My name is strong, I am forty-three years old, my body is strong, loved outdoor sports, camping, boating … I have retired, readers must be strange to retire so young?

I have been married very early, and I have done my father when I stayed. For interest, a small computer company that just gigmeted at the San Francisco slightly southern Bay area. The company is flat, issued stocks, but not paying the total salary of employees, and temporarily use the company’s stock. I have died at the time, and he didn’t have other relatives, I inherited a big penrit that a considerable heritage. I don’t have to rely on salary, and the index of the company will change all the salary, the company is also happy to take.

Ten years later, the company’s share value increased, and my accumination is greatly rising. Five years ago, I didn’t have a $ 50 million ticket capital. I will save more than 10 million banks for long-term savings. There are more than 50 million US dollars after paying taxes, and the household is full. Another 40 million points to invest in the two reputable investment banks in the United States, authorize me to invest in the profit, five years, this point is highly angled, and the economic situation in the home is well, I don’t have to pay for salary. Only do what I love.

Although it is already very rich, I agree with my wife, we look for a “middle class” in the past.

The comfort of the home, although the house is great and comfortable, but we will never be glare, only the ordinary car should be used, do not have a luxury car, free from being jealous. In front of the child, I have never mentioned a lot of wealth, so as not to disclose a lot of money, and cause the gangster to smash.

The following describes what happened in 1996. I have two daughters, I always want to have a few children, especially boy. But after the birth of the two daughters, the wife refused to regenerate, and it was really impressed. The birthday of the big daughter Snowland is March 10, in April 1996, she just went ninety years old; the birthday of the little daughter Alice was September 12, it was just right. Five or a half years old.

The big daughter is high and five feet high, and the weight is one hundred and three pounds, and the three is 34b. 24.35.

Brown hair, light eyes light, sweet, but not gorgeous, like her mother appearance.

The little daughter Alice is five feet three inch, one hundred and six-six pounds, and the three is 32B. 23.34.

Blonde, the brightest, of course, this may be a prejudice that I love her too much.

The big daughter Snowland last year (1995) Qiu Jin University, now Easter goes home. When I started at home from her home on Saturday, I didn’t stop talking about her new love boyfriend Ted (TED). I can make sure that she and Ted have passed the sexual behavior from her conversation. Ted has taken her virgin heart. When I was in my home, we have always been conservative, I don’t disclose “sex”, listening to these words, I am very angry, but I don’t shape it.

Selan is still talking about the boyfriend Ted, and I am getting more and more important to Ted. After dinner \ After, wife, Selan, Alice and I came to the home entertainment room to watch TV. I also toned a drink for myself and my wife, and because Zelan has been 19 years old, it is an adult, I Also made a cup for her. I have never given a drink containing alcoholic drink at home. Selan seems very happy to pick up the wine glass, but she is still annoying about her boyfriend Ted, until the movie program is staged.

Although I have seen Ted, I want to get angry. On the one hand, I have never sexually ventled that my wife has been completely unrestricted; on the other hand, I have a lot of money in the taking care of Selaland. In 19 years, I have a lot of money, and now I still pay the aristocrats she selected. The big fees needed for the private university, but also to buy a new sports car for her, but let her know a few months of the hair kid, her tender, my dad, but even her little. I have never seen it, I don’t make me angry!

When they finished the first round of drinks, I went to tilted the wine again and added the second cup for them. Is it on the weekend, why not be happy!

Looked at the movie drama, drink alcohol, I am inherent!

10:30 PM, I still enjoy the movie, I went to modulate Irish coffee, but in the cup of Snowland, I stole three sleeping pills and two Valium. I handed the Snowland, I am happy to see that she will soon drink this special coffee.

In less than a few minutes, Selan is very tired, but she still supports 11:00 PM movie to returns, only with her mother, Alice is going back to their respective bedrooms to sleep, I will read it alone for a while .

