Wand around on the Internet is a thing in the past two or three years; there are also some beautiful and more pictures, as well as the sex-story posted by netizens; there is a 15368 files that have seen the hard disk, which I still like SEX. -story part, because these are all the masses of the netizens of the gates!

Whether it is the authors that are purely created or belonging to netizens, they are all my personal respect; these netizens have produced, enriched online life!

I have always had an idea, I really want to make memoirs for more than a dozen years; in addition to these women who have lived in my life, they enrich my life journey!

Expressing the respect of the heart, it is also a memories of yourself when you are young!

For the order of autonomous writing, the author will write as much as possible in my life, and will not add vinegar as much as possible, maybe some readers will say: Buffe; I don’t believe!

In fact, in the Oolong Sea Heart, I didn’t expect readers to believe some! As long as it is a novel to read!

If you feel that you can also support and encourage! Thank you!


Father is a professional soldier, which is transferred to one unit in the mountains in Hsinchu County due to the troops. Therefore, in the third grade of our primary school, he moved to the hill city of Hsinchu County – Zhu Dong Town Rental!

That is a hometown society, there are many people who are impressive to Hakka; think that the Hakka people are selfish and thin. In fact, I personally think that it should be said that Hakka is more diligent and more objective!

Generally, the human sinus is in the beginning of the country, should it be in the middle age?

I am no exception! Bamboo is my alma mater, because I joined the Children’s Army, perhaps because of the active bar! The Children’s army at the time was also the training director. I criticize me. Who is wrong?

Whenever the school has any large events or boy military training, it will be specified by me to lead the team. Maybe someone is born to be a little leader? Over the time, the same class is taking the lead.

So at the time, my personal reputation was quite high! Plus a long quite person, so many people in the female classmates are willing to approach me, ancient X branches are one of them, she is a girl with another girl. Army, so we often have a chance to get along! Ancient X branches are my more appreciation.

Skinny body text quietly, I am very good, every time I talk to her, my heart is not being commanded; I often like to appreciate her way to talk. At that time, Qiong Yao’s movie was popular, and a curtain is just red. She is the kind of fireworks that do not eat people, and they want people to care well!

The courage wrote a letter to friends, I was coming to my friends the next day, saying she was very willing! So started my first love, often under the class, I can eat ice next to the school, or It is to talk about her family to talk, the bomb guitar sang, and the people secretly hugged her, kiss her!

Every time I personally, I always feel that nervous can’t breathe. When she closed her eyes, her long eyelashes were gently jitter, waiting for my lips and printed when she was on her face, I knew … .. She is with me. Same as nervous!

At that time, she always thought she was my lifelong companion, the first love — is really beautiful !!! Pure ,,, stupid love!


At that time, another female army was also quite attracted to my attention. She is two greatly different from my first love girlfriend!

The round face, the eyes of the eyes, and the watery of the water, it seems to have a five thousand watt electric power to you! At the time of the age, her body is quite fire, and it is full of wild!

Xie X bead is her name, this girl is actually a performance that I have never had any passion with her, just because she brought me different experiences with my girlfriend, unrestrained is her character!

I often like to stick to you when I speak or laugh, maybe she is a heartless! The plump chest is not in underwear, a short dress, white and red skin, whenever she rely on her thigh with me When the skin is in contact …, maybe she is unintentional?

But I often let me boil, I really want to be crazy on her! Just at the time, there is no obvious move, in addition to dissatisfaction and eat tofu! In fact, this is enough for me to masturbate fantasy!

This is a wilder girl who makes me a sense of enlightenment. (It’s not my first love girlfriend?) Maybe the first love girlfriend is so flawless and perfect, but it should not be evil girlfriend!

There were many Chinese playmates, and these girls had a feeling of love with me, just let’s talk about it!


Qiu X-Ying is what I think should be the first girl. In fact, I admit it …….

She is the girl who earliered into my heart, but some factors, but did not really be together.

Their family has two sisters plus a little brother. The two sisters have a passionate enthusiasm. Her sisters are more luxurious. They are often looking for my sister to my family. Everyone will play together.

