Peijia stepped on tired footsteps, walking on the way home.

I have to break the street light, and I suddenly decline.

“Good black … I am terrible …” Pei Jia’s consciousness tightened, just want to leave again …

Pearing a woman in a dark dress in a high school. Although the set of thin jackets, she could not hide her beautiful tempting double peak. The skirt of the knee is swayed, and she reveals her whitening thigh.

She didn’t improve the skirt, but she was very high, and a pair of long legs were even more envious and embarrassed.

In the shadow of the anti-radiax, it suddenly rushed out a tall figure.

“Yeah …” Pei Jia just screams, he was held by the man. She is frightened, and she found himself hinged.

Although it is very trying to struggle, it will not open the steel arm.

“God! Why is it me …” “clearly knows that I met a wolf, Pei Jia or a little hope. But by the man roughly pulling the dark alley, he depicted in the mouth, after the skirt was vigorously smashed, she was desperate.

“Don’t! Don’t …” Pelica’s sleeper covers the lower body, and the body continues to immerse. Chu Chu pitiful her, but more aroused the man’s beast.

Pega will continue to receive countless lovers from the country. In the high school high school, female school is still recognized in the eyes of classmates.

Beautiful and pure face, princess is noble. Not only there are many pursuits outside the school, but even the men’s teachers are in secret, and they will take the good feelings of Peace.

Not only have beautiful appearance, Pe Jia’s body is also charming and moving.

When she was in the upper swimming class, she also felt inferior to female teachers with models. In order to see Pepora half-naked beauty, the male teacher is rather punishment, but also squeezing on the window of the indoor pool.

However, this perfect carcass is to be invaded by a strange man.

The man threw the Pelicad skirt and the upper, so that only the beauty of the bra and trousers lie on top.

Peki one hand presses sexy underwear, one hand is in front of the chest. But she looks towering her crisp, and the curve is mad.

The man’s legs clamped the twisted girl, smiles, a pair of big hands, rubbing the perfect double peak.

It has never been touched by a man to fall into this fall. Peace is desperately shaking your head, but the floating hair is just the heat of picked the boat.

Peace is anxious and urgent, but it is completely unable to get rid of men’s control. Two lines of tears have flowed from her show, but only let her more love.

The man did not immediately pulled the bra, but it was very proficient to massage, looking for a sexy belt. Pejia’s body is particularly sensitive. With the man’s caress and pick, Pe Jia’s beauty is slowly hot … getting more and more hot …

From the burst of the tip and the upper body, it is gradually, which is gradually, and Peace has a little bit of merits.

“Hey … …” The mouth was stuffed with things, and Pejia could only make a sultow. She slowly felt the strange comfort, the breast under the massage of the man, gradually hard.

Peki felt pretty face to start hot.

The man’s skill is so good, let her almost forget that she is being violent by the other side. Heart is clearly unwilling, but the hot fence came, and she felt inexplicably comfortable, the struggle moved.

“Um …” I don’t know when the bra has been faded. The man’s tongue is in Pea’s double milk, bringing her another different pleasure.

Peace is close to the eyes. She doesn’t want men to know her real feelings.

In fact, her body has already sold her.

Pea’s double breasts not only have collapsed, but they all have two small balls in pink patches.

The pale pretty face was frightened, but now it is red, so that the man’s face is more strong.

At the beginning, the twisted should be twisted, and now it is a smart kitten with a man’s caress, soft.

The man will fade the best white underwear, the beautiful crack, has shine with crystal honey.

Although there is already a lubrication, the pain of film tear is still fainted.

Peki opened his eyes.

It is a familiar ceiling in front of you.

A pleasure of alarm clock bells in the ear.

“God! I actually did such a terrible dream …” I am calling up a goodness, or my heart is awkward. She remembered that she didn’t have tutoried last night. After the get out of class, my father took her home. “I hate! Why do you dream of this …” Pejia annoyed under bed, looking at the beautiful girl in the mirror. Fortunately, it is really just a dream. There is no strong trace on the white skin. Suddenly, she was red.

White panties reveal a small piece of wet answering.

“Heaven … I’m so beautiful …” Peace’s pretty face is red. Fortunately, the underwear is washed by himself, otherwise it is ashamed by her mother …

After breakfast, Pei Jia made Dad to the MRT station and transfer to school.

At the time of raising the flag, the principal repeatedly talked about his personal safety. “It’s really a principal, every day, the same thing.” Pei Jia muttered.