11:30 pm, I closed TV, quietly came to Snowland’s bedroom, I put the door to the door and locked. Her curtains did not pull up, the lights on the street were transmitted, and the visual visual was quite clear. The Snowland side is tumbling, only a thin layer is covered. I take the courage to approach her bed. I unveiled it, I found that she was naked, only a small triangle underwear below. Her breasts are white and tender, the uli is very large, there is a single silver coin size, the nipple is pink, the wonderful, seeing me to think of high! I will open it out and push her into the sun. She didn’t respond, I am relieved.

Hand shaking, I use my fingers to hold her trousers, and gently faded her trip. The haired hair appeared, and the pusshell was also exposed. My heart is full of desires, I put the tripdial pants from her ankle, put the pants in her pillow.

I gently separate my daughter’s snow-wide thigh, carefully watch her whole pussy. The lips are very fat and white, and only a little light brown sex. My cock has already put the tent in the crotch, I really want to immediately put the whole cock into the daughter’s Taoyuan Secret! I put my hand on her yin, and I raised alert, as she had a flavor, I can immediately shrub down. I gently touch her banned soft meat, and the fingers explored the seams that were clamped by two fat and tender and lips, and they were smashing. I didn’t touch a few times. In her eyes, I started to automatically secrete the prostitute, and the seam gradually became wet. I extended it into her vagina and slowly inserted into the whole. My previous guess is good: Xuelan has no female film, she is not a woman!

She still does not want to wake up, this makes me very excited. I quickly took off the whole body inner and outer trousers, slightly pleated to place the bed tail. Once, I was taking the bondage, my eight-inch long crude cock immediately bounced out, up to 45 degrees.

I carefully lung on the right side of Snowland, facing her, put my legs gently into the legs of the legs, separated her legs, let her right leg put on my waist, Her left leg is in my knee, then moves the hips, adjust the angle, and put the hot glans into the gossip of Snowland.

I went down and down in the flesh, I put my thick genitals to the eye of the zone, slowly.

True, although it is not a woman, the flower diameter is very compact, I will break the number of wild bees, maybe only two, three times. I slightly move your hips, afraid to awaken Snowland, enough for five minutes, the glans entered the vagina of the daughter. Her vagina is soft and tight, hot and wet, and it is difficult to describe it! I will continue to be slow and hip, put the dick to the top, and it is about 15 minutes, and the front of the cock is falling into the vagina. The daughter’s meat is wrapped in the coarse mask of Dad, the wonderful taste and psychological passion, only the dad who used to be a tender and tender, can experience it!

It is still very soft, slow, I will continue to advance the dick to the snowland. I want to turn it in my heart, but I am going to fire, one point and one point. Ten minutes, more than a long thick chicken finally inserted into the flower of Selan!

I stopped the action for nearly one minute, enjoy the taste of my daughter is porn and wrapped in my mask.

Then I took the cock out of one, two inch, and then went all over.

Ah! No! A super pleasant raids. I originally planned to pull out the mask when I was going to be ejaculation, but at this moment, the intensive desire to shoot in Selaland, hide all kindness, I put the iron hard chicken deep, the deepest place, Ma Eye Zhang, leaking out of the hot concentrate that has been taken up! what! That feeling in the daughter, the feeling of ejaculation, is really beautiful! Like a cylinder, once, twice, three times, the glans suddenly suddenly suddenly sounded, the semen fierce it … After shooting three times, the glans still beat, constantly spit out the remaining small stock semen … a minute later It calm down. My dick gradually sank, it has completed its talent mission!

Selan is still sleeping. I pulled the dick and gently pulled out the legs under her jade leg. I got up and worn back to the panties for the snowland. I found that white turbid semen came out of her mouth slowly, I know that she has been filled with my semen, which makes me feel very excited. I put her legs and hoped that I can reduce the semen in the. I lid it for her, I also wore clothes and returned to myself. Then take off and sleep, lying next to a wife.