In the game, X-Ye often looks at me, and I have traded each other, and I quickly avoided each other, I still remember to play in the room of my sister again. At that time, I just came back, they didn’t know I secretly look at the window! Qiu X-Ying’s sister is imitating mature woman, scratching the limbs, putting short skirts to show off tip pants, pretending in seduce men, even pulling pants, showing only a few sparse inclusions. Pink Meat hole; this scene is seen in my nosebleeds, the old two is painful in the trousers.

Qiu X-Ying’s sister suddenly asked her: sister, you don’t like other brothers, (I am the author!) If he wants to see, you will not be willing?

Her sister X Ling pointed to his small hole;

Qiu X-Ying actually nodded!

I am so cool, now I have already sure that she likes me, I don’t want to be late, I have a little better to her early!

The next night, when she came to my house, she called her out of the door, and said to her: Qiu X-Ying, I always like you, when my female friend is friendly?

She probably didn’t think that I would be so straight! The answer reflected by the Intuitive reflection turned out to be: no! I was knew that my parents would be killed!

I was also very cool this day, I’m very cool: Oh, then I have!

I have been thinking about this matter for many years, I really can’t wait to give myself two slaps! The girl’s tip is over!

As long as I continue to move the emotions, I will make up, we don’t say anyone who will know? You can chase her to hand, oh! It’s really a heart!

We often go to the nearby small river to swim, as age grows slowly, before, everyone does not feel, with the appearance of the second sexy, everyone slowly put on the swimsuit, boys put on the underwear , Girls put on the dress, dare to get water!

I have begun to realize that these little girls have begun to slowly become a woman, especially Qiu X-axle and sisters, the body is even more embarrassing; coupled with since he refuses me, it is more curious about them, I hope I saw the naked between them again; I finally let me find that every time you swim home; they will go to the woods next to the woods and go home, so I have a reason to go home first; The speed of the rice is around the big circle, so as not to be discovered!

Hiding in the ideal location, wait, … day! Mosquito is much better! I am a bit everywhere; finally, they have a clean clothes to come over! My heartbeat has accelerated ….. .

As they have a piece of clothes, the old two did not listen! I saw that their sisters wiped each other with towels, and they also touched each other’s chest and lower.

The two people are almost the same, the sister’s hairy is more than a little more!

But the sister’s chest shape is good, the little pink nipple is coveted! I can’t help but take out the old two to watch the naked the naked to start the pistol; the first time I watched the woman’s naked, play The pistol is especially cool! The semen suddenly broke out of the farther, and several droplets spurt them to the clothes that changed; cool!!!

After they walked away, patted their body and stopped, and found that I have been awkward! At least four or fifty cells, even the butt is awkward!

Feed the mosquito, but he is not full. I am a curious heart!

(After many years, after many years later, it is not long after the young and friendly mouth. It is not long after he graduating from high school, and he will marry the child. After a long time, I will marry. When she is again, she told me in Linsen North Road, Taipei, Taipei, and six. A hotel karaoke and invites me to the store to narrow! Just have never been successful. Now I have lost contact! I hope she is all right!)


There is also a Peng X month is also a beautiful person, I still remember that I have not said much with her.

Sometimes she broke me with this reference book. When I gave me, I won a note; I wrote something has been forgotten! But I started our interaction, I often slipped her after her family; very I want to do something, but I don’t do anything, faint, until there is a lunar New Year …

The companion in the New Year gathered together to push three palaces, made by me! Especially good luck, win everyone’s money!

After the companions complained, I saw that she was still sitting behind him, and she made a look, she silently came out behind him. After we arrived from the alley, he went to walk together!

With she went to Zhu Dong Street, she was willing to eat something, walked home, said a lot, and the two people did not mean to go into the house, and the frontless side Go and talk!

Sitting on the waist, I tried to reach out of her waist, she also put on me in me, I couldn’t help but kiss her face, but she closed my eyes; this kiss; but passion Like fire!

Holding hands in her chest, can also feel the erection of her nipple with the bra!

The soft chest, the amount is full! The guys in the hardbite believe that she also felt!

I haven’t felt the cold in the winter night, I didn’t have a further courage! But I still put some cold hands into her underwear and enjoy the kind of warmth and soft;

The first time I touched the girl’s body, I only excited two characters to describe it! I don’t know how long it has been, I still remember to returning to my home, I still remember lying on the bed, I also excitedly played two pistols to sleep. NS!