The Mathematics teacher in the first hall took over the content that he taught yesterday. “Is the old dementia that were sent again?” The same situation has not been blamed, and this teacher has been retired. However, she used to be a math teacher. Since she still wanted to teach, the school is embarrassed to force her.

The small examination of the second hall made Pelica feel strange. The title is yesterday … not … is the same as the test paper in the dream. The Peica in the dream is also wrong. “No … Yesterday is a dream …”

The content of the third hall, the fourth hall is the same as the dream. Peijia began to panic. “That … is really a foreigner? That … I … will it be raped today? …”

In the fourth hall, Pei Jia has been cold sweating, and it is pale on the table. “Pei Jia? What?” Friends Xiaoqing noted her abnormally. They always buy lunch together. “Pei Jia? I take it to the health room good? Lunch Let Xiuling help them buy …”

Pei Jia is a breath. In the dream, she bought it with Xiaoqing. She still remembers the food! “It doesn’t matter, I will take a break. Can you help me bring a bread?”

Looking at Xiaoqing and other classmates walk out of the classroom, Pe Jia’s head is still running. “Yes, the plot in the dream can be changed, I just pay attention to a little at night.”

Although Xiaofa’s plain is exactly the same as the dreamer, Pei Jia, who is licking with bread is no longer worried.

“Pei Jia is the first time I have painted? Do you want to go to the health room?”

Xiany’s care made Peaceful laugh, but she listened to suggestions. She doesn’t want to listen again in the same class in the afternoon, and she wants the plots and realistic differences in the dream.

This afternoon, Pejia was raped in the health care room.

It is unclear that it is repeated as a few times. Pega has already understood that she is not a dream, but the truth. Every day, she will be violent by different people.

When she woke up, she would return to the morning, she is still a woman.

She is very afraid. She has suicide several times, but each time the ending is raped by emergency personnel, and it is once gang.

She no longer trusts men. Man is all beasts. Every man just wants to peeze her dress, and do her.

“Pei Jia.” Said by a male voice. Peace is reflected, and retreat. Keep the distance between the strange man in front of him.

“Sorry, I am late.” The man apologized. “That day … um … I said, I was first violent for the first time.”

Peijia faint head can’t turn over. I haven’t been raped today, what is this person say?

“That day … I found you … I want to help …” Men suddenly, “But … later I rushed to a busy, I didn’t have time to explain …”

Pejia slowly recovered from chaos and warnings. First rape? This man … this man … He knows my business? …

“Well … I know that I don’t believe in men now. I should find a woman to tell you …” The man is embarrassed to scratch the head, “But after all, this is a privacy, it is not good to let the third person know … and…”

“I want to apologize to you. Sorry, let you suffer.” The man was deeply pending.

According to the man’s statement, his campaign made Pekao time back, returning to the morning that was not hurt. The method of cracking spell is to remove her injury without changing the reality.

But Pei Jia is now injured, not a physical injury, but the soul of the soul.

She has not been raped today, but she is full of resentment. When Pejia recovered confidence to men, she will return to normal life. If processed, it can also be protected.

“When you are desperate, think about me. After all, I am also a man.” The man said.

Peace gradually came out of the haze. Although she is still raped every day, she starts to choose an object.

She slowly learned to seduce the man who watched the eye, nor did she go to school.

Every day is the same class, the students say the same words. What’s more, there is no trusted man in the school.

Moreover, she doesn’t want Xiaoqing to see her in such a short dress.

She still has no confidence in men, but she is full of confidence in her body.

The cool clothes is her best radar detector. Pejia learns to judge the degree of good color of the opponent from a man’s gaze.

Even if the man puts a look, it can’t resist her cleret and legs.

Even Pelica Dad.

“Yeah? I hate! How do you don’t knock your dad!

She got up early, only wearing the most sexy underwear and tulle pajamas, hiding into the bathroom of your parents.

When Pe Jia’s father opened the door, he saw the beautiful daughter half naked on the toilet. Toward the upper body, half-shaped lace cut, put the Peijia’s proud cleavage in his father’s retina.

Looking at Peah, the educt of the beautiful legs, the lower body of the grass, the father’s meat stick is standing instantly.

Pega’s pink little hand is not like hidden, but it is imaginative to a double peak, leading his father to look forward.

Shy and excited, Pe Jia’s crisp is gradually hard. The small nipple has also touched down the eyes of Dad.

“Dad! You still look! Not going out!”