I can’t fall asleep for a while, I recalled the scene of the scene. I am quite worried, I am a lot of semen in her, I wake up tomorrow morning, I will find that the lower body and underwear are different, she will suspect that this is what I do. In addition, I don’t know how her menstrual period is now pregnant or safe. Is she useful contraception? Has she have been pregnant by Ted?

I think that I don’t think I feel so sleepy, I am waking up at 9 o’clock in the morning. After getting up, you will go shopping with breakfast, and Mrs. Alice has went to the street. Selan quickly got up, she took out the bathroom shower, under the jeans, the wearing a piece of loose sleeve, no deduction, from time to time, a small part of the breast, appeared in the milk cover. She seems some dullness, but there is no impatient and angry model. I asked her to sleep well? She said some headache. I took two additional advil to her, and I made a fried egg, and Bacon waited for her favorite breakfast. From her expression, she seems to have been trapeted by me last night. I am fortunate that my stealing action is successful and decided to continue again. I want to do it tonight, but some worried that I have left too much traces, she may start suspected to be infringed by me, and at the same time, I have been very happy in the tenderness of Snowland last night. The heart is not so strong. Zhang, so decided to continue to steal in tomorrow.

I am equipped into the hysterical relationship between Zeulan and Ted, and find a chance to ask Mrs. She told me that as she knows, Xuelan did not use contraceptives, but she has appropriate precautions. I only listen, I don’t dare to ask again.

I know that Xuelan has not take birth contraceptives, I may make Zulan pregnant, so I am very excited, I want to be her!

On Monday night, I still painted the gourd, but this time I decreased the amount of drugs, I only used two sleeping pills and two Valium, I hope this can still let her sleep, but the next day does not make her headache .

As soon as before, I stuffed the glans into the 入 入 入 阴 口, she did not wake up. This time I moved faster, and it has been all in a few minutes. I let the cock have paused about ten minutes in the, enjoy the daughter’s soft, hot, tight, and wet vagina. I am afraid to wake up her, I just slowly moved. I slowly extracted the mask until only the glans still stayed in the mouth, and then slowly insert it. I have repeatedly repeated such a light and slow delivery, and the thrill came from. I can’t help but reach out to take her tits. Her mizer is soft and strong. Seeing that Xuelan is still suffering, my heart is essain.

I am tall and hips, continue to embrace her daughter. I pulled half of the eight-inch genitals, and then plugged until I did it, the roots were flying, and there was a rhythm of rothing … I repeated this movement, the thrill is constantly rising … I I feel that I am going to be climax, I am slowly speeding the pulley. Suddenly a wonderful pleasure came, I quickly took the glans on top, spurt a lot of hot concentrate. Ugh! That feels good!

Until the chicken is soft, I am very reluctant to pull out, and I will go back to the underwear for the snowland.

Go back to your bed, still afraid that the cock has been inserted in the deliciousness of the snowland. So beautiful, then nature, why do people don’t allow falhers and women? If the real father is paying violates natural law, then naturally, it should have something to do so, let Dad’s mask can’t enter the daughter’s pussy. The Bible does not record the story of many father and women, and the descendants of their children are also prosperous? I think I have entered a sweet dream.

The next morning, the morning is not a headache, and the face is ruddy, and the light is photographed. She is like a stealing jade in the night. It doesn’t matter. I am thinking about her, her white tender molar, I hope to have her sexual intercourse.

Book, I have no action on Tuesday.

Wednesday night, according to the gourd, I drove, playing with Scholand milk, kneading her light red milk tip, slowly and rhythmic, rhythmic, rhythmocity in her warm-sluggish pussy, enjoying the girl tender There is a unpredictable. I really hope that Wushu is not going back to school, don’t let the hateful Ted possess her tender. However, it is my dick, not her boyfriend Ted!

I will continue to come back to the pussy of the snow, and knead her tits. A burst of pleasure came, I have reached the edge of ejaculation several times. Every time I stay in the hiking, I stopped picking, let the feeling of ejaculation disappear, and then continue to rape the meat. Her children are really beautiful, I am just feeling comfortable.

