jade neck skin ice, the long jade leg is behind the table, Like a bud to be placed, it is pity. Such pleasant, no wonder. . . .

My left hand is a “princess” called Xiaofen’s lounge. There is a big eyes on dark black, very beautiful, looks less than twenty-year-old. Zhang, said that he “old” refers to his old age or refers to him. I don’t know. I saw him with a right hand to grab the Wolf willows, and sometimes it to Xiaofen opened the high-ascending geese-yellow long skirt touched her strong powder hips, and sometimes she was caressing her right milk by her right. Let her sometimes eat a smile and smile to my left shoulder.

Sitting on my right hand is Lin Pi specially arranged for me, I heard that she is the Taizhu and Manager here. She looks like a young woman with a twenty-six-year-old, has a mature beauty, more charming people than the general girl, only see her as autumn months, post-body glue, pear woven, time hidden now, eyebrows Do not paint and green, the lips are not bare, the eyes are profitable, ten fingers, the clouds, the young, the sham, the beauty, a pair? Means. “Come! Mutan brother! Received a cup! I wish us a happy cooperation!” Lin He held a wine glass “Dare to be! Also, please take care of you! I respect you!” I was busy.

The glass of wine is brought, I always feel that there is an atmosphere that is less natural, but I can’t say that it is wrong. “Don’t be respectful! Come! Let’s come together! Dry!” If Rose comes in and talks. “Let’s come together! Dry!” Lin always invited to meet, and a right hand slammed Lina and licking. I am thinking about how Larina will cope with the madman who often borrowed the madness, but she watched her refused, and she did not deliberately avoid my eyes. I finally discovered where the unnatural atmosphere came. “Sorry! I have a makeup room!” Lina got up. I looked at the bathroom to wash your hands, I was also busy, crime pretending to catch up with the toilet.

“What’s it! Are you uncomfortable? I see you all night!” I asked her concerned.

“I …” She still wants to say. “There is something to tell me, I will help you solve …” I showed a situation of puolan gainful.

“Where! Please don’t blame me! In fact, I am a chess, who is around Lin,” She said. “What? …” I show it out “at night, I don’t go back to the restaurant …”

Suddenly, I suddenly understood. original. . No wonder the company will meet her in the south. Recalling the feelings of last night. In an instant, I have a feeling of being deceived and humiliated.

“Where! You won’t look down on me! I am not helped!”

Looking at her chu, I will think that I am still not a chess in the company. I am relieved. Different, she is a river gun, and I can’t cross the river. Last night, only the river cannon back, unintentionally 遘遘.

“Lina! I understand! We are all inconsistent!” I tried to let her release.

“In fact, Lisa’s situation is like me! She is my sister, we are all so-called business secretary!” She further explained.

No wonder! It is no wonder that she is always hidden in her eyes. It is necessary for life to live. That woman didn’t want to find a good man to marry, and lived the life of the husband. “You go! I will wait for you in the hotel tomorrow!” “Thank you for your understanding! I will always remember the gentleness of you last night!” She contained tears.

Go back to the seat, Lina is more. After getting my understanding, she seems to have changed.

“Shenke is long! Dedicated to Miss Miss! She is not just sitting!” Lina said. “Yight!

“Who will be punished? Will n’t it be me!” Xiaotian sings the song to go to a seat.

“Old sink! I don’t care about Ruo Ruo! Let our big beautiful people sit” Lin Gong.

“Come! I am trying to pay tribute! First, if Mrs. Miss! I will punish three cups!” With a mood of five flavors, or sigh the helplessness of life, or to Lina to show my mood at this moment. I want to be drunk tonight.

“Good gone! I respect you!” Xiaotian raised.