The father retired and left. The eager eyes have not left Pelica. Peijia red face, gently gate. Although it is willing to see my father, Pe Jia’s face is still hot. Oh … I didn’t expect my father to be a unreliable man …

Mothers who bought breakfast did not find a different, but Bejia knows that dads’ pants have been drumming when you have breakfast.

Peki went out with Dad. When my father went to the car, Pei Jia took off the skirt and exposed the short skirt in advance. Fortunately, the waist circumference did not become thick, and the black skirt at the country was still worn. However, the skirt can only barely cover half of the thighs, and the wearing auxiliary dress is short.

As Pied is expected, when Dad drives back, the eyes are different. After getting on the bus, Dad kept staring at the legs next to him. It is completely unable to drive. The pants will be swollen than breakfast.

“Pei Jia … 妳 的 … is it a bit short?” When the red light, the father finally asked. In fact, he just wants to find an excuse to stare at the thighs of Pe Jia. Originally, a short skirt was posted, and as Pejia’s sitting posture was slid.

“Where! Every day is the same!” Peijia is full of red horizontally, “Dad, you are very colored!”

Pea knows that her plan has been successful.

At noon, Pejia’s father was immersed in a beautiful sexual fantasy, and the office of the office was pushed. It is Peica.

“Pei Jia! 妳 … how come … Joadie?”

“Today is the simulation test, you will get out of school at noon! Dad, you don’t care about people …”

Father’s head is confusing, there is no true and false in the distinguishing point. His trousers are still taking tovers.

“Dad, you promise the Jereet with people to buy clothes in the afternoon …” Peijia bending over the table, from the clothes of the collar, revealing the tempting breast …

Pejia tightly grabs the father’s arm and continuously rubbed with his own double breast. I will not see the novel ornaments in time, bent over my father, show the beauty of the skirt.

Nothing to enjoy the scenery, the nearby men pay attention to this beautiful, skirt and short beauty.

When I went on the elevator, I followed a large group of people.

Peijia no longer disgusted, and the heart is proud of.

She knows how beautiful, how fascinating. No men can fall under her pomegranate skirt. Enjoy the appearance from all sides, Pejia’s small hole is not wet.

Peijia replaces the uniform, put on the newly bought mini skirt and tulle shirt. This skirt is only a little bit more than her uniform skirt, of course, refers to the short one.

She stayed in the fitting room for a long time. Because she deliberately let the curtain penetrate enough gap, she wants that Dad did not miss from her head.

Going home, Pei Jia is raped by his father.

Unlike the past, such taboos make Pealand enjoy unprecedented pleasure.

Although it is still very painful for the first time, she began to enjoy sex.

For a month, Peah made love every day. Of course, it is not aware of your father, he always thought that he was the first time infringement.

“Mom! I am helpless!” I didn’t wait until my mother answered. Pei Jia went out of the garbage. She is wearing a short pleated skirt and a tights of the nausea, grabbing the neighboring Mr. Wang downstairs. She deliberately slowly, she knew that Wang Uncle’s angle can look at her tempting breast at a glance.

“Pei Jia is so embarrassed, he will help do a family business.” Mr. Wang gently patted Pei Jia’s naked bellows. Uncle Wang is not small.

Peki is laughing, “No, Wang Shu is so good, will help my wife to pour garbage.”

Outside the door, the men around the garbage car will pay attention to Pelica. Pejia still deliberately walking very slowly, she doesn’t care about these looks. She prayed that there is a gust of wind to blow the skirt, so that these people can’t get it. I think of this, her holes are wet.

Mr. Wang has already lost garbage, but he has not yet on the building, and look at the mailbox. Peica is bright, she certainly knows the intention of Wang Shu.

She slowly on the building, Mr. Wang suddenly locked the mailbox closed the door, followed.

Peica bendered, cautiously stepped out every step. She wants to have the best vision.

Oops, I have been surprised outside, my underwear is a little wet … this is not all sent Wang Shu Shi …

“Yeah!” I didn’t do it, Pei Jia pretend to twist the ankle and turned and sat down.

Peace legs, short skirts are completely unable to cover the key parts. She uses clean hands and gently knead the beautiful foot.

Mr. Wang is just right to look directly at her skirt, you can also appreciate the good clever ditch. Did wearing a bra’s double peak, printed on a small vest.

Mr. Wang got out.

He forgot what to react it, say something. Two eyes are just staring at the show in front of them, and they don’t dare to blink. It is usually a beautiful girl who can only fantasy every day, now I am almost naked! God! The pants pants in the mini skirt is still wet!