After several stops, I will gradually increase, I finally enhanced, I finally felt very fast, I couldn’t help it, I stepped up pumping, tightening the glans tightly with the bullion of Shilan, and flicker. “This is the third time to launch in my daughter!” I am proud of my heart. Until the chicken is soft, I will pull it out, and then put on the panties for the Snowland that is still sleeping, let her legs close together, cover the sheets, and return to the house.

I am still recalling in bed. I am proud that I have already slammed the three times, three times in her body, enjoy the big happiness that has never been seen in his life, and Xuelan still does not have to be good! But I still don’t worry, three ejaculation, I have left a lot of semen in her pussy, and I will be soaked to soak her underwear pants, and she will think that it may be in sleep. . And I am the only man in my home! But she may not believe that dear father will trait her when she is asleep! However, I think there is a thing I have to do early, it is more appropriate.

On Thursday, I went home in the afternoon, no one was at home. I immediately came to the Snowman bedroom, seeing to be wasleated in the wash basket in her room. Sure enough, the top of the white cotton triangle underwear is replaced by her shower this morning, and the crotch is the trace of the spotted semen, most of which have been dried, some have a hard. This makes me worry, although it is the lack of experience in Selan, can’t be aware of this semen, not her own vital secretion of liquid, but if I have seen my wife, she is very experienced, I will know that Is a man’s semen, and I am the only man here! Every Friday, Mrs. Manta will collect dirty clothes in each room to wash in the washing machine, and will check one by one, whether it is necessary to clean it, or too old, it should be discarded. If she sees that the Snowland’s full-skinned underwear, the wife will arrest my thief.

I quickly rope in the snowy basket of Selan, I found another two psychiaries that have been dried up. I took these three underwear to my private bathroom, was washed with some soap, wash the underwear pants, washed, and determined that there was no trace, wrap the underwear with dry big towel, fully woven, before returning to snow Room, put the underwear back to the wash basket, plugged back to the same position, so as to avoid the Snowland to find anyone.

I didn’t have a snowland on Thursday evening.

On Friday night, I used the same way, let Xuelan sleep well. I came to her room, I saw her naked suede, the jade legs were opened, but the right hand was still left in the yin, the suture was the crystal shining lascivious water. Obviously she has been clamped before going to sleep, I only don’t know if her masturbation reaches the climax, or I still fall asleep.

I immediately took off myself on my trousers, pulled off her hand on the yin, and very careful light pressure on her. I support my weight with elbow, and the chest is pulled with her standing lotus, and the cock is in the entrance of the none, and slowly inserts the vagina of Snowland. Ugh! That feels feeling comfortable! After I was inserted, I stopped the action two or three minutes before I started to slow down. This is the first time I use “face-to-face” normal missionary. I will get into the lower abdomen of our two, my hammer and her bristles are overlapping together, my hard baseball-filled napper kidney, once again collided her hip femur. I left the tip of Snowland, I also borrow the clitor in her flesh with my fingers. I have to take her, playing slowly, because today is the last time, tomorrow, Shiulan, I have to go back to school.

I have a daughter of the whole bare daughter. The little mouth is slight, I kissed it for a while, her lips were soft and hot. I used her broccoli again and over again, and there was about 40 minutes, and the thrill of the glans became more and more strong. Suddenly, the left rushed a small group of soft meat in the depths of Selan vagina. When the glans came up, the Scholand in the sleep will unconsciously emit a weak snoring, follow the entire vagina, and a combined crush me. Profile, a hot lascivious water sprinkles on the glans, spilling, soaked my whole mask.

At this time, I can’t stand it anymore, I rose to the nine-inch long thick mask, try to insert a few times, and the glans jumped a few times. I started the fourth degree in the depths of the daughter. My semen, broadcast my seed! I am deeply awake because of the sexual excitement caused by this climax, but it is very relieved that the Selan is still closed, and the breathing is calm and still sleeping.