A cup of alcohol, anesthesia, my limbs, but anesthesia can’t be traumatic. The left hand raised toast, Ruo Ru, who left the right hand, I found that her waist was so thin, and the nasal smells came out of her body. Missing you every day, you have not met to see the mourning duck, and you will have no doubt that you will be removed. When adding 心心 悲 If you want to leave, the day is also the month, I have to come out, I have to come to the moon name, I am, I know you know how daily, the daily sorrow, I hope that you will turn it off early “

Listening to Taisai, Raina sang “I hope you early”, which makes my micro-injury traumatic bleeding. Based on an unknown anti-use mood, through the drunken concearation, it will be in the arms. “Good! Good! Shen Xiong! I really have you! Let the Rose with you tonight!” “No! People who have gone see it .. Oh!” If Ruo is in my arms. I didn’t wait for her, a pair of bisector had a big mouth that had a lipstick, and attracted a laughter. “Let’s do it again!” I called.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I feel thirsty, restore the perception, I have discovered that it is already in it.

This is a warm bedroom, a gentle continental wall. The wall of the ivory white floats. Warm air is filled with an incense of India, such as dreams. .

The round yarn crane on the head is like a waterfall, and the pink silk is scattered, and a pink pillow is more elegant lipid powder. Under the soft crystal lamp, the exquisite figure of the exquisite figure is reflected in the right cozy table. I lifted up, my forehead was still hurt.

At the front of the person, the shadow is like the immediateness of the account, it has come to the body, and it took a lightly. Set off the yarn, I found it was actually a Miss M. . . I saw her shaped a loose pink sleep, narrow-shaped neckline with a white elegant rose lace, pink belt obliquely tied to the waist. From the brunette wall light, you can see the figure of the elegant curve on her body, and the slender willow waist can only hold hands. The hair bun on the top of the top has been solved, and the black hair is obliquely on the right chest, and the double peak of the Gaolong is deeply deep.

“Wake up! Drink the water!” As asked in the vale of Huang Wei.

She is on the bed, reach out of the left hand, holds me, and will sleep behind me. The right hand has a cup of warm water to my lip. A silky fragrance is fluttering into the nose, and the right shoulder is only immersed with a soft body temperature. At this time, I found that I was barely, and I only had a trousers.

“If Miss Miss! I ..” I want to ask how to work.

“You are drunk! Take it! I will help you change your clothes.”

In the face of her, I found her soft, her beauty. Her moth is frush, and the fat powder is thin, and it is like autumn water. If the lips are covered with Dan, the melon face, the willows, is a beautiful embryo. I watched the Zhu lips who were violated by me, I repent the momentate.

“Sorry! Ruo Miss! Forgive me for the squatting.” I am eager to save my Squi and I said.

“You seem to be deeply affectionate to Lina, I know your mood.” She was comforted with comfort.

“Lina is the old man in my lounge! She is a poor and filial girl.” She then said.

Then she told me to me.

It turns out that Lina has a tragic family. The younger brothers and sisters were young, and the old father had died, and the old mother had a cancer for a long-term hospitalization. The huge medical expenses forced she had to resign a department store clerk’s work as a so-called “Business Secretary”. Due to the business of the business, I met the Mr. Chen always wants the golden house to hide and put her into the second room. Larna always watches a good family after the days, she didn’t want to have no name. But this time, her mother joined the ward. I heard here, I am in my heart, I have no ability to help her. A cute and poor girl. . .

“Lina can encounter deep feelings, is a blessing of her.” She is speaking.

“That’s like me …” She touched the scenery and silence.

“What happened to Miss M. …” I tried to comfort her.

“Forget it! This is my life …” She contained my tears to avoid my question.

“Say to I listen, although I don’t see the help, maybe you will come comfortably” I want to comfort her to mix her curiosity to her.

“I am a unfortunate woman …” She said that she said.

She told her that it would be hurt to whib. Seeing her crying with tears, I couldn’t help but hold her shake body, listening to her speech.

Just as the double decades, when he was full of Hua Sheng, she met her prince of Hemato. A young overseas Chinese called Joy, many of which have been more than, and the English is also got a doctorate. He has lived with her like a season. But the good scene is not often, after she is pregnant, he exposes the face, selling her to the call station. It turned out that he was a crowd trafficker, but it was only a seven or eight years of the younger brother.