“Uncle Wang!” I didn’t know that Pei Jia called the first few, Mr. Wang came back. The eyes are still watching, they are so ill.

“Uncle Wang, can you go up with the back?” Pelica’s blush. Regardless of the seduce a few men, Pe Jia’s body and reaction are still a virgin.

A short number of ladders, Mr. Wang walked for more than ten minutes. After a few hours, Mr. Wang is still filled with flexible softness behind it. Pejia’s legs clamped his waist, and made Mr. Wang constantly recalled that sexy and tender legs.

At this day, Peica was not raped by Mr. Wang. Because he was sent to the doctor to first rescue before starting.

Pei Jia wearing green top and ultra short uniform skirt, crowded in the most people in the car. For these people, the sexy girl like Pe Jia is still in the first time. After all, before yesterday … The real world yesterday … Pe Jia or the 宝宝 教 中.

Peace has long recognized the face of these men. Half of men around me came over after Peijia took the car. The other half is followed when Peijia is waiting.

That high school student is worth reading a star high school, and when I entered the door, I kneamed the lace after Peijia. Although other people envy him, they will always think about it. If you want to learn, people can’t squat.

But it is always inevitable. Several people always put them from this carriage to that car, and they must touch a few times after Peijia.

Mobile phones in touch with the function are also under the Pepora. Soon, these photos will put them on the Internet. Today, there will be thousands of men looking at Pepsia’s underwear and leg mappiness. Pei Jia is very happy. There are several men in the carriage to always decompose. Pei Jia is very clear that they are installing, because those people have violently.

Peijia appreciates one of the shorts, because his skills are best, let Peka can enjoy the climax.

There is also a poo acid pattern, but it is really generous. It is also 20,000 pieces of Peijia, let her buy new clothes.

However, Pei Jia didn’t have long before I knew that it was big, because she began to do aid.

Peace’s beauty plus the first night, with the lowest price of 100,000.

“There is no climax for a few days. Today, I will go to him again …” Bejia is more and more sensitive. Although the body has not changed, Pei Jia thinks that the waves when he is ordered, the small hole began to secrete.

“Yeah ………” suddenly attacked, let Peak scream. “How can you … there is no color wolf …”

The hand is re-pressing on the Peace’s butt, and the other hand explores into the Pepaine skirt.

“Heaven! No! My underwear is still a wet yeah!” Although many men have been seduce, they have not been like this … Pelica’s pretty face is swollen …

“Stop … Please stop it …” I thought about it in my heart, but the body couldn’t help but self-cultivation. “Oh … so comfortable …”

Discover the secrets in the Pepa skirt, the color wolf knows that she will not resist, the big hand stretched into the chest of Pe Jia.

Only in the outer coat, the electric shock-like pleasure is like a tide. “Um … ah …” Pei Jia couldn’t help but squat, the body followed it.

The wolf loves Pei Jia’s bean beans in the wet lace underwear, and the other hand is softly unscrupulous. The perfect breast is in contact with cold air and is immediately hard.

“Oh … ah …” Pelica could not suppress a small call. “Heaven … I am here …” Although I have experienced hundreds of different men, I have never been given to her soon.

“Ah … um … ah … good news … Oh …” Although there are other people nearby, Pei Jia has become more and more careless. Anyway, I wake up tomorrow, these people will not know anything.

The color wolf suddenly released the pair of Peace, which made her lost. But very quickly, Peijia found that the waves drilled into her skirt, and the panties were teased in panties.

“Ah … ah … ah …” Pepa’s delicate body tremble. God! Have a pleasant pleasure!

Peki hand loves his bare breast, and a hand with a mini skirt. The wet underwear has been faded to the ankle, the smart tongue picks up in the Pelica’s small hole, sucking a burst of sweet honey.

A rough hand is also pressed by Pepha. Pea can feel the heavy breath after another man.

The messy blouse was completely pulled out, and the other rough hand slipped back and forth in the Pasta flour powder.

I don’t know who I unope the Pelica short skirt, the lightweight cloth falls with the wind.

“Well … um … oh … ah …” Pei Jia did not suppress the volume, she just naturally spit out happiness.

She only has a thin top, and the hairpin is also lost. The hair is powdered with Xiang sweat, and it floats with Pejia’s martial artist dance.

“Oh … a good brother … don’t be cute … fast … I will give people …”

The pain of the film is in the past. Bejia enjoys a climax that has never been there. Three men … one is later joined … put the pee of Peki filled with semen, and let Pejia first, in the happiness of sex.