(I haven’t long working, I will leave Zhu Dongjiaxiang. I have to contact it at the beginning. Later, a classmate of a surnamed horse in my country. I said that their two have developed to kiss! I don’t blame the students, because he doesn’t know this. ! Just I will no longer contact her! I have to send friends to the new bamboo platform for more than ten years ago. I met her, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her; I just thought she was so embarrassing! I hope she is better!)


Blue X Xiang is a childhood play with the elders, big me three years old, and she is already a high school student! So there are fewer play with the hair children in our country! But I really like to say to her!

Often watching TV with her, sometimes she will watch a movie, and I am very happy to listen to me; often when I watch TV, she will put her legs on the chair handrail, side seat; It is often intentionally unintentional revealing underwear, and the hairy is very strong, so I often stare at my sight, I guess …. She probably knows it? Because she is in the direction of me sitting in the direction !

Since then, she became the fantasy goal when I pistol!

Once I have n’thing to do in the afternoon, I ran to find her to watch TV. Her family quietly quietly, did not see me, did not see blue X incense, strange? Run to her room, look at her Sleeping!

Take a closer look; my old two is hard. It turned out that the weather is too hot?

Blue X fragrance is only thin t-shirt and underwear sleeps! Why is it saying that it is a big feeling?

Because she is really a big character is sleeping! Light hand walks to her bed, low should be appreciated, the T-shirt did not wear underwear, two round, the nipple greeted me, and gently pinched with your fingers. Touch is full, open your hand to hold the left and right breasts, just a good job!

Extending his tongue through the T-shirt, licking her nipple, was more tempting to the nipple in the clothes!

Let go of the double milk, move it back to the lower body, this can only be secretly seen, it can finally look good! Refers to the underwear to move with the underwear, there is no two liquid flow out, no two times. She has a legs, it seems to wake up, scare me! Drill a diamond to the bed!

Didn’t move … Slowly drill out of the probe, this my nose is immediately flowing out!

I saw that she had set off the top, and the right hand touched the breast. The left hand stretched into her underwear, and continued to call the sleep! Probably by my spring dream!

Using her to open the underwear, I easily take off her underwear, take the hand covering her in the yinhou, using the tongue to keep her clitoris with the lips, just starting me, I still want to wake her, no Dare to force!

But I found that she didn’t wake up, and her lower body is getting worse and worse, the legs are constantly gentle, and the courage is getting bigger and bigger. I didn’t forget that I still have my hands, constantly embleaking her double milk, at this time, I can make sure she is awake, no matter!

Since she is not poked, I don’t have to make her alert!

I clearly feel that her breathing is accelerating! It is more urgent! God! How is my pants get more and more tight? When I take off my shorts, my lips are still staying in her vagina. !

When I pressed back to her, my whole body excited tremics, I always feel less and less in the air; I have to breathe the blood, the blood of the rapid circulation, and the old two of the old two are bloated!

I feel that the hot glans has been on her labiping. I am touched to cry; it is already in her mouth, the waist is still in the future, and she has a soft hometown before, she put the legs! This will not I have visited! Although I keep using the glans to press her doorbell (clitoris), she is not willing to open the door (open your legs)! I don’t dare to use strong, no way …..

Fortunately, she is already wet, there are more and more sliders, and the second is full of her clitoris and the lace. It is very pleasant, just when I want to break through her defense, I only feel the waist. A strong thrill …

I am shot! A burst of strong injection, all shot in her vagina, a lot!

Climb up, the afternoon’s sun sprinkled in her lower body, and the clouds were covered with the vaginal mouth, and the white semen was bright and black.

Looking at the scenery of the eyes, the head suddenly woken down; bad! What are I doing? ……

Help it hit my shorts to help her gently wipe it clean; when the shorts wiped on her clitoris, she still feels so beautiful in the continuous trembling, pink labipings. It is so beautiful. I licked the tongue, I couldn’t help but lower it again, and my clitoris and the labipings!

Pick up her underwear to help her, from she will lift your hips, let me go back to her underwear, she knows! But I have no courage to stay! I have not returned to her family. Before, the lower head is running home!

After this thing, although there is a more intimate feeling, but there is no such opportunity! After a year, she said that she met a boyfriend in Wuhu, just when she went to Penghu, when she saw him, I have given him the first time!

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