“Not two months, the police cracked the call station and saved me.” She said that she was more sad.

In the early days, due to the need to make a living, she found a mysterious abortion, but she lost her fertility. In the mother of the mother, she only greeted it, only indulging wine is anesthetized. After earning some money, pull some sisters, self-supporting portals.

“Although Larina is unfortunate. She has a deep affectionate.”

“In a lifetime, I have been praying that there is a deep man in my life.”

I am very touched in my heart, an affectionate woman. Can’t help but kiss her tears and tender convulsions.

“You … Can you round my dream.” She looked up and looked at me whispered.

“I …” I don’t know how to answer her.

The promise is not, refuses to hurt her. When I was moving back to the valley, she got up and unwind the bow of the waist.

A loose pink is open.

I am a mood.

The flaming bra is rolled in the black yarn lace, the upper half is transparent, the floating embroidery is embroidered with a black rose, the lotion is towering, the clever ditch is narrow. Smooth and delicate small abdomen a little deep umbilical eye. Fire red? High waist transparent silk trousers, embroidered a big black rose, petals cleverly hide the yin. I took a deep breath and swallowed the water to wet my dry throat.

Stretch the socks of the fire red rolling black lace, reach out of the left, the right leg is placed in the bed, elegantly retreats. The low movement makes me see that you can see the breasts that you want to win, and the jade legs of the high Zhang make me close to the gap in Qiku. These gestures are very hot, so that I am in the Spring heart, I don’t think it is too much.

Reversing the two shoulders slightly, a loose pink sleep is slippery from her back, showing her snowy skin, exquisite curve, slender willow. That is a curve like once.

The garter with the fire red roll-rolling black lace, and there is a hip of her feast. It seems to be born with a boy, with a rock silk in the middle. On the back of the back, the black whisk bra rolling the black yarn lace has slipped at her feet.

“Where! I love me tonight! … just tonight ..” She slowly turned around as a half, I hope that half of it is said.

I saw her smashing, the skin was smooth, and the skin was smooth, soft, and the black scorpion was like the autumn water, the cherry blushed, the mouth-watering, a pair of bowls of jade milk, willow waist, soft and small belly smoothing, a pair The jade legs are evenly slender, and a soft and delicious hair is lined with a flower-like cheeks, beautiful and charming, showing intoxicating.

She opened the pink silk, and a beautiful body came to me. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

The body covered with my hunger body is warm, smooth and strong.

Her hands were circled, and I closed my dark, and I looked up with a brown neck. . . . .

The chest is sticker is her flexible crisp chest, from the two snowy milk balls as squeezed. The jade back with a beautiful string, with the bone of the ridge, until the jade hip wrapped in a swirls of hot and low-waist-wide silk pants.

I grabbed her Liu waist with a strong arms, and I suddenly became fine.

I kissed her lower lip, a different current introduced into the body, affecting my lower body and make it shake it.

She contained her lower lips and sucking back. At the same time, I also included her upper lip and feel the curve and flexibility of her hack.

The humid feeling is really good, picking her in the tip of the tongue, causing the jitter of her spascularity and tightening me, her tip of the tongue does not feel the tip of my tongue.

A silica current is introduced by the tip of the tongue again, and it can’t help but shrink.

“Well! You are bad!” She moved to open.

Say, fell her jade body, lick my chest, kill. The right hand is slowly moved into my trousers.

“Hey! I am fine ..” I screamed. Slim jade gloves with jade stems, or dials the gymnium, or squeezed the glans.

When I first brought her to the back, revealing her charming horns and gently pulling her ear. The other hand holds her left milk, she seems to be a woman who is mastered by a man, and a pink size suitable for a pink cherries. Sometimes it is placed in the fingers, and sometimes it is soft to it.

“Ah.” In a trembling, she breathed the voice.

She got up, retreated my trousers, reversed, even a bite went in.

“Hey ..” The feeling of wet softness is really good. When the glans are squeezed by her narrow throat, I should not help out.