Peace’s radar detection is more powerful. I thought it was a colored man, and the land was turned over.

Peace is more and more shameful, it is more and more easy to blush. Because of the personal trousers under her short skirt, it is always immersed in a fragrant juice.

Her handbags are filled with spare underwear, but they are always insufficient. Because every man, I took the initiative to buy the one she worn on my body.

Pelica does not need to follow itself to calm down. Because as long as she is willing, the meat stick waiting for the entry can be connected from the Earth to Tiangle.

Everyday, the first time is still so painful, but I think of the happiness after it, Pei Jia is getting more and more enjoying the moment every day. Pei Jia no longer chooses, she enjoys different accidents and surprises every day.

Wang Shu, the next door, finally didn’t have a stroke, and Pejia spent a romantic afternoon. His skill is not good, the meat is not big, but the unique freshness makes the good aftertaste. I missed this time, I don’t know when I can encounter him without a stroke!

The convenience store of the alley, the clerk of Bai San and Xiaowen Sangshu, who once made Pelica want to die. The administrator of the opposite building, although the age is a lot, but people have practiced Qigong, but also the dragon tigers than many young men.

Every man who meets every day will make Peace to think of love with each other. The young girl is ashamed, and the water of the water is gone, and the amount of exercise in Pegao is more and more.

“Pei Jia … Is it a boyfriend?” Peace’s father asked while asked. Of course, his eyes are staring at the thighs of Almost naked.

“… um ……….” Pei Jia’s red face replied lowly. Yes, today is the six “boyfriend” in the morning.

“That … Where is your relationship?” The father’s tone is getting more and more serious. Peijia did not find that the scenery of the roadside is getting deserted.

“Dad … we … don’t have anything …” Pei Jia steals his father’s trousers. I haven’t enjoyed this meat for a long time …

“How isn’t it?” Is after a long silent. The car stopped. “Don’t say anything?” “What is going on here!” Father opened a good short skirt.

The pink meat is swallowed in the air. Six sweet salty water wets the launch of the mini skirt.

Peki is crying.

It’s like it.

She thought of perfect explanation.

“Wow?” Peki used his best to pounce into his father, the tender meat in your chest was massaged in your dad. The real tears have died and wet the father’s shirt. “People? People? Is it ??? wow ????

Do your father’s panic, two hands and soft jade. “妳 … 妳 … was … That? …

… “This thought is which little white face grabs his head soup with a sweet words. I didn’t expect the beautiful daughter to be raped?

The more you want your father. The temptation in arms is getting stronger. Pejia has secretly unsneel, full of flexible breasts and dad only have several layers of cloth.

Peki is quiz to twist the body, the floral waist and hips are directly sent to Dad’s palm. Dad’s meat stick has been completely standing.

“Dad! People … people … are not clean!” Peijia whose 呻吟, but with the temptation of the mountain inhabit.

“Yes … not clean … beautiful daughter is not a woman … Laozi’s head soup is preemptive … do it!”

Father’s beasts defeated rationality. He opened the car here that he would want to be raped. When he found that Peki did not wear underwear, it has already made a decision.

The father’s hand slippered to Pejia’s soft thigh, and another hand explored the peak honey. “Dry! It is still so wet!

It is a superiority! “

“Dad … Dad … What are you doing?” Peki installed a panic. She knows that this will make Dad more fierce, she can enjoy more happiness later. “Dad … Dad … I am your daughter …”

The father said no matter how Pe Jia’s cry, he put the seat flat and pressed his best. Peace is excited and petistive, of course, the sound is a painful look that it is pressed.

Peijia top’s button has been completely unspeakable. The tempting pink is shallow pink. The delicate crispy with breathing, and a nipple has been revealed from the half-shade cream.

The extremely short skirt is covered with Pelica prostitute, and the women’s honey fiscal exit is exported.

“Don’t! Dad! Don’t!” Although it shouted in his mouth, Pei Jia’s heart is a must.

“Dry! Such a!” “Oh! True! So cool!”

Peijia is pretending to fight, and Dad is inserted and more powerful.

“Dad … … dad … God … no … don’t … ah …” Pei Jia is getting more and more exciting, never thinking that Dad can be so brave, so hard, so lasting. “Heaven … no … no … don’t … Dad … No …” Although it is resistant to the literal, Pe Jia’s scorpion can’t hide the waves in the bones.