Among the 40 minutes of the whole, my body is close to my daughter’s white naked, but I have been using your hands and feet to support my weight, so as not to wake up my daughter, only the thick mask is closely combined with her pussy. Do not stop the piston movement, pumping her jigue. The mask slowly pulled out until the ejaculation was completed.

I set up, using my sweatshirt to wipe the sacred water and semen of Xuelan, and then closer the Quelan’s legs and left her room. I know this time, I may have to wait for a long time to enjoy her wonderful.

I am lying in bed, looking carefully, I just raped the sunset of Xuelan. From her sleep, she is in the case of the climax. She must have been able to get sex from her masturbation before she falls, she will be trained to the climax in the sleeping spring dream. I just don’t know if she woke up, can I remember some traces in this spring? I hope she will remember!

On Saturday, Snowland morning shower, next building breakfast. I made a rich breakfast for her, and she taste is very good, I have a very happy. Her sister love Li and she talked and asked that she was going back to school and I could I feel very excited with Tiede. Snowland answered her very happy to see him. This makes me feel very not taste. Although this week, I steal the four times, I was very comfortable every time, and I was also determined that she returned home in the summer vacation, but I didn’t want Ted to have her, I don’t want him. Make love with her. About one month later, Selaland came to call from the school dormitory. She talked to her mother for a while, and the expression of my wife appeared, it seems good news. Mrs. Safe with his hand and told me whisper to Shikan pregnant. I am surprised, but I can’t determine that myself is my kind, or the Easter is going home before Tid, it has been pregnant. They talked for a long time, but most of them were talking, her mother was listening, even, or responded to her two sentences.

After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Tell me, the Schulan Moon Distance, first test with the self-contained small instrument, and the results showed positive pregnancy. The next day, I went to the school medical service to test and determined that it was already pregnant. Mrs. Xuran himself is very confused to be pregnant. Schulan said that she had three times with Ted, but it was the first month of the first month, two months, Ted was first shot outside her body, and later wear contraception. condom. She has been in the past two weeks before going home, and after the menstruation, she and Ted were touched to kiss, but they did not have the opportunity to make love, but they could not understand why they would be pregnant.

Snowland is surprising to pregnancy, but it doesn’t care, I don’t think there is anything bad; the only thing is not so unhappy, I learned that Xueulan has pregnant, Ted has terminated and her friendship.

Soon the summer vacation has arrived, and the Snowland moved home. I have always hope that she goes home, so I will show my stealing means, and the Selan is better. But she has pregnant, I don’t dare to use her medicine to be blind, so that she is damaged. She decided to pay for the school before the autumn, stop for a year, and continue to go to school next fall.

After returning home, the Xuelan mood quickly quickly, she had completely forgotted the Tharma, which made me feel very pleased. Her stomach is getting bigger, sometimes she also makes me touch her abdomen, I feel that the baby’s hands on her belly are moving, I also feel very interesting and wonderful. I can make sure this is my child, but sometimes it is almost hard to believe, I really let my beautiful and lovely ninety-year-old daughter Schulanthuai my child.

As soon as the past, I have told the woons with my wife and let her feel happy with peace. Alice is also very familiar with my sister, and I quote the name of the future baby. They later decided, such as the girl, called Juri, it is my wife’s name; if it is a boy, it is called Jin Li, that is my name, is awkward. Parents. I feel very much, I feel very meaningful. And I promised Xiaobao, I immediately set up a million dollar education fund for him, for the future. To this end, Selan is very excited to hug me: “Dad, I love you!” In front of her sister, she didn’t jeze the active hot kissed me, and it was poured in my pregnant four lips. .

On January 4, 1997, Xuelan gave a 8-pound of 4 ounces of boys, and the mother and child were safe. I have always hope that there is a boy, this wish is actually realized. The whole family is very happy, just Xuelan never understand how she is pregnant.

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