Looking at the pink hips on the front of the eyes and wrapped in a hit of the towering, it can’t help but give me a hand to sword, the tender jade hip, one hand, plumbed her wonderful micro-margin.

“Oh ..” When the double finger plunched her hammer micro-mouth, she sometimes could not feel the mouth.

Double-finger slightly wet feelings make me find that the Hiqi, which has caused it to the dark hole that is close to the fighter trousers. I am fans. .

I put her on the left side of me and a black rose on the flaming trousers.

“Ah ..” The jade leg of the desire twisted, and her mouth is unbearable.

Sniffing the fuzzy fragrance of the secluded, bittering the hills of the fat in risks. Holding her legs in one hand, holding the flower. The cheeks have a feeling of being a lot of life.

“Ah .. I want …………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

On the occasion of her got up, the situation pulled down the flaming tribe of the black lace.

She directly, Qu, in my lower body, put the left palm in my pillow, raise her hips, and hold the jade stem right hand, and slowly incorporate her in the hole. I am a high head, looking at the lips of sucking the glans, and the erectic clitoris is shaking in the micro-survey.

She kept her hands in my ear, the positive fuace, jade buttocks, like a whole, I didn’t dare to include it. I am very loudly of the shallow, and after a while, I will cut a honey. In her sullen, I saw that if the Mei Wei gilt forward the jade stem to her, and she rub her erectic clitoris on the roots. Double stimulation makes her not self-reconciliation.

The red cheeks, the expansion of the nose, half bite, and the spring sound of sulking, making her more beautiful. The heart is not awkward, and the speed is accelerated, and the electric shock is more than a burst of jade stalk to the whole body. If the rose is pushing, the big mouth is coming, I can’t help but take my own double milk.

For a long time, I am tired! Stop, ride by her own!

I am lying in bed and appreciates that long hair is dancing! Her pair of pink emerald shakes with the jade neck of the swing, swaying out a grunge!

Sweat in the air!

A pair of breasts throws in her chest, and the angry jade stem is in her secluded or hidden! The jade stalk is covered with Ganquan that has flowed out in her body, flashing in the dark light!

I saw her down the pink lips included with the jade gun, a one-in-one throughout!

She gradually gave a climax, and the whole body accelerated on the ground, and her pleasure made her body twisted.

Poard prior to front! A pair of breasts swing in front of me!

I put out the tongue, just touched the poor tip! She accelerated the ride, holding the bottom of the breast! A few times, the cutting side of the breast drops the sweat beads and gripped my cheek.

“Ah .. Any .. hug me .. Come out .. Come out ..” If you have a big call.

I am busy lifting up, sitting on her face, looking down on her double breast. I suddenly gone back to the root. . .

“Ah .. ah .. To die ..” If the hips sitting in the hips are in a burst, they live in the root to the root.

Just feel that the jade stem is sucked with a waterway, and the glans will succeed as a baby. The delicate body that smashed the fragrant sweat was soft.

“I have to lying down .. Head is nuneping.”

Let her obsessive lying on the left, the lower body is still tight. I obliquely lying on her minus, her left leg still smashed my body.

“It’s better.

“You are really fierce .. I have a great dream.”

“The fierce is still behind …” I smashed her.

“You really hate it .. People tell you that.”

“It is a serious thing to make love.” I will tease her again.

“Tong tongue. Not until it is ..” if it is ashamed.

“Dream is not …” I touched her asked.

I saw that her cherry is turned, and I will be white. This is the imaginary gesture of 嗔 回, 回 回! Soft brought pretty, mature glamorous, born, tender! It is indeed a scent! Human beautiful beauty!

Looking at this cute and poor woman, I have a pity.

The bow is again sucking her jade milk, and the right hand is dial with the red flower, and the waist is slightly moved!

Wind blowing bars, bird whistle morning, “Well” sound made her hare!

That is what she has already got a preliminary refreshment!

Under the phrase like a water, I saw her hibiscus flower, showing complex changes!

The eyes of the vice eyes, it seems to have a closed eyes, revealing her strength! A family of five fingers grabbing the sheets! Hold, express the will of her heart!