“Ah … day … God … … … ah … no …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. The happiness of the climax makes Pelica like a fairyland.

“Oh … ah … ah … um ……… um … ah … God … …”

For more than half an hour, my father’s sense of reason gradually came back. The frequency of the thrust is slow.

“Dad …” Peijia is very moving, the small hole is moving together, “Dad … Don’t leave Pei Jia …” Pejia’s plastic hand grabbed his father’s neck, “Dad, Pei Jia is your …”

Peki led the father’s hand, posted the tempting breast. “Dad … Pejia’s heart is fast …” Peak is like a silk, “Dad, good love, good?”

More than what kind of drug is effective, Pei Jiahong rushed and perfect, let his father’s meat stick is hard.

“Hey! Dad … … 天 天 … more … Just now … Oh … no …” Half push Pei Jia, let your father want to fire more. Just now is a wind and rain, now it is mixed with hail!

“Oh … ah … good news ………………………………………………………………………………………………… Farm, hail is getting more violent.

Peijia doesn’t have to put a dead fish again, a pair of beautiful legs wrapped around his father’s waist, with his father’s insertion swing. Long hair with Pelica shook his head, virgin fragrance and flood fragrance stuffed with closed carriages.

“Ah … so beautiful … good news … God ……… Dad … You are so good … oh … God ………

Pejia’s top has fallen under the seat. The naked beauty girl is wet, sweating and obscenity will shine all seats.

The Pelica after the climax is more beautiful, happy smile is like a new marriage in love. But Pe Jia’s father is no problem.

“Dad … hate … You make people like this …” Pei Jia naked, snuggling in his father. Pegal tops and mini skirts are broken. Although the bra is fine, it is full of sweat to fall under the seat, and it can’t wear it.

“Dad … you have to buy new clothes to pay for people …” Peijia moving the sorcer’s delicate words, which man can refuse?

Pejia is almost naked, sitting in the front seat, only slightly shared with a slight shirt and short skirt.

“It’s you! Stinky Dad …” Peijia sweet and greasy voice made his father’s meat sticks again. “Hey! It’s not awkward!” Pejia gently pinched his father’s glans. The meat stick is more straight.

“God! No!” Pei Jiajiao called, “people can’t stand it …”

Peace suddenly remembered, there is no need to pay for men! “Hey! Cheap you?” Let Dad are the first lucky one!

Pejia gently opened his father’s pants zipper, and the meat stick should be out.

Peki is oblique to the body, putting his father’s glans in the entrance. The shared jackets and short skirts are slipping. Peijia picks up the dress, simply naked in the chair, concentrate on the father’s service.

Opposite to the car, you can clearly see the perfect girl’s delicate body, and make a beautiful long hair, while driving in the people.

Peijia is just a beautiful hip that is just right, and it is rushing to the motorcycle knight outside the window.

The full naked and super-majoreal beauty, let Peak’s small hole begins. Looking at the beautiful daughter’s careful service, Pe Jia’s father ejected again.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” Pei Jia almost got it, “Dad? Why don’t you talk?”

Half of the fine fluid is straight to the good throat, and some of them are in the mouth. There is also a small strip to connect on the father’s glans.

“I hate! Dad, you have to pay some new clothes!”

Peace discovered that different clothing will also have different effects.

For example, now it. Peki wearing a Japanese-style erotic film common sailor suit. The chest package is dense, and there is a scarf to cover the pattern of the bra. The blue skirt is a few cents that are often worn by Peijia.

However, it is the most accomplishment of Pelica.

Eleven hands from seven people captured all the important bases of Peki.

Just stepped into the carriage, Pei Jia took the initiative to the familiar color wolf. When wearing a green black dress, this color wolf brings her a lot of joy.

The crowd flourishing, the train started.

Bringing Peijia surprises, it is from another direction.

A hand is clean and a good short skirt, and the other hand has been in the back straight to Pao Jia and also wear the honey of underwear. Pepsia’s trousers have long been wet.

After getting up every day, unless you are not worn, it is wet.

When Pei Jia is immersed in an accident, a finger actually dials his panties to drill into the Pelica’s small hole!

“Hey!” Pei Jiayu, the delicate face floating on the red cloud. “Where is the sky! It’s a bold person!”

That finger is cleverly in Pegao’s tender hole, Peician fragrant tremble, low and low. She knows that she has to vent again.

“Why never encountered this person before?” Pei Jia was a little annoyed. Such pleasure, if you can enjoy it earlier!

The finger with Pejia crystal, from behind, it extends to Pepa’s cute little nose. “Little girl is so wet …”

The people next to the probably heard it? Seeing Peki is hurting and gentle, and the strangers in all directions are attacking.

They are not rushing to unpacking the peak shirt, just teasing the skin with the fabric. The Pepa’s nipple is so earous, being worked by two colors!

Pe Jia’s floral waist and fragrant hips have several hands in care. Pink thighs are constantly accepted all kinds of 搓 and caress.

Some hands are coarse, some hands are smooth. They are very tacit like training, so that Pelica’s pleasure is high.

“Well?” Pei Jia Jiao dripped to command the violation of the colors. “Oh ???” The colorful wolf carefully understood that there is no language of the language, and do everything you can meet the generic eagerness.

“Yeah?” Peace’s 啼 娇 让 全 男 男 男The men standing in the outer circumference are envious, and I can’t wait to stick to the hands of my body.

Pe Jia’s sailor is soaked by Xianghan. Pure white lace bras out. The underwear did not know when it became a colorful private collection, and the endless honey sauce has flowed to the prubiling socks of the calf.

“Oh ??? ???” The hands of the colors are extremely exchanged in the territory. Everything in Peg is enjoyed the kneading and caressing of different styles.

“Well ??? Well ?? ??” Peace is getting more and more happy, she has never enjoyed such a little caress.

Every color wolf is so professional, so the giant is explored her sexy belt.

“Yeah ??? ????” The same sex sensitive point, under different techniques, there is a distinct current. Pei Jia is happy!

The terminal has arrived. No one is willing to get off. After a short stay, the train moves toward another direction.

Pe Jia’s student shoes were faded. The bubble socks that are covered with love are competing for men in the outer ring. Pei Jia, who has ventibles countless times, has no way to stand, and rely on several colorful wolves around you.

“Well ?? ?? Hm ?? Don’t be happy again? Fast? Fast? Give others ??” Pei Jia’s petitude is like a holy purpose, and several colorful movements are more gently. The man of the outer ring stopped, and turned to the direction of Pe Jia, listening to Tianzhu.

“Well ?? ??? Really ??

The sleeves know that Peki has long enough. They screamed to the people next to them, I want to get Peijia.

A shirt is first spread on the ground.

Everyone understands. There is no eligibility for a piece of clothing that is not clean enough.

Peijia is lying in the temporary bed. The beautiful and unbelred face, the charming body, let everyone’s meat sticks are even higher. The few colorful wolves just stunned. I thought that I had already touched the whole body of Peki, but I saw the beauty of Peace, I realized that I just gave a peek. “Well? Who is good ??” Pei Jiahong face,! She knew that no one dared to commit the first one.

Pejia remembered the finger that only covered with honey. Her face is red. How do you say this? “Well ?? Just? First of the first happiness dress, come here? Well?”

That color wolf took the initiative. But I don’t know how to start. Pejia still wearing a sailor, the scarf has lost.

Sweaten downtown jacket is almost transparent, sexy lace bra holds Pejia’s perfect towering breast. The short skirt covers the thighs of Pea, and the light of the car is also reflected in the top of the car.

“I hate! Do you want you to ask you?” Pei Jia was ashamed to close his eyes and met his head. Her pretty face has no way to be red.

“Come on!” Pei Jia is bitten under the lips, the sound is getting lower and lower, “put it … your meat stick … plug … come in …”

The color wolf is like a river, takes out the meat stick, squatting in front of Peijia. The wolf picks up a short skirt, inserted into the tenderness of Peki with the most revered mood.

“Well ???” Peijia satisfied, “It’s full? Beautiful ???? ??

Get Peaceful encouragement, the color wolf returns to normal heart, so that you will decrease.

“Oh?? The root inserted in Jiazhong points is also blocked.

“Hey ??? Ah ??? ?????????????” Pei Jia still in front of so many people in front of it. Fresh excitement makes the Pest’s climax come and violent.

“Oh? Good stick ?? 噢 ?? is there?? Where is it ??

“Hey ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Peijia took a little rest and recovered a little spirit. The surrounding man is also waiting for Baba.

“Well? People are tired today? Next? Let you meet people?” Peki maid lie in bed, combing messy hair. She deliberately succumb to her legs, so that these men can look directly at the small points of her flowing and semen.

Beauty has a hand, who dares to come. The colored wolf also touched the nose to prepare.