When you are ahead, you are picking up, that is, in conjunction with my finger!

Uh hmmn, the sound of 咛咛,, 口 口 口 儿 儿 开 开 开 开 开 儿 儿 儿.

She is rumored: “Where! On .. Come …..”

This is the call of love! Feelings! Desire!放 放. . . .

Stand up, tap the horse holding gun, squatting, horses, the head, has been running, is a thousand miles!

At this time, the jade irritation is slightly tight, such as the thousands of holes, hot and hot, very strong!

And she is in a breath, and the legs that have a long-lasting jade leg sway in the air, and the other is just obliquely to jade neck! This gesture makes her pyloric holes!

I saw her depression, the golden silk, the glory, the jade, the cloud seal, the rain refers to.

I joined, it is a spring love, slipping and quiet, hit her mouth light.

In a phoenix, she has treated a neck, exhaling is like shaking, the length of the sound is like, and the insects! Cruising this mesenchy and dizziness.

Three into the nine out, pick it up, slowly urgently, picking up her, and I will open it. Her sakura is twisted, and the scream is 咿嘤咛. Its scream is screaming by the throat, to the tooth throw, and it is lying, the moment of heart, the wonderful. After a while, I saw her waist to shake, double lactary, drunken eyes, drunk, and bite the cherry small mouth, Jiaojiachang. Just smell the Lanxiang, knowing that she has been swearing, the bones are broken, the yin is venting! The two legs are more open, and I want to go deep into. “Where .. I can’t .. I have to die ..” She is a lot of breath, hurts, heys, itch, and the crisp will have a three times.

I feel a burst of pleasure, like the mountain, like a cloud fog, up and down, Capta.

I stretched my hands forward, holding her double milk, making it hard to push. Such as Qinglong Dynasty Mingtan, the surge tide.

The sound of “嗤” is endless. It is a sound rhyme, and it is a homing.

For a time, the cold, the sessions are asked, the top is worn.

The last cold, desperate hard to hold her legs to the shoulders.

“Ah! Anything .. Don’t ..” She is asked, I want to push away my too deep.

On the top three, Jinwu is entered.

Open your eyes and tired eyes and found that the silence is already. Looking for another four weeks, I found that she was covered with a yarn. Before the floor of the floor, he shot her fascinating body through the strong light, it was a familiar line I have touched. Slightly hook the breasts, if you want a mother bird, it looks up. Then the yarn was blown up in the morning. Like a quiet pure goddess.

Looking at the back of her 窈窕. I don’t know what she is thinking?

I put on the trousers, I have to go behind her, reach out of her eyes!

“Ah! ..” If Rose was shocked by my big move.

“Hey! It is you, all! Let go of your hand, scare people,” she screwed, and according to my arms.

“What are you thinking? Is a person stay here?” I brought her own waist, and her lips closed her pink neck.

“I am recalling .. Dream last night …”

I rushed to touch her, turned her, waiting. . .

“No .. Anyone .. You should go! Let me have a good memory ..” Her whipped the lips whispered. . . . .

I released her and looked at her microetexiousness.

“Any .. I will remember you .. Thank you for bringing me a sweet dream.”

She won’t see last night, I saw a strange, tender woman in front of me.

“The world is not married, this time, meets the red line, rewarding a dream”

In the low voice, I took out a shint of a hair: “May you remember me ..”

In the tears of the squat, I blurred in front of my eyes. . . . . . .

Eye frames, hands holding in the full dust wooden box for more than ten years.

In front of the table is the first version of the headlines in the table today, the headlines “Politics Wenren National Chamber of Commerce, the president of the National Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of the National Chamber of Commerce, Yuan Ruo, the hand, the dead”, then look at the date of the newspaper is two ?? May 3, 8

Postscript: “Who knows who is burial in the laughter today?”

Everyone is watching! This is my virgin, please criticize the advice

Is a big hero

Non-fashioned true wind

Shen Munfan wrote in the “business trip” first version of the death, 03/29/1994

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