“Well? Don’t go?” Pejia’s jade finger is gently on his forehead. “Is there a good family? Is it completely hard?”

The color wolf is excited to horing Pepao in everyone’s pleasure.

Pegac skirts are naturally fallen. She wants to let all men in the road will see that she didn’t wear underwear.

Pe Jia is in the heart of sweet, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, big late day, big late days, she still wore a sailor, and then take this class.

“Little girl, these … don’t need money, don’t have money … Some bosses are sent to you.”

“Thank you?” Peki throws a charming smile to the boss. However, the boss does not seem to hear. He is staring at Pepao’s wet sexy underwear.

After enjoying the gang rape on the MRT, Pejia found a new paradise these days: the traditional market.

Many hawkers are stall on the ground. Painting with high heels and short skirts, you can show your long-awaited legs without bending.

If Peijia Station is near, the boss can identify the color pattern of Peak today’s underwear, and there is a humid fabric.

Sometimes Peijia deliberately kneel, adjust the angle to make the boss appreciate her pink pedestrian small hole. Sometimes Peijia is just bent over, let the boss delicate her snow whitening crisp.

Peijia specially likes the movement of the bend, because the boss in front of it is looking at it, and the sight behind the men will bring Pei Jia’s unpredictable pleasure.

More than half of the traditional market is not full of feat, often there is no ahead, and pull her underwear. However, there is a full lubrication of the time, this is not only painful, but in turn, she is fresh and stimulating, and the heart is joy.

“Hey? What is it ?? ?? ?? I have to die ?? ??” “Ah ??? ?? It’s a big ???

The corner of the market continues to come to Pejia Jiao sweet 呻吟, the man waiting for a man, let the housewives can’t find the boss in selling things.

Peijia is now holding more conservative. Because even if you wrap it dense, wearing a straight cowboy trousers, it is still easy to seduce every man.

Po Jia still likes sex, and also enjoy the mouth-watering gaze. But if she is still wearing a low-chest top, a mini skirt, it will be violently violent in the morning at home in the morning, after going out, it is difficult to walk.

The necklace next door is no longer stroke, but the heart is paralyzed. Peki, I miss his soft meat stick.

The price of Pelica is already a high price. There will be a luxury lengthening ceremony to stop on the road, and the big boss holds the house ordered to ask her to accept it.

Peace is refused. Although she is very satisfactory and happy.

Peace is a man in my heart, it was the man who saved him.

“Hey? His meat stick will make me more happier?” Peijia will leave a period of time every day, hiding in your room, thinking about her hero is in this bed with her.

Only at this time, she will wear her favorite underwear, and the most sexy dress in the closet.

“Oh? Ah ?? ??? ??? Love me?? 噢 ???” She wants the most beautiful and best, single.

“Hey, Pe Jia.” The man in Peki is finally coming. Just in Peki.

Pejia’s finger is separated from thin cloth lovers his clitoris. Beds have long been disasters, but it is nothing to do. Every morning, the bed will reply to dry.

“Hey!” Pei Jia is full of red, just now 词 词 I don’t know how much he heard.

Suddenly, Pejia feels that I haven’t experienced it for a long time. “God! I actually open this two feet to make him stare straight!”

Peki is ashamed to clamping a pair of beautiful legs, smoothing the skirt, standing up, half a half sitting on the bed. She all said with long hair, as well as I was happy, the man’s trousership was tall tall.

Bejia knows that her dream will be achieved.

A man and a woman are looking for a long time, and the man’s trousers are faster.

“Oh! Come! Good love your Peace!” Pei Jia’s head is low, only occasionally looked up, with unleading eyes to pour the desire to the man.

“Sorry,” the man sighed. “I can’t do this.”

Peace is surprised to look up. No way? Your meat stick is thick and straight, is it not interested in women?

“Hahaha !!!” The man saw Pe Jia’s expression and guess her ideas.

“I thought where I went!” The man laughed and did not pick up the gas. “I have exhausted all spells, I can never let go of the yeah!”

“Pei Jia knows? Before you see you, I have to fight three hours of pistols, and I will come to see you when I am fine.”

“Even so, I have to play five hours of pistol after I go back, and I have only a fantasy object before and after.”

The man suddenly turned. “No, no time, time is coming. If you don’t leave, I will definitely gain you.”

Peki opened his eyes.

It is a familiar ceiling in front of you.

A pleasure of alarm clock bells in the ear.

Rain outside the window.

“I haven’t rained for a long time …” Peijia thought.

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